What popular rumour in your school turned out to be true?

What popular rumour in your school turned out to be true?


There was a family in my town that foster-to-adopted all their kids. Everyone had known one of their daughters since she was quite young and then they adopted another girl her age when we were in 8th grade. They did NOT get along. When the original girl developed epilepsy a few years later, her new sister claimed she was faking and everyone thought she was so fucking mean and ostracized her. Eventually, she had to fess up to faking the seizures all along when she signed up for basic training, which she never even completed. Unfortunately this was after we all graduated, so we never got to apologize to her sister :/


Our science teacher was having an affair with our science technician and regularly left the class to have sex with her in the technicians room. That rumour started day 1, then 4 years, 2 divorces and 2 very quick departures later it was confirmed and what was left behind was a technicians daughter in my year whose life had fallen apart.


>what was left behind was a technicians daughter in my year whose life had fallen apart. That's just sad


That a 12-year-old 6th grader had gotten pregnant over summer break. Our Los Angeles county suburb (it was a small and far-separated from LA itself, see how large that county actually is on Google if you are unawares) was so scandalized by this “rumor” that a newspaper article came out with a cartoon drawing of a pregnant girl in a pretty little girl dress and ribbon in her hair — playing with dolls and kneeling next to a doll-house — accompanied the story about the “little girl who got pregnant and planned to keep the baby.” She was interviewed. I remember her name but it’s unnecessary— the whole damn town knew who it was. What’s wild is that the kids in Jr. High actually had a baby shower for this 7th grader as she got close to full-term, and all brought in packs of diapers and formula for her on a designated day. With the teachers, principal, and probably the school district in support of this. The year was 1984-1985.


Hope the kid and the girl is living fine now


Mr and Mrs Dickoff (teachers) had a daughter named Tara. [It's true](https://i.imgur.com/b9J8s3f.jpg)


There was a rumour that a teacher had sex with whole basketball team turns out it was half of the team. Worst part is her son was on the team. Her husband ended up divorcing her and her son left with his dad


In high school: that the biology teacher was growing weed in the environmental lab. Supposedly he did it for 30 years without anyone noticing. No one could ever prove it though. Later on, I was assigned to be the agent taking care of some of his financial matters, so I went to his house to have him sign some paperwork. He had a hydroponic setup there, so I asked him about the environmental lab. It was like Han Solo in The Force Awakens. “It’s true. All of it.” Then he offered me a brownie.


>Then he offered me a brownie. Did you accept it?


Doing weed with him? Hell yes. I had to see what 30 years of weed growing expertise got him. And it’s the one experience in my life that I brag to all my friends about. I did weed with Dr (redacted)! It was delicious, and I got really, really high and he told me some stories about my aunt that I’d just as soon forget. (She was one of his favorites. He was never inappropriate with her, but she was a total hippie and his best customer.)


That one of the students was actually a cop. Turns out he *was* a cop and busted one of the actual students for selling handguns in school. If you thought 21 jump street was unrealistic think again. Cop was a 33 year old male and undercover for like half the semester.


"You're a narc" "No I'm not" "You're still wearing your badge" "I am?" "Yep, you're a narc"


That one of the seniors in my school wrote all over the men's room bathroom about bringing a bomb to school. The bomb squad evacuated us all, dogs came and they found one in a random locker. It was absolutely nuts, kid got arrested two seats next to me in english class a couple of days later once they could prove he did it


In Elementary (about 15 years ago), our favorite school teacher didn't come back after a summer break. He was awesome: funny, sporty, cool, down to earth, never shouted. Just a great role model to have around when you are a kid. Rumours went round that his wife and daughter died in a car accident. No one believed it. It was just what kids said on the playground. Somebody heard it from somebody who heard it from somebody. Then I went to the local grocery store with my Mom a little while after school had started again. I saw my old teacher. He was a shell, a wreck. I was only 8 but even then you can tell when someone isn't there anymore. I asked parents of my friends, and they confirmed the rumours. I felt so bad that something as awful as that could happen to one of the best guys I ever knew and always looked up to. Turns out he committed suicide a couple of years ago. Same bridge that his wife and daughter died on all those years ago.




would be a good breaking bad sequel


There was always a rumor that the head janitor was a huge pothead and would smoke with students in one of the storage sheds away from the main building. I always figured it was bullshit until my friend CJ sent me a pic of him and the janitor smoking weed while surrounded by folding chairs.


Makes sense I worked as a custodian at a school, and my coworkers were either always drunk or high. They never smoked with the students though.


In my Catholic (Jesuit) high school, one of the priests and one of the nuns were very close friends. We all loved them, and we could see that they were quite fond of one another (and they made a really nice looking couple). We used to affectionately kid them about "meeting in the tunnel" between the convent and the rectory. A few years after my class graduated, they both left their Orders, got married, and had kids. We're all happy for them.


That’s actually really sweet


Finnaly a happy one. Good for them


We had a dean who "retired" one summer. Turns out, he was busted in a huge prostitution/drug sting by cops. He had 2 prostitutes and cocaine in his apartment when he got rolled up; ended up pleading guilty to felony drug possession (a few others I can't remember), and sentenced to 5 years of probation. He was an advisor for the school's Drug/Alcohol Task Force. Nice enough guy. Really cool with all of his students, maybe too cool. Always seemed to have super red eyes.


Here’s a two for one.... First was that one of the kids in my grade way gay. Even back then, most people didn’t care, so I didn’t think anything of it. Second was that one of the kids hung himself on a swing set in a local park. They didn’t say who it was, and just thought it was a vicious rumour about the same guy... then four girls who were close to him came down the stairwell crying and ran out the front door and started heading in the direction of the park. It was confirmed around noon, we were sent home after lunch.


The goth freshman liked to fist herself. She is a camera model now.


