What is the absolute worst movie you’ve ever seen?

What is the absolute worst movie you’ve ever seen?


Five Headed Shark Attack. Astute viewers may notice that the shark only has four heads. But just suffer through the first 30 minutes and you'll see that with literally zero explanation the shark's tail just turns into another head.


Oh noooo this one’s on my list, spoilers!! I’m still keen for it. 2-Headed Shark Attack was pretty good at least.


Redneck Zombies. Everyone told me it was bad. I knew it was going to be terrible, but the production quality was like two kids in the backyard with mom's video camera. I turned it off within ten minutes.


Watched the whole fucking thing while high about 15 years back. I fucking *despised* it, and while I have seen Manos: Hands of Fate.. I legit believe this one is worse. The only reason I didn't get up and turn it off was that I was completely couch-locked and incapable, so I just suffered. Horrible experience.


Are we talking like, legit have a budget movies? Or filmed in the la river so they can avoid needing permits movies? Roller Gator. I cant find the original, only the rifftrax version, which is streaming on prime, but geez is it bad. It's fun though. Has Joe Estevez. Did you even know there was a Joe Estevez? Fun In Balloon Land. I still cant believe this exists. The wonderful land of oz. No way to explain it other than part time porn director in the 1960s puts his kid in a movie. It's flippin creepy too.


Fun in balloon land seems like footage of the last time any of the actors were ever seen alive


I think you’ll like Roar (1981), filmed with a compete lack of worker or human rights. The acting is bad but is excused considering they’re fearing for their lives (like actual lives, not movie lives). Whole film is about people being mauled by big cats. Shitty plot, bad camera shots, everything is just shit


I actually suffered through Manos: The hands of fate. Never again.


The MST3K version or just the movie?


Gotta watch the MST3K version. Love MST3K.


Ted would approve


Jeepers Creepers 3 gave me a whole new appreciation for Jeepers Creepers 2.


Yeah, maybe don't read up on the director of those movies and just forget they ever existed.


Ok Ill bite


He’s a convicted pedophile.


Jeepers Creepers


Your username makes me even more uncomfortable


Jaws Four


Roger Ebert - "I believe that the shark wants revenge against Mrs. Brody. I do. I really do believe it. After all, her husband was one of the men who hunted this shark and killed it, blowing it to bits. And what shark wouldn’t want revenge against the survivors of the men who killed it?"


I read the novelisation of J4 when I was young, and the book does go into a lot of backstory explaining that the J4 shark is actually related the Jaws shark, so out for revenge for killing its mommy, I think


Jaw 4: The Revenge. You ever watch a movie so bad that it just slaps you in the every minute, and you won't turn it off because you think it's bound to get better? Like, even if you didn't have a brain, just a spinal cord and a bucket of popcorn, you'd be going "Whoa whoa whoa, I'm not a brain or anything but this, is a stupid movie." Let me tell you how it goes... The woman in the movie has 3 people eaten by a shark in the same week. Out of an entire ocean of perfectly edible people, the shark only eats people in her family. So she slyly concludes "The shark is obviously after my family." And the woman comes up with a plan, she says "We're leaving town." And you're sitting there munching popcorn thinking "Leaving town? Isn't that a pretty severe diversionary maneuver to avoid a fish? Why not just not go into the water? Wouldn't an apartment building protect you from the average shark?" Because it's unlikely by the time that the shark gets out of the water, rents a taxi, climbs the stairs, gets to the door you'll likely *sniff sniff* smell fish and take the fire exit." But no, the mother is leaving town. So where does she go, anybody know? That's right, the Bahamas, other people with no actual lives at 2am. You're thinking "The Bahamas? If the mother's afraid of a shark, why not just move to Canada?" Because it's unlikely you'll be on a dogsled and hear *buudum... buudum... bom ba da de bom ba da de bom ba daaaa bom ba daaa*. But no, she's moving to the Bahamas, an excellent place to avoid a fish, who would expect on in, ohhh.... the middle of the ocean. So when the woman is at the airport, the shark is there, watching her take off, and when the jet lands in the Bahamas, the shark IS ALREADY THERE. A remarkable achievement. No only has he uncovered their teravel plans, but he has outrun a jet airliner. And that's when your spinal cord starts throwing popcorn at the screen going "COME ON! I'm not a brain but that's a shark. Wouldn't an airplane be faster than a shark?" and the movie goes "Well *slap* ordinarily yes but *slap* this is a stupid movie *slap* and in this movie *slap* fish is the fastest form of transportation *slap." Next time you have to go London to New York, rip up the concord tickets, hop a flounder.


