I did this when I was 3, so I barely remember it, but I’ve heard the story many times. We had just moved into a newly built house with newly painted walls, and I had a small plastic horse that I played with. Guess where the horse wanted to roam? Those brand new beige-colored drywall planes. He galloped, leaving dark footprints, he skidded to a stop a few times. Pretty soon, the land my horse galloped through was specked and striped with black. When my dad saw my masterpiece, he had to drive around the neighborhood for a few minutes so he wouldn’t hurt me. My mom soon scooped me up and I don’t remember my punishment. That’s probably the maddest I’ve ever seen either parent, even though at the time I didn’t know it.


Some guy broke my dad's car mirror and he got into a fight with him. He took a spanner out of the car and was about to hit the guy with it but my brother stopped him.


When I had my first period


Wtf why would they be pissed off at that?


One of the times they kicked my ass probably