Our freshman science teacher was a massive jerk to any girl, and would frequently throw the dress code book at girls for the slightest issue. Everyone said it was because he was pissed his daughter became a stripper... that ended up being true


At our school this one kid was rumored to be a son of one of the local gyms amateur boxer teacher. Non of us had no real reason to think twice about it. Once we got to high school this kid started teasing that kid. I had a couple of mutal friends with the bully so I warned the guy he might want to let up on teasing him. A couple days go by the dude didn’t stop. And the boxer’s kid proceeded to give this guy one of the worst one sided fights I have ever seen. The bully learned his lesson and never bullied anyone else for the rest of our high school years. So it turned out to be true.


That this girl at my school who was maybe 16 was banging all the older kids who never left for college. Well she definitely was and everyone found out when she banged one of the cooler guys still in high school and there ended up being a herpes outbreak at my school. Nearly 40 people got herpes lol


In middle school, we had a “cool” Social Studies teacher. He loved the popular boys, especially the athletes, and not only ignored bullying in his classes of unpopular kids, he often took part in it. He also offered up his services for tutoring to these boys. Everyone always thought he was a child molester, except the popular boys who would threaten you if they heard you talk bad about him. When we came back to school at the beginning of 8th grade, he was gone. As was one of the more popular boys in school. He transferred to an insanely expensive private school. Turns out, sure enough, he was molested by the teacher several times during tutoring sessions at the teacher’s house. The school district agreed to pay to send the kid to private school as part of a settlement.


Oof that's gonna affect the kid hard hope the kid is okay


It was a really long time ago, back in the 80s. It was funny because nobody saw or heard from him for years, then out of nowhere he showed up at our senior prom as the date of the girl that was his elementary school “girlfriend”. He seemed fine but who knows what kind of life he’s had since then.


Some girl had sex with her half brother, we all thought it was rumour until she got drunk at a party and told everyone.


Same in my school but they were actually brothers


Girl I was in classes with all through elementary school and into Jr High (we were in the "gifted" class so we always had the same classmates) seemed oddly close to her brother. In 9th grade she hid a pregnancy from everyone including her parents until the birth. She delivered the baby at home, and she and the brother killed the newborn and threw it into a dumpster. The baby was his. She only served 3 years, and was released at 18.


Girl I grew up with was pretty shy but very sweet and gentle. She had VERY religious parents. After high school, she got pregnant but hid it all while still living with them. She ended up having twins at home and must have had a mental break down. She either drowned or suffocated them both. She plead insanity but it wasn't accepted and she was sentenced to life in prison. I think she must have lost her mind temporarily because she really was such a sweet person. I went to church and Christian school with her and her parents were probably the most conservative Christians at either. I'm sure that played into it. Maybe she thought that her entire family and social structure would disown her if they found out she got pregnant out of wedlock. Tragic all around.


Maybe this is slightly off topic, but how the hell do you hide a pregnancy? Especially when you're going to school and living with your parents?


Oof. A girl in my highschool started dating a guy freshman year, both her mom and his dad were recently divorced so when they met because of their kids dating they hit it off with each other big time, the parents got married about a year later and they all 4 plus any siblings lived together after that. It was real awkward because the classmates broke up my junior year but lived in the same house and basically fought like siblings on the reg after the breakup. Kind of wonder how they're doing now lol.


Imagine going to her family reunion and your date says “Oh god...here comes my ex!”


I had a science teacher that was rumoured to get a boner whenever he started shouting. We thought it was a myth until we noticed it for real, he would always try put one leg up on a chair to hide it


"Give me a moment." AHHHHHH "Good to go."


I wonder if it was more he started shouting to distract from a boner


his penis makes a slide whistle sound as it becomes erect and he wants to cover it up lol




That a science teacher used to be a stripper.


Few years back a woman was fired from her job as a lunch lady and she had been employed there for some time. She was let go because when she was young she was in a porn movie and some asshole found it and posted it. Can't help but wonder how they knew to look for her.


‘a 10! ... a 10! ... a fucking 10!!’


Billy Bob, man's holding up some fingers, true or false?


In middle school, there was a rumor my 7th-8th grade Social Studies teacher owned a pet donkey. Turned out to be true. The donkey’s name was Pedro the Donkey.


im so glad there are some wholesome content after 99% comments of teachers-students fucking


These took place in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Girl in my high school got into a very bad car accident and was in the hospital in a full body cast for a very long time. During that time her boyfriend somehow managed to get her pregnant and she later had an abortion. Years after high school I became friends with someone who was her best friend in high school. She told me that it wasn't the first time this boyfriend had gotten her pregnant or that she had had an abortion. Also there was some controversary over whether the hospital sex was consensual or not. Also her parents had to pay a lot of money for her to get therapy. Also in high school there was this kid I viewed as an arrogant punk. He always had a ton of money and was into photography (apparently his father was a professional photographer). The rumor was that he was paying a lot of money to the hottest girls in our school to pose nude for him "Penthouse-style". At the time I had seen Playboys but no Penthouses and didn't realize that the poses in Penthouse were a little more explicit. I ran into him a couple of decades later and we went to a nearby bar to have some drinks. He seemed very humble at this point as if life had and grinded him down. He admitted to me that he had become an alcoholic. I told him about the rumor and he confirmed it, saying his father had put him up to it and that his father was the one who wanted the pictures and that was why his father gave him so much money. After his father died he inherited all his stuff and while going through some boxes he ran across the pictures. He destroyed them immediately not wanting get caught with them because they were of underage girls. I'll add this one even though it has not been confirmed and is probably somewhat true but not completely true as told. There were rumors that a girl who was a senior when I was a sophomore appeared in a porn film while she was in high school. Again this was the late 70s (probably 1978) and we were only about 20 miles from San Francisco, where a lot of those films were being made at the time. Also she would have been 18 at the time. There are a few guys I know who have spent the last 40 years trying to find this film. I think that with the internet and all the resources available (IMDb, IAFD, xhamster and so on) if this film existed with her in it someone from high school would have found it by now. I've heard from another that may know that all she did was agree to be an extra in a scene where she and a bunch of other extras went skinny-dipping in a river for about $40 and that no one knows (including her) what happened to the film. My guess is that someone heard about this and decided to embellish the story.


> Also there was some controversary over whether the hospital sex was consensual or not. My first instinct would be that it wasn't consensual, given how extensive her injuries were. And that other kid's father was a complete monster.


