What never fails to make you tear up or cry?

What never fails to make you tear up or cry?

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My late partner passed away from leukemia at 38 years old. He hid a letter for me in our room incase he didn’t make it. It’s the most beautiful and eloquent thing I’ve ever read. He talks about regretting not being able to see my hair turn Grey, or seeing me accomplish my dreams. He gives me permission to fall in love again, be messy, and move forward. The level of support is so encouraging. It’s also a heartbreaking read and I’ve only read it 3 times. I will read it again on the 2 year date of his passing at the end of this month.


I'm so sorry. I can't imagine the pain :(


Being alone. I live with my autistic son and when he is with me (and not with his mother) I have literally no time or energy to think. When I am alone my mind plays every future for him and I can’t think a Happy End. Some day he will loose me and his mother and will be alone in a day care for people with special needs. And I read tons of articles and others how this all is for autistic people like him. It breaks my heart every time to think about him as an elderly person who has a broken heart but can’t communicate it straight. I hope I will be live long enough to outlive him, I am just 20 years older.


This thread apparently... But in all honesty im very emotional lately so its no surprise.


One particular patient I had working in a trauma center. 19 year old girl I’d never seen before, and didn’t know at all. She was ejected from a vehicle and then crushed because her boyfriend was trying to show off. I was training new staff, and they were at the end of their training so I was only in the room to provide supervision and step in if necessary and I spent the entire trauma holding her hand (on her request) and trying to comfort her and keep her mind off of the injuries to both of her legs. Her last words were spoken directly to me: “this really hurts. Can I go to sleep?” I cried for days after. I’ve never had a patient’s death hit me as hard before or after Edit: all of your comments and kind words mean so much. You’re all wonderful individuals and you deserve hugs


I don’t know if this will give you comfort: when I had a spontaneous heart attack, I was 22 and terrified in a foreign country with parents who don’t have passports. A kind, kind nurse realized I was losing it despite cracking jokes and keeping a brave face on and stopped what she was doing, had someone take over, and just held my hand and explained everything that was happening to and around me. She prioritized keeping me from being completely traumatized (from being overwhelmed and scared) and I credit her with why I can go back to hospitals and doctors today. You brought her an indescribable amount of comfort in the scariest moments of her life because you wore your heart on your sleeve and I am thankful for people like you in that profession. You are a brave, good soul.


I'm so glad you were there to comfort her in her final moments. It's an often overlooked duty that many medical staff from paramedics to nurses to doctors and more perform. Also, in my opinion, one of the most important. Sometimes, you just can't save someone, but making their last moments as warm and comfortable as possible is one of the greatest acts of humanity one can perform. Thank you, on behalf of that young lady, and her family for being there that day and making her final moments at least a little easier on her.


Agree 100% The nurses who did palliative care for my mom were angels. I have nothing but respect for people who can do that kind of work (I could never).


That would be devastating. I'm glad you were there for her.


Apparently reading through this thread. Cripes.


When the musicians in Titanic start playing Nearer to My God Thee after saying goodbyes and then joining together till the end. What a group of legends


Child abuse statements


I work with child abuse victims. I had a 6 year old want to disclose sex abuse by her dad one day. Her reason for disclosing that day: “it’s my birthday and I wanted to do something for me on my birthday.” That killed me.


>“it’s my birthday and I wanted to do something for me on my birthday.” That sounds so beautifully empowering while simultaneously so tragic.


I always feel so compelled to read them. All statements of abuse of documentaries or whatever. It makes me cry and suffer but at the same time, I feel like I owe it to the people who were brave enough to open up like that. Like, I'm in some way telling them that I hear them, and believe them, love them and remember them


My dad passed very traumatically from a house fire. He kept running back in the house to make sure everyone else was getting out okay, and he was struck and burned by debris. He spent 5 days unconscious in the ICU before his heart failed. He had a small youtube channel where he would mostly record engines he was working on, and when I miss him a lot, I go to those videos and cry every time.


Thinking about my dogs last day. She was 17 years old and her organs were shutting down. Before we took her to get put down she was in the backyard eating her food. She walked slowly to us while wagging her tail and we took her. When we got home to bury her I looked over at her dog bowl and there was still a bit of food in it. Kills me every time I think of it.


When my dog died I thought of taking her to get put down but she was so scared of the vet that I couldn't let her last moments be full of fear. I sat with her all night, she stopped eating, she couldn't move much, she couldn't control her bladder, but I still sat with her. I kissed her on the head and told her I'd be okay and not too lonely, it was ok for her to go when she was ready. A few minutes later she let out a little yelp and that was it. That was 5 years ago and I haven't been able to get another pet since because I don't know if I can go through that again.


