Men who suddenly lost your interest in someone but for a weird reason, what was it??

She accused me of cheating on her in a past life.


She accused me of cheating on her in a past life.


Well, did you?


I told her “ I don’t remember that”


Sounds like something someone who cheated in a past life would say!


A elderly gentlemen fell in front of us, he took a nasty fall. She found it hilarious, instead of helping she just stood there laughing. I helped that person out and I felt so embarrassed for her behavior. Also that was the last time I saw her. It was a major turn off for me




That’s downright evil


Everytime I would stand close to her, I could smell piss. I thought maybe she was going through her periods or some UTI but the smell was consistent for days and very strong. I just couldn’t associate such a pretty face with such smell so I backed out. Also, some people say I have a strong sense of smell so that could be it as well.


UTI maybe, poor hygiene maybe or it could be that she was on drugs. people that take mephedrone smell like cat piss, the reason its called meow-meow on the streets.


What baffled me the most that she was very well put together, in general. Clean clothes, nice hair, good makeup and all in all well put don’t know what was down there.


So I had one student in class (this is undergraduate level) who REEKED of cat urine. I couldn't stand to be within 10 feet of him. Yet other students seemed to happily sit next to him. Out of an abundance of caution, I brought it up to the head prof (like, IDK, were they making meth at home or something? Or was it some kind of sign of abuse?). Investigation turned up nothing untoward--nor did the head prof detect any such odor. Upon some research, I think the most likely explanation was androstenone, sometimes used in cheap cologne. Per Wikipedia, depending on which genes you have: "...it is reported to be an unpleasant, sweaty, urinous smell, a woody smell, or even a pleasant floral smell." I guess--lucky me--I got the genes for the first option. Maybe you too?


The way she treated her children, her boy was permitted everything and her daughter had to follow very strict rules.


I invited the girl from my psych course I'd been vibing with to a party. Her car rolled up and I came out to greet her, but it was a dude's car, and she was drunkenly making out with him as I walked up. I didn't flip out or anything, but she slurred her way through some weird attempt at reassuring me that I shouldn't worry, 'cause she was only sleeping with him to punish him because he was a bad guy (apparently that's a thing she does), and that I was a good guy. I didn't ask what happened to good guys. I felt bad for her date, whom she completely ignored the rest of the night. As for the girl, she ended up totally engrossed with the party host's gerbil, tapping on the glass of its cage whispering how she wanted to kill it. I found somewhere new to sit in psych class for the rest of the semester.


this one is actually so…. unhinged sounding


For real. It was some Patrick Bateman-level shit too, 'cause I had no previous indication, and there were literally professional headshots of her in the hallways and college brochure, 'cause she was on the college's student council.


She kept buying me stuff. It was nice at first but she kept doing it weekly and demanded I give gifts in return. I asked her to stop and she said "nope this is what I do." Felt like she didn't even care about what I wanted.


I started dating this girl and realized she took two minute showers and didn’t really clean herself.. she would stand under the water and effortlessly rub soap on herself like a child. It’s almost as if she hated showers. Never once saw her scrub her feet or anything… nonetheless she didn’t wipe the best either after taking a dump and I’d be lying if I said their wasn’t lingering poop smells during sex… hygiene is important my friends. Nothing better than someone who loves to take care of themselves!


> I’d be lying if I said their wasn’t lingering poop smells during sex… ewww.


I forget how it came out but at some point I learned that my ex literally never washed his butthole while bathing. He thought it was weird that I did. Thinking about his unwashed butthole even to this day makes me feel queasy.


my ex didn’t wash his either 😭 said it was gay


I’d been talking to this girl in class I thought was really cool. We ended up going for a bite after class one day and she suggested we go hang out in my dorm room. Hell yeah. Then she took off her glasses and she looked *exactly* like my mom. It was so jarring I excused myself to the bathroom to regroup, but when I came back I couldn’t unsee my mom’s face on her. I made some lame excuse and went back alone. I felt bad about bailing on her but I also how the hell would I tell her the real reason? Either she thinks I’m a weirdo or thinks I’m saying she looks like she’s in her fifties.