Paige WAS pregnant....none of us believed her. We were 13 and we were just about to start Sex Ed classes in a few weeks to learn about sex so we all thought she was making it up. Then she started to gain weight but she had always been kind of overweight and so no one really believed her then either. Then she brought sonagram pictures in because she was sick of people not believing her. Most people believed her after that. Then she got taken out of school and this was back when FB was super popular and everyone was talking about her baby a few months later she had posted all these pictures. Sorry I didn't believe you Paige....I looked her back up when I was 15. She had a second kid.


reminds of the first day of health class my freshman year. the teacher said "Jane Doe, is Jane Doe here?", a classmate said out loud, "yeah she had a baby yesterday". the teacher went, "...ok.. you coulda said that privately". everyone knew she was a 14 yo teen mom when she came back to class, she later dropped out sophomore year






The captain of the cheerleader squad got a breasts reduction to go from H cups to DD. Oh, and also, some relatively unknown girl did porn on her senior year spring break after she turned 18 (and this was 25 years ago, so she had to like send letters and photos in the mail to set it up).


two of the science teachers do shrooms together. found out cause one of their sons was a student edit: apparently this happens a lot, this was in norcal


Lmao they’re just collaborating with their curriculums


I feel like that's just a "science teacher" thing to do. My previous chem professor was definitely into psychedelics and my current chem professor is widely suspected of being a cocaine fan..


The band director was grooming and seducing his favorite female percussionists. Edit: Apparently this is something of a common occurrence. Anyhoo, he finally got caught with one of the girls in his car late at night. "I was being a father figure," mentor, yada yada yada... Everyone knew the real story. He lost his job and personally I've never heard about him since.


Happened with a photography teacher at my school, super creepy from what I heard (he got fired but my friend was in his class). Had a wall of his favorite newly-18 senior girls. He would do weird shit like bring a bag of Hershey kisses to school, then hand them out to just the pretty girls and go “here’s a kiss” and then get super up in their faces and make kissing noises. I believe it’s the same dude who would smoke weed with students after school hours at the park.


The new teacher was rumored to be a pedophile. We found out it was true when he got arrested just a couple days into the second semester.


How did the rumors even start?


Not OP but I found out two of my teachers were pedos. One was obvious. He would go over to girls' desks and stand behind them so he'd get a great view of their ~~cleavage~~ work. He was fired for dating his student. They got married when she turned 18. Never knew what happened with them. And I found out about the other, she was one of the school's gym teacher, and was hooking up with a friend of a friend's sister. They got away with it, as far as I know.


See, I’m a teacher and I hate standing behind a student. I’m constantly told by those over me that I should do because it makes the students nervous and keeps them on their toes but personally I feel like an creepy asshole doing it and would rather have my students at ease in my classroom rather than constantly on edge. Edit: Since this post picked up more attention that I ever dreamed, I just want to add something. Students out there, cut your teachers some slack this past year. Yeah some are creeps or assholes, but those are few and far between. Most of us are humans and parents and dealing with this new way of doing things just like you are. When Administration makes decisions, believe me we are on your side, not theirs. Teachers out there, cut your students some slack. There is a reason they are turning off cameras or pointing them at the ceiling. This year for many has been one big long “Groundhog Day.” They aren’t trying to be disrespectful or dismissive, that’s them coping.


Rumour was the Jr High English teacher was a bit of a perv. Most of our parents would say "Hey, stop joking about that." Turned out he was - about 10yrs ago he was arrested, charged and convicted on child porn charges. Edit: For all the people asking - because I can't answer each one individually - he wasn't discovered and charged until AFTER he'd been teaching for years. Almost a decade after I graduated from HS, there was a complaint he'd been selling weed in exchange for ... you know ... and FINALLY one of the parents got wind. Police raided his place found weed and tapes and other things. He was put in jail and OF COURSE lost his job. Got stabbed by one of his prior victims so there's some justice. Small towns, eh? Edit 2: I get that people are upset about background checks but this was in the late-70's early 80's so, let's face it, background checks were mostly calling references and previous jobs. It was simpler, stupider time.


"Bit of a perv" seems slightly understated.


There were rumors that there was a network of underground tunnels that connected every building on my college campus. Didn't believe it til I walked through them myself. I know that's not about teachers fucking kids or incest or whatever but I still think it's interesting. Edit: Well I kind of expected this to stay buried but here we are! To clear up the mysteries still remaining and elaborate a bit: 1) Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, MI (but the tunnels are under the main campus in Allendale). 2) Can confirm they were maintenance and steam tunnels, some older sections may have doubled as bomb shelters. As a student I had a job that allowed me to request keys to pretty much anywhere on campus without question. The first time I found the tunnels was because I opened a door labeled "Maintenance" in the basement of a dorm, and found myself staring down an incredibly long corridor. For my GV brothers and sisters who are on campus now, look for the big metal cylinders scattered throughout campus that look like huge central AC units or HVAC related. You'll sometimes here fan sounds coming from them. Those are access points/vents to the tunnel system. Off the top of my head, I know there's one outside Mackinac Hall, one outside Kirkhoff if you enter by the clock tower, and one outside the back entrance to the music building. There's dozens more, but it's been a while. Happy hunting!