We really wanted to let her pass with old age but we could tell she was in constant pain. Missing teeth to limping. Our vet told us her liver was failing as well.


The ending monologue of movie The Shawshank Redemption. "I find I'm so excited I can barely sit still or hold a thought in my head. I think it's the excitement only a free man can feel, a free man at the start of a long journey whose conclusion is uncertain. I hope I can make it across the border. I hope to see my friend and shake his hand. I hope the Pacific is as blue as it has been in my dreams. I hope."


You are my sun shine, my only sunshine...


My grandmother loved that song, she would sing it with me over the phone when I was real young....... fuck dude.......


Cant help falling in love - elvis Was supposed to be the song my sister and her fiancee danced to at her wedding. Instead it was played walking into the church, at his funeral, after he took his own life. My poor sis was so strong that day, but that song still gets us both


Damn man I'm sorry for your family's loss. That song is one that my wife and I had on our wedding playlist and was one of the first lovey songs I listened to with her. My dad is a huge Elvis fan and Elvis might be one of the only artists that he and I both enjoy. Much love to you, your sister, and the rest of your family.


Thinking about how poorly I treated my dad when he was still alive. He was always trying to find things in common with me to connect with me. When I found out he liked something I also liked, I just changed my mind and found it uncool. I looked down on the tv shows he liked and didn't realize until later that he had an awesome taste for quality campy television like The Adventures of Brisco County Junior and other classics from that era of 90s syndicated television. If I knew him now he'd be my best friend. I did try to connect with him in the last few years of his life but he had dementia by then and couldn't follow things I knew he would have found interesting before. His last words to me were "It hurts" while I held his hand during catheterization on his last trip to the hospital. I was too embarrassed from seeing his penis to offer any true comfort.


Damn. I’m sorry. I know how you feel. I was a bitch to my mom when I was a teenager into my early 20s. I’ll be 40 next Friday and I’m glad to say that she’s one of my best friends now. But my biggest regret will always be what an absolute snatch I was to her for such a long time.


My dad's last words to me were, "You should call more." For him to admit that he wanted that...


My dad's last words to me were, "Goodnight. Look after your mom." Killed himself the next evening. As the only son, those words haunted me for years.


Fuck. Sorry. I couldn't even imagine doing that to my kids. They are 1 and 4, and drive me up the wall sometimes but holy shit I just want to be there for them.


My daughter is 8. My dad died when I was 11. The immense weight of making it 3 more years is sometimes overwhelming. It's such a strange feeling and I sometimes worry that I can't overcome my fear of death. Somedays I feel like I'm fulfilling the prophecy. Edit: Having a kid turned me in to an awful hypochondriac, every pain is a heart attack or cancer. I know it's delusional and know it always passes but I spend so much time harping on it that its ruining my life. I'd rather suddenly die at 50 than live every day in fear and make it to 90.


Damn! :'(


The scene in the Les Mis movie where >!Gavroche, the little boy, walks towards the army singing and is shot in the leg but keeps going, all while another character in the background, I think his brother, is screaming for him to come back. Then Gavroche is shot again, killing him before he can finish his song and the brother breaks free from the people holding him back and runs to Gavroche. Then he just holds him and just sobs.!< also in that same movie, where >!after the rebellion is over and the majority of the men are dead, the women in the street cleaning the blood singing the line "Children of the barricade who didn't last the night. Did you see them lying where they died? Someone used to cradle them and kiss them when they cried."!< it just makes my cry, every time.


Thinking of that abandoned little kitten I found. I called him Mortimer. Tried to keep him alive. Bottle feeding him. Keeping him warm, skin to skin. Staying awake through most of the night. Calling in sick day after day to stay with kitty. Emergency vet scheduling with them saying he probably won't make it. Kitty didn't make it. It's when my oldest cat slowly stalked up to the cat, nudging her nose against Mortimer's head. Mortimer didn't move. Didn't react. I put him in a shoebox with his blanket... So he would not be cold. Buried him and left a little pebble for a tombstone. That was twenty years ago. I'm sorry, Mortimer. I couldn't save you. ---------- Edit ; Wow. I had absolutely *NO* idea that this would blow up in such a significant way. Thank you, everyone. I am doing my best to reply to each and every individual that commented. There are so many heart-wrenching stories to read. I find solace in knowing that there are so many internet strangers who also do their best to help the most vulnerable creatures we stumble upon in our lives. Thank you all, once again. Be well, be safe.


Mortimer knew love thanks to you.


I'm so very sorry for your loss. Not that my word will matter when you've had twenty years to reflect...but in his very, very brief life, you gave him some of the only warmth and comfort he would ever know. That is worth something.


