How many of you have seen fireflies? How long has it been since you've seen them?

How many of you have seen fireflies? How long has it been since you've seen them?


Been seeing them for weeks now.


I see them every day in Arkansas. Saw them most nights I sat outside in Texas.


I see them all the time in the spring and summer months here in east TN


Seeing them in Middle TN


What is TN?


The abbreviation for the state of Tennessee, USA.


Thanks. I was trying to think of US states but couldn't think of what it could be. Then I thought maybe it meant something else.


It stands for Western North Carolina but we let them have their fun. Those Appalachian mountains really make it tough to keep in touch plus they're too cool. We didn't want them turning out like South Carolina. Plus they have Memphis so we stare like a proud dad watching his only son that made it.


Same. I saw some last night when I was at the backdoor calling for the cat to come in. I also caught one the other night in a jar. My 3-year old daughter had tried (and failed) to catch some the night before, but it started raining almost as soon as she went outside. I took it in to her room because she was having trouble sleeping. So, she got to look at it lighting up in the jar a bit before she finally laid down and I went outside to let it go again. We see a lot here in the evening. I grew up in West TN and we used to have tons of them there too. I have no idea if they're the same there now as when I was growing up or not.




The spray used to kill mosquitoes on a large scale, also is responsible for the decline in fireflies. Apparently there are certain things you can do to your yard assist in firefly cultivation. The downside is that the same conditions that aide fireflies also attract mosquitoes.


Have a ton of mosquitos around and good amount of fireflies in NJ.


Exactly, they aren't spraying where you are. Where I am from...we have a truck that drives around and sprays the entire city and neighboring areas. Decimates the firefly population.


I just moved to a quiet complex in the middle of nowhere (veteran community) and we have them by the lakefront. We're in the middle of a nature reserve so they're probably all over the forest at night too. I didn't realize until now how much I'd missed them. I even see them during the day, but at night they're all over the shoreline and treeline.


I see them in my yard all the time (eastern Kansas). My wife and I have tried to make our yard as wildlife-friendly as possible with lots of flowers for pollinators and hiding spots for animals and I think we've done a decent job because I see all kinds of bugs and birds that I didn't used to see as a kid (in the same town).


Thanks satan.


Oh, hey Satan 😈


This week!


Where?? I'd LOVE to see them again.




Indeed. Maybe there's less than when I was kid, not sure. But I definitely saw some earlier this week, and it's still a bit early in the summer for them anyway.


That's kind of a huge area. I have seen none in the majority of MN, ND, SD, MT, and I don't remember seeing any in OK or TX. I did see quite a few diurnal fireflies on the west coast, but most folks probably wouldn't recognize those as fireflies. I did see some in the far southern part of MN right by IA, but not like I used to.


See them every night when I'm walking my dog in Oklahoma.




I updated my comment. I've been all over much of the midwest the last decade and haven't seen hardly any. Would it kill you to be a little more specific instead of being a dick?




Thanks. Sounds like they're sticking around the places that haven't been hit by huge droughts the last couple decades.


Rhode Island and we live out in a very wooded area. Less so far this year it seems than last but it is early.


I just came back from visiting a friend in Nebraska. I had to leave about a week before the fireflies started blinking :-(.


There are some that show up in my backyard from time to time. They were out the other day. It’s fun being out for a nighttime swim with the fireflies buzzing around. Sw Ontario Canada here.


I took my high school girlfriend to a field full of fireflies back in high school. That was the last time I remember seeing both of them.


Did she leave you for the fireflies?


She could not believe her eyes.


He took her to sleep with the fireflies.


Global population is decline, but not (yet) endangered. It's great you're hearing from people who see them, but you probably won't to read this: [https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/feb/22/why-lights-going-out-fireflies-conservation-pollution](https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/feb/22/why-lights-going-out-fireflies-conservation-pollution)


Every year in my yard in eastern Canada! Haven't seen them yet this year though. Has anyone noticed their larvae before? I just saw them for the first time a couple years ago


Yup, Ontario Canada here and see them every year. Have seen them this year already as well.


I’m from BC with in-laws in Ontario, had never seen fireflies until going to Ontario years ago.


They're at my house every evening. Mimosa trees ---> fireflies


i see them every night in my front yard. i'm in texas.




Grew up West of the Rockies, so never growing up. Saw them once on the East coast.


Grew up in the north east. Saw them all the time growing up. Two years ago I took my fiancé back home for the 4th of July. There was an epic fireworks show and when we were walking home it must have riled up the fireflies because they were putting on their own show. She was flabbergasted! She grew up in a different country and moved to the west coast. She had never seen one. Couldnt believe her eyes. It's sad if they actually disappear.