This may be my favorite response to anything, ever...


Some movie where an alien trash bag keeps trying to impregnate women. I forget its name. Edit: I looked up all these suggestions, and it’s none of them. It was an unrated movie, I remember a specific scene where the camera (which is supposed to be the perspective of the monster) goes right into a girl’s crotch. She was wearing panties. There’s also a scene where you can clearly see a non-actor’s hair hanging into the frame. That’s all I can remember. I saw it around the years 1998-2000. Edit 2: IT'S CALLED THERE'S NOTHING OUT THERE.


What Planet Are You From? This movie made me hate Garry Shandling. I hated this stupid movie.


Oasis of the Zombies Bad acting. Bad script. Bad cinimatography. Bad directing. Bad SFX. There is not a single redeaming feature to this film. So of course I watch it whenever it is on.


I am impressed at how the sweep of a single palm tree leaf can keep the Afrika Korps off your trail.


Dracula 3000. I saw it years ago and it still haunts me. I powered through but couldnt take much more when I got to the scene where Coolio crawls on all fours through dry ice smoke, hissing, in almost utter silence


What that's your highlight and not them flying into the sun while the guy gets with the reformed sex robot? [Here](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_PuM3nxgiw) if you want to see it in it's glory


Slenderman (2018). Paid $8.75 for my ticket


My 9 year old is super into scary stuff, but also cannot watch anything scary or she has nightmares. She begged and begged to watch this movie, so we ended up watching it together. She slept very soundly that night.


Atlantic rim. It’s a pacific rim knock odd but it just goes off the rails. Never finished it.


Mystery Science Theater 3000 couldn't even save it, so you know it's bad


That film was made to be bad intentionally, which is depressing. They thought they could get the trash movie crowd to watch, whilst also tricking sweet old grandmas whose grandchild asked for the Pacific Rim DVD.


It's an Asylum mockbuster. They've been doing it for years with basically every large movie, trying to make them "so bad it's good". They never are.


I worked at a Blockbuster years ago and right next to the new Transformers movie was a “Transmorphers” display (the Asylum knock off). Some guy rented it and came back half an hour later beyond pissed. He demanded a full refund/exchange. I obliged - the laugh was worth it.


As a youngster I got duped by this trick with “Snakes on a Train”. I was not happy about it


The problem with "So bad it's good" movies is that they can't be bad intentionally. The only reason why "So bad it's good" works is because the creators were legitimately trying. That's why "Birdemic" and Neil Breen movies are funny, while Sharknado 4 is just annoying.


tall girl... stopped watching after like 5 minutes in


"I'm 6'2. You think you're life is hard? I wear size 23 nikes." Bitch I'm 6'4 and wear size 14 nikes, your life isnt hard, trust me


She's only 6'2" and has bigger feet than Yao Ming. That does seem a bit hard.


Film should be called Bigfoot Girl if anything


Thankskilling. It’s about a killer turkey and has a budget of roughly $30. One scene in the movie is when this guy is doing his girlfriend doggie style in a motel. The Turkey comes into the room, kills the guy, and starts taking over the little sex romp. Girlfriend notices something weird, turns around and sees the turkey. Turkey says, “YOU JUST GOT STUFFED!” And proceeds to slash her repeatedly with blood spraying on the walls. My roommate and I tried shutting it off multiple times but just couldn’t cause it was so oddly entertaining. Here’s the trailer to this gem: https://youtu.be/WOjSRoxc6mg EDIT: Holy balls I had no idea this was gonna blow up like this. Thanks for all the love peeps. Thanksgiving is right around the corner, so do yourself a favor and watch the movie for shits and gigs. I heard a few say that it’s on Amazon Prime so give it a go.


