Truman Show but it follows a group of "extras" just trying to force themselves into Truman's life so they can be reoccurring characters.


Based on how many times I’ve watched The Truman Show and Ed TV, I’d probably watch that obsessively.


Captain Hook retelling the story of Peter Pan. the tale of hook rescuing a bunch of kidnapped children by a psyco-pathic demi-god that tricks children into following him into a war against adults


King Kong from King Kong’s perspective. Bonus points if there are subtitles for his roars.


If it’s from his POV he should speak so we would understand and everyone else talk gibberish.


Not a movie but I’d like to see Pokemon from Team Rocket’s perspective, or working for this crime organization probably just trying to pay the bills and some punk kid with an electric mouse keeps kicking your ass Or even like in the games, they should make one where you play as the TR grunt and start with a rattata/zubat/koffing and keep running into this trainer


Willy Wonka from the point of view of an oompa-loompa who is working to ignite a slave rebellion amongst his people.


Oompa loompa doopity dad, seize the means of production, comrades! Edit: Thanks for my first ever awards, guys! u/GonzoTheGreat93


Oompa Loompa dooba dee doo, Who benefits from the labor we do? We organized to vouch for our few, Then Willy candied the head of our crew! We still live and work for him too, Solidarity's our only way through!! Oompa Loompa dooba dee dee, Fight the man so someday we're free!


500 Days of Summer, from Summer's perspective.


JGL had a very good [tweet](https://twitter.com/hitrecordjoe/status/1026538001990529025?s=21) about this


Hot Fuzz but from the perspective of the neighbourhood watch


From the perspective of the Swan


The greater good.


Frozone. Where WAS his super suit??


Frozone and his wife as a romantic comedy. Is she super? Is she ordinary? Does that make the least difference to her?


Just keep the gag of never showing her on screen.


but still make the entire movie cantered around her edit: centred, not cantered


Mean girls, as told by Regina George


This could also go dark. Her home life was obviously messed up. What was growing up in that household like? Imagine Regina flashbacks!


Have you felt her Mom’s boobs? They’re hard as rocks.


Janis Ian psychologically fucks with someone who just moved in by making them “pretend” to be friends with someone and is then presented as the good person for being mad that Cady actually made friends with that person who she was instructed to be friendly with when she has literally no one else to talk to in new school Not really related the point but still


And then she gets to be “hurt” because Cady “betrayed” her. Like damn, Janis, you are manipulative and not the good guy here


I thought the point of Mean Girls was that all of them were mean and shitty. While trying to stop the mean girls, Janis and Cady become them.


Mean girls is like the great Gatsby in the early 2000 in high school. Every one is kinda shit, you have an outside narrator that also kinda shit


Yeah for sure, I just know a lot of people who tended to sympathize with her because she reminded them of themselves in HS. Which I completely get, but you are completely right about the point of the story, and I’m probably jaded because I know too many annoying people. The general population probably got the themes and motifs


Maybe we could see when Regina and Janis used to be friends too


There is a hilarious recut of the Mrs Doubtfire trailer that sells the movie as the harrowing tale of a divorced wife and her new boyfriend being stalked by an obsessive cross dressing ex husband. Chilling.


John Wick would become a horror film.


There's a couple scenes where he just comes off as this horrible unstoppable machine, a whole movie of that would be wild. Footsoldiers pissing themselves because they know Wick is gonna murk them but they have no option but to die fighting.


I still like the part where he talks to the one bodyguard casually then ends it with "Why don't you take the night off" and they reply "I think I will" He knows *exactly* what is about to go down and he just nopes the fuck out without hesitation.


Francis. He even says "Thank you, Mr. Wick" before he takes out his ear piece and leaves. Man that whole universe is just so BUILT. Atmospheric af.


Played by professional wrestler Kevin Nash


It reminds me of scene from Batman the animated series where a goon sees him and walked away https://youtu.be/pMd4S-LkywI


I love self-aware goons especially like this. If I remember that good tried to stop Batman and got his ass kicked and that's why he just backed away


Batman gave him the black eye.


