I mean, they did have a ship that had sustained human life for 700 years....if you remember when the captain first wakes up, he starts going over all the daily checks....”passenger count?.......unchanged.....regenerative food buffet?....unchanged....”. So they would already have the resources needed to survive long term. Plus, if the return route to Earth was already programmed in the ships computer, then Operation Recolonize probably was, too. My toddler wants to watch Wall-E at least once a day, so I’m very familiar with it lol.


I'd like to think the ship had videos and manuals for survival too


I always thought the end if the film Taken should have been a shot of the other girls parents, happily holding signs and balloons waiting for their daughter. Because in the movie it seems like they just forget that one of the kidnap victims is repeatedly raped and dies of an overdose in some horrific whore house for migrant construction workers. No one seems to really care all that much and we never even hear from or see anyone try to get in contact with the dead girls parents. The movie seems to go with the premise that it wasn't that big a deal because she wasn't a virgin


This is the first one that’s really thrown me off. Completely forgot about that poor girl.


I always think about that shit too. Like, yay Liam. Um, sorry other girl, your dad's a dud and now your family is sad.


"I don't have a lot of money, but what I also don't have is a particular set of skills. So... um... bye, I guess."


I watched that movie, and just kept thinking, "What about her friend?! Or the other poor girls?"


Their fathers didnt have a very special set of skills that make them a nightmare for people like the people that kidnapped them.


They expected it. In fact, Amanda was voted Most Likely To End Up Dead Of An Overdose In A Migrant Whorehouse in high school.


Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (the 1964 version) They pick up all the toys from the island of misfit toys. If you watch past the ending, during the credits the elves are giving the toys umbrellas and tossing them over the side of the sleigh, presumably down to the homes below. Now, aside from the fact this is enough to give OSHA a heart attack, lets assume via the same magic bringing these toys to life they are able to safely make it into the homes. If you continue watching, one of the elves picks up the bird. He looks between the bird and the umbrella, and *tosses the bird over the edge without an umbrella*. Now, for anyone who actually remembers earlier in the movie, while the toys are listing how they are misfits, *the bird says he cannot fly, he swims*. I was ~10 years old when I noticed that and pointed it out to my mom. Also, rewatching that movie at any point as an adult, Santa is a dick.


> Santa is a dick. He literally says "Shame on you" to donner for being rudolph's father. Your child has a birth defect, shame on you!


It's not even a serious defect either! It's like if your kid needed glasses. You clearly fucked up as a parent when you conceived that child and DNA did its thing.


It's a disturbing insight into 1964 that Santa reacting with such cruelty to a kid with a simple birth defect that wasn't even debilitating was seemingly plausible.


Ok I also mentioned this to my parents as well. And that Rudolph should have just told everyone to get bent b/c they all made fun of him for being different and *the only reason he was being accepted now is b/c they actually needed to use him for his nose.* If there had been no fog, nobody would have cared about Rudolph.


Everyone in that movie is an awful person. Except that one guy that likes silver and gold. I don't remember him being bad


Yukon Cornelius! I named my cat after him. He really was the only good person in that movie


He was just goofy as hell. Definitely a good guy compared to everyone else - he even reformed the Bumble!


The original airing in 1964 didn't even include Santa picking up the misfit toys, they were completely forgotten. They had to add it in to the 1965 airing because so many people were like "Uhhh what about the misfit toys!?" And yes watching that movie as an adult you realize almost all of the characters are total jerks. The real moral of that story is that people will treat you like shit until they need your help.


Toy Story: Sid now lives with the knowledge that he has been torturing living things and they might kill him. I imagine that would call for therapy and medication.


He seems to be pretty upbeat during his brief cameo in 3


Likely because, as a trash collector, he may now be in a position to save and re-home abandoned toys. This is his redemption arc.




Oh god. When my cat died I buried her with a babydoll I had since I was kid. Cat would love to take the doll and hide it from me so that’s why I put it in the box with her. Well after seeing Toy Story 3 I thought of my childhood toys being alive and I felt bad for my doll.


In the movie Up, the kid's dad abandoned him again and his only friend is knocking on death's door.


bonus is he gets a talking dog


Both the old man and the dog will likely expire around the same time though. :(


But then he has that sweet airship to blast around in. Maybe track down his absent father and bomb him from the sky. Or breed another dog army and sick them on his father. The plot for the sequel: Up: Yours! EDIT: Thanks for the gold!!


