as a nyc nurse, i would 1000% pick a union hospital over a non union hospital. i believe maimonides is also unionized. also to each their own in regards to commuting. some people prefer to be very close to home but currently i commute about an hour to work (i’m happy with my current job and didn’t want to change jobs just for the commute). it helps that we work 3-4 days a week, so you’re not commuting 5 days a week. however consider your late night commute home from the 12-12 job


Agree with all of this. Union over non-union without exception. The nursing labor market is yours for the taking, so try something, and if you don't like it, bounce to something else.


I spent some time in Maimo ED--pretty busy, very diverse (lots of translator use if that's something that you'd care about) but at least the physicians/residents all seemed to like it there. Lots of very sick and complex patients. I think the nursing ratios were...1:7 when I was there? For Brooklyn I was told that's not awful but compared to where I trained in Philly and California that's pretty bad. You also have to wear dorky white scrubs, or at least you did pre-COVID. I would ask what the nursing ratios are at NYU and Sinai and how rapid the turnover seems to be. I've never heard a single healthcare professional say anything positive about Mount Sinai Main Campus's ED, but Beth Israel might be better. I personally think starting in a freestanding ED like NYUs (I'm assuming the Brooklyn Heights one) might not give you as much exposure to high acuity cases especially as a new grad but for the extra money sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.


Thank you so much in taking the time to respond. They told me the avg ratio at freestanding ED is 4-6, and at Mt. Sinai 7-8 patients. Sounds pretty daunting for ED but I guess thats what you get in NYC. Freestanding ED definitely less experience but more pay. Tough. Not sure what to pick.


That Brooklyn heights location is the cushiest emergency room. I’ve ever been to.


I would go with NYU Langone because their benefits are much better than Mount Sinai. I think they treat their workers better and it's a better hospital that would make your resume look better. Plus since you said you live in Brooklyn, they have a handful of facilities in Brooklyn. You can PM me if you want.


At the beginning of the pandemic Sinai was the hospital where leadership fucked off to their multimillion dollar homes in Florida and left their front-line workers to make do with improvised PPE (aka trash bags)


Maimonides is a horrible hospital. Search here or /r/nyc for a recent thread about it.


From my own perspective as an EMT - I would pick NYU Langone. They are better resourced than the other two and NYULMC was just named the top hospital in NYC. I don't know about the NYU Langone freestanding ED, but the Manhattan ED is busy, but well staffed and has a lot of space. Beth Israel ED is an older facility, also very busy, and not as welcoming as the Langone ED. Lots of the patients we bring there are recurrent patients - with a high incidence of alcohol/drug abuse and mental health concerns. Supposedly they were going to build a whole new hospital and demolish the current site, but I don't know if that's still the plan - but it's telling about the condition of the facility. I don't work in Brooklyn too often, so don't know much about Maimonides - but it's very busy too.


Being an EMT for 7 years, your best bet is NYU. Maimo & Beth Israel could get crazy at times.


Run a search. There was actually a few nurses who posted on NYUL's work environment. Also remember to join /r/nursing so you can post about your pizza parties!


NYU bc better area to work and most likely easier commute.


My wife is an inpatient PT at a union hospital and there are *tons* of benefits so I’d definitely recommend that. Another thing: do you qualify for the loan forgiveness program/is that still a thing? They’re allegedly going to forgive the rest of my wife’s loans if she makes her minimum payments and works nonprofit for 10 years, so finding a nonprofit hospital was a big priority for her.