There was actually a rumor like that at a college near where I live. Turns out the rumor was confirmed a while back when there was a serial stalker who would sneak into the girls' dorm rooms and jack off while they slept. I wish I was making this up. When he inevitably would wake them up, he'd jump out the window (they were all on the first floor) and run into a back door that led to the steam tunnels underneath the campus. It was how he was able to get away so easily when the cops tried to do a sting operation. edit: here's a little block of text from atlas obscura expanding on this that I found online. There's also a now-deleted student news article somewhere > Between 1999 and 2000, the campus of Central Washington University was plagued by a masturbating mystery man who would appear out of nowhere, do his thing in view of some unfortunate female victim and then disappear before he could be caught. This went on for months causing the campus and city police considerable embarrassment due to their inability to get a handle on the increasingly brazen criminal. The small college town became obsessed with rumors about who the perpetrator was and why the incompetent police couldn’t pin him down. Some began speculating that maybe the villain was himself a police officer. Eventually the “campus masturbator” got too cocky and was apprehended when he tried a mid-afternoon attack. Upon searching the house he was renting, police discovered a key to the campus’ subterranean system of heating tunnels that could be accessed from many of the university buildings, leading investigators to reason this was the key to his elusive disappearing act that had frustrated the community for so long. — John Hieger edit2: more info for those curious: https://digitalcommons.cwu.edu/do/search/?q=masturbator&start=0&context=4987595&facet= Took me a while but here's the school's digital commons with the search term "masturbator" (He was called the Mystery Masturbator). Check the ones dated between 1999 and 2000. The very first one mentions him in multiple different columns. Must've been a big deal. If you click on one and click the blue "download" button you don't actually have to download it. If you're using chrome it just opens chrome's PDF reader He also apparently spelled out a 20 letter sentence with over 400 books on the floor of the library at night.


There was a rumor going around in my high school that an English teacher and a biology teacher were sleeping with each other. I thought it didn't make any sense at all, other than being strict teachers who graded harshly it's not like they had anything in common and I'd never even seen them talking to each other or interacting in any way. They were both married and besides, she was young-ish and attractive and he was um...not. I had always figured that someone who managed to flunk both classes at the same time just decided to start a rumor. My brother is 6 years younger than me and during his time at the school they both were fired suddenly in the middle of the school year. Turns out it was true all along, they had been caught "fraternizing" on school grounds. I was pretty surprised. Of all the weird rumors that go around in a typical school, THAT was the one that had to be true.


How did the students find out?


He saw the teachers making babies in the closet and they saw one of the babies and the baby looked at him


**That's some good seeing, Ralphie**






One of our english teachers frequently took prostitutes to a nearby hotel in town, and another married his former student. On their wedding website, they mentioned they "met" while she sat in the front row of her class and what a great student she was.




We had heard an underclassman (she was 15-ish) was sleeping with a local army guy, but nobody really believed it until the day our school got locked down bc her boyfriend showed up with a knife. The boyfriend (in his thirties) was intending to force her go get an abortion, but our principal was a badass who locked her in his office, then took the boyfriend DOWN and held him in a headlock until the cops arrived. Edit: This absolutely was a case of statutory rape, I use the term boyfriend bc that’s how she still refers to him, and I didn’t think about changing it. My bad, I apologize if I angered anyone.


That's a very badass principal indeed


He was great! He would do the whole “We’re off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz!” dance just bc he felt whimsical. At the same time, he’d be there if you needed help regardless of the reason.


Is this how he distracted knifey army man before taking him down? Edit: Three awards? Three?! You lovely people.


Biology teacher decided to use the scientific method to personally prove or disprove to himself that humans could photosynthesize. He did this by laying bare ass naked on his front lawn, landing him a public nudity charge.


All in the name of science


That is probably the weirdest and funniest one in here.


My middle school math teacher (married man) was having an affair with one of the special education teachers. Went on for years. After I graduated high-school, he killed himself when the other woman gave him an ultimatum. Confirmed by a family member that worked as a substitute teacher. Coincidentally, said family member also had an affair with another employee there that resulted in that employee shooting herself in front of my mother.


What a rollercoaster of events


Why in front of your mother?


Because the POS that cheated was her husband Edit: IS her husband...12 years later




this was a roumour that went around my elementary school. basically my school had a lock down but they didn’t tell us what it was for. one kid came in the next day and told us that his sister said it was a cow in the field in between the high school and middle school. so my second grade class went and told everyone else in the school. the next day we had an assembly that confirmed this rumor.


Hahhahaha this one's kinda funny hopefully the cow got taken off the field safely


My AP US Gov teacher was the daughter of Phil Jackson. We all believed it and during his last Lakers game her and her family was there and shown on screen. Got a screen shot of her at the game and shared with some friends. We all knew for sure then but we never really brought it up to be respectful as she didnt like the attention for it.


New physics teacher was a total creep. The old" spidey" sense kicked in for all of us. We could all tell something was wrong with the guy. Most of us dropped the class. Plus he sucked as a teacher and everyone was failing. Years later i stumble across a news article saying the teacher was fired and arrested for video taping girls in the classroom through the use of camera hidden in the classroom. Mostly aimed at cleavage and upskirt/shorts shots. We knew he was a weirdo. Time always tells the tale.


We had something similar, teacher that started my final year and taught kids a couple of years younger was weird and disliked. Rumours spread towards the end of the year he tried to kiss a year 9 girl. Everyone assumed it was a rumour. Then a year after I graduated the school’s IT guy found porn of 14-15 year old girls on his computer.


One summer, we came back to school and noticed that the very popular drum-line instructor and one of the female drum-line members (16 years old) had both disappeared. Obviously, we jumped to the conclusion that there was an inappropriate relationship going on. Just a few years ago, I was sitting next to a band teacher at a bar, and I relayed this story. He confirmed that it was true.


The band teacher was having a long-term affair with one of the students....we were in 8th grade. Her parents apparently knew about it all along and were fine with it, but one of the other band parents noticed inappropriate behavior when she was helping chaperone a Disney trip they were all on.... it was BIG news lol.


Why are the parents ok with it whyyyyyy what happened to the teacher afterwards?


Oh he was in huge trouble, it was all over the news. I'm not sure what he ended up being charged with, but it was a major scandal. I seem to remember that the parents were weird (obviously!) and really liked him and I guess thought they were going to get married or something...? I can't even comprehend lol.


Either the band teacher was a very talented manipulator or the girl's parents were an incredible level of stupid. In fact, probably both.


Check out "Abducted in Plain Sight" on Netflix. It has a very similar premise of a highly manipulative man who was able to manipulate the parents of a young girl. It's utterly bizarre to be honest.


That this hot chick at my school was banging 2 army recruiters. Found out it was true when they were on the news being arrested. One of them ran to i think Michigan with his wife and kids


Imagine trying to explain to your wife that you need to uproot everything including your kids and flee to another state because you fucked a high schooler.