There’s a picture of Dug with a lady dog and puppies in the end credits so not all hope is lost. Plus he’s gonna be a millionaire if him and Carl sell the tech behind the talking collars


In the end of Chicken Little Foxy Loxy suffers permanent brain damage and all the other characters celebrate it


"We can fix her!" "No. She's perfect." *fucking Christ that's dark*


In the old Disney cartoon they all got eaten by the fox. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3HR9vqx9oTQ


Mass graves. With the victims' bones as the markers. That's one hell of a fucked up image.


THANK YOU. I’ve been saying this to my friends for years and they always just look at me funny and shrug it off, like “yeah but now the pig (I forget his name) and her can be happy.” It’s like Christ bud she’s practically been lobotomized.


The Ewoks ATE the stormtroopers. You do remember that they were going to cook Luke, Han & Chewie, right? Those stormtrooper helmets don't just empty themselves.


They made a canonical [animated short](https://youtu.be/Cs_vQgnVnIM) addressing that actually. The TL;DR version, Leia talks the Ewoks out if it by suggesting Han can get them some other source of food. Which he does, by bartering with Hera Syndula (The ship captain from the animated series 'Rebels')


Screw that, brutal barbaric teddy bears ftw.


I know! People go on about Ewoks being too "cute and cuddly" when they bbq stormtroopers for dinner and wanted to chewie on Chewie!


In *Ghostbusters*, not all the ghosts are necessarily evil. (Look at the scene where the Titanic docks in New York, for example.) People seem to be perfectly happy to forget that they were once people, treating them instead like an infestation of cockroaches. Congratulations. There's a very real chance your grandad's spirit is being kept in a little metal prison for eternity. And you can look forward to a chance of the exact same treatment in seventy years!


Was Slimer a human once? Can you be a human in life and turn into an unrecognizable green blob as a ghost?


[He was!](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slimer#Character) (At least, depending on how you view the canonicity of both the new movie and deleted scenes in general.) >A deleted scene from the 2016 *Ghostbusters* film was meant to expand on Slimer's origins. When he was alive, Slimer was a gangster who killed a restaurant waiter that got his order wrong, resulting in his imprisonment and execution. After his death, the Ghostbusters encounter him haunting the same restaurant, but due to the experimental nature of their equipment, they inadvertently disfigure him, destroying his legs and turning him green, before he escapes.


Which is stupid because he's a green blob before they do anything to him...


One of the Ghostbusters is gonna die first, and that's gonna lead to a tough conversation.


We miss you, Harold.


Anytime people experience a whole life which gets wiped away, and leaves them in their original state, e.g. at the end of Narnia the kids lived full lives into their mid-thirties at least, and then stumble back into the real world as children. Same thing in Jumanji and Robin Williams' character, also in the show Star vs the Forces of Evil to Marco. Imagine growing up into a full adult with full adult experience and thoughts and then going back to being a kid. You wouldn't be able to relate with anyone your age, you wouldn't be given the respect your used to from being an adult, and you wouldn't be able to enjoy your childhood because you've grown up as a different person that now doesn't exist except in your mind. That shit gives me goosebumps


Nicholas Cage in the Family Man. Your adorable children that you grew to love? They no longer exist.


That always bothered me as well. You get to be a king/queen of Narnia which means you live a life of luxury where you are respected and this goes on for a couple decades and you live as an adult with power and then all of a sudden you are yanked back into dreary old England as a kid who has to raise their hand to ask permission to use the restroom while in school. You can't even talk about it to anyone since Susan just forgets about it entirely for whatever reason. Fuck that noise, if I'm a damned king, I want to stay a king, not go back to a mundane existence where I'm a data entry clerk or something for the rest of my life.


It gets sadder when you think about how Lewis's generation of young men went off to World War One, was decimated, and then expected to return to normal British life like nothing was wrong.


I love in that Star episode, they kind of hint how different it must be for Marco. After being away for years (8 mins regular time?) he couldn’t remember the password for his computer. I wonder what else he couldn’t remember. I bet he had to figure out his class schedule again and learn names of some of his old friends again. That truly is scary.


A donkey had sex with a dragon. Shrek.


We don't know enough about dragon reproduction to rule out external fertilization of eggs. Still that involves donkey jacking off on some dragon eggs.


If D&D has taught me anything about biology, it's that the DNA of two particular creatures will stick to just about anything: humans and dragons.


Don't bring Owlbears into this. That was the result of a mad wizard's magical experimentation. You can't prove that an owl and a bear somehow did the six-legged-two-winged-interspecies-cha-cha.


I've thought about this. How is Donkey even able to fuck her? Her vagina must be massive. I bet he just crawled in there and jerked off.


That's someone's fetish


It is now


Where the hell am I going to find a dragon? Maybe I'll just have to go for second best, how big is an elephant's vagina?