The end of Homeward Bound. Especially when Shadow says “Peter! You’re ok!” Like, they went through all of that and almost died multiple times and Shadow was just glad to know Peter was ok. Get’s me **every** time.


I am legitimately angry at you for bringing up Homeward Bound. The fucking *audacity*. Now I'm tearing up and my husband wants to know why.


Amos Diggory crying "That's my boy!" In Harry Potter and Goblet of fire over his son's dead body


That scene fucking kills me. That cry he lets out when he’s kneeling over Cedric.


Schindler’s List...”I could have got more.”


As a grandchild of Holocaust survivors, I’m fairly desensitized to the more graphic imagery, but that is absolutely the toughest part to watch. What is the value of a human life? A ring, a watch, a meager everyday object is all that the life of a family member may be worth.


“There will be generations because of what you did.”


That hit me hard when I saw it in high school. I can barely watch it now


My wedding song. My husband died in an accident a little over 3 years ago only 5 months after we got married. All I need to hear is the 1st note of the song and the grief hits hard.


I'm so sorry for your loss. I can't imagine your pain.


I'm so sorry 😔


Strategically placed albums from my youth; If I am half drunk and someone begins to play the album "Four Cornered Night" by Jets to Brazil, I will become uncharacteristically nostalgic, and then openly sob at the idea of how good I was at being 18 years old, vs how shitty I am at being 38 years old. Getting old is weird.


Isn't it so funny that I feel the opposite. I was utterly shit at being 18 to 28. Once I hit my 30s I feel like I know who I am and what I want. I would have killed to have a tenth of the confidence, self awareness, sense of purpose that I have now when I was younger. Then again, if the past were different, who knows how I'd be now.


This why they say...Youth is wasted on the young.


The scene in My Girl when she is at Macaulay Culkins funeral.


‘He can’t see without his glasses!!’


I cried just reading this! I always cry from about halfway through the movie because I know what's coming.


Watching "Fox and the Hound", I was watching the part where she releases Todd with my 5 year old daughter. Her with a catch on her voice asking why. Me explaining. Her in tears saying she'll take him, she'll take care of him. Now I cry. Every. Damn. Time.


I used to watch this every day when I was like 3. But I would bawl for hours after. And then I’d put it on again the next day and repeat. My mom had to ban me from watching it because she didn’t think that was healthy.


Copper, you're my very best friend. And you're mine too Todd. Fuck I just made myself cry.


"...and we'll always be friends forever, won't we?" "Yeah! Forever!" Spoiler: >!...in their echoing baby voices that is just a memory now, as the view zooms out to show the adult fox watching the adult hound from afar, knowing that they have no choice but to be natural enemies, even though deep down they both will always remember fondly their promise of being friends forever!< Fuck that ending cuts deep. Especially when you realize that this is how life is. You're a young child with your little friends having fun.. thinking you guys will always be friends and have fun together. But a coming-of-age lesson we all learn is that this is almost never the case. You will fondly think of your memories and friends from your childhood as an adult, maybe even check their social media from time to time to see what they're up to, but whether it was due to a fight or simply drifting apart, the reality is friendships and their fun times almost never last forever. Edit: Hid the spoiler for those who haven't seen it.


The ending of The Pursuit of Happiness when he finally gets the job. The struggles leading up to that point makes me tear up all the time when they finally give him the position.


Goodbyes. Doesn’t matter what kind. I’ll always get teary eyed.


once as a teen I had a dream about my dad. next day he left for a long work trip and I meant to say goodbye to him before he left but didn't. and the entire time I thought, something's going to happen to him. something's going to happen to him. he made it back home fine and I realized that something didn't happen this time but it could happen the next or any other time. am not religious but I think it was some sort of divine wake-up call and i don't let people leave me without saying goodbye anymore.


I realized this recently and now always say “bye, I love you” to family members. Especially yesterday cause it was my birthday




That’s always my biggest fear when saying goodbye. Even if it’s only for a few days. There’s no guarantee that you’ll be back in eachothers lives.




My dad died a year and a half ago, at 52 years old he just fell asleep and never woke up. I haven’t been able to bring myself to visit his grave since we laid him to rest. An hour ago as I was making my bed, I thought tomorrow would finally be the day I went to visit, and I thought of this poem - I read it as his casket was lowered into the ground, these are the last words I ever said aloud to him. I haven’t been on Reddit in a long while, but tonight I decided to scroll through, and I’m sure in some weird way the universe wanted me to see this post to let me know it was time to go have a long overdue visit with my dad. Thank you for posting this, I’m sure this reply is very unexpected but I can’t ignore a sign like this. I’m going to visit dad tomorrow.


