Probably anything cancelled by Netflix


*Mindhunter has entered the chat*


Mindhunter is the first series I actually got super bummed out about being canceled. The story, actors, the music. Shame.


Soundtrack was elite. Almost got lost in the shuffle of everything else being so well done.


Inside Job made it two seasons before getting axed on a cliffhanger. I still want to know what happens.


this is how i found out inside job got cancelled, fucking sigh


Not even two seasons. Season One was divided into two parts. Loved Inside Job, especially Myc. The chemistry between the characters was something special.


the staff that greenlights are fantastic. whoever is in charge of renewing SUCKS


This may seem a bit childish, but Teen Titans. The original one from 2003. Edit: Oh my god…Thanks for the award, guys!


It’s a bummer because every character got one season where they were the focus of the ongoing plot. Season 1 was Robin, season 2 was Terra, season 3 was Cyborg, season 4 was Raven, and season 5 was Beast Boy. It was set up perfectly to have a 6th season focused on Starfire and we never got it


Yeah, also another interesting thing was that Terra was supposed to become a permanent member of the Titans, but at the time they couldn't afford to pay Ashley Johnson for future seasons. Also with how the seasons were set up I think Slade would've returned to be the final antagonist against Starfire since we already saw him do that with Robin, Raven, and Beast Boy in previous seasons.


I think Starfire's was actually over the course of the series here and there, but I forget if it culminated in Tokyo or in the last encounter with Blackfire in the show.


Rewatched the whole series fairly recently. It really was such a unique show for the time. I remember seeing reruns on Boomerang after the series had finished airing on CN. Unfortunate that they no longer air anything from the original series or movie. Season 5 absolutely ended in a way that demanded something more, and the movie did not scratch that itch.




Yes. Rome! It was Game of Thrones before Game of Thrones.


Rome walked so GoT could run....into a post


I've always wished for a Vorenus and Pullo spin-off. Those two were my favorite part of the series.


Reaper - Absolutely loved that shit, oh and firefly but everyone says that.


I hate that they don't cast Tyler Labine in more comedy stuff, Reaper was a fantastic showcase of his hilarity, and one of my favorite all time movies is Tucker and Dale vs Evil.


I had to scroll past 25 top comments to see “Firefly”. So I don’t know if it’s just worn out and assumed at this point or younger Redditors never heard of it. But yeah, “Firefly”. The potential for a new iconic Sci Fi world with offshoots was exceptional.


Santa Clarita Diet needed a couple more. People loved it


Dead like me. Loved the humor and the concept


This show was amazing, great character development and funny dinner dialog.


I really want to know if that waitress knew that they were all dead or thought they were crazy.


Ellen Muth was great in it and it’s sad she didn’t do much after Dead Like Me.




Jared Abrahamson was the best old man in a young man’s body


That should never have been canceled. They could have taken that so many places. I loved the characters.




I'd love to see a season where it's done from The Factions perspective.


So, this was going to be my suggestion too. However, I think it really did end on a good note and left it open to come back in the future even if it were an entirely new cast.




Everytime I see this thread, I come just to upvote or add Jericho. Nuts to CBS.


Same. I keep scrolling until I see Jericho and then I up vote.


exactly the first thing that comes to mind when seeing these threads




Venture Bros


Venture Bros was easily a solid decade ahead of it's time. The Boys, Invincible, Harley Quinn, Doom Patrol, Peacemaker. All these shows deal with deconstructing the superhero mythos and the Venture Brothers was doing this way back in 2004. At least we're getting a movie.


I think Venture Brothers is still fairly unique in its approach. ​ The Boys and even Invincible are very much taking the piss out of the idea of superheroes. They focus on the idea of power corrupting, the ends justifying the means, and so forth ​ What makes Venture Brothers so special is that it is very much about life. Rusty is fucked up because he had a horrible and abusive childhood. And while we laugh, we can also very much relate. And modern day Rusty is less "ha ha, he is a failure" and more "he is struggling to keep his head above water while constantly living with imposter syndrome and people with expectations he can never meet" (because he actually IS a super scientist. Just not at the level of how people remember Jonas Sr). And later seasons went even farther with that. Right down to Totally Not Reed Richards having a broken marriage and falling apart because of it. You laugh because of the absurdity and the REALLY good comedic writing and timing. But you care because of how incredibly earnest almost every single character is. ​ The better episodes of Harley Quinn approach this. When it is just Harley and Ivy trying to navigate their lives. But that show still very much is "superhero satire" rather than "life as a superhero" as it were


Venture Bros started as a pitch perfect parody of old Hanna-Barbera cartoons and went on to skewer every element of pop culture they could get their hands on whilst maintaining well written, context driven comedy. It was never cheap, it was well acted and scripted, it grew and evolved and allowed it's characters to step outside of the narrow channels they were born in, developing them from single characteristic, classic archetypes into something more complex. I fucking love the Venture Bros. Dead excited for the film but I'd equally take another few seasons.


