What do you consider to be the biggest scam that is completely normalized by society?

What do you consider to be the biggest scam that is completely normalized by society?


The five day work week


The easy-to-join, difficult-to-cancel subscription model.


California is actually passing legislation to ban this in the state.


California **already has** a law that bans that practice. [If you signed up online, you must be able to cancel online](https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/codes_displaySection.xhtml?lawCode=BPC§ionNum=17602.). I've already used that against a company that made it easy to sign up for a free trial but then wanted me to call in to cancel and put me on hold. I emailed them something like "I wish to cancel the account tied to this email. I am in California and it is illegal to force me to wait on the phone to cancel a service that I subscribed to online. Consider this my online notice that I wish to cancel the trial before I am billed." The next day I had an email back confirming my trial was cancelled. Fuck companies that want to waste my time cancelling a subscription service, just so they can hope I forget about it.


There should be a legal requirement that you can unsubscribe or cancel anything through the same means you could sign up for it. if i can subscribe to something through a simple website form, i should be able to unsubscribe through the same means.


Also I shouldn’t have to unsubscribe 15 times (I’m meaning more email lists bc that shits annoying)


I've unsubscribed to emails from a grocery store at least 20 times now. I moved and that store doesn't exist here. I think their system is just broken though rather than predatory.


I am pretty liberal with the Gmail "Mark as Spam" button. I can't fucking stand stores that sell literally one thing, then spam you constantly with ads even after you purchase the single thing they sell. I just bought a bed frame, I don't need weekly emails about more fucking bed frames.


I loved getting ads all around the internet for mattresses for months after I bought one. I don't need another, thanks!


- searches for “cancel subscription” for 10 minutes. - finally find it in the last place you would ever look. - “Are you sure?” - click “yes.” - “But are you sure you’re sure?” - click “yes.” - “Tell us why you’re leaving.” - empty box requiring you to type why you’re leaving. - type, “bc.” Click “submit.” - error message, “your answer must be at least 1,000 characters long.” - seriously? - type, “datuigvdrwuhupofdeswyvxhgvdhtdchytcdhoollxwqwgsaewrigfrghgfjkmucxswrhbiobjtddaef,whhcdrgdrg147478,;/)&!&$&tecjfdcbhhfxsfjjvfgvcxdfgfcgjhg… you get the idea…” Click “submit.” - “Now, are you like sure you’re sure?!” - mail a dog turd to their CEO with note, “I’M SURE!”


It might be different now, but when I tried to cancel blue apron years ago you had to specifically email their support to even ask for the link to cancel because it’s a hidden part of their website completely separate from the account page. Unreal.


You could also call! But their offices are in California and if you worked 11am-8pm on EST, then you're shit out of luck trying to call. I never knew about the email. I simply canceled my orders as far out as I could every month until I got a new card.


In order to cancel my smartphone contract this month, I had to fill out a form on my providers website, call a specific number within 7 days, only to sit on hold for minutes twice before being redirected, confirm the last four digits of by IBAN, answer a security question and finally, again listen to 10 minutes of, „Can I interest you in this special offer we‘ve designed just for you?“. To contrast this, all I would have needed to do in order to continue or change my subscription plan, even to a significantly more expensive one, was pick an option on their website. No more affordable alternatives though, obviously, Following that I received several calls a day by different customer retention numbers, which I had to block. They are now sending letters… Never again. Sad thing is, I know this would‘ve worked had I been only a little less patient or busier. Fucking vampires. edit: for everyone asking, my provider was o2 - Telefónica. I live in Germany. Thx everybody for the advice, too. (Also ty for the 🥈<3 )


Last time they tried to make me jump through all of these hoops, I told them "I wish to cancel my account, and I'm instructing my bank to block any further charges from you. Do whatever you want with that information." Then I told my bank not to process any further charges. Quick and easy.


>Then I told my bank not to process any further charges. Quick and easy. This would be my approach if I was given the runaround about cancelling a subscription. I'm not sure why it's not more common? Edit: Thank you all for the replies and clarifications. Anyone in this position I'd encourage you to read the comments below.


Because it doesn’t cancel the *bill,* it just cancels the *payment*. You would still have an unpaid bill with the company they can (will) come after you for - it just won’t be auto charged on your credit card. Many people use this as a way to cancel bill payments or fraud without realizing they are still on the hook for the billed amount. A company can still send a bill/invoice to you in the future and/or send you to collections. The credit card company won’t help you beyond payments or fraud made on the actual credit card. So yeah, call your credit card company but also make sure you settle with the company billing you.


Interesting, thank you. How does this square when a company makes unsubscribing or cancelling a service so difficult? Do you simply inform the bank and file a complaint, or is there a better way to protect yourself?


