34 percent of adults sleep with a stuffed animal or other sentimental object. Are you one of these people? What do you sleep with?

My twin sister died when I was 18, ten years later I still sleep with her unicorn pillow pet, she gets a nice spot on the bed and I'd never be with someone who made me feel badly about having it, only my girlfriend is trusted enough to give pillow pet a bath


My twin sister died when I was 18, ten years later I still sleep with her unicorn pillow pet, she gets a nice spot on the bed and I'd never be with someone who made me feel badly about having it, only my girlfriend is trusted enough to give pillow pet a bath


My twin brother died when we were 7, I used to have a specific stuffie that was given to him by an American lady who worked in the hospital he was in but it got damaged in a house move when I was a teenager and was unsalvageable. It was a limited run stuffie that you could only get in a specific American store in the 90s so it was basically irreplaceable. My husband, 10+ years later and without letting on, tracked one down and paid a silly amount of money to have it shipped to the UK and gave it to me for Christmas a couple years ago. I sleep with it every damn night. I'm mid 30s, I'll never stop.


there is no such thing as a silly amount of money for something of this sentimental value


You married a keeper!!


I’m a twin and reading this made me tear up a little




Same :(




Another twin checking in to say I am so, so sorry for your loss ❤️❤️


I had a twin brother and he passed away when I was young. The last family trip we had together was the beach and I got a stuffed dolphin on that trip. Long story short I am 29 years old now and still sleep with that dolphin. I never really talk about it but your story really hit home for me. I also don't even trust my husband with it lol


Twin squad. So sorry this happened, but I love your story


I Am So Sorry For Your Loss. 🥺❤️


My partner passed away a few wks ago and I now cuddle his shirts that still have his scent. When my son spends the night w grandparents, I also cuddle w his blanket or the pillow he sleeps on


I am sorry for your loss 😞


Thank you for that :( <3


I’m a certified pillow-hugger


I need 2: 1 for hugging, and one between my knees.


The knees must not touch.


Never! Otherwise I wake up with the lumbar configuration of a 92 year old. 😩


That's how I use my body pillow, lol. I have one regular pillow under my head, then a full body pillow that I wrap one leg over and hug to my chest.


I bought a pregnancy pillow and its changed my life. Its like a body pillow with a slit in the middle so you have comfort all around.


Best thing ever. I bought one as I have sleep apnoea and it stops me back sleeping. So so comfy too.


Also very helpful for way-too-drunk people that shouldn’t be sleeping on their backs.


I’ll do you one better. A stuffy to hug and a stuffy between my knees on my right. Body pillow on my left. Surrounded with impenetrable comfort fort.


A com-fort, if you will.




I've graduated to one to hug, one between the knees, and one in the small of my back. When I'm at a hotel and have the bed to myself it's a fucking pillow fort...


Oh man. You’re the second to mention the back pillow. Sounds like more pillows are in my future sleep setup…


We may be the same person. Has anyone ever seen us in the same place at the same time?


I certainly haven't


My grandma made me a pillow when I was born. Sewed the pillow together and the pillow case, which had kittens all over it. I’m 33 years now she passed when I was 31 and I sleep with the same pillow in my arms every night. The pillow case is worn to bits because I guess I use it as a fidget thing I rub in between my fingers. Yes I’m weird. Edit Wow so many people do this. I’m not alone! Thank you everyone for your stories


I also have a 30 year old pillow I refuse to part with. Respect to the long term pillow love!




Oh wow! 60+ years old! That’s crazy! Well so long as it’s not killing you or anything it sounds like you’ll be fine, cuddle away! Your pillow is probably out here like ‘this damn family, I can’t catch a break’ xD


I bought my wife a big stuffed seal for our first Valentine's Day. This seal has a slight green tint to it, so we named him Sealo Green. She had Sealo for a couple of years before she passed away. I hug Seal-o every night and pray to my wife, tell her about my day, things coming up, etc. I'll start using her perfume on Sealo soon, so I can smell her while I pray to her. My heart can't take it right now.


Hang in there man.


