100% believed Joe Jackson drugged Michael Jackson with puberty blockers to prolong his career


Yeah something is going on there for sure


Hoe Jackson absolutely was the type of person to do that. I've said it before and I'll say it again, JJ was a scumbag and I'm not even a little bit sorry he's dead.


I'm just now realizing I said "Hoe" instead of "Joe" and I'm not changing it.


I saw that and assumed you were being sarcastic. (I.e. Joe Jackson was a whore because he lived off the money made by exploiting his family)


Hence why I'm not changing it. He absolutely whored out his family and was a fucking leech and abusive piece of shit.


The only good thing about him was his family.


I love it when I read someone I have never heard anything from even once say, "I've said it before and I'll say it again" and I totally believe they have indeed said it before, and very likely will say it again.




A more plausible one (but still rather silly) is lip balm ingredients like phenol, menthol and salicylic acid actually making your lips ***drier,*** thus encouraging you to use more lip balm.


totally believe this! I have a friend that started using chapstick and was never able to stop using it....her lips were perpetually dry lol


I had a cold sore I put Carmex on it. Idk if it helped but it did make my cold sore shiny and more noticeable!! (RIP Mitch)


Cold sore highlighter


As a youngster I would tell people no when offered chapstick. I told them it dried my lips out and they would always look at me like a confused puppies. Chapstick makes things worse. I assumed it was due to me licking my lips more because wax crap was on them. Now I see why.


I think ur right. What I do thinks helps a ton is Vaseline / Petroleum Jelly.


We use Vaseline religiously for our lips in our house. We live in the Midwest where the winter is brutal on lips and skin and it works wonders.


I am fairly certain nasal spray is the same. A friend of mine used nasal spray for a while, and every time he stopped using it, his sinuses would dry out to the point of being raw. So he would need to start using it again.


Yes, this is a real issue not a conspiracy theory at all. On the package they tell you to limit the use.


Tell your friend to go cold turkey on ONE nostril only. Then when that nostril is functioning normally go cold turkey on the other. Makes the weaning experience 100 times easier


It's even easier than that. He just needs to use Flonase / fluticasone propionate spray a few hours before the Afrin starts to wear off.


"Rebound Effect" is a side effect of oxymetazoline; brand nanes: https://www.mayoclinic.org/drugs-supplements/oxymetazoline-nasal-route/description/drg-20067830 The drug is a vasoconstricant, so when it wears off the tissues are starved for ̶o̶ ̶r̶ ̶i̶ ̶g̶ ̶i̶ ̶n̶ ̶a̶ ̶t̶ ̶e̶ ̶d̶ oxygenated blood, so they become engorged (like a male erection). If you respond to the resulting constriction of the airways with another dose of oxymetazoline, you get caught up in a rebound cycle. Other drugs have rebound effects. Proton pump inhibitors (PPI, eg. Prilosec). The body seeks to restore a situation against the effect of a drug. When the drug is removed, the symptom(s) are increased.


A good chunk of AskReddit threads is from YouTubers and podcasters out there farming Reddit for content.


I have seen a surprising amout of askreddit threads on Instagram Reels and Tiktok, too


>Instagram Reels and Tiktok, too With the accompanying subway surfers or Minecraft parkour gameplay.




"I slept with my father-in-law at my wedding, my wife is pissed, AITA?"


I love the idea of Disney making Frozen so that when people search “Disney Frozen” they’ll see the movie instead of the theory Walt Disneys head was frozen and hidden somewhere in Disney land.


All I ever heard was he was put to cryosleep until some way is found to prolong his life


I am limited by the technology of my era...


At the very least, I feel a better title might have been proposed, but this one served a convenient double purpose…




Ugly Sonic was a planned marketing move


Yeah I believe this. They knew Ugly Sonic version one was going to get meme’d to hell by the internet. It was free marketing and hype.


I'd say it's a possibility, but it's one that could backfire hard though. It could have convinced people that they didn't want to see it, regardless of them "fixing" it. If they 'miraculously' fix Chris Pratt's Mario voice, I'm all in on this one though.