Based on Rule 34, somebody must have depicted this somewhere.


Life ahhhhhh finds a way


In one of the later films Do key says that he doesn't know where babies come from. So either she cheated on him with another donkey or she roofied him.


Or he's just particularly stupid.


I think public education failed Donkey


Source Code. In that movie, the protagonist is repeatedly sent into the body of another man (a school teacher) to relive the last 8 minutes of his life in order investigate who blew up the train he is on. In the end, he discovers the bomber and stops the train from blowing up. Everyone is saved, he asks out the girl, and (his own body being ruined) continues to live in the school teacher's body. Happy ending! What.... happened to the school teacher? Another mind took over his body. Imagine this from the perspective of everyone the school teacher knew. He got on a train to go to work and then promptly disappeared. He never contacted his friends or family ever again. His own mother would not know what happened to him, and should they ever meet he will not even recognize her. His personality and mannerisms would all be wrong. The happy ending of this movie is one huge mess of a missing person/body-snatcher case, and this is just not addressed at all. This is so creepy/off-putting and makes so little sense that I get the overwhelming impression that this was some last minute studio meddling, and not the actual intended ending of the film.


Yes! That film was excellent right up to that final scene. If it had just ended on that shot in the train it would have been perfect - one final shot at the simulation, make the perfect play where everyone's happy. Instead, stupid time travel and personality replacement...


I'm almost certain that that was where the movie was originally supposed to end. The situation is just creepy when you think of it from the love interest's perspective. I think it's said that the girl and the school teacher see each other all the time on the train. I think it was maybe implied that they were making eyes at each other for a while. But then when she finally gets together with him, it's a completely different man behind those eyes. She doesn't even know. A different man who has been there for just 8 minutes. What the hell.


Cliched, but the Toy Story franchise continually kicks the can down the road. *But what about when Andy grows up?* Oh, he donated it to a little girl. *Okay, well, then what about when she grows up?* Uh e: Oh, bo peep was sold, not thrown away. Thanks, u/MrsLadyMadonna !


Bo peep got sold at a yard sale and when the little girl grows up her toys will be donated to the daycare her mother runs and without lotso the daycare is a much nicer place.


Snowpiercer. At the end the kiddos come out of the train, and they're about to embark on their outside adventure. To show hope, they show a polar bear in the distance (to show there is life on the outside). First thing I thought was 'oh dang those kids gunna get ate'.


In the book the main character realizes that he infected the whole train with some rear car disease and everyone died as well. So the source material certainly didn't encourage a happy ending


And he's trapped in a tiny room with only surveillance camera feeds for company until they all blink out one by one...


And if either is killed, so is all of humanity. *Or* if they're not killed and go on to repopulate - just picture the incest for the next few generations.


Maybe, maybe not: there could have been other survivors, in other train cars. We don't know for certain, that there aren't. There were hundreds (thousands?) of passengers - I don't think it's statistically likely that all of them would die.


I think the point is since there's life that survived outside the train, there may be more people out there.


*Chris Evans crying* "I know babies taste best" The most epic line in the entire movie


But then also being grossed out that they are all eating processed cockroaches?


That part broke my suspension of disbelief. They've been crammed into a train car for the past 17+ years, with nothing to eat but lousy-tasting protein bars, and they go "eww!" when they find out the bars are made out of cockroaches? I'd be fucking ecstatic knowing the bars aren't made out of dead bodies or literal shit.


I can't imagine how anyone watching that didn't just assume that they're be dead one way or another very soon. Out in the freezing cold with absolutely no resources. I thought it was just a kind of bittersweet 'at least they get to die back in nature in the real world' kinda thing.


50 first dates. I know that they apparently had a happy ending at the end of the film, but Henry is in for one of the roughest marriages imaginable, same with Lucy. I can't imagine the heartbreak of seeing the love of your life waking up every morning and asking who you are, having to document everything to convince her that you do love each other and have for a long time. The fear that she would feel if they ever decided to have kids, meeting kids/grandkids she never remembers having (let alone meeting). The shock of looking in the mirror and finding out that you've aged 30 years, seeing the pain on your (apparent) partners face as he's seen you have this realization hundreds of times before. While a sweet movie about love persevering, their life is going to be a painful one. Edit: [Clive Wearing](https://www.theguardian.com/books/2005/jan/23/biography.features3) is a good example of how much stress severe amnesia can have on a relationship.


At the end of the movie they have a daughter. THAT's horrifying. There were many days where she woke up pregnant on a boat with a man she didn't know.


they're on a boat so she can't run away


Because of the implication.


