r/truth people are posting content that isn’t related to wwe superstar r-truth, and it sucks.


I just want him to face off against his child hood hero, John Cena


I heard little Jimmy was banned from the subreddit


r/gangstalking A community of completely normal, sane citizens who are being targeted by government intelligence agencies which use secret, advanced technology to make them hear voices and experience other symptoms of schizophrenia. The only goal of these operations is to convince the ‘targeted individual’ that they’re mentally ill, which is a high priority for the CIA. Their doctors, psychologists, friends, and family members are also in on the conspiracy, sadly.




Knew a guy who thought the band Heart was trying to kill him and that the government kept bugging his house. A friend of mines uncle thought the sensors on roads would shoot bees inside the car if you hit them directly with your tires. Schizophrenia is no joke, and managing it can be difficult or impossible by yourself. What people with it experience are extremely real to them. Fortunately we live in a time where it's a treatable mental illness, and they can live pretty normal lives.


I just took a peek over there and read through a bunch of posts and threads.... good god. A lot of people need to be on meds over there.


> They use the V2K and mantras in order to constantly repeat certain phrases hundreds of thousands of times per day. Over and over on repeat. So your subconscious mind will pic up on it inevitable. It is being used on me too. Its terrible. Focus, relax, meditate, we can get through this. jesus christ


I’m pretty sure sword and scale (crime podcast) did a really great episode about gang stalking. I’m pretty sure the guy discussed in the podcast ended up murdering his ex gf… it was so awful… that man clearly needed help. If I’m recalling correctly he was even a lawyer! It’s just sad how out of control mental illness can quickly become.


And there is absolutely nothing that can be done to help the person, short of medication.


And good luck with that… because to me, the scariest part is that they can’t see their irrationality. It’s heartbreaking. There’s very little likelihood they would take medication.


Relationships. The people there are so lost


When I get a little crazy, my husband asks if I’ve been reading there.


He’s gaslighting you! Leave him! /s


This exchange was by far the most accurate representation of relationship advice on Reddit


80% of relationship advice requests: "Most of the time my boyfriend is a really great guy, we get along great, he treats me great, he looks great, everything is great, except last week he set me on fire. Again, normally he is great, and nothing like this has ever happened before except that one time a month ago when he set our neighbor's car on fire. One time he told me he set his hamster on fire as a child but I'm sure he was joking. Other people told me that he set his ex on fire once but he says that she was a liar and a cheater and I believe him. Am I in a bad relationship?"


Or 'My husband drinks every night, beats me, and smokes dope all day when I work two shifts to pay off his debts. My two pets are missing in suspicious circumstances, and so is his ex. However, we are true soulmates 😍🙏😇😇and, when he is not drunk, he is the most wonderful man 😍! We are getting married next August, weeee! 🏠👍💕 AITA for not wanting to invite my parents to the wedding as they are not understanding enough of his drinking habits? '


My partner hasn't bathed in 6 months or brushed his teeth ever. How can I fix this? AHHHHHHHH


I read that one a few days ago. OP of that topic was like he wants sex. I told him to take a bath so I did it anyways. How do I get him to bath….. well first you withhold the ass!!!


Fire, the true answer is fire. If soap and water frightened him,fire is the cure.


Don’t forget to mention the age gap!


Had to purposely leave it out for the real subreddit feel


"oh, by the way I'm 22 years old, we've been dating for 8 years and he's only 43"


"And his kids from his previous marriage don't listen to me even though I'm usually the one who takes care of them. Also I'm pregnant."


"My [21F] husband [43M]"...


“… have been married for 3 years, together for 6 years.”


‘Have 5 kids and 3 pitbull x mastiffs’


Just add in “… my (19f) boyfriend (55m) is a really great guy…” and you’ve nailed it.


Nah, more like "My boyfriend (32m) of 5 years won't clean after himself. Am I (23f) wrong?"


Yo. 😂 for real. Those always gross me out so bad. And they don't see it!


Ha! Very true, but you forgot to add "but he says I'm very mature for my age!"


He must be a narcissistic bipolar with schizoaffective borderline personality disorder suffering from manic depressive episodes


‘Have you checked the CO2 alarms in the bedroom!? Maybe your none carbon monoxide producing appliances are poisoning him? Also get him checked for a UTI or early onset Dementia!’