[I am convinced that Diana Ross and Smokey Robinson are Michael Jackson's actual parents.](https://www.reddit.com/r/anamericanscheme) (All credit to YouTube channel An American Scheme) That's why he was the talent in the Jackson family and why there were rumors that he was Evan Ross's father (they both look like Diana). Smokey would've been 18 and Diana 14 years old when Michael was born so Berry Gordy arranged to have the kid given to his old boxing buddy and fellow musician from Chicago, Joe Jackson, who he would fund leading to the formation of the Jackson 5. Joe had a big family where Michael would get everything he needs while training him to be an entertainer and Motown could protect their image by taking the child out of the picture. It turns out the kid is a talent and as we all know the Jackson 5 make it to Motown, but even before that there were several documented instances of Diana Ross in Gary, Indiana such as at the school talent show where the Jackson 5 performed. She has said multiple times on live television that Michael is her baby/child, says she's doing it all for him, and joked about him playing her son in a future movie. She has also said publically she was in love with Smokey Robinson growing up, living on the same street as him in Detroit, which is odd because he had a girlfriend during that time who he later married. Diana also changed high schools around the time Michael was conceived (when she would have gotten pregnant). She was going to Cass-Tech to study home economics and Smokey also enrolled in an engineering college around this time, because they were soon to be parents and Motown hadn't broke big yet. A decade later the Jackson 5 auditioned for Motown in Detroit, then did a second performance at a Motown get-together at Berry's house, and Michael has stated that at that point Diana told them she wanted to take special interest in their career. There's a movie called Double Platinum which stars Diana Ross and is about how she gave up her kid for her career and later reveals to the kid she's her mother when she sees that the kid has talent, then goes on to help her with her career which would parallel the real life story with Michael. Her daughter in the movie also wears a dress while performing that has the same sparkling blue design as the shirt Michael wore during his performance of Billie Jean at Motown 25, when he did the famous moonwalk and spin, and Diana wore an identical shirt when she performed with Michael throughout the 80's. It's written by Michael in his autobiography Moonwalk that he and the Jacksons lived with Diana Ross in Hollywood Hills when the Jackson 5 first signed to Motown and moved to LA, and her and Michael used to go out almost every day, just the two of them. This would have been when Diana Ross revealed to Michael she's his mom, he would've been about 10 years old and that's why he became quiet and shy from then on. (This wouldn't be her only time doing this, when she had a daughter with Berry Gordy she didn't tell her who her father was until she was 13.) Smokey Robinson also stated when he was leaving the Larry King interview shortly after Michael passed away that one of his fondest memories of Michael was when he used to go golfing at around 10 or 11 years old with him and Bobby Taylor, who is said to have discovered the Jackson 5 even though their first album at Motown was presented by Diana Ross. This was also what Michael meant in the song Billie Jean when "this happened much too soon, she called me to her room". Diana was the one who said "I am the one, but the kid is not my son". She meant I am your mother but you're not my son, you're a Jackson now. Diana Ross is Billie Jean (Diana plays althe singer Billie Holiday in 'Lady Sings the Blues' which came out a few years before 'The Wiz' with MJ). This is also what the song Dirty Diana is about, it's about Diana Ross the groupie who seduces Smokey Robinson, who she grew up on the same street as, conceiving Michael. Then there's the song Who Is It which is about a mystery person who abandoned Michael, and in the music video he holds a card that says 'Diana'. The song Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' also talks about how "if you can't feed your baby, then don't have a baby" and again refers to the mystery Billie Jean character. He references Ain't No Mountain High Enough in the song Leave Me Alone and says "Don't you come walkin' beggin' back, mama". He also references Ain't No Mountain High Enough in the songs Baby Be Mine, Speechless, and Keep The Faith. This is all also why you see a weird sexual dynamic between Michael Jackson and Diana Ross but you will never actually see a picture or video of them making out. Recently a video surfaced of Diana Ross singing You Are Not Alone to Katherine Jackson; just like how she probably used to sing Ain't No Mountain High Enough to Michael when he was living with her. This is seen in the aforementioned movie Double Platinum as well, Diana sings her lost daughter to sleep with a famous song. And in TMZ's video "The Last Time We Saw Joe Jackson" an old senile Joe says "I raised Michael, he's my son and Quincy Jones knows better. I don't talk about it, no way." He's defending the supposed fact that Michael is his son for a seemingly unknown reason, and even in past interviews he always emphasized "he's a JACKSON". During the week following Michael's untimely death, Joe when interviewed said he was doing great and the family was doing "pretty well" as he took the opportunity to promote his new record label, meanwhile Smokey Robinson went on the Larry King show and did an interview about what an amazing artist Michael Jackson was. <<>