CYA - cover your ass. Keep track & log when you call to cancel with the company (record the calls of you’re allowed in your state), send emails about canceling, document when you talk to the credit card company to stop payment. If they come after you for the billed amount after, you’ve got some evidence on your side.


Always allowed, but the requirements in some states are that both parties know they're being recorded. That's why you hear "this call may be recorded" anytime you call them. Just state that back, "this call may be recorded right?".


I recently received an unsolicited call from my bank, ostensibly to review my accounts, which is bank-speak to sell me one with higher service charges. The rep told me the call was being recorded for quality blah, blah. I told him good, I am recording it too. He didn’t like that, he said I could obtain a copy of his recording or a transcript for a *nominal* fee. I told him if I recorded him then it was free and I would have it immediately. He said he couldn’t continue if I was recording him, which was OK by me because I didn’t ask for the call in the first place. That was the end of that. Funny thing is, I wasn’t actually going to record him, just fucking with you bruh! But why is it OK for you to do it, but not me!


Years ago, someone called me and said "please hold for Mr ". I promptly hung up. They called back "we got cut off, please hold for Mr ". Hang up. They called back a 3rd time, same thing, and I said "tell Mr to call directly; I'm not waiting for him." He called back directly. Who TF calls someone and asks them to wait? Fuck off with that shit. This was at work when I was doing electronics repair. This was some wanna-be big-wig thinking his time is more valuable than anyone else's.


Because if you have your own recording they cant edit out all of the illegal parts.


That model must work in general, but I always avoid those companies once I’ve had that experience. There’s one broadband company in the UK that’s particularly bad for it, after I went through that I’ve never used them again. Shame, since they do the best fibre broadband and we’ve moved twice since then and would have subscribed if it wasn’t for our previous experience with them.


Difficult to cancel should be brutally illegal, but here we are


Quora is so fucking annoying dude. I sign up once so I can scroll down a medical thread I was reading and suddenly I'm getting emails from 10 different accounts of theirs and I have to keep on unsubscribing. I hate it so much.


Add ?share=1 to the end of the url, you're welcome.


What does this do?


>?share=1 Skips the Login Screen and lets you look at the Article


What made Quora great in the early days (2011-2014) was that it had a lot of smart users. The product was always mediocre (slow-ass Javascript) and the moderation both partisan and ineffective. Also, the number of crimes against user privacy that Quora has committed is astronomical.


back to Yahoo Answers from whence it came


I think the EU or perhaps UK were working on some legislation saying that method of cancelling should be the same as the method of signup.


Detox drinks


Retox is way more fun.


If only the body had a way of filtering out toxins...


Well now you're just taking the piss.


Yeah. My old yoga studio liked to say “we’re here to detox so you can retox later”. It smelled a lot like alcohol in there after big holidays.


Anything detox in reality.


"you need to detox your body from unnatural chemicals". Every single thing in nature is a chemical Susan. If your liver relied on your juices to metabolize compounds you'd be long dead by now.


Also...every bad chemical is most likely to go in urine and feces, and eventually in a toilet. Amazing how the body does the job itself! (Well, normally. There are diseases that can alter all that process.)


Ticketmaster. Fuck Ticketmaster.


On a similar note, booking fees for tickets. Is the ticket not a booking fee.


Oh my god, Showcase cinema in the UK really pisses me off with this. I go to the website, I browse the films, I choose the seats, I enter all my details and I even print the fucking ticket...yet you add a fkn admin fee!!! What freaking admin, I did everything!


Call it a convenience fee. Like it’s convenient you want to buy these tickets online that’ll be an extra 3%.


How good are the added “handling fees” and “postage fees” even though the tickets are all digital.




And the fact that there's literally no way of booking a concert ticket where you can avoid the convenience fee! Buy online? Convenience fee. Buy via phone? Convenience fee. Buy at the physical fucking box office itself? Convenience fee. Where's the "inconvenient option" where I can avoid these fees? It's such a rip-off


I don't think it was Ticketmaster, but I was charged an additional fee for "Print at home" tickets once. How does that work?! That's a scam.


I think that was Ticketmaster.. but it's been so long since I've been to a ticketed event I can't remember! I seem to recall the options being along the lines of 'Print at Home (£1)' or 'First class postage (£2.50)'. Like, wtaf guys.


It's great how StubHub came along, and was basically like digital scalping, and seemed so much more scammy than Ticketmaster, that Ticketmaster bought them.


Bingo, ticketmaster is literally a monopoly. The few competitors that ever appeared *were bought by ticketmaster*


Bought by Live Nation* Ticketmaster has been owned by Live Nation for just over 12ish years now. Live Nation is the driving force behind all the bullshit in the last decade. But they get to use TM as a scapegoat to drive best away from them.


Plus, they realized that everyone is scalping tickets (either on stubhub or other sites), so now Ticketmaster just scalps tickets themselves and calls them "platinum tickets."