Rather than put fragrance on the plush, you can get plastic beads and soak them in the smell, then put a pack of them in the plush. It should last longer and not harm the material like perfume might. I have a stuffed lion from a shop called Lil Sprout Care that uses this technique, and the weight from the beads is comforting


You’re very strong for sharing this. Remember, grief is simply love persevering.


Omg I'm sorry


Maybe don't do the perfume. There's a difference between remembering and torturing yourself. Hang in there


You won't be able to get the fragrance out of the plush stuffing. You may think you want that but it's going to be too strong. I've learned this three times so trust me. Best thing is to get the stuffed animal to wear an article of your wife's clothing and add scent to the clothing. Trust me. I've learned this three times.


A lobster...(stuffed animal.) I do not hold him, I just set him beside me and tuck him in. His name is Lobter.


awwwww hahaha


My panda’s name is Panda. Lobster sounds like a good dude. Edit: Lobter!!


Panda sounds like an esteemed panda. And Lobter. Common mistake, it's Lobter with an invisible S. :D




I am one. My grandma gave all the grandkids a cat plush. A cat food brand had a promotion, if you bought enough cat food you'd get a free plushie. With 14 grandkids, a lot of food was bought to get there. Her cats didn't complain though lol. Still sleep with it, it's a feeling of comfort, safety and home


I also sleep with a cat plush. When I was 9, around 1990, I bought a spotted cat toy at a resort gift shop. My parents were working at a convention and my siblings and I had free rein of the place. I had $19.50 saved up and the entire stay I was coveting this stuffed cat… but it was $20, and on the final day I found 50 cents in the coin return of a vending machine. I was so happy. I went in to the gift shop with my little sister (she was 7) and grabbed the plush, absolutely thrilled that I had enough money to buy it. When the employee was ringing us up, the total came to just over $21 after taxes. I’m sure that I looked like I was about to cry because the cashier immediately offered to pay the taxes. I named the cat Tristan and told everyone that he was an ocelot, my all time favorite animal. I lost the original cat during my move to graduate school when I was 27, and was fortunate to find a replacement on EBay the next year for about $60. I’ve had the replacement cat for about 14 years and sleep with it every night. My husband and I have two daughters and I recently looked for another cat on eBay because both kids love Tristan, and they are now going for $500…. It turns out it’s a super rare TY Classic ChiChi Cheetah from the first set of plush toys that Ty made, years before Beanie Babies.


Such a cute story! I love the cashier! I hope you will soon find another, more affordable Tristan. Pretty cool you have such a rare plush!


> TY Classic ChiChi Cheetah Check back every now and then. My grandmother and mom have a shit ton of these things. I started looking some of them up that they claimed were worth 100's. I see a lot of them on ebay for $20 these days. Its only worth what someone will pay for it.


this is so sweet. do you have any pics? i would love to see your cat plushie :)


I made one :) [plushie](https://imgur.com/a/aUOyHTk)


omg thank you for delivering!! i love the eyes, they remind me of a vintage cartoon cat which is so awesome and adorable :)


Yeah she's pretty cute right? Perfect size for cuddling. She's slowly starting to show signs of wear and tear, but that's no surprise after 17 years. I'm considering buying another cuddle plush to safe her from the inevitable cuddle deaths. It's one of the last pieces of my grandma I still have. She passed away two years after getting the plushes


There are also "teddy bear doctor" services/people who will wash, patch, and re-stuff them for you, should you decide to keep snuggling your kitty. I have a bear that my great grandma got me as an infant that I've been seriously thinking about sending in; he currently lives on a pillow stuffed between my bed and nightstand so I can feel him when I reach out but he doesn't get the worst of the wear from snuggles.


I have a big plush axolotl I use as a pillow Edit: for everyone asking I found the link to the one I have— https://www.calendars.com/shop/snoozimals-lola-the-axolotl-plush,-20in/202100007150


I used a big shrek when I was a kid lol. Still got him somewhere. His tummy so comfy


I use a stuffed Stitch from Lilo and Stitch. I used to use regular pillows but my girlfriend said they take up too much space in the bed so she had me switch to Stitch instead. Ngl Stitch is way better than a regular pillow. I used to sleep with the blanket I had as a child but its all old and delicate now so I stopped using it so it doesn't rip and break down. Either way, I need something to hold on top of me while I sleep. It feels wrong otherwise and I don't know what to do with my arms lol.