Your father is in your heart.. always have been, always will be. You visit him everyday you think of him.


The end of the Iron Giant. “You stay, I go. No following.”


Land before time when his mother is giving him the speech. When he’s shouting his mother. Oh man, feels


When Littlefoot mistakes his shadow for his mother...


That little laugh he does as he is rushing towards her, thinking she's not gone, it **breaks** me. Holy crap, I'm getting teary just writing about it. And then the narrator twists the knife by saying "he finally realized he was all alone". That'll be two additional boxes of tissues please.


Zuko and Iroh's reunion in the finale of ATLA


I was never angry. I was afraid because I thought you had lost your way.


I did, uncle.


Yes. But you found your way back, and you did it by yourself. And I’m so happy that you found your way here.


Ugh, for me it's their exchange in The Siege of the North. Iroh: I'm sorry. I just nag you because, well, ever since I lost my son... Zuko: Uncle, you don't have to say it. Iroh: I think of you as my own. Me: 😭


Ugh, there’s so much good stuff happening in that scene. Zuko knows that Iroh feels paternal toward him, but he also knows that Iroh’s love is *nothing* like what he thinks Ozai’s “fatherly love” looks like. He loves Iroh enough to not shut him down here, but he’s also trying to not hear the confirmation that *this* is how fathers are meant to be.


The scene in saving private Ryan when the medic gets shot and dies on the field with the rest of his group desperately trying to save him.


Ah man that one really hurt. So much of that movie makes you feel the camaraderie only for them to get killed. Fantastic movie


The thing that always hurts more deeply is that there are millions of men that lived through that. We just see the movies. But dammit man, like people had to actually LIVE that, and carry it with them the rest of their lives. Regardless of the side. War truly is hell.


The movie does such a great job at depicting how little time you have to digest anything happening right in front of you during war. Just adds another layer of sad


Also the end. "Tell me I'm a good man. Tell me I've lived a good life." Damn tear up just thinking about that scene in the cemetery.


There were people sobbing in the movie theatre when we saw it. Movie was emotional as fuck. When the guy on the beach picks his arms up people started laughing. I think it was not knowing how to react, it was such an impactful scene. He’s looking for something and when he picks it up, it’s his goddamn arm.


Green Mile


“Don’t put me in the dark boss, I’s afraid of the dark” That line turns my eyes into tear fountains everytime


*"I'm tired, boss"* me too bud, me too.


I watched it one day when I was really depressed and that line really hit deep that I cried so hard I puked. This movie really can jab it in


I came here looking for this. John Coffee gets me each time


Your Lie in April


A Silent Voice. FML


Cats being dropped in the side of the road in a box or left in apartments as people moved out


Mufasa’s death in The Lion King. Also that scene in Interstellar where he sees those videos of his kids. That gets me sobbing like nothing else. Sometimes you just need a good cry.


nothing makes a grown man cry like that scene in interstellar


Fathers who tell their children how proud they are of them.


Never experienced that at 18 years old


I decided a while back to make it a habit to tell my daughter I’m proud of her regularly. It’s the best!


same here. she's four years old. Not a day goes by that I don't tell her that I am proud of her, that she is a wonderful human, that she is strong, that I am happy that she is with me. At least one of those things, at least once a day. And I balance it by telling her that she has to be kind, wait for her turn, learn to be patient, finish what she started, clean up after herself, not leave her toys on the floor etc. I believe, one without the other won't do any good.


I told my son this yesterday. He's just gone 4 and has always hated anyone touching his hair. Screaming like a banshee etc. Yesterday I took him to my local barber and he was initially nervous, I could see him tensing his neck, but he settled down quickly and let the guy go to work, clippers, scissors. He sat there for a good 20 minutes. At one point he exclaimed " Daddy, I'm not scared any more!" I nearly melted with pride so I bought him 3 massive toys afterwards. And he has, for the first time ever, a proper haircut.


> " Daddy, I'm not scared any more!" Kinda doesn't matter how big or small the fear is. That's always going to feel good to hear.


Tell him I'm proud of him too


The episode of Scrubs when Dr. Cox's brother in law Ben dies. That is a gut punch.


The episode where the 3 patients die and it's following episode. Like a jab in the heart.


