Should we start adding tiny amounts of cocaine into Coca Cola again, why or why not?

Should we start adding tiny amounts of cocaine into Coca Cola again, why or why not?


Let's bring back lithium in 7-Up instead.


I’m not complaining


So it worked


I'd rather them just sell the leaves to chew, less addictive and no extra chemicals


They sell the leafs legally here in Perú, great for altitude sickness.


I remember devouring that stuff when I was traveling there. Chewing on the leaves, tea, everything. That altitude gets you, no escaping. In the jungle I had this powder also made from coca leaves, you could mix it with water or whatever and it was AWESOME. Bought it at some market, nothing shady but it was marketed like it had a brand on it and everything lol. Any idea what that could’ve been? I remember it as the ultimate coffee effect. It was not cocaine either, I know the difference.


It might have been coca flour or mate which is the grounded leafs you brew for the tea.


It was definitely not mate, but I love mate as well. Might’ve been the coca flour yeah, it was branded as something with coca leaves. I almost brought it home but I had like 3 airports to pass through so that wouldn’t have worked most likely.


Everyone likes the powder made from coca leaves.


With sodium bicarbonate and it will keep you all night, or at least that is what the truck drivers say, never tried, makes your teeth disgusting


[Should we all take a bit of lithium? NY Times](https://www.nytimes.com/2014/09/14/opinion/sunday/should-we-all-take-a-bit-of-lithium.html)


Very interesting read, and I’ve read similar things elsewhere. One of the coolest bits to me is how many springs (besides the one mentioned) with high lithium levels have been considered sacred for centuries. As someone with bipolar, lithium changed my life, so I’ve read decent a bit about it. Bipolar is actually mildly neurodegenerative and gets worse over time, degrading memory and other brain function with it. Many medications only treat the symptoms without addressing the degeneration, although some are neuronprotective, but lithium is one of the few that is neuroregenerative and can help build back lost brain matter, and maybe even somewhat more. Even before it cleared up my depression (which took a few weeks) it pretty much immediately stopped my suicidal thoughts, and even though it can’t treat regular depression it generally has the same anti-suicide effect on people with depression. Why it isn’t briefly prescribed alongside SSRIs to mitigate their risk of increased suicidal tendencies when first taken I don’t know, though there may be s reason. If it can do all that while needing only a natural, 6-atom salt (Li2CO3) for stable delivery, it makes me wonder what else it can do.


I’m bipolar; diagnosed at 19, currently 32. The Lamictal just doesn’t seem to be working anymore but I’m afraid to go through the trial and error phase again. All that to ask if you were on another med option in the beginning and when/why you switched to lithium...? I’m sry to ask so many questions but Ive never heard of the brain’s degeneration due to bipolar and after 13 years being diagnosed I feel like it’s gotten worse in sone ways, esp after getting clean/sober. It’s scary to feel it happening and not know what’s going on. The Lamictal doesn’t help at a higher dose either and So I’d love to hear your experience. PM me if you’d prefer (if you have the time to respond that is) Glad to hear you’re doing better though, that gives me hope!


Not OP but my psychiatrist put me on a low dose of Lithium in combination with my high dose of Lamictal. It helped so much more than the lamictal alone. Just talk to your doc.


Very good write up and a good idea that should be explored, however the writer fails to mention that lithium has a very narrow therapeutic index which means that the dose you need for it to have measurable effects *clinically* and the dose you need to do damage to your body (i.e. too much) is very close. Obviously that dose that you need also varies person to person based on a bunch of factors so doctors usually have to keep testing you to make sure your body isn't getting damaged from lithium. Now, the article talks about low dose lithium, which could indeed work wonders. But introducing this into the water supply is foolhardy imo because the people undergoing lithium treatment in the city population could have serious side effects because of it. Not to mention that lithium in large doses can damage fetal hearts in pregnancy. Then there's the people who will overdo it because they think it's a wonder-drug and hurt themselves - not to mention people who just drink a lot of water and get it from the tap. I just wanted to point these issues out because the article, while very informative and correct in its reporting, does tend to paint lithium as some sort of panacea without throwing light on the negative effects. Edit: again, I'm raising concern for the people in that population that are already on lithium treatment. That would be the people like those with bipolar disorder, for example. Not saying it's a totally bad idea, given its a low dose, but in a city population's level of sample size and the narrow therapeutic index, it could definitely lead to an increase in adverse side effects. For the vast majority of people it wouldn't bring any harm at all.