Every comment. 'that is ridiculously toxic textbook behavior, there is no hope for your partner, you should pack your bags and leave immediately'


Response: "He says he's sorry, and that he won't keep doing these things going forward. I don't want to judge him too harshly."


“That’s what they always say, he’s just trying to keep you trapped, you need to GET OUT!!!!!!”


My husband didn't understand it at first. For me it's more of a "Jerry Springer" subreddit. An absolute dumpster fire and I enjoy reading the unhinged posts and comments. I'm very happily married so I get my juicy gossip from there even though I think most posts are fake lol.


I once answered a post real bluntly in this subreddit and the people who didn’t like my responses looked through my post history and were using it to roast me. Absolutely unhinged. Edit: I think it was relationship advice but it’s the same crowd really


I am omw to r/relationships right now.


Thanks for making it even easier to get to. Headed there with you.


I love it. It makes me feel so good about my marriage!


The people in infidelity type subreddits definitely come to mind


I stumbled in there one day. It was awful. I only made one comment to a guy and said “what if you give your wife an std?” And he was like well my affair partner and I are loyal to each other and I was like lmao y’all are both cheating on your spouses what makes you think she’s not gonna also gonna sleep with someone else. Y’all are dumb. He did not respond.


Great, now he hates his wife and his mistress hahahah






Discovered it yesterday when looking at some guy's profile. It is literally the most depressing sub I've seen to date...


Imagine these people are happy at hurting innocent people and celebrating it. Some humans can be repulsive, is there a way to shut it down.


My *favorite post of all time* comes from the cakeeaters subreddit. As in, people who want to eat their cake and have it too. Guy carries on affair for years, wife finds out, doesn't tell him, carries on revenge affair of her own. When he confronts her, she goes 'lol you dumbfuck I know about X. Here's the divorce papers." and he comes crying to the sub about how betrayed he feels. [For your reading pleasure](https://old.reddit.com/r/BestofRedditorUpdates/comments/sdp4i9/a_cake_eater_discovers_that_his_wife_has_also/)


Thank you for sharing this, amazing


Man that guy who took OOPs “I can separate love and sex” and threw it back at him, what a burn.


I mean, who knows what their relationships are like, but just fucking leave the person first. Some kind of sick fetish...


Facts bro, if you don't like someone just leave them to pursue your fling. They get off from getting away with their sick behavior.


Never in my life have I witnessed so much delusion in one place


"Sounds like a keeper" ...wtf


Yea but like…. The Lebanese Whirling Dervish


What the hell does AP stand for? Adultery Person?


Close. It's Affair Partner.


Fuck. I thought it was Armor Piercing.


Just lost faith in humanity reading that holy shit


Any subreddit that bans you for participating in a sub they are against or have beef with, whether or not you actually interact with the original sub. It's so weird to get a random "you are banned" message from something I've never even looked at. Like, bro, i dont even know you.


Who does that? I hate that bullshit - like you can't tell me what to do outside your sub - that's some bullshit.


r/Justiceserved does that. Then reported me to reddit for abuse when I replied, pointing out what I do on other subs is irrelevant.


Isn't that prohibited by reddit rules? I think the admins said a while back that subs weren't allowed to ban you for out-of-sub activities. Don't think it was ever enforced, though - the admins and the powerjannies are in bed with each other, after all.


Reddit mods dont do shit about regular mod abuse.




Don't forget the time Spez was caught and admitted to secretly editing user's comments. The dude is a thin skinned cunt with the integrity of a wet paper bag.




Some of the sports team subs will do that, but more so to discourage people from going to another teams sub to heckle them


Must be funny when someone goes heckling the rival team first and gets banned from their own team's sub


Good policy, though. *"We don't do that here."*


wait wait there are subs that ban people who arent even in the sub, and just for being in a diff sub? how is that even possible do they spend 24/7 banning people who are in the rivaling sub.


Yea I once commented on a sub and I got banned from another one. The second sub thinks the first one is problematic. Like I didn’t even comment that I agree with whatever the othe sub is for. It’s an offhand lame comment. But never mind, i unsubscribed to that second one.


