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I admire how deluded Christians are


I admire how atheists think schizophrenia is somehow contagious and spread through the majority of the world’s population


I like atheists. I dislike Reddit atheists


"Christians of reddit what do you blah blah blah" Reddit athiest: god isn't real. I'm gonna downvote every christian in this thread even though the question was for them and not for me


I like them nuns Do u wanna know why Its nun of your businesss


I dislike how arrogant atheists can be I admire how most atheists I’ve met respect my beliefs


we can indeed be arrogant


I dislike that christians have a bad view of atheists


I don't


I grew up in a jewish family and as I got older I realized that I didn't actually believe in any "higher beings" I don't know much about the christian religion but I can admire how committed they are to bettering themselves for reasons related to their religious belifs.


As someone who’s neither, I can say both can act like Giant self righteous cunts a lot of the time.


I'm not part of this particular binary, but a thing I dislike about Christians is that they so often excuse the sorry state of the world as "god's plan". It's just a way to support the status quo while absolving one's self of any responsibility.


I’m a borderline atheist (bordering agnostic) but I appreciate that religion gives people a template for living their lives. This is just an opinion of course, but I feel that if I had been a member of the church (Catholic or Christian, or even JW), I would have probably had more structure in my life instead of this constant attitude for challenging authority. I went through high school with a 4.0GPA and in my last year, I decided that school was fking stupid and flunked everything on purpose because I was an edgy kid. My teachers gave me passing grades when I aced my finals while failing the rest of the school year (they tested me twice). It’s not a flex; I could have been an athlete at USC, but college (in my mind) was for sheep who had to validate their existence. During that whole time, I stopped going to church because people gossiped and I thought it was totally inappropriate or not conforming to the teachings of Jesus Christ and his disciples. If people are going to pretend to be religious, then what’s the point? So yeah, I recently got into a nice school and have a sweet job (I’m 35 now) but I wish (sometimes) I had just stuck to “the program” because I think I would have been successful. Still, no regrets. Life is what it is.


I admire the literary significance of the bible. I dislike the lack of critical thinking.




But not all atheists are nihilists.




I can't confirm this to be true. In my part of the world there's mostly atheists. I've never met a single nihilist.


I admire church groups that do community service


Admiration perhaps isn't the right word. But I respect an agnostic Christian. Same goes for a Christian who understands that a just god wouldn't send atheists to hell. It requires honesty to admit this to oneself, and since it often goes against what is taught inside of churches that's certainly not always easy.