Yep! I never got my tickets from them and when I could call them they kept saying “oh it’s on it’s way” like wym? They’re digital!


Digital cost extra for some reason. Oh you also want to print it from your printer? Thats another 7.99 service fee *rubs nipples*.


Companies not disclosing salaries on job listings and encouraging staff not to discuss pay. It only benefits the employer, but everyone goes long with it.


Also... "pay range is $70k-$90k, dependent on skills and experience." Spend 40+ hours filling out their online resume, phone interview #1, phone interview #2, Zoom interview, in person interview #1, in person interview #2, follow up call #1, follow up call #2... You far exceed their requirements in experience, education, and industry knowledge... The send you an offer letter, "congratulations, we would like to offer you the position starting at $60k per year." Make a counter offer while including a quote of their $70k-$90k range... justify why you should get *at least* $90. Receive an email stating "we are sorry... but that was range was a mistake... it isn't for this specific position, the best we can do is $68k." Total scam to get better talent to apply. I have had this happen twice.


I’ve had a similar thing happen but with job title. The position posted “regional manager” and during the interview they straight up said “we put that title in the add to attract candidates, this actually is not a manager level job”. I was like great, thanks for wasting my time.


A gal was hired onto my team specifically to fulfill a support role. She only wanted the responsibilities of a support role, and my team desperately needed her for those exact tasks. We simultaneously had a new team manager hired and start the same day as the support person. It turns out that the new manager doesn't believe in support roles and bumped new gal's title up a notch and gave her a few of the projects that our team members had been managing. No one on my team is happy about this switch-up except for the new manager. While it's nice to have one less project on my plate, I really would have preferred the help I was anticipating had the new hire been able to fulfill the role she was initially hired for. I just hope she got a pay bump to match the title upgrade.


Assistant "to the" Regional Manager


This happened to me a few times too. So many employers making the same mistake! Shocking! One guy introduced me to his family, wife and daughter too, then said the job was too little pay for me and wanted to hire me to do specific jobs at a third of what I was currently making on those.


Just in case someone in the US needs to read this: Employers telling (or even encouraging) the idea that employees should not discuss salaries with each other is 100% illegal in the US.


My last job was like this. As a manager I knew everyones salary & let me tell you - holy shit ppl would have lost their minds if they knew what some people were making.


I was told by my former boss to not discuss my salary with my coworkers and that he would write me up for it if I did it. I told him to make sure to give it to me in writing, because I wanted it on the record for when I sued him for wrongful termination. He never brought it up again.


Shouldn't have told him. Let him do it and take that to the bank.


Indeed. We fully understand that it’s risky in an at-will state, so make sure you can record them warning you off this.


Amen. And some of them try and make rules against discussing salaries.


Not me. I post that shit on Glassdoor.


The way we buy cars in general (with some exceptions).


Good lord, yes. Fuck this nonsense of negotiating; what is this, a bazaar on the silk road? Just fucking give me a take it or leave it price, and either I'll buy it or I won't.


Also, I wish we could just buy directly from the manufacturer instead of having the middle-man dealership in the way. But, of course, there are laws that prevent this.


Printer ink. Every single company that sells printers sells them at a loss. They then make up their profits my making their ink cost an arm and a leg. They even put special chips on each cartridge that will tell the printer not to work if it has been refilled.


Then you have printers that can't scan when the ink is out.


I. Hate. That! Looking at you, HP! Ink has nothing to do with scanning! I got so frustrated with that that I just take pics of stuff on my phone now and save those to my computer.


Fuck printers, all my homies use quills


You're just giving even more power to Big Quill


He prefers "Star Lord".


Yes I do


If I have learned one thing on Reddit, it's to never buy an inkjet printer but instead laserprint that uses toner.


Did this right before University and it saved my ass! Would be 2-3 inkjets deep by now. Laser crew 4 life!!


Absolutely. I never wanted to spend the money because at home, I may only need to print things a handful of times a year, like maybe 6. But any time I used my inkjet it would have an issue. It was clogged, or needed to be reset, or the ink literally evaporated (would print one page, then go to print something else 4 months later and it would be empty). I finally said fuck it and bought a laser printer. You know what happens now when I hit print? It fucking prints


Beautiful system isn't it.


This. I bought a laser printer with a ‘starter’ toner set. The starter set prints 1000 pages in full colour.


I'm still running off my starter toner from 5 years ago. Unlike ink, that shit doesn't dry out.


Ain't that what work printers are for?? Not my ink


Coffins. Y'all bury me raw, it's not like ill choke on the soil... I'd be dead beside the trees are going to have more nutrients


Raw 😭


Funerals. Paying for things like caskets for your loved once when you're at possibly the most emotionally vulnerable that you could be.