I grew up in Montana, where I don’t think they’re common. But for one summer or two when I was a kid, we had them by a creek that runs through our property. It was so cool, but then they disappeared and never returned. I have always thought it was strange that they’d just show up randomly like that and then never again. Can any bug experts out there explain?


They're in Saskatchewan, so they may be in eastern Montana, too.


I used to see them just about every night in the summer when I was out walking my dog. Poor guy is not with us, so I’m not outside in the dark as much. They are here though! They’re pretty spectacular.


Every year around the end of June and early July. OP, you have a past post claiming to be in Silicon Valley area. That's why you don't see them. [Firefly habitat doesn't really exist west of the Rockies](https://www.xerces.org/blog/world-firefly-day-keep-nights-dark). They also spend of a lot of their life cycle in the soil. So, anywhere that has been disturbed in recent years may experience diminished populations of fireflies.


Exactly this; they are very seldom seen in the west.


I live and work in Silicon Valley, but grew up in Appalachia - and have been here (and am still here) since the pandemic started =)


saw them as a youngster in NC. they don't have them in California. :(


I grew up with when I lived in PA. And I remember my wife who was from Ca seeing them for the first time. It was like instant 5 yo. The utter amazement. But Its been almost 30 years since we moved away to the Sw so I haven’t seen them since.


Ironically my wife and I were just having this conversation Sunday night. Part of the discussion though was why in some parts of the states they are called fireflies and in our part (midwest) they are called lightning bugs. That being said on our drive home we passed several fields that were just swarming with them. But overall we do not see them nearly as often as we both did when we were younger.


I'm in Ohio and I hear both names approximately equally. I use both names myself.


I lived all around British Columbia, Canada for ~20 years and I'd never seen one. Moved to Southern Ontario and see them every summer now. They're great. Watching them at night is like being on shrooms without the existential crisis. It's very nice.


I've heard that there's very few species west of the Rockies, or that the ones that are there don't do the traditional “fly around and flash” thing that those in the East do.


I don't think we have them in western Canada. I've lived in Alberta all my life and have never seen them in my life.


There are some in Saskatchewan, but they're uncommon. I've seen some in the Qu'Appelle Valley.


They're in Saskatchewan, too, but I've never seen any in the cities. Only at our cottage in May-June, out near Last Mountain Lake.


Do not fall into the trap of "I just ate, global hunger doesn't exist" "It snowed pretty bad here, so much for global warming" The fact that some people have anecdotal accounts of fireflies doesn't mean they aren't dying off.


I think they come out in late summer, like august, where I am right now (tristate area, middle of the east coast). I’ve been seeing lone fireflies hanging around screen doors every other day for about a week


> where I am right now (tristate area) Saying “tristate area” isn't as geographically helpful as you may imagine. [Wikipedia lists 62 of them.](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tri-state_area)


Cool, thanks for the info


Yeah, I'm also in a tristate area and they come out in August, typically.


Now im sad.


Last night. But I live out in the country.


Last night I went out onto my back deck and saw a few. Not as many as there will be around the 4th but it's nice to see them back. It's a signal that summer is here and the strawberries will be ripe soon.


You mean lightning bugs? Yeah we see those often in Indiana, even today.


ALL insects / animals are distressed now. Won't be much longer....


See some last week in my urban backyard


I saw them as a kid in Upstate NY. Not since.


Sometime in the last couple years, but I’ve lived in the city for well over a decade. My wife thought she saw one when we were driving not long back, but it was hard to tell.


I saw some last night. Definitely don’t see them as often or see as many as I saw as a kid, though.


I grew up with them. I was drinking wine on a patio last night and saw one. I'm in Columbus, Ohio.


I'm Canadian; I've literally never seen one in my life


Unfortunately, we don't have them where I live. The last time I saw them was in Ecuador, and that was around 30 years ago. They're lovely, but I sure don't miss the huge bugs and spiders that also live there.


I saw one last night, and I live on the edge of a major city--a residential street, but by no means the country.


We have them at our house, and I was so excited and happy that our kids will get to enjoy the magic just like I did with my dad in the yard when I was little. Saw some just last night. If anyone has any info on how to support and propagate them, hit me with a link! Would love to help them out like we did our Green Anoles.


Usually in my area in later June. None yet so far thus year, but I expect them any day now.


All over Ontario, Canada. I think they come in cycles, that aren’t yearly.


A couple of years ago in the Manitoba wilderness.


I still see them in Quebec. Not very often, but still present on very humid days. I also live in a somewhat woody suburb.