The Rogue One hallway scene but with John Wick. I'm in.


I got my Star Wars movies mixed up and thought you meant the scene where those two storm troopers nope out after seeing Kylo having his temper tantrum.


Forrest Gump from Jenny's perspective. Edit: sp


That would be so depressing.


But would probably be such a sweet portrayal of Forrest’s pure love to her in contrast to all the other shit she has to go through, and we will get a good inner dialogue of how she finds it difficult to respond to that emotion for most of her life.


From Johnson’s perspective. So basically it’s a biopic of LBJ but in the middle of it some autistic guy tells him about getting shot in the ass.


Probably barely registers amid all the crazy things in LBJ's life. It could have really happened and all his biographers would find it too boring to mention.




The movie would blow us all away!


Matrix but from the perspective of a regular police detective trying to stop the murder spree of these crazy people who kill everybody without reason. At one point he would interrogate Neo: "So you believe that nothing if real? That's why you can kill random people? Because they don't exist?" "No. The world is fake but the people are real." "And you kill them anyway?"


That sounds like it could be exceptionally fun if the cop in question begins to learn to bend the rules of the Matrix. He is exposed to enough of the rebels’ antics to believe and seek out the truth and how to use/experience it, but still decidedly falls on the side of people still living in the system, defending the innocents who are callously overlooked in this higher level war. They mostly get their ass kicked, but manage to save juuust enough people, just enough of the time, to maintain a morale and sense of purpose. Later on, the Smith virus takes hold and they desperately try to create a hidden community in this world, meant to parallel the rebels colony in the *real* world, and just as that begins to hopelessly fall in upon itself, the final fight ensues upon Neo’s return.


OK so this is like the third matrix comment I've read so far. We all clearly want a matrix reboot and I think this would be an amazing reboot idea. Like just keep the matrix as a concept and create a new series of films. 1: detective origin story of how they got their matrix bending powers. Plot of becoming some sort of bounty hunter for the system to hunt the rebels down before ultimately quitting and realising that a fake reality has no meaning and they no longer want to serve as a detsctive or a defender for their reality. 2: detective learns of the prophesy and has to protect them and mentor them through the matrix. Enemy could be more bounty hunters or maybe a virus trying to track them down. 3: prophesy is now strong enough to do what ever it is to disrupt the matrix from the inside of the matrix however this isn't enough to stop the robots. Said disruption allows the humans to releace a huge portion of the battery population. 4: the matrix is rebooted but is updated and traps the rebels inside of it, tricking them into thinking that they have infact left the matrix. This gives up the locations of the few militarised human strongholds still in existence - The protagonist must rescue the other rebels from the matrix prison while the final war plays out. Edit: so I've now been made aware that we are getting a matrix 4. Although I wasn't aware of this, I still stand by what I said about a full reboot being what we need rather than a forth story added to the end of an 'ok' trilogy.


I guess a lot of people have never seen The Animatrix. There's a noir story in the movie about a detective who is hunting down trinity. Plus other stories of regular people discovering the matrix.


Top Gun from Iceman’s perspective. Maverick’s the asshole in that movie.


Maverick is the asshole in the original movie too.


The plot of just about every 80s Tom Cruise movie is that he's a cocky asshole who meets a hot chick and somehow becomes a better person by the end of the movie.


Thor: The Dark World, but from Loki's perspective, since he was the only character in that movie with a character arc.


Spirited away from no-face’s POV.


Mulan from Captain Li Shang's point of view. He starts having feelings for one of his soldiers, thinking he's gay. Then he finds out that Ping is actually a girl in disguise. Good news, I'm not gay. Bad news I'm supposed to chop her head off.