This theory explains why Michael not only [looks like Diana Ross](http://imgur.com/gallery/uBQB2DO) and has the [same features](http://imgur.com/a/HDLEza5) and [eyes as her](https://youtu.be/lwDF66GUerA), but also explains why his [facial structure looks like Smokey's](http://imgur.com/gallery/IlxojfH) & [their profiles and ears are completely identical,](http://imgur.com/gallery/Rn6Vfhd) and why he was a musical prodigy who had the stage presence and songwriting abilities of his real parents (Diana, Smokey & Michael are the only three musicians besides the Beatles who have two stars each on the Hollywood Walk of Fame - one for being a member of their original groups and one to celebrate their success as a solo artist), as well as having a very soft voice which both Smokey and Diana (and Evan Ross!) have in common. [Here](http://imgur.com/gallery/6lAYMTB) you can see how much different his eyes looked from his brothers and how much they look like Ross eyes. Now you can see why his personality developed the way it did. It's why he acted like an orphan and called himself Peter Pan and built Neverland to help disadvantaged kids, why he isolated himself from his family and could never manage to have a normal relationship with women. It absolutely explains why he had such a severe identity crisis, and why he said he had no childhood since they were working him from the ripe age of 5 when he first showed the talent. And it explains why Diana Ross is second to Katherine Jackson in his will regarding who would take care of his children, and why Joe Jackson has been known to dislike Diana Ross. At Michael Jackson's public memorial the first person that comes out is Smokey Robinson reading a letter from Diana Ross, who writes that she's mourning so hard that she cannot attend the memorial and that Michael was "part of the fabric of her life". When Smokey speaks about MJ later he calls him his little brother, which would imply blood relative. In the movie Hitsville USA: The Making of Motown, Berry Gordy jokes with Smokey about how some of the babies that the groupies were having were Smokey's and that when he first saw the Jackson 5 perform Who's Lovin' You, Michael reminded him of a little Smokey. Also, the movie An American Dream was about the Jackson 5 and would've been propaganda to reinforce the coverup story. So, it wasn't that Michael was ever trying to look like Diana Ross like people thought, he was actually displaying features and mannerisms that he INHERITED from her. Pay attention to one of the clips below where she said he has the same features, skin tone, and bone structure as her. Now you might say well Janet looks a lot like MJ, but growing up in his shadow she adopted many of his mannerisms and used makeup and plastic surgery to replicate his appearance (like Latoya did) but their vanity was merely deception. Joe and Berry branded and marketed the Jacksons a certain way to make Michael seem related, such as with the matching outfits and afros, but if you look at their features it's clear the only similarity to Michael is the way they smile (a learned trait) and their facial expressions (a phenomenon known as attunement) Michael has much more defined features and is rail thin like Diana Ross, and his [nose](https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/91I3uFPrCPL._AC_SY445_.jpg) and [chin](http://imgur.com/gallery/2LZ4DiF) match Smokey's. Now it's clear why Joe told him he had a fat nose and singled him out so much with the abuse. [Michael Jackson does a photoshoot with Katherine, Joe, Diana, and Smokey](https://imgur.com/gallery/paJffQB) [Diana Ross calls Michael Jackson her child, says she's doing it all for him](https://youtu.be/7Q0wST2bdX8) (skip to 15:56) [Diana Ross jokes about Michael Jackson playing her son in a movie](https://youtu.be/FR9RZ74W4-U) (notice how the intro downplays her role in starting his career, this is an important part of the coverup) [Diana Ross confesses her relationship with Smokey Robinson, which would have been when Michael was conceived and when Smokey was dating Claudette](https://youtu.be/y4CskzRdu1g) (skip to 8:40) [Diana Ross jokes about her and Michael Jackson having the same facial features and bone structure, "he could be part of my family"](https://youtu.be/jl6tWjt4k6k) [Diana Ross calls Michael Jackson her baby](https://youtu.be/jImFqAwYV7o) [Smokey Robinson recounts how Michael Jackson used to go golfing with him and Bobby Taylor as a kid](https://youtu.be/fC3GSlGU8yA) [Evan Ross says Michael Jackson was like a brother to him and that Diana was a mother figure to Michael](https://youtu.be/pz7CyE_arI0) [Joe Jackson, out of context, defends the fact that Michael is his son when confronted by paparazzi](https://youtu.be/lXjVWUF2VBM) (This video has been removed by TMZ, but you can find it [here](https://youtu.be/3_6HtGpiaho) at 17:30) [Smokey Robinson reads Diana Ross's letter at the beginning of Michael Jackson's memorial](https://youtu.be/tylsIvGK6cg) This theory is from a YouTube channel called [An American Scheme](https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLyrVF7iUNgd-U15IfdHHDuoLYOpxPg6Pg). I also created a subreddit with further information on the topic called r/AnAmericanScheme.


Can I share this on the conspiracies page on Reddit ? This is pretty wild


Great post and very interesting ! However how would you explain Janet Jackson looking just like Michael??


There are breeding populations of cougars in the US East of the Missouri River. The US Fish and Wildlife Service has maintained that the population went extinct in 2011 and that all cougar sightings since that point have simply been individual vagrants that have wandered hundreds of miles East of their breeding grounds.


I’ll see that and raise you: there are living thylacines but not on Tasmania or the Australian mainland, they are in New Guinea.


I have read suggestins that possiblly taz. tigers were exported to other areas in aneffort to prevent their extintion. And that it might be the source of the chupacabra eightings. Ever see the dashcam video of the police car in texas? when that thing the cops were chasing turned its head, it had a jaw the size of a crocodile. Huge.


I, too, would love a link


Heard on the radio that Australia is working on de-extinction projects including bringing the Tasmanian Tiger back Supportive source: [BBC Article](https://www.bbc.com/news/world-australia-62568427.amp)


There has to be. My husband I saw one in the Shawnee forest near Pomona Winery (Illinois). We would bring it up to locals and too many people had photos and game camera footage for there not to be at least a small number of them.


I’ve heard that at least the state level the equivalent of the fish and wildlife service won’t acknowledge them bc then they’d have a shit ton of paperwork and be obligated to develop plans for the population.


That sounds like an incredibly plausible motive for why they’d not acknowledge it.


My dad thinks he saw one on his land in northeast Mississippi, also found some animal carcasses that appeared completely and cleanly eviscerated in a way atypical of normal kills you'd find in the area. Other hunters in the area have reported seeing them as well. There was also a video shot in Hernando that appeared to show one, source: https://www.clarionledger.com/story/news/2017/10/12/large-cat-caught-video-mississippi/758681001/


Central Arkansas here.. we had one jump into our goat pen and haul a goat out. Found the goat dead with its throat crushed after hearing our dog *lose his shit* and like 3 AM. Went outside with a gun, the dog (rott/lab mix, big strong dummy) was shivering and hiding under the porch. The other goat was dead in the pen, same crushed throat and bite marks on the back of the head. We think the goat in the pen was the second kill, dog spooked the cougar away but then the cougar realized the dog wasn't coming back and went for the other, then we went outside and spooked it the rest of the way. Found cougar scat in the area not long after. Also the dog ran away from home and went to live with our neighbors who have more dogs. He comes to visit in the daytime, but will spook and go back to the neighbors if it gets dark.