A guy at a party once told me I looked like his mom. Then he tried to make out with me.


Was it your son?


it was his birthday party.


"The glasses stay on during sex, it's pretty hot" Fixed...?


But then she takes them off to shower right afterwards, leaving you with... regrets


Brings scuba goggles into the shower, “You’ll look gorgeous in them, I promise”


They smelled wrong.


I did this. Tried explaining to my friend and they kept insisting that the person didn’t smell ‘bad’. I couldn’t get my friend to understand that it wasn’t ‘bad’, just wrong. Something about their smell was just not right, still not sure how else to explain it and I’ve never experienced it since.


There are scent profiles which people can pick up on and the more you like someone's scent the more genetically different their immune systems tend to be from yours. Women are particularly sensitive to this, and partners who smell better to their partner have better relationship happiness and more frequent sex.


That’s really interesting I always gravitate towards men that smell good but no one else can notice the smell. I don’t like cologne so it’s not their cologne they just smell like comfort and love idk how to explain it.


It’s actually a thing, if someone smells attractive to you it’s because they’re genetically different than you which would lead to better offspring etc I learnt about it in biology in high school 20 odd years ago and it just made so much sense why the girl at school everyone found hot just didn’t smell right to me


I’ve heard about this, like the sibling scent thing; females with brothers are often repulsed by the smell of their sibling’s bedroom? Never thought it it related to absolute random people you’re not related to. I may have to look further into it!


Some people also have horrific hygeine & their room bastes in that misfortune of scents.


My mate ghosted a girl simply because he didn't like her cadence when she spoke.


Imagine dating someone who spoke like Obama when he *first* started giving presidential speeches? >My darling...tonight has been...the best night so far...the dinner was absolutely...spectacular. And even though...the waiter was..slow...I was happy...because it gave me all the more time...........to be...with you.


Now let me be perfectly clear...the casserole...amazing


She spat in her hands and rubbed them together because she “needed to wash them”. I cannot describe the colossal speed at which that switch turned off.


Was she some sort of 1930’s farm hand or construction worker?


Switch turned off? I think that tripped the circuit breaker.


I don't think you understand the colossal speed at which you were about to get whacked off.


This whole thing is like a Seinfeld episode generator


This was me, but heard from a family member about their co-worker. Apparently this guy was happily married with kids for years, then had a stroke. Sadly he instantly hated his wife and his kids, and got a divorce. Complete personality change at work to. That, as a husband and father scares me if it happens to us.


Heard a similar story from a co-worker - woman got a brain tumour and her whole personality changed. She split up from her husband and was being really vile during the whole process. Had the operation and was back to being the lovely person she’d been before.


I read somewhere that tumors in a certain area of the brain (can't remember which region) are colloquially known in the medical field as "the asshole tumor" because of personality changes like you described. That would be a really heartbreaking situation to be in, knowing that it's not their fault but still being treated horribly by a loved one. I'm told something similar happened with my maternal grandmother before she passed. I was too young to really remember, but family members described her having a stroke and becoming an unrecognizable asshole overnight.


Jesus fuck, take it from me, do NOT google “asshole tumor”. I need to go lie down.


Maybe putting brain in that search would have garnered more... accurate results lmao


"Asshole tumor brain" had about the same success


Prefrontal cortex is the region.


Stroke brain. Many people's personalities change after a stroke.


Yeah, my dad went from being an arsehole to a nice guy, after his stroke.. and my ex's mum, she went from a lovely and caring woman, to a really mean, jealous, impatient, judgemental scary lady, after her 2 strokes


Different strokes for different folks, I guess


Omfg you're going to hell for that. You'll have the company of us laughers


Best movie to watch about how brain damage can change a person-Regarding Henry. My husband suffered a TBI in a car accident. The man that I loved and adored died that day. When he woke up from a 6 week coma, he was so different.


