I met a dude with 3 testicles. His specific type meant that all 3 balls were producing sperm and testosterone. There has only been somthing like 203 cases of this ever occurring in medical history including ANIMALS. This means me even meeting this guy is a statistical rarity.


Did they all taste the same?


I bet he blew LOADS. Nice.


Is his name Chad?


So does he produce more overall ~~semen~~ sperm or does he just produce it faster?


I have congenital [panhypopituitariasm](https://www.chop.edu/conditions-diseases/panhypopituitarism-children) which basically means I don’t have a pituitary gland, my immune system is really, REALLY weak, like basically non existent. Most people don’t live past five. But here I am!! Edit: thank all of you for your support! It means so so much to know that other people are going things like this. I’ll try to respond to everyone I can. Also, everyone seems to think that I’m a guy but actually I’m a girl so.😂


You type pretty good for a six year old Edit: you all sound like the teacher that you asked if you can go to the bathroom and they responded with "I don't know can you?"


My cousin has that (I addition to being severely DD)! Wasn’t supposed to live past five and is now 41!


My Dad’s stomach spontaneously turned upside down and migrated to the location of the lungs. Nobody knows why. Not my dad or the doctors. Edit: people keep asking, so I will answer some questions. He was in his mid to late 50s. It started as a hiatal hernia. Then, a bit of his intestines got pulled up into where the esophagus goes through the diaphragm. The esophagus got pulled through the same hole. Nobody knows why this happens to some people. If not surgically righted, digestion becomes impossible. It also hurts like heck.


I've heard of a wandering spleen, but his stomach? Sounds like a dead fish in a tank, just turned upside down and floated upwards...


I'm a woman and I'm colorblind. It's about a 0.5% chance in women so 16x rarer than colorblind men.


My mom is also colorblind So are her two sisters. So is my dad. ... I never stood a chance.


Game was rigged from the start.


My boyfriend is fully colorblind in 1 eye only.


How does that works ? Does it merge colors or is one dominant ?


I have O negative blood that has never been exposed to the Cytomegalovirus, making it safe for premies. I am such a sap, I got all misty eyed when the Red Cross guy told me that my blood was very special.


How common is the cytomegalovirus?


"In the United States, nearly one in three children are already infected with CMV by age five. Over half of adults by age 40 have been infected with CMV."


Wow I had no idea of this statistic. I know a little about CMV as a little girl of my friend and a girl I watch at the daycare at church was born with it, but I didn’t realize how many have had the virus. Thanks so much for sharing!


Me too! Besides donating regularly I’m on the call list when they need a “baby donation”. It also was a big plus when I donated part of my liver this spring. Edit: Thanks for the kind words and the awards everyone. Being a living organ donor is not for everybody, but I always encourage people who are able to donate blood. It’s literally the easiest thing you can do to save a life.


Damn, baby donation & take-out for Hannibal Lecter. That's dedication.


That's cool. I don't have O- but apparently my blood type IS very rare (< 1% for my nationality).


That’s awesome too tho! Be sure to donate!


I wish I could donate. I'm B+, nothing special. Because I lived in Zambia for most of my life, I might unknowingly carry a Malaria parasite in my blood and be immune, so I have to stay out of Zambia for 3 years as a quarantine.


You're lucky (assuming you aren't anyway haha). I'm English and can't donate blood anywhere because some beef I ate 30 years ago might have been off.


Shout to u my fellow Redditor if u gave blood in late 2001 u could’ve been a person able to give me blood as a premature baby. I was 1 lbs 12 ounces Woah ! Thanks for the likes 🙏🏼 my highest ever on reddit :)


I have better hearing than most people. (Especially the high frequencies) I get headaches all the time because of how noisy people and things are. I usually have to wear ear plugs to be able to sleep. I also can't yell. I have a small whistle on my keychain in case I need help.


"Especially the high frequencies." Oh god, it can be so annoying. Its getting less and less loud as i grew older. But at a younger age I could hear Bats soo loudly. Lived in an area with some never could sleep with an open window. (Nature how is screaming to move around a good idea?) Old TV used to drive me crazy too....


Used to be able to hear stuff like that. Drove me NUTS that nobody else could hear the high pitched whine of electronics. Years of loud earbud music in highschool dulled by hearing. Now I only occasionally pick up on high frequency sounds when it's quiet... Something in my room does it and I haven't figured out what yet either. D:


Do the high frequencies of people using earbuds/headphones drive you insane? I'm always asking people to turn their volume down because I can hear every high pitched noise from them and it is absolutely maddening


That and some hearing aid noise.