I know someone who did almost exactly that same thing! Husband got caught flashing his penis to a minor. The whole family quickly moved states away to avoid him going to jail. He got arrested anyway. They divorced when he got outta prison. Then she remarried him years later. They got divorced for second time after that.


Why are people like this :(


Apparently he’d had a fetish for flashing unsuspecting and non consenting girls/women since he was a teenager. This time had serious repercussions because he was an adult and the person he flashed was a teenager. It’s crazy and he’s terrible. Of course I place most of the blame on him, but I can’t believe she married that man twice.


When I was a sophomore in high school, the basketball coach became the new principal of the school. He had a girl who was on the girls basketball team worked in his office. (Back then students were allowed to work as an office assistant if their grades were good and if they’re seniors) She was there almost all the time even when she wasn’t supposed to be. The rumor was that they were sleeping with each other, because people would see them doing things after school, like running together and go out to eat somewhere. These rumors were later blew off as nothing because even though he was the principal, he still devoted his time to an after school jogging/running class to help students and teachers stay active and keep in shape and buying dinner at McDonald’s for a student isn’t the same as taking them somewhere more extravagant like steakhouse. After I came back as a junior from summer break. Everyone in are class and in the entire school found out that they both got married and were expecting their first child together. He was married with children from a previous marriage that ended after the girl graduated from high school.


Oof how long are they married now?


They got married in 98, and my youngest sister graduated there 2016 and I remember seeing him as the principal still but didn’t see her. I don’t know if they’re still together or not.


One of the teachers was banging a student. They got caught the year he left but it was rumoured 3 years before that


Taylor’s mom gave Mark a handy during football practice


How did you found out it was true?


Taylor’s parents subsequent divorce, plus she sent him a nude that basically everyone saw


How did Taylor react to all of this So Mark sent this nude to everyone


It wasn't really a rumour, more of an open secret. One of our English teachers was in the IRA. One of our history teachers once showed us a documentary about the early years of the Troubles, mainly the Civil Rights Movement. And sure enough, in the film, you can see our English teacher standing holding a rifle without even a mask on him. At that point it wasn't really a secret anymore. IRA membership was supposed to be secret, but if you were in it everyone knew about. The fact his membership was confirmed with that video always made me laugh *Edit* Was not expecting this to take off the way it did overnight. So here's a bit more context. This happened over 20 years ago The school is in the north of Ireland, in a republican area. A lot of people (myself included) would have had relatives involved with the IRA and/or INLA. For example, the father of one of the boys, in my year at school, was a genuine local legend because of what he had done during the 70s when he was 'on the run'. Other people would have been very close relations to a few of the Hunger Strikers, who died in 1981. Everyone and I mean everyone would personally know a member of those organisations, even if they weren't related to one. What I'm saying here is, the IRA were an entirely normal part of our society. The vast majority of people would have seen them as legitimate and no different to how other normal societies would view their police and armed forces. So, whenever we seen our teacher in the video no one was shocked, or anything like that - everyone already had an idea that he'd been a member. We just thought it was funny that he wasn't wearing a mask.


A little ironic that they were the English teacher, huh?


my High School Janitor was my baby brother's dad


How did you find out?


The janitor wanted to keep the baby and announced it to me and my younger sister and it spread pretty quickly throughout the school.


I'm surprised he didn't just try to sweep it under the rug.


We had 3 at my highschool... In no particular order: * The drama/theater teacher worked at a strip club at night. She did, but as a waitress/bar back. * That two particular kids would often bang in the orchestra pit of the auditorium. My sophomore year, the two kids were caught banging in there and got subsequently expelled. * That a specific history teacher was a Vietnam vet and had severe PTSD just waiting to be set off. One day we watched the D-Day scene (beaches of Normandy) from Saving Private Ryan while studying WWII. That day, class was 20 minutes of movie, and 35 minutes of him sobbing under his desk while everyone sat there awkwardly in silence... All his other classes for the rest of the day were cancelled and he "took some vacation time" for a month or so after that. **Edit: Additional info/comments for those who have asked ...** * The school is in Portland, OR. More specifically, it's in unincorporated Portland, and part of the Beaverton School District; * The school was built in 1994, and at the time was touted as the "largest and most expensive school" in the district. I attended there from 1998 - 2001; * The drama teacher *actually was a waitress*, and not a stripper/exotic dancer; * The history teacher had shown the movie multiple times previously and not had an issue. PTSD is a fickle mistress like that; * Expelling a couple of underage kids for fucking in a public school building, during school hours, in an area they weren't supposed to be in, while 2000 other kids were also in the building, is a perfectly reasonable response for the administration considering the fact they *could have* brought them up on criminal charges as well, and chose not to;


My late great grandfather, who was a man that I've never seen sad in my life and was a WWII vet in the atlantic theater, apparently was completely inconsolable during *Saving Private Ryan*. I was too young to watch the movie at the time, so I wasn't there for it, but that must've been a heavy moment for everyone... especially since he never talked to anyone about what he saw over there and took his experiences to the grave. Nowadays my dad, an Iraq War vet, will sometimes watch *Hurt Locker* and *Jarhead* -- I think as a way to process his feelings about his service and confront his own PTSD about it.


Saving Private Ryan is infamous for triggering PTSD in soldiers. It’s said to be the most realistic war film ever made. Many soldiers walked out of the theaters because it was just too much.


I remember seeing it in the theater with my dad and brother, and hearing massive, gut-wrenching sobs coming from the two WWII vets sitting behind us during the Normandy beach scenes. We talked to them for a few minutes after the movie, and to be able to hear them explain and share just a fraction of their experiences was eye-opening.


PTSD is no joke hope the history teacher is ok


He was solid once he came back, but that day, class was pretty fucked up.


He taught y’all the kind of lesson that really hits home and never gets forgotten.


Pretty much. Vietnam war vets got fucked over, hard. In every way imaginable. I think I remember one point of a Vietnam War documentary where a vet basically said that the reason he and his generation stopped respecting their parent generation was, "I came home from a war my father's generation started, to see someone my father's age hitting someone my age and calling him a baby killer. So, of course, we didn't respect them after all that." It seemed fair enough.