This happened to my ex (TBI). We refer to his different personalities as "old Bob" and "new Bob". He went from very extroverted and active to months with no personality, just sat staring at a wall no TV or music then going back to bed during recovery. His sharp mind became a faulty memory. He finally started getting a personality again but it wasn't the man I'd known for 14 years. I was devastated when, after sticking with him through all of it, he asked for a divorce. In hindsight it was a blessing...I would not have wanted to date the person he is now much less be married to him. We are, however, close friends. People find it odd to learn that part but this Bob isn't my Bob, so it's like being friends with a different person.


My husband was diagnosed with an oligodendroglioma, right frontal lobe, in 2005 when the kids were 6,8,10, and 12. He survived surgery and radiation, had to re-learn all motor memory (walking, crawling, shaving, etc), was emotionally a child/teenager, had no short-term memory, said everything he thought, mood up and down unregulated, had no filter. He was verbally, emotionally, and physically abusive. My son at age 17 called police for domestic violence and he had to leave. He didn’t want to be there, he wanted to move to Arizona and use his telescope. He took as much as he could during the divorce, blamed me for all that he was guilty of, and had no memory of the actual facts. I was with him for 30 years. I couldn’t leave him despite the abuse bc I was trauma bonded. My son freed me, it cost me everything in the divorce, but the last 8 years without him has given me peace and solitude. He was a nightmare for 10 years post-surgery. I am currently care-giving for a woman going through similar things with her husband who has dementia. He apparently killed their 15 year old dog and denies it. My ex as a psychopath with a brain tumor, she feels she is in a similar situation. It is pure hell being married to someone who changes suddenly. No one can really grasp how trapped the caregiver is.


Traumatic brain injury is no joke. Close family member had a bad motorcycle accident- caused a bad brain bleed, a stroke, temporary paralysis- months of recovery- it was scary. But one thing his neurologists warned us about heavily was the possibility of dramatic personality shifts. Specifically *risky behavior* like substance abuse, gambling, etc. for a like a year following his accident. With all the capabilities of modern medicine, through the healing progress, physical therapy- all this medical support that can go into healing someone’s body- there is still an emorphous part that simply can’t be controlled, predicted, or accurately measured- and that’s crazy. It can simply be observed by people close to you, and that element of not knowing one’s self- is terrifying indeed.


Ugh. This is so sad. My best friend growing up started acting like a total bitch one day when we were 12. I remember telling my mom about it because we were so close and it just wasn’t like her at all. I wrote it off as her not feeling well that day. But the behavior continued and after about a year of it I cut her off, thinking maybe puberty was hitting her like a truck. About six months after that she had an aneurysm. She survived, but had to have major brain surgery. She became nice again, but the damage to our friendship was kind of done and we never got close again.


It was a really horrible relationship even this aside but my "wow i think i actually hate this person" moment was when we were at Badlands National Park. We were just walking out of the gift shop with some other woman when she just let go of the door and it like slammed into that womans face. I said to her "omg im so sorry" then when we got to the car i said to my gf in like a joking tone "i cant beliehe you didnt hold the door for her haha" and because she was a very very miserable person all the time this makes her mad and she goes "well YOURE the man youre supposed to hold the door. I dont NEED to hold the door for anybody" and yeah that one statement alone was very... eye opening for me. Seriously the easiest least heartbreaking break up ive ever gone through




I see you’ve met my current girlfriend.




I like how the word "run" standing alone comes with a soundtrack. (at least for me)


Her ditsy and naive behavior was really cute at first but eventually I found out she really was that dumb and dating her would be exhausting


Same. I knew I had to break it off when I realized I didn't want to take her out of town for the weekend, mainly because of the hours I'd have to spend with her in the car.


I cannot stress the importance of car ride compatibility enough for a successful relationship.


With GPS, people will never know the tension of a relationship with someone that prefers not to drive, but also cannot read a map.


She didn’t hold the door open to people just meeting her at the door, would let it slam on people behind her, didn’t do the little thank you wave to other cars that let her out, didn’t say please and thank you to serving staff. She wasn’t overtly rude, she just had a bit of a me,me,me vibe.