I have zero cavities. In fact, not a single male in my family has ever had a cavity.


Strong teeth are genetic, so that’s a great trait to pass on to your children. Along with proper oral hygiene, of course.


I've survived several devastating heart attacks. Ones with death rates around 99%.


Are you my grandfather? That tough old guy has survived multiple heart attacks. He died at the Christmas dinner table (so goes the family legend), so Grandma calls 911 but while she's on the phone he wakes back up and Grandma says, "nevermind, looks like he's fine," and HANGS UP THE PHONE. During lunch we were all saying, "Grandpa, you HAVE to go to the ER," and he just replied, " I've got an appointment on Tuesday, I'll get checked then." I have no idea how he's still alive. But I'm grateful


jeez, that guy just doesn't give enough of a shit to die.


Death keeps calling him and he hasn't cared to pick up the phone yet


Jaysus! I hope you are well now <3


Well, I'm not dead yet and that's nice.


So you've got that going for you ... which is nice


I have cervical ribs. When the doc saw it he got all nerdy and got his partner because he'd never seen them in real life before.


I once had a patient with only 4 lumbar vertebrae. Then immediately after, I had a patient with 6 lumbar vertebrae. It confused the shit out of me. None of my coworkers had seen either before.


Did you report this obvious theft to the police?


Looks like the six vertebrae guy took the saying "I have your back" literally


Read it as pertaining to the cervix and was absolutely terrified.


Ribbed for your pleasure.


TIL that cervix means "neck" and doesn't exclusively refer to the uterine cervix.


Well that is some nightmare fuel. I just imagined trying to give birth with 2 extra bones in the way.


I have a friend who had to have his surgically removed because they were causing problems.


is it visible from the outside or can you only tell with an X ray?


Mine are only visible by x-ray. I assume if they were big enough to be seen from the outside they'd have to be removed. We found them looking for a different bone problem.


I have red hair but no one else in my family does. (We traced it back to some distant relatives, and I look a ton like my dad so it wasn't the mailman).




AFAIK, red hair is a recessive gene thing. So if you carry the gene like your mother and father do, they would not have red hair. That's why you're seeing it in distant relatives. If you draw out a family tree and colour who has red hair, you'll probably be able to work out whose carrying the gene


I'm in a medical journal for a 'one in 2 million' odds type of rare tumor. My surgeon had only seen one once before, and mine was the biggest. Also wasn't caused by hormonal birth control (almost all hepatocellular adenomas are) mine was 7lbs and the size of a dinner plate. So I'm in that medical journal as 16 year old female (back in 2007) and a photo of my butt is potentially in a medical textbook that same year. I developed henoch shonlein purpura and vasculitis secondary to end stage liver failure. My doctor said it was a 'textbook case' and asked for my permission for a photo. Not sure if it was used or not. If you have a pediatric rhuematology textbook from 2008 or so by Dr Lauren Pachman let me know. Technically I should've died several times but didn't, and was lucky enough to receive a transplant in 2009. So those are some anomalies. I also moved to Alaska and married an Eskimo. Which sounds ridiculous but is true, haha. Oh, and I'm left handed- and my immediate family is all left handed as well.


That many plot twists?!


I was born with no glucose in my body, none at all. They had to jumpstart my pancreas with massive injections of blood absorbed glucose. Which worked. Don’t have diabetes, which is apparently the rare part of all that


My eyes are different colors. Left eye is turquoise and my right eye is dark blue.


I’ve heard hetrochromia is a very groovy mutation


Ok Charles Xavier


Heterochromia is pretty.


I have central heterochromia and my husband does too, although not as pronounced. None of our kids inherited it


wow, that is cool!


I have an allergy to sunlight. It’s not serious or anything, I can go outside, but I need really high SPF or I’ll get rashes all over my skin along with a terrible sunburn. And I am physically unable to tan, forever pale, I’m basically a vampire lol.


Me too. PMLE blows. My dermatologist told me to put the steroid cream on before going out in the sun (instead of waiting for the rash) and it's helped a lot. I just spent two weeks on vacation and went through two tubes of SPF 50, and half a tube of betamethasone, but the rashes were under control. The giant 50 SPF sun hat helped too.


I have been pregnant twice, both times with naturally occurring triplets. Both accidents from failed birth control (condoms, depo) Same partner too, but the eggs dropping are my fault. I just get too excited I guess! Unfortunately, I only have one living child. She’ll be two soon.