“Where do you think we are?” 😭


My daughter's best friend died in a car crash a couple of years back. She was 18. She'd been coming to our house since she was 4 or 5. She'd become a part of our family. Even when her and my daughter would have the silly arguments kids have when they become teens and a bit more independent, she'd still make herself at home the next time she was round. She had a smile that lit up the room. When I think about the night she died, I cry. When I think back to the heartbroken faces of 8 teenagers that appeared at our house an hour after it happened, I cry. When I think about how her family must feel, I cry. When I think about how her death has impacted my daughter's life, I cry. When I think about how her life could've turned out, I cry. Even writing this, tears run down my face.


When Miguel sings “Remember Me” for Mama Coco.


My maternal grandmother is going through the throes of Alzheimer's. This scene HURTS.


Dying pets.


One of my cats stopped eating on Friday, and Saturday we took her to emerg after we got the bloodwork from our regular vet. Some sort of super aggressive bone cancer, and making the decision to euthanize her is the hardest thing I've done so far. [I don't know when it gets easier, but hopefully one day.](https://www.reddit.com/r/cats/comments/mte51n/she_never_did_anything_meme_worthy_but_she_will/)


It might not seem like it now but it does. Remember all the good things, the quirky character traits, the best memories, even if they were disastrous at the time. Our cat was 20 when she passed: one of our many moments include: my brother thinking it would be fun to teach her to swim in the bath( after noticing that the dog liked to swim in the pool but the cat was very careful around the water. ) He was seven years old and didn’t like swimming until he got lessons so he applied the same logic to the cat. ( yes, it had been explained prior to this that cats don’t like water, but neither did he before his lessons) Luckily he was fully clothed when he took the cat into the bathroom and closed the door ( he had run a shallow bath already) Let’s just say that we don’t know who made the more noise, him or the cat, as she used him as a climbing frame out of the water. For months afterwards she would give him filthy looks if he so much as ran the kitchen tap for a glass of water. He apologized to her hundreds of times but she definitely held a grudge for a long time. Let the tears flow, that’s ok because you loved them and miss them. Remember fondly, and remember them all of your life: no pet would ever ask for more.


Right in the middle of the long goodbye with our cat now. It’s hard.


my cat age 21 died about a month ago, i age 19, couldnt say a goodbye in person thanks to pandemic. im sorry youre going through this, please tell your little friend how much you love them as much as you are physically able to, you both deserve to be reminded of that love at all times.


Mine died in my arms last month. It was the hardest goodbye ever. I still miss my friend. I'm sorry you're going through this.


I work at a seafood counter and one day, a regular customer looked bummed and I asked her if she was okay. She burst into tears and told me her dog had died. I felt so bad I started crying with her and told her I was so sorry. It's almost worse than losing a person because a dog's love is so pure. It was obviously the wrong thing to say because she started crying harder and said, "I KNOW RIGHT?" which made me cry harder. Another customer walked up, saw we were both openly SOBBING and just slowly backed away.


That’s super sad and sweet but I’m dying laughing at the thought of what that other customer must have thought as he walked away.


They're having a moment, I'll just.. be.. going... over... here ~whistles a nonchalant tune~


My dog died right before "I am Legend" came out, and I still have to hold back tears when watching that movie.


I have to skip through that part of the movie. It’s too hard


Seeing other people crying in emotional pain. Makes me sob very every time Edit: wow, thank you for the awards, guess this hit a spot with a lot of people


I just started a new job. Tomorrow will be the beginning of my fourth week. Second week, my office mate got into an argument with her dad over her stepmom being a bitch about Easter and making her feel like an outsider in her own family. She started crying and within minutes I was choking back my own tears. This is a woman I just met. This was at WORK! And here I am, sobbing at her pain. Didn’t help that I could relate to her family issues. My husband says it shows I have a big heart, but I can’t help feeling embarrassed and unprofessional.


Empathy, man. I had to hold back tears during my last Zoom meeting when my boss was getting choked up, telling us that his friend died. The zoom meeting ended and I cried for a good 15 minutes after.


I hear what you're saying, but I am totally an empathic crier too. I rarely cry about stuff in my own life, but lost little crying kid? "Don't worry buddy" \*choke "We'll find your" \*sniff "mommy" ​ Also? If I speak out loud about a sad thing (first ten minutes of UP!?!) I will get all choked up.


I ALWAYS cry when other people cry. I feel bad about it because it feels like I'm stealing their thunder a bit, but I just hate seeing other people in pain so much!


Other people's emotional trauma always fucks me up. I don't care if it's fictional or if I know the person, it doesnt matter, I cry all the same. The same goes for watching them succeed and be happy.


“Had to be me. Someone else might have gotten it wrong.”


