How is your pet?

How is your pet?


I have a per turtle, his name is master oogway and he is the most adorable thing to walk this planet — I may be biased. He follows me around the house all the time, doesn’t even let me do my chores, slowly tries to climb atop me and I love to gently place him on my shoulder and hold him there. Perched on my shoulder, he looks around the house like he’s the king of the world. Absolutely love him. edit: thank you so much for the award, omg! and today, i’m hoping to do a little photo sesh for master oogway! I’ll post the link to the pictures down below x edit 2: https://www.reddit.com/r/aww/comments/lejvpi/master_oogway_sunbathing/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf the link above is the link to the post of master oogway sunbathing on r/aww


You had me at Master oogway


Same here. So cool!


I love that name its just amazing


Had me at I have a turtle


Pay the pet tax. This is the pet tax collecter. Give us an image of this creature.






would love to post a picture, but the comment thread doesn’t allow one to :( any suggestions?


Well I know I want turtle now.


There are no accidents


babe it’s past your bedtime, please go to sleep


Yesterday is history tomorrow is a mystery today is a gift thats why we call it the present. So no i will cherish this day till the very last minute


What... is happening


This is the best thing on the internet today


Mine bites everything that lives


Where turtle tax


I also had turtles. Fred and Swimmy cause I was like 2. Apparently they smelled or my parents just couldn’t be bothered to take care of them because they had two kids.


We need a picture!


My cat passed away today.. he was 12 years old and had some health problems which we were taking care of, but weren’t getting better. I will miss him running in and out of the garage with me and sitting with us at the table asking us for scraps. He was our house mascot. Love you Wonton. Edit: thanks everyone for all the support❤️ it helps.


Wonton sounds like the goodest of boys


Oh, I am truly sorry! Wonton. ..adorable name! I hope your find memories will comfort you.


Incredibly sorry about Wonton. :(


Awww. :;longdistance hugs::


Can’t imagine the day ours goes, feel for you


Poor Wonton...I had some cats that passed on so I know how you feel.


My boy (dog) is getting old. Makes me incredibly sad


Mine too. His face has been grey for a while but now his eyebrows are turning grey too and he sleeps all day. Ugh...can’t think about it too hard.


My girl dog is old and I worry all the time.


My gerbil is 3, he’s doing great for his age, I hope he live at least another year if I’m lucky. He’s such a happy little guy.


Mine too and I hate that their life span is so short! The white hair around their eyes kills me every time I see it.


Currently sleeping underneath my couch and throwing farts that should be classified under the geneva convention.


Awwww, stimky baby


He's not stinky, just his farts. He got a bath 3 days ago and literally changed from gray to cream white. And his fur gets super soft after a bath, when he's dirty it feels really tough.


Stimky farts then


Very, he's a frenchie, their farts are basically chemical weapons.


There was some Study that showed bull breed dogs have the stinkiest farts


Frenchies for sure do. They have a really short colon, and are super picky eaters. Mine has to eat some kind of meat with every meal or he won't eat his dry food.


Mike the cat seems to be doing well, despite having his balls cut off yesterday.


Yaaaaas we love a spayed boy!


I wish whoever owned Mr. Furry Tennisballs who likes to sit on my patio table and torment my cats (who are indoors only) would spay his damn cat. Because I'm pretty sure he only roams because he's not spayed. Yes, I'm sure he has an owner, he's too fat and glossy to be a stray.


Don't get me started on spaying cats and dogs, I've had too many arguments with people that refused to neuter their male pet because "leaving him balless would affect his masculinity"


