What’s an unhealthy obsession people have?

Love to hate

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Love to hate




True. Been drinking Haterade since ‘97 and I’m mostly battery acid and saw dust


Well it's never too late to start drinking greaterade!!!


I've noticed a lot of subs on reddit are just outrage farms. People may not realize it, but they're specifically going there to read/find stuff that'll make them angry


It used to be "if it bleeds, it leads", now it is "enragement is engagement".


Being in a relationship no matter the cost


Legit this. I've been single for years now and I'm not exaggerating when I say it's the happiest I've been in my entire life. I wish I could go back and tell younger me that she didn't have to spend so much time and energy on people who would never treat her the way she deserved. It's so much better for your self esteem and mental health to treat *yourself* the way you deserve to be treated, rather than hope someone else is going to come along and do it for you.


I agree, however, not having any relationship experience (despite trying to get it) can also ruin your self esteem and self worth. It did so for me.


People are obsessed with youth and some people will do anything to maintain its appearance.


The ironic part is that a lot of the things people do to make themselves look younger and better just makes them look worse.


I live in LA. I work somewhat connected to the entertainment industry. More times than I can enumerate, stunning women (and a number of great looking men) have slowly distorted their faces and figures into oblivion. In the span of 18 months, many are entirely unrecognizable. Literally. I've gone to events, bumped into people and I didn't know who they were until I heard their voice. They start looking like this homogeneous mass of the altered.


My wife watches pretty much all reality television, and I've noticed that on a long enough timeline every women in those shows will end up having a grotesque, emotionless stretched face with giant lips.


Darcey and Stacey on TLC 🥲 one of the saddest developments if you look at how pretty they were not even ten years ago


Body dysmorphia is a helluva drug


Elizabeth Bathory, is that you?


24 hour news cycles.


It's good to stay involved and informed but goddamn, if people would just turn off the news (including reddit) I feel like 90% of our culture war would disappear overnight and we could focus on the real issues.


The way the media is set up now n days it’s hard. Denzel said it best. If you don’t read the news you’re uninformed, if you do read the news you’re misinformed.


Never heard of him saying this but I'll be damned if I didn't read it in his voice and see him saying it in my head.


This quote was actually said by Alonzo Harris


They DID say "Denzel said it best" lol. I don't know who said it BETTER, but that's good to know Harris said it first.


You're just misinformed.


What the hell did you just call me


I'm sorry Mrs. Informed.




And its always national "news" too. Never local. Despite the fact that local happenings impact your life about 100x more than national ones. Yeah, the big national and international stories impact your life. But the day to day of your life is determined by someone you've never heard of in a city hall you probably can't find and haven't read anything about. Which is why hes borderline embezzling from the city by handing out contracts to his friends and probably just doing whatever the half dozen nimby boomers who show up to the local meetings yell at him about. Which is why your local suburb is collection of stroads and dead stripmalls.


It's really not news. It's people expressing their opinions.


Having to be first. It's okay if you beat me to the pump, or if you beat me to the grocery checkout line. It's okay if you get to the freeway exit before me, or pull in front of me on the highway. I'm patient, and it's a virtue. Edit: Holy cow! Never had a comment blow up like this! Have to credit my father who taught me this. He was an airline captain for over 30 years who is a very patient man. Thanks Dad.


I have a ridiculously slow processing speed. I had to learn that if I am first, I probably did something wrong.


People with the " I need to be first, I'm in a rush because my life is more important" while driving bugs me so much, particularly when you end up pulling back up with them because they hit the same red light or stop sign, etc. you do. I've literally seen people weave in and out of traffic, gunning it 15 to 20 over whenever they had space to do so, only for me to be right behind them again 30 seconds later. Their efforts made no difference to how fast they were getting where they were going and exponentially more dangerous.


I'm guilty of this and trying to make it less of a factor in my life. Driving is the worst, but I even find myself doing it in the grocery store, anywhere there's a queue. Big realization for me is that it's not the need to be first or best, but it comes from operating on the assumption that other people are insufficient. It's an unhealthy worldview, it's narcissistic, and it can be outright dangerous.


Obsession with their social media image


A friend of mine's mother almost spends every waking hour on FB and Instagram. She is constantly updating the world on her life. My friend has had to stop sending her pics of his children because they would immediately end up on her FB. She has fallen for a number of scams - thankly stopped by friend before she lost money. It seems the only source of validation in her life are the upvotes and likes of friends, relatives and strangers.