Oh I'm so sorry for your losses. My older brother died as a result of a miscarriage. Your daughter is a very special girl!


She is! So sorry about your brother. I like to think that they were just laying the ground work and testing the systems like some sort of construction engineer. Makes me feel like they were working on something and here for a purpose, not just a waste of sadness


>I like to think that they were just laying the ground work and testing the systems like some sort of construction engineer. Makes me feel like they were working on something and here for a purpose, not just a waste of sadness I love this. <3


I'm sorry for your loss! That sucks so hard.


That's really hard! So sorry that this happened to you.


I have a small benign brain tumor deep in the center of my brain doctors don't know if it's been there my whole life or if it will ever grow. Said lots of people could be walking around with brain tumors and just not know it. I found it by accident.


Me too. I had 2 Ependymoma tumors. 1 around my ear nerve the size of a D cell battery. That one was removed by a relaxing 12 hours of surgery. The other was right in the centre of my brain. 33 hits of radiation seems to have sorted it out. That was 4 years ago this month and so far so good. MRI's twice a year for 10 years. Most comon in children but I was 48. I called the remaining one Gary. Fuck you Gary! Be optimistic. Doctors are amazing!


I was born with one kidney and no other defects. To this day and age, the only "disability" I have is my eyesight.


Organ thieves are getting out of hand.. stealing from a fetus? Awful


My chest has an indentation. I've heard it called an "Angel's Kiss" or something like that. I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty self conscious about. I hate not wearing a shirt


Pectoris excavatum?


I can do this thing where I can make my entire body tingle just by activating some muscles that are a part of my abdomen and back. No idea what it is. I’ve found a few people online who can do it.


From what you're describing it sounds like voluntary piloerection. I have it too, really interesting but not that useful lol. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6071615/#idm139979772919440title


Yeah, this sounds pretty close. They describe this as self-induced goosebumps, which I would not, but I can see where they’re coming from.


Omg I have never been able to describe this thing or even told anyone about it! Wtf is it???


Holy shit I'm not alone


My earlobes don’t match. My right is attached and the my left is unattached. Never noticed anyone else to also experience this.


That's interesting!!


Strange. I heard years ago that ear lobe attachment is genetic. Like if your parents are both attached you can’t be unattached


If it helps, my mom has hers attached and my dad has his unattached. The only explanation I’ve found for it is that one of my ears followed the instructions for the dominant gene while the other followed the recessive gene.


you're probably a chimera


I have it too and a college bio professor said it’s likely that one side just mutated as it developed. It would be way cooler if I was a chimera though, so let’s hope?


Just be glad it was only a weird ear thing. Last chimera I heard of was a little girl that was half dog.


I used to be able to read ludicrously fast, no tricks, no speed reading hacks, just read super quick, and retained almost everything. not so much anymore, eyesight is kind of shot and my reading glasses slow me down...


I have syndactyly, aka webbed toes. On both feet the two toes, after the big toe, are fused together starting about halfway down. I’ve had people give me toe socks before as a gag gift..


I can run really well on all fours? I did it ALL the time as a kid, and as 27 year old mom, I still do it to freak my daughter out.


Do you put your hair over your face and pretend to walk out of the tv as well?


tried that, the home owner hit me with a baseball bat.


General grievous has entered the chat


I'm immune/highly resistant to opioids. I've been prescribed them numerous times for post-operative pain management but always complained to my doctors about them not working and still in a considerable amount of pain (removed piece of jaw bone for tooth extraction. What a bitch it was). I was also given them at high doses before surgeries with little to no results which shook doctors. I've never abused opioids previously, plus I was strongly against taking them due to it's addictive nature before finding out they're duds to me. You can just imagine the how fun surgeries or recoveries are! Good thing I rarely have surgeries in addition to a relatively high pain tolerance. Phew! Edit: typo x additional detail for clarification.


I have this too! It's lots of meds in my case, too. I require obscene amounts of general and local anesthesia, morphine does absolutely nothing to me, and Fentanyl paralyzed me while I was conscious and eventually I went into cardiac arrest. That was a fun surgery. Apparently we're one in two million for opioid immunity, so we've got that going for us!