I hate to hear that about the dog, poor guy


Absolutely.. I always give him some extra loving for being brave and barking when he was super scared. Can't blame him for hanging out with his buddies down the hill, we know the family and they don't mind Smiley Jr adopted them.


That article quotes the Mississippi Dept of Fish and Wildlife claiming that it’s a housecat in the video. The conspiracy is very much alive.


I truly believe men's deodorant is made better than women's deodorant. I'm like 99% sure women's "clinical" super expensive deodorant is the same as men's regular deodorant. I've been using men's unscented deodorant for years and have had great results. I know the truth!


Not sure if this is true but as a lady myself I prefer to use Old Spice over Secret or anything that has aluminium. Edit: English is not my first language. What I meant was that I use Old Spice not only because it smells good but also to avoid using a product that has aluminum. So yeah, I prefer Old Spice over Secret. To each their own.


Not sure if this is true at all, but as a man I prefer to use Secret over any men's deodorant any day of the week. Found out a male friend of mine was using it about 30+ years ago and gave him the business something awful when I found out. Teased him endlessly until I tried it for myself. Been using "only" Secret my entire adult life now and I am in my 50's. "***Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman.***" Gosh were they correct! It doesn't stain T-Shirts from sweating like men's deodorants do. I don't stink like chemicals when I sweat. And it truly covers up any odors at all. It truly is the best deodorant I have ever used and wouldn't use anything else and I can sweat pretty good. Powder fresh is the bomb! And the best thing about it is when you first start dating someone, you can hold it up showing them your deodorant and say, "***Shh...Don't tell anyone about my secret.***" Makes the best joke line ever! I would encourage any man to give it a try.


I'm on to you Secret deodorant salesman... I'm on to you...


Heh, my husband considers women's deodorants better than men's.


I do as well. I will use my wife's deodorant and I feel it does a better job as an anti-perspirant, but if I use it more than one or two days in a row, it makes my armpit skin weird and sticky when I am showering.


Mattress stores are fronts for money laundering operations. Locations ridiculously over-saturating the market, never hiring, no advertising, sales, or customers, yet open day in and day out without fail. If not money laundering, then something else shady.


I’ve heard the statement “the best financially strategy is hiding your money in your mattress” maybe they just left out the last part: mattress store


there’s always money in the mattress stand


It's a mattress Michael. What could it cost? $10?


Mattress stores have massive mark ups. Same as jewellery or high end fashion. They don't need a lot of sales.


I talked to a mattress salesman once who told me that they only need to sell one bed a month to cover operational costs. The rest is a bonus.


There's lots of places like that really. If you only buy something once every ten years or so, they have to make the money somehow.


>then something else shady You don't wanna know the markups... I used to work sales for a big name mattress store and the "cost" was the actual cost plus the average commission payout, and that combined price is the "cost" we're told. Add an average of 30-45% profit margin and that's where most $1000-2500 mattresses sit. Anything higher is usually 40-60% range. So that $500 sale barely makes a dent in profits, and so many people don't realize you can haggle a bit too. Oh, and that "call to their manager" is just them calling a buddy at another store making it seem like they're working a deal but actually just trying to "build value" in their counter offer. If they don't counter, you could've gone lower. I've got tons of dirt on the tactics the company taught us at their training week. I got the highest commissions and sales % for 4 straight months but still continuously got shit on cause I refused to lie and swindle people which let me stay genuine and cut people deals right along the line that would keep me out of trouble with corporate. Didn't last forever though and eventually they deemed that I wasn't a good fit and I got laid off. Jokes on them though, they were in the news literally the same month I got laid off for the CEO getting ~~caught~~ accused for money laundering. I had a much needed laugh. Edit: accused of*


“You won’t believe their markups it’s a legit business” “The CEO got caught for money laundering.” 🤔🤔🤔


The markup on those mattresses is astronomical. If they sell 1 a week that’s enough to keep the lights on.


Can confirm; The Brick in Canada has a minimum 50% mark up, same with recliners, especially the power ones with all the functionality. Even after the "discounts" they offer. E.G. a 1200 bed sells for 4300 regularly but on "sale" it's 2300


Oh, I can guarantee they didn't purchase that bed for $1200 from the manufacturer.


Another big thing people aren't talking about is those mattress stores are also the warehouse. It's expensive to move mattresses so instead of having a warehouse that refills a small number of stores as they sell mattresses they have a large number of stores that basically warehouse mattresses until they sell. The second part is of course the markups are so high they can pay rent on a small number of sales.


Yeah but can't the sales still be tracked by the amount of mattresses sold? Wouldn't something like a laundromat (no pun intended) be better because there isn't any real way to PROVE you're fudging numbers? I'm just being genuinely inquisitive... I don't know anything about money laundering.


Buy wholesale mattress for $100. Advertise it as for sale for $2000. Sell it to a guy for $500 because it's on sale. Write down a $2000 retail sale of that mattress paid in cash. Put that guys $500 and $1500 of your dirty drug money in the bank as nice clean totally legit income. Or advertise free haul away of old mattresses, and just recycle the brand new mattresses claiming they are the hauled away old mattresses. Or just throw mattresses in the old quarry.


This guy launders.




