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I worked at a dry cleaner for a summer. Front desk, cash under table type of job. I worked 50 hours one week and he told me he'd pay me time and a half for the OT. I go into work on payday and my cash envelope is not in the drawer. I called him and asked about it and he told me he couldn't pay me for my work yet. I kindly informed him that I was taking the money I was owed, and locking up the shop, and left.


My co-worker bought cake and ice cream for the office. Someone asked what we were celebrating.. and he said his last day.


Yay cake!!!


I was thinking about quitting but has holding back. I scheduled a vacation with 3 extra days. It was a once in a lifetime type of trip. He rejected my vacation request. I thought about it for a couple of hours. Went to his office and told him 'I'm taking the trip no matter what.' The next morning the boss met me at hr and gave me a formal written warning. I responded by giving him my 2 week notice. They apologized and tried to convince me not to leave but it was too late.


rofl... "Here is your written warning" "Here is YOUR written warning. Except its not a warning, its a fuck you. I quit"


"Well let's not get crazy now!"


"You realize you won't be eligible to be rehired."


I had HR use this line on me at my last job. I put in a three week notice, but apparently according to my contract I was supposed to give a minimum of 4 weeks. When they said I wouldn't be eligible for rehire, I said "well if all goes according to plan I don't want to be rehired."


"I'm not leaving because I want to come back"


Reminds me of meeting my ex wife's parents. I was already a divorcee and father to a daughter. Her dad said "I wanted to make sure you're good enough for my daughter". I hit him with the uno reverse of "I wanted to make sure you two were good enough for MY daughter". I understand the sentiment but the old school attempt at intimidation was comedic to me.


Seems like, if she is an ex, none of them were good enough :)


Yeah, I was hoping for the follow up where I find out who isn’t good enough for whom.


I work at a grocery store and this is how I feel putting in time off 6 months in advance. I’m not asking to be off, I’m telling you I won’t be here.


I ended up quitting one job because a boss wouldn't give me time off for a vacation that was planned 9 months in advance. He ended up blacklisting me and gave me horrible references, keeping me from getting any jobs for about a year afterward until I found out and called them out on it. That guy was a petty garbage human. Edit: For those telling me to sue him, unfortunatrly it was over a decade ago and 18 year old me didn't even think of legal action. Nor, apparently, did anyone close to me. Edit #2: For those wondering why I would put this boss as reference, I didn't. I put down an assistant manager that I got along with really well. But apparently nobody actually talked to him and got forwarded to the manager.


Me, working on a tv show. Freelance editor. Went to the boss: “give me your worst case scenario out date, because when we wrap, I’m taking a vacation. You can make it any time you want, just know I won’t be here the following week.” Boss picks a date a few months away. I book my vacation. Week before the vacation. Boss asks if I can push my trip a week, they are not quite done yet. I agree, if he covers all costs for the delay. He says sure. I come back with printed proof of last second flight and hotel changes. Total of $4,000. Boss looks at it. “Have fun on your trip next week!” They managed to finish the show without me. (Boss was cool, not a jerk at all.)


I worked at UPS for a few months and when I went to make a unpaid time off request they looked at me like I was crazy and said we don't do that here. That was my last day. Edit: this was for a package handler position at the airport, so maybe slightly different than other ups positions.


“We don’t do that here” “Well now you do” *slaps down two weeks notice letter*


It's crazy how people have high standards on employees working close to minimum wage .


One of our cooks was from Nepal and needed a month off to go home and get married. HR denied his request for the time off. I (the exec sous) threatened to quit if they did t give it to him. His home was so remote it was going to take a week’s worth a of travel to and from. So it was just two weeks with his family for the first time in five years, and to get married. I found it ridiculous they wouldn’t let a man (who hadn’t taken any vacation and had warned enough pto) go home for these events, during our slow season…


How'd it go? Did he get to go home?


I did something similar to a smaller degree. I booked a day off work like a month in advance, got approved. Then shortly after, I handed in my two weeks notice, so he scheduled me for the day I asked off. I tried to get others to cover, in which they were happy to, but he said nope it has to be your shift. After finding multiple solutions he wasn’t happy with, I said “look, it’s the last day of my last week, I’m not gonna be there that day.” He replied okay, then updated the schedule and removed *all* of my remaining shifts. I was on a day off, but a coworker told me, so I came into work and we had a yelling match for an hour, before they escorted me out


A cautionary tale for those folks who insist that everyone must always give notice at a job. It's a courtesy of the sort that there's no guarantee will be reciprocated.


Agreed. Only give a two week warning if you enjoyed working there. If not, who cares...there's no legal requirement for the notice.


On my last day at the bowling alley, I sent an email to head office detailing all the shit he’d been up to but everyone was too afraid to report (inc. trying to fire someone when he found out she was pregnant - a big no no in my country). I heard later that the next day regional manager and a couple of executives turned up for a surprise inspection. He’s found in the office, having backed a 16 year old female colleague in the corner, screaming at the top of his lungs, with his big red vein-throbbing face touching hers. She was distraught and obviously crying her eyes out. Manager was escorted off premises there and then and never heard from again.


Nice. They killed him?


Seems justified, maybe


As far as my life goes it was the shittiest job I ever took. Long hours, a lot of crunch, no company vehicle and a lot of travel. Every time I'd go to a different site I would get like 20 different phone numbers for the various people I was communicating with. Anyway so all of the contacts for these people was on my company phone that was synched up to my personal GMail (which stored all the phone numbers). At some point management decided my job was redundant and decided to lay me off without notice and without severance. First thing I did was wipe my company phone clean before handing it over. A few days later they called me asking where all the contact information was stored. "Sorry I don't work for you anymore."


You should have backed it up and told them you'd do some consulting for them and you'll try and find it and bill them 25k


My boss and I had butted heads a few times after she took over the office. After finding a much better job I handed her a list of my job responsibilities, which she asked for because she didn't understand what I did there. "This is too much, we'd have to distribute all this to like 4 different people" and I said "yea" and walked out. Spoiler: she didn't do any of that and was fired less than a year later as the office was falling apart.


That shit always pissed me off. I had a manager basically the same way. I was doing the work of 3+ people. I constantly said we needed relief. Juniors even to take the easier loads off or something. Nothing. Then I found I was being paid less than new hires with no experience after multiple years of this shit. So, one day - I got an offer for almost double my salary. Basically going from $65k to $130k. “We can’t match that” So I left and chaos unfolded. They didn’t realize I was playing the lynchpin because about six months later I found out the team basically collapsed. My colleagues said fuck it and left from the extra work without help. They offshored the department who made it worse and they let them go and brought it back onshore. With people entirely untrained and no knowledge on our job. Which also had to balance against federal laws while doing it. Then there were layoffs and they were targeted because now it’s a cost center instead of a previous profit center. And my previous manager? Removed from the role and relegated to being basically a ticket jockey with absolutely no responsibilities. Senior leadership asked me to come back with 20% on top of the new salary to run things. That’s a negative ghost-rider. You need to truly learn from this and me coming back isn’t going to teach that lesson.


> They offshored the department who made it worse and they let them go and brought it back onshore. Reminds me of the offshore team my code shop hired to do some AWS infrastructure setup for us. We paid them $100,000 because it seemed like it'd be worth basically a single employee's one-year salary to get all the AWS setup done in a way that we could then learn from by inspecting it and communicating with the team that built it. Turns out there were so incompetent that my boss would have been able to do all the work they did, better than they did it, *before* we hired them. And by the time he'd actually gone and re-done all their shitty work, he was radically better at it than they were.


Sounds like your boss paid 100k for an AWS self taught course lol


> handed her a list of my job responsibilities, which she asked for because she didn't understand what I did there. The list: * Everything


not me, one of my co-workers, he was running a whole dept by himself, he was dying over in the other building. it was originally a 3 person team, but one left, they never filled the spot, then 2yrs later another left, and he said "nah, it was too much before, but we can't function like this" that went on for another year while he carried the whole building. they eventually ***accused him of stealing*** after 20yrs of working for the company. he denied it, denied it, until they put him in a room being grilled by a loss prevention officer, and he just screamed at them "fuck this!!! and fuck you!! I've been a loyal employee carrying the whole PDI/Bodyshop building for years, and you ignore my needs, I'm out!" threw a finger in the air and peeled out of the parking lot. a tonne of BS happened in between, but 4 years later, and there are now4-5 people over there because thats how many it took to replace them.


Why is is always paid less than new hires then they bitch about quiet quitting or whatever spin they want to put on it today.


> I handed her a list of my job responsibilities, which she asked for because she didn't understand what I did there. My first professional job I gave my 2 weeks notice. I had been busting my ass under the illusion that if I bust my ass I'll get recognized, better raises, etc. Rookie mistake. On the Thursday before my last day, I was asked by my boss to write up what I did. 4 pages later (with another 4 page contact list list of who my contacts were in and around the company that enabled me to get things done so quick) My boss just stared at me dumbfounded then stammered on about how he didn't know I was responsible for all these things. Like, your my boss, you assigned me half the stuff and I've told you about the other half. Then you had the audacity to not give me a raise, and tell me I need to work harder after pulling 80 hour weeks routinely. Just shrugged. I had to turn and walk out because of the a huge smile on my face. In the end they hired 3 people to take up the slack. Could have saved so much by giving me a raise and promotion.


Not as much work but in a similar vein: after 4 years with the same outlook as you and a huge amount of unpaid “overtime” and the constant excuses to not get promotion/raises I gave my two weeks. Just before I left, found out HR was looking for someone FOUR LEVELS higher as a replacement because “that’s what these responsibilities dictate”…. Like bro, woulda stayed and been ignorant and happy if you gave me just 1 level lol.


I gave him a two-hour notice when I quit. He had a habit of firing people on the spot when they gave advance notice.




Wait, but isn't it more favorable to you if you are fired so you can qualify for unemployment benefits (assuming you are in the US)? If you resign, you don't qualify.