I use a stuffed stitch too! I was having back issues and couldn’t get used to putting a pillow between my knees as my doctor suggested. Between my kids and wife, we had a bunch of stuffies in the house, but the stitch was just the perfect size. My back has been perfect ever since I started using it.


Yep. The stuffed rabbit I’ve had since birth


Stuffed dog I've had since my mom was squeezing him while giving birth to me. That dog has seen some shit. He's a "Sad Sam" and his eyes used to break my heart when I was a kid, so I buried him under other stuffed animals or made him face the wall so I wouldn't have to look at him. Then I felt really guilty because I didn't want him to feel punished when all he wanted was to be loved. So I've been sleeping with him for almost 40 years now. I recently bought an original one off eBay to see the comparison and man, I have loved the daylights out of that dog!


What a rollercoaster of a relationship


I have a stuffs dog from my childhood, i dont sleep with it but it sits on the headboard near my head.


My best friend, the love of my life, my furry half border collie half Australian cattle dog whose been with me for almost 10 years died on Earth Day this year. I now sleep with her bunny stuffy and hold onto it tightly.


I don’t need to be cutting onions right now but I know I’d be doing the exact same with my Cats stuffed llamas if anything ever happened to him. He loves those things so much and carries them around with him everywhere.


I lost my little maltipoo, Manny, to cancer back in January. He was only 10.5 years old. I sleep with his favorite stuffed elephant toy now.


I have my last dog’s favorite on my headboard, but for the first year of her being gone I slept with it. Sending you love… I wish dogs lived forever


My favorite stuffed animal that I still have to this day is a stuffed Jack rabbit.


I now sleep with my girlfriends stuffed bunny she has had since birth. He’s my best friend now! I love you Bootstin!!!!!!!


Aww, that's awesome. My partner is the only person I've ever been with who didn't make me feel like crap for still having my blanket. When I travel I leave it with them, and I think they probably cuddle up with it as much as I do after a rough day.


I had a boyfriend who made me throw away my stuffies. So eventually I threw him away. Never trust someone who doesn’t respect your comfort.


I sleep with a stuffed bunny too omg


When I was a toddler I got a stuffed animal as a present from my uncle. It was a light brown rabbit with button eyes, and ears with rainbow stripes on the inside. I'm unsure of when I got it, but I was either 1-2 years old or 4 years old. I don't know how or why, but it had a distinct scent, not particularly noticeable unless you shoved your face in its fur, like I did, haha. As I grew up, I *needed* to have this rabbit with me or I would not be able to sleep. I remember this one time when I couldn't find it in time for bed, and I was so distressed trying to fall asleep that I started hallucinating. Over time she lost an eye, her ears became frayed, her fur fell out in patches, and she looks like a well-loved creature (because she is) or hot garbage, depending on who you ask, lol. Even in my rebellious teen years I couldn't pretend to dislike her because the scent and texture of her fur gave me a feeling of comfort and safety, even when it felt like everyone was against me. I live by myself now at age 34 and you better believe I still keep her in my bed. The scent is gone but sometimes I can trick my brain into thinking it's still there, and when I touch the texture of her fur I will still get a wave of comfort and reassurance the same way I did as a child. It's amazing not only how humans will bond with anything, but also the effect these things will have on a person. This got sappy, my apologies, lol. PS: Her name is Ninni.


>"Real isn't how you are made,'" said the Skin Horse. "It's a thing that happens to you. When a child loves you for a long, long time, not just to play with, but REALLY loves you, then you become Real." I'm reminded of this quote from _The Velveteen Rabbit_


Dude, I didn't read that book until the last few years, in my 30s. I nearly SOBBED over it, oh my gosh.


this reminds me of [this lady](https://youtu.be/9Q8dJsu4SyQ) who recognized her childhood stuffed animal after many years as soon as she smelled it.


Oh my god, the sniff was almost a reflex!