Adam Sandler, are you planning on hurting this woman?


*I'm not gonna hurt these women! Why would I ever hurt these women? I feel like you're not getting this at all!*


Look she’s out there all alone, I ask her if she wants to watch one of my movies what’s she gonna do, say no?


Could you imagine explaining all this to a young kid? Sorry Sweetie, Mommy just is going to forget you exsist every time she goes to sleep...


It wouldn't seem weird if she was raised with it. They live on a boat in the artic. It would be all she knew.


Exactly. It's a declaration of love that he's willing to be with her despite her amnesia, but it conveniently leaves out so many of the less romantic, more horrifying problems that they inevitably (or will inevitably) hit along the way.


But the movie's implication is that he had become fundamentally familiar to her despite the condition. The paintings and all that. Not maybe enough that she remembers everything, but enough that when she wakes up, the person she was just dreaming about is still there.


Yea, there was a guy with a similar condition IRL. He couldn't form normal new memories, but he could form impressions and emotional ones. He once drew the layout of his last apartment, for example, even if he couldn't quite remember it.


But she does remember him a little bit, that is the only reason they were together in the end. He left her in the facility that could take care of her but went back to find out if she remembered him at all. She did say no but she *recognized* him enough to bring him up into her studio which was covered in pictures of his silhouette. Not only did she recognize him but she knew that they were connected somehow. So while its not the same as completely remembering him and her daughter, she still remembered him just enough to know she loved him. If that wasn't the case they never would have been married.


Sing. The mouse, Mike, is caught by the Russian mob bears, but saved by his lady mouse. They drive off, but one bear is seen hanging on the back of the car, grinning evilly. They are never seen in the rest of the movie, and especially in the photo of the reopened theater with everyone from the key roles standing outside. Mike and his lady friend got fucking eaten by Russian mobster bears. No one ever mentions it.


My kids watched that movie everyday for a week and I noticed that too! I didn't like Mike or that lady mouse anyways.


I read somewhere that it could've been done intentionally. If I remember correctly it's a TV Trope called "What Happened To The Mouse?", which means when a minor character or storyline is dropped for no apparent reason. Also I've been thinking, if Mike really got eaten by the bears, is it murder? Should the bears be arrested and charged for it? Hell, what do animals in Catalonia eat? It's been bothering me a lot...


Mike was a dick though.


But man can Seth MacFarlane sing...


When I was little I had a book called Alumette or The little Match girl. The book is about an orphan who sells matches during the time when the lighters were becoming available. She is poor and hungry and it is Christmas time, she strikes her last match and makes a wish for food, presents, and warmth. In the book her wish is granted. Santa Claus brings down a cornucopia of blankets, food, and presents. Disney made an animated short of this and apparently she dies in the end. When I was younger and believed in Santa Claus I simply thought the girls wish came true and it was a happy ending. Watching the animated short as an adult made me realize that she died, and the story is absolutely heartbreaking.


I read a version of it, but it wasn't Santa, it was her grandmother. Her very old and dead grandmother. So you could read it as Grandma leading the child to heaven. Also as my sister pointed out when we watched the Disney short: hallucinations are a symptom of Hypothermia


Yeah that's the original by Hans Christian Andersen, just a short story about a dying child :(


Most horror movies: congratulations, you survived the onslaught, found your true strength, and vanquished the unkillable demonic slasher! Happy ending! Most of your friends are dead! You watched them die horribly! Lots of property has been destroyed, maybe even in your own house! It sure will be hard to get over your PTSD when you're constantly finding fragments of your boyfriend's skull embedded in the bedroom wall! On the bright side, somebody else will probably clean up the carnage because you'll be in prison! "It wasn't me, it was the unkillable demonic slasher! Remember tha guy who died here many years ago? Well he came back with supernatural powers and *he* killed everybody, not me. See? It all makes sense." Also, unkillable demonic slashers exist.


That's why Terminator 2 was awesome - Sarah Connor didn't just forget about the shit she saw, she started getting ready for more.


Everybody who sees Terminators are dead or insane. Good writing.


> Also, unkillable demonic slashers exist. This is the big takeaway. Once you know ghosts exist, and can (and do) hurt living beings, how could you *ever* feel safe again?


Hey if you know that these bad things are real, then maybe the good things are too. Its a world of possibilities at that point.


But the good things didn't show up to help. You're sitting there hoping there's a Heaven while you're tied up watching your friends being eaten before it's your turn.


"Oh hidy ho officer, we've had a doozy of a day. There we were minding our own business, just doing chores around the house, when kids started killing themselves all over my property."


Do we look like a couple psycho killers to you?