When I’m dead just throw me in the trash




Put me into a bunch of plastic bottles so people can drink out of me.


I don't give a shit, if I was dead you can bang me all you want


When a relative of mine died the funeral people from woe to go were awful. The relative had wanted a “green” casket so we selected a willow one which was lovely but clearly out of the norm for these funeral directors. They were such dicks about it and made it really difficult saying the size would be 7.5ft because said relative was wider than the casket size and that we should revert to a standard casket. Luckily even through grief I wasn’t going to back down, dug my heels in and went with it and subsequently made a complaint. Not a great way to remember a funeral. The casket looked really beautiful on the day, I don’t regret pushing for what they wanted. And don’t get me started on the celebrant…. Edit: woe to go was not the company name (hahaha that gave me good lols) it is an expression meaning from start to finish. So the funeral director we’re terrible from start to finish. Although I see a new business venture name here haha!


“Woe-to-Go” sounds like a drive-through funeral home of some kind


Assuming you're American, check out the book "The American Way of Death (revisited)" by Jessica Milford.


The funeral industry is ridiculous. Parlours deliberately try to sell you more expensive coffins because that's somehow more dignified. They are the worst kind of swindler.


Just because we're bereaved, that doesn't make us saps!


The whole thing really


all of it?


the lot


*gestures vaguely to surrounding area*


The funeral industry. You have to spend thousands of dollars to get rid of a body because otherwise you're "disrespecting" it. My parents have told me "whatever is the cheapest way to dispose of the body, do that, and then invite the friends to a party to remember us." That's exactly how I feel. Would be happy to donate any organs if they're viable, and/or become a medical cadaver, but then just dispose of the corpse as medical waste. If you find this disgusting or disrespectful, that's because preserving a corpse with toxic embalming fluid and then putting it in a concrete vault under the ground has been, as in the question, "normalized by society". Edit: I feel like [Jake Thackray](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0OWdT-i4GFE) about the matter.


”I want my remains spread at Disneyworld. Also, I do not want to be cremated”


I want my head used as a prop in haunted mansion


When I die, I want a party to celebrate my life where I'm on marionette strings hanging out with everyone.


Ask a mortician on youtube, if you haven't already checked her out, you should


Caitlin Doughty and the Order of the Good Death. Amazing lady, amazing group of morticians. [ask a mortician youtube channel](https://youtube.com/c/AskAMortician)


Turn my body into something fucking useful lol like a tree that will be good for then environment. I saw a post about someone getting someone’s ashes turned into Dnd dice, 100% do that to me. If I can be turned into dice and play games for eternity and be part of life and bring to joy people that way then do it. That’s absolutely the coolest thing ever. It might be a little morbid...


There’s a company out there that will turn your loved ones ashes into a gem that can be made into jewelry. The first thing I thought when I heard that was, ‘great, now you can lose your mom twice!’


My parents considered that when my grandma passed a few years ago, but something g about wearing the jewelry weirded me out. Like: Person: that’s a pretty stone Me: oh yea, it’s my grandma


I mean, Victorians used to make jewelry with a loved one’s hair and such, but I think it was more as a memento and less as something people would really wear? But yeah, slinging Grandma around your neck does feel a bit surreal!


“Just throw me in the trash.”


Extended car warranties


Good thing I got mine extended over the phone


Wow, they finally reached you!


In Sweden we have a scam running. A company calls out and if you answer they hang up. If you don't, they'll leave you a message about trying to reach you and asking you to call back. Being very vague. Now here's the scam: if THEY call YOU, then they can't charge you for the call. But if YOU call THEM you'll have to pay something like 3 USD a minute. And they just cold talk people. No actual information or sale.


That's really fucked up


Yeah, we have a site in Sweden to look up domestic phone numbers and who owns then, like private person, companies, etc. In the comment section a guy said they had him on the line for half an hour and his phone company tried to bill him the equivalent of 90 USD.


Insulin prices in USA.


I did a research project for my science class, and learnt that the man who discovered insulin didn’t patent it, because he wanted everyone who needed it to have it.


> When inventor Frederick Banting discovered insulin in 1923, he refused to put his name on the patent. He felt it was unethical for a doctor to profit from a discovery that would save lives. Banting’s co-inventors, James Collip and Charles Best, sold the insulin patent to the University of Toronto for a mere $1. They wanted everyone who needed their medication to be able to afford it. It was patented, because if they didn’t patent it then someone else less ethical could have. If it were today they could have used something from the open source movement or Creative Commons to insure that no one could ever patent and profit from it, but there was no way to do something like that with intellectual property at that time.