Working retail I quit at the register on Black Friday. I had recently gotten another full-time job and was keeping this retail gig because I liked the employee discount and due to my other job this check was pure fun money, all that is to say I didn't *need* the retail job. My store manager comes over at hour 7 of my shift, with chaos and a line 100 people long, and has the nerve to tell me my up-sales(fishing for promo signups, i.e. rewards, credit cards etc) weren't cutting it for how much traffic I was seeing. In front of the customers! I already couldn't stand this B so I said, "You know what you do it, I'm done" and then I apologized to my coworkers on the way out.


I worked a register job at a bulk store for a while, and they had the same issue with me. I *hated* giving that dumb little spiel to each person in line. It felt scummy to me, and I didn't like that I felt like I was forcing something onto the customer that they didn't want. I even got yelled at by customers for it a couple times.


I feel this. In my younger days, I worked retail in a clothing store. It was during college. Obviously, it paid minimum wage. At the time, that was less than $6 an hour. It was a basic job; stock the merchandise, straighten the shelves & racks, run register. Pretty much the entire staff, including store managers, were around college age. They didn't break our balls, and we did what we were assigned to do. The problem....was Derek. Derek was the district manager and he was *exactly* the kind of district manager you dread. He shows up and just starts tearing into everything, and everyone. Our store managers are now being put through the ringer...which means it's passed onto us. He would yell at me because I didn't greet every single customer who walked in, and didn't give the full spiel of "Welcome to (store), today we are having a sale on cargo pants and button-up shirts, they're in the rear of the store, please let me know if I can help you with anything". He also yelled that my SPT (sales per transaction) were too low...that I needed to upsell more. He snidely told me "I'll show you how it's done" and took the next customer. He bombarded the poor guy, followed him around the store, making suggestions, and giving him the hard sell. When the customer left, he left with multiple items...and Derek stood there looking all smug. "That's how you do it" Until about 15 minutes later when the *same customer* came back and returned everything but one item. When I asked why he was returning them (they made us), he said "I really just wanted the shirt." Fuck you, Derek! I swear, retail management largely has no fucking clue. Minimum wage gets you minimum effort. If I show up on time, don't call out sick unnecessarily, and complete my tasks....I've done my job. You don't get anything more out of me without more compensation. I even had one manager (different job) give me shit when I told him I couldn't make the "mandatory store meeting" because I had a college class. He said I needed to "get my priorities in order". My friend, I'm a college kid working part-time for minimum wage at a clothing store in the mall. My priorities are exactly where they should be in this situation. I'm choosing the college course I paid thousands of dollars for over the two hours of minimum wage to sit in the store and learn that "We're selling hats now".


>> If I show up on time, don't call out sick unnecessarily, and complete my tasks....I've done my job. You don't get anything more out of me without more compensation. Honestly that is my mantra for all my jobs.


I worked hard over the course of a year to get all my former coworkers I cared about new jobs.


Same. We were all fired enmass, I knew it was coming so I formed my LLC. I had my work lined up, called every other person who was let go and offered to find them work. Old boss called me up and threatened to sue me for going after their ex employees!!! Fuck you Darren! Best thing ever.


Did someone tape a fish behind his desk?


Sent them to the feds for Medicare fraud and they got fined 41.7 mil. https://www.justice.gov/usao-edpa/pr/florida-based-laboratory-pain-clinic-and-two-former-executives-agree-pay-41-million ETA: Link to DOJ report 2nd edit - corrected spacing, more info, and response to some questions: This issue was important to me because the physicians were actively charting that their patients were at high risk for drug abuse, which was not the case. They'd drug test every patient every month who were prescribed opiates. The standard for high risk is based on the ORT, which lists things like requested early prescriptions (taking too much meds), prior negative test (likely selling on the street), etc. This company used stupid criteria, including but not limited to, drinking caffeinated beverages, are a current or former smoker, to place a patient in the high risk category. All I could think of was how this would impact patients if they were to apply for a job with a need for over the top security clearance, or the patient who got in a fender bender and was on pain meds for a month, then ended up in a nasty divorce where their medical records were subpoenaed. This kind of shit wrecks people's lives, and for what? Greed? Yeah, nah. Not on board with that. As to the questions about getting 15-30% of what the gov't collects, I've stated in the comments that no lawyer would take the case. They don't understand that medical necessity is clearly defined by the gov't. I couldn't find anyone who had the balls to take the case because they didn't understand. And that's ok. When I 1st reported it to corporate compliance, I was sent home with or without pay (?) because I "had a bad attitude." After I got home, the HR manager called me. So I reported her to compliance for attempting to make an hourly staff engage in company business while off the clock and reported her to USDOL wage and hour division. She eventually got fired. And I got paid for the hours I was sent home. At that point, I didn't give a shit. They pissed me off, they were potentially ruining people's lives with the chart records, and I was being bullied by my employer. So I just started firing off chart notes from my desk. They eventually locked me out of the system, but by then I'd already found another job and knew I'd sent enough to bury them. If faced with the same shit again, I'd proceed the exact same way. As much as I'd like to have received a cut, at the end of the day I probably helped some patients avoid all kinds of disaster. And that's an awesome payout.


Well they'll remember that one for sure. How did you do that?


Step1: commit medicare fraud


Did something similar with a consultant business I worked for. They weren’t paying me travel, and changing my place of residence to an apartment they owned in another city where the work was. This let them write off $5000/mo for housing for me, while costing me a $1200 deduction for taxes on my pay cheque. My tax return had my apartment I rented and my pay stubs had the apartment the company rented. I told them to change it or I was calling the CRA. They refused, and I called the CRA. They had been doing the same thing for most of their seasonal workers for the past 20 years. The owners had to sell the business to pay off the tax evasion penalties.


That's awesome!


My exit interview when I was asked the reason for leaving, I simply said their name and nothing more


My brother says he has a manager who has been named a total of four times during exit interviews. Like, damn, how much can you suck to make 4 different people leave lmao.


How much does that company suck to do nothing about it


I work for one, they do nothing because the guy is a director. I am preparing to depart my job because of this asshole supervisor. I will be the fourth manager of my department to leave because of this guy. The previous three were so over it none of them gave notice, they just turned off their computer and walked out.


Same in my old field, but the principal. About a dozen women pushed off campus, reasons ranging from being physically assaulted by him, pulled into a counseling session to talk her out of a divorce (with her husband, another teacher on campus) because he didn't believe in it, asking how she could avoid being perceived as a bitch because she was young and attractive, and telling a neurodivergent teacher she needed to better model how to act like a normal human being. I had already gone to HR about him and they did nothing, so my final fuck you was recording a second HR meeting with gems such as "we have to let those men decide" and "OUR LEADERS ARE MEN" from the old bitty who enabled his abuse and publicly publishing them. It didn't do shit. He still works there and has access to young women daily. But that's Magnolia, TX for you.


I told one of my bosses that the reason I was leaving was because he mocked my desire to advance in front of my co workers. His response to that was “well I’m sorry if I did that” fuck you Dan. I’ve refused recruiters from there several times because I refuse to work on any team associated with him.


> “well I’m sorry if I did that” "if" These are the worst type of people.


Or the "I'm sorry you feel that way" assholes


Mechanic at a commuter airline. Boss wanted me to sign off a plane pre-flight inspection. I refused to sign because the plane was not airworthy. He told me if I wished to continue working, then id better sign. My response: then I guess I don’t work here anymore. I picked up my tool box and left. EDIT: yes, I am an A&P. I did report it to the head of maintenance as well as the FAA. No, I cannot reveal the airline, but rest assured, they have been absorbed by other major airlines several times and are not flying these model of planes any longer.


Really hope you told the FAA


As someone in the same field directly under the FAA's jurisdiction, you should absolutely call the FAA. I would rather one dipshit gets fired before possibly hundreds get killed.


No Shit! Holy fuck I was just looking at airfare


Thank you. You may have saved lives.


They would just get someone else to sign off on it. Hopefully they reported the boss promptly after leaving.


Probably should've alerted authorities before leaving. FAA or whatever regulatory body works in your country would probably love to know.


My boss's boss hated me. He drove out my previous boss that was one of the best managers I ever worked for. He demoted me, and then when the company laid-off EVERYONE else who knew my product, I insisted he restore me to my previous status or I'd quit. He did, and he wasn't happy about it. Eventually he demoted me again and I found another job. During my exit interview with HR, I spoke at length about how he'd fucked up the department and fired many excellent people who were now working for the competition. A few months later he was escorted to the door and told never to return. Apparently the company took a good, long look at him and found he'd been holding his meetings with his subordinate managers in a local bar and would sometimes never return to the office. I don't know whether my discussions with HR had anything to do with their review of his performance, but I'd like to think so.


lost him a big deal with another company by walking away at a critical moment. in fact, I walked right to the arcade across the street


Haha How did he respond to that?


he called a lot and when I answered he was for the first trying to talk with respect that's how I know I really fucked 'em


You told him about your high score though, right?


The manager told me the company I worked for owned me and that I'd do what they said or face consequences. This was in a meeting with other employees present. I walked out of the store with the manager screaming at me to get back to work.


This was my senior year of high school. I worked at IHOP and my direct supervisor was leaving, so the gm was going to take over my schedule. Well he didn't like me or my two friends who worked there as well. So when he posted the new schedule and drastically cut our hours all 3 of us walked out and quit he still had to fill like 4 or 5 weekday shifts and cover all of our weekend hours because all of us worked both sat and sun morning rush.




When I left, he promised to take halfl what I was making and spread it among the team as raises to cover the extra work. He was trying to stop the exodus as I was the 3rd person to leave in a short time. So when I left I handed my pay stub (minus social security info) to the team and said >Just in case he tried to lie. This is what I make. He tried to lie. They also realized they were being underpaid by a good chunk. He told me that was a breach of confidential information and they could sue me. I told him to sue me then. Never heard from that company again except for tax docs. For those unfamiliar, in the US you are legally allowed to disclose your own pay. And its illegal for your employer to tell you that you cant. Im assuming if he did try that HR or the lawyers quickly corrected him before they had to hand me a settlement. #Edit Some people misunderstand. Just because its legal to share your salary, doesnt mean your employer cant prohibit it by policy. In the US, it is expressly ILLEGAL for your employer to do that.