“Hey lady! We’ve got your friend!”


Don't forget that once you have seen something supernatural like that you start to think that it can happen again. "We sealed away that immortal evil being, now we are save and everything is over." Uuuh, I don't think it works that way.


The Friday the 13th movies (After a point,) Made it pretty clear that Jason was not a temporary problem. He ALWAYS seemed to find a way back.


Even in fucking space


*Especially* in fucking space.


Immagine looking at a scientific textbook and knowing everything it is wrong, ghosts are real, physics is bullshit, and everyone thinks I'm insane which I just might be from the revelation


Relevant xkcd: https://xkcd.com/693/


After watching Get Out, I was thinking that the protagonist Chris will never be able to live a normal life again after going through that ordeal.


There were a lot of people at the silent auction, any one of them could be coming after Chris now. Plus, all of his identification is still at the house, which might not have entirely burned down.


I like how in Ash VS the Evil Dead they address the fact that no one believes Ash about what happened, and all the deaths got pinned on him. Edit: removed my excessive commas


Ashy Slashy




*Labyrinth*- Sarah and Toby get away, but all that does is let Jareth go to some other girl's house and steal the baby there. And he's been doing it for hundreds, if not thousands of years, judging by the number of goblins in the labyrinth.


Yeah, but the goblins seem really happy.


They living rent free too.


I don't think so. She defeated Jareth at the end, and to me I see this as his final destruction. Someone finally stood up to him. All those goblins he has are actual previous babies he's stolen (fan theory) and no one has been able to win their sibling/child back from him until her. Now he's gone.


Considering the end sequence has all of them in her room I agree. I think that shows that Jareth is now gone and they're able to come and go as they please.


He was in his owl form at the end. Still there. Watching.


At the end of 'the Last Unicorn,' Amalthea notes that she is the only one of her kind to know what regret feels like, thus setting her apart from the other unicorns. Amalthea, who went through hell to rescue her sisters, will never be the creature she once was ever again. Still one of the saddest "happy" endings I can remember.


Molly Grue has the happiest outcome; she was a bitter, miserable bitch who longed for a life of adventure and romance and ended up taking care of a pack of misfit man-children playing at forest bandits. Her rant to the Unicorn, "How *dare* you come to me now? When I'm *this*?" She feels like she's stuck, that her life has been a waste, that her childhood dreams were dead and the best she could do was endure a threadbare existence as far as it is possible to get from the purity and beauty of a Unicorn. Molly felt like a ruined woman, and the Unicorn *apologised*. Treated her with respect and accepted that Molly had a right to her injured feelings. When I was a kid, I didn't understand how Molly went from anger to "I'm coming too." But from an older perspective, it makes sense. Finally, after all that, she gets the epic quest she always wanted. She has a chance to move past the pain and disappointment of her youth, and she seizes it. Molly knows heartache and hopeless longing better than anyone, and that makes her an excellent mentor for the lovesick Lir and for the utterly bewildered Amalthea. At the end, she knows that her role in this adventure was minor, but vital, and she can move on with her life. She will live forever, carried in the fond memories of the bravest, craziest, rarest of unicorns.


There was a side to Molly’s heartache that I didn’t realize the first time I read The Last Unicorn: Unicorns only appear to young virgins. I still understood the sentiment of lost innocence, but I didn’t learn till later that side of their history. Also, whoever did Molly’s voice in the animated movie deserves an award.


I watched it for the first time as an adult, and that scene with her had me crying. It's basically the "my Hogwarts letter never came, and I stopped believing in magic, and I did what I had to do to get by, and now I'm shown that it all exists and I could have been looking for it all this time instead of merely getting by?" of every little girl who grew up. Back before Disney Princesses were a staple.


I love that scene, because it's a perfect summing up of the emotions of the film. **Unicorn:** I am a little afraid to go home. I have been mortal, and some part of me is mortal yet. I am no longer like the others, for no unicorn was ever born who could regret, but I now I do. I regret. **Schmendrick:** I am sorry. I have done you evil and I cannot undo it. **Unicorn:** No. Unicorns are in the world again. No sorrow will live in me with that joy-save one...And I thank you for that part, too. I can't think of another G-rated kids movie written like that. Pixar and Ghibli come pretty close, but that is some heavy stuff right there.


Right after he turns her human: **Amalthea:** I wish you had let the Red Bull take me, I wish you had left me to the Harpy! *I can feel this body dying all around me!*


Jesus Christ where has this movie been all my life, I need to watch it


It's one of a kind. Christopher Lee is great in it, too.