> lithium has a very narrow therapeutic index So much so that you can get lithium toxicity just from becoming dehydrated!


Thanks for sharing, what an interesting read!


Yes but only randomly in every thousandth bottle Edit: yeah this was worded wrong. I guess I meant one in a thousand on average, but distributed randomly. And they'd introduce the coke/coke bottles without telling anyone.


Like the adult version of the happy meal from McDonald’s.


Or the Lucky Strike myth :)


What's the Lucky Strike myth? :o


Back before the internet people would believe pretty much anything including that it was called Lucky Strike because every so often you'd get one that had marijuana in it.


After the internet it's even easier for people to believe what they want.


Wasn't the myth about eating spiders in your sleep invented purely as an experiment to see how far a made up 'fact' could travel on the internet? EDIT: Apparently it predates the internet but it *was* started as an experiment to see how well a fake fact would spread.


Is this also a made up fact to see if it could travel around the Internet?


And now we know a made up fact can travel all the way to the oval office.


Most of them come FROM the oval ~~office~~ orifice. EDITED to make /u/faustianBM 's dreams come true.


Could be. At this point I believe a comment like "it's sunny" only if I see the sun on the sky.


"it's sunny right now" *looks outside at 12am darkness* Yeah, can't believe everything on the internet.


Did you know people eat on average around 9 spiders... every time I cook for them?


You *cook* the spiders??! I’ve heard the only way to *truly* reap the nutritional benefits is to air-dry and sprinkle them on top of popcorn! /s


Yes and no. I remember tons rumors being impossible to confirm before people starting posting information online. I lost hours looking for a hidden Masterball back in Pokémon crystal that turned out to be a lie. I was pretty sure my friends were fucking with me about some of the legendary spawns too It seemed like everyone’s uncle worked at Nintendo or something


You gotta move the truck using Strength to get Mew.


Dude, don't send him on a wild goose chase, he could waste hours of his life. You gotta beat the elite four 100 times first or it doesn't work. Crucial details my man.


No you need to capture Missingno first & use him to defeat the elite four


Such a major disappointment as a kid. Everyone, and I mean *everyone* I knew parroted this rumor as fact, but they all had passed that part of the game and weren't willing to reset their savefiles to try it. So I "borrowed" my brother's gameboy and game, traded all my favoite mons over (including one that knew cut), reset my save, traded them back, and spent a full day grinding through the game to get strength without setting foot on the SS Anne. And then... nothing. Colossal waste of time. Then as an adult I learned there really is a hidden way to get mew (by using teleport/fly to glitch the game out) and managed it on an emulator, but tbh that kinda just makes it worse. It's like following a treasure map, finding nothing at the end and thinking the treasure was made up, and then decades later realizing the map was just upside down.


To add for the for non-smokers, Lucky Strike is a brand of cigarette you can get.


Thank you, I was lost as fuck


Dude, it's another internet lie , he's messing. Lucky Strike is actually shredded bubble gum sold to resemble chewing Tabacco but for kids.


That's big league chew. Lucky strike is a cereal brand featuring a cartoon leprechaun


You can get anybody to believe any lie you tell them. Just so long as it’s the lie they want to hear.


The Marlborough box logo is 3 K's, because the company is owned by the Klu Klux Klan. True fact.... (Well, as true as the Lucky Strikes myth I guess)




There's cocaine in every 1000th happy meal?!!


How about instead just making an "adult happy meal" which also contains Cocaine. Win-Win


Who said the happy meal wasn't for adults


Don't you know that adults aren't allowed to be happy?


So, lootbox mechanics?


“EA has purchased coco cola “


I feel like this would net huge profits in Florida




No, it would either make my Coke go flat or give my rum an "off" taste.


You gotta admit coke just tastes off without rum or least some vodka


Who drinks straight mixer?!?


Loved that episode.


Which show? I am wooshed.


Always Sunny in Philadelphia


I can't drink coke with any alcohol because it makes my coke taste disgusting


>>I can't drink coke with any alcohol because it makes my *alcohol* taste disgusting Fixed it for you


Thanks, alcoholism I add mixers to my alcohol because i don't particularly like the taste of straight up distilled potato juice


Shitty LPT: if you don't like the taste of alcohol, get a bottle of vodka, a turkey baster, and some lube then go to town.


Death Pro Tip


Agreed, I’ve found most sodas become medicine if alcohol is added. At least when it’s not professionally mixed haha. But juice on the other hand is where it’s at. But honestly I’m all about that straight whiskey.


