What scene in a movie really pissed you off?

What scene in a movie really pissed you off?


Any time a chess board is set up incorrectly or an impossible move is played. This happens way too much. Seriously. Here are a ton of examples. Silence of the Lambs. Board is set up wrong. Amityville. When he says "checkmate" with his rook move but it would have been impossible based on the position. Aladdin uses a 7x7 board and has no king for the white pieces. Shawshank Redemption. Board set up wrong. Independence Day. Julius says it is not mate...but it is. (Oh nevermind this is a character refusing to admit the mate.) Avengers. Board incorrect. Justice. Board incorrect. Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone. Checkmate announced but that is clearly not mate. *this actually was a cool endgame combination designed by IM Silman but iirc it did not translate on screen like how he had planned. Shaft. Board in the bar setup wrong. Legally Blonde 2. Board wrong. Da Vinci Code. Set up incorrectly. Rise of Planet of the Apes. Board is wrong. Paranoia. Checkmate announced but clearly not mate. Captain America: Civil War. The board in the tower is wrong. Even movies *about* chess or ones that specifically reference chess have inaccuracies. Searching For Bobby Fischer has tournament inaccuracies (no clock, no recorded moves, etc.) Or the awful movie Checkmate has a board set up wrong despite the title referencing chess. Wtf. Even the very cool movie Pawn Sacrifice is still riddled with minor chess mistakes (despite the fact that many real positions were used in several scenes). Boards set up wrong, impossible positions, incorrect mates. Seriously, Hollywood. Hire a freaking chess player to help set up boards. Hit me up.


The Independence day one is the only one here that you're not quite right about though. Julius said it wasn't mate, but that's because he was in denial that his son beat him. He looked at the board for a few more seconds and conceded the point. His character got that wrong, not the movie.


Near the end of The Wedding Singer when that douchebag Glenn thinks it's so nice of himself to agree to let Julia "lean over him" when they fly over the Vegas strip. That little smirk he does makes me want to punch the TV.


Julia Goolia


Glenn was a real POS, and that made the Billy Idol sequence that much more enjoyable


It's not a scene, it's a trope. The "I have to tell you this thing but I won't tell you because telling you would speed up the plot and I need you to find out through other means that I know this thing so that there can be a contrived and forced conflict two thirds into the movie that we'll reconcile several minutes later" trope. I fucking hate that. It's bad, lazy fuckin writing.


“No time to explain!” Movie skips ahead several hours in which there absolutely would have been time to explain.


Not a specific movie but I hate it when a character is trying to be sneaky, but they’re also having a conversation with someone that the person they’re hiding from could easily hear Example: in Back To The Future II, when Marty is hiding in the back of Biffs car whilst shouting at Doc Brown into a walkie-talkie


In defense of one of my favorite movies of all time, convertibles are *loud* and Biff had the radio cranked up over the wind, too. In general though, I hear ya.


Biff was cruising and jamming in his car. I forgive him for not thinking anyone was in his backseat. "Papa loves mambo!"


The end of Titanic when Rose dies she goes into the afterlife to be with some dude she had a fling with 80 years ago. What about her husband? People she spent a lifetime with. Maybe a child that died before her. I am making some assumptions but you get my point.


80 years ago and for only 3 days no less! My mom and grandmother also always got pissed when Rose threw the necklace away (when she could have given it to her granddaughter or started a charity/foundation in Jack's name).


It belonged in a museum. Literally.


The end of I am Legend miss the whole point of the book’s ending


The books ending is much better than what they filmed. Its hollywood so they had to make that version


Wasn't there two endings for the film? What was the ending for the book?


***Spoiler warning!*** Big difference in the book and movies is that they are vampires, not zombie like creatures. They are real vampires. The big twist is that he was only encountering “dead” reanimated vampires at night who are near mindless bloodsuckers, that he would kidnap,experiment on, and kill sleeping vampires during the day. In reality there are also vampires who are “alive” and conscious as well and they formed a new society. He is now the outsider. The boogey man killing vampires in their sleep. He is the spooky Legend. Edit: I also want to let everyone know that I Am Legend is the THIRD movie adaption. Vincent Price stars in The Last Man on Earth (closest to actual plot) and Charlton Heston stars in The Omega Man


No shit ima have to read it now


It’s a good book and it’s pretty short, so it’s a quick read.