Fun Fact du Jour: The studio that created The Last Unicorn went on to turn into Studio Ghibli. >For anime fans, Topcraft’s legacy endures even today. You see, two years after The Last Unicorn, the studio was employed to produce another movie in 1984. It was supervised by the writer and director of the film–one Hayao Miyazaki. You may have heard of him. The movie, as some of you have undoubtedly guessed by now, was Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. The smashing success of that film led to the creation of Studio Ghibli in 1985. When Ghibli was founded, most of Topcraft’s staff and artists were brought on board. The rest, as they say, is history. https://www.toonzone.net/did-you-know-this-was-anime-the-last-unicorn/


That entire movie is just a huge downer. "I can feel this body dying!" Saw it in college and not as a kid. Was still scarred for life.




In traditional folklore, centaurs often brutally raped people. In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix when Dolores Umbridge gets dragged off by the centaurs, you just assume they'll do something else with her besides violently rape her, but anyone who knows the mythology behind centaurs knows better..


If you read the book, Ron even makes mention that Umbridge freaks out at the sound of hooves clopping, which Ron mimics and Umbridge, understandably, freaks out at.


Nessus from Disney's Hercules suddenly makes a lot more sense now *oh god poor Meg.*


The Brave Little Toaster. The movie portrays cartoon appliances with adult problems like mental disorders, incarceration, abandonment, and suicide.




That scene nearly gave me a full on panic attack.


Elysium. Elysium becomes a slum within 30 years.


God what a weird ending. The planet is overpopulated and the ending is all those poor people getting medical treatment. None of this will solve the problem of overpopulation, illness and disease was presumably the only thing keeping that under control so now the last bastion of humanity is destroyed and Earth is still terrible. Presumably some group/gang will take control of Elysium and exclude all other people, returning to a hierachy of the haves and havenots within a decade. The theory goes this ending is intentional on the part of the Director, who's not afraid to get political, but it's still bizarre.


*District 9* - sweet, that nice alien managed to escape! Now his entire race - race with technology much, much more advanced than ours - knows that we keep their brethen in concentration camps. Oh, and that our scientists are going full Mengele on them. Boy, they sure will be happy to give us a friendly visit! edit: suprisingly, not too late for the party.


Groundhog Day: This dude has lived in a sandbox world where other people don't seem to pay the consequences for his bad choices for thousands of years, and where all of his operating knowledge is about a small town in Pennsylvania. He knows EVERYTHING about EVERYONE, and his first choice is to remain there. Sure, he seems altruistic at first, but he's used to having pretty much all the power. I just don't see this going well. He doesn't even seem happy so much as manic at the end. It's like when you start cheating in a video game, telling yourself you'll reload and play for real, but because you've already experienced god mode, it's just not quite as fun anymore.




There is a sequel story the original author wrote that has shows what happened to Oskar and Eli. Eli turns oscar to a vampire and they live happily ever after murdering to their hearts content. The first one was just a pedophile who eli was using for protection and to help feed. Oskar was different for eli.


I always thought the end of titanic was sad for Rose’s husband. When he dies and goes to the afterlife of the film, he’s going to find the wife that he loved and raised children with dancing with some dude she banged on a boat when she was younger.


This is basically the scenario for any person who was widowed/widowered, and remarries. In real life, even, if you believe in an afterlife.




The ewok's moon was devastated: http://www.iflscience.com/space/death-star-iis-destruction-may-have-doomed-ewoks-say-scientists/ However, some say that this was merely Imperial propaganda: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Endor_Holocaust


Back To The Future is probably the typical one, yeah? Everyone he knew as his parents, his girlfriend, even Biff is essentially a different person, and he to them. Even worse is if those timelines still exist and play out, so his family is filing a missing persons report and his girl is bawling her eyes out while he's riding around in his new truck with people he doesn't even really know.


Considering it takes meta-time for the changes to come through to time travelers. The memories of the old siblings might fade, and be replaced with the new siblings. Just like the photograph.


Marty's dad will always look at him, and see that he's the spitting image of this 'Calvin Klein' guy that he and his wife knew in high school.


Right?? Even as a kid, this was one of my first unanswered questions about my favorite movie. Like, they remember what Calvin Klein looked like from high school, now suddenly their youngest looks just like him.


>Okay... we got an idea... for the next big family-action-comedy. All right, it's about a guy named Marty, and he's very lazy. He's always sleeping late. >Okay. Is he cool like Ferris Bueller? >Nooo. But he does have this best friend who's, you know, a disgraced... nuclear physicist.