There is a Chinese story similar to this called Butterfly Lovers & there is an old musical version of it


I mean, there's a Chinese girl in disguise, but I don't know if you'd say that it's similar. He doesn't have to chop off his head, he's just too dirt poor to marry the girl. Then he dies of heartache or some bullshit. Then she dies because she's becoming a butterfly to join him. It's a bit more Romeo and Juliet with poor vs rich instead of feuding clans IMO.


Ferris Bueller but Cameron.


“I got the rona, but this asshole ‘best friend’ of mine wants to drag me around downtown Chicago on a weekday. Everyone knows there’s nothing great about Chicago in the middle of a weekday! ... “Shit! Now he wants to steal my dad’s car! Why am I friends with this guy?” EDIT: I should probably tell y’all that Ferris Bueller is still one of my all time favorites. 😁


Jurassic Park lost world, except from Ingen's perspective


Jurassic Park from the velociraptors’ perspective.


"He's right. I am a clever girl."


"Alan" Edit: Wooha, my first gold! Thank you, kind stranger!


It's a Wonderful Life from Mary (the wife)'s point of view. Married to a dreamer with fits of depression, while raising 4 kids, rebuilding a beautiful old Victoria house, helping him make his ~~dream~~ passion of helping his community come true and trying to protect him from his loser uncle, all while watching him spiral into a deeper and deeper depression. Will she be able to help him out of it? Edit: changed dream to passion.


Absolutely she can help him out of it. I'd almost argue that Mary is the most important character in that movie. She drives a large amount of the action. Who declares marriage at the age of like 8? Mary. Who offers their honeymoon money to save the bank? Mary. Who goes around asking neighbors and friends for help against the feds when George goes missing? MARY. She's the best.


Not to mention buying an old house and fixing it up while having 4 kids under foot and helping all the working class neighbours move into their new homes, dealing with a mother who obviously didn't like her choice in husbands and constantly being an optimist. Movie should have been called "It's a Wonderful Wife". I get a little ticked at George every time he goes up the stairs and gets pissy because she hasn't gotten around to fixing the bannister yet.


I LOVE this movie. It’s 100% my favorite movie of all time to the point that I had a custom Etsy artist make a drawing of me lassoing the moon for my wife and I gave it to her on our wedding day during my vows to her. So, the ONE thing that always bothered me about the movie is during George’s journey with Clarence, Mary never gets married and becomes an old maid. If George wasn’t around, surely she would’ve gone with Sam Wainwright to New York and probably lived a miserable life there while he womanized and what not. I mean, anything other than the old maid thing. My wife and I always chuckle about this because compared to his brother and his mother, Mary becoming an old maid was played like it was so horrible by Clarence and George.


I wonder if they felt like they couldn’t show her ending up with someone else because it would “cheapen” her character to show her capable of settling for a lesser man than George.


That’s exactly it. George and Mary according to the movie are true soul mates. She wouldn’t run off with Sam because she never loved him. George is literally the only person made for her and without him to spend her life with, she lives alone. If it was Mary making the wish I’m sure it would show George living alone.


For real. George would have been completely adrift if not for her.


Shit man. That’s... that’s real. The inexplicable delusion/solution at the end? Is she going to trust that he’s not just finally lost it, or that he won’t get sucked back into the darkness?


'enders shadow' did this exact thing with 'enders game' (done by the original author, no less.)


And it is *brilliant *! The whole Shadow series is seriously one of the best stories I've ever read.


... *series????* I know only the first book - you're saying there were more? or are you referring to the 'speaker for the dead' stuff?


Dude the shadows series is a must read. Imagine if at one time in history, Alexander of Macedonia, Genghis Kahn, Napoleon, Shaka Zulu, Caesar, Hitler, and Sun Tzu were all duking it out.


So a game of Civ basically?


Hahaha yes.


Lord of the rings trilogy from Saurons perspective. 1. Your order has been dispatched. (Unfortunately it is delayed due to being misplaced in transit) 2. Your order is out for delivery. (Please be in between the hours of November and January to sign for your package). 3. Your delivery has been placed in a safe place. (Despite being home, I did not hear the bell, and oh no! It’s been tossed over the back wall and ended up in my pond!)