Gary aka Two Ton 21 has THE BEST character arc I've ever seen in a show. From Hydra Bob to The Greatest Henchman in History.


Honestly the fact that most (all?) VB characters have some sort of arc is part of what makes the show great. Most shows (especially adult cartoons) have these flat, static characters. Venture bros is nothing like that.




I'm stoked for the movie but still mad that S8 was greenlit and they were working on it then it was cancelled a few months later. I'll take any venture bros I can get, but am still somewhat bitter.


I Am Not Okay With This


It had so much potential, not to mention they left so much unanswered at the end of the season purposely so they could make a second one.


Netflix does not give 2 shits about finishing a story. It makes it not worth investing any time in any of their content, even the stuff that looks good.


Yes! Chuck Forsman is a superb comic creator and the show really captured his book. I'd recommend the end of the fucking world if you've not seen that. Another netflix show based on his work.


This was the cancelation that made me give up on Netflix. I just can't get excited by anything on their platform at this point because I know whatever I get interested in, no matter how good it is, it will get dropped without a conclusion. I WON'T LET THEM HURT ME AGAIN!


Dark Matter, what happened after that cliffhanger?


Oh my God yes! Show was getting better and better Sci-fi channel couldn't stand doing actual sci fi.


It was awesome. Like Star Trek but with bloody consequences.


Freaks and Geeks. One season was not enough.


We all WANTED another season but I think a year in the life was absolutely perfect. Everyone got a little arc and we said goodbye.


The writers knew they weren't getting renewed before they finished the first season, so they wrote the final episodes as a goodbye to each character. They also knew they could push the limits a bit (ie. the hermaphrodite episode) without any repercussions.


That reminds me of the Rob Lowe drama when they decided to make his character a serial killer in the finale. They weren’t getting renewed but we’re under contract to make episodes. So they went with the most insane idea possible.


Almost Human with Karl Urban, was so good what it got


What’s on the other side of that damn wall?


Quality writing, well-acted, and really good production value — it’s a damn shame this show didn’t the love it deserved.


It was such a great concept, and Karl Urban is always great. Unfortunately, it got Fox'd like so many other shows.


The OG version of getting Netflix’d.


Not helped by showing it out of order


John Constantine


Yeah, Matt Ryan was a great fit for the character.


The Arrowverse shows weren't always the best (though I will defend the first couple seasons of both Arrow and Flash), I am glad Matt Ryan was able to keep playing the character here and there across those shows, he was an excellent John Constantine.


Pushing Daisies


Definitely this one. I loved the series and wanted to see where it was going.


Bryan Fuller is a genius, I highly recommend looking into his other projects.


This and dead like me. Both sensational shows.


Travelers, one of the many Netflix casualties


The Owl House wasn't outright cancelled, but was shortened from a full 20 episode season 3 to 3 specials. Since the specials are still good, albeit rushed, it makes me want to see what they could have done with the full season.


They got the news that season 3 would be shortened before they were finished with season 2 I’m pretty sure, so they had to basically redirect the whole show. Yeah, ‘cause I remember a tweet or the wiki or something say that the Collector was generated as a cool concept to be introduced sometime later in the show, but they got notified of season 3 being shortened so they decided to introduce him earlier. If we had gotten normal seasons without any notification of cancellation it would’ve been way different. I think they did a phenomenal time with the time crunch they’ve been on. It’s truly amazing


Dirk Gentlys Holistic Detective Agency Edit: so a lot of people didn't like the 2nd season, which is completely fair. It's hard to live up to the expectations of such a solid first season. The reason I personally would like a 3rd season is that the cliff hanger is so. damn. tasty. Also, I want more Rowdy 3 (6?), Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine. I recognise that it deviates completely from the source material, and I understand why a lot of people are upset by that. There's a lot of examples where I hated the adaptation (looking at you World War Z), but I personally believe this is a perfect example of how you take inspiration and run with it. A dark, gritty version where Dirk was the fat slob the books described him as might also be fantastic, and I'd probably watch the shit out of it. However, I think this adaptation captures the whimsical nonsense of Douglas Adam's writing perfectly, and I'm ok with it. It's just a shame that the show was attached to such a scumbag. Otherwise, we might have seen that 3rd season that gave us all the answers they teased.