I'm bout that gay whisky


Who tf drinks vodka with coke


In the UK at least it's a phenomenally common drink. I'm clubs and bars it's probably almost as common as a beer


Same here down under. Pre-mixed spirits with coke or dry are pretty popular and can be found around the 8% mark at many bottlos. More expensive than beer or wine but popular enough to be many a drunken uncles poison of choice.


It’s ridiculously common in the UK. Always made me want to gag back when I was a bartender because it isn’t a great mix taste or smell wise. Lemonade (sprite, 7-up etc) is a far superior mixer than coke if you don’t want to drink vodka and oj all night and end up with the shits the next day lol.


People that haven't figured out that if you need a sweet chaser for alcohol, taking a shot of it and then a sip of soda tastes way better


Still, I would combine vodka with sprite or orange juice




No, we should add large amounts of cocaine to Coca Cola


No,Coca Cola should just start handing out bottles of straight up cocaine instead of soda/pop/whatever the fuck you want to call it.


Do they not, already?


You’re alright, Griffin...


I think so


Not everything that comes of out your mouth is complete shite


I needed that


I fucking love how someone considered a comment about using MORE cocaine "wholesome" Welcome to reddit


They just wanted to use their free award


Whatever, they just want to appreciate. In that case, they are using what they have.


Do you not find cocaine to be a team building exercise?


Nailed it. Full strength or don't bother.


..And less sugar. Complete the sentence, damn it.


This guy is going places


or small amounts of coca cola to cocaine


Yes and put lithium back in 7up while were at it


Me when I drink 7up with lithium: I'm so happy, cause today I found my friends, they're in my head


Im so ugly, but that's ok cause so are you.




Broke our mirrors


I feel the need to point out, in case anyone is confused; lithium in this context refers to lithium salts: a series of compounds containing lithium. Lithium metal, an element, does not have psychoactive properties.


Lithium in elemental form has explosive proerties


Has there been lithium in 7up?


Originally, yes. It's an antidepressant. My friend told me that there are fewer suicides in places where there's lithium in the well water, so maybe we should lithiate our tap water like the way we fluoridate it.


It’s technically a mood stabilizer, not an antidepressant


So I'm on zoloft for the first time in my life, which one is that? And what's the difference? Definitely feels like my mood is waaaaay more stable now, but I'm also less depressed, which I guess could be the same thing?


Zoloft is an SSRI, which is an antidepressant and focuses on retaining serotonin. A mood stabilizer is different than an SSRI as it does not focus on exclusively elevating mood but rather keeping it level. If you don’t have bipolar depression stability is defined differently in unipolar depression so I wouldn’t be able to tell you


Lithium is generally used as a treatment for bipolar patients, rather than depressed patients. I'm personally on Zoloft for depression and it works wonders for me, while an ex of mine went on lithium for bipolar and it worked wonders for her. Edit: I guess you could think of it as SSRIs like Zoloft put a lower bound on your mood and actively works to bring it up to baseline, thus helping to reduce/prevent severe depressive symptoms, but also leading to a somewhat limited range of emotion. Whereas Lithium puts an upper and lower bound on your mood and keeps it within that to reduce/prevent both manic and depressive episodes. Again, this leads to a rather limited range of emotions (both positive and negative). In either case, stabilizing mood to within certain bounds is better than letting the emotions run amock and cause havoc for the person.


brb, going to lick a battery


Stop! It will kill you. You need to mix it with 7up first.


it's inside so you've got to eat a few.


*You miss 100% of the batteries you don’t lick.* ^(- Michael Scarn) - Michael Scott