They're in my backyard. I grew up in NYC. But only saw them quite rarely. I live in Tennessee now so they're around in huge numbers :)


I've never seen them. There never were any out here to my knowledge. I have seen luminescent algae in the surf though.


Mississippi - last night.


They’re all over the mountains in East Tennessee. They even have a special event for them in the summertime.


Now that it's warm out I see them all the time. I'm in upstate NY.


Rochester and Webster, we'd catch enough of them to fill a small jar when we were kids!




We have them but much less of them than I remember growing up. and I'm not too far from where I grew up.


I don’t think they’ve disappeared, our minds are just too distracted now to notice the *little* things


They used to be all over my area. Not this year though. Could it be the pesticides (tick and mosquito sprays are on the ground, where fireflies have their babies)? It's truly gorgeous to watch.


All the time. Hundreds at a go starting in early summer and keeping till the first frost.


A metric fuckton growing up in NY and most states I lived in on the East Coast. I only see them during the summer in Florida now when we head out to the woods or lakes at night.


By the lake in Ontario Canada


Last time I remember seeing them was about two summers ago in the country in central Minnesota.


Every year. Have not noticed any yet this year, so last seen last summer.


Last night. My back yard.


How has nobody worked in Owl City here....


Last month in my friends backyard


Saw them last year in the northeast. I think weather needs to right for them to come out


I saw my first one of the season last night.


I saw them yesterday evening. I live in the Mid-Atlantic region of the US. They are alive and well :)


This past Saturday while camping they were in the trees. It was cool. But we call them lightning bugs here


I used to see them often in New York (Westchester County) in the early ‘90s, but I’ve rarely seen any in the past 20 years.


When I was in Bintan, Indonesia, I went on a night firefly river ride. It was magical. You can hold the fireflies in your hands.


I've seen them every night for a few weeks now


Last night


I felt like they disappeared for years, last year they came back strong! Was watching a bunch last night with little kid neighbor. We're around the Chicago area


actually saw tons on Saturday while watching a concert at the drive in


every summer when i was growing up in the NC foothills. pretty rare here in the GA coast nowadays, but i've seen maybe 1-2 instances of them every other year or so.


Every night at my house in North Texas.


A couple of weeks ago during the spring rains.


Saw them a decade ago in New England. Nowhere west of the Rockies has them, never has?


Last night. There are less of them than when I was growing up though.


I was out about midnight a few days in my backyard when the kids had a sleepout. It's a very big yard, and the whole thing was twinkling with fireflies/lightning bugs. Really neat to see!


I saw some last night in my yard. (South Carolina)


Now that you say that, I feel like I haven't seen one in a few years or more.


Yup and last year when we lived in Missouri. Living in New Mexico now with absolutely on fireflies.This is one of the regions they're disappearing from, apparently.


Last night. They got a huge nest in my yard I see hundreds at night here


I moved from Tennessee to California about a decade ago. So about a decade since I've seen fireflies


Last night


Probably last week or so.


Last week. I own property surrounded by national forest. They're around, but I haven't seen them in urban areas in decades.


I don't spend much time where fireflies would be around much anymore, so its hard to say. the house I grew up in had a back yard that was pretty well positioned for them. a nearby house had some bad drainage, lived less than a mile from a small lake and some areas that I think, at least, are a good habitat for them. I am not entirely sure if I was in a really good place for them then, or just don't spend much time in such places now. I am pretty sure last 4th of July there were fireflies in a density/quantity that seemed appropriate for the environment.


I tend to call them "lightning bugs." They are my favorite insect and I prefer this term because flies are generally fairly nasty looking creatures whereas "bugs" are cuter (well, not bed bugs). (And yes, if I were really accurate, I would call them "lightning beetles" since they are not a true bug (hemiptera) either.)


Hi from Ontario. They are all over


i haven't seen a firefly since the 90s...but i lived out in the country back then. moved to the city in 2000, haven't seen once since.


Saw a few in my backyard last night!


See em every year, just saw some last night. Up in Vermont. But growing up out in California I always assumed they were Hollywood make believe bugs. Never saw them out there. I was 24 the first time I saw one in real life.


Never saw them in Washington or Arizona I don't think they're expected in either of those places though.


I didn't notice until we saw a couple and tried to catch them with my son (first time ever). It was a great experience watching him try and catch them but after seeing how few there were I am now worried that he may never have that experience with his kids. What a sad thought.


Alabama rural area in Southern Virginia I see them very few and very rare in between but I have seen some recently. Maybe a handful is definitely not like it was when I was a child growing up My brother and I could run around the yard for hours and collect hundreds of them inside of a jar now you be lucky if you see a handful.