It feels like all software is spying on you.


This is absolutely not a conspiracy. Especially with wifi doorbell cams; all the data get stored on servers by the company you bought it from, and the police can come and look at the data with a warrant if needed (in some instances that's not even needed. I read an article on it a while back) . IDK about CCTV


My parents called me handsome and smart. It was an attempt to lift my confidence.


Oh thats not true, your a big boy and the smartest guy i know 😁


That after Occupy Wall Street, the rich feared the new French Revolution and are now investing heavily in artificially inflating tensions (race, sexual orientation, trans, conservative vs progressive, etc) via the media. The peasants won’t overthrow the king if they’re fighting each other. Remember guys, the media is a tool to keep us divided. Its really about rich vs poor, not group A vs group B.


It’s not a conspiracy if it’s a true




I feel like I just got schooled by Yoda


That a local cold case has suspects that all have connections to politics and that the police, after decades, are still only looking for witnesses and not using genealogical dna search on the evidence because they’re afraid as to where it will lead.


What country?


Probably most


The reason why women's clothing still doesn't have pockets is to sustain the entire bags industry.


It's really because the cheap, thin fabrics cheap fashion uses will look terrible with pockets.


Which is fucking hilarious anyway because guys have pockets and there's an entire sub culture about finding the right Every Day Carry bag for us. It largely branches from vet/tacticool circles, but still. Could easily do the same for women, but noooooooo.


Wifey has 23 purses and shit, i got 2 backpacks, one for hiking and one for a laptop. Your math checks out.


That the CIA created Throwback Thursday so we'd digitize all our old photos and put them online for them to index.


95% of UFO sightings are classified military prototypes being tested. And in a similar vein, Area 51's alien theories were created and pushed into Hollywood to get everyone looking there... and not the true military testing facility somewhere else.


The meta conspiracy theory: the powers that be create and intentionally promote dumb false conspiracy theories to discredit people calling out actual conspiracies


The Danish government is trying to get rid of a nation holiday and it takes up quite a bit of coverage from the media. The economical benefits are minimal at best and expects say temporary. The whole idea is not well received obviously, and non of the parties in government are willing to admit that it's their idea. The conspiracy is that the whole thing is just a distraction, while they are trying to pass some other law that's even worse and the holiday thing is just to distract the population in the meantime. Given how badly this is communicated and defended I don't see it as anything but a cover up.


Odd question but what holiday?


It's a made up holiday to be honest. At some point in Danish history a number of minor holidays, celebrating various saints was all merged into a single day. You can think of it as taking a number of Catholic holidays and just replacing them with a single day in spring. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Store_Bededag


That women are being sold a lot more subpar & single use products than men. Companies want to push the "women like spending time & money on shopping" trope because it earns them mass increase in revenue, and a lot of women have been indoctrinated to make it part of their "culture". Even if they don't want to, the products marketed to them lasts for fuck all so they have to buy multiples of everything. Example: Don't sew usable pockets on women's pants so they feel pressured to buy handbags. Make the handbags stand out so that they fit with as few outfits as possible, creating a pressure to buy multiple bags. Their shoes fall apart all the time. Women also spend a lot more on razors than they need to. Last time I paid for razors was like 10 years ago and they still hold up.


What razors are you using that last that long? I use the ones that I just have to replace the heads themselves on, but curious about any longer lasting alternatives.


I've found that if you don't keep it in the shower or bathroom, and after each use, you dip the head in rubbing alcohol, they last longer. The rubbing alcohol dries up all the water hiding out in little nooks and crannies, which ends up dulling and rusting your blades. I also have a small ultrasonic cleaner that I purchased for jewelery, and I'll run the razor heads through that from time to time. It's amazing how much stubble gets stuck in those things. Edit: Changed a word.


I just use a straight razor with disposable blades. I don't know how much the pack of 100 blades cost when I bought it because that was years ago and I'm still not even 10% through it.


The pink tax is a conspiracy fact.


That dryers create a wormhole that occasionally sucks in one of a pair of socks.


Epstein didn’t kill himself


Probably a good bet since video cameras accidently malfunctioned at the time of his death. Yeah, that's normal.


That's a conspiracy? Figured it was fact by now.




OR they *do not know* what they are seeing and cannot admit that because it would be an admittance of loss of control of airspace.


I think this is more plausible. Can't admit to your own citizens and your enemies that there is shit flying over every major metropolitan area that we can barely track let alone combat.


Remember the line from Men In Black: A person is smart, people are stupid. Our species has proven this time and time again. Having lived through the uproar over the Mayan calendar ending in 2012 and the Y2K hysteria of 1999, I can assure you it’s an accurate statement.


One my dad believed that I always thought plausible was that Churchill knew about the Japanese attack on pearl harbour and didn’t warn the US so it would be brought into the war.


I'm sure over the years I've seen things to suggest the US themselves knew about the attacks (or should have known) and allowed them to happen to garner the necessary public support to enter the war. Don't ask me for source, but sure I've read the theory over the years.


I’m not much of a conspiracy theorist but I do think the government had something to do with Marilyn Monroe’s death because of her involvement with JFK.


They have people coming forward saying that the JFK assassination was organized and carried out by the CIA- so it would stand to reason that Marilyn and pretty much half the Kennedy family was also taken out by them. 🤷‍♀️ Definitely a lot of good reading recently on this topic out there!!