I can wiggle my ears, have a third nipple (idk how rare it is), and my hair is naturally two distinct colors. Edit: apparently there’s a dormant muscle behind the ear that allows ppl to wiggle it. Some have it some don’t and others have it but don’t know how to use it. As for my hair, it is black with patches of a light brown chocolaty color. It tends to get me a lot of attention from women :))))


I taught myself how to wiggle my ears when I was younger cause my sister could and I was stubborn


I’m an identical twin. But I’m 8 inches taller than my brother.


"I shall call him... Mini-me!"


My last name. Only 6 people in the world have that last name. It is very easy to find me on google.


Is it blahshevik?


haha. No it isn't. Blahshevik is my pun name for social media only.


How the heck do you know there is only 6 people? Is that your family??


Yes, my parents and my aunt and uncle (but they only have daughters 2 of them lost their last name when they got married, one still unmarried). I am the only male of reproductive age with my last name.


> I am the only male of reproductive age with my last name. What a cathartic thought. You are the last hope your family has toward continuing by name. Best of luck!


Yup, no pressure at all




Ah... I was wondering how the hitlers were doing


I have the same thing/issue but there are like 30 of us. Its a pain because you cant really hide. Google is an enemy, and I am related to everyone in the world with my surname. No idea how this even happens.


I'm a Texan and I've never ridden a gun or fired a horse.




Wait a second there bucko


Finally another Texan! I moved to Ohio and everyone here was like OMG isn’t it like a desert, do you ride horses everywhere, do you live on a ranch? then I’m over here like no I hide from them aliens


Apparently, every other guy's apparatus is bigger than mine.




I was born on the 29th of February.


I have red hair and blue eyes. Seems more common in the western world, but globally it is pretty rare.




Oh yeah? I have left hair and red eyes and I'm blue handed


Most rare combination of hair/eye colors IIRC. Less than 2% of people have that combination.


Ugh. I have red hair and green eyes. I feel so basic.


Red hair is never basic!! Also, I love green eyes. 😁


One of our kids is like that. Rarest combination in the world. My wife is Chinese and I'm Chicano. I don't know how this happened.


O- blood. If I ever need a blood transfusion, I might be fucked. If anyone ELSE needs one, I gotchu


Actually I think you'd be surprised. O- is almost always in stock at the hospital because it's what they use when they don't know the patient's blood type, especially if it's an emergency. So it's almost guaranteed that they'll have some somewhere. EDIT: You also better be donating.


Im like the most useless o- there ever was.... I’m anemic :(


Awwwww... *Insert unnecessary joke about just needing a little more meat in your life.* I'm kidding, hope you get better soon? Is that something you get better/grow out of?


O- here too. We can help all but usually we’re fucked if we need it lol. I got you, brojoe!


I have unusually large lungs. My breathing rate is much slower than the average person's (1:2.5). If I relax, I can bring it down to 3 full respirations per minute.


But can you smoke a gram dab in 1 hit tho?


Green eyes is pretty rare apparently


I didn’t realize this, and I have green eyes. Ever since I was a kid, I loved having green eyes because green is my favorite color.


2% percent last time I checked


My height puts me in the top 1% of women globally


This made my day! I'm a woman and I'm 6' tall.


YES! 6’1 female here. Considered a giant as a kid according to a documentary I watched! 😜


Back in the 50s, when it was slightly more rare than 1%, my aunt used to say she was 5 foot 12. It was a bigger problem back then. She was born in 1935.


I have left over fish gills on both ears (preauricular sinus).


Oh wow, thanks for helping unravel a family mystery. Because of your post, I went and looked up preauricular sinus, which led me to info about preauricular tags. Basically the opposite of dimples, extra skin. All the women born into our family have them, the men don’t. We just called them ear bumps, and it was sort of a family joke/club.. like “you are definitely part of this family.” Every time a baby was born grandmothers and aunties would rush to check for ear bumps.


I always scored in the 99th percentile on standardized testing in school. But now I'm working a very average wage government job, so lots of good it did.




Is there a possibility you have dyscalculia? It's like the math version of dyslexia.


“I have a very sexy learning disability. What do I call it, Kif?” “Sigh, sexlexia....”


My tailbone has a vibrating sensation when I lift things. Pretty sure that's not supposed to happen.


Spider sense on your ass. Nice.


...my spidey ass is tingling


Peter Tingle in 3...2...1...


Not sure how rare it is now, but back in 1990's my parents were divorced and I, the daughter, was given full legal custody to my father. I am the first daughter in that court to be given full custody to the father. Edit: I guess I worded it strange, let me try again. My father was awarded full legal custody of the daughter, me age 4, by the court.