Nothing as dramatic as this, but I've def had several bosses politely ask me to not disclose raises/pay in case other employees get jealous. I was just thinking to myself, I like you, but thats illegal what you just asked me.


That would also make me definitely tell my coworkers about it because it means they're all getting screwed over.


Or you're getting screwed over


I interviewed for a new job and was offered it. I wrote my 2 week notice that same day and handed it over the next morning (I worked 11 pm - 7 am). The complete waste of oxygen that was the GM at the time tried to compete with the new job, and I laughed in his face. Told him that in order for me to even consider staying, he would have to give me a $9/hr raise, pto, and health insurance. He made a hateful comment, and I took my notice and changed the final date to the current date and told him to have fun working 7 nights a week. The new job was a 'lateral move' (same exact job, same hours, just a better company) and is still my current job, I've had 12 raises, just celebrated 10 years there with management having food delivered for me every night for a week.


This one’s my favorite so far.


Salary was delayed by 2 weeks and was about told to be lenient because the company is growing and needs our help and cooperation. I waited for another week but I was ignored. I left the job without notice and upon them calling me to sue me, I replied “You have money to sue people but no money to pay employees.” I switched job and I am at a better place right now.


Missing payroll is a serious offence.


My current job actually missed my first paycheck. I was set to start on a Monday. But the lead was set to go on vacation Sunday, so they had me come in on Saturday instead to train with him. Well, my manager forgot to tell admin/payroll that I’m starting earlier than planned. Payday rolls around and… nothing. They realized what happened and added those hours to my next paycheck. Which was a full 8 hours of overtime pay. Not bad for my first check


That's not great, but a mixup when you're starting is a bit different than "work with us while we find a way to pay your agreed salary." I'm glad they did you right.


I almost had a conniption with my work before, I'd had to open a new bank account as my old bank was closing. I texted my boss the new bank details A MONTH ahead of time to allow my details to be updated. Lo and behold, payday comes, no money. I contact my boss, he's confused as he sent on the details to the accountant the same day I messaged them to him. He even sent me a screenshot as proof. Boss contacts accountant who apparently simply said "Oh shit" on the phone. Turns out the gobshite had tried to send it to my old bank account. I had to wait for it to be returned as unpayable to them, before I could get paid into my actual account. 5 days late. 🫠 Boss cut his contract with that accountant because he was appalled that a simple thing like updating details, hadn't been done over an entire month.


I'd like to have a boss like this.


They threatened to sue you while they were actively committing wage theft? Bold. Lol


Did you ever get your money?


Worked in China in a language training center. Left the country without informing anyone at work. Once I was out of China, I posted all the info I had about the benefits foreign workers were supposed to have but never had (tax reimbursement, pension savings, etc.) and how HR & Finance appropriated them in regional and local WeChat groups both in English and Chinese. Also posted addresses of local government offices where foreign workers could inquire about the aforementioned benefits or complain about lack thereof.


A guy I used to work with spent a stint in China teaching English. When he tried to leave his employers implied they would report him to the communist government as some kind of spy. He waited until his next paycheck, bought a plane ticket with cash and ran. Not sure if I believe his story but I've seen stranger things.


I taught English in China for six years, and I'd believe it. Schools and language centers in China vary *wildly* in how good the administration is. If you're lucky, you get decent bosses who understand how vulnerable their foreign workers are and try to help them. On average, you get bosses who are decent enough, but don't really communicate because that's not how things work in Chinese companies. At worst...stuff like that.


Applied for a full time job at a daycare. Interview was on Friday and the director said she would text me over the weekend to tell me my hours for next week. Yay! I got the job! Monday rolls around and no text or email from her so I am sitting in my pjs at home thinking I’m out of work. At 10am a random number calls me and she asks me to come in for 11. I let it slide thinking she lost track of time or whatever. By the end of the day I asked for my schedule and she said she’ll contact me tomorrow morning at 9am. The next day is the same thing, except this time she calls at 11am asking to come in for 11:15!!!!! I waited TWO hours for her call. Now I have no car and live 15 minutes away. On top of this the shifts were only 4ish hours long, so the job isn’t even full time. I tell her I need a schedule by the end of the day. Didn’t get one. The next day she calls at a random time but too late, I’m busy at an interview with a different job! I tell her I’ll stop in to get my cheque by the end of the week because she can’t respect my time and lied on the ad about being full time. Also I am not getting paid to be on call.


I got in with a Headstart in my area, and while the initial pay wasn’t stellar, it was in my papers that I’d at least get full time. Specifically because the infant/toddler teacher I was replacing was going on medical leave, and they needed someone semi-experienced to fill her slot. I got fulltime (and even a little OT) for about two weeks. Suddenly I was down to being a floater twice a week for like two hours day, and I was sent home like 15 minutes after getting there one of the new scheduled days. That’s the only place I have ever no call no showed. I miss some of the kiddos, but definitely not the environment. I have wild stories about one of the parents & her kids Edit: Wow y’all, didn’t expect 1k updoots for complaining about Headstart lol. I know y’all are (most likely?) joking but “infant/toddler” meant the ROOM lol, there was not a wee babe as a teacher, guess I should have specified that. As for the crazy lady and her kids, they probably aren’t *that* wild to most people, but I’m only 25 (I would’ve been ~20 when I worked there I think) so it was wild for me. The mom had three kids in our program; a school ager, a preschooler, and a toddler. The school ager was incredibly sweet, very shy, and very smart, everyone loved her. The preschooler was… I don’t even know man. This 5 year old would kick, scratch, spit, bite, *cuss* at the teachers. I specifically remember him drawing blood on the preschool teacher and she had to leave for the day. He broke out of the room & play yard frequently. Was just an absolute feral gremlin imo. The toddler was just a mischievous kid, didn’t really take well to being told no but he would just scream and throw things for the most part. Their mom was also (for whatever reason) our nutritionist, so she was in charge of making the food schedules and approving the portions for the kids. The portions weren’t terrible for the most part, a good amount of food for the kiddos. Except her preschooler? For some reason he was only allowed half servings of ONLY protein and fruit/veg. Only allowed “seconds” aka another half serving of veg. No seconds at snack time. He also came in every Monday lethargic, shaky, and extra grumpy. I guess a couple people tried reporting her anonymously in the past and nothing ever came of it.


I worked at a child care center. They were so short-staffed that this was a normal, regular day for me: - Walk in to start my 9-6 shift. - Get told they’re short, no lunch break today, I need to work 9-5 straight through. - Go to my classroom of four year olds and run the day. The lead teacher had been let go suddenly, and I wasn’t certified. To “fix” this, they had a group of floating leads that were certified to essentially be a warm body in the class, to cover regulations: 10:1, 22:2. - I ran that class of 22 four year olds for months. I put together lesson plans and covered curriculum, wrote out the daily reports and quarterlies. - The lead teachers would sit in a corner and be on their phones most of the day, while making more than me. Oh, and those 9-5 shifts? To stay within the law I couldn’t leave the classroom unless someone came in to cover me. I’d be calling the front desk every hour, to 30 minutes, to 15, begging for a bathroom break. If someone did answer the phone, they’d tell me they’d be right there. Hardly ever did someone come. I didn’t eat and barely took in any liquids during that time. Fuck that place.


I'm here for the wild stories!


I walked into his office before my shift started, told him "I quit." He says "You're giving your two weeks notice?", I said, looking at my watch, "I'm giving my ten minutes notice."


The two weeks thing isn't required, it's a courtesy.


Yep, if I can be fired at will by a company, I can fire the company at will too. Of course, if I’m leaving on good terms I’ll give a notice, but I’ve had to leave a job before without one


Was inline for a promotion after my old supervisor was fired for ethics issues. Boss decided to open the requisition, interview and hire a person all in the 2 days I had off. Since the person hired had no experience in my department/field, I was expected to train my new supervisor, and the other new people they also hired. I did none of that, quit (gave my 2 weeks), and didn't explain a single thing to anyone in those 10 days. Supposedly it took almost half a year to get close to where they were before this all went down.


In this situation right now. I’m the only one who can do the new “bosses” job, because I used to assist the old boss. I refuse to help and enjoy sitting back and watching him fail. He’s a twat.


I had a boss when I worked in retail who was going through a divorce and losing his freakin’ mind. I was hired to be a manager, but on the day when I started work, he informed me that I would not be a manager until I’d completed a probationary period. Which I never completed. There was always some issue or some excuse, and meanwhile he was scheduling me illegally to work alone for long periods of time with no breaks, and when he was in the store he was often locked in the store room, obviously crying. I also was earning $5/hour less than I agreed to, yet the other employees referred to me as the assistant manager and I handled managerial duties relative to them. It was a sad situation, but obviously a bad employment situation. So, I started asking when I was going to be promoted, and why I was being scheduled illegally, and so on. And one evening I got a call from the mall where the store was located— the mall had an agreement with the store to be open certain hours and the store wasn’t open at that very moment— apparently I was listed as its manager on their paperwork and responsible for that. My manager’s phone numbers did not work. So we continued like that for a few more weeks, but then I misplaced my key at home one day and my manager seemed cool but I had to sign an acknowledgement that I had shown up without my keys. A week or so after that I was ranting about the situation with another employee, and she stopped me and told me that my manager was going to fire me the next day for losing my keys, which was one of those days when he’d scheduled me to work all day by myself, illegally. He was going to leave me to finish that shift and then sack me. On a Saturday, no less, so it was going to be a hard shift on top of being an illegal one. So Saturday morning, I came in like usual. But instead of opening, I cleaned out my locker and set up the computers like normal, and then threw my key into the store through the roll-down overhead grate and went home, knowing that the mail wouldn’t have any way to reach anyone when the store didn’t open. I then went to a very boozy lunch at a Mexican restaurant with my best girls. I put my cell phone in the middle of the table and every time the phone rang with a call from the mail we’d take a shot. Several weeks later I got a call from the area manager, who wanted to know why I’d left and would I consider coming back since they had sacked my manager due to his malfeasance, which has left the store with no assistant manager and a bunch of fines for failing to open on one of the highest-traffic days of the week? I declined. I already had another, better, job by then.