Justin Trudeau is the bastard child of Fidel Castro


Charles-Émile Trudeau - pink of nipple. Pierre Trudeau - pink of nipple. Justin Trudeau.... BROWN NIPPLED ????


Paparazzi are almost all paid by PR firms. Think about it: a really, really great shot of an A-list celebrity is going to get you… $300? And that’s likely just one in a crowd of paparazzi? Is that really enough to get dozens of photographers surrounding celebrities, staking out homes, etc for hours a day? No, I think there’s a good number of them are on salary with agents and PR firms to give the appearance of value. Source: Nothing, absolutely nothing. No evidence of this. I’m probably 100% wrong.




The Beckhams apparently would tip off certain favoured paparazzi about their appearances ahead of time, and split the fees 50/50 for the coveted snaps, some of which would run into many thousands of pounds/dollars. I don't think this was even disputed.


Princess Diana was killed intentionally


I believe that the government is using advanced technology to spy on citizens. This is based on reports of government agencies using facial recognition software, drones, and other surveillance tools to monitor people's activities. I believe this because it is a logical conclusion


Edward snowden already blew the lid on this bratha, its true


Duh and the technology we’re holding in our hands yes right now!


It doesn’t even take that much advanced technology. Ever read those terms and conditions for apps and websites? The small print for a lot of them says that they can either “sell” your data to third parties to use it for advertisements, etc Or turn it over to the government if they feel the need to. The government can just get your data from the business itself by asking nicely because its no longer “your data” it’s the “company’s data” which simply has your information on it.


My phone camera picks up on images in my daily life then sends me ads for it. Like I see a book faced out on the shelf & im texting as I walk over to it so my phone registers the image of what it is then bam! I get an ad for the exact book very soon after. It's happened multiple times with other items (specific food I'm eating, random items I already own etc etc) & I know there's a barcode theory but it has happened without the bar code too & without me talking about the item in question out loud (so it isn't my phone listening in).


The upper echelons of the Des Moines Iowa judicial system and police force knew exactly who took Johnny Gosch in the 1980s, and covered up his abuse and murder by either high paying customers or a governmental official (not necessarily from the USA) that had an immunity against kidnapping and child murder. They know where his body was disposed of and continue to keep silent on it.


What evidence is there of this? I know the story, but have never heard of this theory before


As an Iowan I would 100% believe that my state government would do this


I just finished listening to a good podcast on Tara Calico in NM. All evidence pointed to the sheriff's son but all that evidence disappeared from the case file and no one was ever charged. I absolutely believe that states and localities do this. A couple cases in Arkansas, too.


“There is a theory which states that if ever anyone discovers exactly what the Universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable. There is another theory which states that this has already happened.” I believe in the second theory.


weird because i have thought about this kind of thing, had no idea it was a known theory though. kind of just a shower thought i had, i have also wondered if when people just randomly drop dead, was it because they had a thought that turned out to be "the answer" to the universe? haha..


That’s a mind fuck , but why ?


The lines on your laundry detergent are higher than they need to be.


GoGurt is just yogurt


You fucking take that back!


It isn't even a theory at this point, but the inventors of any car that runs on something other than gas or electricity always mysteriously vanishes or perishes.


True. Every person that creates a water operated vehicle goes caput!! Except for one. The story is though, he had to agree to not give up any information on how he created it etc, or he’d be wiped out too.


All major tech advancements were well in use for years prior to commercial access. I remember hearing about drones and thinking I wonder how many years they've been doing this before they announced it. Whatever tech we have now the military has been using for decades.


GPS. very heavily documented on the history and it's use by the military long before its release to the public sector. Can't imagine life without it in todays terms.


It's horrible how we are able to use it now. If this didn't happen, we probably would not have it, or it would still be new to us. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Korean_Air_Lines_Flight_007


Well, most of that tech was developed specifically for military use in the first place, like GPS. Drones aren't anything special, as radio controlled aircraft have been around as long as there have been radio and aircraft (the British were flying drones in 1917).


I think that big tech is listening in on your conversations. Many people say that it would be too much data and it would drain your battery too much and people would notice. But with how much they are doing to track and monitor you, it's not that far of a leap. They also could be storing X amount of minutes of audio then uploading it in intervals instead of a constant stream.


I’ve heard stories of people saying they talked about something in front of a device and then getting ads later on for the specific thing.


I think that’s in our contracts


I was talking to my sister on discord about my granddaughter's guinea pig and later got ads on FB for pet supplies for guinea pigs.


Yes! Something like this happened to me last week. I saw a friend and she said she just started doing Weight Watchers. A couple of days later I was home and mentioned it to my boyfriend, we talked about it for a bit and now I keep getting ads for weight watchers. I've never mentioned it before then, it's not something that I've ever looked up or have any interest in. Could be a coincidence with weight loss being a common resolution in January so they want to advertise but still creepy.


That’s part of geolocation data advertising. Your phone knows where you are (and where other phones around you are) at all times. Even if you didn’t type weight watchers into your google search, your phone pinged next to your friend’s phone, who DID type in weight watchers. Since you’re friends, you might like the same things, and it’s worth advertising to you.


It’s definitely creepy. What’s creepiest to me is that you *don’t know*.