These are the exact things that turn me off completely!


She told me she was pregnant and it was mine, 2 days after sleeping with me for the first (and only) time. Then proceeded to tell me she had a boyfriend. I should have twigged earlier really. She flew from Norway to sleep with me and flew back the next day.


In Norway this is a form of catfishing called "Rakfisking"


After 3 dates she sat in front of my house on a Sunday morning at 8, texting me. She did not live in the same city as me


She got upset she overheard the plumber use foul language fixing a faucet.


My fiancé grew up in church. She hasn’t cursed out loud in almost 2 decades. I’m a recovering heroin addict/alcoholic and have worked in the trades my entire life. “Fuck” is every 3rd word out of my mouth. Sometimes she has me curse for her. She’ll go “that guy is a total……” and then look at me and I’ll say “fucking cockguzzling bison blowing dickknuckle cuntfaced fucktard”. And she’s well pleased. I’m not sure what the point of me sharing this story is. But I felt it was at least tangentially related to your comment.


Moving way too fast. One, maybe 3rd date, “hey I’m moving to LA and you should come with me” Another maybe 2nd or 3rd date “I’m not on birth control and have the mindset of if it happens it happens” Another 3-4th date “we should get a dog together” I told each of them “I think we want different things”


It grosses me out when people take such a lackadaisical approach to reproducing


She had a set of golf clubs in a golf bag standing in the middle of her bedroom, right in the way of everything. After a few weeks of visits, I finally suggested that maybe she should put the clubs in her garage. Well, she didn't like my suggestion and basically came unglued at the idea that I would tell her how to live her life. So, I agreed...no one should tell you how to live your life. Bye. That was the end.


My cat didn't like her. Brought her home to introduce her to my parents, she meets my childhood cat and. It. Goes. Psychotic. Just for her reaching down to pat him, he panicked, attached himself to her arm and wouldn't let go, just clawing at her like he found a demon to fight or something. When he eventually detached himself (they were both running around the room screaming as she tried to wave him off her arm) I checked her over and he did some damage. He's never reacted like that to anyone before or since. We broke it off shortly later. I found out a few years ago she was in the court system. Why? She tried to kill her own kid. I didn't dodge a bullet because of my cat, I dodged an artillery shell


That is some scary shit. Your cat may have saved your life


Probably did. He was a good little boy... most of the time


that's a good cat, that is.


Way back in college I was doing some training for a call center job and there was a super beautiful girl in my class. We got divided up into groups for something and got grouped together. Pretty much the first thing she did was start making fun of our disabled coworkers in another group, and on top of that she was dumb as a bag of rocks. Seriously one of the most dumpsterfire personalities I've ever encountered.


Outside beauty can’t make up for inside ugly.


She asked REALLY precise things about our future. Worst part was: she would talk me through building our future house. Which color it should be, how she wants the kitchen to look like.. um no Ma'am. This is our second date. Relax.


Third date and she was talking how she would like to get pregnant so we could have a kid after I graduated the year after. Third.Fucking.Date. Still dont understand how I Didn't nope out at that exact moment. Took me 4 more dates to run.




Went on a few dates with a girl who by all means was a perfect match for me. Kind hearted, funny, hot, and super into gaming and anime. On our third date we did a double date with her ex boyfriend (who I was friends with) and his new girlfriend. He brought up a story about a time she shit her pants and she chimed in and told the whole story. Immature me was super grossed out and lost all attraction. That’s probably exactly what the dude wanted to happen. Looking back I cringe at the fact I dumped her. Her biggest flaw was that she was willing to tell a very embarrassing story in front of me. Lol, what an idiot I was.


I had a very attractive coworker whom I would get tongue-tied around because she was like, young Audrey Hepburn level beautiful. One time, she made a really gross joke about shitting in her leggings and the attraction switch flipped off immediately. It was a relief, honestly, because I never remotely had a shot with her and was able to interact with her more professionally afterward.