The answer is no. Prolonged cocaine use actually begins to alter hormone levels in your brain. It's even more fucked up and potent when mixed with booze. Look up what cocatheylene is. Cocaine is absolutely the devil's drug. Most people who abuse it hardcore end up having severe heart problems later in life. It's why Maradona died so young. My point is, I wouldn't want the entire world to start believing it's safe or ok by putting it in Coca-Cola. It's severely bad for your health, and the ways it's procured, sold and transported is responsible for countless lives lost and bloodshed. It's a rotten substance on every level, to the core. I used to be a real cokehead. A gram or two every weekend with the boys. The worst part was the sinus cold for days afterwards. Congestion, non stop sneezing fits. Feeling hungover for two days. Depressed and suicidal feeling for 3. Plus when everyone runs out at 7am, you feel *rotten* inside. Eventually you do it so much, that every time you have a few drinks or get drunk, you get an overwhelming burning desire to call your guy. Pretty soon getting drunk with the boys isn't just that anymore. You end up doing dingers, too. You tell yourself maybe once a month, then it's every weekend. You used to just do it when you partied or had chicks around who'd do it with you while you fucked around. Then it becomes you and your friends fiending for the next line at 4am, sitting around your living room listening to tunes. It's not even a party anymore. When you clean yourself up, you wonder if you'll ever be able to have a few beers again without feeling like you need to get coked up. It sucks. I'm glad I quit that shit. edit: Wow, this blew up. Thank you every one for the kind words. If you're having problems with drugs or booze and wanna find some help, do it. Maybe you're feeling anxious that if you clean yourself up you'll be boring and not the same person anymore. That's not true. You'll still be the same outgoing, rad person. Just a better version of yourself. ;)


ex cokehead here. you described that shit to a T. i got fucking war flashbacks. those comedowns? oooooof. congrats on being clean!




I too enjoyed watching my LCD TV after doing ecstasy.


Nah the blacks are shit in it, I prefer OLED


Ah but the whites man, they're frickin everywhere


I hear you. I remember having a sober moment in the middle of an ecstasy binge with a bunch of friends once where I looked around the room at everyone and realized how fucked everyone looked. The talkative, happy, loving dancing aspect had disappeared over time (time being a few months) and us just sitting there looking like dumb zombies was left. I'm also pretty sure the stuff we were getting at one point may have had meth in it, but that was speculation.. Man I really don't look back fondly at those times.


MDMA is only intended to be consumed every 1-3 months. If you did it every weekend or even every other weekend no shit you had debilitating side effects. It's not alcohol, weed, or even cocaine, you just can't do it that often. MDMA has been a life-changing for me to improve my social skills and overall well-being, but I have zero hope of legalization when most people can't follow the very straightforward usage instructions. Society can't seem to wrap it's head around the idea of a non-binge drug.


Why can it only be used every 1-3 months?


You *can* take it more, but there serotonin systems that MDMA affects are sensitive and need time to recover. The brain is pretty good at adjusting and recouperating (neuroplasticity), but compounded use compounds the damage. Regular MDMA use will come down on you hard and fast compared to other drugs. But I'm not a scientist. There's a lot of good research out there I'd recommend reading up on if you're curious. For the practical user all you need to know is don't take it that often, minimize redosing, and you'll get the positives without the negatives. Treat MDMA like a holiday, Christmas would be shit if you had it every weekend.


It's kinda neurotoxic, and you need time to restore serotonin levels.


MDMA isn't my thing, so anyone feel free to correct me, but MDMA fucks with your body's ability to produce serotonin. The time is for your natural facilities to return to normal. Abuse leaves you drained and depressed for several days.


there's also a point where there's a "loss of magic" in ecstacy. typically when you have a high tolerance or have done it enough times that it just isn't the same euphoria.


7am in a kitchen , listening to a stranger's life story in the hope he racks another


The worst is when they get set up, person picks up a straw, thennn they remember the point they were making 3 hours ago. You were so close but now the point this guy remembered leads to a tangent so no your stuck in hell


Stop it lmao


Oh god yep ehhhhh


Amazing comment




Yeah that one struck a nerve for me. Never got addicted and still use from time to time but I've had my coke fiend moments for sure and this is spot fucking on