It really is. The movie really pulled a bait and switch on me. Also, it’s not the first movie adaption. Vincent leads in the Last Man on Earth and Charlton Heston is The Omega Man


Spoilers >!it's been a while since I read the book but Neville realizes that he's the bad guy and has become legend as the boogey man that the vampire parents tell their kids to scare them into behaving properly. !<


Yeah, he was imprisoned by the "vampires?" after eluding them for years. He looked out the window to see men women and children crying tears of joy, now that the murderer of their people was finally captured. He sat in that cell and thought about how evil he must have seemed to them, when all along he was just trying to preserve his own life.


In the original cut that was in it but later it was seen as to dark so the other ending was made


Havent read the books, but for the film, the original ending (which was included as an extra on the DVD) was that as Will Smiths character and the girl and the kid were holed up in the basement lab, and the "lead" zombie was smashing up against the glass to try and get in, the glass cracked in the shape of a butterfly, and will smith looked at the shoulder of the zombie he had cured, and she had a tattoo of a butterfly. He re-injects her with the virus, opens the doors, and wheels the table out and lets the lead zombie take her. Her and the lead zombie nearly make out, then all the zombies just up and leave, letting Will smith and the others live. Then they all drive up to the survivor colony with the cure, and thats the end. They tested that ending with test audiences, and the audience hated it, so they switched it for the ending that made it into the movie; where the lead zombie is slamming into the glass, Will smith gives the cure to the girl and the kid, has them hide in like a safe or something, then grabs a hand grenade, rushes at the glass, and suicide bombs all the zombies, killing himself along with them, so the girl and kid can survive. The girl and kid drive up to the survivor colony, and the movie ends with her handing the vial with the cure in it to a soldier at the gate.


Even that ending totally misses the whole point of the books ending. It gets like a tiny bit closer, but not much


The end of Grease where the car flies into the air for no reason.


Yeah and why are highschoolers 35 years old??


36 year old here........am I NOT supposed to be in 9th grade?


John Wick, when Viggo knocks John out but then ties him up instead of just killing him. I know that the bad guy not taking the opportunity to kill the hero is a common thing, but killing John is literally Viggo's *only* goal. John has nothing that Viggo needs, and Viggo himself delivered a huge speech about what an unstoppable badass John is. If anybody should have taken the opportunity to kill John while he was defenseless, it's Viggo.


But he is Viggo. You are like the ~~biting~~ buzzing of flies to him!


Scourge of Carpathia. Death is but a door, time is but a window, I'll be back.


In office space when millton didn’t get his slice of cake . Still bothers me 21 years later .


Now Milton. Don’t be greedy. Let’s pass it along and make sure everyone gets a piece!


And then she doesn't pass the last piece.


He did >!burn down the office tho, and rightly so!<.


Autobots teleporting from America to England via terrible transition in the last transformer movie.


The most bizarre part for me was that they had to go to Trinity Library...which is in Dublin, Ireland. And yet Hopkins just waltzes through a door in London and he’s there. It would be like a movie being set in Toronto and a character all of a sudden is in the Statue of Liberty


Towards the end of *Speed*, when Sandra Bullock's character is told to stay put for a minute. I knew in my heart that after being a total step-to-the-plate badass for the entire movie, that they were going to have her do something stupid and banal. Sure enough she steps out into the open, gets nabbed, and then gets put into a damsel in distress situation for Keanu to save.


When i think of that movie I'm always remembering that scene where the bus takes the tight turn and you hear Sandra say the same "here we go oooooo" line twice.


for me its the bus jumping the incomplete highway section, like it hits a ramp that wasn't there


Every scene where Percy’s face appeared on my screen in The Green Mile.


That indicates the actor did a good job.


SO punchable


Iron man 3. Tony threatens a terrorist and then walks around his house in the only one of his 42 suits that doesn’t have any weapons on it?! If he’d been wearing literally any suit from mark 1-41 those choppers wouldn’t have been a problem.


To add on, why doesn’t his private residence have a state of the art defense network? An argument can be made that it’s just his own ignorance/arrogance, but even Tony should know he can’t always be there for Pepper and she needed some security when he’s off doing his own thing and she’s chilling at the crib


How about that ~~the AI in the house~~ JARVIS doesn't pick up missiles, but instead a character has to point out the incoming missile on live television. Edit: I realized [after re-watching the scene](https://youtu.be/0p6KVqnwPFE?t=3) that JARVIS is still around, and not an inexperienced AI, like Friday.


