What's a movie that you expected to be terrible, but actually ended up liking?

What's a movie that you expected to be terrible, but actually ended up liking?


Galaxy Quest. Expected it to completely make fun of nerds and Star Trek fans. Instead the filmmakers showed that they knew that kind of person and respected them.


And knew exactly how to play off the most ridiculous tropes of both Syfy and nerds to put together a glorious film.


Amazing film! By Grabthar's Hammer and the Suns of Warvan!




No one but Rickman could put the required amount of self-loathing into that delivery.


Always gets me that Tony Shalhoub's character only says "at" in that scene.


Mean Girls. I saw it in theatres when it first came out. I thought it was going to be just a silly high school Rom Com. Boy, was I wrong.


I had to go see that with my older sister when I was 13. I begrudgingly went and justified it as "well at least I get to see some hot chicks." Jokes on me cuz I got to see a great movie *and* hot chicks.


Same. I begrudgingly watched it with my then girlfriend, assuming it was a chick flick. Not a day goes by where I don't quote at least one line from the movie at her. Yelling "get in loser, we're going shopping" when I pull up to pick her up is a personal favorite




Stop trying to make Mean Girls quotes happen. They are not going to happen!


Boo, you whore.


If you're from African then why are you white?


You cant just ask people why they're white.


Perfect example. Based on barely seeing the trailers and seeing the poster, I assumed it'd be yet another teen girl comedy in the same vein as the ones my younger sister would watch. Then one night I'm playing Halo and my sister's on the big TV watching it, I start listening to the dialogue/half watching and I'm immediately laughing my ass off. Next night I find it on Netflix and watch it solo.


In addition to being awesome, this is the last movie Lindsay Lohan starred in before she tanked her career. It's a shame--she was pretty, connected, and talented. She'd probably be on Angelina level if she just kept her shit together.


Wasn't there that video of Lindsay Lohan drunk and pretty much harassing a homeless family too? That was a rough watch.


It was pretty recent. Yeah, it looked like a homeless migrant family. At one point she was pretending she could communicate with them in Arabic (and for a second I thought she actually learned the language while 'doing business' on the yachts of various Saudi royals. I almost respected it. Like, I almost decided that under all that coke and poor life choices, she was very intelligent...and then it was clear that the family had no idea what she was saying). It's sad because I think at first she really wanted to help them.


This is a fantastic movie.


How to Train Your Dragon. I was going through a rough time and a couple of my friends organised a trip to the cinema. There was nothing on that anyone wanted to watch so we just decided on How to Train Your Dragon because it was a kids film and wouldn't require any great effort to follow. It's now one of my favourite films with an absolutely outstanding soundtrack.


The whole trilogy is so good. Pixar gets a lot of love but I think HTTYD is right up there with the best Pixar films


For sure. Kung Fu Panda is surprisingly good as well.


Many people seem to forget it somehow. ​ My personal favourite animated film is Kung Fu Panda 2


The third HTTYD absolutely crushed me


I feel like If they made a fourth movie it would push it a little too much. good thing they aren't right?


I agree. I’m glad they decided to stop where they did because it’s a perfect conclusion imo


when Hiccup and Toothless meet again with kids I literally cried I’m 21


I have absolutely no shame in admitting that the ending of the third one was the most I've ever cried over a movie. While it's not uncommon for movies to get a few tears out of me, I was full-on ugly crying in the movie theater for the last ten minutes or so


The first time I watched it, I immediately made my mom come in and watch it too. Then the next day I made a friend come over to watch it too. I was like 16. Then I thought the second one would suck and it ended up being even cooler than the first one.


Same! Wasn't expecting much going in, but that movie was super entertaing.


I (like many people at the time) thought Starship Troopers was going to be complete garbage. Never even planned to see it, but a few years after it came out I ended up watching it for some reason. The low expectations made the greatness of the movie that much better when I finally saw it.


The first one is the one where they cut a dude in half? I was 7 when I saw it on tv and I thought the movie was rad.


I think people got cut in half in all of them. It's kind of a staple with the flyers.


The first Jumanji remake.


Jack Black channeling that cheerleader chick was beyond amazing.


