What did youre friend do that made u go "oh shit. Im gonna die tonight"?

What did youre friend do that made u go "oh shit. Im gonna die tonight"?


Drunk driving was a norm when I was younger. Thank god I’m alive


He fell asleep at the wheel. We came within inches of dying...


Holy shit i hope he stubs hes little toe


Drifting on an Appalachian road.


Invited me out with a group to get some food and just socialize. Offered to pick me up along with his gf. The gathering itself was fine and normal. We all had a great time. And no one was even drinking. But when he was driving me home, his gf kept trying to initiate foreplay with him in the car... while he was driving... WITH ME IN THERE. It was already disturbing as hell to be 2 feet from but he started swerving on the road. She wouldn't stop until he pulled over and started yelling at her because apparently she's done this before and has caused him to swerve off the road a few times. I don't accept rides anymore unless I'll be the only other person in the car.


"The Mamo". Which consisted of ditching his chocolate milkshake all over a tailgaters car. To which the guy pulled in front of us and started throwing napkins at us. I thought when he 1st passed us we were toast.


Getting into a drunk argument with some rough looking dudes.


Telling me that he always had a feeling deep within that he needed to kill someone to feel complete


Bath salts.


I was involved with some gang shit as a teenager as a friend of the firm. My best friend followed in his father's footsteps and started a small firm in our town. It sparked old family rivalries and eventually led to this big bloody battle in a field by my house. Two injured guys from my friend's side came into my backdoor for a safe place to hide. Followed by three guys from the other side who kept banging on my front door to see if my friends were inside. Took them an hour to get bored and leave. ​ Believe it or not after all that my best friend is still my best friend.