He was a super hero, literal tech god, and this was all AFTER he was the **worlds best weapons desginer** But he doesnt know what radar OR what missle defense is? Lazy ass writing


Even worse, live TV is usually on a delay, for obvious reasons, so the missiles they see heading towards the mansion would have already hit by the time they saw them on TV.


Any scene in Harry Potter that could be completely and easily solved with magic they've already demonstrated in the previous films. It's like they forget every spell they've ever learned except the one the story wants them to use.


Honestly as the movies progress, all spells just blast. There’s no reason for any specific spells anymore because no matter what spells the characters are shouting, they all just blast the other person. Like, “Stupefy” is a stunning spell, and in the late movies it literally just blasts people backwards into walls and shit. Or in Crimes of Grindelwald, where the Auror kills that rally attendee. There are so many stunning or disarming spells, and I doubt that the Ministry is letting their law enforcement go around using spells that are *literally* known as “*UNFORGIVABLE*.” I blame David Yates for most of those, since that issue only crops up once he started directing the franchise.


Death eaters flying for spooky effect always bothered me. Book seven made a big deal of how Voldemort was flying on his own.


I get so annoyed that the second movie makes a big deal about Harry using magic outside of Hogwarts (fifth movie too) and then the third movie starts with him practicing spells in his bedroom.


Yeah thats a movie thing, in the books he's got a torch that he uses to write his history of magic essay while the Dursleys are asleep.


And he's scared of getting dots of ink on the sheets. I don't think the film's ever quite put across just how scared Harry was of the Dursleys in the early books and how much he hates going back there in the later ones.


It also bothers me that they have so much magic power to watch Harry so they must be fully aware he's abused yet no one gives a shit?


Wizarding society is awful in many ways making this largely unsurprising. Dumbledore is the only one in the wizarding world.wbo knows Harry *must* live their yet no one even questions it at all despite him being abused for 10 years bullied for more and neglected for the rest.


Any action/invasion/war movie/video game that shows fighter jets shooting missiles at a target, then immediately getting knocked out of the sky for flying too close to the target (i.e. Godzilla 2014, Independence Day, etc). The effective range of the standard Advanced to Medium Range Air-to-Air missile is 30-90 miles. There is no reason for a multi-million dollar piece of government hardware flown by highly skilled and highly trained pilots to ever get within whacking distance of the monster du jour.


In one of the G.I. Joe films there is an explosion under water and the ice at the top falls down and starts landing on the underwater base. Ice floats.


How dare you let facts into a GI Joe movie!!!


I immediately noticed it when I first saw that movie, but at that point it just made me laugh more than anything. That whole movie and its sequel were just pure silliness. I still kinda wish they'd made a third movie though. I always suspected that >!Dr. Mindbender had secretly mind-controlled the guy who became Cobra Commander with nanomachines as soon as he entered the bunker and was the power behind the throne this entire time!<. Guess I'll never know.


I like that you believe your headcanon so hard you spoiler tagged it, just in case it was the real ending.


I appreciated it having never seen any of the movies. What if dude!!




Yeah I was like... can you not see that he's tied up you selfish cunt?


That's pretty much what I was thinking too. My (both female) best childhood friend thought it was funny and I was very uncomfortable.


Same with wedding crashers. The guy gets raped by isla fisher’s character, and yet the movie portrays the act as bringing them closer? Also, when Harley rapes Nightwing in Batman and Harley Quinn! That scene is literally made for comic relief!! The fuck was up with that!?!


I know this is silly, but the scene(s) in Face Off where they do the face stroking thing. I don't know why it bothers me so much, but it just makes me cringe.


I haaaate that part. It's weird and awkward, and don't rub your gross hand on someone's face.


First scene in the Artemis Fowl movie shows the main character - who is notoriously unathletic and uncoordinated in the books - riding some waves on a surfboard.


My sister made it 10 mins into that film. Text me to say it's shite and not to bother, then re-read the books to purge it from her memory.


The only good thing about that movie was that it got me re-read all the books.


For me the worst part was when he proclaimed himself a criminal mastermind, despite having committed no crimes, and being upset at the idea that his daddy might be a criminal. Also everything up to that point.