How did this happen? The only way I could see this going on was if you were already an independent adult and you're dad was old so he wasn't able to care for himself. Edit: I'm an idiot.


I took "Full custody TO my father" to mean the father got custody of the daughter. (I misread it at first too)


I'm the 1% that gets the rarest side effects from some medications. Also I have an extra tooth.


I quit hard drugs and make a decent living.


Awesome!!! That takes amazing resilience! Go you :)


I have a rare type of migraine that makes me vomit along side the usual headache. Some times it gives me the runs as well, and non of the known medication has worked.


I have a birth mark in the center of my forehead that is the shape of a heart. Never met anyone else with the same thing.


carebear irl


You may be a magical girl. Have you met any talking animals?


I have green eyes. Only 2% of humans have green eyes. Sorry, 5% hazel eyed people. I also have 3 kidneys.


My mother was born with four kidneys and had to have the extra two removed at a very young age. That shit is crazy to think about.




Perhaps many things, but the one that's most curious and outstanding is my controlled nystagmus. Nystagmus is muscle movement in an eye that makes it twitch at slow or rapid speeds. Most nystagmus is involuntary and the result of neurological damage, but very rarely a person has controlled nystagmus. In the same way that one can choose to cross their eyes, a person with CN can choose to vibrate their eyes, quite literally. Well, in my many years doing it as a party trick (and a very successful one, as about 66% of people seeing it either shudder or outright shriek), I've met two other people who had CN. They could each do it for approximately two or three seconds. I can do it for several minutes straight. Only reason I have to stop, beyond the fatigue of doing *any* one thing for several minutes straight, is that doing it too long gives me a bit of a headache. So yeah. That's my thing. I have the ability on command to make my eyes vibrate at an extremely rapid pace for several minutes, and I've never heard of anyone who even comes close to my record, even after researching it. Edit: I'm surprised this comment wasn't totally buried, given when I posted it! [Anyway, here's a video for people who want to know what it looks like.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_js27Xkqnw) Mine is about twice as powerful as that in terms of oscillation.


I survived cancer, so that’s cool I guess


I have a 1 in a million chance birth defect that made my right leg grow faster than my left. Its been fixed now and nobody could tell.


I'm a mono-chorionic mono-amniotic twin. Not only am I identical, but I shared a single egg with my brother and we didnt even have a dividing wall, we just floated around in there together. Usually when this happens you get siamese twins. We're "just" identical twins. Having identical twins is random. 0.3 percent of the world are identical twins. Only 1 percent of twins are what we are. So only 0.003 percent of the world are MoMo twins. There are approximately 7,349,000,000 people in the world so there are approximately 22,047,000 MoMo twins IN THE WORLD. I know I'm super late but I hope that's rare enough for you... 0.003 percent of the worlds population.


Tourette’s, it’s supposed to get better as you move out of adolescence but mine only gets worse (for the win?)


I floss everyday


Probably will get lost here, but I married my high school sweetheart who is a Mexican Ginger. Her paternal Grandpa was both and raised in Mexico (maiden name Gonzalez) and she has the red hair, pale freckled skin, and gorgeous Hazel eyes.


I was born legally blind in both eyes, had a retinal detachment at 13, had four major eye surgeries in the span of seven months, surgeries didn't work, and I am now blind in my left eye at 14. Edit: Forgot to mention that my left eye turned green after surgery. Both eyes were originally blue.


Synesthesia! Every few years I find out that something I have isn't the universal experience. Most recently I learned that visual snow isn't universal, most people just see colors without the pixels.


I have sound to taste synesthesia. Thats part of why i stay away from pop, a lot of the stuff that i hear on the radio tends to be chemically sweet.


I’m immune to poison ivy. I can’t say it’s 100% immunity (could just be a really high tolerance) since I’ve never tested it to an extreme by rubbing it all over myself, but I’ve brushed against it many times with no issues


I was born into a Mennonite family. There are around 600.000 of us in North American and 2 millions of us in the world.


Cleaning my ears with a q-tip gives me an uncontrollable urge to cough. Both ears trigger the sensation. ~3% suffer from it without an underlying medical condition (which I don't have)


I have Native Hawaiian blood. There’s probably less than a million of us.


Where did you buy this Hawaiian blood?




Oh! Also! I'm alive, out of the people that have ever lived, only 6.9% are currently alive. So you could say that if you're a human, then you have a low chance of living now.