Gobble gobble, motherfucker


Well, 1.) you’re wrong thankskilling is amazing 2.) watch “rubber” I’m pretty sure that’s the name but it’s about Killer tire, yes a car tire. It vibrates until your head explodes... also excellent


Director of Rubber just put out a new film, Deerskin - "A man's obsession with his designer deerskin jacket causes him to blow his life savings and turn to crime."


It’s harder to gets through, but Thankskilling 3. It starts out in space and it’s all puppets. The plot is they’re trying to find the film for Thankskilling 2


Do all horror franchises end up in space eventually? Hellraiser, Friday the 13th, Leprechaun. What else am I forgetting?


Alien was probably supposed to end on Earth.


Are you kidding me?? This movie was great! Lemme reiterate: as a film the movie was terrible, but I was so thoroughly entertained that I cannot in good conscience call it a “bad movie”


I lost it at “a budget of roughly $30” lmao


Toss up between Dragon Ball Revolution, The Last Airbender and After Earth Edit: Dragon Ball Evolution*, sorry. I didn't care enough to remember the exact title I guess xD


I dunno about After Earth, the scenario is that you need a person who does not project fear, or any strong emotion. Who better to cast than the animate lump of wood that is Jaden Smith?


I get that Will Smith wanted to help his kid get an acting career going, but holy shit that kid is terrible at acting.


> I get that Will Smith wanted to help his kid get an acting career going Oh, it was much more than that. You see, Will's star power was fading so he got together his team to try and brainstorm their next mov(i)e. After about six months the result was a 294-page "After Earth Bible" that described it as a "transmedia universe". This included "not only the movie and its sequel but also a television show, an animated series, webisodes, a video game, consumer products, theme park attractions, comic books, an 'in-school education program in partnership with NASA' and 'cologne, perfume, toiletries, etc.'" They even wanted to start an "After Earth social network" that they saw as a serious rival to Facebook. [No, really.](https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/bookmark/will-smith-adam-sandler-how-sony-suffered-collapse-a-list-star-book-excerpt-1088418)


Jesus, that’s really shooting for the moon. I’m actually kind of glad it all turned into just that shitty movie and nothing more, cause Will Smith hasn’t been entertaining to me for a long time.


Doesn't help that there is literally a scene about three fourths of the way through the movie where they used a mannequin as his stand-in as a joke and no one noticed until it was too late for reshoots.


I'm sorry, WHAT???


Yeah I'm gonna look this one up. That sounds fucking hilarious


You don't have to. It's actually all of the above.


Son of the Mask


Ah Jamie Kennedy, the poor man's Seth Green.


[Oh we already covered this.](https://youtu.be/ZgeEDPCgXQ4?t=117)


The fucking live action Dragonball movie....


I looked all the way down for this. Definitely rivals or exceeds The Last Airbender for worst live action adaptation ever. What the fuck were they going for? The high school shit is seriously awful, and the characters are all wrong. So, so bad.


> I looked all the way down for this. Rule of Reddit #4822 -- If somebody replies to a comment saying, "I had to scroll far for this" or "This is too far down", the original comment will immediately be promoted to the top comment, thus making the reply look foolish and silly.


Had to scroll way too far for this.


Could have worked if Goku was Gohan, piccolo was buu and any of the effects or fighting wasn't awful.


I agree, the movie could have been good if it was a completely different movie. I did get stoned and pirate it in college and enjoy the hilarity though. It truly is awful.


Oh, this'll be right up your alley then. Get really stoned and watch ~~Magician's~~Sorcerer's Apprentice, picture Nic Cage being green, *and it's actually a great live-action version of Dragonball.* It's the damndest thing, but I swear to god, there he is throwing hadoukens or whatever at the bad guy at the end and it just clicked for me - if they'd done the Saiyan blonde hair energy thing, it'd have been entirely perfectly done. edit: forgot how to spell sorceror, also that it was called that [7]


Do you mean The Sorcerer’s Apprentice?


[Hell Comes to Frogtown](https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0093171/) In a post-nuclear war world, WWF Wrester Rowdy Roddy Piper is one of the last few fertile men. His mission is to find some of the few remaining fertile women that have been kidnapped by man-size frog people and knock them up.