I was a program director developing and piloting a new program, and after a year of being overloaded and telling our exec director I either needed a second person or a smaller caseload, he pulls me into his office and goes “We don’t really think you’re a good fit for this position, but you’re a bright young lady and we’d hate to lose you. I’m giving you the option to stay and be my secretary. You have until 7am tomorrow to decide.” I took an early lunch, walked to my other job, asked if I could take on more hours, walked back, and told him I had found other employment and would have my stuff cleared out by noon. He asked if I could stay 2 more weeks to train a new person, and I told him no. What if we paid you a consultation fee? No. But you’re the only person in the county certified! Should have thought of that earlier. Bonus: This was in the middle of an audit, where it was discovered that he owed me about $3000 from unpaid hours. I like to call it my leaving bonus.


Them: We don’t think you are a good fit for this position You: I am literally the only person in the county that fits this position. Some people man.


You could get the certification in a different county (which is what I did) but it would take at least a month because of how infrequently they did the trainings. I could train and certify someone else, but refused to because he was a twat waffle. Dude was like “we really want this transition to be as seamless as possible,” and I was like “and I’m sure you’ll work really hard in doing so.” Emptied my desk and dipped. There wasn’t a password policy in place either, so I don’t know if they could ever even get into any of my documentation. They may have had to start all my unfinished cases from scratch.


Administrators being able to reset user passwords exists for exactly this reason. When I left my last job they asked for my passwords and I told them no, just reset them all to something of your choosing. If they're using a software that doesn't work like that and also doesn't allow data sharing then that software is fucking awful.


*Laughs in home-use software in a corporate environment*


Sounds like you’re in nonprofit space. Me too 🙋🏻‍♀️ We currently don’t have an exec director because ours quit in November. I’m the only director on staff. Our “board” is actually an executive committee because we are a collaborative. So our board is actually CEOs and EDs of select collaborative members. I’ve been holding down the fort (while being the only staff person on our team who is working remote across the country), applying for RFPs and grants which is not my job, basically doing three full time positions because we have lost staff and Exec Committee won’t rehire anyone. The other day they had the audacity to question if I could really manage staff remotely as if I haven’t been doing that this entire time. Saying I need to get their approval before allowing staff to take PTO. I was as polite as I could be when I delicately implied they have plenty of other things they should be more concerned about. I will go on maternity leave in May and I don’t plan to return.


What the fuck is wrong with Nonprofits? The only one I worked at was the single worst employment environment I've been in, and that includes a slaughterhouse and forensic mental health.


I completely agree. It’s total shit. I got a masters degree for nonprofit leadership/management and I honestly am so over it lmao. I don’t care about helping people anymore, which was the whole reason I entered the nonprofit sector. If a job is going to suck the living daylights out of me, I would rather be getting paid twice as much with better benefits. 🤣


It's the "we have a *mission*" that drives me up the wall. The place I was working, in the first week, turned around and said "we're all here because we're caring people." No, I'm here because I get paid. If I didn't need money, I'd be in my yard working on my project cars and blacksmithing, maybe doing some drugs. But I liked the work, I liked the concept, so I applied for the job. Only to find it was one of the most toxic environments going.


To be his secretary. What an insult. Fuck that guy.


My thoughts exactly. I remember just staring at him when the word “secretary” left his dumb, slack little mouth and thinking “One of us is fucking stupid. I’m not even sure which one it is yet, but it’s tipping your way fast.”


What did the expect to happen if you took the secretary position then?? You'd definitely still be forced to put out fires in your old department while making significantly less money.


This all happened while he was being audited. My personal theory is that he wanted someone to clean his office and sort his papers for him, because he needed to provide documentation that he hadn’t been keeping up with. I don’t think I would have been putting out fires—I think I would have been running it completely from behind his or someone else’s name all while keeping his ducks in a row for him. Which is why I left immediately. 🤣


My boss called me in on a Thursday and told me they were going to have to let me go. She offered to have me work Friday and Saturday and I told her no. She came back with, well it's really busy and we need the help. I told her that was her problem and she should have let me go Saturday. Her response was, I'm not scheduled to be in on Saturdays. Fuck you Cindy. She had to come in Saturday and was an anchor to the team. She got fired a few weeks later. Same job the owner of the place got on me about cleaning up the mess some other people made. I told him no and to make them clean it up. He responded with well what if I fire you right now if you don't do it, I told him to go ahead, if I'm fired they have to clean up their mess anyways. He didn't fire me and I stood there and watched all the people clean up their mess.


I reported him to the work inspection. He was employing more trainee than the legislation allows for a company this size and was making them work them like full paid workers, with basically no formation at all. He got controlled and fined a big amount of money, had to give money to previous trainee that had worked for him, etc… His company closed for bankruptcy after that. Sweet justice.


I really can't remember the root password anymore.


I once worked for a young company for only 6 weeks, during which time I implemented an entire CRM system as well as doing lots of other work (including lining up sales with several new clients). At the end of the 6 weeks, the owner abruptly fired me because she said the CRM system was unnecessary and I had wasted too much time on it instead of just bringing in sales (she had approved the CRM project, and it was clear she was only firing me because she realized she couldn't pay my salary). After a week or two, they must have realized all the other work I'd done, including all the information about the sales I'd lined up, were locked on the company laptop I'd been given. They never bothered to install company software on there and couldn't access any of my work without my password. Multiple people desperately emailed me for the password and I never responded. The irony of course being that if I had been at the company just a couple more days, all that work would have been transferred to that CRM system, and the entire company would have been able to access all of it and not lose the sales.


"Ah, yes, let's fuck with the sole Sys Admin, what could go wrong"


It's crazy how little these bosses think of the sysadmin. The thing is, if the admin is good, you won't notice what they're doing. So it seems like they don't contribute that much. So then you do something to piss them off, and they leave. Now your whole place goes to shit.


There's this sort of continuous clash between non-IT people and an IT context that somehow keeps happening everywhere IT roles are involved, which somehow includes IT because those in charge of dealing with and acquiring people are usually too oblivious of what the role's about, and thus shit like "hey, my Sys Admin isn't juggling his balls like a maniac, let's reprimand them"


The amount of SysAdmins I've seen mistreated because they're too damn good at their jobs is honestly shocking. In one case a guy spent years building and maintaining an excellent suite of tools to automate most of his role. Of course, some overzealous MBA decided he wasn't "doing enough" and let him go. He deleted all the tools he'd built (it was all locally hosted), went on a sabbitical in Mauritius and refused to respond to any communication from the company. The company lost literal millions and dozens of clients when a system he was maintaining went down some time later and they didn't have anyone who could fix it.


Good for him, hope he enjoyed his break!


I said "fuck this" and hung up on him after him yelling at me over the phone and saying demeaning crap. I didn't return to work. He sees me around sometimes and initially tried to pretend like nothing happened, but quickly realized that I pretend he doesn't exist.


I'm a commercial construction Superintendent. I couldn't get the support needed from our PMs and had been thrown under the bus for several deficiencies that I had pointed out early in the project; all of which were ignored. My 30 years of experience meant nothing against their 3-5 years in the industry. I was tasked with developing a safety program that was never enforced or followed, as well. 3 sites were nailed by OSHA. I got the blame for that as well. One evening, on a whim - I restored my laptop, tablet, and phone to factory settings. The next morning I removed all of my belongings from the site trailer. I then locked it up, sent them a "goodbye and fuck you very much" message, and tossed the keys into a retention pond. I got a call 4 hours later from the company I now work for, and 8 days later I had moved to a new state for twice the salary and a lot less stress.


I’ve been on that path lately, they haven’t attempted to throw me under the bus, but I get zero support from our PMs, 10 out of 10 questions go unanswered, I’m stuck in numerous endless meetings where I need to know everything and must have a ready answer for all of their ridiculous questions, but if I have a question the answer is always “well get back to you” I’m currently covering the workload of 2 and getting paid for less than one, demanded a raise and got “we just need you to work a little harder.” About 6 projects will fall if I leave, they don’t have the manpower to cover it. I’ve been sending out my resume this week.


And when you leave, and they say "oh but these 6 projects will fail!!" I guess they will just have to work a little harder.


Well, I mean, it was an actual “fuck you.” He had just realized he was getting terminated for some pretty egregious safety-related ignorance that I and several others had reported. He was going through that “sob story” period while HR was investigating and came in for his shift one day and HR had, accidentally, terminated him early - which he found out trying to use our work portal and his logins didn’t work for *anything*. So while he’s sob storying me (he was unaware of who had reported him) I basically go: “So this is your last day?” “Yeah man, I’m terminated in the system.” “Wow. That sucks for you. I just want to take this opportunity to tell you ‘fuck you’ and ‘fuck you for endangering our safety here.’ You were, by far, the worst manager I have ever seen.” And then I just walked away.


Shit like this gives me a smile. That must have felt good.


I’ve had less satisfying orgasms.


My boss had been completely ignoring me because he perceived my actions of talking about an upcoming project with the COO (his boss) as me “going over his head”. It had been almost a month and he hadn’t agreed to meet or talk with me, he would only send me tasks via email. I was tired of the childishness so I found another job. With my resignation letter in hand I walked to his office to resign and he predictably refused to meet with me claiming to be too busy, so I continued to walk to the COO’s office to let him know I was resigning. The COO asked if my boss knew which was the perfect time to let him know about the silent treatment I had been receiving. My old boss no longer works there :)


My mom was in the final stages of cancer and wanted to be around my parents as much as possible. Tried to ask for leave by FMLA and the sheriff and chief basically said that’s life and declined the leave plan. I quit and found another job and was able to have a good final 6 months with her before she passed.