> upset at the idea that his daddy might be a criminal. *Excuse me?* Literally half the point of his scheme in the first book was to surpass all previous Fowls by stealing from the fair folk! How do you miss the point that badly?!


Another part that they actually completely left out was Butler fighting a troll in plate mail, and guess who beats him? Artemis with the power of friendship and a fairy gun, because apparently that’s better than a fucking massive guy in medieval plate mail bearing the shit out of a troll


THEY TOOK THE TROLL FIGHT OUT?! That was the best part of the book! That was the main reason I wanted an Artemis Fowl movie! What the shit?!


Butler was the best fucking part of that book xD. The part where he was told to go non-lethal on the Fairy hit sqaud. And just terrified the fuck out of them. THEN they sent the troll in.


Butler was one of the best parts of the *whole series*. First book especially, but he's no slouch (when he's present) in the rest of the series (which as far as I'm concerned, is only four, *maybe* five books long).


The Artemis Fowl movie absolutely butchered the books story. It was a complete shit show. What's worse, is that I believe there is a full movie, completely faithful to the books, filmed and shown to Disney's heads, and the corporate asshats thought Artemis can't be shown as a bad guy, hence all the rewrites.


I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s as bad of an adaptation as The Last Airbender. They completely missed the point to where you have to wonder if the director actually hated the series and wanted to shit all over it.


I mean, missing the point entirely isn't necessarily bad if you actually put in the work. Look at How to train your Dragon, those movies completely butchered the book series and ran everything through a "generic/mass-produced focus group" filter...and then they made it good. Hiccup being a quirky kid who makes ingenious inventions? In the book he's a useless nerd. Ffs, Toothless has that name because he's an incredibly shitty and tiny dragon who doesn't even have any teeth, this is like Artemis Fowl being a body builder who helps Butler beat people up. And Hiccup isn't the first viking to try to tame a dragon, every viking does that because it's awesome and they're vikings, Hiccup just figures out a better way because he can't do it the domineering way.


I think the point is that deviations from the source material should be at worst neutral, and hopefully improvements. For instance, the areas where Lord of the Rings movies deviated from the source material existed mainly to make things less confusing to watchers unfamiliar with Tolkien’s massive universe. These changes are generally accepted as neutral or positive changes in that they made the movies more accessible without simplifying them too much. The areas where the Hobbit movies deviated from the book mainly existed to filibuster for time and were therefore bad changes.


Oh yeah, the Artemis fowl movie was... Bad. Last Airbender level bad.


Yeah were just going to toss that in the pile of movies that dont exist .....


Any scene in the terminator films where the terminator shoots a gun and misses. You're telling me Skynet can build intelligent machines and they figured out time travel yet they can't be programmed to aim straight?


For me it was when a Terminator gets their hands on someone, and then THROWs them. They have a hydraulic press grip. They could literally crush someone's skull with one hand, while barely paying attention. If they get their hands on you, and they want you dead, you're dead. Because that's what they are. T1 and T2 didn't have this problem, and were so much more intense for it.


After reading about this trope, it instantly breaks immersion in any fight scene that I am watching. And worse, *it's everywhere*. Terminator is one of the movies also specifically mentioned in the trope's examples. [Just hit him! TvTropes](https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/JustHitHim)


> After reading about this trope, it instantly breaks immersion in any fight scene that I am watching. And worse, it's everywhere. what, you expect me to have this violence orgasm only a few seconds after the fight begins? gotta turn the lights down, put on some slow music, and bang 'em up for a bit first!


T1 was an instant classic precisely because the terminator didn't fuck around. If he saw his target he beelined for it and would kill that person immediately. No dicking around about it. No speeches. No gloating. Just: T1: "Are you Sarah Connor?" SC: "Yes I am." T1: BLAM Done. That's what made the movie great. I am amazed at how many directors never seem to get that.


This has ALWAYS bothered me. I've worked with enough robotics engineers to deeply respect how carefully they design everything for this to not happen on accident. Limit switches, encoders, pressure sensors, rangefinders, etc. it all has to be triply checked, rigorously tested, and thoroughly reviewed to ensure an autonomous forklift in a warehouse doesn't rip you in half because of a split-second mistake. A combat robot picks you up and _throws_ you? ARGH.