Loved his character arc. From being confident in his choice, then uncertainty, then full regret, till he makes the decision to right his wrongs. Damn I can’t wait for the remaster


I’m a member of a 12 Step program and in meetings we give out chips or keychains for different amounts of clean/sober time. After giving out multiple years, one year, six months ....... etc etc, the meeting chair will ask if there’s anyone new or “coming back” (relapsed and is returning to the program) who wants to take a 24 hour chip. When anyone gets up and takes their 24h chip, the room INVARIABLY gives them the loudest applause and cheers and welcomes them back. The whole room knows how much courage it takes to come back and how scary it can be to get up and walk to the front of the room for that chip. It’s such a beautiful thing to see and it makes me cry every time.


Never been in AA but I am an alcoholic, and that shame of relapsing is real. I just wouldn’t tell anyone, then become more reclusive as I fuel the addiction, which fuels the reclusiveness, etc. 95 days sober now, and I’m at the point where if I do relapse I’m confident I’ll be able to say “hey, I fell off the wagon again” to friends and family. Edit: Good god I wasn’t expecting this lol Edit: 96 days sober now. Thanks for the support and comments. I can’t get to them all obviously since I’m not a wizard.


The only time you ever fail is when you stop trying. Never give up, and if you ever need support from others it's out there. Best wishes to you!


Congratulations on 95 days! For anyone else looking to quit, I highly recommend r/stopdrinking. Helped me immensely through my first few weeks and today is day 1095 for me. Couldn't be happier or healthier and that little corner of the internet played a huge role in my getting my shit together.


I one hundred percent concur. I am almost at one year and I have come close to falling off the wagon a few times. Once, at a party, I went to the bathroom and sent a cry for help in this subreddit and immediately received support and strength to hang on. This support made me tear up.


That scene in the David Attenborough documentary on Netflix (a life on our planet, or something) where the orangutan is sat on the single tree on their own - everyone stop using palm oil plz




Theres one with a bunch of confused walruses falling off a cliff and in the behind the scenes you can see the camera crew just sobbing as they film it and can't do anything. Its tough to watch.


Dobbys' death and the end of The Iron Giant.


I read that as Dobby's death AT the end of the Iron Giant, and I was like ... wut? What a fucked up cross over that would be!


This going to get buried, but I need to get it off my chest. It’s my kids. When they were little, my mom had a brain aneurysm, my dad spiraled into a deep depression and they lost their home and business. At the same time, my mother in law has a stroke and my in laws’ finances collapsed and they were on the verge of losing their home too. So I worked crazy hard to be everyone’s rock. I worked multiple jobs to help out my family. When I wasn’t working, I was taking care of them emotionally and physically. I so drained that i didn’t have much left to give to my kids. I missed soccer games and school plays and trick or treating and first words and countless other things. Thankfully, my wife was there for them. So they got to experience all the good things in childhood....I just wasn’t there for it. Even when I was physically present, I was exhausted and cranky. Now they are teenagers and don’t want to be around me. I just want to hold their hands, tell them that I love them and do something fun with them — anything at all, I just want to be with them. But my chance to hold them, teach them new things and experience the amazing joys of childhood with them are long gone. It tears me up inside....I’m bawling on the couch right now typing this. Yes, all the work paid off. Amazingly, both my mom and mother in law are alive (with physical impairments). My parents lost their house and business but they’re in place that works for them. And my in laws went through bankruptcy but were able to keep their house. I’m glad it worked out. But god....it hurts thinking about what I missed.


Tell those kids. Take your time doing it.


This is so important. The length of time it takes to hash it out will not amount to the accumulation of time that agony will remain if nothing is done at all. Some is better than none. Progress is not measured in efficiency. Baby steps, bob. Baby steps.


Also lots of kids drift away from their parents when they’re teenagers only to drift back closer when they are adults. Some of the best things I have done with my Mom and Dad came after the age of 18z


Just want to let you know that I saw this and I will remember your post I remember when you was at 2. People need to see this


You managed to stay strong and provide not just for your own children but for the rest of your family in what sounds like a dreadful time. Someday, your children will realize your sacrifice and the genuine love that you have for your family. I hope you have the opportunity to make plenty of happy memories & experiences with your children...it sounds like there is still time for that.


I had a very distant father but as I got older I now understand some of the reasons. He’s really close with my kids now and its almost a do-over for us in some ways. I hope it works out well for you.


Doctor who. The episode with van gogh. Ugh.


Journey’s End where Donna’s memories are wiped does it for me.


The most underrated of companions. I've never swung so hard from finding a character annoying to being devastated at their departure like I did for Donna Noble.


Vincent and the Doctor! Every time. And that song... will never be able to listen to it without crying now.