I don't know if this relates but I got banned from a sub I never commented or posted in. I don't think I had even joined.


I'm permabanned from r/justiceserved because I saw a r/JoeRogan post on the front page and commented how his guest looked like Jean Luc Picard. I contacted the mods saying I don't even follow the sub I was just making a joke, and they never responded or took off the ban. r/liberal will also permaban you for commenting on the r/conservative sub. Got permanently banned from it too because I was pointing out some antivax bullshit in another front page post. At least the mods answered my message and took off the ban for that one. Of all the subs that do it, those two banning each other for participating in the other is probably the most dangerous, as it truly leads to an echo chamber.


Post on r/trueoffmychest: Im (17F) really embarrased cause my mom yelled at me in front of my friends for leaving the peanut butter jar open Comments: CUT OFF ALL CONTACT IMMEDEATELY THIS IS EMOTIONAL ABUSE IM HERE FOR YOU SWEETIE YOURE SO STRONG INTERGENERATIONAL TRAUMA WAKE UP PEOPLE




And here I read me without communism so I expected to laugh and maybe some jokes or whatnot... Not this


Glad I'm not the only one with questionable reading comprehension


Excuse me, WTF is this???


What. The. #[fuck.](https://www.reddit.com/r/MethWithoutCommunism/comments/11tlp7i/spun_little_one/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button)


Confused. What am I looking at?


It seems the implication is that they gave meth to a toddler. Bonus points for the person who said "pm me" who seems to be mostly otherwise saying that on a sub called...methgonewild


Idk if he’s concerned and trying to help or if it’s some weird shit with a baby.


Idk what a user named LetMeFuck513 could possibly want


I thought that sub was bad, until I clicked on some users and saw their post history on other subs. I’m at a loss of words


Glorifying meth use, cool.


Meth tends to make people feel like everything is perfectly normal when, in reality, they live in a tent behind a car dealership or regularly hang out in recycling bins.


Ahh wow. When I did hard drugs it wasn't cool and I didn't want anyone to see or know.


Wow I thought I’d explored Reddit…this is gross


Those poor people.


I like to believe I know a bit about the world around me. No, I am incredibly naive.


r/globeskepticism This is essentially the flat earth subreddit, nuff said.


Just had a look they are cooked


LOOOL just gone on there and first post “are they faking space?” 🤣


r/TIFU Every post is wall of text filled with garbage fake stories meant to farm karma.




I can't tell if the 3 was extra satire or just a typo


Man those subs are filled with age gaps. “I’m just barely 18 and I’m getting married to a 50 year old” type shit.


I’m half new to Reddit, or at least new enough to not really do anything but read stuff, comment on it and post the occasional thread, but what does karma actually do? And what’s the purpose of farming it? As far as I can tell it’s just a popularity contest? Or is there more to it that I’m missing?


Fake internet points matter a lot to some people for some reason. Also I know that some people will karma farm then sell their high karma accounts to companies that will use it to advertise or push an agenda. Really lame stuff


i mean you dont accidently slip and slide your dick into your step sister when she happens to be stuck in the washing machine and your mom happens to come at that particular moment? you are kinda weird then ​ /s if it wasnt obvious


There's this one about a guy who found his GF on a porn site and broke up with her and called her names but then it turned it her being on a porn site was just a dream. That fake shit is what finally motivated me to unsub.


r/teenagers Should just be called r/narcissists


Teenagers scare the living shit out of me


What's scarier than a group of teenagers? 2 groups of teenagers


Clearly billy Bob was worse than Alex de large.


They could care less as long as someone'll bleed


So darken your clothes, or strike a violent pose


Maybe they’ll leave you alone


But not me!










Or r/grownadultmenlarpingasteenagers There's waaaay too many 35 year olds on there, it's kinda creepy


That shit was so funny when they did a mass underage ban and had dudes crawling outta the woodwork going "there must be a mistake im 20-30 something!"


The older I get the more I try to remind myself teenagers may not be as worldly but are old enough to be clever and knowledgeable in areas. But then I see a post on /r/teenagers hit the front page and I realize that actually humanity’s had a pretty good run and we should probably just call it quits now.


