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I knew a guy once whose only sexual desire was in fantasizing that he was a washing machine, cleaning dirty clothes. Not specifically women’s clothes, or lingerie, or anything even remotely sexual. Just a washing machine. He described that the main appeal was the gyration. Since it’s nearly impossible to simulate in reality, he would write stories about it and talked with others about it to get off. Remains the weirdest fetish I’ve ever heard.


That guy did it. He ascended beyond the human understanding.


Eyeball licking


Take it from me , do NOT let anyone lick your eyeball ever!! The human mouth and tongue are absolutely filthy and riddled with bacteria your eyeball does not like. A guy wanted to lick my eyeball. I typically go by the “if it doesn’t hurt me or involve poop and you like it, sure I’ll try” ideology. So I let him…only to get the most severe and disgusting eye infection. My doctor prescribed antibiotic drops but they didn’t even touch the infection. I went back and she’s like, “Do you know if you were touching anything and then your eye? How might you have gotten this?” Most embarrassing medical moment of my life explaining what happened. Then she’s like “Oh no, we need to treat this with very strong multi spectrum antibiotics asap or you could go blind.” 10/10 do not recommend.


The mouth and poop shoot r actually one pipe connected


If someone ever tries touching my bare eyeballs they'll get a nice punch in their face


What if they try touching your scantily clad eyeballs instead?


What if the eyeballs were fully clothed?


Prob necrophilia. Whoever is into that is fcked up.


Yeah dead right


Dead ass bro


There is a certain Jimmy saville who was into that


He was into a lot of BIG NO NOs


Bug chasers


Can you elaborate? I don't know what this is and am not sure I want to Google it...


People that purposely try to get STIs


What. The. Actual. Fuck.


gets worse. some of them get off to lying about being clean, sleeping with people, and spreading as many STIs as they can


And that, everyone, is what a bio-terrorist is. People who intentionally spread diseases like this should be locked up for the rest of their lives


This happened 15-20 years ago in the Netherlands. 3 Gay men hosted sex parties. Apparently they were bug chasers and all contracted hiv. They then started drugging others at the sex parties, then raping them unprotected and *injecting* them with hiv infected blood. One of the guys claimed he wasn't aware of the other two injecting the blood. The two guys were sentenced to 8 and 5 years in prison, the third guy got 8 months. The first two got higher sentences in the court of appeal (12 and 9 years), but according to the Dutch Supreme Court it could not be proven that the victims got hiv from these men (or from someone else). I guess they have been released by now.


There was a serial rapist in my city who did this. He knew he had HIV and targeted women in broad daylight. So scary that people could fetishize this.


People who actively seek to get (and sometimes spread) STIs. Or more broadly people who find the idea of doing that sort of thing arousing.


Very first answer I read and I already need to exit the thread. Good bye everyone I’ll remember you all in therapy!


I personally find prolapse very gross and uncomfy Edit: I meant unfomfy to look like. I cannot speak on what it actually feels like


I don't get it, those people (porn girls most of the time) usually have it for work reasons, but how do they live like that really? Do they run to the toilet every time some poop gathers in their rectum, can they hold it and for how long? When do they decide to correct it? I have so many questions about them.


I read on here once that they have prolapse nurses on set to put it back in when that happens. Then it's probably back to business as usual.


"Yeah i've been an ass-resetter for about 10 years now".


Everyone makes fun of them until you need one...


Nurse here who used to work in an ER. Fun fact: one of the ways that a prolapse can possibly be put back is by pouring sugar on it. Kind of like how pouring salt on a slug shrinks them up til they die. And that’s the story of how I ended up going around the hospital hunting down little packets of sugar and emptying them into a paper coffee cup to give to one of the surgical residents


So that's what that Def Leppard song was about 🤔


>Pour some sugar on me Ooh, in the name of love What says love more than fixing someone's asshole?


The Name of Love is just what he called his asshole


That's what we do with cows too. I'm a farm vet and always ask the farmer to grab a bag of granular sugar while I drive to the stable. I empty half a bag over the uterus prolapse and you can almost instantly see the fluids start to drip off. Rinse it clean with water and start gently pushing it back in. Super hard work since a cow uterus straight after calving is extremely heavy and huge, but the sugar helps. If she's huge and my arm isn't long enough, I'll use a clean cola bottle to extent my arm and make sure the uterus is properly "folded out" inside her. Good old trick, that sugar.


Why didn't I just go to bed before reading this thread?