Hearing stories from countries with relaxed regulation where lifts/elevators haven't been coded correctly and end up shearing body parts off because it moved without the doors closing, for instance, reminds you that they are a machine that goes up and down. They don't know that the added resistance is a body part in the way. The motor will just continue to turn. The only reason it's so safe in developed countries is because they have hundreds of sensors to ensure nothing is in the doorway, and that the does have closed, before moving. It makes them more expensive, but that ensures we using them without having to be vigilant of a machine that can't differentiate body parts from it's normal operation.


There was a scene in one of the recent Terminator movies (can't remember which one) when the Terminator of the week starts choking somebody but they eventually get free. WHAT THE FUCK? As if the terminator would be like "I've got my hand around his neck, might as well restrict airflow for a slow death" Fuck no. The moment the fingers curled around the neck they wouldn't stop until his hand was a closed fist.


A reliable algorithm for defeating human foes: 1. Grab some part of the human that looks important 2. Crush it 3. If human still twitching, return to Step 1, otherwise move on to next human


Don't let this guy near machine learning research.


In the recent movie "Bloodshot," there's an early action scene in which a truck full of flour is crashed in a tunnel and then there's a shootout/fight scene amidst a literal fog of flour in the air, mostly illuminated by people throwing road flares around for light. It looks great, but I couldn't enjoy it, because all I could think about is how airborne flour burns, and when mixed with air at the right density, it explodes; it just takes an ignition source, like any of a dozen flares, or maybe any of several dozen guns, not to mention burning vehicles. Everyone should've been blown up and burned and starved of oxygen.


Not really pissed off, but an entire theater of slightly pissed off people. I was in college and a bunch of us went to see the X Files movie in the theater. This was in Texas. There's a scene when Mulder is in Dallas and he asks a bunch of kids at a playground where the alien or whatever went and they all point west towards some huge Rockies type mountains. The whole theater of Texans spit out their popcorn and WTF-d at the same time.


I saw The Shallows in theaters in east Texas and there's a scene where the main character steps out onto a gorgeous white sanded beach with clear, emerald blue green water (it looks like Tahiti or something) and then it pops up and says "Galveston, TX" and at that point everyone in the theater started laughing hysterically. Galveston beaches do not look like that.


Uhhh yeah it seems like it wouldn’t have been hard to not fuck that up. As a fellow resident of the DFW metro, I am secondhand pissed.


Superman beating the hell out of Steppenwolf. All the other characters are useless from that point onwards


Honestly the biggest reason i dont like justice league. Might as wellve just called it "superman returns"




That’s what I would do. Say you have the Flash and Superman in a movie. I’d at least let it be known that the Flash could definitely beat Superman in a foot race, or otherwise, all he is is comic relief.


I mean flash is almost always depicted as far, far faster than superman. In fact, in a lot of the comics, they always have to find ways to nerf the flash cause he's easily the most OP character. He can run so fast he goes through time, phases through objects, fucking outruns death, and can perform an infinite mass punch.


The scene in the fucking 50 shades of gray movie where he goes to Home Depot and buys a bunch of “bondage gear” and includes zip ties among that list. So if you’re not into BDSM let me just tell you something. You should NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER use zip ties for sexual bondage. They cannot be loosened, they only get tighter the more you struggle, and they are thick and sharp enough to break the skin, using zip ties is extremely dangerous and can cause serious injury or death, they have to be cut off which can cause even more damage. And this movie acts like it’s totally okay to tell millions of non BDSM wine moms and teenage girls that this is okay. I could literally write a fucking book on all the horrible things 50 shades gets wrong about BDSM, but that one boils my fucking blood


There’s a reason the entire BDSM community came out and condemned the movies. There was also the part where he apparently ignores her when she uses her safe word, which meant that after that point it wasn’t consensual bondage, it was just plain rape. The whole thing was fucked up from what I’ve read about it. It was basically a rich, abusive asshole who got obsessed with a clueless hot virgin and then brainwashed and abused her until she got Stockholm’s and fell in love with him.


Dan Olson (of Folding Ideas) has produced an excellent 3-part series delving specifically into the film adaptations, their production, and the problems of each one. He describes Christian Grey as follows, to the best of my memory: > He just wants a caring mother figure who will cook his meals and satisfy his needs but also is okay if he hits her really, really hard with a belt or cane sometimes. That's not so much "damage" as it is the profile of a serial killer.