That show is still my absolute favourite. With absolute bangers like >"The Rowdy Three!" >"But there are 4 of them!" >"I'm WILDLY aware." They captured Douglas Adams whimsical nonsense so perfectly in that show. I feel like the second series went completely off the rails, but I still loved it.


"I didn't say it was my car"




This was so gloriously, bizarrely brilliant. It was completely different to the (excellent) books, but it took on some of the core ideas and added a bunch of its own, then ran with them in multiple directions all at once. It was a joy to watch and made me feel an almost childlike wonder. It surprised and delighted me; a modern day fairy-tale for grown ups. Gutted it was cancelled.


It was a book adaptation done right. Borrowed concepts from the book, but instead of trying to squeeze the book's story onto the screen (which would have been a goddamn trainwreck) they went their own way and made something unique.


I loved that there were easter eggs for those that read the books, but it stood enough on its own that you didn't lose anything if you hadn't.


So disappointed this was cancelled, it was so fun. I keep it on My List just in case one day 🤞


Farscape. But at least we got the mini series to finish the story


Better Off Ted. The show was a brilliant satire of corporate business that was far too funny. Amazing cast, incredibly quotable, ended far too soon. Punisher should have had a season 2 with more gang/mafia shenanigans. Altered Carbon should have been able to wrap up it's story. Rubicon. Didn't have to be a continuation, but I would love to see more like it. Edit: I have been corrected, Punisher had a season 2. My mistake.


The episode where they installed motion detectors for everything that didn’t see black people, so they had to assign every black person a white person to open doors, but then because of diversity rules they had to hire more black people was phenomenal. “Ted: That's more than weird, Veronica. That's basically, well... racist. Veronica: The company's position is that it's actually the opposite of racist, because it's not targeting black people. It's just ignoring them. They insist the worst people can call it is "indifferent." Ted: Well, they know it has to be fixed, right? Please... at least say they know that. Veronica: Of course they do, and they're working on it. In the meantime they'd like everyone to celebrate the fact that it sees Hispanics, Asians, Pacific Islanders, and Jews.”


Ted: If the company keeps hiring white people to follow black people to follow white people to follow black people by: Lem: Thursday June 27th, 2013… Ted: Every person on earth will be working for us. Management looks impressed. Ted: And we don’t have the parking for that. Management looks disappointed.


The company has a problem. A recent survey showed the morale has dropped from low, which they were okay with, to I’d like to burn this place down…which, frankly, I’m surprised was one of the options.


Now that I work corporate Better off Ted feels more and more like a documentary


It's incredible how relevant it still feels (perhaps even more so) after almost a decade and a half.


I used to work in a company that did R&S and they *nailed* the corporate propaganda.


"It would be illegal to do this to clients.... so we're doing it to employees! Employees should do it for the good of planet earth!" - this was their foray into the non-profit world.


The company loves money Ted. At night, it goes to strip clubs and throws naked women at money.


I'd nominate that episode as one of the top 10 episodes of TV I've seen in my life, without blinking.


Definitely. Whenever people ask me about good, fun TV, they usually know the standards like Office and 30 Rock, so I point them to Better off Ted and outline this specific episode. And each time they are eager to check it out. It's such an unusual, new trope that hits all the right points


I need to hunt down an interview with the creators about the tone and type of comedy they were crafting. They managed the same feel in Santa Clarita Diet. It’s like a certain kind of constant satire about daily life, but not quite the same as 30 Rock or Community, which do the same level of loose reality.


I haven't seen this in over a decade but I could hear Portia de Rossi's voice and delivery in my head as I read this. Damn she absolutely killed it in that role. Guess I'll be rewatching now.


I loved Better off Ted!


Phil and Lem would have become one of the great bromances on par with Turk and JD. Those two were amazing together. And Porti de Rossi was fucking genius. I could watch an entire movie of her just sitting there describing Corporate America


I want her, in Veronica character, to be the taskmaster if they ever reboot the United States version (c'mon HBO!)