I own a Google home mini and the first year and half any time I switched the microphone off (switch on the bottom that does so) and I asked it a question like "hey google when did Elvis die?" It'd always respond with "The microphone is switched off, turn it back on to hear the answer" or something along that. How does it know I'm asking if the microphone is actually off? It doesn't do that anymore because of a software update that stopped it from responding when the microphone is off but I know it's still listening.


Omfg. What did you just do to me


The US government actively killed Civil rights leaders, including MLK and Sam Cooke Edit: Link showing [an ex-FBI man said he was involved in this in court](https://www.justice.gov/crt/overview-investigation-allegations-regarding-assassination-dr-martin-luther-king-jr). Thanks to thatotherguy0123


This one is true! MLK’s wife Correta sued the FBI for the murder of her husband and won this big settlement. They may not have pulled the trigger however they played their part in his death. You can look this up the media DOES NOT cover it enough.


*In 1993, 25 years after the murder, Jowers claimed that he participated in a conspiracy to kill Dr. King, along with an alleged Mafia figure, Memphis police officers, and a man named Raoul. According to Jowers, one of the conspirators shot Dr. King from behind his tavern.* That’s terrifying. And the fact that media didn’t cover it enough (possibly to avoid unrest) is truly sad.


I was in an accident recently. I rear ended the car in front of me. An officer gave me a ticket for close following, and a date to attend court and inform them should I choose to plead not guilty. I showed up at court, knowing that because the officer was not there at the time of the accident, he couldn't say whether or not I was violating section 321.307 of state law. Basically, they had no proof. I pled not guilty and was given a trial date. Immediately after I left the room, a state attorney (representing state prosecutor) told me they were changing my charges from close following to failure to brake. This was a month after the accident. A month. They could've changed it earlier, but they waited until after I pled. Why? Had I pled guilty, I would have payed a fine for close following. They then could add the failure to brake charge, making me pay another fine. I believe that in at least some cases, the government is manipulating people into paying fines they don't need to. Fight your case. There's nothing to lose.


Doesn’t matter if you are left or right, your representatives are lying to you.


Jokes on you, as a leftist I have no representatives.


Elvis did not die in 1977. Elvis faked his own death after he became tiresome of the fame and pill abuse. He entered rehab, got clean and grew a beard. After some time he began to long for fame and fortune and reemerged into the spot light under his new alias....Kenny Rogers.


Probably be more believable if Kenny hadn’t been signed to a label in the late 50s and had received a Grammy months before Elvis died. Or do you think he killed the first Kenny Rogers and took over his identity?


Oh I got one...Elvis had a twin brother but he died just after he was born...but what if he didn't really die. He has been in hiding all this time and when the real Elvis died he came out of hiding and that's why you have so many Elvis sightings. It was his twin this whole time.


Nearly everyone in government is rich because of insider trading.


JFK was also hit by a bullet from a secret service agent who accidentally fired at him after Oswald fired. It's not really conspiratorial. It is mundane but explains the magic bullet to a large extent. Everyone just buried it.


I saw a documentary about this. So credible I actually believe it. Imagine the impact if it was widely accepted.


It also explains the secrecy/ cover-up around the assassination. Not shooting the president is pretty much the secret services main job


Yep, as inadvertent an accident it may have been, I cannot imagine the fallout if it ever became public at the time. I wonder if such a truth would ever be revealed.


Three hours of mandatory yearly training for secret service agents on safe return fire practices and the importance of not shooting the President?


If you read Mortal Error - The Shot That Killed JFK by Bonar Menninger, the evidence for this is pretty much indisputable.


JFK's head just did that. No guns involved.


Since no one else said it yet: Kermit caused 9/11. There's an episode in the Muppet show where Kermit is shown what the world would have looked like without him and the twin towers are still standing. The writers probably just reused old footage, but it's still a fun conspiracy.


Jarosław Kaczyński orchestrated the Smoleńsk air crash to kill his smarter brother


That the elites want an uneducated, underpaid and divided working class to exploit. They pander to their fears about the "others" to keep them from uniting with their shared hardships. They throw them a nickel while stealing their dollars. Fans of one of the Kardashians were encouraged to buy her products and/or send her money in order to help her reach billionaire status. That boggles the mind. Deprive yourself to give someone more money than they could every spend.


What I believe: TWA Flight 800 was brought down by a missile. Why: Hundreds of eye witnesses saw an object approach the plane prior to the explosion. The heavy involvement of both the CIA and FBI. When has the CIA ever been so involved into a crash investigation? Why did the FBI illegally take the investigation away from the NSTB. Why did they not allow any witness to testify. A navy exercise happening close to its flight path. Unidentified radar contacts approaching the crash site, then leaving in a hurry. This will always be to me the most significant government coverup and it's sad it's pretty much forgotten. A missile brought down TWA 800.


Yeah, the CIA hasn’t been involved in any other major crash investigation that I know of. Even ones with suspected terrorist involvement like a bomb on board are handled by the FBI.


That PETA was made to make vegans look ridiculous. I didn’t believe this one for a while until they did the whole “Steve Irwin deserved it” thing


Skull and Bones. Because it's well documented. Also, planned obsolescence. And also because it's well documented. I'm just here for the ride, baby.