Apparently I'm part of the 2% of people that naturally run on the balls of their feet. I can run normal, but I have to kind of think about it. It doesnt come naturally to me. It's bad tho because you can screw your bunions up while doing so. For sprinting short distances, it's fine, not distance running though...


At 52, I: - Have never broken a bone. - Have never had a cavity (removed crooked wisdom teeth; that's it). - Have not had much hair loss, pretty much a full head of hair, even if it's limp and fine. - Have, while in a family full of chronically overweight people, been skinny since I was a kid and have stayed that way without effort. I'm sure something horrible will crop up soon enough, but I've beaten a few odds so far.


I was a teen mom and 12 years later still happily married to my baby daddy.


Good for you guys :)


I’m left handed.


nice, so I am I :)


Yay, left hand gang.


I have Cystic Fibrosis, and am one of the healthiest people living with it despite the general severity of the disease. But, I also had Pulmonary Atresia as a baby (Keyword: Had). Pulmonary Atresia is supposed to be an incurable condition, and the only way to really keep it at bay throughout life is to have frequent surgeries to correct the heart as the patient grows older. When I was 6 years old, my pulmonary heart valve grew back. To this day, nobody knows why. I'm also the reason why the CDC says "may" in front of every "need". If I didn't exist, then there would be no question as to whether or not someone with Pulmonary Atresia needs open heart surgery when they're teens and young adults. [https://www.cdc.gov/ncbddd/heartdefects/pulmonaryatresia.html](https://www.cdc.gov/ncbddd/heartdefects/pulmonaryatresia.html)




I am a recovering alcoholic. 5.5 years sober. Every day I wake up with the intention to stay sober.


The recovery/lack of severe impact from my brain injury (with my type of injury, I was told I should have died or been paralyzed but here I am walking and all). Bonus stat: I’m one of the fun ones that has their tastes change after a head injury. Any time I try something I haven’t had since before the accident, I have no idea if it will taste the same or not.


instead of doing the normal progression of crawling-standing-walking-running as a toddler, i sat up, stood up, and started running full speed, on my top toes. when i learned to walk i always walked on my tip toes. now almost 20 years late, i still catch myself walking around the house on my tip toes (mostly only barefoot though).


I have autism, but I’m in the normal school programs, average honour roll, and am on student council. I have a much lesser version, but at the same time I worked very hard to get past most of my issues and today you couldn’t tell I had it if I didn’t tell you.


Ah, same here! I started out with very obvious symptoms at a young age, and was diagnosed with "Classic Autism" but through 13 years of hard work, learning about myself, and practicing,( complete with tears and frustration) my diagnosis changed to "Mild" and no one can even tell now! Now I'm just chilling in college like anyone else would, and my autism has taken a hard backseat in my life. Mad respect to you for making it this far on your journey, believe me, I know how hard it is to prove people wrong about your capabilities. 👊


Left handed and colour deficient (colour blindness)


I have tori (extra bony bits in my mouth under my tongue. ). They are more common in Asian and Inuit males. I’m a Caucasian female. Only 7-10% of people in the US have them. I also have an extra nerve in my left ear that makes me cough. I also have a chiari malformation (bit of my brain extends into my spinal column.). And green eyes.


Late to the party so this'll probably get buried but... I have grey eyes. Yeah.


I’m in my early 30s, and have never drank alcohol, done drugs, or had sex. I’ve had several girlfriends and a fiancée with whom I’ve gotten a bit frisky with, but no P in V penetration. It was on the table, but we both decided to wait til marriage (boy did that backfire when she left me a week before the wedding). I was somewhat religious, but not anymore, and figured that if I’ve gone this long without drugs and booze, I don’t really need it. Could do with a bit of sexy time though... Anyway, non-religious, non-drinker feels pretty rare a lot of the time. Also, I don’t curse or drink caffeinated beverages, so I’m all sorts of square.


I have better vision than 95% of humans. EDIT: To clarify i have 20/10 vision. I can't confirm it for certain, but i have done the test multiple times and the result was always 20/10.


I have a 1 in 40,000 genetic disorder; it's called Gitelman's Syndrome. Basically, my kidneys don't retain the necessary levels of potassium that my body needs. So instead of just eating enough bananas or potatoes, I have to take these giant horse pills. But, I feel amazing now that I know what's been making me feel lethargic for so many years! All in all, life is good. :)


I like to comment on my own posts.. I dont have a uvula, it was a casualty of a tonsillectomy a couple years back.