They seem to be confused. FMLA is not discretionary to give.


Correct. All you do is "notify" your employer of your FMLA status / intentions. It's a Federal benefit, your employer has no say.


Ooooohhhh hohohoho no no no..... Department of Labor would have been fascinated to hear that one. They're used to butting heads with asshole corporations, but public sector law enforcement? They'd drop the fucking hammer on them for violating your rights. When I worked HR for a public sector employer, we had multiple people whose job it was to ensure we followed FMLA laws and gave people the time off they needed


I was working as a repair/maintenance technician for a micro managing boss. I started talking to a facilities manager at a job and found out they were hiring. I quit that night. Emptied all my tools out of the work van and emailed my boss to come get his POS Chevy out of my parking spot and started working for his customer. I'm a distribution team lead now for a boss who doesn't micro manage. I get to do my own thing, mostly unsupervised and I love it.


I was working as an English teacher thru student contract. Boss decided to fire me just because other teacher found me annoying and was gossiping shit about me constantly and boss just ate it all up. She ends up telling me that I suck at the job and I'm fired, but I will have to work for another week AND cover extra classes for a sick teacher as a substitute. I said okay, then the next day sent the boss a text half an hour before my classes that I don't think it's okay for me to work for another week, I don't want to ruin children's education with my shitty teaching skills, it's just morally wrong for me, and I don't have to work for an extra week anyway since student contract tells me I can leave when I want. She was fuming. After that, I sent an e-mail to the school's director explaining mobbing I've experienced with that awful colleague, saying how she doesn't deserve the position and sent her screenshots of abusive messages she was sending me. Stay toxic💀


What did the director say back?


She thanked me for speaking out, said that we can talk about me coming back. However I was done with that place and working my ass off for 4$ per hour. Eventually, the teacher got fired and now I worl in another school where I feel happier


I worked in a tattoo studio reception when I was about 21… The owner was an absolute dick but we all put up with it because there were not many opportunities in our area to work in this field. He would often try to short change people, paying in cash and just randomly coming up with “tax” deductions from it (UK so PAYE applies). What he didn’t know, is that I had worked in payroll for three years before, working in PAYE, so I knew he was bullshitting. I had access to petty cash, so I ordered some wage packets and a stamp with the company name and logo. Every week I would write down the figures that he paid us and his “tax” amounts, stamp it with the company stamp and take it home. One day, after planning it all out, I stood up to him when he was shouting at everyone, knowing I would be fired on the spot. Before he had the chance I told him that he could “stick his fucking job”… man it felt great. On my way out I told him that I would be back in one week for my p45. His partner tried to bullshit me, saying I didn’t need a p45 because I didn’t pay “enough tax”… I was then that I smiled sweetly, pointed out that I had in fact worked in payroll, that she needed to provide a P45 or I would report them to the Tax Office. The look on her face was priceless. In the end I took all of my “payslips” along with a letter I had prepared on company headed paper which confirmed my employment dates, took them to the Tax Office and innocently queried the tax amounts because I thought they might have been incorrect. In the end, with an investigation and my help, they took him for a lot of money, he lost his business and his house and he ended up living in a caravan.


You know, living in a van down by the river is pretty desirable now


I quit. They begged, so I agreed to stay while they hired someone for me to train up. I figured it might be a month or two - the local talent pool was not a deep one. Months pass, no interviewees, and I ask coworkers if I'd they'd seen people being interviewed for my spot, and it turns out no one was being interviewed for it. I don't know what possessed management to disregard the gift I had offered, but long story short, I quit that Friday with no further warning, sent the email at end of day, and I guarantee that ruined several people's weekends - probably right up to the CIO level since he was the one who convinced me to stay on "while they hired a replacement". Scroll forward a year, and they had hired three people to try to keep up with the workload I was managing, were still falling behind with lower quality work, various departments were pissed at management, and the coworkers I knew from the place had been told by management to ask me if I'd come back, if they ran into me in town. A few folks did run into me, obviously, which is how I found all that out. We had a good laugh. **Edit**: wow this blew up. lol I've mentioned this story before on reddit, I think. I should farm it for karma every few years. But seriously, fuck that company. Headaches going into the office every day, endless stress w/no appreciation right up until I told them I was walking. Folks, if you ever have a job and do it well, the only appreciation that matters is your pay. Them giving you endless "kudos" is just the HR version of likes and prayers and doesn't even show up on your LinkedIn.


Reminds me of my first job. I was paid $40K for the work I was putting in. Then they let me go as part of a cost cutting measure. Other employees tried to pick up my work, but they couldn't because they were already busy with their work. The company was forced to hire 2 people to do the work I was doing, and those two people's combined salaries ended up being around $80K. Fuck em.


Had a boss that was terrible to me. Him and his wife owned a restaurant together, and one day when he was yelling at me while I was getting the bar ready I saw him put in his password on his phone. It was '(space, period, space). We all know something was going on with him with another employee. Months later he wouldn't give me 3 days off because my niece died of SIDS. So I walked out, bought a $30 burner phone and texted his wife his password. They got divorced, she kept the steakhouse, and he's had 2 failed attempts at opening any establishment. I make more than him now and he lives in the crappy apartments down the road from me.


Was working as an Expat oil company Senior Staff Geologist (and de facto Exploration Manager, but without the increase in pay nor authority, just increased stress levels) in the Middle East for a Southern European construction company's oil and gas concerns. The General Manager was a complete cuntwat. Full of himself because he worked for one major oil company his whole benighted career as an engineer, so obviously, he knows everything about geology, geophysics, petrophysics, etc. (He didn't and doesn't). His "management style" (if one could grace his screaming and infantile fuming as a 'style') could be described variously as 'inept micromanagement' or 'management by objection'. Would berate and degrade the entire staff in meetings with partners (which made everyone terribly uncomfortable to see such a lack of decorum and professionality), scream so the whole office could hear over mundane idiocies such as lack of coffee pods in the kitchen or why 6,000 meters of pipe had never materialized even though the unpaid invoice still nestled on his desk. In a multicultural office, he would rant and rail, at top volume, about "useless fucking Arabs", "fucking self-important and entitled Expats" and "goddamn fucking Jingle-bunnies (those engineers and others from the Subcontinent region)". Called the firm "the worst fucking oil company in the Middle East" (at least, here we agreed). Not only a racist, but a sexist, misogynist, general misanthrope and a complete and total waste of carbon. He got in my goodie locker one day after a well was drilled (but yet to be tested or completed) based on my prospect and recommendation, looked somewhat dismal on the logs. Truth is, the well came in for over 8,000 BOPD, and it was the jake-leg and lowest-bid (from whom he always took kickbacks) loggers that had fucked over the logs, and he absolutely refused my insistence to re-log the pay zones. I was called just about every nasty name in the Oil Patch handbook, right down to the part where he told me my alma mater were a bunch of 'fucking idiots' for granting me my three petroleum geology degrees. After 26 years in the Patch, I decided that no job was worth this and laid plans for a quick, early and entirely unannounced departure. I quietly related the fact that I was doing a "runner" to some of my other Expat compatriots over drinks one Thursday evening and was greeted with the revelation that several (read : most) of the other Expats there were 1. thinking the same thing, and 2. if I left, they were gone as well. We carefully laid our plans. The company 'provided' housing (i.e., paid a ridiculously low monthly fee so we had to live in cheap-ass housing or sucked it up with our families and ponied up additional funds to live in decent villas), so we all gave clandestine notice to our respective landlords about our imminent departure and asked they keep it on the QT. Since they were paid by check (12 per year) and were already compensated, they were both delighted that they had already been paid once and that they could rent out our abodes after we left for essentially double rent. Cancellation of internet, water and power were token; a quick email, print the automated response and carry it with you if the border guards gave us any shit when we buggered off. Since we were all Western European, Canadian, or American, we decided to book a block of Business class tickets (as was our contractual due) to London on the same British Airways flight. In fact, with families and all, we booked the entire Business class section. We all had been in-country for years and years, so arranging packing and shipping (or storage) of our belongings was a snap. We were all members of the 'move every 18 months to follow the money' crowd, so this was the easiest part of our master plan. No one leaked a word of all this, but some of the locals in the company somehow sensed the change in the decorum of the company's daily activities (when one really doesn't give a shit, the stress levels magically evaporate down to near zero) and wondered aloud what was going on. We confided in a few of them (these were not just colleagues, but personal friends in many cases) with the proviso that they would tell no one, under the pain of bacon sandwiches (they were all Muslims, and they thought the threat hilarious. Like I said, many were, and are still close, personal friends). The weeks dragged on and school was about to let out for the summer (when most Expats bugger off for 1-3 months to escape the stupidly hot and humid Middle Eastern broiler season), so the usual requests for contractual time off were made (and all roundly rejected by Herr Mr. Dickhead General Manager) and life proceeded on its merry way. Finally, Liberation Friday arrived (weekends being Friday-Saturday at this time in this country). We contracted a local carrier and had a bus rented to pick up everyone and take us all to the airport. Luggage tagged and schlepped off to the bowels of BAs incomprehensible baggage-handling inner workings; through check-in, customs, and passport control without so much as a sideways glance. We all invaded the English Pub after hitting Duty Free one last time we toasted each other on a job well done and best soon forgotten. Sitting in Business Class waiting on takeoff (quaffing my third double vodka and Bitter Lemon), I did a quick tally: the company was, in this one instance, losing its Sr. Staff Geologist cum Exploration Manager, Senior Geophysicist, Sr. Petrophysicist, Sr. Geomodeller, Sr. Reservoir Engineer, Drilling Engineer, Operations Geologist, Logistics Manager, Senior Surveyor, 3 secretaries (wives of the aforementioned Senior crowd), and the HSEQ Manager. A small company (total 50 or so total employees) could withstand the loss of 2 or maybe even 3 of their Senior level employees, but not this mass emigration. My good friends whom we left behind regaled us for months regarding the situation in the office come Sunday...Bloody Sunday. Once the realization of what had happened, the GM went completely "off the rails", "totally shithoused" and "completely berserk", or variations on that theme. The first glimmer of recognition of the severity of the of rotund bale if jeers about to descend upon him were when all calls to various abodes were answered with "That number is no longer in service. Please check blahblahblah...". Emails went unanswered however our GSMs were still working, although we all blocked Herr Dickhead's number, though we still allowed text messages. Text 1: "Where are you? Why aren't you at work?" was just the beginning. In the words of Khan Noonian Singh we "let him eat static". Text 2: "Where the fuck are you? If you don't get you asses in here immediately..." and other such impotent threats. ("Yes, please. I'd love another drink.") Rising panic ensued: Text 3: "This isn't funny. Come in and we'll act like this never happened..." We all sat on the plane, anticipating touchdown. By the time we hit London, it was 0700 local time but 1100 back-there time. Herr Dickhead GM called an emergency meeting of the remnants of his staff (all locals) and demanded to know what they knew about this huge display of insubordination. "Dunno", "Never heard a word", "Why? What happened" and "Where is everybody?" were the responses. Herr Dickhead blows a gasket and immediately sacks everyone left in the office. Unfortunately, all that were left were a couple of teaboys (who are always in demand) and a bunch of locals. Due to the country's "-ization" plan, it would be easier to fly a fully loaded 747 through the hole of a bagel than it would be to dispose of a local indigenous worker. Long story short, he couldn't and was instantly reported to the proper ministry in charge of such matters as one of the secretaries was kin to the Minister of Employment Affairs (it's all wasta (nepotism) in this part of the worlds). Final damages: loss of 10+ senior employees. Fines of over 5,000 riyals/day due to improper business practices (firing locals). Loss of 2 drilling rigs due to lack of personnel and inability to provide work as per contracts; and cessation of drilling of 2 active wells (into the hole, so to speak, about US$3.5MM each) and 10 or 12 field development wells. So long cash flow. Loss of a 3-D seismic contract worth approximately US$3MM. Adios exploration program. Loss of "A-rating", meaning you take a back seat to all who try and tender rigs, seismic crews, etc. Good luck sourcing oil country tubular goods, logging or completion services and pretty much all field related activities. Loss of face with several ministries (no small item here, huge importance is placed on competence and perceived amiability). Au revoir Field Development Plan acceptance or seismic contract approval. Loss of 6 locals to the national oil company. Figured if Expats deserted this amalgamation of idiocy masquerading as an oil company, they should bail as well. Ultimate temporary closure of the office, cessation of all field activities, payments of 150-200% on defaulted loans and contracts and loss of several lucrative pipeline right-of-ways and transfer contracts. They had to continue to pay the still employed locals, basically sending them a check for sitting at home playing Xbox, and loss of 25% of their acreage due to non-fulfillment of contracts with the government. Last I heard, Herr GM Dickhead is thrashing around South Texas trying sell some sort of jumped-up and shady oil deals with companies who have seen their own projects quashed by plummeting oil prices. Funny thing is, he keeps running into people, now on the other side of the desk, who both know him, and in one or two cases, actually worked for him. One receives a special gold-plated schadenfreude when you lean ever so slightly forward and tell him to "Fuck off" and "Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, you might suffer brain damage".