Oh good grief. My coworker has a pug (it's either a pug or a Boston, I forget right now) and she says she knows she has to get him spayed, but she wants to wait until he's a little older (he's 6 mos right now, IIRC) because she doesn't want to stunt his growth. I'm like, "Dude. He's a small dog. He's probably not going to get much bigger." When we adopted our two cats, another friend of mine yelled at me via FB for *allowing* the shelter to spay him at 6 weeks old. I was like, 'I didn't allow shit. He was already spayed when I got there and I didn't even know we were going to pick him." Our older cat had just passed away at 17 from kidney and heart failure and I needed kittens to fill the giant cat shaped hole in my heart after she passed. So we went to like, IDK, at least a half a dozen shelters and just was not finding the right kitten to take her place. We went to one last shelter, where we'd heard they were having an "Adopt one, get the second kitten free" special going on because they were overwhelmed with kittens. The shelter volunteer took Tony out, because we said we wanted one with kind of high energy for my son (who was 13 at the time). While Son and Hubs were playing with Tony in one of the howdy rooms, I hung back and asked if they had another kitten who was a little calmer, because I wanted a calm one to balance the other's high energy. She said, "I think this one is the one you want." and got out a very small, mostly white, blue eyed kitten and handed her to me. It was love at first sight and when they were done playing with Tony (whose name at the time was Larry, because he'd come in with 2 male siblings who were dubbed Curly and Moe) I was like, "We're taking her home with us." I named her Bella and wanted to name the boy Edward, but my husband was like, "We are NOT naming our cat after a sparkly vampire. Just..no." My son suggested we name him Tony, because he's a NASCAR fan and the truck in front of us had a Tony Stewart sticker on it. So Tony and Bella it was. Tony is a whore..he will go up to anybody and just go "HERE I AM! LOVE MEEEEE!" and demand attention, while Bella is a bit more reserved and tends to run to find me so I can save her from her own shadow.


One just farted on me... the other is sitting in her recliner sleeping. The fart-dog is a golden retriever, and the nap-dog is a yellow labrador.


Currently my clown goby fish has been staring me down for at least an hour. He thinks it’s food time but he is mistaken. The smaller neon goby is pacing frantically across the front glass because he’s just excited the clown is excited. The two bangaii cardinals don’t seem to give a shit either way as to what’s happening.


Cardinals never do. They’re on perpetual LSD. I’m forever glad we can’t hear fish because I’m positive mine would always be screaming FEED ME!!!!


Mine and my father's tarantula died a week ago. It lived its happy 3 year existence in a large enclosure, plenty of food/water, plenty of good things to build it's webs across, and little to no noise to bother it. I miss it already. One of my cats looks perfectly groomed and well fed all the time while my other cat literally looks dead at all times. She's always filthy. She's all skin and bones and patches of her fur have fallen out, and she's gotten two nosebleeds in the last 2 days. I'm saving up to take her to the vet. And when I say my cats, I mean two cats that just showed up on my porch one day meowing. I've been feeding and watering them everyday since. Hopefully I'll be able to take her to the vet on the 19th when I get paid again. I've been feeding her as much as she'll eat, but she doesn't put any weight on at all. Thanks for asking this. I actually feel a little better now that I've typed that out.




My doggo Ben is an amazing very large lazy Boi. He passed away but he is and always will be my favorite dog.


All of my Guinea Pigs are sleeping


He be sleepin


Idk my 7 months old kitten been sleeping all day for 5 days straight, she's startin to worry me.


Kittens go through phases of sleepy and crazy. I've had my youngest cat since he was probably 6 weeks old and he has the phases then and still does to this day and he's almost 3. I wouldn't worry too much, but if it really does seem like unusual behavior then maybe a vet call or visit isn't a bad idea (:


My dog is probably sleeping now.


Shes pretty good, we went out for a walk, I fed her and shes pretty good that's it


He's great. 10 year old cat. Ever since I had a baby he mostly hangs out at my neighbour's house, but still comes home every night to eat. Eh, as long as he's happy I'm happy.


my hedgehog, tommy, is currently scratching himself in the most loud way possible.


I've always wanted a hedgehog. What are they like as pets?


well. he’s amazing and has always been my dream pet. but they’re not very social. it may depend on they’re personality but it takes a while for them to get used to you. they’ll get scared and roll into a ball. but for the most part they’re very good pets. my tommy is a smuggler so he sleeps on my lap or well occasionally nap together. they can have different personalities which affects the way you interact with them. but if you want one, i highly recommend getting a hedgehog


My poor babies have had a rough week. We moved about ten days ago, and they were not happy. We’d lived in the previous house for about 8 years and they’re 12, so getting a little crotchety and we’re NOT happy about the new place. On top of that, one doggo injured his leg like a week before we moved and we did emergency x-rays at midnight. Then, after moving, the dogs are peeing in the house, and I just think they’re pissed at us. Well, then there’s blood in the puddles and ANOTHER emergency trip to the vet. Luckily seems to be a UTI and nothing serious, but what a month! These dogs go to the vet barely once a year for vaccinations and check ups, and now have been three times in six weeks.