LotR from Tom Bombadil's perspective


Just a 3 part trilogy of a dude in the woods playin with squirrels and picking flowers for his forest lady friend.


Beauty and the Beast from Gaston's perspective.


They show him as a lad eating 4 dozen eggs every morning to help him get large


Don’t be ridiculous. Now that he’s grown, he eats 5 dozen eggs, so he’s roughly the size of a barge.


Surely after he dies, the price of eggs in their poor provincial town drops since the demand lessened and now that lady can afford 6.


You mean there's an impending eggonomic crash?


"This bitch would rather commit bestiality than be with me" Interesting movie imo.


I just reread hunger games and Peeta, Haymitch, Finnick, or Cinna's perspectives would be fun. Katniss is very inside herself and so the movies are more open to the reality of the situation than the books. I'd like a Harry Potter story from the last year at Hogwarts when the trio wasn't there, like maybe Ginny and Neville. Pepper Potts from the MCU could be fun.


A movie about Haymitch and his Hunger Games would be amazing. I find his story a lot more interesting than Katniss’.


There’s a prequel being released in a few days about President Snow and his origin as a child who was forced to participate in a game. It looks really interesting and I’m excited to read it, it’s called “The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes”


Wait what?!? Snow was a former champion? He’s not originally from the capital? I have so many questions.


That is super interesting! It really contributes to the ongoing theme of the series that sometimes people who have been traumatized continue the cycle of abuse and go on traumatize others, while some people who have been traumatized make a concerted effort to try to not let their pain hurt those around them. In general, I thought the books were very thoughtful in dealing with themes of trauma and healing. In other YA books, people bounce back with no problem after being in battles or other horrific circumstances, but the emotional stakes seem more realistic in Hunger Games.


No apparently he is supposed to be a mentor to one of the tributes.


“Dumbledore’s Army and the Year of Darkness” Neville focused novel length fan fiction of year 7!


Twilight, from the Father's view. It would actually be interesting, and not derivative smutty shit. Supernatural creatures seem to be lusting for this mans daughter, as he tries to research everything he can, keep it secret from his daughter, who's *obviously* under the sway of supernatural influence; therefore cannot be trusted. He collects evidence, tries to prove it to fringe people, and eventually rational scientists, all while unearthing an ever deeper and more terrifying secret society of actual blood drinking vampires that controls the globe. I'd watch the fuck out of that.


Shit yeah, Team Charlie all the way!


Twilight told from literally anyone else’s perspective would be an improvement


I agree, the backstories Meyer came up with for everyone else are so interesting. Rosalie killing her fiancé’s friends and then her fiancé one by one in her freaking wedding dress for revenge, Edward justice killing creepazoids, Jasper running a newborn vampire army... they’re all so interesting!


There are so many interesting characters, which makes it annoying that Bella is the main character. Like, give me a movie/book just about the Volturi.


I never thought a teenage romance book series could have such interesting lore and waste so much of it yet here we are. I would love to see more works in the twilight universe just without the most boring and stale love story a person could write.


I really need Weekend At Bernie's from Bernie's POV


He's not actually dead yet, just in a near death paralysis. And these assholes just keep dressing him up instead of taking him to a hospital.


Titanic, anyone in the poor section. There is a novel about it called SOS and it's amazing.


I mean technically the star of the movie titanic was in the poor section, he just found and banged a girl who wasn’t


Toy Story. Andy, a young boy who enjoys playing with his toys in his spare time, often wanders into him room to find things...off. Something may have moved, a toy may have vanished only to reappear the next day, voices are heard from his room from the ground floor only to hear a slight panic then silence whenever he approaches the room again. And imagine, one day, if he heard this talking once again only to walk into his room, hear the split second SHOCK to silence just to see his favourite, cowboy toy laying on the floor. Only this time, just before he laid his eyes on the toy, he could see in the corner of his eye the left hand of Woody just slightly flop to the ground. Flop to the ground as if he just fell. But, how could a toy fall if it was laying on the ground to begin with? That's if, it was laying on the ground the whole time. He begins to think that he is never truly alone in his room anymore and those beady toy eyes that face him in the night while he's sleeping arent just facing him out of chance. They're watching him. They're looking. Andy isn't alone. Nor was he ever alone. This is the tale of a boy who loses his mind at the thought that he has never been alone for his entire life and that the 'friends' he made growing up may be a little more real than he first thought. A little too real.