"You screamed at the Octochicken." "Well it scared me when it crawled out of its web!"


Oh man, Rubicon desperately needed another season. I get why it failed, it started out SLOOOOOOWWWW and took quite a few episodes to get really interesting, but a lot of AMC shows have been like that and still gotten renewed. It should've had at least one more season to see where it would go


I think I'll just leave a link to remind everyone of the ways Viridian Dynamics makes your world better: https://youtu.be/yF3of5VRcNA


Making your world better, until we don’t. That was fun to watch back to back! And I will counter with Racial sensitivity https://youtu.be/lMy5YpJysy4


Better Off Ted was phenomenal.


Altered Carbon was my gateway for dystopian futuristic series, and I love it dearly


Are you saying that you dislike the direction of the Punisher’s second season or are you unaware that there *was* a second season?


Happy Endings. It was such a funny show and was hoping they let it continue for a few more seasons.


YES. Came for Elisha Cuthbert, and stayed because everyone else was so much *better* than she was. Not that she was bad, but everyone else was just so fantastic. Such an idiotic decision to kill that show.


I knew I'd see Happy Endings mentioned lmao. Such a fun show that deserved better. Definitely one of the best lighthearted, "hanging out with a bunch of friends" sitcoms. Also, am I right in thinking Max was a kind of groundbreaking character for its time?


I miss this show so much. The whole cast meshed so well. There was never a pairing that felt off. I think quotes from the show have become 50% of my own every day dialogue. I say amahzing compulsively.


Deadwood Carnivale The Nine Rome


Rome was quality, everything about the show hit - acting, story, costumes and sets etc




I always immediately think of Carnivale when I see posts like this. I have both seasons on DVD and can't even bring myself to watch it and experience the disappointment all over again.


Inside job, they got robbed by netflix


Yeah of all the cancelled Netflix shows, IMO this is the worst one. The writing was great and they still had a lot of meaningful world building they could have done.


Not to mention that cliffhanger... I just wanted to see Reagan be happy again. Damn Netflix. Here's hoping the creators are somehow able to continue the series elsewhere.


I wish adult swim would throw some of that rick and morty money their way, just so they could have a third season. Apple still doesn't have much going for it in the animation department. Honestly, anything. Please.


especially since it was so popular compared to a lot of other newer adult animated shows


Wait wtf they canceled it, fuck that show was so good both seasons are gold.


Netflix renewed it, then said 'nah nevermind' Fuck Netflix


I was just going to say I thought it got renewed


I cancelled Netflix over this, and told them as much in the cancellation reason. And they have the gall to keep sending me emails asking me to come back lol. It feels like every show I enjoyed last year got cancelled - Inside Job, 1899, Avenue 5, The Nevers, all gone. There's no point in subscribing to a service where every show I seem to like gets cancelled before it can even properly end. TBH at this point, the only streaming service I still have is HBO Max and that's only because I get it for free with my phone plan.


ash vs evil dead


You can tell how incredibly stupid and out of touch certain networks are when they cancel critically acclaimed shows. Especially this. I really wish someone else would pick this up and continue with it. Starz clearly doesn't know what the fuck they're doing. Should have gone to hbo, amazon, or Netflix.


Firefly...always Firefly. 😭




Would like more of hannibal. But at least the ending didn't feel like a cliffhanger.


More like a cliffaller


One of the best “network” tv shows ever. How they got away with it, I don’t know. Brutal and beautiful.


Could not believe that it aired on NBC.


My favorite story was they got rejected by the censors for showing an ass crack So they covered the crack with blood and resubmitted it And it got approved


The society is one I still wished there would be more of. They canceled it on a cliffhanger.


If I could raise any show from the dead it would be this hands down. Loved all the characters, loved all the themes. It gave you a LOT to think about afterwards and just touched on so many topics. I remember as I got into the later episodes I could literally feel my stomach in knots just with all the tension. The >!pie!< had me on the absolute edge of my seat. Not to mention the >!Execution scene with Dewey!< might be the most insane thing I've ever watched. They really gave that scene everything and it showed. I'll never forget it. Still can't believe to this day it's not coming back.


I think about this show all of the time. I am so upset it was cancelled, like I NEED to know what happened to those kids!!