Anything getting shoved up the urethra. I thought before “oh well it probably feels good to people etc etc” then I started intermittent cathing and no fucking thanks lol. Edit: Wowee! Thanks for all the likes y’all! What a great cake day present! All this karma for a peehole post and I’m here for it!


It's called urethral sounding. They even make e shock rods for it.


Estim itself is interesting. Obv. You don't need to crank it up to muscle-stimulator levels, and the units designed for sex play are more sophisticated than a TENS style therapeutic model. The frequency of current makes a huge difference in how nerves perceive it as sensation.


I heard from a friend about people who have fetishes for nose bleeds… I never understood why


I get horrible nose bleeds all the time in winter. I was sitting here thinking i was very unsexy. Where are these people. I wonder if they'll buy pics of my nose bleeds.


Same. The dryness cracks the skin and i guess i have arteries very near the surface.


We should start a business together. Like onlyfans only for bloody nose content.


In Japan, there’s sort of folklore about nosebleeds indicating horniness. As a result, this has crept into anime and characters will get nosebleeds when they are turned on. I suspect this has now led to weebs getting turned on by nosebleeds themselves.


… well not the craziest thing I’ve heard that also makes sense


Shoving things in your peehole. I'm dreading having to get a catheter at some point in my life, and here people are getting their rocks off with it. Edit: These replies don't have me feeling any better about the whole catheter thing. I'm legit scared now.


I recently came out of a surgery where they gave me that present. It actually wasn’t bad. I couldn’t feel it during recovery for the most part. It was scary when it was time for removal. The nurse said, “Now, I can’t say this isn’t gonna hurt. Ready? On three!” I bit my finger and was expecting to pass out from the pain. But it didn’t hurt at all. Totally anticlimactic.


You are quite lucky. I thought my spleen was being yanked through my urethra. I went from semi-conscious to incredible pain in my no no place. Dude pulled that thing out like he was starting a lawnmower. Then I wondered why I was in the hospital.


So, he treated you like a beyblade huh....


Beyblade beyblade let it rip


*Accidentally rips out pp*


The trick is to empty the balloon before extraction


ive been a CNA for 7 years and have witnessed men AND women rip those balloons out not even concerned about what it was, then freak out at the blood. not the pain. they usually had alzheimers


>Dude pulled that thing out like he was starting a lawnmower. When Little Timmy's doctor said, "It's time for you to go." He pulled the covers from his bed, And pointed down below. "But first, my plucky lad," he spoke, "We need to take away - The thing beneath we had to poke Inside you yesterday! "We sent a happy little scout To somewhere deep inside - But now it's time to *rip him out.*" And Timmy fucking died.


Timmy really can't catch a break


Hehe, the Timmy fucking died part always gets me. Anyways, 29 minutes, I think it's a new record!


Having it put in while conscious is much worse than it coming out. A buddy got to experience that. I've only experienced it coming out a few times.


I had that happen recently. I had to take a piss test before colon surgery and I was so dehydrated from the bowel prep before surgery that they had to put a catheter in to get urine out. Then they took it out again. It was torture! The nurses all apologized to me because of how awful it was.


Had a female catheter a few times. Always painful.


Very glad that I had an epidural when I had mine in and out. Definitely felt super strange to have something open that should be shut, but then my OB stuck both her arms inside my body to rotate my child, so in the grand scheme of things it didn’t seem such a big deal


I used to work with a guy who claimed his girlfriend would put Skittles in his pee hole and eat them out. He passed away from opiates. I’m not sure if those two things are connected, and unfortunately I cannot ask him.


I've had a 6" sterile swab jammed up there and while it was uncomfortable because of how cold it was, it was a lot easier than people say. Especially if you're erect. Not sure how it's a kink though. Playing a very dangerous game if you ask me.


How in gods name were you erect?


To elaborate they left me in a room by myself until I said I'm ready. They straight up told me it would help if I firmly gripped at the base of my scrotum and the top of my shaft to stop blood from flowing away until they got to me, and then you relax. And I promise it really is not as bad as it sounds it was just such an awkward experience beating my meat in room where people for sure knew I was doing it lol.


>it was just such an awkward experience beating my meat in room where people for sure knew I was doing it Bold of you to assume that was the first time everyone knew for sure.


My sister used to throw my door open and jump into my room, shouting "Hah! Caught you masturbating!" A couple of times, she was right.


And then what happened




Boy do I have a subreddit for you


The smart ones use sterile rods that can slip in and out without hassle. And stuff that doesn't break like glass for obvious reasons. Some people figure if it feels when stuff comes out, why wouldn't it feel good going in?