I forgot my name tag at my second or third day at work at a supermarket. The manager, Damien, asks me where the name tag was and I was honest, I forgot it. He says to me "how about I forget to pay you?". I wanted to tell him off but needed the job. It was casual hours but they started giving me more and more when they saw how efficient I was. I had a few runs ins with the guy over a couple months, he was one of those short guys that had a complex about it. Drove a powerful car, belittled people and was just a piece of shit. Eventually I found full time work, so one day I walk in, resigned on the spot and walked out, but it was a weekend and he wasn't there, it was right before Christmas. For some reason that night I get a call from the store asking me to come in to cover a shift the next morning, and I mentioned I had quit. They had no one else to do it and said why not one last shift. I said no and hung up. About 5 minutes later I got a call from Damien asking me to do the coverage. I repeated to him that I had quit, and he repeated that he needed the coverage and he'd see me in the morning. I said "fuck you" and hung up. He called me back and said that I can't say that and HR will be having a word with me, so I said "fuck off shortass" and blocked his number. Thankfully the new job worked out and I never needed that Damien idiot for a reference.


How in God's name does he imagine he has any authority over someone who doesn't work there any more?


Mate, this guy thought he was king shit. I have never seen such a smug individual ever since this guy.


Retail managers can be a bit like this. If he thought about it for one minute, he'd recognise that the manager of one department in one branch of a supermarket with 400 branches is responsible for something like a hundredth of a percent of their turnover.


Perhaps "I quit" doesn't mean what you think it means. We'll see you in the morning. Lol.


Lol, that reminds me of my brother's story. He tells his boss, "I need to take next Monday off." Boss says no, you need to come in. Boss doesn't know my brother is very valuable in the industry and had had other job offers. Brother says, "You don't understand, I'm not asking you, I'm telling you, I'm not coming in next Monday." Boss says, "No *you* don't understand, I'm telling you, you're coming in next Monday!! Your job is on the line!" "Like I said, I'm not coming in next Monday."


“You are misunderstanding this as a conversation and not a notification” is my favorite one I hit my old boss with.


What would HR do, fire you? Lol


For future reference its much more effective to say "Sure thing, see you then." and *then* block his number and go on with your life.


Worked at a stupid fake French cafe & the manager was an idiot who made a point of giving me the shittiest jobs just to show he was in charge. One day he pulled me off the floor (where I earned tips as a server) and made me polish silver for hours. He kept returning & throwing every second piece back at me, telling me to do it over. Kept saying “missed a spot”. So I walked out . . . and kept the apron. I kept the beautiful black apron with the embroidered logo and still wear it when I cook today. Also invoiced the owner for my outstanding pay & informed him his manager was not up for the job. Owner begged me to reconsider but I told him nope.


Not me but a former coworker. My coworker - let’s call her Noelle - was nearing retirement age. She was kind of crusty even when I had first started at the company and consistently commented she couldn’t wait to retire and stick it to everyone. Honestly, she was just older and frustrated that she was always pushed to do the things that were deemed as “female” jobs. Training new hires was one of those things when she just wanted to put her head down and put in her hours and go the heck home. Enter our new boss, let’s call him Raj. He was a friend of one of the bosses and as time went on, was a misogynist. Through Covid, he had daily meetings with our department - often interrupted myself and Noelle - while listened intently to the male employees and would often prove that he wasn’t listening by asking questions that had already been covered in what she and I were saying. He twisted words around to the point that I had to CC HR a few times regarding him outright lying to upper management about me. The icing on the cake was the day I came back from bereavement (I had lost a baby late in my pregnancy), his sole focus on me was to train the person he had hired to cover my maternity leave and despite not even going on maternity leave - still wanted the notes for my accounts as if I were still going on leave in a couple months. When I sat down with him and explained I would do it , I just needed some time and grace because these asks were difficult emotionally, he turned to the employee that was hired and told him to ask me to do this task because I “clearly” wasn’t listening to him (that new hire quit rather quickly and told me after he left that he had been disgusted by the way that man had treated me). Anyway, onto Noelle. Noelle during my pregnancy often commented that maybe the day I went on maternity would be the day she would retire - something she and I would laugh about over coffee and then continue on with our jobs. Obviously, when I lost my baby, she didn’t. She picked up the slack and worked her butt off. When I returned, my Raj’s boss (who had been lovely during my bereavement) announced he was going to retire in the new year (2022). Shortly after Noelle announced she would be retiring just after the Christmas season (2021). I was sad to hear these two lovely people would be retiring but happy for them. Enter Noelle’s final fuck you. Christmas passes. Her retirement approaches. Her last day and HR and Raj’s boss sit down with her for an exit interview. And they ask her about her employment with the company. She tells them that she would’ve retired later in 2022 if Raj wasn’t employed with the company. He was an AH, lazy, didn’t understand his job and treated the women particularly poorly. That was a Thursday. Monday morning - and Noelle is in the office. … and Raj isn’t. Turns out, they decided that Noelle would be a much better asset in the company for the period of time to transition after Raj’s boss retired. She would assist our NEW boss in getting situated and retire later in 2022. And she did. I’m on maternity leave now - I had gotten pregnant during all of this drama and went on leave after Noelle retired. From what I hear - she’s never been happier.


I taped a piece of fish to the back of his desk which was up against a wall. I heard later on that it wasn't found for almost a month... fuck you Darren


Always tape two pieces of fish. So that when he finds the first one he is relieved and will stop looking. That's where the fun kicks in...


four will be beter, when he found the first three, he will think that's the maximum number of pieces one can do to annoy him, but when he found the fourth one, he will get anxious and thinks there will be more...


Two fish, give them a label that says "2" and "5" You've gotta work smarter my guy, not harder.


Fuck you darren


Literally just telling him to his face I didn't like him. We were both experienced in the job, and we are not operating heavy machinery, and he insists on doing all these 'warm-up" practices. I just wanted to get to work. He hits me with "are you refusing a direct order?" Slow down there Kaiser. No fucking way am I taking that nonsense from this dude. What ended up happening was he asked me if I would take PTO so we wouldn't be stuck together the rest of the day...and then he fucking lied about it saying I made the request to call off. Company was cool with it, they had some complaints about him before, not just any as straightforward as mine. Never had to work with his dumbass again.


When the hiring person came to my work to pick me up in front of my old boss. I had a week where I was working for both companies, my first and last week. And as he actually came in to work to get me, his parting words to my previous boss was, "you're going to regret letting this one slip" then he smiled and winked and asked loudly if I wanted to pick up some food before we go in, his treat. And a pat on söthe shoulder. My co-workers and boss just stood there, staring like they just saw the aliens land in front of them.. That was a pretty great feeling. And a memory for life. Even though it wasn't MY "fuck you" it felt like I never even needed to. It was just, they got showed up so fucking hard. And they couldn't do anything about it, since I didn't do anything. Didn't need a reference from them, no outstanding pay I needed to fight about because I did everything by the book. Just glory


Took the taxi home after being wrongfully dismissed. Tipped the taxi drive $250 on company expense.