Don’t have a pet, I like to watch the bird that laid some eggs outside my window a couple weeks ago


Cool! What kind of bird? I have a bunch of local magpies I like to watch through the window - they always look like they're up to no good :)


I believe it was a thursh. Sadly she either died in the heavy rain we had the last couple of days or just abandoned the eggs because they hadn't hatched yet. It been more than a day that she hasn't been back to the nest and the eggs are already cold.


Can cats have dementia? Because I think my cat has dementia. He sits in one spot on our rug and just howls. Like he’s being slowly tortured. He is the most pampered cat in the world so I know it’s not torture. Took him to the vet and besides early kidney disease (he is 16) he’s perfectly healthy. He just likes to channel his inner beagle for several hours.


Catzheimer's. Sometimes it's also because their senses are failing and they kind of got lost and don't know where you are. My old one will do that sometimes. Her brain is still ok, but she's almost completely deaf and her vision is failing. When she cries, I go over, pick her up, put her back into her sleeping spot, and she's happy again.


Absolutely. My cat did the same thing. And she was also healthy. But shortly after those symptoms started, her little body began to fail and we had to let her go. She was 19.


I’m afraid of that. Never seen him do this before. But he’s had 16 cozy years and maybe it’s for the best. If it’s him being in pain and only yowling to express that, well I’d rather him not be in pain. I also think it might be me being home all day and this is his way of politely encouraging me to gtfo for a while.


One is sleeping in the living room and the other one is sitting here in my face.


My dog took my burrito when I wasn't looking and found her standing on the kitchen table when I walked in earlier. I regret teaching her how climb up on chairs now. She's taking a nap in her bed with her favorite toy named Boofer. (He's a beat up squeaky beaver that she cleans and cares for as if it's a child.)


LOL My boi Tony (he's a cat) likes to be involved in EVERYTHING, so he frequently will climb on a kitchen chair so he can put his feet on my shoulder to see what I'm doing when I'm cooking at the stove.


Depressed, confused, lost.. His older brother was put down last week :/


I'm so sorry.


He's in trouble. Stupid cat decided to piss on clean clothes.


He was doing it to teach your a lesson probably. We had a cat years ago that, when we got out our suitcases to pack for a vacation, she peed in one of the suitcases to express her displeasure.


I have two cats : Edgar : Edgar is a fat, kinda grumpy cat. He's adorable but never knows if he wants to be touched or not, typically ask for cuddles and then bites your hand when you caress him. He makes all sorts of sounds and just like to be with us most of the time, just sitting next to us while we do something else is enough. He also loves to sleep in my legs when I take a nap, which is often but it got quite complicated lately. Marnie : Marnie is still a kitten. Some dipshit abandoned her and her two sisters next to my grandma's house so we took the three babies in, they were only two weeks old at the time. Two month later we found new families for the other two and kept Marnie who was the one that went along the most with Edgar. She alternate hyperactive ball of madness phases with cuddling like her life depends on it. She's very affectionate with us and in deep love with Edgar that she follows anywhere. She wants to be with him as much as possible while he would sometime prefer to be alone. She's some pure r/Awww material.


Edgar Allan Poe? Marnie like the Hitchcock movie?


Hahaha no. Edgar like Edward Lowe that we red badly (guy who invented cat bedding). And Marnie because we already had a english sounding name for our first cat and liked the name (we're french).


Fat and lazy.


She is fantastic! I had to leave her with my parents for the last few years because my landlord would not let me keep her in my apartment, but she loves it at their relatively giant house. I finally got to visit her after my folks got their covid shots, and she remembered me right away. She was a bit mad at me for being gone so long, but she couldn't hide how happy she was that I'm alive.






He convinced us to take him out on a walk (he’s a cat), and then went back inside after five minutes. He’s also been having fun hunting feet and eating plastic.