When was in high school, one year for history we were assigned to interview a vietnam veteran (looking back, I'm really surprised there wasn't more oversight over what could be a very sensitive topic...). A bunch of my friends and I were in the same boy scout troop and my best friend's dad was a vet so we asked him if we could interview him, and he agreed. One of the questions was something about how he was regarded when he came home, and he said something remarkably similar to this. In fact, it was part of why he did a second tour. Basically, "if nobody here wants me around, I'll go back there to be among people where I'm appreciated". That assignment seemed like a bit of a pain at the time (to have to bother someone else for their time) but looking back, it was one of the most impactful. My best friend whose dad we interviewed later told me that was the most he had ever heard his dad talk about his time in vietnam, and thanked us for asking him to do it. Now that I'm thinking about it, that history teacher had several pretty great teaching methods. Two others that came to mind: We learned about the stock market and he ran a stock market simulation in class. There were only three stocks to choose from, but the pricing was solely determined by the buying and selling among his history classes (which meant pricing would fluctuate even while you weren't in class). Our grade for this project, he told us, would in part be based on how our portfolio performed. Over a few days, the market was roaring and people were going crazy buying. Prices were booming and everyone was happy...then one day (I think the day before the end) we came in and the prices were significantly down. Immediately, everyone's trying to dump their portfolios, which of course is driving the prices lower and lower, and within 20 minutes, most of the class was either penniless or worse, deep in the red. Thus began our unit on the great depression. ...a few weeks later... Everyone comes into class and sits down, and the teacher starts passing out papers to the first kid in each column, and everyone does the "take one and pass it back" thing. Before they can even all be completely distributed, he's coming around with the second sheet. When you get the paper, it's a plain white xerox, with about size 12 font capital X's printed all over it, edge to edge, no margins, as many as will fit. You get the second sheet and it's the same thing. And a third...fourth...fifth...after a few more rounds, he instructs us to just grab a few and pass the test back and starts distributing *stacks* of these pages, all covered in X's. He does this for the entire 40 minute period, never saying a word other than brief instructions, and ignoring all questions. About 2 or 3 minutes before the end of the period, he stops. Everyone has dozens of pages, all the same thing, covered in the X's. Students have piles and piles of pages all over their desks, on the floor, you name it and they've got these sheets in stacks on it. Once he stops handing out, he simply stands up at the front of the room and says something like, "Each X on the pages I just handed out represents one jewish person killed in the holocaust. I still have more stacks to pass out, but I don't have enough time. I want you to look at these sheets and understand that each letter X is representative of an actual human being, with a family and friends and a life. Please just take a few moments in silence and think about all the X's you're all holding right now." We have about a minute of silence, and then he very simply says, "We're out of time for today. We'll begin tomorrow but I want you to remember this. Please leave your pages in the box by the door on your way out, and please don't discuss today's class with any of your friends, as they deserve to experience it in the same way as you. Goodbye."


> In fact, it was part of why he did a second tour. Basically, "if nobody here wants me around, I'll go back there to be among people where I'm appreciated". I actually worked in Ho Chi Minh City as an ESL teacher, and war vets do retire in droves there. They don't say why, but I got the definite impression that they prefer South Vietnam to the States.


Yeah war really changes a person


PTSD can hit decades after it happens, my history teacher in 7th grade broke down while telling us how it felt to be talking to your buddy one moment and then half his face is gone the next. I don't remember what we were studying though.


My dad seemed fine for years - he’d sometimes get violent while drunk, though this calmed down - but I remember him waking me up one day to tell me he’d been in a car crash. This was about four years ago, and he’s never been the same since. He lost his job, he lost his ability to go out, he’s constantly scared. Apparently he saw action in the Falklands and the crash had brought back the memories. That’s the terrifying thing about depression, anxiety, or any mental illness - you are never safe from its clutches.


That the creepy track coach/computer teacher with a Corvette and a hair transplant (worst case of midlife crisis I've ever personally seen), was banging an underage student.


That a girl in my grade gave her older brother a BJ with pop rocks in her mouth for $50. Her fiance confirmed it for us years later, turns out it's a fetish of hers. The pop rocks, not the incest.


Kinda wild that not only would someone get engaged to a mate with a known history of doing that, but also talk about it and confirm rumors. 'My fiance is a total freak brah! Oh by the way, its $75 without the family discount.'


Vice principal was checking out Female students and taking pics. He got fired!


One of our teachers where fucking a rich students dad for expensive cars and other shit, heard her talk about it in the hallway on her phone


I went to a private school and we had a similar incident. They hired an art teacher that’s wasn’t very good at art and within like 3 months one of the students parents had filed for divorce and the art teacher was dating the dad. They got engaged towards the end of the year and she quit. They got married the following Christmas and she immediately got pregnant. It was pretty obvious to everyone why she took the job in the first place.


“I call this piece ‘ascendancy.’”


Some teachers spread some rumours that I won't be successful in life


You good bro


That this one gym teacher was a pervert, turns out he actually fucked a student and when it got out, he tried to flee to Mexico but got arrested at the border


Principal Lassiter had spray on hair


There was a rumour that this kid helped murder a guy during a robbery. It was a small town, and the day after the robbery/murder it seemed like *everyone* at school was talking about this kid being involved. Someone else was convicted, an older former student, and the rumour sort of faded out. We all graduated, some of us moved away, and the rest of us avoided the psycho. A decade or so later, he was arrested and convicted of the murder when his accomplice flipped on him to get parole.


Father Barnes got Sister Mary pregnant.