My mom felt the need to share that I was in the hospital in labor with my son. And then felt the need to share that I was rushed to an emergency c section. I asked everyone in my family not to post about me or my labor because what if something happens? Well, my son passed away, so then I had all these people in my business asking me about my baby and how i was doing while trying to process my loss.


I’m so sorry you went through this


The older generations just don't get this. My MIL lived with us for almost a year after a health scare and she would share the most personal things imaginable with every nurse or home health aid who walked in the door.


My massage therapist tells me all her business, especially her financial issues. She's literally told me her credit score.


Mine too! It's not relaxing at all.


Maybe we go to the same lady 💀


To my grandmother, "keeping a secret" meant that she only told the immediate family and half the neighborhood.


My sister is mentally disabled and is like this. Random people in her life I don't know will address me by name and start talking about my kids because my sister can't keep her mouth shut. She told the whole family I was pregnant while we were gathering for my (infertile) cousin's wedding. FML


> She told the whole family I was pregnant while we were gathering for my (infertile) cousin's wedding. FML Oh god


I'm sorry you have to deal with that. Sometimes with mental disabilities there isn't a lot you can really do about it.


I know. She's very sweet and means well but talking to her is like talking to a wall. I grew up thinking she was exceptionally competent but it turns out she just learned how to say the right answer to get people off her back and she has absolutely no clue what is going on. Telling her to stop has no effect.


My mom was raised in a small house with seven siblings (my aunts and uncles), and to them the concepts of personal space and privacy basically don’t exist.


Omg, IT IS! My mother used to tell the cashier at Walgreens EVERYTHING about my life. It was horrifying! When I protested my mother was shocked I was upset.


Old people are like this, and I just don’t understand it. They seem to think sharing personal/private information is STANDARD when having a friendly conversation. It’s why they post shit like “Cousin Jessica just had a miscarriage 🤣”, like it doesn’t enter into their minds that nobody wants or needs to hear about it. They have a different culture for sure.


It depends on how old these older folks are… I’m 65, my mom is 25 years my seniors and hasn’t shared much of her personal finances even with me. Meanwhile, my cohort (Boomers) has everyone’s business on blast as many of the folks up thread here have stated!


I think that too. Pictures with friends and family and even cherished places are great, but for memories sake, not for the internet. I love looking through more candid pictures from places I’ve been and have caught a nice moment. How lovely of you to send these to friends later & catch up


My friends and I will create a shared Google album for just us and dump all our photos from the event/outing in there. Sometimes we'll share a couple pictures on socials, but we keep most of them just for us.


I use throwaway cameras lol because people act more natural when you do. They don’t worry about it ending up on the internet so they don’t pose. It makes a big difference, people relax more when they’re not worried about strangers seeing it.


You should speak with a lawyer about wrongful termination. Rehab should be covered under FMLA and/or ADA (if you reside in the states) as addiction is a recognized medical condition.


It’s just a shitty thing that will always happen. Even though you should be protected, employers will just find some reason to fire you anyway. “It’s not because of your addiction, it’s because of xyz.” This is well known, and a huge reason why people don’t get help.




> She said that it’s more important to get more prayers than keep it a secret. Translation: "Its more important for me to use your pain for validation and attention online, because I am so vapid and vacuous that I care more about attention from strangers, than I care about protecting and helping my child" Sorry you had to deal with that.


That's very sad. I think social media can be really toxic for some people. The whole premise of continually needing to show off to other people the highlights of your life has always seemed a bit odd to me.


It’s the continuous part that’s the most addictive. You get less validation if you’re not actively engaged, so there’s a feedback loop that forces you to stay active.


I absolutely do not get people who post shit every day. I'm on some social media, but a lot more passively. I don't post stuff much, I just keep up with certain people I know by checking it once in a while. Some of those people post the most mundane shit on a daily basis. I guess it's possible some people care about it, but I don't personally understand why anyone would


yeah I use it as an album for my knitting. A lot of knitters do this and I've gotten some great yarn suggestions for certain patterns- same with sewing. It was especially helpful during Covid when I couldn't go into fabric and yarn stores and feel the product.


Social media image is pretty much the modern reputation. I know too many people that practically set up a fantasy on their social media showing how amazing their life is, but if you run into them irl, they are incredibly miserable. They refuse to change anything or get rid of toxic people/behaviors because it would damage their image online


Yeah I know a few people like that. I met a girl that actually paid a service that added followers for her on IG so she appeared more popular.