More like r/pedophiles


Jesus fucking christ that was actually a subreddit at one point?! 😂


r/Gangstalking I feel bad for them. Mental illness is no joke. But some of the posters refuse to seek help and they project their issues on to the rest of the world. They discuss crazy conspiracies of how the government is stalking them and state it as a fact as well as talking about violent ideas targeting the government, they film themselves out in public harassing random ordinary citizens and accuse them of being government agents who are stalking them, etc.


It’s the saddest sub I’ve ever visited. I’ve only experienced an episode of psychosis once, and it was one of the scariest experiences of my life. I was absolutely convinced that what I was experiencing was real, because it FELT as real as the reality I’ve always had. The only difference was that no one believed my reality and everyone kept treating me like I was insane. Imagine if you woke up tomorrow, went to go on Reddit and couldn’t connect to the internet. You ask around and everyone is telling you - no, this “internet” you’re talking about doesn’t exist. You’ve made it up. There is no way that you can read and hear things from people in other countries. You need some help. That’s a simplification, but it’s kinda what it’s like. You’re like - what the fuck? This is REAL, this is happening, why doesn’t anyone believe me?? Why are they trying to medicate me, what are they trying to hide? It’s a horrible feeling, and I can’t imagine being able to live with it on the regular.


It’s not about refusing to seek help, it’s more like they don’t have resources or friends to help them. Psychosis is like a dream. You accept the reality given and think it’s real. I think people misunderstand schizo disorders. It’s not “accepting responsibility” when you are psychotic. You are in a different reality. Often times there isn’t anywhere to go and get help. Now that they don’t drill holes in our foreheads they usually ship us on busses to LA and call us lazy homeless people. Mine came fast and hard, I lost my scholarships and home, and had no idea what was happening. There was no help to refuse, and I couldn’t even understand I was a person at times. I can’t look at that sub, I’m prone to paranoia, and it’s always stuff I know is ridiculous. I’m better now, but I still lost everyone. I had dreams and I’m sure these people did too. People in psychotic states can not help themselves. It’s like asking a blind man to see and blaming him for not just doing it. I hope people don’t go there to point and laugh, but sadly that’s probably most of it


Thank you for this very well-written comment. Most people who haven't experienced psychosis don't comprehend how completely REAL it is when you're inside it. And it can happen to anyone. I've been there and even though I'm doing well now, the experience keeps me concerned for my fellow mentally-ill folks.


God bless you for saying that. I get almost no resources to deal with the mass of homeless people who come into the ED everyday. Shelters are full, crisis housing is picky and overburdened. There are just no beds and something all I can do is send them off with a refill of antipsychotic meds and just hope they take them. People need to know about this suffering, its a black mark on our whole way of Life that we just let this happen. 1 in every 100 people have a schizophrenia, forget about bipolar and the severely borderline, that’s just schizophrenia. And people wonder where the homeless come from. People have no idea.


What brought you out of it, if I may ask?


Even worse, some people prey on them for fun there by feeding into the delusion. It's really hurtful to see.


Fuck dude. I just spent like an hour reading that sub. That’s so so sad.


r/AmItheAsshole i have seen so much gold on there. i like the idea of the sub, but the people who post there are so lost. it's truly next level. i remember a post where a woman said that she and her new husband refused to let their daughter stay at their home. the context was inflation, and she couldn't afford to live in the cheap apartment she had (which was shit anyway, because of mold, pests etc.), so the daughter split from her partner, who went to stay with his parents due to the same reason. both the mom and her daughter described her partner to be good, so no issue there. the issue is, that she was forced to go live in some hostel with homeless junkies with threatening auras, who stole her stuff all the time. she mentioned she was also scared of being sexually assaulted. the mom's argument for not letting the daughter come home, was that she is now an adult, which meant she had to learn to take care of herself. ​ here comes the wild part: the mom finished off the post by asking if this will have an effect on her relationship with her daughter.


Sounds like a one way trip to a retirement home! Read the name tag grandma , you’re in MY house now!