So, I was the one who started the "rumor", but while it was true, it remained a rumor for over a year. I had this photography teacher who, while we were in the dark room developing our pictures, would sit on his computer, trawl through myspace to find what were, very obviously, teenaged girl's account, and play \*pocket pool\* thinking no one was any the wiser. We found this out because we already got super creepy vibes off him and a couple of us decided to spend an entire class period slowly and cautiously spinning the door to the dark room around to spy on him. The door was similar to a rotating glass door, but made entirely of black plastic so it wouldn't bleed any light into the dark room and ruin any pictures. We basically inched it slowly around till we could see through a crack in it and spent 30 minutes watching him be a total creep before almost hurling when we saw him "finish" and get up to leave and use the restroom. We told faculty in the office, and they told us we must be mistaken. We told other teachers and they brushed us off. Then, a year later, he was administering some kind of test, and while the students were sitting down, he fired up his computer to watch teen porn, completely forgetting his computer was still hooked up to the new digital projector in his class. I wasn't there, but from the stories, everyone froze in uncomfortable awkwardness till one kid whipped his phone out, took a picture and absolutely sprinted to the office. Teach dipped and wasn't found, the police showed up, kids were interviewed, and I was given a hefty apology by the faculty that hadn't believed me. ​ edit: spelling


There was a rumor that my buddy Todd got caught sticking a toilet plunger up his anus. I didn’t believe it. About a month later I spent the night at his house. We snuck some of his parents beers and got a bit drunk. After we went to bed he got up and left the bedroom. After about 30 minutes I got up to investigate, I just wanted to make sure he was OK. Saw him looking into his parents room, who were having sex. Unfortunately, I can also confirm the plunger story to be true. Yes. I got dressed and walked home in the dark.


Wait he was creeping on his parents with a plunger up his rear?


It’s an image I’ve been trying to purge for several decades. Unfortunately.....it still haunts me.


A young lady wanked off her pet dog at a house party. I heard it was true when I went to talk to her, because she was in my friend circle. I said "Hey, just so you know I don't believe those disgusting rumors going around that you blew a dog. That's just awful, I don't know who would even come up with something like that." and she up and said "Yeah, I didn't *blow him* I just tugged him off a bit." *stunned silence* Edit: Please stop asking what country / state / school this was. For one thing I'm not trying to out the dog wanker, plus I'm not going to thereby say what highschool I myself went to, but *most importantly* every time one of you guesses incorrectly that's just another unfortunate incident of pet molestation I'm now aware of. One incident was enough. Too much, even.


My BROTHER did this when we were young. It was awkward as shit watching this and remembering it now. I'm 40 he's 43 now.


Time to give him a call, no reason to be the only one who has to remember it today!


You know how sometimes youre laying in bed, slowly drifting asleep and then suddenly a random memory of some cringy but really not so crazy shit you did a decade ago pops into your head and jolts you awake? I'm willing to bet this guy hasn't had a single good night's sleep in his entire adult life.


That reminds me of cartman giving a dog a red rocket in South Park.


Rumor was a particular freshman girl could fist herself. Seemed outlandish, she was kind of quiet and nerdy. Dated her the next year. *ohhhhh*


Once had a girl in 8th grade (same as me) who wanted me to fist her. That was years ago. I went snooping on facebook and maaaaann. Saying she's open about sex is an **understatement**...


Did you?




I'm slightly reminded of the police officer that was assigned to our school. He was this huge 400 pound guy that mostly spent his time in the little closet where he watched the security cameras. The persistent (but never proven) rumor was that he just spent the time masturbating. Anytime you ever see this guy, he's doing this sort of slow waddle through the school and you'd wonder how anyone could be expected to keep people safe when that's their physical condition. One day years into my time there, I was in the lunch room just nerding out with some friends when all of a sudden clear through the usual din you just hear this voice shout out something like "NOW YOU GONNA FUCKING DIE!" and I remember looking over in the direction it came from, to see this hand rise out of the mess of students to flick open a knife. I barely had time to process what I was seeing when all of a sudden there was a tan blur and a crash. And on the floor was the guy with the knife just smothered beneath that officer while the teachers assigned to watch the room were only a few steps from their seats.


He was conserving his power by slowly waddling around.


Had to store some speed in his metalminds.


Unexpected Mistborn


Reminds me of my middle school gym teacher. He must have been 400lbs or more, literally ate an entire gift basket of cookie lollipops in class once. On a field day, one of the sporty kids bet the gym teacher that the kid was faster. Teacher says okay, I'll give you a head start on top of that. He waited five seconds or so, then proceeded to just leave this kid in the dust. Wouldn't have believed it was possible if I hadn't been there.


Our astronomy teacher in college used to be a Green Beret. Never did anything overtly badass when I was there, but there were little things that just kind of made people think he could probably snap our necks in two seconds. He could draw a perfect circle freehand on the chalkboard.


He'd always clear the board in one motion. Sharpened his pencil with his teeth.


If you get Mr. H angry, youre gonna see some serious shit


That our English teacher slept with a student every year at the grad party. We found out this, amongst other things, was true when he was arrested for possession of child porn.


Lacy had pierced nipples. No one believed her and she eventually got so fed up she proved us wrong.


Rumor: that a new freshman girl (I was sophomore or jr) was caught shooting heroin in girls room. 10-20 years later talking casually to a woman in a business setting saying she’d started school where I was but caught early using heroin in bathroom-it was a dealbreaker with the school for some square reason. She didn’t know I heard the rumor-I didn’t tell her either. Her family was loaded and she, a freshman, drive to school in a Porsche or jaguar. I remember that rumor too. Definitely same chick.


When I talked to her she was still kinda riding the crest of her families money and would probably have that safety net (unlike most of us who took the bus and wore the same clothes once a week). She was nice but a bit jaded imo but I said nothing. I was shocked at how casually she told a stranger she had been/was a heroin user. This was back in like 1985ish. Never saw her again.


In high school there was this freshmen that had gotten a reputation for getting around. Never talked to her but unfortunately everyone kind of judged for it. Later in the year there was a rumor that she shoved a curling iron up her vagina and filmed. It was just kind of a funny rumor but then a couple weeks later the guy she sent it to sent out the video and by the end of that day everyone in the school had seen it. It was weird. She also took a horse tranquilizer before school and had a seizure during class. Hope shes doing well


There was a rumor that my high school health teacher got dunked on by Kobe Bryant when he was in high school. He played varsity basketball at my hs which is in the same district as the one that kobe went to. Whenever people brought it up in class he would deny it and get really mad. Sure enough someone found an old highlight tape on youtube of kobe from high school and there was my health teacher getting posterized by the legend himself.