Whenever a character runs from danger and falls like it is first time in their life they've ran. Whenever a character has a heated argument with their girlfriend / boyfriend and all that could be avoided if either of them let other explain the situation or misunderstandment.


"I just walked in on her, while she was changing." or "She's just my sister." could resolve half of the conflicts in every romantic-drama movie


“I can explain!” “Oh, okay. Let’s talk.” THE END


I love when they do that trope in Community. Abed says let me explain and everyone stops talking to listen to him and he is visibly confused because he wasn't expecting that reaction.


Or Troy: "I can explain. Let me explain" Then 10 seconds of silence until chloroform resolves the situation.


Troys delivery of “Let... Me... Explain.” Kills me every time


Harry Potter breaking the Elder Wand and tossing away the pieces, implying that he's going to keep using Draco Malfoy's old wand indefinitely. Bitch NAW. He used the Elder Wand to mend his trusty phoenix feather wand, intended to have the wand re-buried with Dumbledore, and aimed to end the Wand's chain of power upon his own death.


And when Voldemort dissolves The guy hits the ground like an ordinary man - that’s the whole point. Despite all his magic and his Horcruxes, he’s just human like everyone else and dies


Yeah I hated that. And the whole drawn out duel between the two. Even if you forget about horcruxes and hallows, Voldemort is a much much more powerful wizard than Harry and would straight up murder him in a duel. The only reason Harry knew he could face him in the book is because he was betting on his being right about the elder wand. And don’t get me started on Harry grabbing Voldemort and jumping out of that tower. That was just bizarre.


>And don’t get me started on Harry grabbing Voldemort and jumping out of that tower. That was just bizarre. I was just sat in astonishment at that point. "let's finish this how we started it Tom" Not sure where the jumping off a building featured in how it started.


Is it ever explained why Death Eaters do that shadowy thing


Probably a side effect of their particular form of transportation. Or just rule of cool.


I also wish he had turn towards Hogwarts and done the fixing spell first, could have made a cool visual


Filch having to clean that mess is the only time I’ve ever felt sorry for that hateful man.


In the books there’s also the scene where he enrolled in a correspondence course for Squibs because he wanted to be able to do magic :( I thought that was quite sad and made a lot more sense why he’s so bitter and mean


When Po's dad says "the future of noodles is dice cut vegetables". WTF goose. That's a terrible idea. You're gonna go out of business.


This actually made me laugh. Thanks


I read it in his voice lol.


“I’m a bird, Po.”


The amount of bread Bill wasted while preparing a sandwich for his daughter in Kill Bill


From the Green Mile, when that cunty little weasel of a guard, Percy, doesn't wet the sponge for an execution, which results in painfully frying the guy in the chair alive. And then he has the audacity to say that "he didn't know it needed to be wet".


Bro don't read the novel then. The scene seriously is nowhere near as bad as the book. That shit was traumatic.


Could you tell it? Now I'm curious, man.


It describes his eyes exploding and dripping down his face and his skin sloughing off onto the floor.


Stephen King 👑


Nah nah you see Percy was in genuine shock (I was surprised too) so he was just repeating the *total bullshit* line he prepared for when the other guards were yelling at him. Basically this little shit thought *What could go wrong if I take away the conductor which sends the electricity into his brain?*, didn't wet the sponge, saw the poor Cajun-French Delacroix get cooked alive, and repeated the bull-shit line he prepared in shock


The first race in the first Cars movie. Chick Hicks is just causing crashes left and right. He puts every single car out of commission except for himself, Strip Weathers, and Lightning McQueen. AND NOBODY SAYS A GOD DAMN THING. Everything is peachy-keen until the very end when he almost kills Strip. AND THEN— AND FUCKING THEN— when Lightning is pushing Strip across the finish line, RIGHT AFTER CHICK BUMPS HIM AND NEARLY KILLED HIM, the announcers have the fucking gall to say, “Is pushing on the last lap legal?” Seriously? This car almost killed another car going 200MPH, and they’re worried about another car helping the aforementioned car finish the race? AND THEN THEY HAND THE GOD DAMN PISSED IN CUP TO THE CAR THAT HAS BEEN SYSTEMATICALLY MURDERING OTHER CARS ALL SEASON. Jesus Christ, that fucking movie.


That cheating wobbly ass arsehole, really hated how they kept letting him get away with it.




"pissed in cup" 😂


He did what in his cup?