Probably r/insex. Their content has gone downhill. There should be a diversity of insects instead of the usual ant or spider. Spiders aren't even insects.


this is the weirdest shit i’ve ever seen in my life


I wish I could go back a few seconds, go back to the time I didn't know this was a thing


Why did I press on that. I don't know what I expected, but it wasn't that.


As a 44 year old internet user who started out on Usenet I genuinely thought my innocence couldn't be ruined any more than it already has been. Thank you for proving the bar can always be lowered. Now I need to go scrub by brain with bleach.


Why did I click on it? Someone please..... Tell me why 🎶🎶


Ain't nothin' but a seeeex waaaasp 🎵🎵🎵


What the….. ok you win


I didn't know this fucked up shit existed... 🤢🤦


r/energy bans pretty much anyone talking positively or facts about nuclear power Edit: I've been permanently banned from r/energy from posting this comment in r/AskReddit. Bearing in mind, I've never once commented or posted anything in r/energy either.


Some guy "My heat pump does not work when it gets below 20 degrees." R/energy, " You have no idea what you are talking about." Some guy, "Yes I do, I have a heat pump." R/energy "No you don't. Banned"


That sub seriously makes me laugh sometimes. I work in energy policy, like I've literally written state regs, provided expert testimony on FERC cases, have designed and implemented energy efficiency for years, understand the regulatory nature and technical issues that are important to actual mature energy policy...like so many subs, they don't want to have nuanced conversations about complicated issues. I'm about as pro-renewable as it gets but these are incredibly complex issues that get reduced to Buzzfeed-esque tidbits. I barely even look at it anymore.


It used to be better there. For the first 5 or 6 years I was on Reddit we could have those discussions. Sometimes they were uncomfortable or aggravating. But ultimately I think we did a great job having discussions about different points of view and educating people. As a nuclear engineer I just like talking about the technology and how it works, and the energy subreddit was a good place for it. Then people started getting banned left and right for little or no reason. And now it is what you see.


Amen to that. Same boat. Came to this post from another subreddit haha. Like, I was in a day long meeting today with EPRI, I've designed an energy storage technology, wrote grants for DOE money, worked at a power plant, have engineering degrees, and when you slap people upside the head here with knowledge, regs, facts, or engineering principals, physics, or chemistry they don't want to hear it. It feels like it's just become an echo chamber of 5th grade reading level and comprehension of news headlines and they take whatever the hell shitty uneducated news article says as fact and don't care to do fact checking or techno-economic analysis.


seems hypocritical


r/incels. It’s not a thing anymore, but bruh.


r/femaledatingstrategy Is essentially the same thing, but for women now lol.


There was a post where some guy got a kidney transplant and he got surprised when it turns out his girlfriend donated it and it was a wholesome post but it got reposted on that sub and all the comments were just shitting on that guy for somehow being evil. It's pretty sad


Some of the shit I've seen from there blows my mind. Like, for a sub called female dating strategy you'd think none of them had ever been in a relationship before. Or they were in an abusive relationship (as the abuser)


r/AmITheAsshole literally every response is just 'You should break up', or 'Yo u should go no contact'


it feels like the posters themselves are more out of touch than the commenters. “hello i did overtly ahole behaviour, aita?” like wtf


It helps if you think of the sub as a creative writing outlet. I wouldn't be surprised if like 50% of the stories were either exaggerated or made up entirely. Especially the ones that make it to the top.


Most of the posts there are just nonsense in how one-sided the situations are. “We hosted thanksgiving this year. My husband’s family came over. My mother in law criticized all my cooking. My father in law got drunk and threw up all over our new couch. My sister in law insisted on bringing her best friend, who happens to my husband’s ex. The best friend gave my husband a blow job in our bedroom while I was having a crying session and nervous breakdown from all the criticism from my mother in law. They also didn’t bring any desserts or wine like they said they would. As a result of this negative experience, I told my husband I want to spend Christmas with my family at my parents’ house. My husband says I am trying to isolate him from his family and ex girlfriend. AITA?”


>It helps if you think of the sub as a creative writing outlet. Between the things that are outright made up and the discussions that are shaped and steered by teenagers with no perspective on adult problems/behavior, the sub doesn't have a lot of value.