Wasn't sappy at all. Ninni noonoo time for bed


sometimes when I take a nap and my wife doesn't. I'll take her pillow to sleep with because I like the smell. it smells like baby powder, vanilla and her.


I should try that, I sleep like shit if my wife is out of town.


It's not quite the same example, but I have something similar with my girlfriend. She loves wearing this perfume called Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf. It's fantastic. And whenever I get to see her for an extended period of time, it rubs off on my clothes. So on occasion I'll wear the same t-shirt that I did from the day before because it reminds me of her.


Hey I wanted to let you know that my mother worked on that fragrance and I remember going to her office and smelling all the different lab samples - a certain scent more stronger in one version, a different blend in another - I even got to give my little kid opinion on a few. So many people worked tirelessly to create that fragrance that you now associate with your girlfriend and it makes me so happy to see that it’s appreciated! Scent really is tied so tightly to emotions and that’s so beautiful


I sometimes sleep in my car so i keep a blanket in the back. Took the blanket out one day and forgot to put it back. That night i realized one of my wifes hoodies was in the back so i laid down and threw it over my face and had the most amazing nap of my life. It smelled like her and instantly made it feel like we were cuddling (:


This is cute


I can't stand the smell of tonka beans but that is some wholesome shit right there. My gf uses this leave-in conditioner and the scent gets imparted on her pillow. I'll often times kind of snuggle with that when she's not around + my body pillow and weighted blanket. I sleep like a motherfucking baby. It's always nice to meet (even virtually) someone likeminded


Husband does this too! I get out of bed several hours before him, and he (in his sleep, sometimes) steals my banana duck stuffie and wraps himself around it. It's kind of adorable, but he definitely sleeps better those last few hours.


Same! My wife has one of those IKEA Labrador dogs that she uses as a knee pillow. He and I have the best snugs whenever she gets up early.


lilac and gooseberries


I read it *in his voice*…


huge jellycat bears. i don’t even wanna i’m just afraid i’ll hurt their feelings if i don’t


As a kid I routinely slept with a zillion stuffed animals on the bed because I didn’t want any of them to feel left out :(


As a kid? I'm 26 and still have to hug them all as I go to sleep or they'll feel left out!


I wish I was better at rationalizing those feelings. I sometimes feel like someone's could draw a face on an empty ketchup packet and i would have a hard time getting rid of it


blahaj the ikea shark




Clicked on the link only to see that the sub is private....how could you tease me like this.


it is blacked out after the ama


What happened at the ama?


~~reddit ceo u/ spez edited other's comments to make himself look good~~ he refused to answer real questions and was a general piece of garbage


Was? Is.


Blahaj is the perfect body pillow for every body


Same, either Blåhaj or a cute Jigglypuff my boyfriend got me!


My fiancée and I keep [Djungelskog](https://www.ikea.com/au/en/p/djungelskog-soft-toy-brown-bear-20402831/) in our bed, basically is another pillow


29 here. Still sleep with my baby blanket...named Blankie 😂 UPDATE #1: I'm loving all of this Blankie support! Since this has gotten so much attention, I wanted to make one more confession. OG Blankie deteriorated so much after 25 years that I actively sought out a replacement...HOWEVER, the store had gone out of business, so I had to hunt down the exact brand on Ebay. Just can't live without him and am no longer embarrassed about it! UPDATE #2: After scouring my photo reel, I finally found one of the last pictures of OG before he fell to pieces. The original colors were pink, yellow, and white...https://imgur.com/gallery/Zl37Ibh


I have a blankie too! I thought I’d outgrow it by 27, but we’re still going strong.


Blankie's been protecting you from monsters since childhood, what a champ 😌👌


Blankie has definitely been protecting me. Not sure how it could have been pulling double duty with OP.


Mine was Blank and Blank had feelies. It was trimmed in some fabric I liked rubbing together.


28 and still also sleep with my baby blanket named blankie!! 😂 it somehow still smells like childhood comfort. I'm sure my husband hates it; he will never understand blankie love


Nearing 40. I still sleep with mine. I found out as an adult that it can be rolled up and placed under my neck when I sleep. I’m a back sleeper and it’s super comfy snd also *my blankie*.