"It's not your fault" Good Will Hunting. That's all I wanted to hear as a kid and growing up. Watching it for the first time it felt like the whole scene was written for me down to the photos and the "fuck him" Robin Williams is great but Matt Damon's vulnerability was a scene stealer edit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYa6gbDcx18


I miss Robin Williams and remembering that he's not around anymore always makes my eyes sting a lil bit.




Jurrasic Bark is the only episode i don't watch anymore for this reason


Luck of the Fryish, the one with Fry's mom, the scene with the holoflute after the devil's hand episode. For a show about a shiny metal ass, there was a lot of emotional ass too.


Leela’s parents looking after her as she grew up.


The older I get, the more that show tugs on my heart. Like how Hermes saved baby Bender.


The scene where Riley hugs her parents in inside out. At the time the movie came out it hit way too close to home. I just moved away from all my friends that I had and I felt alone for the first time in my life. So I know exactly what she was going through. Also If you’re a wrestling fan, the Eddie Guerrero tribute package the wwe made the week he died. [The one with Johnny Cash playing ](https://youtu.be/iqieKvt9BS0) Last one. When the Grinch is crying over his mom dying on the animated special. Seeing this scene as a little kid made me bawl. It hits different too. Especially if you don’t have a good relationship with your mom or if your mom is unfortunately no longer with us [The Grinch - remember your mother ](https://youtu.be/K94OE_8Uj6Y)




The ending of "The Return of the King". As SOON as I hear the Gray Havens music I get hit with a wave of emotion.


A lot of people here saying "My friends... You bow to no one" but the departure at Gray Haven is the one that always gets me


Whenever my addict Daughter gets arrested (4 times in the last two weeks). Whenever a look at a picture of her. Whenever I remember a memory of her when she was little and she was still my angel. Whenever I try to think of something I could do to help her and realize that I’ve already done everything a parent can do, and it hasn’t helped . I cry when it gets cold out, and wonder if she is stuck out the night somewhere, cold and lonely. I cry when I look at her 8 year old daughter, that My wife and I are raising. I cry a lot lately. Edit: Thank you for the platinum! Thats a first


I’m so sorry you’re going through this. I highly recommend the Nar-Anon program, it was really life-changing for me. My parents chose drugs over me and my 3 siblings, and unfortunately my 2 brothers have now had children who are being raised by people who aren’t their parents specifically for this very reason. From a girl in your granddaughter’s position, I can tell you how relieved she is to not have to deal with her mother’s problem, even if she doesn’t show it. Please, if you haven’t already, remember to tell her that none of this is her fault; this is something I wondered for years about my own situation. Bless you and your wife for giving your precious granddaughter a home and loving her through this. You are more than welcome to reach out to me if you’d like to talk! Edit: thank you kindly for the award! Edit 2: thank you all for the lovely awards, but this really doesn’t deserve so much. If you or someone you know who has been affected by a friend or family member’s drug and/or alcohol abuse, please direct them to [Nar-Anon](https://www.nar-anon.org/) or [Al-Anon](https://al-anon.org/). They even do online meetings now, so you don’t even have to attend in person, but from personal experience, you will never meet people more supportive and understanding than your group members!


Thank you for the recommendation. It is time for us to reach out for help with how to deal with this. I will check out Nar-anon in our area.


I'm so sorry, that must be impossibly difficult for you all. I hope your daughter gets the help she needs soon.


Time Adventure, the song from the finale of Adventure Time


Watching my brother's Muscular Dystrophy slowly get worse and knowing he won't live a full life.


Goodbye doctor 10 "I don't want to go".


Idk. "I'm burning up a sun just to say goodbye" got me pretty bad


the scene in Scrubs when it suddenly clicks that Ben died... it's like a sudden slam to the gut, it gets me every time! also when Laverne died and the ending of My Finale really gets the waterworks going


The end of Coco, idc how many times I watch it it hits me every time Wow, my most upvoted comments are about me crying like a little baby lol at least I know I’m not alone


I made the mistake of watching Coco the week my grandma died. I was a mess at the end.


My great grandma been dead for some years and that movie opened up an old wound in my heart


I read a post on Reddit a while back where the user described how they saw an older Hispanic lady comforting her elderly mother in the bathroom after a screening of Coco. The very old lady was crying because she missed her parents, who had been dead for many years, and her daughter was reassuring her that they would be reunited eventually like in the movie.


Oof your comment made that knot in my throat melt into sobs


I left the movie theater ugly crying


My 2 year old has learnt to half sing Remember Me as her dad plays it on guitar. They've both got used to me clinging to the 2 year old sobbing into her belly when she joins in. Every time. A wreck.


Hearing 'The Living Years', by Mike and the Mechanics. My dad is still alive and I hug him whenever I can. But man, this song hits me in the feels.