After confirming it for a second season too. Pissed me off


The Last Kingdom. They had to rush through so much in the Season 5 that it overwhelms you although it still manages to give a great send off to the series. Fucking netflix cancelling great shows but keeps renewing big mouth lol Highly recommend The Last kingdom if anyone hasn't watched it.


Glow !


I really need Ruth/Sam closure. Ugh.


Loved this show. It sucked that it was just done.


Sucks , even started filming season 4 .


What kills me is that the show got canceled on the worst possible cliffhanger, too. Had GLOW ended season 1 or 2 it would have had a pretty decent ending. But since season 3 was clearly setting up a further story, it sucks that it ends on everyone breaking apart and going separate ways.


That show was absolutely perfect. Mother fucking perfect. Pure fucking gold. It had me ready to pack my family up, move to Vegas, rent a room in a shit motel, and become a trashy fighter girl. I was ready man.


They only really needed that one final season they already started filming. It’s one of the best shows on Netflix. Why can’t they just wrap it up?!? I’m still mad about this one.


Heroes. Doesn't need a new season. Needs to be RE-DONE. Writers strike ruined that show. It had so much potential.


> Needs to be RE-DONE. Writers strike ruined that show. Definitely agree




I miss this show. So lighthearted and fun but also had “real” characters. A TV show musical? I would not have thought it would work but it did!


Check out Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. It absolutely nails being a TV musical and despite abysmal ratings was so critically adored that the CW let it finish out their intended four seasons anyway.


I super believe in you Tad Cooper!


The only reason I wanna be rich, is so I could buy the rights for this series from Disney, then get all the cast and writers together and do a third and fourth season. This show was amazing, witty, super funny and well written, and it's sad that it's been banished from the face of the Earth.


It wouldn’t be the same without Timothy Omundson singing and dancing around, but if this is pure fantasy then maybe we can imagine the stroke didn’t happen.


The tournament scene where galavant couldnt move and the other dude was drunk af is one of the funniest scene in tv history.


The Dark Crystal seires


Dark Crystal is such a unique series. I was shocked that netflix even did AOR, literally nothing like it on the modern market.


I was shocked that The Mandalorian got recognized for puppet work over the Dark Crystal. Baby Yoda wasnt in the same state as the main cast of DC. Then I remembered how numerous and rabid star wars fans are.


Yeah, when The Dark Crystal did the puppet show, *in* a puppet show, it blew my mind. Definitely should have won some things for that scene alone!


The Dark Crystal is *niche* while Star Wars is pop culture with an insanely huge fan base, quality or who did it first doesn't really matter especially when it comes to nominations and awards nowadays but I think we all know that. I was so infuriated that they cancelled Age of Resistance, it's very clear that the story didn't end there otherwise we wouldn't have gotten "a glimpse into the future" showing >!Dark Deet!< as an example.


The Expanse.


Amazon: "We are cancelling The Expanse because the budget is too high" 2 weeks later... Amazon: "We are making a LOTR series and it will be the most expensive television show ever made." The Expanse: 2-5 mil per episode. Rings of Power: 60-90 mil per episode. ​ That hurts as an Expanse fan.


I never thought of that, lol. I know they think (probably rightly) that there was a bigger audience for LOTR, but the Expanse was the lightyears better show and I did like LOTR. Aw man, I wish they had just used a tenth of the budget they splurged on LOTR and made more episodes and seasons of the Expanse. I've bought all the books I can find and am gonna dive in, but it's sad that such an astounding show got cancelled.


Cut just *one* episode of LOTR and do an entire *additional season* of The Expanse.


Don’t the books skip like 30 years after where the show stopped? Maybe they’ll release the last few books worth as a spinoff


They do, and I hope a spinoff happens. The problem is that the show could have wrapped itself up nicely for the most part, but it spent the first 5 minutes of every episode in the last season teasing us on the laconian zombie biology which sets up large parts of the final 3 books. I don't know if they knew the show was getting cancelled, but that's a huge plot point and bit of lore to set up if you're not going to do something with it.


From what I've heard/read they knew the show was ending after season 6. They had two options, completely abandon the whole Laconian storyline, or tease it for either potentially future works and/or the books. They didn't want to completely abandon it, so that's what we got. I agree that it is not that satisfying in the show, but having read all of the books and novellas, it definitely feels more like it fits in the overall product. Also hoping/praying for maybe a movie or two that wraps up the last three books. That would be amazing!