Sold the formula for a dollar.


the majority of plastic "recycling" in the US. Not only did corporations pass off the burden of dealing with it to the consumer while they just produce more and more every year, the majority of plastic beyond pop bottles isn't even actually recyclable and will end up being shipped to small South Asian countries where it will be burned. Its a huge scam. Metal and glass recycling still kind of works in some areas but where fresh water is scarce everything is net negative environmentally speaking, even paper. Thank you for the awards and all but for real: Please do your best to conserve, reduce, and do what makes sense environmentally for your specific region. Sometimes the best thing you can do is to conserve fresh water. The environmental costs of the impending/upcoming fresh water shortage in parts of the world will far outweigh any impacts from lack of recycling.


In Cleveland, someone put gps trackers in their recycling and found it was going straight to the dump. Guess we haven’t truly recycled here in years and yet people can get fined for not putting recycling out / using recycling bins wrong.


Were the gps trackers recyclable?


It came out earlier this week that much of the UK's plastic waste is being dumped in Turkey. I've been recycling for over 20 years and this really makes we wonder if it is worth it.


There was some environmentalist lady on NPR a few weeks back who studied the recycling process, and she says that she just throws all plastic in the trash so that it doesn’t get shipped off into a landfill in east Asia. She said it’s more environmentally friendly to just trash it.


I would really love a source on that, if you can remember any details about the lady or show or time frame I can take it from there. I would *love* to get more people angry about the facade of recycling we have. I'm not saying recycling is bad. Recycling is great. What we call recycling is bad. Edit: Lots of great responses! I've consolidated a list, though I had to google some of these, let me know if these are wrong [The podcast in question, possibly](https://youtu.be/iBGZtNJAt-M) [Planet Money](https://www.npr.org/2020/09/11/912150085/waste-land) [Fresh Air](https://www.npr.org/programs/fresh-air/2019/12/04/784764792/fresh-air-for-dec-4-2019-secondhand-author-adam-minter) And remember, "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" is in order of effectiveness. Some people put "refuse" at the front of the list.


I think I know what show he's talking about. I watched it the other week too. Link here: https://youtu.be/iBGZtNJAt-M


I saw a thing about that where the majority of plastics aren't recyclables and that companies just put the recycling logo on the product to make people feel better for buying it. Also that beyond a certain point the cost of recycling some glass isn't even feasible. I also heard about a place in the US where a trash company was charging customers for recycling pickup...and proceeding to take it to the dump with the rest of the garbage.


Last year I reached out to my housing complex inquiring about the possibility of them getting a second recycling dumpster because the one recycling dumpster that we had (shared between two buildings) was ALWAYS full. It had gotten to the point where I was hoarding tons of boxes/cans/etc because there was never room in the recycling dumpster and I felt too guilty about throwing it all in the trash. The response was that the owner was actually considering getting rid of the recycling service all together because almost every single recycling batch was contaminated with trash, meaning the entire batch couldn’t be recycled and had to go to the landfill anyway.


That’s literally the exact same story at the apartments I work at. No one freaking reads or cares about the sign on the bins, and they load kitchen trash inside the recycling dumpster thus ruining the entire fuckin bin. WM fines ya for the contamination, but it literally goes to the same landfill


All this tracking happening with everything on the internet. Social networks, ads, our banks, our phones with all those sensors. Everything is tracking us and collects information about us and they use it in some spooky ways. Either way I'd be happier if I at least could have more control over it or even maybe could make money from the data about me myself. When you really see how deep this goes it kinda feels like something from 1984. Oh and also the ever growing attempts of companies to go against ownership and to keep control over everything even after rwe buy it.


What pisses me off is that they have all this information about me, and still are terrible at advertising to me. They waste so much money showing me ads for things that I'll never want, or even stuff that I literally can't consume. If I file my taxes, I still get endless ads for H&R Block. If I vote early, I still get endless political ads. I buy a computer from someone, they immediately start sending me ads as if I'm going to buy *another* $1000 computer from them a week later. It's so incredibly wasteful, because apparently their algorithms aren't nearly as smart as they seem to think.


My favorite has been when I bought a new door handle and side-view mirror for my car on eBay. If their algorithm were smart they would be sending me emails offering to buy other compatible parts for my vehicle. But instead, I get ads for door handles and mirrors for a plethora of cars from many manufacturers. I bought these 2 parts for a Ford Flex, of course I would also like to purchase a side-view mirror for a 2002-06 Toyota Tacoma.


This one I find to be abhorrent in particular, and the culture surrounding it and social media. Your always on, no privacy and people just rummage though your life like you invited them in and if you protest your served with some kinda bullshit excise like if you had nothing to hide..... Shits agrivating I didn't give these companies permission to send me ads about whatever bullshit I'm looking at and it ruins the possibility that I might organically find something new to like as all I get is info about stuff the computer thinks I like, fuck that.


For some reason Venmo bothers me the most. Why does there need to be a feed of how people I know are spending their money? Why do people need to see how I'm spending my money? It's creepy af.