I never drank while doing coke, because for some reason, when I started during high school, it was easier to find coke than alcohol. Im really grateful for that, because it means I can still drink if I want to without the insane desire for coke. I spent 2 years using coke as often as I could, and it nearly ruined me as a person. Day in and day out, waking up to a fresh bump, going to sleep feeling like a bag of ass, waking up and ripping a line just to feel normal. Worst time of my life. The last time I used it was bittersweet, because I vowed it would be my last. After that, I missed it, but I knew I was doing the right thing. The next couple of weeks was awful. My nose was recovering, but still craving it. My body hurt, and my mental state was ridiculous. The cravings were the worst part. I had HUNGER for the coke. My brain wouldn't let me stop thinking about it for longer than I care to admit. I was a fiend. I almost broke down and had some after a week. I had it right in front of me. It was so easy to just take a rip of magical moon powder off of that dirty sink in the school bathroom, but I somehow managed to not do it. I went into a stall and cried. Why the fuck did I do that to myself? Why did I put myself in that situation? I fucking hated myself, and it was so hard to get over what I had put myself thru. I will never go back that route again, even tho it calls out to me from time to time. I dont know where to get it anymore, and im really grateful for that. I hope I never see that fucking bullshit again. I've come way too far to fuck around on myself like that again. Edit: thank you to everyone for the support. You're all fucking incredible. A bit of background and additional info from a reply to another comment: Its been about 8 or 9 years ago, so I think I've kicked its ass by now, but its always that thing that gnaws at the back of your brain. The itch you can't quite scratch. Its almost gone with the time I've spent away from that nasty fuckin drug, but I doubt it'll ever really leave entirely. Thats the thing about fucking up your brain with drugs when you're so young. You either bounce back really well, or you end up like this, where you've got shit to put out of your mind sometimes. But at the end of the day, I know I'm better than I was the day prior, and thats all I can ask for. Best advice tho? You're not fuckin cool because you do coke. I dont know what teenage turd needs to hear it, but it's the least cool thing you can do. You're not the wolf of wall street. If you do drugs, you will end up in a worse spot than I am. I got rid of the habit when I was in high school, and haven't touched it since. I've got an excellent job that pays me well enough to support my incredible fiancée and my 2 kids and dog. If I hadn't quit when I did, I know for a fact I'd be dead, homeless, hooked on worse drugs, or worse. Maybe all of that at once. If you do this shit, the first time, you won't get addicted. The second time you might not either. The longer you play with that shit tho, the more likely you are to get addicted. It will get you if you give it long enough, and it does not take long. Don't make my mistakes. Be that dumb kid that smoked weed a few times in high school, or robbed their dads liquor stash that one time for a party. For the love of God tho, stay away from hard drugs. Theyre stigmatized for a reason. Edit #2: this will hopefully be my last edit. My shift is over, and its time for some sleep, but I want to thank all you great people for your awards and support. You're all fucking great. I hope you all have a great day, and ill try to get to everyone's comments when I wake up, and reply to all of you.


Damn. Stay strong bro


Always man. The more time that passes helps keep my mind further from it, but its just those random times where I get that wave of wanting it. I think I've got its ass kicked at this point tho.


You're too hard on yourself man. It takes some serious mental strength and strength of character to just rawdog quit coke. Kudos.


Thanks man. I appreciate that a lot.


I’ve never had coke nor any other hard drug and don’t know what it feels like but fuck your message is powerful. Kudos to you for quitting, I hope you fully recover from it!


I used to get dreams where I was doing it and I’d wake up with the taste in my mouth. And I was barely doing any at all, kudos to you brother for getting past it.


You've got this. You're doing great. Keep it up, stay clean and be the best version of yourself. The entire Internet is cheering for your success.


Its been about 8 or 9 years ago, so I think I've kicked its ass by now, but its always that thing that gnaws at the back of your brain. The itch you can't quite scratch. Its almost gone with the time I've spent away, but I doubt it'll ever really leave entirely. Thats the thing about fucking up your brain with drugs when you're so young. You either bounce back really well, or you end up like this, where you've got shit to put out of your mind sometimes. But at the end of the day, I know I'm better than I was the day prior, and thats all I can ask for.


Alcohol is just as bad imo. For the same reasons. It's fucked up how everyone normalizes getting drunk. It's just as bad as coke, worse in some ways.


I won't argue with you there. Moderation is the key with alcohol, but it has the habit of making you want more once you get a buzz, then you just drink because you're drunk.


Alcohol 15% addiction rate, cocaine 17%. Pretty comparable


This is well articulated. Thank you for sharing your story and past! This helps heal


Thanks bro


You are welcome. Stay genuine, my friend 🙏🏼


Holy fuck I got shivers. This is hauntingly familiar. Good on you mate


The morning after where that deep depression hits you and you feel like nothing will be OK and you fucked up again. I call that the dread. Haven't done it in like 7 yrs or so and can remember that shit vividly


I've never had that with coke, but MDMA... good lord.


MDMA was like that for me too back in the day, you’d wake up the next day just feeling like nothing was right in the world, even my room didn’t feel like much of a comfortable space to be in. Glad I just went through a phase of that for 6 months and never looked back, that feeling was awful.