It worked as she intended


I love the idea that this girl is just so attractive she's had to come up with a binder full of disgusting stories to pull out on guys she's not interested in because they won't stop being creeps around her


When it works, it works. When it backfires... hoo boy.


Lmfao respect for this queen


There is a couple. One person we went on a hike and they threw their energy drink can into a bush. I obviously made them pick it up and put it in the trash but seeing that hella turned me off. Another one they never cleaned their stretched ears so it would smell like rotting carcass.


This reminded me of my case. I took a date to an art museum and she was touching the paintings with her finger. I couldn't get her out of there quickly enough.


She would have a strong strawberry airfreshener in her small flat with no windows open and served me hot sausage casserole.


This sounds so disgusting. I love it.


I went to the grocery store with her and it turns out she was one of those people with no awareness that is in everyone’s way.




Humor is like my #1 deciding factor in a person of interest so this is extremely valid tbh.


I saw her kick her dog. Really hard. The dog didn't want to come back to her after. I didn't have to.




Oh, wow! I can feel the pain of that from here. My sister once did something similar, but she’d already banked about 50 years of good behavior with me so I had to just kind of write it off. Her husband does most of the cooking in their house, fortunately.


This is why you always hide the good knives. We all learn this lesson the hard way. Walked into the kitchen once to see my father in law cutting up all the things for a massive salad for a party using my brand new Zwilling Pro 8” chef knife *directly on the tile counter.*. (Goes for cutting boards too. Have a nice Viking acacia board. My my brother in law, who’s built like Thor, use it to cut multiple loaves of bread for aforementioned party and the gouges he left are deep and frightening).


That is one inept family with poor coordination.


Hahaha what the hell, cutting chicken in a pan is definitely weird


Cutting a chicken in a quality non-stick pan with a top tier chef’s knife is grounds for banishment, m8. At minimum.


She rummaged through my stuff acting like she had the right.


She chewed with her mouth open


In biology class she kept laughing while stabbing a dead frog that we were suppose to dissect.


Duuuude same! Was back in high school tho and was mad into this girl I was partnered with. Wee even struck up a fun convo as the teacher was getting all the stuff ready. We had a fairly direct outline of what we’re were supposed to do and identify Nah… she slit the belly open and began just PULLING everything out. I just sat there confused as fuck as to how savage she was going on this poor little formaldehyde addled pondboi… never talked to her again after that day and I considered it a blessing


Depends on how she went about it, but I’ve grown up with people raised on farms/hunting/fishing, and this sounds like something they would do My old neighbor would chat about *anything* while gutting/cleaning a fish, at some point I think it just becomes muscle memory?


And now she’s a world renowned surgeon


They needed attention more then they wanted me. I am not an emotional battery


I'm not sure if it was a weird reason since I can't imagine anyone enjoying this, but... Her place reeked of old stale animal piss. I had taken her home after a date, but I realized I really needed to hit the restroom, but she lived a solid 10-15 minute drive from civilization, so she agreed for me to use her toilet real quick. The moment I stepped through the front door, it was like a solid wall of stale animal piss punching me in the face. Did my best to not gag crossing through the whole house being yipped at by 2 different rat dogs (dont know how to spell it, tiny annoying, trembling fearful bravery) and spotted at least 2 cats (I think) peering at me from behind furniture. Even had to hold my shirt over my nose while I was using the toilet. It was awful. Seriously, clean up after your pets. It's one thing if the accident happened while we were gone, but I've had animals before, fresh/semi fresh smells different than stale and old.


> rat dogs Chihuahuas?


She went to ride a train and after a homeless guy walked past she screamed "YOU FUCKING STINK" Felt Bad for the homeless dude.


Holy shit that’s awful


She smelled like soup.


What kind of soup?


Split Pea


Mmmm, understandable.


Asking the important question


Why were you looking for love at THE SOUP STORE


We were sexting back and forth, then one morning she just sends me a photo of her tits covered in some other guy’s load. We weren’t exclusive, but nothing I’d said implied I’d be into that - and it 100% killed any interest I had in her. Gave me a good point to empathize with women not wanting surprise dick pics, even from guys they’re seeing, though.