I remember seeing the previews and thinking the movie looked shitty and that the Jack-Black-teen-girl thing seemed especially like a lame gimmick. Just got around to watching it a few weeks ago and not only did I love the movie but my God Jack Black *brought that role to life*


I'm still not 100% positive that they _didn't_ somehow get a cheerleader to possess Jack Black for that movie.


These have actually convinced me to watch it.


Same. Looked like a super cheesy terrible move from the preview but I got dragged there by my little brother and actually really liked it.


The sequel to the remake is pretty good too


The one remake that I’ve actually enjoyed watching


It's not a remake though it's a sequel they talk about Alan at some point and at the start the game is the classic board game then change to a videogame console.


Yep agree. Solid movie from beginning to end and the sequel (or is it third) was just as good IMO.


Clueless. If I'd known it was written by one of the world's most celebrated 19th century novelists I might have entered into the enterprise with a bit more enthusiasm in the first place, instead of slowly embarrassing myself in front of the family with watery eyes and unshakable enrapture in what I was expecting to be an average chick flick. They did a good job.


Ugh! As if! \*shove\*


Tucker & Dale vs. Evil I fully expected it to be a dumb spoof horror movie, but it was actually hilarious and pretty well put together.


Officer, we've had a doozy of a day.


These kids just keep killing themselves all over my property


Hucked hisself straight into the wood chipper!


Love that movie. Was expecting a horror movie but it was just a fun movie.


Office Space. My friend and I were planning to see a different movie, but it was sold out when we showed up. Office Space was the only other movie around the same time at that cinema. We were like "Whatever." I still remember walking out after and both of us saying "That was surprisingly good, right?"


Worked in a bank one summer. This movie is a documentary.


Looks like someone’s got a case of the Mondays.


I always enjoyed the movie, but it took an entirely different tone once I started working in a cubicle job


I just watched that as a family quarantine movie! I didn't want to at first either, but I ended up think it was hilarious!


Spiderman Into the Spider-verse I was expecting a stupid movie aimed for toddlers. I was wrong, sooooo wrong


I put off watching Spiderverse for far too long, despite rave reviews from critics and basically everyone I knew, because superhero movies have just never done anything for me Finally gave it a try after a roommate firmly insisted that I do and honestly? Spiderverse far exceeded every expectation I had for the movie, and then some. It was funny, self-aware, well written and voiced, and has an overall good message. 10/10 happiest a superhero movie has made me since I was a horny little shit and saw Black Widow on the big screen for the first time


Me too. I actually put off watching it for a while which I regret because it’s a fantastic film


Honest question: what made you expect that? None of the trailers or promotions I saw for the movie gave off that vibe at ALL.


bright colors and animation=kids, to some folks.


It is hands down THE best Spider-Man movie. It actually kind of ruined Far From Home for me. It's not like I didn't like it, but I would have probably liked it a lot more if I hadn't seen Spiderverse a couple months ago. Cause that movie blew it out of the water.


The Emperor's New Groove, for some reason as a kid I disliked it. But I rewatched it last year and now I can see that it's actually perfect


John wick, watched the first few min and didn’t get hooked in. Ended up watching the entire movie a few days later when I got bored and oh boy, I finished the franchise that one night.


I don't watch trailers on principle after going in blind to see that movie. I didn't see any pictures or footage, I only had a one line description and the film's poster. Easily one of the best times I've had at the movies in recent memory.


The Lego Movie, how does a movie about legos make people want to cry. It blew my mind.


God it's SO funny. I was like this with the Lego Batman Movie more, but it's now one of my favorites.


*EVERYTHING IS AWESOME* Seriously though, didnt expect to love that movie like i now do.


The end with the dad crushed me.


It is probably the most subversive mainstream movie - a fucking kids' movie at that - I have ever seen. While being one of the most blatantly commercial movies I have ever seen. How they did that, I don't know. And it's **good** and entertaining and about the last place I'd expect an Aristophanes reference.


Coyote Ugly and Pitch Perfect. Thought they’d both be trash but was surprised. Great movies to watch late at night with friends




That movie is way better than it should be. Such a dumb premise but the actors just killed it.


> That movie is way better than it should be. Such an accurate description lol, and it's one of my favourite movies.


This is my answer as well. I thought this movie was going to be just pure stupidity, but I ended up loving it! I've seen it about a dozen times since then!