Haha same. Rubbing the silky stuff on the edges is really soothing and helps me fall asleep


Yes! I still sleep with my baby blanket and I do exactly this


I used to suck my thumb while rubbing the silky edge of my blankie under my nose when I was little. I can still remember how it feels. My blankie’s name was Boppy!


39 and still have my baby blanket in bed with me every night


I slept with my baby blanket until I moved in with my now husband. We have dogs that sleep in the bed with us and I was not going to take a chance that one of them might chew on it. It was cross stitched by my grandmother. It is seriously on my list of things to grab if the house is on fire.


Still sleeping with my 45 year old “Blankie” that I rub to fall asleep.


29 here and omg same! The moment I have it on and I can feel the warmth and comfort it's provided all my life no matter how shit the day, month or year gets for me!!!


I sleep in a big bed with my wife


Pshhh you are missing out on the luxury of sleeping in a racecar bed.


You can get the radio so you can talk to other car beds


My roommates are getting me one!


I'm thinking about getting some rims to put on it


“How many people did you tell about the incident between me and your mom?” “… like 13, maybe. Why? I didn’t know it was a big deal.”


No, I’m sure your mom would really appreciate that


Can I borrow a feeling?


This is Starla. She’s gonna help me launch my singin’ career. 😎


I sleep in a bed with my big wife


I sleep in a racing car, do you??


Can I borrow a feeling?


my wife and I sleep in a big bed. Evidently I'm only entitled to about 20% of the bed while she somehow has rights to the remaining 80%, even though she is literally half of my size.


Our bed is evenly split between us and the cat, 50% for the humans and 50% for the small cat.


You guys are getting 50%?


I came here to say these exact words, secure in the knowledge that I was the only person familiar with this obscure cult show from a bygone era.


Truly the 0.01% who've ever seen the show


I sleep with a body pillow (plain cover). Doctor recommended it a few years ago to help with my lower back pain and it really does help.


I sleep with a body pillow but it's an alligator. My grandparents gave it to me when I was 11yrs old. It has a huge open mouth you can put your arm through or use to prop your phone. Had it 24yrs. Love it to death.


Damn, do you have a link to a similar product? I want a gator friend.


Oh man I looked. There are pillows big enough but they don't have the open mouth. Here is a picture of it. https://imgur.com/a/8rsjjDb


I sleep in a bed with my wife but sometimes I have a pillow between my legs and when I do it feels fantastic


Side sleepers should use a pillow between your legs! I use one while sleeping with my partner (and we end up usually sharing my pillow most nights lol - need to upgrade to a king!)


The change to a king was amazing. I used to be able to sleep fine on a twin/twin xl, but, after moving in with my partner, even a queen was pushing it. I got my dad’s old king (firm) and our sleep has improved. Less waking up in the night, less bathroom breaks needed (somehow?). We usually cuddle to start, but transition to spacing out as we fall asleep since I’m supposedly a “space heater”.


Check you out, still cuddling! After sixteen years if either of us touches the other in our king during sleep it’s akin to the Chinese weather balloon fiasco in terms of response.


> I sleep with a body pillow (plain cover). When you have to clarify its a plain cover. We truly live in a society


I have a Mothman plushie lol


I would love to have a Mothman plushie. Perfect


Squishmallows. I have sciatica and they're great for when I go to bed. I put one between my knees at night (side sleeper) and I snuggle up with one.


Several years ago I broke the olecranon process off my ulna - I broke my elbow off. One of the results of this was that there wasn't really anything holding my arm together so it would just... flop. This was not only *outrageously* painful, but disgusting in a way I can't even adequately describe. The ONLY thing that worked to stabilize my excruciatingly, repulsively flaccid limb was a squishy orange monster pillow. I carried that thing right into the ER with me, and sang its praises all the way through surgery and physical therapy. I had to pack it in storage but I was overjoyed to find I still have it. I do also sleep with, not Squishmallows, but those grompy seal pillows for whatever joint pain shows up this week. They are just the right amount of support, and the looks on their faces express the proper reverence for the burden they carry.