I had a similar situation. I was talking to this girl, we were on and off friends, and on and off more-than-friends, one day we were texting, it started getting a bit sexual and she starts sending me her nudes. Several of them. But they weren’t selfies. They were taken of her on a bed from a clearly floating camera angle a few feet away from the bed. I asked, “who took these?” And it started to crumble from there.


She kept using the word ick, really bugged me


She made fun of an overweight woman at the gym. Pointing at her and saying why does she even bother, look at her, omg do you see that.


Thats the whole point of the gym, I dont understand folks who mock people making a change.


Went on a date with a Polish girl. Was going quite well, she seemed really nice. Then she suddenly starting asking me what my opinion of Polish people was. I would’ve thought me being on a date with her would kind of answer that, but alas, I assured her I had no issue with them. They’re good people from what I’ve experienced. All good. And then, she wouldn’t let it go. She asked me again like 3 or 4 times. We got stuck on this for like, a solid 30 minutes of me telling her the same thing. I honestly don’t know what else I could have said to reassure her, but she seemingly wasn’t getting the answer that she wanted. I guess she had some insecurity about it, but the way she wouldn’t drop it despite me asking her to move the conversation on made me think this is something that would be hanging over any potential relationship and wouldn’t go away, so made me lose interest pretty quick.


I've been active in a group for many years and there was a girl of Polish origin, but we never really talked. After years of working together she told me that she was scared talking to me because of my German origin. Some scars cut deep.


I don’t even really know all too much about polish people to have an opinion of them as a whole anyway. I also thought it was viewed as ignorant to make sweeping statements about entire groups of people.


Didn't return the shopping cart and left it in the middle of the parking lot


Not weird. That’s the sign of a shithead.


dirty acrylic nails


She threw trash out of the car window driving through a beautiful forest area.


Was dating a girl for a few months and one night we went out to a bar and we happened to run into one of her old guy friends. The night wraps up and he asks for a ride so she said she'd drive him home. We get to the car and I start to get in the front seat and she tells me to get in the back seat and her friend just gave me a look like I was a chump and says "yeah get in the back seat." I just closed the door and walked away. Never called her again.


Ok wtf lmao Did she.. say something? After you closed that door and started walking? How’d she react to it afterwards? I’m nosy, apologies 🫣


She called out a few times but I just walked away. Didn't acknowledge her at all. She called a few times the next day and I just ghosted her. The worst part about was she was a bartender at my favorite bar and I couldn't go back there for years until she left.


Damn what a power move, just walking away like that. I'd like to imagine that I would do something like that too if it happened to me! Sucks that you couldn't go to your favourite bar for years though.


Lmao I see.. when you’re more upset about the bar than her you know u dodged shit lmao Good for you sticking up for urself, so many ppl wouldn’t have


This is an admirable display of self-respect. Well done.


Went on a date and somehow the topic of the Alamo came up. For some reason, she mentioned how crazy it was that the Texans won. I was like, "Uhhhh I'm pretty sure they all famously died after putting up a very brave fight." She immediately argued that I was wrong. I thought about backing down, but I just knew I was right, so I stuck to my guns. Eventually, we looked it up, and lo and behold, she was wrong. She was clearly upset for the rest of the date. Surprisingly, she wanted to see me afterward for some follow-up dates, but I just couldn't get past her inability to be wrong, so I made up some excuses and bailed.




You should have asked her about the basement.


Very cute girl, very sweet, really liked me. But she looked way younger than she was and i worked for middle schools. Her features were too close to the students and it made me feel weird.


When I was in my late 20s, I worked with a guy who was early 30s who had taught middle school for a couple of years right out of college and then changed careers to IT. One night, a group of us went to a burlesque theater. IIRC, it was no nudity, but plenty of skimpy clothing on both the men and women, so something for everyone. It was a small indy theater, so cast members were taking tickets. As we go in, the pretty early 20s girl taking our tickets says, "Hi Mr X!" "Oh, hey A, nice to see you." Yep, he'd taught her 7-8 years prior. Later in the show, A comes out in some hot af lingerie and belts out a tune. She had a great voice and a smoking body. The guys in our group are just drooling over her, except poor Mr. X, who had his head in his hands, "she's still 14!"