Job listings where it’s written “no experience required”, but then you keep reading and they go like “2 years+ experience required to get this job”.


And the failure to list the salary for the role, so that they can check out what you're already on and offer you the lowest they can get away with. Everyone knows that's exactly what's happening, no matter how many bullshit Linkedin posts might try to pretend otherwise. Just pony up the salary, and be open about what you're going to pay, you fucking cheapskates. Also, the fucking irony of these same fuckers requiring 'great communication skills' for the role they advertise, while simultaneously concealing the salary: that is, THE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT OF THE JOB!


I had three interviews with a big accounting company for a specialist role, at every stage I asked about salary and was told it was 'extremely competitive'. I also refused to tell them what I was currently making. We get right to the end, they say they are interested in hiring me and then tell me the salary. It was 40% less than I was currently on - and this was a higher ranked position, with more responsibility and people management required. I told them that no, they needed to rethink that and that they'd NEVER get anyone remotely qualified for that money. They told me I had wasted everyone's time.


The fucking audacity of them saying it was *you* wasting people's time!!


I hope you told them THEY wasted everyone's time and money


I've actually made it a personal policy of asking salary on the first call. If they get cagey with me, I'll finish the call and in my follow-up email I request the salary of the role "in order to continue and not waste anyone's time". I'm not going through 3+ rounds of interviews without knowing the pay. Last time I interviewed and they didn't tell me, the reply to my email was $20k less than I was currently making and it was for a SENIOR role! I peaced-out of that process real quick. Also, I think it's not now illegal for a company to ask what you currently make. I don't answer when I've been asked and instead redirected the question to them with "I'm looking for a competitive salary for the role I'm interviewing for with you". Also, I've lied and made up a number much higher so I have more room to negotiate on.


> They told me I had wasted everyone's time Went through a round of job hunting recently and was told at the beginning that compensation would be $X by the recruiter, which was nearly double my current salary, but in a higher COLA, so it would've been worth it. Went through the process, company loves me, and offers me $Y. $Y didn't even beat my current salary after cost of living, so I said no thanks.


Here in Italy they hide the salary, then tell you "ahh you didn't know? This is a stage" in order to not pay you, or even worse "look, we'll make you work 12 hours every day, no breaks, for €200 and without contract" (actually happened to me in a local discount chain, in less than a week I had to quit also due to mobbing)


Tbh in our country we have such a toxic work environment, everything is wrong and the saddest part is how people are adapting to it and it became normal to work without knowing if you're getting payed.


Tbh i have to keep checking my hours on a zero hour contract. When you look at the pay it says they payed you the right amount but then you realise you are missing a few hours over the course of a month of shifts (this is missing hours after unpaid breaks have already been taken off)


They just want people with a genuibe passion for sitting at a desk and listening to manipulative management.


Man ! I've been trying for weeks to get a summer job, a freaking summer job, and they all ask me to have experience. HOW THE HECK DO YOU WANT ME TO HAVE EXPERIENCE IF YOU WON'T LET ME MAKE IT ?!


The days of walking into a job are long gone. I work in the mining industry and my current boss started 30+ years ago in the company as a foreman trainee in an industrial mining environment with a history degree. He knows his shit but do you think he had the slightest clue about anything related to mining when he started? Now the same position gets posted you either need 3 years experience or a mining engineering degree with good references and work related experience. It’s all horse shit.


No company want's to do the work of training the employee. They all want other companies to do that, then to still get them at an entry-level salary.


The idea that Employees are obliged to have some kind of loyalty to an Employer. The Employer has paid for your services. They will drop you like a hot cake if they find someone cheaper. You cannot question that. Yet, if an Employee shows the slightest bit of disloyalty then: *bang!* It is not about the double standard of it. It is that Employers dismissing Employees is seen as normal but Employees dismissing Employers is an outrage. That is the bit that is normalised.


I worked a consulting job for 8 years, I did crazy hours, I travelled at inconvenient times, I put up with crazy shit from clients that I really shouldn't have just to keep the company happy. They also micromanaged me to the point that I would be stressed all day just assuming my manager would just walk up and demand to know why I was working on X instead of Y. Also, my client feedback was stellar and my billable hours were one of the highest in the group. Well finally a client decides to try to hire me on, they arrange with the upper management and HR to release me from my contract and take me on. And suddenly my managers turned on me, criticising everything I did, complaining about me, one even tried to torpedo my job offer by demanding they pay a 'finders fee'. The net result was that it took a out 3 full months for my job switch, I was worried that I'd burned my bridges and that somehow my current manager would kill my new job. My blood pressure got so bad I was nearly hospitalised. I told them that they were behaving terribly and the stress was killing me, he told me it was just how business is done. Never fall into the trap of company loyalty or that management has your best interest at heart. No matter how friendly they may come across, they would drop you in a heartbeat if money was on the line. Edit: since people are asking, yes I left for the new job and it's 100 times better. Management is hands off so long as results are there, pay is almost double my old job after a few years good performance and I work from home permanently now.