An episode of Doctor Who - Love and Monsters. [One of the main characters is resurrected as a face on a paving slab. She lives with her boyfriend and is confirmed to still have an active sex life. She is doomed to live the rest of her life as an inanimate piece of concrete giving her boyfriend endless blowjobs.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ipd7soyqGI)


What the fuck


I know right? Doctor Who has been a huge part of my life ever since I was a child, and this is a part that I like to pretend never happened.


Fun fact, the bad guy monster in that episode (Peter Kay IIRC) was designed by a Blue Peter competition winner.


Best part of that was the kid's reaction to the final suit. Apparently it was _supposed_ to be the size of a double-decker bus. "...well you didn't put that on your bit of paper, did you?"


The most horrifying part for me is having to live the rest of your life as an immortal piece of pavement. She says "it's quite peaceful" but it actually seems like a tortured existence


"I don't mind the situation." "You're lying. You hate your life." "... No, it's fine. Lots of people go through far worse and don't get to have a peaceful life with someone they love." "Nope, you're miserable. Your existence is torture." "Uhhh."




My favorite thing about Doctor Who is that he seems to have an unlimited capacity for both good and evil. He's benevolent, he really does help people, but he causes harm that even Lovecraft might say is a bit too dark. Even to his companions who really are like pets to him, he puts them in unfathomable danger risking fates much worse that death, and he does it because he's lonely and wants a friend to adventure with. Of course a show about a nearly immortal alien doing ordinary things with ordinary people wouldn't be very interesting. . I like to think of the Doctor as basically the devil. A lot of stories about the devil involve him having a pleasant and friendly appearance, spontaneously appears and offers someone a reward or brings them on an adventure, and then dooms them to some horrific fate. That's kind of my own fan theory - The Doctor is the inspiration for the devil and similar characters in other cultures and history, he's literally Satan.


The devil/Satan actually might be a good comparison for the doctor. Satan was cast out of heaven, for not wanting to play by the rules. The doctor ran away from galifrey for not wanting to follow the rules, and was eventually banished. I'd say he's more chaotic-good than the devil (who came to be angry and vindictive about 've cast out of heaven, while the doctor doesn't seem to bothered by it).


UP , the kid is going to lose his best friend and father figure in a matter of years


Truman seemed pretty okay with living on a dystopian Earth where people hold him captive for their entertainment and self created nostalgia.


Idk, he's gonna be pretty fucked up regardless. I think he's just happy to know the truth, after so much seemed "wrong" for so long.


Mary Poppins ends with in 1910. Those kids have got two world wars to get through


Pretty much any movie set in the modern/"real" world where the main character discovers that magic and supernatural stuff exists, whether it be something as simple as werewolves or an entire Narnia-type fantasy universe. It pretty much shatters your entire view of reality, like, holy shit, magic is real. What else is real? Fairies? Wizards? Cthulhu? Are there invisible beings lurking around every corner? How deep does this rabbit hole go? I'd go on but I'll just [drop this relevant XKCD comic here](https://xkcd.com/693/) and leave it at that.


This happens in chronicles of narnia. The children got through tough times when living after narnia. They were kings and queens ruling a land they saved. Then bam they are back in the real world and life sucks for them. Granted they get to go back but still. It would suck.


Finding Nemo - Awesome, they escaped the dentist and are now trapped in plastic bags in the ocean, waiting to starve to death


Alternatively, the puffer-fish can pop his bag, then pop the bags of his friends so that they all escape.


Yeah, that's kind of what I theorised, but it's left up to the viewer


Aaaaaactually they appear post credits in Finding Dory... Still in their bags... a year later... alive.


*How To Train Your Dragon 2* had a seemingly happy ending but it was only possible because Hiccup was motivated by Stoick's death. Stoick died because Toothless was being mind controlled. For a kids movie, it's pretty dark if you ask me.


I look forward to reading the Cracked.com article with the top answers in a few days.




he also lost natalie portman apparently


It was a mutual dumping!


In a way, I understand why the writers wrote it that way, where everything about Thor and his homeworld established previously got destroyed, the whole goal was to revamp the boring Thor character to something more entertaining and I think they did it wonderfully, his power was no longer just a strong dude with a hammer, now he has sparkles Though the ending and the overall tone does feel jarring considering the events


The Graduate is a classic example. Sure they run off together, but the lingering shot of their smiles fading tells us that their youthful spontaneity doesn't guarantee their happiness in the long run.


This is the unseen ending to nearly every romance movie. Love isn't about the big gestures, and The Graduate is the only movie that shows you what happens after.


They have the look of "Oh god what have we done!"


I've read somewhere that the director purposefully didn't tell them that he was extending the scene in order to get a genuine awkward, uncomfortable reaction from them.