Tons of influencers do that and it's so obvious. When you have millions of followers but only get a few thousand likes a post and when you jump 10k overnight, it's super obvious that you bought them


We're literally not wired to interact with this many people lol (as i post this from social media)


Reddit's anonymity is a little different. Much of the appeal is seeing what's going on in the world, not in John Smith's world or Cindy Jones' world. With the exception of karma, there's little going on toward social anxiety.


I’m 33 and people think I’m weird for not being active on social media. I think it’s weird to post daily


I'm 34 now, but I haven't actively used social media since I was like 22. I just do not care about people seeing, or knowing what i'm doing.


✅ green flag


Same. 33 here. I recently got out of a longer term relationship and I had girl friends telling me I was a red flag that I didn’t use social media. I told them it’s a red flag to me that they use it so much.


Those people’s identities are so wrapped up in their online presence they think that not having one means you have no identity at all. No personality. No connection with friends. No relatability to society. It’s like saying you don’t have a drivers license or birth certificate. You must be hiding something. It’s sad that it’s come to this.


I’ve been trying to understand how anyone sees it as a red flag to not be active in social media and you perfectly described it for me!


The shock on people’s faces when you tell them you don’t have ANY form of social media. “What how do you function?!” One of my managers was annoyed because she didn’t like me and wasn’t able to snoop online to get information.


omg my work literally had a meeting today to talk about our LinkedIn 'personal brand' and how we should promote out business through that channel. They literally suggested 'setting aside time weekly or biweekly to work on your LinkedIn posts'. Um no sorry my salary does not cover social media branding for my company.


That is the reason I muted LinkedIn notifications and stopped logging in. It’s just fake stories and political discussions now. I won’t log back in until I am looking for a new job.


People who use LinkedIn for anything other than finding a job are fucking weird.




Some people are very obsessed with that image. To the point where it's not even close to reality and it's mostly just acting. You're a character in an online media. Social media was supposed to be great for keeping up with friends, building networks, etc.. It devolved into some weird thing. VR was supposed to be the weird "you can be anyone, it's your fantasy" kind of thing. Even Star Trek Holodeck allowed that. I'm fine with continuing to be the goofy geeky guy that posts funny animal pics and funny memes. I'm nothing exciting. Pretty much mimicks my real life. Sure, I'm not oversharing some personal details. It's more like for acquaintances. That's all the detail they get. Some people, I've heard about some crazy shit. People do get very self obsessed with how they look on social media. They become a brand rather than an individual. And it's a huge thing - "Grow your personal brand!" "You are your brand online!". Dude. You're an online hooker.




100% of the people I personally know who engage in social media pedestalization of their SO are having massive relationship problems offline. I always interpret those types of posts as a sign that their relationship is in a downward spiral and they’re desperately trying to publicly convince themselves that it’s not.


YEP. The couples in healthy, strong relationships don't need to tell the whole world about it.


That's one of my biggest gripes I think, the fact that millions of people now feel so entitled that they feel the need to "build their brand". Like dude, nobody gives a fucking shit about you unless you're a celebrity, which you're not, so stop trying to be one.


> Social media was supposed to be great for keeping up with friends, building networks, etc.. It devolved into some weird thing. We went to having "friends" to having "followers."


For fucking real... I just want one fucking holiday where we don't need to pose, take a picture of the food, etc.


I had a period where I was taking less photos because of the obsession that I saw in others, especially photos of myself and loved ones. But it was pointed out to me by an older relative who has since passed and it has become true to me since I have gotten older, that it's a mistake to do so. No don't live your life for social or even post on it at all if you like - I dont aside from reddit really. But take pictures of yourself and friends and loved ones. Landmarks aren't interesting unless you're in it because you wont take one as nice a professional. Take pics that remind you of the memories and bring you back to those moments. I recently went through all my old digital photos and curated them, backed them up properly. In doing so I got a lot of great memories and ended up sending pictures to many friends and loved ones as I came across them. It was actually really nice and I'm not a terrible sentimental person. Food for thought. I wish I took more pics of friends in the moment.