They didn't take that out of your final paycheck??? How did that slip by?


I organized his farewell party. The day after he left.


Was going to make a throw-away, bur screw it. Worked as a manager for a certain mormon cookie company that is the crazy new fad, and the owners were two folks that had never worked in the food industry before. Would belittle me and the other manager, never take any advice from us, and expected us to “manage” in their specific ways. A few weeks in the GM quit on the spot, leaving me (the AM) , to manage over 70+ workers, do schedules, order trucks, etc etc. Basically the worst job Ive ever had the displeasure of doing. After multiple months of 60+ hours, and about 20 of those off the clock just to keep the bakery running, I decided I had enough and left on a Friday night (our busiest night). Told everyone to go home, locked the doors, and kept all the signs on. Good Riddance!!


was a barista at a starbucks inside Harris Teeter. this happened the day before my last day my shift lead wouldn’t come in on days off, or be late constantly or tell us she’s coming and never does. this one day, we had a trainee with us. shift lead was scheduled at 8am, she never showed. i texted her and she said she would come in at 4. she also did this the day before and just never showed up i brought it up with my store manager, telling him i honestly don’t think she’s gonna show up because she did the same thing the day before. he tells me “she’ll show up” and if she didn’t to put the trainee on for closing. one thing about SBX is if you’re not a certified barista, you CANNOT be behind the bar without someone who is certified my manager was like “oh just have the trainee close”. i explained why we couldn’t and he shrugged me off. i was scheduled to open the next day (5:30am) so i called out at 9pm the night before to fuck them all over since no one communicated with anybody there. yeah no one showed up until 7 or 8 the next day.


I once worked at a gas station/convenience store that would stay pretty busy (for a small-ish town right off a major highway) overnight and I worked the night shift. The manager who hired me was great and I enjoyed working for her. Then she left for better things and suddenly there was this pure fucknugget of a manager who was just a bitter, racist old hag. She and I were basically instant enemies. One night I was 6 minutes late (I was very, very rarely late) and her little fuck buddy I guess called her to tattle on me after I relieved him and then she called the store and started going off on me. Since I worked alone overnight until 7am I waited for about an hour after the berating phone call and for a moment when the store was empty. Then I hit the emergency stop for the pumps locked the front doors, counted my drawer very slowly and carefully for the cameras so they couldn't accuse me of stealing, left a note saying "I quit" in the drawer and closed the register back up. Then I got on the store phone and called the district manager and left a voicemail explaining exactly why I quit and the fuckery the manager was up to. Then l went to the breakers, shut off the outside lights and most of the inside ones to make the place look closed, and I left out the side door which would lock behind me. Got in my car and left. It's likely my quitting this way cost the store about ~$1500-2000 in sales that night.🖕


I had a shitty fast food job making like $8 bucks an hour in high school and the new manager that the corporate owner brought in thought acted as if he was God himself. Nothing was ever good enough. Nobody could meet his standard. He could do no wrong. If you were on his “good side” you would be spared and he’d overlook your laziness. Dude was a lowkey perv, letting the young high school girls come in late and leave early in exchange for hugs and would always give them breaks. My final straw was when he literally stormed at me and called me into his office one day “why were you just standing around instead of working” I was waiting for the fries to finish and it had maybe 30 seconds left on the timer. “you use that time to restock!!!!” 30 seconds?? like yeah lemme just pull a superman and restock the whole kitchen in 30 seconds. I told him I was going to college in the fall and couldn’t work between the hours of 10am to 2pm. I must’ve told him like 3 or 4 times. The next week’s schedule came out. Monday through Friday 9-5. I was like “I specially told you I’d be unavailable during those hours” He gorilla ripped the schedule off the wall and reposted the new one. I went from having a full schedule to 6-10am on Sunday. When the day finally came. I never showed up. I got a call from him at 4pm acting all mighty. Fuck that guy I told him I quit and he was like “you cannot use me a reference”


After working my entire career for a company as an engineer… I was laid off with others for no reason. Remaining boss requested all my files so they could continue my work. I said the day I leave you will get all my files. Last day of work I accessed the main frame and down load not just the relevant files… 20 years of files… tons and tons of folders and files all in random folders… I sent him the link. He signed off . I left. He contacted me a few days later and said that’s not what I meant by all the files. I said I don’t work there anymore I have no computer… I gave you exactly what you asked for.


Nice little story, perfect for /r/maliciouscompliance.


Once upon a time I was working in nonprofit legal services. I wasn’t making a lot of money but I was happy with where I was professionally at the time. Then in walks a new director in another department I was interested in working in. This was an event/program heavy organization so I reached out to her and asked if there was anything I could do to help her department because the previous support staff (a manager and a coordinator) left right before she started and she was rebuilding the department alone. Long story short she poaches me to interview for her department, offers me a job, I accept and from the first day we just did NOT work well together. She did not like me, I didn’t like her. It didn’t last very long but she started making moves to fire me. Having bs meetings about my performance but was never able to articulate any area I was underperforming in. She did say some bs about me leaving at 5 but this was a 9-5 job. So finally she said she’s having a meeting with me and reporting to HR afterwards. I scheduled another job interview instead, called out, got the new job and gave notice to this psycho. She said I wasn’t allowed to work my two weeks, had my computer and building access turned off and sent me on my way. Cut to 4 months later my former manager in the department I was originally in at this organization hits me up and asks if I want to come back to the job I left for this psycho. I jumped at the chance because this was my actual “career/field” and the job I got in the interim was just to make rent. So I got to go back and my ex psycho boss was PISSED and said I wasn’t allowed to attend any of her events / programs…fat chance lady! Like I’d ever try. It’s been years at this point and she’s still miserable and now unemployed bc she’s a terrible person to work with.


When I worked at Abercrombie and Fitch and word got around I was accepted back into school. I got sat down and told they “only want workers with a future in the company.” I said, yeah, I definitely don’t want that. My manager was a compulsive liar. She offered me to stay, but I literally walked out the same day. Bye!!!


They withheld $8,000 in pay and hired a lawyer to defend their actions. I hired a law student and we beat them into submission. Fuck You Julie.


Had a temp job that was either hectic or absolutely nothing to do, covered my colleague for six weeks of the busiest period while she was off, skipped lunch etc. Did all this work on my own for them, lifting heavy boxes off shelves to archive, major health and safety risk, didn’t complain. Then in the dead period no one would give me anything to do, so boring so I’d take a random look on the internet. Got hauled in and raked over the coals for it, accused of being lazy, was going to get an official warning and contract was about to end. I very luckily managed to get a full time position right that week so in the warning meeting told her I’d be leaving and listed all the things I’d done I.e. working through lunch every day, that I was too shocked to say in the first one. She said to forget the warning. She was such a fucking bitch in so many ways, bragged about her wealth constantly. Fuck that cow.


Boss didn't know a thing about how the place ran. Was a Nepo hire. Just collected a paycheck most days. I was one of two people that kept the place running. The other guy was able to keep it going on his own, but of course he wasn't compensated for it properly. 2 years after I left, I got promoted at my new company and recruited my old co-worker to take the position I was being promoted from. They've been on a solid decline ever since they lost him. They even had to move to a smaller building.


I worked as a designer for four magazines, and I made sure that I quit right after New Years so I got my end of the year bonus, but stopped working right before five consecutive deadlines. My asshole boss had to do ALL of the work, and he still hasn't found someone to do my job. I had warned him that because I hadn't been paid for two of the four magazines, no self-respecting designer would be willing to design four for what they'd offered me to design two of them nine years ago, and I was right. I've seen the work he did without me, and it's dogshit.


She was a psychopathic narcissist. I knew she was plotting to leave her husband. Because I found it on a numbered to-do list on top of her desk. I was floored that she would leave it where her husband could see- it was a home office in one large room. I took a photo. She proceeded to harass and gaslight her husband, who took off one night and slept in a parking lot. When he returned the next day she said “you left me, so it’s over.” After she royally screwed me over for the umpteenth time I quit. A few weeks later I sent the photo to her husband, copied her, and wrote, “For your records” in the subject line. Then I reported her to the IRS.


Who even adds that kind of thing to a to-do list? 1. Buy eggs on the way home 2. Take out the trash. 3. Get rid of my dumb husband 4. Screw over Ladyshittington 5. Have my nails done Wtf lol. Kinda curious what else was on that list? Was it menial tasks, chores etc or life goals?


We had a big event where we were in the city centre. I (and the rest of the management team) worked approximately 80 hours in 5 days, slept on the floor there, dealt with extremely aggressive drunk costumers that destroyed everything, etc. My boss never listened to our concerns for safety and our concerns for our health. Afterwards the boss had the audacity to tell us we should've worked harder and could've done better. The entire management team quit on the spot leaving him with no management. The rest of our team was quite loyal to us so they quit not long after. The store has recovered now but it took him 5 years to come back from that.


Watching their building get torn down because I worked with authorities for months behind their back to finally bring an end to all the animal abuse and terrible shit that was going on for years. I was just smiling and laughing watching the owner go insane the entire week prior because he was paranoid about police coming anytime. The minute they came, they realized it was me and gave me the worst look i've ever seen it was the greatest moment of my life. Followed by tons of super angry emails raging at me and calling me a piece of shit traitor meanwhile they should've seen this the day they gave me an interview when I told them I thought this place was terrible but they begged me to work there, so really they couldn't even blame me.


My boss had been riding my ass so hard about what I was doing (marketing, which she knew nothing about) that my doctor told me that if I kept up the level of stress I was under I’d end up having a cardiac event. I was 26. The last straw was when she denied my time-off request for Christmas that she had already verbally okayed. Told me that I already had Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off (because they were on a weekend) and I needed to be there on Friday and Monday. So the week before thanksgiving, with the absolute most critical time for getting donations coming up (because this was a non-profit), I walked in to work and cleaned out my desk then walked right back out. Sent an email from the parking lot to my boss, HR, and the board saying I quit because I wouldn’t be disrespected anymore. My boss was the reason literally every other manager quit within 3 months. She’s running the whole place by herself *deeply* in the red with almost no chance to recover.