Getting your ass kicked by a famous sports star is pretty much always seen as cool though. I knew several people who bragged about getting whooped by Tim Tebow in high school for example.


That the art teacher was cheating on her husband with the art technician. The marriage broke up and they ended up in a relationship.


There was in fact a gay brotherhood that would meet up to have orgues in the trades building. Edit: Yes I see the typo, no I won't change it.


That I’m a lesbian. Idk how this seventh and eighth grade morherfuckers at two different schools knew before I did


When I was a in 4th grade this new kid came to school, and he way gay. Like flaming, stereotypical, where-are-the-cameras-because-this-is-90s-sitcom-gay, gay. Most of us hadn't even started puberty yet, but still, this little boy was gay. He liked doing most of the other stuff little boys liked doing, not very athletic, kinda nerdy so we got along real well. Anyway, near as I can tell, that gay little boy grew up to be a gay man.


Yup we had a friend like this. Boy was in Narnia until college. He then "came out" to all of us and we were like "y... Yes dude ... We know. We love you anyhow. Glad you've caught on."


Some folks have such a vibe.


Can confirm as someone who also apparently “had a vibe”. I came out as bi a few years ago to a friend I had a huge crush on when we were in middle and high school. She just kinda chuckled and was like, “Yeah, I knew.”


I was called a lesbian from kindergarten all the way through high school and my early 20s and I’ll be damned if those fuckers weren’t right


I was called a lesbian in 3rd grade and I'm a straight man. Bit of a headscratcher. Anyway, I guess classmates don't always get it right.


Not mine, but my dad's. There was a rumor that there were tunnels underneath the school and that they went across the whole campus. There were, in fact, tunnels underneath the school. My dad and his buddies found an entrance covered by some bushes when they were throwing around a football. The thing was bolted up with chains, so they drove into town, bought some bolt cutters, came back, and found their way into the tunnels. The tunnels spanned most of the school, and were relatively clean, as he tells it. They mostly just led to janitor closets and storage rooms around campus. He used them to pull pranks when he attended. Wasn't ever caught, but the administration figured that him and his crew knew about them, at least.


That 2 girls were lesbian and fucked behind one of the cars


Rumour was our new substitute English teacher was suspended years back for choking out a student. By the end of the week with him he threw a table at a student and threatened to kill him. We were debriefed by our usual teacher when he came back. Was confirmed. We were not surprised. (Edit: We were outright shitheads and did everything we could to test this rumour. Kids are terrible.) (Edit-it: Given my guilt on receiving karma for being a terrible student, thought I'd give a quick shout out to all the teachers out there. You guys a fucking champions that go way under appreciated and not just by your students. For all the youngins reading all these comments thinking 'that's fucking hilarious/yeah sounds about right/what a psycho': adulting can be brutal and very few jobs are as challenging as fronting a room full of teenagers that will destroy you given the chance and being able to not let it get to you. We may have a greater level of responsibility, but we're still human.)


This happened with my eighth grade English teacher. Jesus!! **ETA** It is actually frightening knowing how many other people had this/a similar experience. ---


Would have thought he’d be nicer based on that book.


To be fair, there is totally a story in that book about him throwing tables all over the place.


The big rumor that was always going around at my high school was that 2 band kids got caught banging in the auditorium, and that's why they started keeping all the doors locked in the band/auditorium hallway. This allegedly happened when my brother, who's 4 years older than me, was in high school, and I vaguely remember him coming home from school and telling me about it one day. The story got passed around a lot for years and it was different every time. Cut to me (24f) being like 19, I started dating an older guy and someone told me that he was a bad kid in high school and apparently got suspended for like a month once. I thought that was hilarious and that she was joking or making it up because this guy is a nerd who got straight A's and probably never even got so much as a detention his whole life. I asked him about it, jokingly, just out of curiosity. "Hey did you ever get suspended in high school?" He said "oh I guess you heard about that". Turns out I married my high school's legend. (For the record, he got some consensual head in the auditorium dressing room). He got in trouble 1 time in his entire life and the students at our high school still talk about it, year after year. When I told my brother my now-husband was "that guy" he said "Oh Sh*t!! That dude's a legend!!" Not exactly the response I expected from my overprotective brother, but one that I will never forget.


When I was in 8th grade, the kids used to always joke that our English (f) and history (m) teachers were flirting with each other. The following year, they actually left their respective spouses and got married.


That the ROTC teacher was having sex with one of his 13-14 yo students.


The head lunch lady was stealing from the kids, turns out the last year I was there she had stolen more than 100k from us


How did she steal from the kids?


She had access to the accounts that kids put money into, any frequent buyers would suddenly loose money but because it was kids complaining no one believed them


Apparently this kid in our class could fill a pringles can with his dick. No one believed it until a girl confirmed it. Her eyes when she talked about it was like a soldier remembering war stories. O_O


The librarian and the weird science teacher were screwing... half the school didn't believe it, until they came back after Christmas... married.


Rumor was: high school cop was having sex w a student. I had a parent working at the school who adamantly denied it. They were caught “together” in the bathroom my junior year. His wife died of cancer 2 weeks later.


That the theatre teacher liked to kiss young boys and then swear them to secrecy, figured it was just a rumor that got out of hand. He registered as a sex offender in 2014. He also (obviously) lost his job. The school principal ended up resigning too because she had heard the rumors of him kissing boys before and had done nothing. Pretty surprising considering he was a really dedicated teacher and I even got to be in a few shows he directed and it was fun. Such a shame.


“_____ was cheating on her bf with college guys” (she was 16, going on 17 at the time)


I went to a Catholic school. The big rumour that I remember being true was that the middle-aged principal(late 40s, early 50s) was banging the MUCH younger(early 20s), super pretty art teacher while his wife was sick and dying from cancer. We found it it was true when he suddenly got suspended and his wife divorced him. It was an ugly divorce. They had three kids and she was terminal, but still had the fight in her to leave him and fight for custody of her kids.


That the new kid was a DEA agent undercover. Yup, he was! He even took his real life wife to prom!