Sleeping so, so much. I know she's at the late state of her life. I know it's winter in our region. I know her kind likes to sleep ~16 hours a day. But I swear, she spends a combined total of maybe two hours a day awake.


Which one? The asshole, the fatty or the shy one?


Ah! So you have 3 cats!


I have two canaries. They are both sleeping now. They are adorable, and the best company I could wish for. They both have different personalities and are unique in their own way. I find them funny and interesting. One of them is an adult canary, and he sings beautifully. The other is still young but he should start singing in a few months. I spoil them with toys and food (seeds, eggs, watermelon pieces, broccoli and apple are their favorites). They make great pets!


Very old and that worries me.


I have two dogs. They're pretty good. Their walks get cut short though since its cold and snowy out so after w awhile their feet tend to hurt. We're currently at the park right now


Doggy #2 just lost his balls. He can’t run around, and has to wear the cone of shame. He’s been better


Our 10 year old cat is an overcuddly monster in peak condition. She murders at least 4 or 5 voles per week, even in the dead of winter. She never gets the mice we have indoors because she's lazy.


I accidentally made my cat like me more than any other person in my family. I love her


She's 3 months old, so at any given moment: bitey, affectionate, destructive, playful, sleepy, precious. Usually a generous combination of those.


My cat was once somewhat obese, but these days he’s really slimmed down! He’s starting to look like a normal cat these days.


We got Haksal and Stitch about ten days ago! We rescued both of them. My two non-negotiables for “my” cat were a 1) long-haired 2) kitten. But I saw Haksal in the shelter and fell in love. He is long haired, but he’s 2 years old. I don’t care, he’s perfect. No regrets! So far, they’re adjusting individually, but not getting along great with each other. They’re both supposedly okay with other cats, but Haksal hasn’t reacted well to the super adorable and friendly kitten, Stitch. They don’t know they’re going to be each other’s BFF! So we’re taking it slow and being patient. They’ll probably get there...right??


Yeah, they'll get there. I've got three, one maine coon mix and two sisters, adopted from the shelter at the same time. My introduction practices aren't great, but eventually they got to where the older grooms the younger, and they all sleep together.


That’s good to hear! Haksal is *definitely* either part Maine Coon or part Norwegian Forest Cat. So far, Stitch is trying harder than he is to be friends...but there are moments where it seems like they’re getting close to getting along. We’ll keep being patient!


Mine took around 3 months total to integrate. They do occasionally fight still, I hope that ceases with age.


My beagle is itchy, always itchy and I can never find anything to help her. I feel horrible. I treat my dogs for fleas and I use so many topical things on her skin but she itches and chews endlessly


She might need an antibiotic if her itching is a bacterial infection. Or maybe prescription itching meds if nothing else is working. Edited to add that it could also be an anxiety issue. Maybe try CBD for dogs. Pet supply stores usually have them.


Thank you for these tips. I am a terrible dog owner now that our finances have taken a turn for the worse. Absolutely kills me to see her like that despite all the baths and treatment. A trip to the vet is coming soon now that I am getting some government assistance.


You're not a terrible dog owner! It's so hard right now for many of us. If it is still a while until you get the money, maybe call the vet and ask if you can work out a payment plan or something. It could also be an allergy issue - my daughters' dogs are allergic to chicken, which sounds weird, but apparently it's common. Good luck!


My dog... Spoiled AF


I have a labrador named Carl and he is cool as fuck.


Well I’m at work so she’s probably very lonely


My cat is sleeping on the chair beside me. He seems to be doing well enough. He had a busy day of playing fetch, chasing my stepdaughter's dog, and rolling in catnip, so he's probably pretty tired.


She’s great!


My dogs are with my parents. I moved back to the US for school so we’re oceans away. Dad sends me pictures of all three of the, and they look good, old, but strong. They apparently have stopped hearing as well as they used too.


Scarlet is alright. We feed her twice a day. She's living great.


My dog is content. One guinea pig is probably eating and the other is resting. Our two clownfish have a clean tank, so they are happy. Our pet toad, Denny, is actually hibernating.


He is currently dreaming. His back legs are slightly kicking me in the back. I think he is chasing squirrels in his dream. They are his "friends".