Like another user pointed out, they definitely did that in order to better set up a spin off. The book 7 time skip would have been much more difficult to translate to the TV show than the book 3(?) Time skip was. I'm personally happy with how the show ended, that's not to say I'm not sad they didn't keep it going, but I think they set up a movie spin off for the last 3 pretty well. The next books just have too much of a focus on how much the characters have all aged/changed/matured (except Amos, may he never change) to have smoothly translated to TV without ugly aging up of all the characters.


Need a spin off called "Drummer Being Awesome for an Hour"


I'd be happy with a full season that is just Avasarala telling off various politicians and military assholes.


Yes! Between her awesome outfits, amazing voice, and hilarious insults, she was by far my favorite character.


BBC's Merlin. The ending was a shocker.


I love this show, but absolutely hated the ending. The fact that King Author >!only found out the truth right before he dies is such a fuck you to the audience. We had been waiting years for those two to fight side by side as equals. !<


That show went down hill as soon as they got that damn slow motion camera


The ending of Merlin still walking around, waiting for Arthur to return so many years later was devastating! It was one of my favorite shows and the ending just ruined everything, I haven’t talked to one person who was actually okay with it


Bare minimum we should've had at least a full season of Arthur knowing about Merlin and seeing how that affects their dynamic. Him learning it literally right before dying was awful.


Invader Zim


Netflix even did a movie to gauge interest in it with talks of bring it back. The movie was successful tmk but still nothing. Same w rocko:/


Limitless. The show was edited so damn well.


WOOOO didn’t even have to scroll that far. Limitless started with a movie that didn’t need a show until it had one. The setup was so good and I was so excited to see where things were going. It’s such a damn shame


And cancelled right after the movie and show began to REALLY cross. Man .....I was so sad it was cancelled


I had the same thought


I avoided the show since I loved the movie, but sounds like it's worth a watch?


Abso fucking lutely


Took my words, great show!


I thought they had a great setup for the next season, this was very disappointing.


Dollhouse. The cancelation caused season finale to be too rushed. Would have been better if they had been given more time to develop the ending, plus the world could always use more Eliza Dushku.


It was such an fantastic plot. Great writing. Great character development. I really wish we could have had the chance to find out what they were really planning for the continued storyline. And Eliza Dushku is such an underrated actress. Love her.


Marco polo on Netflix.


I'm still annoyed over the S2 cliffhanger ending




Seriously how y’all gonna be teasing BTK throughout both seasons and then just blue ball us


It was unlikely there was ever going to be any kind of closure with BTK. His arrest takes place decades later than when the show takes place. And the point of BTK was to be juxtaposed against the work they were doing in the department as someone who could not be profiled or captured using the methods they were developing.


I'd resubscribe to Netflix for this.


My so-called life.


Had to scroll wayyy too long for this one! Amazing show with such a great potential


The last man on earth


This was my favorite show for awhile. I was so upset when it got cancelled. I guess live action shows just don’t do well on Fox Sunday nights mixed-in with the cartoons.


I fucking loved this show. I get that the style of humor and awkwardness wasn’t for everyone, but goddamn this show made me laugh more than most shows do.


Yeah, what a cliffhanger ending!


Hanger? I hardly knew her. Boom.


I need closure closure closure 🎶


This. Will Forte had a storyline penned out for Season 5, which was pretty hilarious: https://tvline.com/2018/08/05/last-man-on-earth-cliffhanger-ending-explained-cancelled-no-season-5/amp/ “[These people] went down [into the bunker] when the virus had first started,” Forte revealed on Vulture‘s Good Ones podcast. “They had some kind of medical expert or scientist who knew, ‘At this certain point, the virus will be dormant. You’ll be safe to get back out,’ and they had reached that point. Then they see a bunch of stragglers — us — and we represent a real threat to them, because they thought [everyone] was dead, so they quarantine us. “We eventually communicate with them a little bit [and] they get comfortable with us,” he continued. “They look scary but they end up being nice people.” As was tradition for the show, among the bunker people probably would have been one or two famous guest stars, à la Jon Hamm, “and eventually we’d all get comfortable with each other,” before they freed at least one of the survivors from quarantine. That, in turn, would have proven to be a fatal mistake. “We are immune to the virus, but we’re carriers. And so we would infect them and they’d die like wildfire,” Forte revealed, “and then we’re back to just our little group, and maybe one famous [guest star] we could talk into staying around.” All told, that arc would have lasted “four or five episodes.”