I'd rather see a Sid movie that shows how he reacts to finding out toys are alive. He's probably the only human who knows.




I like to imagine that he became a garbage man to rescue thrown away toys.


Sid the Savior, showing toys one more day of play, laugh and fun. Garbage man by day, he hoards toys broken, beat and worn, much to the dismay of his girlfriend.


You just simultaneously ruined my childhood, and made me extremely nervous about my GF's stuffed animals sleeping in our room.






Woah woah woah! That’s too far!


Any movie with big fight scenes and massive destruction. I want a POV from random people who are in the middle of it like a small business owner. Just a dude going about his daily routine then "BOOM". A random car comes through and he has to deal with the aftermath.




The Matrix from Agent Smith's view. Constantly trying to quell the stupid human insurrection...


I was going to say The Matrix from Morpheus' point of view. The prequel being how he learns of The One and getting his band of folks to find Neo.


I’d actually like to see The Matrix from Cypher’s point of view. The path that leads his >!bitterness and resentment to betray everyone, obviously the climax of the film being his failure and death!<


I dig how you used spoiler font for a 20 year old movie.


People complain about titanic spoilers. And apollo 13


PLEASE don't say anything else. I'm only on >!Apollo 11 and I didn't know they'd make it to 13!<. Edit: Thanks for the penguin.


Ooooh.. that would be a good one!


The Animatrix *kinda* does that. It shows the origin of it all and makes a good case for farming the meatbags.. I mean humans.


The machines did nothing wrong, everything was instigated by humans!


Exactly. Neos role was never to defeat the machines, but to redeem humanity.


Fight club from the view of Marla. Edit: TIL I need to read the book... and stop listening to fan theories on reddit.


I would love the story to be retold from any POV so I could watch Ed Norton punch himself over and over again for two hours.


Get on it, Hollywood!




I think she's meant to be real. And from a storytelling perspective, I think it's more interesting if she's dealing with/trying to make sense of the hot/cold responses she gets from the Narrator and Tyler vs. she's just another personality.


Saving Private Ryan from Private Ryan's point of view. It's most just him slogging in the Army until Captain Miller shows up


I want to know R2D2’s perspectives.


Up until the new sequels, it can be argued that the entire story *IS* from the perspective of R2 and C3PO. At least one of them is present for most of the time each of the major plot lines Throughout each of the movies.


*and* R2 never gets memory wiped. He knows the whole fucking time that Vader is Luke's dad. What a bastard.


More to the point, he knew that Luke and Leia were siblings and never, not even one time, brought that up to Luke.


Maybe he’s a fan of incest


You ever wonder why Artoo had that camera installed?


He doesn't necessarily know. He knows Anakin was problematic, but Obi-Wan's the only one who knows that Anakin IS Darth Vader. R2-D2 probably believed Anakin died on Mustafar.


I seem to remember Anakin's and R2-D2's last interaction was when he told R2 to stay with the ship on Mustafar.


Which after watching clone wars is to me a pretty big turn. He used to take R2 everywhere with him, even putting his own life on the line for that droid.


He also didn't take him to the Jedi Temple. R2 wasn't there tweedeling away while Anakin was making Child sushi.


he was shielding him. he didn't want R2 to know what a monster he'd become.


He swears too much


R2D2 really puts the R in the R age rating


The Force Awakens would just be him having a dream about droids being able to use the force. He’d be head of the Jedi Council and engage in crazy lightsaber battles with BB-8. But what’s that you say? He’s not met BB-8 yet? It’s okay, the force has shown him to him.