Substances take happiness away from the future. That’s how they work so well. Whether financially, biochemically, emotionally and/or socially... the intense joy felt from a few hours of heavy use comes from somewhere, and that’s tomorrow. It’s a loan from a loan shark, and it has to be paid, usually with interest. The more “joy” you feel tonight, the less you’ll have left in the coming days. You can get fucked when you “borrow” too much, and have nothing left for a few days, so of course, some will “borrow” even more to cover that, which will then be taken from the weeks and even the months ahead... in a flaming, downward spiral. Eventually you’re so in debt, you have to borrow just to live, then slavery. In the full throes of addiction, not only may you end up stealing time, money, and mental health from loved ones, but also *their* happiness. Everything comes from somewhere, and it took me a long time to realize that drugs are the Rent-A-Center for joy: Emotionally, you can have it *all* now, but you’re just fucking yourself long term.


That part about feeling rotten and the urge to have it when drunk is so damn true. Never again. Bro.


That feeling is so fucked up. Like an overwhelming panic and just an incredible urge to acquire more, usually at any cost, and no matter how early/late it is in the morning. OP described the whole situation pretty well. Fortunately I got out of the rut but I still have friends that are in it, one of them multiple nights a week still. I'll dabble a small line now and then when I'm out but I'm so thankful it doesn't control me anymore. Much the same as smoking, I can limit that to my drinking nights too, which are like once a fortnight.


God I can’t recall how many times I told myself “well do coke, but stop at 11 so I can be in bed by 1.” Then 6 am rolls around and the sun is coming up as you’re doing the final line of the 8 ball you got... That feeling alone is what makes me not wanna go back to coke. There’s no worse feeling in the world than the comedown while it’s totally bright out, and you haven’t eaten for 12 hours or slept for 24. You’re absolutely exhausted, but just lying there awake wanting more... fuck that feeling.


I luckily got off cocaine after a two and a half month addiction. Short addiction but still an addiction nonetheless. It’s a horrible feeling when your friends are buying cars and houses, and you’re out there buying cocaine for the weekends. It disgusts me looking back at it, it is absolutely a drug made by the devil.


This was my friends and I a few months ago, all too familiar. I'm glad I got out of it, now I sit back and slowly watch all of them, including my partner, go down this terrible road and hope they can find the better end of it. Life is so much better when you're away from that shit.


holy shit, getting out when even your partner keeps doing it is some crazy strong mental power stay strong dude


I spent over 20,000$ on the past 2 years on coke. It got so bad i was doing it everyday. Luckily i had an oppurtunity to move to another state so i did. Im 47 days clean now. Thank god


On those heart problems, the first patient I ever lost was because her heart was too weak to be resuscitated due to cocaine use. The lady was only 57 years old, family right next to her begging her to come back and she died in my hands. I'm glad you stopped using and I hope that nobody sees this thread as an invitation to start coke.


> The worst part was the sinus cold for days afterwards. Congestion, non stop sneezing fits Opposite for me, it literally burned through my deviated septum!


“I used to do a little till a little wouldn’t do, then a little got more and more.” - Guns n Roses, Mr. Brownstone But also, “‘Just keep trying get a little better’ said a little better than before”


The high was almost never worth the comedown.


Not to mention it’s probably has the worst pleasure to cost ratio of all drugs


Lol really the only thrill is getting it.


As a recovering addict in a rock n roll band this is exactly what my life was like for years except it was all and any drugs multiple nights a week staying up for days at a time on the road and off. I've been clean 3 years now and even the idea of going back to that kind of life scares me to death.


Man... Sometimes even during the use I'd feel depressed but I kept buying that fucking shit almost twice a month for a while. What the fuck is wrong with that stuff... I'm glad I don't want it as bad anymore. Just sometimes when you're doing something, especially when drinking alcohol, you can smell the cocoaine in your nose already. That's when you know that urge is coming.


You just described this perfectly, I literally feel like I was one of the chics around lol. Cocaine IS the devil for sure. Eventually say goodbye to your friends, children, family, home, job etc... It took me 3 years to be strong enough to have a few beers if I wanted to and not crave that nasty shit anymore. Now im the friend that talks other people out of it 😏 I got sick and tired of the depressed fien feeling and wanting to just die because I worked 60 hrs that week and couldn't afford to eat anything but a pack of ramen noodles 😔 because I gave it all to my dealer who is now whipping a BMW. FUCK THAT SHIT!! Congratulations to you for getting out of that hell, it truly is hard to do but totally worth it.