This is the exact same thing that I went through, but I now regret it. I did one trip abroad during that period where I took just 2 or 3 pictures on the whole trip. Just because I didn't want to be like the tourists who kept taking pictures. But looking back, I wish I had more pictures. Now I don't post a lot of pictures on social media, but I take a lot of them. Even insignificant ones. And I absolutely love it when Google Photos randomly suggests me pictures from years ago. Brings back all those memories. I've also been at concerts where I haven't recorded anything because some YouTube comment told me that people who do that are stupid. I think I've made peace with the idea of being an average Joe. Now I take a lot of pictures and videos. It's beautiful to go through at a later date.


As long as you aren't holding up an ipad all the way through to record it or pushing yo way to the front and blocking everyone's view, then it is fine. I wish I had some pictures from gigs I have been to, but cameras on phones weren't really up to it.


An obsession with everything celebrities are doing


Inclusive of influencers, streamers, and any other random person with a webcam. We get mad at narcissism but go out of our way to throw money at these folks. Not *everybody* needs to be a brand. The overwhelming majority of us are just plain, ordinary humans - and that’s ok.


From what I've seen of influencers/streamers (mostly pkemon lets players) they seems to fill a role of friend/friendship to a lot of people who don't actually have any friends in their normal life. These guys fill in that gap and let you feel like you know them as a people since they're always posting their life online. Just seems like a new way to have interpersonal social relationships. Granted I never watch mainstream streamers or use instagram/tictok so probably a bit different from those type of followers.


https://www.wikiwand.com/en/Parasocial_interaction ☝️ Its a real psychological relationship that is studied. You may already know that but posting the link for anyone who wants to dig deeper.


I see this a lot on AskReddit. A lot of fantasizing about them. Too many parasocial relationships with them.


My dream of cuddling with Terry Crews is *not* a parasocial fantasy. I just think he looks like he'd be a really good cuddler.


This is a big one I’ve seen. I have a colleague who, whenever we travel for work, will fill their free time looking for places celebrities live and walking around them. I don’t know what is so interesting about the building Jerry Seinfeld lives in, or the street Justin Timberlake used to own a condo on.


"Fuck this 24/7 spew of trivia and celebrity BULLSHIT" -funy senator man from mgr


How dare you disrespect Senator Steven Armstrong by not giving his name.




pointless relationships. settling for less just because you think you can't be alone is not healthy.


I think it’s even more nuanced than that in the sense that people don’t know what to truly prioritize as important for a successful relationship. In my 20s, I’d think of it as the biggest red flag in terms of compatibility if the person I was dating didn’t share my taste in music, books, movies, etc. I went through a ton of relationships that seemingly started out great, only to fizzle or blow up because I wasn’t focusing on what makes two people *actually* compatible, like the ability to apologize when you’re wrong, the desire to learn more about your SO’s interests, and a mutual understanding of what you both consider important vs stuff that really doesn’t matter. My wife and I have completely different hobbies and tastes, and it’s hands down the best and easiest relationship I’ve ever been in. I go to all of her games, she comes to shows with me, and through that mutual interest of getting to know each other more, we’ve grown more interested in each others respective hobbies.


"In my 20s, I’d think of it as the biggest red flag in terms of compatibility if the person I was dating didn’t share my taste in music, books, movies, etc." Can confirm it's like this. A girl once rejected me because I like coffee and she doesn't. That's just one example. Kinda weird tbh


I did this, a long time ago, and it backfired terribly. Glad i got out of it, and you ain't kidding.


It's just a waste of everyone's time. Yours and your partners included. They may not see anything wrong (or are delusional) and you finally nutting up for the break up will feel out of left field for their delusional asses. And everyone will feel cheated out of their time.


I spent most of my life like this, out of one relationship straight into another. It messed up my mind on what a healthy relationship looks like. 9 year's single now and I still don't know 🤷🏻‍♀️


Honestly, I choose my partners very carefully now. Because I can handle being alone, but I can't handle breaking up with someone just because I'm not feeling it when they have nothing seriously wrong with them.


I kinda feel the same in a way, only that I can't handle the pain that comes with being in love. Idk some people seem to be able to hit it off with someone easily but to me it feels like a huge risk trying to get with someone. I need to feel like it's worth it.


Sounds like my relationship! Wasted 7 years of my life. The problem is that it happens slowly. First 3 years were great, started to have ideas of marrying each other etc. Then last 4 years started to go downhill slowly. The idea of breaking up is coming up in your thoughts more and more often. Communication getting worse and worse but I stuck around and to be honest I think she felt the same. Scared to be alone, hoping it gets back to what it used to be. But it was just pointless and waste of time. We sat down discussed it and agreed it's better to break it off. After almost 1 year doing pretty good and feeling so free. But there are times I do wish I had a partner. Haven't found the one yet.