Some of the judgements on there legit make me scared for humanity. They avoid ESH votes because they love to justify AH behaviour. “My neighbour’s dog peed on my lawn, so I cooked the dog and fed it to them.” “NTA AT ALL! If they can’t keep their dog off your lawn, you can’t keep their dog out of your stomach.”


It's really indicative of how people can basically paint any situation where they are the hero of their own story. You emphasize details about the suffering and stress that the other party caused, and you try to paint the other party as a one-dimensional villain with no thoughts or autonomy of their own. Then, boom. You're no longer the asshole in any situation.


Also every post is "My step mother threw acid in my face and hissed racial slurs in my newborn's face, AITA for gently asking her to stop?" 🥺👉👈 r/AmITheAngel is a hilarious parody sub but your comments get removed for even mentioning it in r/AmITheAsshole


She launched a brick at my head and started calling me horrible names, so I calmly asked her to stop and explained that wasn't an acceptable way to treat your daughter but she carried on. AITA?


AITA would not exist if: - there were no wedding guest lists - grown men could do something without their mommy - people didn’t ask their siblings to babysit - step-parents treated all their kids the same - brides realized their weddings weren’t miracles - people stopped texting their 4th cousin about family drama - 40yr old men didn’t act like their birthday is a national holiday


The amount of AITAs that end with, "Then all their friends and family started texting and calling me," absolutely astounds me. I've never met someone, that when they have beef, texts everybody they know and then every person they text makes it their own personal mission to harass the person they're having beef with. It's wild.


Not calling, blew up! Everyone is blowing up my phone!


It’s like watching a movie with a stupid plot that can easily be resolved if people just communicated properly


Or if the cost of college in America was reasonable! I feel like half the posts are related to college funds


r/changemyview The way they enforce rules is inherently contradictory to the goal they want. Allowing people to post the most nonsensical bullshit bad faith arguments, but then getting mad at people for pointing out it is a bad faith is contradictory to their stated point.


Names. Particularly baby names. The ones that go “we wanted something unique so came up with destimonia alexandrianna does that flow with the surname Jones?” Not even in the valleys presh .


Shit I thought it was Desdemona Jones then I see the unnecessary "ia" at the end. They almost had a name to rival Indiana Jones!


>destimonia alexandrianna That name is a /r/tragedeigh


Not out of touch but I really wanna say the people of r/cats really annoy me. "My cat just meowed at me. Is this normal?" "My cat is vibrating. What do I do?" "Help! My cat knocked over a plant pot! What should I do?" Jesus H. Christ.


r/parrots is the same way. "My bird just flew from his cage to the other side of the room and landed on the sofa, should I take him to the vet? r/Glocks is the same way. " The gun makes a loud noise whenever I put bullets in it and pull the trigger. Should I be concerned and send it back to Glock?


Or even worse: *posts cute picture of a cat* "This is my cat. He got disemboweled and sacrificed by cultists last night."


r/gangstalking is pretty fucked


r/globeskeptics is a melting pot of idiocy.


r/sex - people want advice and then because of how people think of the certain acts things get downvoted and there is a serious tribalist divide lol. It’s fucking dumb as rock. Stupid as a duck


Places like r/empiredidnothingwrong and r/monarchymemes that started as tongue in cheek meme pages but just attracted a lot of people who genuinely believe dictatorships are the best because "democracy has failed"


r/empiredidnothingwrong is now just an art sub. It’s not horrible, but the old memes were funny


I'd say any subreddit that's predicated on an "us vs them" mentality.


Oh, so most of them then


remember when reddit caught the boston bomber but they didn't and [he was just an innocent man](https://www.businessinsider.com/reddit-falsely-accuses-sunil-tripathi-of-boston-bombing-2013-7)


Half of Reddit is just an echo chamber where people say something to the right group of people to validate what they think or have done


The tinder subreddit is just something else for me. 80% of posts are some variation of "Why didn't she like my *cool* and original pickup line that *definitely* makes me stand out from the rest?" or some dudes just outright fucking shit up in the dumbest ways possible, as if just trying to carry a normal conversation is too much.


Ohh boy here we go lol


OP knows what they're doing lol


Thanks for reminding me to sort by controversial, lol.


r/worldnews those guys play too many war games


It's not even news. If redditors bothered to read the articles posted they'd see most of it is opinion pieces pushed as news, but people on this site live for the headlines.


