Im from Somaliland and I really want a flair so if this gets more yes votes can the mods possibly add it?


Hahaha, a popular referendum 😂 This is MENA, sir!! We don't do "democracy".


this is the humor I came here for


Honestly, why not


I voted yes but only like a Baghdad flair .. my country doesn't recognise Somaliland as an independent country.. I'll still regard your fair as a part of Somalia sorry


But somaliland meets all the tick boxes a country needs Its own government Its own currency Its own defined territory Also if you actually went to somaliland, you will notice it is much better than Zoomalia


what the hell is this cringe, warya you're terminally online ajnabida baa nagu ceebaynaysaa. somalis aren't even arab or middle Eastern so gtfo


I am arab most Somalilanders like me are from the isaaq tribe and our forefather, sheik Isaaq was an arab from Iraq so you kindly gtfo


bro sheikh isaaq was a copy of sheikh jabarti and we actually have his grave and he was a proper yemeni not some imaginary jew from Iraq. my claim way ka awood badan tahay mid kaada silly goose. let's do a dna test and find out how many iraqi dna is in you


😂😂😂 Sheikh Doofaar Ibnu Jaberti’s grave was only built in the 70’s by Barre who, like most Xaroods, only know how to copy paste what Isaaqs do. I don’t even care that Isaaq was an Arab but it’s common knowledge that your clan forefather is fake. The Darood clan is a confederation of smaller clans and Somalized oromos.


cringe poll man delete