Work/productivity. Everybody needs a break, not just every once in a while, but often.


Almost everyone in my office grabs there lunch and eats at their desk while working. Like you literally get hour and a half breaks if you want what are you doing lol. I always get on my phone and watch a show or YouTube while eating my lunch for the full time. Edit: and no one here does it to leave an hour earlier.


Where I work, people do this EVERY DAY. I have to get up and leave the office to eat lunch. I either go home, or through a fast food place and grab something. Then I either watch a show at home or in my pickup. I don't understand how or why people eat lunch at their desk every day and work through lunch. The work will still be there after you eat. Take a break.


I do it sometimes to just leave work earlier. I'm still taking my break, I'm just taking it at the end of the day.


My work does not allow that to happen. I can't work through lunch to leave earlier. I can flex time and work longer a day if I need to leave early and don't want to use vacation time though.


I think *technically* it wasn't allowed, but frankly no one cared.


Yeah we did the same thing. Most the people I worked with while I was hourly were salary, so no one really cared to check what I was doing (as long as I was putting in the requisite time). Boss pretty much just OK'd the timesheet super quickly at the end of the week.


Yeah, I’ve had jobs like that and pretty much everyone worked through their lunch because it meant they got to go home earlier.


I've been known to do this from time to time, and my reasoning is probably not what you'd expect. When I work through lunch, it's because my mind is "on a roll" for the task at hand, and I know that if I take a break, coming back to the task will be far, far more challenging than if I just keep things going. So I'm not working through lunch to please my company or my boss. I'm doing it because it actually makes the work easier, take less time, and be more rewarding than if I broke it up. So maybe that's what some of these other people are doing; I can't be sure.


Pretty much this. My ADHD brain on meds tells me just stay on task, because the break + restart is gonna be so much more expensive and frustrating. Then, I just make up for it by leaving an hour early. I’ll just tell my team I’m taking lunch now, and go home, lol.


Do you get to leave earlier if you take a working lunch? I would rather have my free time at home than at a desk in the office.


No our work day is 8 to 5 and get your hour lunch. But. It completely depends on your manager. Bu everyone leaves at 5 barely anyone early. I can see hourly working and eating for the money but still like take your breaks


What a bunch of morons. An hour a day is five hours a week, which is 250 hours a year, which is the same as working a little over 30 extra 8-hour days over the course of a year. They're working more than six extra weeks every year for free.


When I was in a warehouse I would always go and eat outside under a tree. My coworkers couldn’t figure out why… I don’t want to sit at a table where everyone bitches and complains about the work day and just overly consumes office gossip and politics constantly. It’s draining, I’m just here to work and go home. I’m outside to get away from all you. And I’m an introvert, I need to recharge, I just want peace and alone time. Yet they would all think “He thinks he’s too good to sit in the break room” And many coworkers would try to get me to play COD on Xbox after hours. I agreed and played, and 9 out of 10 things they said was recapping the work day and what pissed them off, and work gossip. Like fuck, don’t you want to separate yourself and unwind from all that when you clock out and go home.


Same here. I would always take the full hour especially at jobs where I’m paid regardless and I’m entitled to it. I eat my lunch at my desk and scroll the internet/watch a video/listen to a podcast and then go for a walk for the rest of the time mainly to get some fresh air and a little exercise. I aim to finish my lunch 59:59 after I start it. Not a moment earlier and not a moment later. If you want to pay me extra to work through it and/or finish an hour earlier, we can discuss that.


My biggest peeve with people always working through lunch when they don’t have to is that it makes me look lazy for not working through my own lunch despite not being paid for that hour. Why do people do that? Jfc go outside for a walk or something, get away from the computer for a minute while you can!!


I'm still trying to teach myself to take a break.


A obsession with each others lives. Seriously just let people live as long as they’re not hurting anyone just leave people the fuck alone


Yep, I don't care what or who you are. Just be a decent person and don't try to meddle with my life and we'll be cool


Busybodies need to mind their own business


Their phones. It's one thing to keep yourself busy, it's another to never let yourself be bored. Being bored is important sometimes, it makes you think/helps clear your head. Phones make it ridiculously easy to never let yourself get bored, to the point where it ain't healthy.


Wow I actually never thought of it this way. I am so guilty of never letting myself get bored Literally, just changed my fkn perspective.