You just described the plot of what should be the greatest movie ever made


diary of a wimpy kid long haul


Just watched 24 frames of Nick's review of it on youtube. #NotMyRodrick


Really felt bad when Devon Bolstick saw he wasn't in the movie.


At least with Devon Rodrick he was acting genuinely stupid. With New Rodrick, you can tell it’s kinda forced.




adam sandlers jack and jill. it was soo bad i cant remember any of it. my brain has shoved it into a dark corner


A screening of Jack and Jill was a "reward" for some contestants on Survivor. IIRC, their reactions made it fairly evident that it was a turd.


I loved how Coach tried to spin it after watching it as a “story of family sticking together” because the producers needed something positive said to please the sponsor, but in an AMA years later he said it was awful.


Watching the shots of everyone trying to "enjoy" it was hilariously painful.


I recently rewatched a bunch of Survivor seasons on Amazon. Albert and Sophie, the two most sophisticated on the Jack and Jill "reward", had deadpan stares on their faces. Cracked me up.


Sophie was even trying to hide her displeasure. You could tell the camera was trying to avoid her face, but every shot she just had this seious "wtf am I watching" face.


"Man I'll just go back to the island"


But... but... Dunkaccino!


Say hello to my CHOCOLATE BLEND!


I followed up Jack and Jill with Bucky Larsen: Born to Be a Star. I was deep in the throes of a coke addiction at the time and couldn't make myself sleep.


Best anti drug ad ever


One of the few movies I’ve seen (sort of) that I found actually unwatchable. Like, I got maybe 30 minutes in and just couldn’t watch more. My brain wouldn’t let me do it. I honestly think it’d have given me an aneurism and killed me if I tried to watch another minute. There was absolutely nothing redeeming in that movie. Not one single thing. It can’t be enjoyed ironically, as some sort of “so bad it’s good” train wreck, no fun character that saves the movie, nothing. It’s a complete abortion.


Birdemic was awful. I couldn't get pass 10 minutes. It makes Sharknado a timeless classic.


It took me and my husband about 6 months to watch birdemic. 5 - 10 minutes at a time was all we could handle. Truly a terrible movie. I hear a mountain lion. I got to get to my house and you better get to your car.


You gotta watch the Rifftrax Live version. It's streaming on prime atm.


Eragon, based on the book. Absolutely horrible


I always was so disappointed in that movie, I grew up with my dad reading me those books before going to bed


I'm about to start reading Chris Paolini's new book!! It's a sci-fi and not young adult fiction anymore (just a normal adult novel) I haven't been this excited to read a book in a very long time :)


I’m 90% through it and it definitely lived up to expectations


I didn’t manage to finish the movie. Had to look up the end on Wikipedia. It was fucking atrocious. It’s rare to see a movie adaptation *so incompetently made* that it’s actually *impossible* to continue the series in a recognizable way. The only silver lining here is that they can’t make a sequel. They ruined every emotional moment and severed every future plot thread with a thoroughness and precision completely absent from all other areas of the production.


I honestly liked the movie at first, and then I discovered that it was an actual book series. They truly did that movie so wrong


I dispute the fact it was based on the book. Its more like it was based on an 8 year olds poorly written book report on the book.


Came here for this ... I remember a guy walking out half way during the midnight premiere and we all booed at the end.


I forgot that movie existed until now. I miss not remembering it...


Abduction I don't know wtf prompted me to watch a movie with fucking Taylor lautner in it but by god I want my 2 hours back. This motherfucker was topless within the first 5 minutes, I should've known tbh.


> This motherfucker was topless within the first 5 minutes, I should've known tbh I would love it if it transitioned into a 2 hour abdominal workout video.




Being indian, this question is a little hard to answer.


Artemis fowl. Hands down, full stop, the worst movie I've ever seen.


I was a huge fan of the books, never seen the movie. I'll leave those treasured childhood memories untainted, thank you.


Artemis competently surfs. In the real ocean. Just, y'know, to spread my pain around.


He probably likes lollipops in this movie.