I'm literally watching cars right now with almost 2 year old thinking about how the racing cars are dicks! Also all they did was rip off Doc Hollywood!


When Ginny ties Harry's shoe laces..


The movies were so bad to Ginny. She only appeared during her designated "pine over Harry" moments, and it's no wonder that no one liked her after watching the films. I mean, she obviously did a lot of pining in the books, but she had plenty of other stuff going on.


In the books she brings up her trauma about being controlled by Voldemort which I don’t remember in the movie. During *Order Of The Phoenix* Harry is lashing out and saying nobody knows what he’s going through. Ginny snaps back that maybe he could talk to her because she had Voldemort controlling her mind for a whole school year.Harry admits he forgot that that happened and she goes “Well I didn’t.”


Did we even get one bat bogie hex on screen?


Right! She was such a cool Weasley.


Whenever you can tell that the film cost billions with a script that isn't worth a dime.


So you are describing most of the Transformers movies. They just seem to have the same stories each time. They are enjoyable to watch at times though


I think he means all of Michael bays movies


Every scene where a victim, being pursued by an attacker, knocks out or knocks down the attacker, and the victim doesn't finish the job. AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!


Double tap ALWAYS.


The one where Pietro (Quicksilver) dies while saving Clint (Hawkeye). The movie made a great job at making me believe he is *absolutely* fast enough to get them all to safety. Also, all the missed opportunities if he had lived. See OSP’s trope talk on plot twists for more.


Meanwhile, the X-Men films have that amazing Sweet Dreams scene which actually does him justice.


The X-Men Quicksilver was a few orders of magnitude faster than the Avengers Quicksilver


Should have kept him alive. He would have a great character to have had in the last few movies


In literally any Avengers movie they could have gotten so much cool stuff out of him. If he sides with Tony in civil war he’s in conflict with his sister. If he survives the Snap he’s separated from her. Perhaps he, unlike many other surviving Avengers, continues doing hero stuff in the 5 year interval, potentially coming into conflict with Hawkeye. When the Snap is reversed, there’s a 5 year difference between these *twins*!


I didn't know I needed all of this.


the soldier who gets slowly stabbed at the end of saving private ryan


That's so grim. "Wait! Wait!"


James Bond, Casino Royale, Construction Site Chase. Front End Loaders don't have bulletproof glass Crane Controls don't lock into position And the WORST error... the scissor lift; Bond whacks an electrical control box, that lets out a hiss of air, that causes the hydraulic cylinders to retract..... Scissor lifts can't move that fast & DON'T run on air pressure


I love comments like these that point out a flaw 95% of people watching the movie wouldn’t have even though twice about


Every time I see posts like this on Reddit I always think: “nice now I can see what people think about these movies” and then I don’t know any of the films which are being talked about


And there's always a million Harry Potter and Star Wars answers lol


From “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,” when Indy survived a nuclear explosion by hiding in a refrigerator


Really just slightly reduced his cancer risk. I was hoping he'd get stuck inside and it would be a segue to 500 year in the future.


When Alan Rickman’s character in Love Actually buys the woman in his office a necklace and all his wife gets is Nina Simone greatest hits CD, especially when she probably already had all songs on it anyway. Just a bloke thinking with his dick and not his brain! Edit...Joni Mitchell not Nina Simone


Despite Mr. Bean's best attempts to make it not happen.


Supposedly, in the original script Rowan Atkinson's character was a guardian angel. He was literally trying to prevent the actions in the movie from happening.


Or help a little kid through the airport


And then she cries alone in her room before putting on a happy face since it’s Christmas. As a married mom who has had her feelings hurt (not like that), it hits hard.


Them explaining the end of Hulk's arc, the climax of his character, with some offhand reference is some diner. Such wasted potential


Especially after Hulk became an ACTUAL character in Ragnarok. I was so dissapointed to see him basically become smart Shrek Edit: My first award! Thank you so much, kind stranger!


Why did Rose throw the diamond? Wtfffff


Right? God forbid your granddaughter gets cancer. I guess there’s always Go Fund Me.




Aaaah, the Butchered Adaptation Team. Let me throw in Avatar The Last Airbender! Edit: ok this blew up. You guys are crazy. I might take some time to write down the list of movies you offered for the BA Team, minus Game of Thrones since I don’t find the arguments for it’s application to the Team convincing.


Allow me to add Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief!