Same here... I go to work, look at a screen. Come home, TV with dinner, then computer gaming, then workout, then TV. Go to the bathroom, wait for the shower water to heat up, not sure what else to do in that moment? Phone. I don't look at a screen when I'm driving, exercising, or trying to sleep. It's made me very explicitly give up on anything in life because I'm so sick of feeling stressed and anxious that I'll accept never doing anything different because I feel it doesn't change anything for the better and only adds stress. I'm not sure how to change this.


The pre-smartphone book called "Still Bored: In a Culture of Entertainment" was one of the most perspective-shifting books I ever read. It defined boredom as "lack of inner resources," and has resulted in me daily thinking "What inner resources can I sow into today, so that I'll reap the rewards a month or two from now?"


that sounds really interesting, but what might be a good example of inner resources?


I think perhaps they are referring to the development of a particular skill - something that is personally productive for you. I think it ties into instant-gratification (eg watching youtube) versus something that yields future results from work that is put into it (eg learning an instrument).


I believe this contributed to the demise of my marriage. He could not put the phone down for anything. I would beg for one dinner out together without it and he absolutely could not do it.


That's definitely a real thing. It was causing issues with my wife and I when I was so hooked on my phone that I had it out at all times. She finally got through to me and the phone does not come to the dinner table anymore. We have a toddler and I found myself looking down at my phone a lot still and my wife would constantly say "she's trying to show you something" and I'd look up and my little girl was just looking for me to pay attention. That's what got me. It was an eye opener. I deleted social media from my phone and have made huge improvements. I found myself doing weird stuff at first like compulsively checking my email or my stocks. Just an excuse to open an app out of habit. That slowly went away. I have reddit again but I don't use it at all like I used to. I'm still not perfect but I've come a long way. I hope you work it out somehow.


Plus boredom typically kick starts creativity! Learned how to knit, crochet, work a camera, fix up basic home repairs, etc all out of boredom


Apathy is a tragedy and boredom is a crime


Anything and everything, all of the time.


Being right all the time


This goes both ways. Terrible if it takes the form of never admitting wrongness. Not so bad if it takes the form of googling damn near everything (assuming their google-fu is solid) and changing their position if it’s in error.


Other people's sex lives


Sounds like r/AskReddit


Sexiest Sexers of Reddit, what's a sexy sex thing you didn't know about sex until you sexed?


Anyway, how's your sex life?


Hi doggy


You're my favorite customer!


Keep the change, BYEEEE!


I'm so lucky to have you as my best friend, and I love Lisa so much.


Oh hi Johnny, I didn’t know it was you


Other peoples lives in general.


Other people’s lives seem more interesting because they ain’t mine.


Came here with them lyrics stuck in my head and wasn't disappointed!


Being on their phone all the time, especially while driving. I see this literally every day, despite laws against it. I constantly have to honk at people sitting at green lights, because they can't possibly be inconvenienced with their own thoughts for 2 minutes sitting at a red light.


Celebrity worship. They are just normal people guys no different biologically then us.


And not just that. If they have significant income, they really do become more distant from reality, and out of touch. Their agent is constantly telling them what a genius they are (because he gets 10%)


Instagram Reels, YouTube shorts, TikTok, videos that shorten our attention span.


And YouTube is trying so hard to push shorts...you can hide them but they just start popping back up after 30 days...


Plus, YouTube turning existing videos into shorts, forcing you to use the shorts UI where you can't even rewind videos, and said videos auto-repeat themselves


On PC you can change the url from /shorts to /watch to get the better UI back. There are even browser extensions that do it automatically




Dirty filthy habit.


Nasty little habbitses


I should pick a social media platform to drop for a week and see how much it changes things. I feel like I'm on them too much, mainly twitter


Or curate things a little different. I took off all the news and things that could be considered negative off my Facebook. It helped a lot. Didn't see the depressing news, didn't see the shit comments on even positive posts. Keeping it in my own personal little groups helped. Of course, there's always that one guy. Fucking Tom.


Good thing I’m not on any of those platforms. I’m only on Reddit and my attention sp


Ugh I deleted Instagram and Tiktok so I could get away from them, just to find myself on Facebook reels...