Handing in my 2 weeks notice 15 days before he was due to go on a 6 week holiday of a lifetime and he couldn't go!


Told all my colleagues he gave himself half of the team performance bonus in my exit email. There were 10 of us, the bonus was £3000. He'd been given it to reward us all for our hard work. He was a horrible micromanaging prick. Told me I lacked dedication once because I refused to stay up past 11:30pm to get a presentation done that he told the client they were seeing the next day. "You enjoy your early night" was what he said. Anyway, a lot of chaos ensued. Instead of splitting it 10 ways, he gave himself half, gave the person he was closest to 600 and then split 900 among the remaining 9. Yeah.


Worked in the printing industry for 40 years. I was at the 2nd company I worked at when we got a new plant manager from another state and his reputation for being an asshole preceded him. He treated people with a total lack of respect and used his position to threaten and intimidate others. When I became a supervisor I got to see him and his treatment of others in a new light. When he began trying to use his tactics on me I stood up to him and he never treated me the same thereafter. Finally after 10 years of seeing him abuse others I had had enough. After 22 years I gave my 2 weeks notice. He never said another word to me. I had over 200 people approach me to say goodbye and offer their best wishes. After I left there were a number of top pressman who left the company. He was forced to give the remaining operators a good raise as a bribe to stay, the only across the board pay increase he ever gave in 10 years there. He ran the plant into the ground until the day he retired. After he left the new manager found that our corporate parent had given 5 cost of living increases to our plant over the 10 years he was there. He never told anyone about the raises and instead put all the money toward the bottom line for the plant and make himself look better. He was a nasty fuck of a person and I hope he gets his in his next life.


I got snubbed for a raise one year because the big boss didn't think I smiled enough. It's just the way my face looks, I swear. And since I was a trainer for our office, I had to look approachable. I get that. And I was extremely approachable and didn't mind helping anyone. But I do kinda have a perma frown/unenthusiastic face :( J, the boss- "Well, maybe try smiling when you're sitting at your desk working." --- because I'm in tf zone, working And literally no one else seems to be bothered by my face. I knew the same would be said to me the next eval period no matter how quality and high the quantity, J just couldn't stand to see me not smiling when she walked by. Next eval was a repeat from the previous year's, with a small exception. At the end of the eval---- Her:. "Do you have any questions?" Me: "Where can I get some boxes?" Her: "Boxes?" Me: *with my normal, unsmiling face* 'Yah, I just need some boxes to pack my desk." "Where can I get some boxes?" Took all my training materials with me. Wiped the procedures I wrote from our shared drive and never looked back. I went back to college two months later, as a non traditional student (had just been accepted into art school and had lined up side work to supplement income with savings). I finished my degree a year and a half later. My face just looks like what it does. I don't want to force smiles more than I already have to. Fuck you, Jana. Edit-: formatting


My final fuck you to my former boss was making him settle for £6000 for me to not take my case against him to the employment tribunal after he tried to fuck with me


I was being treated poorly by a boss at a position that entailed a 2 month international training stint once you met a certain set of criteria. I was applying for jobs and had one lined up and was able to negotiate it to start in 2 months. Achieved the criteria and went on the 2 month international training stint and just used it as a paid holiday. It was great. The day I came back I quit. Boss was not happy.


Boss kept me on 2 weeks longer than everyone else when the company was closing so I could sell all of the used gear that was left and get them some money back. He withheld my commission to motivate me to collect on my customers. It had the opposite effect. I called them all and told them not to bother paying their bills, the company wouldn't be in a position to collect. I also marked a bunch of laptops as damaged and bought them at parts price so I could sell them myself and float a while.


So i worked for a telemarketing company in southern Indiana in my 20s. Our ritual was going to Buffalo wild wings for a few beers and wings on Fridays for pay day lunch. This went on for months without issue. So an assistant manager walked in with his wife on his day off one day and told on us and got us fired. So months later I'm working at a gas station and the same manager walked in hammered with a girl that wasn't his wife. I was friends with his wife's friend through the telemarketing job and asked if he got divorced. She said no and i told her what isaw. It gets back to his wife who then leaves him and he goes crazy. She moved in with some guy and the manager breaks in the guys house and beats him with a bat and kidnapped the wife and their kid. Ended up getting prison time. Think he got out recently. [news story](https://www.washtimesherald.com/news/local_news/man-arrested-after-alleged-abduction-beating/article_46ee39c8-369a-5910-93f6-f8a8701bcc89.html)




Same thing happened to me. I was the manager. I left, the chef joined me in my new company (I was surprised to see him at my new work). And then three waitresses left. In the end the barista left and the cafe went under. That will teach them not to overwork their staffs and underpay them.


Waited until my grill was completely filled with steaks and burgers, clocked out and kicked the back door open, setting off the alarm. The cheap azz owner wouldn’t hire enough people and treated me terribly though i could do every job in the kitchen. Ran into him about 10 years later and laughed in his face. 10/10, would bail again. (1986ish) Edit: The encounter 10 years later was in a different city. 400 miles and all that time. Haha.


I was the only person on the project who had the login details for the company...well...everything. I was "the computer guy" at a small outfit that eventually grew into a large outfit. They never gave me any support or any help. I asked a few times for a team to delegate things to. They just said that I was doing well already and they didn't see a need for more headcount. A couple years go by and I'm making peanuts compared to my responsibilities. I still have no team, and now instead of just being IT, I'm also the web guy, and the social media guy, and the online advertising manager, and the so and so forth. If you can imagine a role at a medium sized company that involves being in the same room as a computer they just piled it on to me. I hadn't been given a raise in years despite asking. So a couple years go by and I get a job offer at a new place, almost double the pay, leading a team, being the boss instead of the underling. I let them know that I'm leaving and give two weeks. They instantly panic and say but what about XYZ, where XYZ is all the shit I said above. I told them they'll need to hire someone else to handle it. If you can get them here inside of two weeks I'll pass along all I can before I go. They begged me to stay, I said if you can match the pay and give me a team I'll stay and lead them. They said they'd work on it and get back to me. Well, 13 of my 14 days go by without hearing anything. On the last day they come to me all smiling and say "we've worked it out! you're going to love this!" The big reveal was a $2 raise and the promise that they'll hire a part-time assistant "soon". I said no, that's not good enough. Today is my last day. The color drained from his face and he started damn near having a panic attack. I said I gave them all the notice they were getting. They left my desk and didn't come back for the rest of the day. I logged out of everything and went home for the last time. The next day they called me in an even worse panic asking why XYZ wasn't being done, and I said "because I don't work there anymore". They asked how to do XYZ and I told them "I don't work there anymore, if you want me to spend time tutoring someone on how to do my old job I'll be a consultant for $200 an hour, billed in four hour blocks." They wouldn't pay it. So I said "Good luck, then." and hung up. They called back two hours later begging me to come in damn near crying. I told them my offer stood. They said they can't pay me but need me to do XYZ. I said not for free. If you need me you know the price. This went on for three days of them calling me twice a day begging me to come back and do what I told them I was willing to do during my two week notice. A friend that worked in a different part of the company said that multiple departments just started imploding almost right away. I was the person who uploaded and booked all of our ad campaigns on all of our platforms, so once they current campaigns ended no more were set up. I was the person who managed integrating our payment processor and website, so the first time a bug cropped up with that customers couldn't buy anything. The website was also hosted on a system that was inside the office itself, which apparently someone accidentally turned off and then didn't know how to start back up, so the *whole website went down*. A million shitty decisions caught up with them all at once because I wasn't there to shield them from them and avert disaster. I begged for an ad guy to manage the ads, I begger for us to book AWS instead of self hosting it like we did in the early days, I begged for all of this to be fixed. Well, time ran out on fixing it before it blew up. The company floundered so badly that they lost nearly all of their clients. The management were all fired, and in ensuing power struggle to see who was going to be the new management a bunch of skeletons came out of closets and mud started slinging. The company ended up closing because our clientele is pretty limited and region-specific, so once they burned a bunch of them by not being able to do business effectively word spread and business evaporated. All because they wouldn't listen to the IT guy.


Hired him as my junior in my new job


Similar to this, but interviewed the arsehole and then told him he wasn't qualified enough for the position.


I had a boss who was just plain horrible - she took pride in making people cry in every meeting she held where she had to discuss something with someone & I was one of the few people who she couldn’t make cry so she was kind of borderline fascinated with me. It’s a relatively small industry where you hear about people moving around at certain levels & I heard she had managed to get a job at a company that is famous for a really great atmosphere, where people will stay for decades because it’s a genuinely nice place to work. I used my resources/contacts to get contact information for her future bosses & made an anonymous email account just to email them & warn them about what a horrible person she was, telling them if (when) there was an issue they could use my email as the first piece of evidence rather than waiting for multiple reports. I also told people who worked for the company to be very, very wary & that management had been warned. I don’t know if it helped but I hope so.


I worked for a restaurant that made wood fire stove pizza. We would take the dough and pre roll them into large and small size dough balls for large and small pizzas and then refrigerate them until needed. This way, on the line you would just get an order, grab a ball, roll it out and go. Genius owner decides that when we’re prepping the dough, we should only prep small dough balls. And then when a large pizza is ordered we should take two refrigerated small dough balls and roll them together to make a large one. Now if you’ve never worked with dough or refrigerated dough, it’s important to note that once it’s cold it sets and rolling tell together is almost impossible. Well about 2 hours into a super busy Friday night he comes back to the kitchen and starts yelling at me about how the large pizzas aren’t being rolled out big enough. So I start rolling them out bigger but this takes longer so he comes back again to yell at me for going to slow. I help up two dough balls and clapped them into one and yelled at the guy “do it yourself then fuck face” and walked out. Never even talked to them again, and also never worked in food service again. Thankfully,