I unfortunately saw the movie thinking it was going to be a faithful adaptation seeing as Eoin had input in the movie. The books are a hundred percent better than the movie, although I didn’t like the last 2 as much. Disney massacred my poor boy.


Read the books. Had to stop like 20 minutes in. Idk when they’ll learn that massively changing YA stories when adapting them into movies doesn’t work. Didn’t work for Percy Jackson, didn’t work for diary of a wimpy kid, didn’t work for Artemis Fowl.


99% of SyFy Originals. “Blood Monkey” comes to mind.


Battlefield Earth. Bad acting, script, plot, So horrible it is actually entertaining, in a perverse way.


Oh man...Barry Pepper hot off The Green Mile and straight into Battlefield Earth.


Hey man, if you don't think cavemen can fly supersonic jets, then you don't believe in America!


Percy Jackson and The Sea of Monsters. Just the movie itself was god awful, but the fact that it didn’t even try to follow the book put it over the top


The first one wasn't good, but enjoyable if you aren't too attached to the books. The second one said fuck it let's adapt the the rest of the series, throw out the epic battle for new York, and give it the most anti climactic final battle ever


You are amateurs. I live in India. Your worst movie is like a cute kitten when compared to our worst ones. EDIT: Oh wow! These are my first awards ever. Thanks a ton kind strangers!


Am Indian. Can confirm. I have family members/relatives with the most questionable taste because they genuinely enjoy Indian movies with some of the most atrocious plots and characters I’ve ever seen


I see your India and raise you Uganda


Who Killed Captain Alex is a masterpiece, don’t take its name in vain (but really it’s so pure I love it)


Try watching that Lindsay Lohan movie where she fakes her pregnancy to get out of her office job.. it’s so low budget that it HAS NO SOUNDTRACK. NO Foley track, just.. speaking...


Is is worse than the one where Lindsay Lohan was an amputee stripper or something?


... the WHAT now?


Haha its called 'I know who killed me.' Really stupid horror movie about rare sets of "stigmatic twins" they call them, who experience the same wounds. So one Lindsay is a stripper screw up and the other is a good girl. The good girl gets abducted and they start chopping off her fingers etc and the stripper Lindsay's fingers start falling off and she has to figure out who is killing her..lmao. [Trailer](https://youtu.be/nZgwl7nlP5E) since people don't seem to know about this lolololol the dialogue...


Is this the dark sequel to The Parent Trap?


Ngl this sounds hilarious especially if its low budget lol




According to others, the movie is Labor Pains. I looked up "Labor Pains" on YouTube to see how awkward it was. The [first clip I played](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDYk7hXvQ0Y) and the [second clip I played](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ddet2d9EtTY) both had clear musical soundtracks and foley work. I then looked up the film on Wikipedia. [It says "Music by Andrew Hollander"](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Labor_Pains). And below, in the ["Soundtrack" section](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Labor_Pains#Soundtrack), it states Lindsay Lohan and Rich Wilkerson Jr. also wrote 18 songs for the film. I then looked up the film on IMDB. [It says the foley artist is Shaun Brennan.](https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1231287/fullcredits) I'm confused by your "no soundtrack"/"no foley" statements.


Good research and linking. Maybe this guy had a bum dvd?


The 2018 remake of Farenheit 451. I am a Bradbury fanatic, and I got 10 minutes in before I noped out. I hated it! And I was high! I even hated it high!


You should have watched longer, it gets much worse.


I'm morbidly curious about how you fuck up a pretty straight forward premise from one of the most influential pieces of literature of all time.


Wow it had to have been bad since I literally never heard of it. I love that book! I'll just remember to stay away from that


They didnt even have the right plot! I was seriously disappointed in that pile of crap


In the mix starring Usher. He plays a saintly DJ who artfully dispenses wisdom and karate while getting embroiled in the cliched mob storyline to end all cliched mob storylines. It did not help me and my mates’ hangovers that’s for sure.


This question gets asked all the time and the movie that always comes to mind is The Forger with John Travolta. No one has seen it, and no one should. Edit: Stop commenting about The fanatic , Gotti, and Battlefield Earth god dammit. I answered what the worst movie I have personally seen was and I haven’t seen those nor do I plan to.