Exactly what I did but now I’m watching YT shorts and browsing reddit


Arguing with strangers on social media


But you’re wrong


Know your limit. There's a subreddit with something about arguing on the internet is like wrestling a brick wall. You're not going to get anywhere. People are set in their ways, they aren't open to good discussion and taking points away. They're right, you're wrong. I love a good discussion where you go back and forth, and acknowledge and appreciate the other person and their good intended arguments. We're not arguing at that point, we're having a good discussion with opposite viewpoints and providing evidence to support our viewpoints.


I know i'll never actually persuade the person i'm arguing with. But I at least pretend some other passerby sees my comment and thinks "hmm, pretty based despite the downvotes".


Celebrities Serial Killers/Mass Murderers


I had never been into true crime beyond old Unsolved Mysteries episodes, but then I got hooked on the Idaho student murders case. I even joined all the subreddits and checked them daily (hourly if I'm being honest). I cannot believe how some people act in those subs. People post weird tributes like they knew the victims. People get insanely defensive of their "theories" of the crime. There were people posting Zillow photos of the inside of the "murder house" with labels showing where all the roommates lived. The worst was when people jumped all over some poor dude in a hoodie who just happened to be shown on a public street camera while two of the victims got food the night of the murders. Now apparently there are subs dedicated to the suspect, who some people think is cute. True crime is morbidly fascinating. But some people take it way too far.


The need to brag about how little rest you got between working. We get it, you got 3 hours of sleep, that sucks, but it’s not the flex you think it is. edit: i mean as in people one-upping each other for how little rest they get, like one person saying “i got 5 hours” and another saying “5? i only got 3” etc.


I know. So many people want to brag about working 12 hour days 7 days a week, but I'm thinking who the hell wants to live that kind of life? Money isn't worth it


Hero worship, in general. From celebs to serial killers, self-improvement gurus and fictional characters, religious leaders or influencers. I always saw it as a way of outsourcing your morality.


Staying distracted and always being busy. Never just being alone with ourselves.


As a depressed person, staying distracted is the only thing saving my life right now.


Idk I've met me and that guy sucks


People obses over virtual numbers like snapchat streak or likes on instagram photos


I'm older, so in my 20s I was on a message board. Got pretty into it and on a trip overseas met a bunch of people from that message board, that aspect was great. But it got to a point where you could upvote comments and see what other members upvoted or downvoted you and sometimes they would leave you messages. I guess like Reddit, but you were more familiar with specific people. I realized I was often thinking about the updates, worrying about the downvotes and thinking about comments and posts these relative strangers made. It was taking up a lot of brain space and I was allowing myself to get sucked in. So I left. This was the early 2000s and just before social media took off. I can't deal with social media such as Fb, Instagram, etc because of those early experiences with those message boards. Reddit is big enough to not be as personal for me.


Professional Sports. Hey, I love my own teams, but if you are rioting following a victory or loss by your team, then it is time to seek counseling.


The worst is fans of opposing teams fighting each other at games. It's fucking pathetic. You can seriously get online and watch countless videos of two people fighting over schools that neither of them ever attended. Like, chill people, it's just a fucking game.






Status symbols. Now people are spending hundreds of dollars too look like Disney characters walking around in those big red dumb rubber boots.


>Status symbols. I thought this would be about how people think they'll be respected more if they have *a real Apple iPhone* instead of some off-brand smartphone, or if they're seen drinking *the real Coca Cola* instead of an off-brand coke. I think this ones unhealthy, too.


What boots?


[The Astro Boy ones](https://www.mercari.com/us/item/m61850925491/)


Lmao when tf did this start


Literally like last week




Alcohol, seems especially prevalent with wine.


Or craft beers. It's to the point where people are a bit over the top with it. I love a good craft beer. But, damn. It's not a lifestyle. It's not a personality trait. I'm not a beerded (hahaha) guy drinking a few beers each night. I'm just a dude enjoying an alcoholic beverage. And it's not healthy at that point, either. I'm switching to Friday and Saturday only, and only if I'm out or with friends. Otherwise, I gotta get healthy. I've been drinking water, but I go through it so fast. 5 gallons in less than a week...


Bro I work in that scene and people build entire social media accounts dedicated to posing with craft beers, aspiring to be influencers in that space. Like, we get it, you drink a lot. It's not the badge of honor you think it is.


judging by this thread: inserting another comment of "celebrities" instead of just upvoting the original.


Social media




cocaine and ketamine these days it seems.


I don’t know, but I just got a mocha frappe from McDonalds and I’m pretty sure my new obsession with iced coffee is unhealthy. Tastes way too good to be acceptable.