Good guy.


She told me she doesn't buy electronics in certain months because of the zodiac signs.


Hey, don’t knock it til you get absolutely zapped by that Aries-season-era universal remote.


she kept insisting that I was lying and then said she'd have to train me to be honest like one of her dogs.


She had nasty toenails.


Hygiene, she was like my twin personality wise, we got along great. But she would use heavy perfume to cover up her BO. Her hair would look a bit greasy at times and I could tell some days that she hadn’t showered in a while. She also partied ALOT and was into party drugs. Wasn’t really my cup of tea. I was very infatuated by her when our friendship started, her looks and personality were very attractive to me. Over time though I just found that my attraction fizzled out and I just loved her as a friend. I could not get over her hygiene. She eventually asked me out but I was not interested in that kind of relationship with her. Unknowingly at the time, that ended our friendship. She stopped talking to me after that. Still a bit saddened by it, it was quite a few years ago now though.


She was mean to the frogs at the aquarium and kept hitting the glass trying to aggravate them


Her dogs were horrible. Loud, out of control, no sense of personal space, wouldn't listen... she'd just laugh it off and call them her sweet little boys. Nope. Deleted as soon as I left her place.


That’s really, REALLY common. So is a zero level of concern for dog hair everywhere, including the ice trays.


So I’m telling a girl I’ve been seeing for a few months now, that I can’t go to the gym cause I’m sore from skateboarding (I’ve been skating my whole life), she says I shouldn’t be sore cause ‘you just stand on it’, when I attempt to tell her skating is rather physical she cuts me off and reiterates ‘no you just stand on it’. Never saw her again.


She had a really bad laugh and her eyes would get HUGE when she laughed. It was genuinely unnerving and I once found myself overcaffeinated and nearly pushed toward an anxiety attack (it was in college). I texted a friend and asked them to call me with a fake emergency so I could leave the conversation with her and calm down, give it a bit to get my caffeine levels down. But later on in a healthier mental state, all I could think of was the time I had been legitimately frightened by her expression while laughing.


Ok this is actually hilarious I just cracked up


Did your eyes pop out?


When I was about 9 years old, this new girl joined the class and took a strong liking to me immediately. I'm talking forcibly kissing me in the playground (I didn't mind), telling everyone she's going to marry me, one time actually straddled me on the playing field (and knew what it meant, which in hindsight is a bit worrying) Anyway, she was super into horses. My name is Paul. And she wrote me a note spelling my name 'Poal', like foal. I ripped up the note and never spoke to her again.


Did the rest of the note make the horse-name obviously intentional, or were you turned off by the bad spelling? Did this girl later work at a bank?


> Did this girl later work at a bank? Laughing at the idea that everyone in this thread was turned off by the same woman, who was utterly intolerable in a million different ways.


Not weird but just got fed up: she didn't know how to cook, she had this thing with brown rice (she called it crunchy rice,) but it was just undercooked. She was really picky with food (we couldn't try a new restaurant because she was afraid she wouldn't like the food), we didn't have money to pay bills but she had money for a LV bag. These things just got old.


Tbh there is actually a setting on my rice cooker for "crunchy"


Broke up with her after landing in Germany (she knew months and months prior) i land and she responded to my letting her know I landed in Germany "Germany? I thought you were going to Europe" broke up with her then and there


I once dated a guy who told me that he had been in the Navy. I said, "Where did they send you? Europe?" He said, "No. But they sent me to Italy, Spain, Greece..." Too dumb to date.


Kept scattering their things all over my place whenever they came over. It just made me imagine the sheer amount of cleaning and putting-things-back I would have to do if we ever lived together. I think the fact they would do that in a place that doesn't belong to them made it worse. I don't care that your desk is a mess. I'm bothered by the fact you don't mind messing mine.