This is why I can't see how people keep doing it. I've done it twice, first time was great, good party with lots of friends and ended up banging a chick I hadn't had the confidence to try it on with for a couple of years. Come down wasn't too bad. 2nd time was with some guys from work who were regular users. Went to their place and had to sit on the floor, they didn't have furniture because "all we do is work, party and sleep, why do we need furniture?". The "party" was about 10 dudes sitting around on the floor, disagreeing what music lot listen to and talking at each other. No-one stopping to think or listen to anyone else. Then slept on the floor. Hangover/come down lasted 3 days and it all cost about £200. Never again.


I'm happy I stopped using coke too. The feeling is great but as soon as it wears off you start feeling so much worse. It's not worth it. And my nose is damaged because of it. One of the biggest regrets in my life


I'm going through this right now, but daily. just this evening I hadn't done any all day and my girlfriend came over with some beers (she doesn't do any blow) as soon as I'd had two sips I was reaching for my phone to text the plug. What you said in regards to that really resonated with me. I'm trying to ween myself off it and stop depending on it to get me through the day, but sometimes it's so difficult to feel like a normal human being without it. I wish I'd never started, but I'm starting to realize, after a decade under the influence, that my dependency is mostly due to a lot of undiagnosed mental health issues. I've learned adderall helps a lot and I feel so on the ball on it so I'm gonna try getting a prescription as soon as I'm finally able to get a real corporate job with health insurance, but that's also just another upper to depend on, so who knows what I'm really supposed to feel like. Thank you, I feel extremely validated after reading your comment.


For starters you need to stop drinking if you’re going to quit coke. Also, replacing your addictions with adderall (even prescribed) is asking for trouble. If you really want to turn your life around then you need to get sober.


you have the most important step done, you realize that it isn't good and you want to change that Without that mindset you can not regain control. ​ The hardest part though is still ahead, it is to stay strong, believe in yourself and you can do it


I doubt adderall really helps. It’s just making you feel closer to the focus you feel on coke. You need to learn to have sobriety feel normal. But a new normal takes a lot of time.


Exactly: I'm tired of all the people saying yes and how it'd be so nice to get high whilst drinking your favorite beverage. But I know someone like you who has gotten addicted to drugs and it is no game. This shit can fuck you and the world up. I'm glad it's no longer in Coca Cola.


My father was a cokehead back in the 70s. After that was revealed, well, it explained a lot about him, to say the least. He wasn't a stable guy.


I'm glad someone was serious in this thread. Was scared of unknowingly gaining a coke addiction while drinking soda at a kid's birthday.


I quit smoking 5 years ago and still have the urge to smoke when I drink. It's switched from wanting a cigarette to wanting to vape which is arguably better. I couldn't imagine being sober from cocaine and drinking a beer wanting to hit a line. That shit sounds terrible and you have my admiration for staying strong. Fwiw I gave up drinking the first 2 years just to stop it. But me and the wife went out for dinner the other day and had a few beers and still had that "I gotta get some nicotine in me" feeling.


I too know the need to put on a cape after knocking a few back. SIX SEASONS AND A MOVIE!


This is the shit I don't get, there are so many horror stories about drugs, and yet people see this and say "that sounds fun!"


I failed to understand the appeal of cocaine as well, until I tried some that hadn't been stepped on a dozen times. Then I stopped trying cocaine. Let's just say that the really harmful drugs also feel really fucking good while you're up on them, at least at first.


I’m just curious, do you drink at all? Because cocaine and alcohol have a comparable addiction rate (17% vs 15%, respectively). All the horror stories are from addicts. It’s definitely possible to use in moderation. Personally I never liked coke much


Ex coke head here as well. What you described is the reality of it. The feeling like shit part is from the impurities in it not the drug itself. Pure cocain has a crash affect like being tired as hell. I mean straight falling asleep while standing. The hormone imbalance is a real issue. Its not a physical withdrawal but my God i would have rathered that over the 5 weeks of feeling like crying and killing myself. Source: coke head of 2 8balls a week for 4 years.


No because the people who drink the most of it are the most unhealthy and their hearts couldn't handle it. Alternatively it may help people lose weight


Though I can see where many would find this to be a party poop comment, I will say however, you aren't wrong tho. O.o Heart attacks are a statistically leading cause of death in america for other obvious reasons for sure.


Pro tip for losing weight: Die. Your body will decompose and thus lose weight.


If you don't want to lose too much just cut off an arm or leg.