The “just how business is done” line reminded me of the one time I was made redundant. I was invited into an office and told that it was happening, and the comment “don’t take it personally, it’s just business”. My response was “yeah that’s okay, you could kinda tell the company was struggling” and they got really offended and said that was an unnecessary comment…


That poor business, how could it not take that personally?? /s


I said the same thing at an exit interview. Only in my case I wasn’t fired I just quit because I found a better gig. The HR lady even had the balls to mention that I had quit 6 months into a 2-year “commitment.” I guess that commitment was a one-way street in her mind since the firm had just liquidated half of my peers.


At my last job two different employees left within weeks of eachother because they were passed up for promotions for an ass kisser because managment wanted someone who "wasn't just there for a paycheck." Like fucking hell Randy, everyone is there for a paycheck, you're only there for the goddamned paycheck, don't act like you're not, that's why you show up 45 minutes late whenever you know the higher ups are not there.


This one can’t be stated enough. A friend and I have been managers in a mid-sized corporation for 15+ years; various positions for the 10 years before these roles. I just found out at lunch yesterday that he & his entire team-department are being outsourced at the end of June. This was not due to performance but pure bottom line cost. I’m already looking elsewhere; after 25yrs here.




What’s even better is when you stay in contact with others at your old company and they say your replacement has already moved on to better things.


I was transferred to a new role and ended up having to train my replacement while simultaneously doing my own job because no one else knew what to do. Then I was told I needed to train his replacment because they let him go when he couldn't keep the same metric I had set.


Company loyalty is such an outdated idea. I work at a "good" company. My parents are shocked that I would ever want to leave. It's such a good company why would you leave? Because I could get paid more somewhere else? I work for pay. That's how it works. Someone else is willing to pay me more, I'll go there 🤷‍♂️


There are circumstances where a company paying more isn't worth it though. For example, I'd rather get paid less and not have someone grinding me down everyday, calling into question every decision I make or expecting me to put them before my family.


"fuck a 2 week notice, ya'll shoulda noticed 2 weeks ago I was finna quit"


The entire concept of Tax Season. There is no reason as individuals we need to jump through all these hoops and in some cases pay exorbitant fees to have someone do our personal income tax filings. The gov already knows the exact amount you owe. So why do we do it this way? Companies like turbo tax and lobbying groups representing tax lawyers have argued for years that we Americans prefer doing our taxes this way and that it’s better for society when they (tax companies) can charge citizens for it. Seriously it’s a total racket.


I’m an accountant and I would not recommend an accountant for 95% of people on this planet. It’s an absurd unnecessary cost for any normal person with a standard job


CPA here. Can confirm. If you’re a company or a really rich person with lots of complicated investments, you can certainly benefit from a tax professional managing your tax liability. But for the 95% of typical people with a job (or two or three) who work for someone else to make most or all of their income, it’s completely unnecessary and an absolute scam.


Having to calculate our own taxes as U.S. citizens


Freemium. The fact that there’s a word for it shows just how much we’ve normalised it. Everyone hates it but it’s still a fact of life now. It’s reached the point where I don’t even bother downloading new apps half the time if they say “in app purchases” because half of them are unusable without a subscription. When did it become not good enough to just outright buy a product and be able to use it?


And since when did the definition of ‘premium’ change? It’s premium to have an app work as it’s designed now? Ooh so premium


I kind of feel like apps are priced reasonably, though. Obviously there are exceptions, but in general I think we're all very unlikely to spend money on apps. I just have a natural aversion to it. I can go out and spend $2 extra for guac on my burrito bowl at the local taqueria without a second thought, but my alarm app has been bugging me to upgrade for $2 for years now, which would unluck features I would actually use, and I just refuse. I have no rational reason for this. Of all the people who deserve $2 of my money, the people who made this alarm app are at the top of the list. They made an alarm that forces me out of bed in a way that no other app I've found can do. Still, I won't pay that $2. It just feels wrong.




Multi-Level Marketing in general is just a pyramid scheme that is only allowed to go on because the people behind the scheme actually sell a product.


I scrolled down pretty far and didn't see Televangelists. They scam older people by promising healing if you send them all your money, and it's totally legal. They say they can heal cancer, everything. So fucking disgusting.


The $130 a photography company is requesting of me to release the 4 electronic photos they took of me during my university graduation procession.


I was approached by a new photographer. She wanted to use my photos that she would take of me to build her business. She then had the audacity to ask how I was going to pay the $750 for the release, pay about $300 for the set, and I wouldn't be able to use those photos for my portfolio. Yeah no.