Seems like a sound approach


That was terrible. Take my upvote.


Scat, and getting your balls trampled. Just why ?!?!


My friend is a masochist that likes the second thing you mentioned, lemme ask him real quick. Edit: basically for a masochist it's the most painful thing that can happen.


In my medical field work I met a gentleman who has a plastic lawn chair with an approximately 6" hole in the bottom up on milk crates so his lady friend could pitch darts at his testicles. Gangrene however took the high score.


lol, what?


Yes it's real. His lady friend liked to abuse him. He ended up loosing his equipment as he was diabetic and developed a gangrenous infection. He passed away like a year later.


Damn, next time I'm feeling sorry for myself I'll just remind myself. At least my balls haven't been hit multiple times with darts, gotten gangrene and died.


Put that shit on a motivational poster... in a doctor's office


Pic of cat: "hang in there" Pic of Gangrenous testicles "At least you haven't had darts thrown at your balls and developed gangrene and died."


You could still put hang in there under the gangrenous testicles


Skeedidly de dap bap pop a ma balls do wap


turned into mario mid scat


I do remember seeing a porn blooper years ago where this girl was peeing on this guy in a bath tub. She had heels on and was standing on the edge of the tub. She slipped and fell directly on his balls. Edit: blooper might not be the best word, as that usually implies humor. Outtake maybe? Also, I see a few people mention she cracks a soap dispenser. That's probably the video I'm thinking of.


I've never thought of porn bloopers before. I didn't know they were a thing. New fetish here I come.


My first porn blooper experience was a woman I went to college with showing me a loop of another woman giving a bj, going too deep and then puking all over the dude she was sucking. Just over and over two sucks, too far, gag, gag again, puke. As someone who has a phobia of puke it was horrifying


Vomit, the whole thing I think is sic


Here comes the pain!




Chrushing animals with high heels, it's just another level of animal cruelty


that is a straight up crime


ok this is def the worst one. poor animals. thankfully never seen this one.


This is news to me. Pretty fucked up some people hurt animals to bust a nut


Thats just a crime and animal abuse.




Is this a real thing that exists? I ain't googlin it and I ain't clicking a link to it. I'm just going to have to trust the people of reddit.


Sadly yes. I've accidentally seen it and I was sickened.




Every time this gets reposted, I check to make sure I'm not the new degenerate on the block.


It could also mean that yours is so dark and disgusting that most people can't believe it's a real thing and don't mention it because of that


Anything involving bugs. Or arachnids. Anything not human really.


Hang on, bugs and spiders are A THING??? As an Australian is there any way I can monetise this shit??


I once had a tinder date ask me to step on a live mouse (that he brought in a box) barefoot - couldn’t run out of there fast enough


Shut up. They didn't talk about it first and no warning or anything? That's absolutely insane. How did they bring it up. Was it "I know this is kind of weird" or what?!


I kid you not ! He was like, god status - gorgeous, kind, smart, good job, nice apartment. On the couch making out, pants about to come off stage and BAMB I gotta mouse and a question for you


"so did you ever really root for the cat in tom and jerry ?"


Jerry was an asshole, tbh.


At least you solved the mystery of why someone like him is single!


Might have solved the mystery of who's the potential serial killer looking for a partner too.


Yes but did you grab* the mouse or did it eventually get stepped on by a woman with lesser standards??? *Edit: as in to save it?


I've got moral issues by smashing it with a broom... Seriously, what the hell was the guy thinking?


Now I'm wondering... is it about watching a mouse get killed, or making someone do something they are morally squeamish with? I can see that being a real psycho power trip.


I could see Dennis Reynolds pulling something like that.


Have you seen those girls being contacted off this sub (I think) via DMs to get paid like 500 dollars to step on bugs? 🤢 apparently after that it’s a pipeline to mice/gerbils, to kittens and such. It’s deplorable that people would bring an innocent life form into their kink.


That’s a serial killer in the making, or he already did it, but covering his tracks well enough


Not sure if this was someone else's answer but I would say a crushing fetish. Who seriously looks at a kitten being stomped to death and thinks "Awooga, I'm horny now"? Edit: Why is this comment so big?


Bruh what. I didn't know that was a thing. That cant be a fetish, thats just a horrible person.


Unfortunately it is a real thing


A lot of these are innocuous and harmless kinks. Let me give you a bad one: bug chasing. The fetish for intentionally getting STDs.