The relationship subreddit. The answer over there is always “break up” no matter what the relationship issue is


To be fair, people don’t post there when their relationship is going well. So what we see isn’t a good cross-section of relationships, it’s the low 20% of relationships that are nearing their end already


What, you want me to give a reasoned answer to someone saying “hey my boyfriend won’t stop feeding the cat toothpaste what should I do?”


/r/conspiracy Because being out of touch is a prerequisite for believing something that you have to ignore 99% of the available evidence in order to believe.


I was so disappointed in that sub. I wanted to read about things like DB Cooper but nah, just a bunch of whackadoodles


Same, remember when reading about conspiracies was about bigfoot and UFO's? I miss those days.


ATIA in a lot of cases. It’s not always, there’s millions of people there and sometimes they offer genuinely good advice, but there’s always people saying: - “You should break up/divorce” - “You should go no contact/low contact” - “You are “overstepping” - Advice that literally doesn’t help or suit the situation The other day there was a post of a women asking if she was the asshole for refusing to punish her 7 year old daughter for “cheating” on her boyfriend. Opened the replies, the top few were pretty mature and reasonable with the stuff you’d expect, you know, like telling the OP to have a conversation with the daughter about why the boyfriend is upset, but not to punish her. All fine right? Well, no, because then I started seeing people say like “you should use this to teach her about consent!” And then paragraphs on the subject. Consent wasn’t even the subject of the post, but there were people typing paragraphs about how a 7 year old should ask another 7 year old if they consent to being their boyfriend/girlfriend, and if they consent to holding hands with others. Like, bro, they’re fucking 7, it’s not that deep. You also get people there who will excuse women for everything if they are pregnant or on their period. One of the top AITA posts of the sub’s history is a guy asking if he’s the asshole for kicking his pregnant girlfriend out after she and her friend tried to bait him in a loyalty test. This was a breach of the guy’s trust and so he asked her to leave and wondered if he was wrong to do so, and there were people saying YTA and ESH blaming this weird manipulation on “hormones”. Pregnancy and periods aren’t excuses to act like an asshole or breach boundaries, but AITA is full of social justice warriors with no common sense. I could go on, but I’m doing my own head in thinking about it, however I also must mention the mod team there is out of touch in their own way. The rules of the sub are notably very strict and a lot of topics are banned and there are lots of things you cant say or discuss. Not great, but hey, whatever. But then the mods, who are probably scrawny teens who get bullied or fat middle aged men with no job or life, will jump to enforce these rules as strictly as possible, even if it’s a very vague rule or if you *barely* breached it. Then, they act like they’re so superior to you because they moderate a subreddit, and have so much attitude toward you because you didn’t read their pages on pages of rules whilst paying close attention to every word. Literally just a bunch of losers on power trips. The sub is an interesting one a lot of the time, and there’s a lot of people offering interesting viewpoints on things in there, which is why I am a part of it and interact with it, but my God there are some seriously out of touch idiots in there.




Also if you are expected to do any chores whatsoever or occasionally keep an eye on your younger siblings, you are being "parentified" and it's abuse of the highest order. Nope, that's just being part of a household.




Honestly, the responses in r/antiwork make me think that most of the people commenting are too young to have other financial responsibilities. “Talk to your lawyer,” as if every single person in the world has a personal lawyer on retainer and can afford one. Or, “make them fire you and file for unemployment,” like unemployment benefits are enough to pay you a livable wage (they often aren’t).


I've tried to talk with the mods of r/funny about the unclear portions of their rules. They'll mute you for a month if you follow what the rules actually say (but break what the rules apparently *meant to* say). And if you try to be genuinely helpful in suggesting clarifying verbiage, they'll just accuse you of not having read the rules, and then mute you for a month.


Saddens me as a vegan but r/vegan Final straw for me was a discussion about taking a non-vegan friend out to dinner for the friend’s birthday but refusing to pay because they pick a “carnist” meal. Edit to add: thanks for the award! Made my day!!


Unfortunately this is the type of ridiculous behavior that gets amplified and then normalized on the internet.