You should send her a bill for your modeling fee.


I didn't even get into the studio. Noped out real fast as soon as she started talking about fees that I owe her. lol


I'm so confused. Why is she charging *you* to use the photos you paid for in her promotion?


It's just scummy sales pitch. If someone just straight up asked you to pay several hundred dollars for a photo session you wouldn't talk to them at all. If they say you're very attractive and they'd like you to help them build their business it gets a conversation going. Also it uses the [Ben Franklin effect](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ben_Franklin_effect). I see this used online all the time with the scummy mlms: "Looking for 4-6 volunteers to take part in a weight loss study to show these shakes or whatever help you lose weight. I'll provide all the stuff to you at wholesale cost."


Diamond engagement/wedding rings.


Diamond anything. Just saw the front page post of McGregor's watch and was thinking its resale value must be as low as it is hideous.


Most diamond things are hideous because they just overdo it and put way too much on it to make it 'more expensive'


I haven't seen this so far. Payday loans. Unconscionable bullshit designed to suck wealth out of the people who cannot afford to lose it, who would ptherise have spent that money anyway on something worthwhile for their families, that would improve their lives and potentially provide for the livelihood of others in their community. If a payday loan place is in a community, it is literally putting 10s if not 100s of thousands of dollars into the hands of very rich people who are definitely not spending that money at the corner store. It's even worse in the UK. The US has a cap on how high a monthly loan can be, like 500% IIRC, which is still terrible, but in the UK there was a company putting people in hock to the tune of 5000%.


In some places in the US, they are illegal. The state of Pennsylvania made them illegal, I want to say about 15 or so years ago. To the point that if one were to live in PA and get one through an online payday loan, said company is shit out of luck if the customer decides they aren't going to pay. Going after the customer would require admitting they gave out an illegal loan.


If you get a career in what you love you won't work a day in your life. Bullshit.


I'm an animator. Many days,I love it. Many days,I don't. It really depends on the project, and the people in charge or around you. The end result is almost always rewarding. Esp if you work on stuff that actually affects those that watch it.


I met someone who opened a dog daycare and that got him burned out of playing with dogs. There's no hobby that can survive being turned into work.


>There's no hobby that can survive being turned into work. Finally, what I've been thinking all along. Got into computers a few years ago. You know what? I started hating computers. Maybe I should get into something that I hate, so that there no place to go from there but up.


>Maybe I should get into something that I hate, so that there no place to go from there but up. I hate being in the military. I rejoined due to a lack of other options, partly because of fuck-ups I made -- I'll be honest -- and I just needed a steady paycheck to survive after almost a decade of floundering. Guess what? It still sucks. The only upside is that my chain of command isn't as terrible as the command during my last enlistment.


Funerary Services. Seriously. The person is dead...they really don't care how nice their casket is. Stop letting people use your emotions and your religious beliefs against you.


Bro you should see the number they pulled on my boy Tut. Conned the fam with some ancient Osiris bullshit and pulled the guilt card cause he was a young dude. Cost a royal fortune but they did a durable job, I'll give them that.


Yeah and I heard they got him with a pyramid scheme too


That shit is so predatory. I told my family that if I die, just do what they have to do for it to be legal, but after that put me in the dirt with no casket and plant a tree over top of me- maybe put a plague up if they feel like it. EDIT: plaque*, however I do feel like the typo is just a littlllle bit silly so imma let it stay.


Being Trendy.. Fast fashion.. People buy unnecessary clothes just to keep up with the trend. Its totally fine, if you wear old clothes for years.


I heard somewhere that you have to wear something on average 26 or 28 times, something like that, for it to be considered "sustainably made". At this point, I'm owed my own planet w/how much I've re-worn this stuff.


Yes, honestly 26 times are not even so many. I still wear stuff from 10 years ago (a cardigan and a couple shirts) and they look totally fine. I get that personal style, fashion sense and size evolve in time but people that only wear the same clothes once are so strange to me!


Tbf clothing's quality some years ago was much better than nowadays. I reuse often some old articles of clothing while the new tees or jeans I get last much, much less and I have to replace them soon. Fast fashion changed the lifestyle, it seems.


I had a t-shirt from 1983 that finally gave up the ghost on me a few months back. Most comfortable t-shirt ever and it was worn frequently. I was hoping it would make it 40 years. Now I get t-shirts that bell out at the bottom and warp after a year of wearing them. Fuck Zara and what they've done to clothing.


The trick is to wear your old stuff for so long it gets trendy again. 90's hip hop and neon fashion can be worn again already, if combined nicely. I am just waiting for my Trenchcoat to be okay again.


My dad has this ugly teal and neon pink Igloo cooler from the 80s/90s. I just saw an IG ad for retro Igloo coolers and his is there. His ugly ass cooler is so old it’s coming back.