I wanted so bad to refuse to watch this movie, but it was my best friends birthday and he was so damn excited for it. We went to see it and my stomach hurt from laughing so much, I loved it.


Best running joke is waiting for Crispin Glover to lose his arm.


The Enrique Iglesias song scene kills me every time.


Dredd. I had seen it on Netflix or Hulu or somewhere similar for awhile years ago, but skipped over it every time. I'm not big into comic book movies, never read Judge Dredd, the one with Stallone was corny as hell, and I'd heard absolutely nothing about this one. So, I just assumed it was a cheap, C level reboot, and had no desire to see it. Well, one night, I was bored as hell, nothing else looked good and/or I had seen most everything I had wanted to. Dredd came back, and I said, fuck it, I'll give it a shot. I fully expected to turn it off halfway through. Turns out, not only was it a badass film, but it's one of my favorite comic based films and just one of my favorite action films of the last decade period. Dredd is fucking awesome, and I highly recommend it to this day.


Yes! It was amazing!


Deadpool. Without any context on the character and low expectations from Ryan Reynolds thought it would be kind of meh. Oh, how wrong I was.


JoJo Rabbit. It was surprisingly heartwarming, and really funny


It's so good, but I can't persuade anyone else to watch it.


Scarlett Johansson should be reason enough to give it a shot! I think it’s my favorite performance I’ve ever seen of hers.


I expected that film to be funny and shallow. I didn't expect an extremely hilarious but still powerful movie that made me cry all the way home.


Same here. I didn't think I would like the premise "Adolf Hitler as imaginary friend", but there's way more than that to the movie, and now it's one of my favourites. Also, Sam Rockwell nails it.


Captain K was my favorite character by far


Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey Jr. I saw the trailer and thought an ass-kicking Sherlock was going to be awful. Two minutes into the movie, once I saw how they were going to do it, I was all about it. I also love action/comedy, Victorian period pieces, and I am not a big Jude Law fan but I thought his casting as a bit rough around the edges, military vet doctor was great.


Happy Death Day. I was expecting a run of the mill slasher that would satiate my Halloween spirit, but it turned out to have a surprising amount of depth. Jessica Rothe was amazing as the lead, especially considering the way her character developed from a one note stereotype into an increasingly frustrated and fragile survivor. The sequel didn't really build enough on the foundation set by the first film to surpass it, but was also enjoyable.


Yo she was such a See You Next Tuesday but by the end your seriously routing for her. Seeing her character change for the better was the highlight like when she told that guy it’s cool he’s gay and all.


I really liked the scene where she finally gets lunch with her father. All the motivations behind her behavior at the start of the film click into place.


Agreed. I thought it was going to be a cheap gory horror film with a stupid and dull bunch of college protagonists. Was proven wrong.


Just watched this reluctantly on Saturday with my kid. I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed it. It was not at all what I was expecting.


Guardians of the galaxy, didn't know what it was but the Mrs wanted to watch it. What a fucking film too.


The really odd thing for me was that I had never heard of Gamora, Star Lord, Groot, or Drax. But somehow I’ve known Rocket Racooon as long as I can remember.


His name is from a Beatles song, iirc. Also he was the only Guardian in Marvel vs Capcom if you played that.


The Beatles song is Rocky Racoon. Very close.


Maybe heard in Beatles as a kid (my mum likes them). Never played MvC. Their fight game I really enjoyed was Primal Rage on the megadrive.


I couldn’t find anything to watch on Amazon, so when I was browsing through the horror section I came across District 9. All of the previous horror movies I watched on Amazon were absolutely terrible, so I clicked on it just to see what I could make fun of. Turns out, I couldn’t find a single thing wrong with that movie. Still one of my favorites today.


Kingsmen. Thought the trailer looked shite. My mum dragged me to see it. Most fun I've had in the cinema for a while.


I absolutely love Kingsmen, I didn’t expect to enjoy the weird action because I generally dont. The sequel isn’t great but still fun in my opinion.


Fight Club. Thought it was just going to be some testostrone junk. Pleasantly surprised.


It was my favorite movie for years. I’m a farm girl from west Texas, but that movie was awesome! We saw it in the theater and my dh fell asleep half way through. I made him go back the next day to see what he missed.