Silence of the Lambs from Lectors pov with backstory etc.


Doesn't Hannibal Rising cover his origin story?


That crazy guy from birdbox who forced people's eyes open. Seriously, I want a story about what he actually saw and why he wanted people to see it so bad Edit: this post had like 100 upvotes when I wrote this, didn't know some random thought I had about a movie would get so many people talking about it and that is really cool.


They had an idea for the monster in mind and originally planned to reveal it, but it's probably best they didn't. IIRC it was basically a giant green baby.


That's not what he saw though! He saw what they made him see and it was something so amazing it drove him mad.


No everyone sees the monsters, but people with mental illnesses aren't typically effected by the suicide part of the symptoms. That dude was insane before he saw the monsters, and then he was insane afterwards, he was just able to point his insanity at something afterwards.


The director's comments on the green baby monsters was that that's what the main character would see because of her fear of children, pregnancy, and being a mother. I haven't read the book, so I don't know if it's different in there, but it seems like in the movie version, everyone sees something different.




I don't think it drove him mad. Remember the people it didn't drive to suicide were already mad. Maybe I have to rewatch it but I thought he was one of the mentally ill people who escaped.


Or bird box except every time the character closes their eyes the screen goes black


Coraline but the cats or wybies view


Wybie is pretty much just Coraline's inner monologue given physical presence so she wouldn't spend half the movie talking to herself. She spends a lot of the book kind of in her own head.


O-Ren Ishii (Cottonmouth) from Kill Bill. The anime scene about her background story was great, but too short. One of the most interesting side characters.




Reminds me of the premise of rosencrantz and guildenstern are dead, it takes these two background characters from hamlet and Creates a really interesting surreal story. It’s been a long time since I’ve read/seen it, so I’m sure I’m doing it no justce here


It's a great play by Tom Stoppard, made into a superb film written and directed by Tom Stoppard, starring Gary Oldman and Tim Roth as Rosencrantz and Guildenstern.


Probably my favorite part of the Mandalorian was in the last episode where a couple of stormtroopers were just standing around talking about all the crazy shit their bosses were doing.


Definitely the funniest scene, and better still that the storm troopers are Jason Sudeikis and Adam Pally.


The shooting at the can gag was pretty solid


There are deleted scenes from the first Austin Powers movie that deal with friends/family of one of the goons who gets killed.


They're deleted? They were shown in the European version. 😕 I guess that some people couldn't deal with the guilt.


In the Deadpool comic, and also briefly in the movie, there is a Hydra agent called Bob that somehow survives everything and is only an agent for the great dental and such. Would be fun to see Deadpool through his eyes.


The Princess Bride told from Miracle Max and his wife Valerie’s POV. They need a bigger role in that movie. Let’s find out more about how Prince Humperdink fucked him over, and how now MM is going to get his revenge.


Yeah, they hinted at some serious backstory. Also, Inigo would make fora great spinoff.


The lion king from scars pov


There's already precedent for doing this to Lion King- Lion King 1 1/2 is Timon and Pumba's full story, and its absolutely fantastic. Edit: is Disney boosting this or something this is an absurb amount of karma


I love that movie simply because it continues the Hamlet comparison. If Lion King is Hamlet, then Lion King 1 1/2 is Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead.


Plus lion king 2 is Romeo and juliet


Shrek, from the bear child's point of view. At the start of the movie you can see momy bear and daddy bear and the child all in a cage and later you can see the child bear crying into daddy bear. Lord farquaad is then later shown to have a bear mat. Edit 1: When child bear is crying into daddy bear, mommy bear is missing. Edit: 2: Ok so now I know that the bear mat was 100% mommy bear.


I never noticed that ;(


Ok, you win this is the best o so fr


Aliens: Newt’s Story (re: Darkhorse Comics)




Predator story as well for me


At least the predators are sentient. Could be interesting to get a better look into their species. You know, from a GOOD movie.