When I watched it first I thought it was a pretty neat HP-ripoff. Then I read the books. Then I watched the film again and Jesus, it's like I've seen through Lucifer's angelic disguise, I almost died from the cringe.


There's a movie? :D


Not a movie but yeah Euron greyjoy shooting a flying dragon from an invisible fleet. Thanks GOT , I've had enough


The whole final season but I think Varys telling the entirety of Westeros that Jon was the true heir, dying for it, and then that plot point never being brought up again was a pretty wtf moment for me.


That whole season was basically “Once people know Jon’s true heritage, nothing will keep him off the throne, and Dany won’t stand stand a chance” and then once Dany was dead everyone kinda forgot about Jon.


When Charlie and his Grandpa drink the Fizzy Lifting Drinks in the original Willy Wonka movie. Why? They saw what happened to the others.


When Hiccup sends away the dragons in HTTYD3 because he decided that humans living with dragons doesn’t work cuz there is always someone opposing it. It goes against the ENTIRE MESSAGE OF THE FIRST TWO MOVIES AND ALL THE SHOWS of “If we work together to try and understand one another we can live together in peace and overcome our differences despite other peoples’ rejection of it”


My fiancé hasn’t forgiven Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker for them making it seem like Chewbacca had died in the aircraft explosion and then he’s seen alive less than 2 minutes later. Edit: Thank you for the awards kind Redditors, including my first Reddit Gold! This is now one of the highlights of mine and my fiancé’s relationship.


That movie had more fake-out deaths than any other movie I can think of, its sad because it takes away from the emotion of actual deaths in the movie. I could not take that movie seriously. * Palpatine * Chewbacca * C3P0 * Kylo (when Rey cuts his ship and it fucking explodes) * Kylo again (when Palpatine pushes him down a hole and he climbs out later) * Rey (dies after killing Palpatine and Kylo resurrects her) Any others I'm missing?


Kylo a third time when Rey *stabs him* just to heal him right after.


I'm going to kill you, you are actively trying to kill me, you killed Han, etc \*Psyche\* I'm going to heal you because we have a romance going now.


If you wait until the very end of the film you can see the series die, it doesn't get resurrected though.


I was actually upset he didn’t die. Not because I don’t like Chewy, but because all of these movies never wanted to commit to anything! If you’re going to kill Chewy, fine. But at least have the guts to make that decision permanent instead of worrying it might hurt sales of future toys.


I thought they were gonna have some actual internal conflict for Rey, like “oh crap I just killed my friend am I the baddie?” And then he’s alive


The entirety of Jurassic World, watching Bryce Dallas Howard run all over the place in heels


But she untucked her shirt and tied it up! She was ready for adventure!!!


What I hated the most was that overly cruel death for the poor woman looking after the kids. It seemed like the movie expected us to enjoy it, like she was a terrible person getting what she deserved, similar to the lawyer in the original. But all she did was trying to look after these annoying kids who didn't give a shit about her. I've seen a lot of brutal movie-deaths, but this one sticks out for being so ridiculously tone deaf. And then the main villain gets killed off screen.


When Michael Scarn returned to the president for another mission after he betrayed him


Willy Wonka, Grandpa Joe getting out of bed and do the silly dance because Charlie found a golden ticket, Grandpa Joe claimed the floor was cold earlier on in the movie.


Grampa Joe is a dick. That's a fact.




In the last harry potter book, Dudley and Harry a scene in which they kind of make amends. Its not in the movie. That pisses me off.


The final scene in The Man Who Knew Too Little. It pushed the absurdity too far. I've introduced a few people to the movie and made them agree to let me stop it before that scene. They've always finished it later and agreed that it would have left them with a bad taste of the movie.


The scene in Devil Wears Prada when Andy gives her friends expensive gifts and then they fuck around and take her phone when he boss calls. All the scenes with her boyfriend and friends piss me off.


"You are a Palpatine" had me saying to myself, "You can't be fucking serious"


I think the thing that really got me was if you're going to double down on the whole "powerful force users come from powerful families" thing (which I disagree with, I really liked Rey just being a rando), at least give us some payoff of her being a Palpatine. Give her a Zuko moment where she redirects lightning! Show her becoming a grey Jedi who has learned to balance the light and the dark! Have her reach out to the families of other darksiders and bring them into the fold! Do *something* with it!