Baby Driver I thought it was just going to be some over the top action movie without much of a storyline. Thought it was going to be a fast and furious type film but I was surprised. They deliver all these great action sequences but the story is also incredible. You really feel for Baby and you are on the edge of your seat concerned the whole time. Excellent film. Also is probably Kevin Spacey’s last movie


It was a great film, and it was cool to watch as an Atlanta native. So many major movies are filmed here now, yet Baby Driver is the only major one that hasn't used fake California tags and actually talked about Atlanta itself as part of the plot.


Guardians of the Galaxy. I was shocked that a movie featuring a gunslinging raccoon and a talking tree could be so entertaining. It’s one of my favorite marvel movies now!


I'm trying to figure out your thought process here. Were you thinking something like, "This takes place in space and has an anthropomorphic raccoon who is fond of shooting things. This will not be entertaining."?


More like “I get this is fiction and all but come on, a raccoon and a tree as superheroes?” I thought the premise sounded dumb. But I’m happy to say the movie proved me to be very wrong in my initial impression!


And surprisingly emotional!


Tremors. Seemed like a ridiculous premise but was highly entertaining. The family ties father turned gun nut was off-putting at first but quickly turns around.


> The family ties father turned gun nut was off-putting at first but quickly turns around. I wound up loving that couple so fucking much.


Reba was hot in that movie


This just turned up on Netflix and its just as entertaining as I remember.


When I saw the first trailer for Paddington I thought it was going to be horrible. Looked like another bottom of the barrel, not even trying to be decent kids movie. But, then I heard rumblings that it was actually pretty good. And then that it was actually pretty great. Took the kids to go see it one weekend and was amazed at how good it was. We saw it several times. Then, when the sequel was announced we were certain that there was no way it could be anywhere near as good as the first one. We were right, it wasn't as good as the first one. It was better. It tops the first one in almost every way, which is not an easy thing since the first one was near perfect on its own. If there is a third Paddington movie, by the same people, I will be there on day one.


I think I might have the Blu-Ray of the first one somewhere. Great movie for all the family, kids and adults alike. The scene with Simon Farnaby was one of my favourites.


Fried Green Tomatoes. Based on the ad campaign expected something else.


Two leap to mind: Edge of tomorrow. I didn’t know about that book, I thought I was just one of those “what if we make plus ” things (in this case, Groundhog Day plus something like starship troopers). I also don’t like Cruise most of the time. But somehow it is an amazing film. Like one of my favourite action flicks. The other - detective pikachu. When I heard they were making that film I literally headdesked. Then the trailer came and I went “what the hell? That looks kinda good”. Saw it and it was a pretty good film. Not just as a Pokemon film (hell as a Pokemon film it was a masterpiece) but as any kind of film.


That's how I feel about most of Cruise's recent sci-fi films. Another shockingly good one is Oblivion.


I was surprised by how good *Idiocracy* was when it came out because the premise sounded awful. I certainly didn't expect it to become reality a decade later.


It's like a documentary. Seriously with all the anti-science, anti-vaccine, burning 5G towers and claiming Bill Gates is the devil, we are not far from that reality.




It’s what plants crave.


Star Wars I didn't think I'd like Star Wars. Turns out I love it.


You've now learned the secrets of the high ground.


You underestimate my power!


Kung-Fu Hustle. Had no idea what it was about and looked stupid af, but man! That is one smart, funny, self aware movie with some badass action too.


Despicable Me


I agree the first one is genuinely good but then the minions took over like the parasites that they are


It's frustrating because I feel like I can't even enjoy the first movie anymore. It used to be one of my favorites.


Rogue One: A Star Wars Story


One of my favourite, who am i kidding basically my favourite of the NEW star wars movies!


Can’t agree more. It’s in my Top 3 Star Wars films.


I admittedly had somewhat high expectations considering the prequels but I was still blown away. The ending surprised me and just the fact that they didn't "Disney up" the ending makes it stand out as my favorite modern star wars by far. Best cast of characters in my opinion as well.


K-2SO is one of the best Star Wars characters ever.


Slumdog Millionaire. It went from being “ughhh I don’t wanna watch this shit” to “yayyyy it’s not that expensive on amazon!”


Tropic Thunder. On paper it sounded very meh and I didn't expect it to elicit so much laughter!


I thought the same! I actually thought the beginning scenes were real commercials when I watched it first time at home. Never thought it would make me laugh so hard.