John Travolta sure has been in some fuckin turds of movies


He really does. He has 4 movies in a row that have 0% on rotten tomatoes. I don’t think any other actor has as many bad movies as him but is very well known. He can still act, as proven not too long ago that OJ series he was in. He was so great in Pulp Fiction, yet he is so awful in so many movies. It’s weird


I'm really interested that you mentioned a movie I've never heard of. It must be truly forgettable


Be glad you didn't see his Gotti movie. Holy hell it was probably just as bad.




I wonder how many people died during this pandemic with Cats as the last movie they ever saw


Omg... that thought is going to make me cry...


Just pretend they all loved it!


Yes, lie to yourself. It's how the rest of us have been coping this year


And the worst part? It wasn't insultingly bad or so-bad-you-can-enjoy-it-ironically bad, where at least people would have a justification for watching it. It was just a kind of vacuous, soul-sucking bad, where it leaves absolutely no impression on you and makes you realize you could've spent those 2 hours on *far* more fulfilling things.


In the UK we call that the James Corden effect.


I always find it hilarious how much yall hate him over there


Exactly. I watched it with my family (who actually liked it. God help me), and it was funny for about 10 minutes. Then the sheer absurdity of the awful mocap wore off and it just dragged on and on and nothing really happened. It was absolutely boring. 2/10 would not recommend (at least the singing wasn't godawful).


With or without anuses?


Release the anus cut right meow!


I'm sorry. Are you saying meow?


The Possession of Hannah Grace, such a terrible movie, I felt cheated out of $8 watching that garbage. Terrible acting, overused horror tropes, and the least scariest movie I've ever seen.


The Bye Bye Man


The peepee poopoo man


I hate how this never fails to make me laugh everytime this movie’s brought up


Don't think it, don't say it!


This gets my vote. Just an utterly broken movie with a premise so unwieldy it can't even get off the ground. It does feature maybe the most unintentionally funny scene I've ever seen: Throughout most of the movie, the Bye Bye Man torments the characters with hallucinations, most of them involving someone's girlfriend cheating on them. So scary! (It's unclear why Bye Bye Man doesn't show up and kill them as soon as they think/say his name since that's the fucking premise but whatever). Anyway late in the movie the characters are driving and see a car stuck on the train tracks. One girl gets out and runs to assist the car, but another character sees a train coming and realizes the car on the tracks is an illusion. She proceeds to run after her friend and scream the line: "Stop! There's a train coming! ...a ***real*** train!" Maybe the hardest I've ever laughed at a movie.


Think my favorite scene was when the main character was looking at his closet while in bed and saw the eyes of poopoo mans meat dog and just immediately responds with “WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?” Surprisingly the most realistic reaction I’ve ever seen in a horror movie


Not enough of you have gotten to the weird shit on Amazon prime and it shows.


Jack Frost. A serial killer evil dude is being transferred between jails and escapes the armored car and runs in the snow. He gets struck by lightning and at the same time the electricity mutates the water molecules and fuses them with his own DNA (or something like that). Now Jack is an evil snow man that can melt and reappear at will and murders people. He also rapes a woman with a carrot. Edit: I have a PhD in genetics, I promise you you can't mutate water molecules and water won't hurt your DNA.


And then, to make matters worse, a year later there was a family film where the dad dies (or something?) and comes back as a snowman. This movie was also titled Jack Frost.


Yeah I thought op was talking about the kids movie and I was like ".....that is not how I remember that film at all"


Lol yea now I remember. It was Michael Keaton 😂


After (2019)


My favorite part is how the guy playing Harry Styles has the fakest sounding British accent ever, yet he’s actually British in real life.


Epic movie is the only movie I have ever walked out on


> Epic movie at the time, this along with Meet the Spartans, were the type of movie that appealed directly to 11 and 12 year olds. You were a cool kid in 6th grade if you're parents allowed you to go see those




Y’all should check out “The Cat who could Talk” rifftrax. It features Eric Roberts as the talking cat. He recorded all of his lines in his own living room in 15 minutes. Need I say more?


I think you mean “A TALKING CAT?!!?!??!”