The one that annoys me the most, even if I really enjoyed the movie, is Kingsmen. The villain fucking succeeded! Imagine living in a world where electronics can cause rage inducing feelings. People would be abandoning technology in a world that isn't prepared for that. I mean, sure, people can romanticize living in the Wild West or Hunter-Gatherer but there's a reason why people weren't considered adults until 13ish. They didn't know how to succeed in that life until 10 years or so of training. Now you're dumping the entire Western technocrat society into such a state. They can't survive. On top of this, if Sam Jackson's penetration into various world leaders is ubiquitous as it seemed, that also means that there was no one left to take command of the clusterfuck. He didn't target just politicians but performers and celebrities. With people jokingly saying how The Rock should run for office and how people praised Schwarzenegger's reign as Congressmen, it's obvious that charismatic celebrities can use that to obtain positions of power. Except they're all dead. Anybody who lived on the East Coast from the great blackout fifteen years back would remember how tense things were after a few days. Now, instead, there's no one figuring out how to turn the lights back on plus there isn't a few days of grace before people get violent. The violence has already happened. So, to set the stage, you have a population that just began attacking each other from technology. When they stop and look around, some old rivalries might have been reignited. On top of this, people are going to drop technology and live a life they're not prepared for. There will be no leadership or voice due to their eradication, which means that people are going to have to determine who is a leader. That is rarely peaceful.


Plus don't forget just how many babies died off screen. We saw Eggsy's mum struggle to get at her baby, stopping just barely in time, but that's only because she was tipped off and saved her baby from herself. How many hundreds of millions of babies and toddlers were slaughtered across the globe because the adults around them WEREN'T tipped off? There's realistically an entire generation that's been brutally murdered thanks to Valentine's Plan. The New Silent Generation.


And think about the reaction after the fact. Holy shit, you just killed your baby - the guilt would be mind blowing.... pun intended.


Worst part is that it NEVER gets addressed. Sure there are some of the prisoners that didn't get chipped, but so far that's been a few select politicians/royalty and Elton John. They even make jokes about it in the second movie!


Big. I mean...he had sex with an adult while he was technically still a minor, plus he's having to return to his parents who up until now believed he'd been kidnapped by a strange man. Good luck explaining all that to them.


It gets worse. Tom Hanks wasn’t a nobody in his adult life. He had a job, an apartment, and friends. He was a big shot. Now that he’s gone people are going to start asking questions. His girlfriend will become a prime suspect in his disappearance. What’s she going to say? He turned into a child? At best she gets committed to a mental institution, at worst they believe her and track down the kid. And then what? They’ll find that there’s a carnival machine *that grants wishes* and it’s just sitting there in the open. We’ve never established that there are any rules for Zoltar. He grants Hank’s wish twice. What are the limits to its power? What happens when some rogue general finds it and uses it to raise a personal army? Zoltar could be the death of humanity for all we know.


Return of the Jedi. Not the Endor holocaust, but the fact that there's no government and not really enough military to peacekeep after both sides slug it out during and after Endor. The senate was disbanded, massive military installations were destroyed, heads of state were killed, that's a lot of instability for people to deal with. I would have imagined that most settled worlds would opt for isolationism, or others would band together for ad-hoc alliances to protect each other and their interests. We never learn to what degree the rebels are sanctioned by planetary governors or the disbanded senators, and even if they just sat back down into their senate seats, would they need to choose a chancellor? Would they even dare to?


Whiplash. The final scene looks like the kid has accomplished his dream whilst his dad looked on in amazement. If you delve deeper into it and listen to what the director was going for, then rewatch it, you can really make out that the dad was watching his son go into a deep downward spiral and lose his child. This is backed up by hints dropped in prior scenes that he'd rather die young but be well known over living a long life but never achieve his dream. That film is an amazing piece of artwork.




I always saw the ending as a kind of suicide


I mean the bad guy ( Simmons) wins and is happy that he literally broke this kid to be the next incredible drummer.


The whole point of Whiplash is to ask the question: is it better to burn out, die young, and have your name last forever, or enjoy life and fade into anonymity? If someone chooses to answer that question with the former, yeah it might hurt their family and friends but it's their choice and it's a legitimate one. The fact that the rest of us love comfort too much to do that doesn't mean they're wrong.


The mother of Achilles was faced with the same choice. He was prophesied to either have a short life of great renown or a long life of obscurity. His mother (a demigod) tried to hide him from the Trojan War, leading to [Achilles on Skyros](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Achilles_on_Skyros?wprov=sfla1).


Remy in Ratatoullie would be dead shortly after his restaurant opened. Rats only live about 2 years.