My squishmallow has 100% kicked the shoulder pain I used to have while sleeping. It it ever kicks the bucket, I will go out the next day and replace it.


If it gets lumpy or flattened, throw it on low/ cool in a tumble dryer and it will fluff right back up. They are alao machine washable but you can fluff them without washing first too.


I love Squishmallows. I've bought several for my two children. I was "loaned" one by my daughter because my bed looked empty. Dominic is mine now. They are so soft and lovely.


I recently started sleeping with a Gengar or Pikachu squishmallow. Been having lots of trouble falling asleep and having something to hug at night is actually helping. I’m a 35 year old male.


I'm 48 and had to stop myself buying anymore Squishmallows because I don't have room. I sleep with two of them--same set-up--one for between knees, and the other to snuggle. They are perfect for my chronic pain issues. But I initially started buying them during a bad mental health period. I found their velvety softness soothing for my anxiety. They're also wonderful additions to blanket forts. And, sometimes I'll just put them in a pile and make a nest out of them while I'm binging a show or watching a movie.


I also sleep on my side, except I put the squishmallow under my top arm.


Omg, squishmallows kick so much ass! They are so soft and surprisingly supportive.


I'm not, but my cat likes to snuggle up to me and sleep with his fluffy little head on my shoulder.


Cats have to count. My previous cat actually slept as the little spoon, snuggled in my arms.


This would be my answer, too. My 16-year-old cat sleeps under the covers with her little head on the pillow next to mine, as the little spoon. Hard to imagine going to sleep without her.


My senior cat sleeps curled around my head every single night. It can be very annoying because he wakes me up by stepping directly on my face and neck while he's getting settled in. I haven't had an uninterrupted night of sleep in many years. But once he does get settled it's the sweetest, most comforting position. I know his years are dwindling so i don't push him off me even when he wakes me from a dead sleep. I dread the first night where I have to sleep without his raspy little purr in my ear.


I had one that slept on my head, wrapped over the top like a hat. My pillow always smelt like warm cat. It was wonderful.


I sleep with my cat. It's almost like a plush toy, only alive :)


I have 3 cats, one is neutral and sleeps down near my feet and the two who don't get along that great sleep on opposing sides with me acting as a barrier between them lol.


I am a guy, I recently got to sleep with a stuffed animal for a week, I won't go into the details as to why or how, just know that I lovvveeeed it. I would get called a weirdo if I confess to this to the world, so I have kept this to myself and my bestie only. The stuffed animal was a large teddy bear, since then it has been taken away and now it is placed in the living room, my bedroom has one small stuffed toy that I sleep with, it's not super large and not as comfortable as the teddy but it works. It makes me feel good and less alone, the closest person in the world to me is 700km away, what I'm about to say is weird but hugging the teddy and pretending it's her makes me calm and makes me want to sleep.


> It makes me feel good and less alone, the closest person in the world to me is 700km away, what I'm about to say is weird but hugging the teddy and pretending it's her makes me calm and makes me want to sleep. Don't feel ashamed for that mate. I do the exact same thing with a pillow. Scroll up a little and you'll see my response.


Oh no I'm not ashamed at all, I just don't want to be judged, that's all. I am definitely planning on getting tons of stuff toys in the future though, when I'm older and more self dependent.


Yeah I’m a guy and I got one during the pandemic. Since then I’ve hid him from all my sexual partners (except one GF—you know who you are). But he’s still with me and still my buddy.


Oh that's sad :-( can't you reconquer the bear from the livingroom? Doesn't he take to much space in the livingroom? Or like what should guests think about you/you're family/roommates/whatever and he would be much better hiden in your room?


Oh I wish I could reconquer him, but I will get asked what I'm trying to do and I won't have an answer to that question... Unfortunately for me, the bear would take more space in my room and guests feel like the he adds to the decoration of the already beautiful living room.


Go out and get yourself a stuffy and tell them it was sent as a gift from a relative. Then you can keep it in your room without judgement. Everyone needs a cuddle.


What you’re doing is sleeping with your damn soft toy. It’s a basic human need to have soft comfort, it’s a basic *mammal* need, even baby monkeys would rather cuddle the fluffy mummy that gives them nothing over the wire mummy that gives them food. **Fuck** anyone who tries to tell you that you can’t have a teddy.