God no. Most people can't be responsible with beer. Plus I don't want to deal with a bunch of gaked out kids roaming the streets like wild dogs, hunting for soda, and telling long pointless stories that go nowhere. Not even going to mention the massive health issues from that.


Oregon gang is going to rise up


So is their blood pressure


No, we should start adding tiny amounts of coca cola to cocaine.


Yes, original flavor


Sure, so everyone can try a classic coke


Let's get a few things straight. Coca-Cola has never contained cocaine. Ever. It did contain coca leaves during the first 20 years or so of production but that is not the same as cocaine. Cocaine is the hydrolyzed product of coca leaves. Cocaine, and the active substances of coca leaves, does not react well to acidic environments. In fact, it requires a basic environment for the body to properly absorb it. Since both coca cola and the stomach are highly acidic, the effects of cocaine in a drink would most likely have been very mild if at all detectable unless vast quantities were consumed. Taking cocaine orally generally numbs your tounge and gums, you might have felt that and perhaps a slight constriction of blood vessels in the mouth but I doubt any other effects would be detectable from consumption of coca cola. This isn't really history beyond the "it didn't contain cocaine"-part, you might want to go over to /r/askscience for a more detailed description of the chemical processes of cocaine in an acidic environment and how consumption of hydrolyzed coca leaves in an acidic solution would affect the imbiber.


Fun fact, Coca Cola is the only legal importer of coca leaves as they are still used in Coca Cola today, they extract all active “cocaine” ingredients and sell it for medical use back to the government.


I always wondered... while cocaine does have legitimate medical uses, it is relatively rarely employed. The volume of Coca-Cola produced should make absolutely gigantic amounts of extracted cocaine, much much larger than whatever is possible to use medically. Where goes the rest of it?


It's only rarely used because it's a hassle. For situations where you need a vasoconstrictor and a local anesthetic, it works well. These days they use a mix of 2 drugs in place of cocaine, mostly because of the legal restrictions.


Yes, I know. In my country (Switzerland) cocaine hydrochloride is in the compendium and routinely employed in such cases. Even with that, it is mostly limited to nasal surgeries and the like.


Apparently the flavor extract from the coca leaf is why Coke tastes different than every other cola on the market. Most people will notice that for cola flavors it's essentially Pepsi and every other cola and coke.


I'm not doubting you but [Does Coca-Cola Contain Cocaine? | Cocaine in Coke | Live Science](https://www.livescience.com/41975-does-coca-cola-contain-cocaine.html) [Yes, There Really Was Cocaine in Coca-Cola \~ Melina Druga, Author](https://www.melinadruga.com/cocaine-in-coca-cola/) [Did Coca-Cola Contain Coke? Here's What History Says (spoonuniversity.com)](https://spoonuniversity.com/lifestyle/did-coca-cola-contain-coke-heres-what-history-says) [FACT CHECK: Cocaine in Coca-Cola? (snopes.com)](https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/cocaine-coca-cola/) [Did Coca-Cola Ever Contain Cocaine? | NIDA for Teens (drugabuse.gov)](https://teens.drugabuse.gov/blog/post/coca-colas-scandalous-past) all disagree with you. I dont have a say either way.


It's the difference between adding straight purified cocaine vs coca leaf extract I think. Coca Cola denies adamantly they never added cocaine to their drinks which is factually true since they were adding coca leaf extract, which includes cocaine among other things.


They never put cocaine in, it was coca extracts, not cocaine, but coca alkaloids. ​ You can get cola with coca extracts in south america, coca leaf tea or extracts.




Why is everyone on this website obsessed with the cocaine in Coca Cola thing? I feel like I see a post or reply about it every other day on this sub.


Don’t do cocaine. It’s not good for your brain.


It was never cocaine. It was coca leaf extract. That is not the same thing.


Well it would definitely make a big impact on the "war on drugs." Coca Cola sells almost 2 billion dollars a day. Think about how lucrative the cocaine industry would be if it was legally and commercially created for Coca Cola. Yes, it could turn into a situation similar to Nestlé and the water industry. But it would greatly impact both the cartels and the governments that try to regulate them.


Say "yes" to be *funny*


I used to IV cocaine every day. It turned me into a psychopathic fiend. I would literally cut your throat if it would ended up into me having a G of good Columbian marching powder. I'd be locking myself up into bathroom stalls shooting up pile after pile. Ruined all my veins. Had to go to cardiologist, nearly died of high BP. I hate the shit with all I have in me. X