Brokeback Mountain. I wasn't expecting to be so moved by it as a straight male but when I finally got around to watching it I found the movie really emotional. It's one of the very few films that actually made me feel sad. It's a brilliant film.


Fight Club. Terrible marketing campaign. Excellent movie. Taken. I didn't see Liam Neeson as a badass throat-puncher and was pleasantly surprised.


We're The Millers. Parents took me to see this one weekend when I was visiting home and I was pissed. There was some other movie I wanted to see and it looked incredibly stupid from the trailers. Ended up loving it. It's hilarious. No ragrets


Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion.


Just the Businesswoman's Special scene alone is worth it. "What business are you in?..." Lost it hard there!


Tim Burton's Willy Wonka remake


The Sixth Sense. The trailer made it look like garbage to be honest but it is now my favourite movie. It’s genius. Oh also Click with Adam Sandler. Again, thought it was going to be bad but it made me cry and I’m not afraid to admit that.


Bladerunner 2049. I thought it would be horrible like most late sequels. But it was really good.


Galaxy Quest


I used to be a MCU hater then watched Captain America: The first avenger I ended up watching the whole franchise in less than 2 weeks...


My friends all wanted to go see a movie, and we planned to see Detective Pikachu. They had all liked pokemon as kids, but I never really got into it. I thought the movie was gonna suck, and it was just another easy cash grab, and it probably was, but I actually really enjoyed it.


Bumblebee. After so many clusterfucks, had little hope that a Transformers movie would be good. But it was a really good movie. Also, John Cena is actually quite decent.


After watching Bumblebee and True Grit 2010, I want to see Hailee Steinfeld join the MCU as Kate Bishop.


Bumblebee was a good movie. I was pleasantly surprised.


Josie and the Pussycats. It leaned hard into the ridiculous and I love watching that movie to this day.




Alita: Battle Angel.


What the Ghost in the Shell movie should have been.


The comics are AMAZING. I am not a manga person but after seeing the Alita trailer I devoured them (I work at a bookstore so had instant access). Holy shit - even better than the movie. They packed SO MUCH into the film. There’s also a two part anime on YouTube, look for it (look for the Japanese one with subtitles). The comics are excessively violent and way more in depth.


Hot Tub Time Machine


Napoleon Dynamite.


Hell yeah. This is one of my dad's favorite movies, and we've been watching it together since I was little. He can quote almost the entire thing.


Django. My husband insisted on watching it with me when we were dating. I had written it off as a Dick Flick with 0 depth. Then I watched it and now I love everything about it and want Cristoph Waltz to be miniaturized and put on my shoulder to say charming things in an Austrian accent.


Same here... I also want a miniature Christoph Waltz. Also I didn't expect to be as invested as I was. Jamie Foxx's charisma is just off the charts.


Remains of the day. All I knew it was about butlers. Turned out to be one of my all time favorites.




Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, looked to me like a trashy cash-grab. I was wrong. It was awesome.


I watched Tag last night. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I went into it thinking its a stupid concept. It could never work. But then I got into it. And then it turns out to be kinda true! I think I'd been confusing it with Pixels.


Live action sonic movie


Interview with a vampire


Speed Racer. Got slammed by critics and is one of the biggest box office flops of all time. And for the life of me I can't imagine why. It is tons of fun.


Right?! My friend works in a movie theater and one night invited me to watch this after hours with her and some other friends because it would look awesome on the big screen. It was great! I absolutely love it.


The Man From Earth. My friend wanted me to watch a film that she described as 'basically a bunch of people in a room talking, but really good.' Glad I trusted her. She also later recommended Ghost Dog, another film that could fit this question.


Sonic the Hedgehog. I was supposed to watch an Anime Movie but the Theater didn't have it so me and my friend had to go watch Sonic with my Mom and Little Brother. I was so mad and was just gonna use my phone the whole time. I saw a little part and was so interested. Ended up watching the whole thing


It was surprisingly fun and not at all terrible!


22 Jump Street Elf


Mortal Kombat. It IS terrible, and I LOVE it.


Guardians of the Galaxy I don't get in to that space movie shit only reason watched cause I promised my granddaughter I rent for her to my suprise it really liked it really funny movie


Almost every Adam Sandler movie. I learn to keep a very low expectation about him and be plesantly surprise. Water Boy is one of my favorite comedy because of this.