Every time I watch one of the predator movies I can't help but imagine nerd predators and accountants predators and waste removal predators and predators who work at predator gas stations and all those things. Like maybe the predators that we see in the movies are like to minority and an looked down on group.


Ooh shoot it as a BBC nature documentary!


The Princess Diaries from Fat Louie's pov


Passengers from the perspective of JLaws character


Pretty surprised this wasn't the top comment. First thing they came to mind when I read this post. This change infinitely improves the movie, changing it from a surface level, forgettable "love" story to a suspense story that questions the true nature of humanity when hopelessly isolated. She could wake up, find out another passenger's pod malfunctioned, and spend the first act of the movie with the two of them working together to try to fix it and then ultimately falling in love. The next act could be her slowly realizing the truth (that he selfishly woke her on purpose due to a weird combination of hopelessness, boredom, and lust), and her dealing with that. She could either kill him, or he could still sacrifice himself for her as an act of redemption. Then the final scene is her going through the passenger archives, and becoming fixated on one particularly attractive guy. Credits roll and the audience is left to decide whether she made the same choice that he did, even after being a victim to it. That version is so much more thought provoking and it's so obvious that I cant help but wonder if it was the initial plan but it didnt test well with focus groups.


Imagine that resulting in a cycle of attractive people waking up the next attractive person. And then the ugliest person on the ship wakes up all alone, when everyone's dead.


The sequel is a comedy dealing with the end of the voyage. Laurence Fishburne wakes up at the end of the voyage along with a few pensioners. "Damn horny kids fucked each other do death."


Toy Story 3 from whatshisface's perspective (the big pink teddy bear)


Lotso i think




For a second I honestly believed this was a real sub, and it wouldn’t have surprised me lmao.


This is why Lion King 1.5 is one of my favorite movies.


Fun Fact: Here in Europe, it's called The Lion King 3: Hakuna Matata


Shrek from donkey's perspective...you know the dragon and stuff...


I'm sure there is a fan fiction of that.


Rule 34 always applies


Nice try, Producers. Think of your own ideas or pay the people you get the ideas from.


Sucker Punch from anyone else's perspective. Wouldn't be much of an action flick anymore, but what was so damn special about her dancing?!?!


It's been years since I've seen Suckerpunch, but I thought the action sequences were Babydoll's way of dealing with sexual assault and rape. Pretty sure I don't want to watch that movie.


Star Wars A New Hope, from a stormtrooper's perspective...it'd be one weird tale... Like fr, that must've been fucking crazy for them. They are like Marine Corps military police on the equivalent of Star Wars Area 51...the most classified, shrouded in mystery, largest military installation in the galaxy, being commanded by a black ghost cyborg....You go and blow up a peaceful planet, and then you get word that a space winnebago has been caught for flying too close to Installation Airspace. So you pull them aboard, and before you know it, a Sasquatch, two rednecks, a couple mild-mannered droids and a 70 year old desert stoner wizard are wreaking havoc in the detention cell blocks, killing your fellow soldiers, rescuing the political prisoner you have aboard and somehow escape.......then just a few days later, a terrorist cell, led by the crazy rednecks and princess, mount an invasion of Area 51.....AND SUCCEED IN BLOWING IT THE FUCK UP with the equivalent of some Vietnam-era MIG training fighters and a little bit of Psychic intuition. That's when galaxy-wide WW3 breaks out at the ending


Hatsumomo from Memoirs of a Geisha. Some backstory. Hatsumomo was this prominent geisha (Japanese performance artist) in an area called Hanamachi. Beautiful and rebellious. However, Hatsumomo met her rival in a small girl from a far distant fishing village. This small girl would later on become the most prominent geisha in the Hanamachi. I would have loved to read Hatsumomo’s side of the story when Sayuri (little girl from the fishing village) was starting to become popular in the Hanamachi