I learned about this from an older thread like this one. The person linked to an interview with a guy who was a bug chaser. He regularly attended gay orgies where they had unprotected sex with the knowledge that at least some of the participants were HIV positive. It was his biggest thrill until he eventually caught it and then the urge just faded. His logic was that HIV medicine had come so far that catching it wasn’t a death sentence anymore. Unfortunately I can’t find a link to the interview.




Read a novel for a college class once written in the 1800s about this fetish. It was very dark and nonconsensual don’t recommend


Blood and cutting/carving are odd to me. I don’t get the appeal


Had a brief fling with a girl I suspect had a blood fetish. She would bite, scratch and just generally maul me as if she was a wild animal. She was very unsuspecting. She was the petite, cute and mousy type. I even went back for seconds thinking maybe I’d exaggerated things in my mind. After a session I stepped into the bathroom and noticed my body and face covered in scratches, teeth marks, scrapes and bruises and decided this just wasn’t for me. I found her really attractive and we shared a lot of interest. But getting my ass kicked every time we fucked was a bit much. This was a little beyond rough and we didn’t even have a safe word. We ended up going our separate ways. Still got her on social media. Her nickname and certain post she makes hint that her violence fetish is still very much a thing and she’s found some like-minded people over the years. Good for her. Good for me too. Yikes.


I lost feeling on the side of my face from a girl biting my neck to hard. I liked biting up until that point. We were getting intimate and she was biting me and then all of a sudden it felt like my neck and side of my face was struck by lightning. Then no feeling.




Yeah it is like the section around my ear, part of my cheek, and almost half of my top of the head.


Maybe see a neurologist?


I had a fling with a girl in my 20s that would _shred_ my back. She had these long nails and would dig them in. There’s a very thin line between feeling good and “holy shit, that took a few layers off my skin”. The next day it would always feel like I had a sunburn or something back there because it was just constant pain. The scratching did nothing for me sexually, but the sex itself was too good to pass up. Eventually, we just went separate ways.


Anything with poop or pee


Those are high up there on the fetish list for a lot of people. Number 1 and number 2 if im not mistaken


Or vomit


I'll take piss over vomit any day. If you're moderately hydrated, piss is just odd-smelling water. Gross but I'll live. I can't imagine taking someone out for a nice dinner only for them to regurgitate a three-course meal onto the bed at the end of the night.


I have a friend who’s really into both, and her logic is: ‘you know when you find someone so attractive or you’re so in love with them that you want to be a part of them, and you want to touch their soul… it’s kinda like that’. Kind of understand but don’t understand how taking a dump on someone shows love, to most that would show disrespect.


I'm trying to understand the feeling of touching someone's soul via pee or poo. 🤔


you won't understand until urine to them.


With urine, yes. That's harmless (if you're healthy). All kinds of dangerous bacteria with feces.


This is true, the poop stuff is far more unsavoury.


Cervical penetration Edit: because some people don’t think it’s a thing, [https://strangecares.com/what-does-cervix-play-feel-like/](https://strangecares.com/what-does-cervix-play-feel-like/)


Omg, I just cringed reading this… How could anyone be into that 😬


Omgsh just getting my IUD was awful!


I have no idea, but I know that’s a hefty no thank you for me. That should only ever be a one way orifice.


Watching people crush insects/small animals. Just get locked up you fuckin freak


Zoosadism in general. Fucking a dog never ever crossed my mind. Fucking one while torturing, that's evil af


1. Kids 2. Scat 3. Torture


Fisting, I tried it once and my dick hurt so much afterwards


You fisted the wrong hole


I did?!? Which hole is the right one? My anus?


The one that doesn't hurt your dick. Your anus, her anus, his anus, take a pick


Mate no disrespect to anyone but locking my dick in cage and having people trample my balls has never appealed to me and I can’t understand why it would either 😅


You DON'T like your balls trampled? Omg, you are a total sick freak!


this guy i know is into penguin porn


"This guy I know" aight


it's a guy in my class


He goes to a different school


Yeah you wouldn’t know him


probably from Canada, right?


Average Linux user


Yo what


Anyone else here just to see if their fetish made the cut? Lmfaooo


Mine are definitely discussed in this thread.


I'm just here trying to find something new to try.


Yeah, my foot fetish is getting old.






Man that’s fucking sad


Consensual pre-marital hand holding


Absolutely disgusting.