Soft :)


my cat got 3 laceration in the nape recently, i would assume he got it from fight with another cat since i sometimes found him in feud with another cat.


She's good. I've been at work for the past 11ish hours. I'm crate training her so oh man she's excited when mommy comes home. She's chewing on a chew toy right now. She's teething right now.


Mad that her father and I stayed up too late watching tv on the couch when she wanted to go to bed.




Getting kind of fat. He is such an asshole when I try to put him on a diet though. Cat. He is pretty cool all in all. He prefers to do his business outside rather than go in the litterbox, so that’s nice.


Ruby our 5 year old Romanian rescue dog is currently lounging on her sofa cushion bed with two blankets for maximum comfort She is living her truly deserved life


My dog is sleeping, finally. It's 2am. He woke me about 30 min ago. He has major itchy allergies. I gave his med and petted him until he got back to sleep. Now I am awake. On my phone. On Reddit...thanks for being here, y'all.


I wouldn't know, he always hangs out upstairs with my grandparents. I rarely ever see him and if I do he is asking to be let outside. His name is Dexter and he's a cat (Mackeral Tabby with white colourings on his face, chest and paws)


My cat is chillin'.


My Shih Tzu is getting old (11-12 years old.). Naps all day. But once she knows there's food somewhere in the house, her attitude just changes like she's young again. Lately, I find myself check her on multiple times a day to see if she's breathing. Idk maybe it's the classic paranoia in me.


My dog is doing fine, my cat 2 years later is still jealous.


He's cute, but very very stupid


My hamster is old but still loveable. But my budgie never shuts up.


Spoiled chonks


My dogge (Sammy or Samuel when we scold him) is a 16 years old poodle. Good boy. He's still quite a grumpy rascal. Today he scared himself out of his bed when he suddenly farted. I love this little shit


Good, thanks for asking.


They’re both exhausted from a long day of running around, knocking things over, Zoombombing, killing my socks, and begging for food. Today they jumped off the back of a chair and managed to knock it over. I think they might be trying to kill me. Now they’re passed out on my bed with their lil bellies in the air. One likes belly rubs, so he’s going to get lots, and the other will get a kiss or two and some gentle ear scritches for her. We are best friends. Thanks for asking! (I have two cats, Calvin and Hobbes, who are 10 months old and 11/7 pounds respectively). Pictures in post history.


Dead if it doesnt stop clawing up my carpets




Nonexistent, so better than I am.


Fat. My corgis are chonkers and gained 8 to 9 lbs. each during quarantine.


Dead for 3 years


Kip's doing pretty well, provided she hasn't dropped another Gecko scale shit into her water dish while I wasn't paying attention


Probably sleeping


Dead, of parvo The others are fine


My dad let my turtle (red-eared slider) go in a lagoon when I was in 5th grade without me. A lot of animals died that time so I am assuming she also died last year because of the deadly ash fall that happened in my country. I miss her :')


Which one?


Yep dog




He's currently playing tug of war with my wife.








Hes dead.


still cute while looking like a cloud


I have a Doggo, She is a Bitch! And I have a snake that I called Noodle!


My pet cat is pretty good. She's gonna have a kitten soon.


My cat is fat, stupid, and is called the special kitty, where the stupid part comes in...


probably not even born yet tbh


My cats are pretty much crack heads and this outside cat that adopted us is cuddly as ever


Fine, probably sleeping or begging my mom for food.


Which one? We have four dogs, Loki, Mika, Echo and Milly. Loki is doing fine still happy as ever, Echo still craves attention (which we don’t mind giving :) ), Mika is always happy especially around my mom and Milly is always running around with a toilet paper roll without any toilet paper on it and chew it. Milly is a chihuahua.




Gary is so glad you asked. She’s fine.


My cat is tired and hungry as always.


She's alright, but she's a demon who learned how to climb on my counters.


Dead, why?


I have lots of them. They’re okay, besides for my dog. She’s super round and bloated. Taking her to the vet tomorrow


My streetie puppy is almost full grown. She has her own mind but loved to socialise. She will sit on the sofa only if there are visitors, especially if they are my kid's friends. She will go down on the ground and be still if little kids are petting her but will climb onto bigger kids. She will glare and sulk if given only kibble and not chicken broth and rice with it. She is very clean, poops like a lady on gutter covers. Does not smell like the goofy retriever next door. I am away and miss her more than my entitled family.