Im Bipolar type 1. Had a manic attack where God told me I have to break up with my GF


Lik: I have to break up with you GF: Why? Did I do something wrong? Lik: No, it's just... God told me to.. GF: Understandable, have a good day


Getting zero reciprocated affection. Its happening right now actually. It not like its our first date. Its like our 10th. Its been a few months. We have gone all the way. I don’t think i can handle falling in love with girl, and getting no affection, all the affection comes from me. She has literally never hugged/kissed me on her own. So i think I’m done.


I would drop that. I spent years in a relationship starved for human touch. It needed me up for years afterwards.


She told me it was okay for mankind to walk on the surface of the sun at night since it was "cooler."


This have me giggling, how old was she? And what on earth (or the nighttime sun, whenever that is) did you say to that?


We worked together. One day we had our lunches together in the break room. She was dipping cherry tomatoes into hummus, and was sticking her fingers into her mouth up to the second knuckle to eat them. Horrific. My little brother used to eat potato chips the same way.


Maybe she was trying to turn you on


On our first (only) date she was continually down on herself. She was slender and shapely but called herself fat and dumpy. Smart but called herself useless. I tried to counter her statements, but she wasn't having it. By the end of dinner she won and I wanted out.


Didn't pick up her dogs poop


She worked at the bank down the street from my house. Super cute, very friendly, and I had a chance. Then I got a note from her, and her spelling and grammar were atrocious.


Ths is rwally unfur,


Wrude even!


I'm a woman but I was horrified the first time I got a note from a guy I was dating and discovered he was basically illiterate. Thank goodness he wasn't there when I read it because I don't think I could have hidden how disturbing it was to me.


Idk if it's weird or valid, but I've turned down girls/called off flings in the past because their friends were annoying. Back in those days, I only seemed to gel with shy girls who happened to have relentless friends that would get super overexcited and patronising about them dating.


She told me this other mutual guy friend of ours, who was a well known complete idiot, was “a genius”. Totally woke me up and snapped me out of any interest in her.


"I want a rich man who can take me around the world." Popped my balloon real quick.


Is being told she can't help with bills but then buys $200 worth of Christmas decorations for a possible $100 off rent.


She kept complimenting herself and putting me on the spot to agree with her. e.g. "Everyone tells me my eyes are beautiful. Men can't resist my eyes. My eyes look good, right? RIGHT!?!"


Watched my 25yo girlfriend of 2 months play wrestle with her half brother. Was weirdly sexual, biting, deep eye contact and flirtatious giggling. Noped out of there, broke it off. Took her friend home for the night.


That's weird as fuck


Like that Friends episode haha, don't remember what the guy's name was.


Isn’t it Danny the yeti guy?


It's like that episode of The Office where Andy brings Erin over some things to help with her cold after being sent home from work the day of their first date. He goes to her house and her foster brother is there behaving oddly territorial with her in a low key flirty way.




She was stupid.


She started wearing those weird shoes that have individual toe slots, was never the same again


I don’t think this is a weird one, but the cleanliness of her car. I drove us for the first few dates, but one day she offered to pick me up at work and we could hang out, so I said hell ya. When I got in, there were fast food bags and trash surrounding my feet. I looked to the back seat, and it was covered in trash. That little leg space between the bench and driver/passenger seats was filled to the top with empty bottles and loose food wrappers. She didn’t even comment on it, like, “oh I tried to get this clean today but (insert any excuse here as a Hail Mary)” So yeah, easy reason to stop seeing someone, but I thought it was weird how anyone could keep their car in that condition.


We had sex for the first time and a few minutes later she said, “Asian people creep me out”. It’s burned into my memory unlike anything else. I don’t even remember what led up to that comment but I dumped her pretty much immediately. She then accused me of fuck and dump at which point I told her she’s a racist cunt.


She had that post nut racism


I could smell her vaginal aroma from afar and it was NOT a pleasant aroma.


She ate her peas one at a time


I've seen her eat corn niblets, and she scooped them... needless to say, it was quite vexing