The Wicker Man. The one with Nic Cage. I haven't seen the original.


Oh god not the bees!




I can never NOT laugh when I see him punching people as he runs around in a bear suit. EDIT: [Here's a clip](https://youtu.be/YyigAW-14w0)


The original was pretty good. I never saw the remake.


Original 70s film is a bonefide classic. Christopher Lee!


I sat through the second Blues Brothers film because I thought it was the first one and was wondering why it was so bad. Also that second Divergent film. Watched it in cinema and still can't remember a single scene from that film, except that it was fucking terrible.


Only thing I remember about the second divergent movie was that there was an earthquake and everyone in the theater decided the movie was bad enough that they could make earthquake jokes the rest of the film


The second Ghostrider. I never went into a movie thinking I accidentally did drugs before.


Downsizing, I know it’s by far not the worst movie ever but I hated every second of it. This movie unfortunately lives rent free in my mind because of how much it annoyed me


It had no right starting with such a great premise, and destroying everybody’s hopes and dreams with total fucking garbage for the entire rest of the movie.


Exactly, they could have done so much with the idea. Instead, they opted for the shittest storyline possible.


I love bad movies. For my birthday during the year Silent Hill: Revelations came out, I dragged my friends along for the ride, with the understanding that we were not there for quality. A hilarious trainwreck, Malcolm McDowell‘s teeth are full of bits of scenery, Kit Harrington’s unconvincing American accent. Had a great time. I love The Room, there’s nothing out there quite like it. It has a clear vision that is completely incomprehensible to everyone but the filmmaker. Nothing about it makes any sense and you can’t help but laugh. The Happening, oh lord. Some of the stupidest, strangest dialogue to ever be involved in a film with that sort of budget and casting. The twist is dumb as hell. Mark Wahlberg tries to negotiate with a plant and is only rebuffed because it’s made of plastic. If you like bad movies I highly recommend getting your hands on the work of Neil Breen. Fateful Findings will blow your mind but extremely not in the way that was intended. Come for the terrible acting and confusing plot, stay for the destroyed laptops. But I can safely say that the WORST film I’ve ever seen, the one I derived zero enjoyment from, is The Master of Disguise. There’s nothing fun about that movie. Barely anything that could be considered a joke. It’s only feature-length because of 15 minutes of bloopers and cut content in the credits and it still feels like forever. Bad attempts at comedy are the worst to sit through, I think. A bad action or horror sequence doesn’t elicit the emotion that they’re meant to, but they can at least make you laugh. Bad comedy just makes you frustrated, which is not really an emotion you can have any fun with.


Am I not turtley enough for the Turtle Club?


Turtle turtle turtle.


Well aren’t you just a TALL glass of water!!


Oh jeez, Master of Disguise was like my favorite film of all time as a kid lol. One of the few VHS tapes my grandma owned. Been 15ish years since I saw it, I no memory of that film other than at some point the protagonist was disguised as a turtle for some reason haha


That scene was filmed on 9/11/2001. They paused production for a moment of silence and then continued. I shit you not.


> The Master of Disguise I've never seen this film. I don't think I've ever had a real discussion about it with someone who's seen it. Yet we all understand the "What, am I not turtly enough for you? Turtle turtle!" reference.




Catwoman but i secretly love it. The dialogue is terrible, the acting is trash except for Halle Barry -sometimes, it’s hard to say w a script like that- all around just bad bad bad. But i love it, i watch it every time it comes on tv. What a purrrrrfect idea.


Footage from my wedding


Well, maybe the remake will be better.


Did it feature the 5-year-old ringbearer nephew suddenly getting embarrassed and running away to mama with the pillow? Or was that just my production?


Mine featured the 3-yo ringbearer who decided he didn't want to do it at the last second and then threw a fit when his 5-yo brother got the job.


Star wars holiday special.


I feel like it's on the same level as The Room - it's awful but goddamn is it fun to watch. If I remember correctly, it just starts with a solid 15 minutes of Wookies grunting at each other with no subtitles?


You member right. There is significant Wookiee dialog with absolutely no subtitles. Plus Bea Arthur sings in the cantina. Its fucking insane.