Billy Madison and Happy Gillmore are two of my favorites from him!


I also love Big Daddy and (I'm sorry) Mr. Deeds.


"I am very good with the sneakness sir!"


My wife and I still enjoy 50 First Dates


Kingsmen. It's pretty kick ass. I thought it would be a silly movie directed towards teenagers. I was wrong.


We had a run around High School age where we would go to what we thought was the dumbest movie out at the time. We ended up seeing some great stuff. The Fifth Element, Starship Troopers and The Mummy were all in that stretch.


Kong skull island


Happy Death Day. I went in with low expectations and ended up delighted.


Me and some friends were having a game night and we got a little tipsy and decided to find a bad horror movie to watch and laugh at. Turned on Netflix, found something that looked stupid as hell. Let me tell you something, Tucker and Dale VS. Evil is a treasure and still one of my favorite movies to this day.


Les Miserables. I thought it was decent.


Magic Mike XXL it's a classic of American Cinema. My wife put it on and I rolled my eyes and within 10 minutes I was so transfixed. It's on the same level as Easy Rider and Fellini's comedies. It's amazing.


**I See You** Based on the title and the marketing it just seems like any run of the mill horror, but the writing is surprisingly sharp, the actors are really good, and the big reveal was nothing short of genius. I had NO idea who the kidnapper was. [spoilers below for full reason] >!The story starts off very basic. A cop is tryna find a serial kidnapper of children, his teenage son is a basic kid who's actually not unlikable, and the mom is dealing with shit happening inside of her house. Throughout the movie were shown paranormal activity happening in the house, and are lead to believe it's ghosts, until a man in a mask knocks out the teen while he's alone.!< >!Then the perspective switches. We have two presumably homeless teens recording themselves invade the cop's house, which explains all the paranormal activity, one of the teens was pranking the family. His pranks become more and more sinister as the movie progresses, and NOW you're lead to believe he's the kidnapper, or at least a killer. Nothing changes this viewpoint, until the girl witnesses the cop kill one of his wife's ex's. In a panic, the girl hides in the back of his car and finds something horrifying. It was the calling card of the kidnapper: Green switchblades. The cop was the kidnapper the whole, and framed an innocent man.!< >!But, it doesn't stop there. At the end of the movie where one of the teens kills the man, the teen recognizes the officer that comes to apprehend him. The teen was not a killer, he was one of the victims of the kidnapper that got away. So, now when you look back at his pranks, knowing that he's in the kidnappers house, you can see why he acted like he did. I had to process this movie for a while to realize just how good it was. It went from a crime drama, to a ghost haunting, to a home invasion, to a race to kill the twist villian.!<


Rush. My husband wanted to go but it sounded super boring to me because it's about car racing....which I don't watch and know nothing about. It's actually a really good movie though!




....................ever heard of A silent voice


Spotlight. It's as far away from my preferred genre as you can get but it had me glued to the screen from start to finish.


Hairspray, and Cannibal! The musical.


Rubber. I can't quite explain why, but it felt so absurd and meta that it was more than just a tyre rolling around killing people.




La La Land. But I’d never tell my girlfriend that


Hobbs and Shaw. I pretty much tapped out of the Fast/Furious movies after Paul Walker died; I associated his character with wonderful memories watching the films with my brother and now that he was gone, I couldn’t do it anymore. When I heard that there would be an offshoot movie with characters that I didn’t initially mind, I dismissed it. When I saw the trailer, I doubled down as it seemed they gave everything away in it. It appeared on Amazon Prime Video, and one day I had nothing to watch and time to kill, so I thought ‘Stuff it, I’ll bite,’ and watched it. For what it was, it was entertaining and fast-paced, in terms of action and dialogue. The chemistry between Statham and Johnson was actually really good. Elba was a great villain. For a popcorn flick that I had dismissed twice, I took it back once it was over, realising I was entertained and that it was pretty good.


Grease. I thought because it was popular, it was a boring cliche......I've watched it 5 times now.


the chronicles of narnia okay stop before you yell at me, i am not into fantasy, okay?


La la land. I ended up loving it!


Solo. It was actually pretty good imo. Everyone hated on it but I liked the story