The confusion fetish. Like what's going on there? I really just don't get it? What do they get out of it, it makes no sense??? >!*Oh yeah that's the stuff*!<


I read a book about advanced chemistry and jizzed in my pants.


Scat. Urine play I can see, and could see doing. Shit? Never.


FinDom (financial domination).


I understand it if you're the one getting the money! Attn all findom fans: I will gladly findom you. Regularly venmo me your paycheck and I will insult you or something, idk.


*gets another $300 paycheck from one of his subs* Yay! I mean, you suck, loser, or something.


You forgot to call them a paypig. They love being called a paypig.




Just stopping by to check mine aren’t listed here.


The fetish of asking about others fetishes.


I’ve been had


Gouls and people's knees


I met an former escort. She told me about a guy who hated his dick. So, hed hire her and pay her to jerk him off with a special glove with grit on it (like a sand paper glove) then, as hes about to cum, look at him in his eyes and pour salt on his dick. With the goal to get the salt in the pee hole just before he cums. I didnt believe her at first cuz “why… and who?” (Why would u do this and who does this?!) but, i saw some sex talk show online a few months later of a guy who liked barbed wire on his dick. Twisted it and jerk it. Then salt the wounds. So, apparently 2 guys want this.


Beastiality. Who in their right mind would bang a horse, dog, whatever. So weird and gross.


Reminds me of the time I was playing red dead and stumbled into a barn that had a dead guy with no pants and a dead sheep wearing a bow


That thing where people is fat like a balloon about to explode. I need some explanation about that.


Inflation is rampant these days 😔


Gore fetish. Or any extremely sadistic fetishes for that matter. I like a little CBT myself but not too extreme, like medium at best.


Vore. I learned about it on one of these threads and what the actual fuck?


Exactly! My fiance is into vore and he wishes he was small enough to be swallowed whole. I guess I can understand it fantasy thinking wise, but not in a reality sense. Like, then I'd be alone?? Why would you want to leave?? My brain just doesn't seem to like it. But I guess I lucked out that he's not into bodily fluids.


As far as i can understand it, a person with this fetish has no death wish, just wants to be inside of a body. I assume after being swallowed, they could also be expelled from that body afterwards. I'm just guessing here..


There are two kinds, some people wanna simply be inside (like a wet, fullbody hug), and some people want to be completely absorbed into their partner. I can at least understand the first category


It can have two angles to it. 1. It's a domination thing. Giving yourself up entirely to someone else willingly or unwillingly, becoming theirs, and integrate with them. (Fatal vore) 2. It's a cuddly thing. It's the closest you can get to a person. The ultimate hug. You can hear their heart beat, their breathing, and feel their every movement. You are warm and safe inside them. Like a trust fall. (Safe vore) It makes the porn very hard to browse if you only happen to like the latter angle. I think most of us would probably avoid taking an acid bath irl, but if I could have guaranteed safety I'd do it.


not into it at all, but how the hell did you manage to make this sound romantic? you took the prospect of **getting eaten** and made it sound like 1. the end to a dark fantasy romance novel and 2. like the perfect way to spend your honeymoon.


Farting. Not judging what gets your willy silly, but I just don't get it.


Dacryphilia. I just don't understand how you can see someone cry and think to yourself "Damn that'd pretty hot"


I have a massive pleasure giving fetish, like getting other people off really gets me off. A girl started crying once after she came, I went full on "ohmygodareyouok?didihurtyou?areyoualright?" Panic mode, And she replied "I'm very good, that orgasm was just so intense I started crying". I dunno what it was but I got that little *bing* 'kink unlocked' in my brain and I've been chasing it ever since. It's not the crying thats hot, it's the getting someone off so hard they cry thats hot


That’s happened to me once. Pure bliss. Proud of you brother


Hey it's me a woman who sometimes cries after an intense orgasm.


I got Pavlov’d into this. When I was a teenager my girl and I would fight, she’d cry, and we’d have make up sex. I started getting erections when she cried Edit: was not expecting my most upvoted comment to be about weirdly timed boners.


"My mom died ;_;" "That's so fucking hot"


Do you still get erections when people cry? Was it just her in particular that excited you?


Gonna preface this by saying I’m not into it so I might be off. I can kind of imagine it being like a protector instinct thing tho. Like when someone cries because of something and wants to hold on to you because you comfort them and that then leads to sex…I can see the appeal. But that’s less of a crying fetish thing and more of a “I feel reaffirmed in my position as someone who gives my partner comfort” thing


Shitting on people or getting shat on. Just gross. Poop is not sexy.