Tasty 😋


My dog is sleeping now, the fact that he is growing makes me sad, I don't want to lose him.


8 year old Lion-head bunny, sleeping in his litter tray




Had 2 cats. Kaiju and Akiko. Didn’t pick the names don’t judge me. One was that one kind of cat that no matter what, ends up being really fat. You know the one. Akiko was a really shy, white cat. It was really rare when she came out. I miss them. Mom said they went to a shelter.


Ah, sadly, my border collie is getting old. My husband mentions the white hairs spreading around his muzzle, my grand-daughter mentions his cloudy eyes, but the surest sign of his advancing age? He has stopped herding me with every step I take.


Picky. He got half-ways through the bag of food, and suddenly decided to not like that specific food. That dog is the most luxurious animal in existence.


My 4 month old kittens, Saki and Nero, are currently in their hyperactive phase of the day, chasing each other and causing mayhem all around. It's quite a show.


My Aussiedoodle just shit all over the house so I’m not too happy with her. Even though I took her outside 30 mins ago. But I still love her.


The youngest one, is serving kennel time for trashing the yard and is really loud and whinny about it (imagine a husky being extremely vocal). The eldest one is with me chilling right now, and we're both like "would you please shut up!" to the youngest one. They're doggos. Youngest is a Pomapoo, eldest is a Jack Russel.


Skye and Madara just fucked. Madara was born on the 18th of august last year and skye is 3, will be Turning 4 on the 17th of June


Einy is our cat (Einy as is the nickname that Doc Brown gives his dog Einstein in BTTF) . She is about 12, she has always been jittering and prone to skin disease. She has an infection we think caused by an allergic reaction on her face. It was real bad before but seems to be improving. The worst cat for it to happen to, she is so jittering that she hates pills, hates touching and any sort of treatment, also she scratches at it and makes it bleed. Won't where a cone of course.


I got two dogs. They're happy. :) I gave one lots of belly rubs today. I gave the other lots of treats for doing tricks. We also had a visitor today. An AGGRESSIVELY friendly cat. The dogs barked at her. I told them off and locked them inside. Then my entire family came outside to pet the visitor. She is an honourary pet.


His name is Marz, and I'd say he's doing pretty well for being a 17 year old maine coon. I've had him since he was 2 months old, and I was 9. He's the most loving cat I've ever met, he means the world to me! Some pics of the little furball https://imgur.com/gallery/o08lCyc


Good thank you, although one has a throat infection. Thankfully we have medication for him.


My pet dolphin Scheherazade is doing great! She has even made a couple of dolphin buddies one of who, is a beautiful albino named Rudolph. Oh man, I do wish she was real sometimes.


I have a besion and shitzu cross named Bella and holy fuck she’s a tiny little rat dog but so cute when sleeping


she's still v cute for an 11 year old kitty 🐈💕 and healthy as far as I can tell


I have two dogs. Both of them are assholes. They push me, jump on me (they’re absolutely huge), hate other people, get INSANELY jealous if I pet any other animal but I love them. They’re pieces of shit but they’re mine. They’re like my children and I would never ever trade them for anyone or anything.


i'm getting some major side eye for making her wake up early.


They're fine...one of them is curled up with my son on the couch right now and the other is staring at me while eating from their dish. I have cats.


goood .... thank u for asking


Doing well in her kitty bed, right next to my computer monitor. She mews in her sleep.


My chihuahua Dobby is currently under a mountain of blankets.. he is a free elf


Dog number 1 - She’s good. Just on her period though so if you mess with her too much she might try to, you know, rip off your face. Dog number 2 - She’s also good. Quite playful since she’s younger so I don’t want her to mess with dog number 1 too much. Hamster - He’s great. Always on his wheel at night time right next to my bed but I’ve learnt to block it out and now I don’t even notice.


I don't have one.


She is okay maybe a little tired from running around the house but thanks for asking


Pretty good thanks for asking


She was trying her best to get her toys into the bathtub.


Curled up next to me in bed purring. So fairly good I assume.


She's bad to the bone