Ikea Hippo, Ikea Elephant. The Ikea bigs are the superior sleep companion. I also have the shark, but he is not right for my shoulder when cuddling so he guards.


I also keep my Ikea shark on guard at night! The Ikea octopus is the guard when I sleep at my boyfriend’s house.


Last Christmas I got a meter-long blue whale from IKEA as a present. I have had it by my side every night since.


30F, I have Iggly, my iguana. He’s life size. He is one of a kind. There was a girl who had cancer, Amy - I played her in a musical that raised money for charity, hence why they made me my own version of her one of a kind toy for the role. As a charity, in 10 years we raised £1 million which helped build a children’s ward in my home town’s hospital. Sadly she died aged 7. I still hold Iggly very dear to me 24 years later.


That is such a moving story. RIP Amy.


Big shark. BIG big shark.


I (M37) got several stuffed animals. Blåhaj is love, also got a penguin, seal, sheep, octopus, and am probably forgetting one or two. Oh yeah, spotted eagle ray for a cushion.


I have a skwovet, a teddy bear my grandma gave me when I was a baby, and an owl I got on a ski trip. Those 3 are the core. Then a giant teddy bear as a cushion/side pillow.


> Blåhaj is love, I'd love to get one, I wonder if they're available in Australia?


Wife got me a panda plush early on in our relationship at an arcade we used to go to a lot as teens. Sir Cuddles is here to stay😂


I've always had a lot of stuffed animals--slept with them (of course) as a kid--but now I just sort of have them to have them. (A bit like throw pillows.) Recently I bought a buff shark. It was way too funny to pass up. I thought my husband would give me a hard time for "wasting money" when it arrived. He loves it. Says it's just the right size and firmness. (Before he'd hug a pillow.) So now buff shark is his and very important to the bedtime ritual.


I'm a 35 year old man, and sleep with the vaporeon I got from Build a Bear


My wife and I have a legion of squishmallows we sleep with. They fuckin rule


I sleep with a stuffed bulbasaur and Pikachu (they’re Pokémon for those who may not know fyi).


I sleep with regrets


I sleep with a piece of fabric which is my sentimental object. I’m 27 haha


Same here, I’m 34 and have had it for 30 years. Literally a piece of fabric my mom got from the craft store.


my cat, my dog and my fiance. Lucky I bought a king sized bed


I travel full time and take my pillow from home. I also have two small stuffed angler fish. They’re twins. One was given to me by my best friend, and the other I got for her when she went to the Philippines for six months. Their names are Angie and Andy, I now have both of them. Fun fact, every time I skydive, one of them goes with me… usually Angie. I call the pocket in my jumpsuit “the fish tank” and Angie is also embroidered on my rig. They are my constant buddies. I’m 47 and give zero fucks if anybody thinks that’s weird.


6 ft tall pink bear. I'm a man and a marine corps veteran. It's just comfy.


I am! I sleep with a stuffed penguin. Glad to know I'm not the only one!


I have a big stuffed penguin I named Sigmund


I have to sleep with a stuffed animal, otherwise I really don't know what to do with my arms. I just also like the way they look. They're cute and it makes me happy.


A large snorlax plush! My friend made fun of me for it so I handed it to him and told him to hug it. He hugged it. Three seconds later he says “Okay I see the appeal”


I have several large sized stuffed animals on my bed including a giant 5 foot fox. Its how I calm and relax my mind at night and it works.


I (49F) have a small scrap of one of my late mother’s nightgown pinned to the inside of each of my pillowcases. I miss her a lot.


r/Djungelskog my favourite bear


It’s changed over the years! These days I alternate between Ikea Blahaj, a blank body pillow, and a 2 foot tall plush of Isabelle from Animal Crossing. It’s just comfy to have something to hug and provide knee support when I’m side sleeping. It being something cute just makes it better. I’d hug my girlfriend since she fits all that criteria but it gets too hot :(


I sleep with my wife, little farting machine that she is


I sleep with a pillow sometimes.


10+ year old icebear named Emil