I gave it a listen, definitely makes me wanna go see my dad


Animals saving people. Something about watching an unexpected animal, saving a humans life just makes me tear up.


Thinking about my grandma. Its been 6 years since she died and I can't remember her voice anymore. She was my everything. Hope she is in a better place now.


Cat’s in the Cradle by Harry Chapin


The lyric in that song that always gets me thinking is one of the last lines "And as I hung up the phone, it occurred to me He'd grown up just like me My boy was just like me" Even after all that, the original dad actually doesn't understand that his son is nothing like him. His son is dedicating his time to his own kids, something his father never did.


When Marshall finds out his Dad died in How I Met Your Mother.


Definitely the saddest moment in the show. The second for me is when barney meets his father's family and has a breakdown because he abandoned him.


If you were going to be some sort of lame suburban dad, why couldn't you have been that for me?


when he is like "I'm not ready for this!" makes me fucking ball every time.


The best part is that wasn't scripted. They didn't tell Jason Segel that Marshall's father died until they shot the scene. All he knew was that Alyson Hannigan as Lilly was going to say some bad news, and that that the last word she would say was "it." and he would have to react.


When my uncle died I was in Middle School. He never married and had no children. He, and I, cherished every moment we had together. He was so kind, patient, loving, thoughtful, and selfless - truly a great man loved by all in the community. When I was young, I swear he intentionally exchanged bills to make sure his coin jar was filled every time I visited so we could count it out and go buy something at the local junk store, something he always said was worth it because it put a smile on my face. He taught me gardening, would take me fishing, and let me eat all the junk food I wanted. He was raised a farm boy through and through and I don't think he ever got his high school diploma. His only job I knew of was a Walmart greeter. He never drank, volunteered for his church, ran 4 to 6 mi a day, was very involved in the community, and was always very fit and ate well. Stomach cancer is what took him too soon. He was in his mid-60s and left everything to my brother and me with the caveat that it was used for education. The will said "So you can make something better of yourself than I did." Thinking of that phrase always gets me... I don't think he realized how big those shoes were and it had nothing to do with education.


Something i read on tumblr a few years ago. It goes something like this: on the day of the 9/11 attack, the schools were called off and teachers were waiting with the middle schoolers to be picked up by their parents to take them home. One student is left out and the teacher asks why her parents weren't there yet and she says "they won't come" because they were in the tower too. Makes me tear up everytime i think of it.




Remembering my son before he was diagnosed as autistic, not being able to talk, but being so happy. There’s a memory (and a video) of him dancing along to the ballroom scene in Beauty and the Beast, and every time I think of it I cry. He just held his hands and span in a circle. My lovely little boy.


My dog has been gone for over 25 years, but when I think of him, I still cry. Sometimes I even sob.


Thinking about losing my dog some day. I know itll happened eventually but...I cant handle the thought of it


I feel this although mine is a cat. He is getting old (17 years) and he might cross the rainbow bridge soon as his health is declining. F**k it I will ran downstairs now to hug him


I feel this, my cat is 21 and I know this is her last year. The vet has talked about me doing experimental things for her kidneys but I know I can't put her through it. But I know losing her will be a giant hole in my heart, so I am dreading it.


It will be ok. I was like you. The thought of losing my Charlie Barker could make me weep. But, when it was time, I knew. I probably waited a few weeks too long, looking back. I’m not saying it won’t break your heart but they get older and they love you and you know. And you’ll do the right thing and that will get you through it. X


Somewhere over the rainbow by Iz


That scene in Fresh Prince where Uncle Phil consoles Will after his dad abandoned him again. The acting is phenomenal and all too relatable.


Will Smith drew from people he knew whose fathers left (Smith himself had his dad growing up, though I understand there was a divorce - it’s said all the time Smith’s father left him, but that wasn’t the case.) James Avery also whispered in Smith’s ear at the close of the scene, “Now that’s fucking acting.”


Uncle Phil was such a good actor. Will Smith killed that scene too but in general UP was really good.


"You bow to no one." And then everyone bows before Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin. I CRY EVERY DAMN TIME


That one was good, but the ending of the Fellowship always hit me harder. “Don’t you leave him Samwise Gamgee.” The number of people who quoted that to me (most of my old close friends and I were huge LotR fans) and have left over the years make it more and more difficult not to cry at that scene.


This and Frodo leaving middle earth


Theoden’s and Boromir’s deaths always get me too. “I go to my father’s. In whose mighty company, I shall not now be ashamed.” “ I would have followed you my brother, my captain, my king.” I always try to hold back tears at those parts lol


Also Theoden crying over his son's grave.