Nothing specific, but I can understand why some conspiracies gain weight with the history of the intelligence community. Data is very lucrative for big tech, but also the CIA and NSA. CIA secretly owned a military encryption machine first used in WW2 that was sold to allies and adversaries over 50 years, allowing them to gather communications even through the cold war. https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/2020/world/national-security/cia-crypto-encryption-machines-espionage/ Israeli and US intelligence created a virus to destroy Iranian nuclear centrifuges, reportedly was quite successful. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stuxnet NSA mass data collection of US citizens. They currently have several data centers with many exabytes (million Terabytes) of reported total capacity. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/PRISM


We never landed on the sun




I don’t know if I believe it but the way things are it’s plausible: That the government wants us dumb so they can control us. Looking at the differences between schools in the past (mid 90’ and back) and now makes me feel it’s true. We use to be in the top ten in all subjects now we are way down the line when it comes to educations across the world.


That music producers with deep pockets in the 1990s quietly invested heavily in private prison companies, then cozied up with GOP lawmakers and started consciously devolving hip-hop, rap and other traditionally "Black" music from the happier, more upbeat style they started out as into darker, violent, gangsta-wit-my-bitches-poppin-caps-in-da-club styles. GOP politicians get to continue to demonize minorities to their constituents and music producers make a huge profit from all the prisons filling up. Why do I believe this? Because money and power are involved.


Larger corporations actively fight against competition by simply buying them out or try to sue them. One story I heard of was a city in Texas wanted to run their own fiber ethernet lines through the city which wouldve been MUCH faster than anything provided and for a quarter of the price tag cause it was a service by the city. Supposedly, AT&T took major issue with this, took the city to court and won. Thus stopping the new network from being installed.


Wayfair absolutely was a front for trafficking . No way anyone can convince me those prices on random objects deep in the website was there on “accident”


the US government coined the term “conspiracy theory” to deter people from questioning anything they do. Don’t like the US’s involvement in a world conflict? You’re a conspiracy theorist. Don’t like the holes in stories of major world events? If it points to the government maybe being the bad guy, conspiracy theorist.


That the poor and working class are all still in slavery but it is disguised as “life” Not sure if it’s a conspiracy theory as it can’t really be argued against. If you don’t work you are a bum and viewed negatively by society or if you have dreams outside of the norm you are deemed a nut job.


I don't believe that UFOs/UAPs are aliens visiting Earth, but if even 1% of the sightings are true then that means that there is a super advanced technology being operated by someone here on the planet. Too many Navy pilots have come forward over the last 5+ years with sightings off the coasts of the USA for it to all be misidentified balloons and drones.


Some people think these are inter-dimensional beings, those that travel/exist in our world and beyond. (Not ghosts.) This puts it in the more spiritual realm vs extra-terrestrial so it can be an offensive thought to many. I have no idea what they are.


There are also reportedly people within the Pentagon who believe the phenomenon to be demonic in nature. [They have reportedly stifled any research into it](https://twitter.com/taylerv__/status/1574622117957898240?s=46&t=4p4zPDjuz-4VwymaKu0kGQ).


that a lot of social media posters are bots


Coca-Cola intentionally released “New Coke”, to be different, so when everyone tried it they’d want the old Coke back. Obviously a marketing move


100% in some way shape or form, the government is out to get us. This isn't some "liberal versus conservative" kind of thing. You think the country and the world would be this much in shambles if it was ran by competent people? Better yet, do you REALLY think these mfs have your best interest in mind? Nah, I think some fuck shit is going on. I just hope that I can grow old and die before things come to a head.


The conspiracy conspiracy. The outlandish and crazy theories like flat earth and the big lie and Chinese food are just a false flag and a distraction from the real mysteries that are being hidden from us... There is a secret cabal of aliens, sasquatches, and the person that runs the Wendy's twitter feed that try to protect their own identities by masking all conspiracies as insanity when in fact there are some with actual truth behind it.


What’s this about Chinese food??


That humans have been here way longer than the histiorians cliams. Also that a lot of what we see around us is actually much older, and that something horrible has happened more than once (resets/near resets). I believe we’re been lied to by some extent, and for a very long time.


As I recall there has been some evidence recently found that may indicate that humans developed a bit earlier than we thought, closer to 200 000 years than the 100 000 currently thought. Although it is still being looked at. Also it's worth noting that if archaeological data is wrong it's not usually in an attempt to mislead people. It's because not a lot of data points are left around. So the little that can be found does require some estimates and they get updated as new information turns up.


That people will post this question weekly in order to farm karma




I absolutely believe this. That Homer Simpson in the bar where everyone is talking about Bird Box was too on the nose to not have been done by an internal marketing department.


That phones do actually listen to what you say out loud to adapt the ads that are shown to you


The Black Lives Matter movement was a big orcastrated professionally setup protest and distraction. No hate or nothing but seriously wtf happened, they all just went "nah we good now" and poof never heard about it again


That smart devices are more about controlling people then about convenience


Most serial killers are ultra rich. The police are complicit in hiding their findings because it would be damaging to their careers.


There’s definitely aliens and the government has knowledge of legitimate sightings


The sonic movie existed in its current form when the trailer was released. It doesn't matter what the trailer looked like, because it didn't look exactly like every fan's regrettable deviantart headcanon interpretation. So they put out an ugly trailer that they could "fix." And the fans got to have their "ownership" of something they didn't create validated by being told that they had some level of creative input over the final product.