I'm from California. We don't have them out here. My parents are from Iowa, though, and when we'd visit my grandparents there in the summer, fireflies were always one of the things I most looked forward to. They were *everywhere.* All of the locals thought my sister and I were crazy for catching fireflies in jars in our early teens because they'd gotten tired of that as little kids, but it was all new to us. It's been many years since I've been to Iowa. As far as I know they're still there.


I've never seen them, but they're not native to the place I live. It'd be nice to visit a place where they're common.


In my area of Southern NJ, for the last decade or so there's an obvious decline in their appearances. Whereas in the 80s-90s as a kid you'd see hundreds, last year it would be hours before you'd see a dozen. I've seen some recently - especially after the storms we've had the last couple of weeks - so I hope it's a good sign for this summer.


My wife and I saw them last Summer on our property. We have a couple of acres out in a very rural area, and we saw some flying around the edge of our pond one night. It was great! The most I have ever seen was back in 2000 when I would go jogging with my track buddies at University.


I live in North Texas and there’s just a small window, right at dusk, when they’re really active. Right now there are a ton in this area… unfortunately that’s also prime time for mosquitoes!


I see them every day.


Last night, i had hundreds of them in the backyard. Looked like a Journey concert from the 80s.


Just saw them the other week when I was visiting the Texas hill country... Living in Houston it's been awhile previously.


Last time I seen them was in the 90s and for the life of me can't remember if it was in the US or Brazil I seen them. Didn't know they were in decline, unfortunate to hear that. We don't have them over here in our part of the world, so glad I got to see them when I did.


Last night I watched my boy catch them for a solid 20 minutes. "Okay buddy, one more firefly, then bed." It was one of those moments that let you know it's all going to be fine.


I saw several last night right in my yard. We live in Nebraska


Weirdly the only time I've seen fireflies was in Costa Rica. Which is weird just because they're not that uncommon throughout the world, but I've just never lived anywhere humid aside from New York and never saw any when I lived there. That was 20 years ago (Costa Rica).


This week. Hundreds of them.


In my front yard... last summer and this year already. When I lived in a different state and was out in the country never saw any - still living semi-rural atm but closer to a big city and the kids love chasing them around and catching them. I think it might be all about where you live really?


Are you kidding? I see them everyday! Been gathering them in jars like I was taught for over 40 years. I live off the grid now; using only lightning bugs to light my house. I leave a bunch of them in storage in case there is a power-shortage. After all, who doesn’t need a backup generator?


I see them in my back yard every summer, just for a few days.


Dang, that's so true!


Last time I saw them was last night. I'm in southern MN, see them pretty much every night here.


Saw some last night


I've never seen them. Prob because I'm in the UK


Saw them last night.


I see them in the summer nights when I visit my fam in the Mid-Hudson Valley of NY. Beautiful.


in the east coast: literally not in over a decade and it's sad :(


Just saw a ton in Northern Minnesota this weekend. I see them in my suburban yard fairly often as well.


NW AR. They're here every year.


Been seeing them for weeks. They aren't around all summer however. Usually they are around through June. I live in Minnesota.


Ive never seen them. Ive always wanted to but i havent.


There’s alot of fireflies in Africa it’s beautiful


Saw them when I was like 6 years old when I was in Mississippi visiting family, haven’t seen any in like 29 years.


Seen a few here in eastern NH. We’re early in the season for them, though; they really pick up in early July. I live near a park that surrounds a pond, so there’s usually a good amount there. Peak summer for me is a soft serve cone at the place across the street and watching them dance over the water. There aren’t as many as there used to be, but I’m hoping for a good year. Mild winter should mean more eggs survived the cold.


I'm in California, so ... not since 2016 at the appropriately-named 蛍池 station near the Itami Airport in Japan.


I’ve seen them in the mountains of Southern California


I saw them as a kid around the Chicago area. But I moved to California when I was 9 and we don't have them here, so I haven't seen them since. So... over 30 years? They were pretty.


I have a buddy that lives in the South and we discussed this in passing. When we were young, they were everywhere. I’ve since moved away, but he mentioned that it’s rare to see them in his area now. Doesn’t know the cause - presuming GW.


Super common every evening in the south (LA, MS, AK, AL, FL, SC, GA....)


I saw some once over the summer in Greeensboro NC. I don't think I've ever seen them before (grew up in socal and live in NY now)


What country are you in, OP? It might help...


I see them every summer here in Quebec.


The first year that I bought my property and starting camping there, I would see hundreds of them drifting thru the underbrush and around the creek bank. It was magical. In the past coupla years I have only seen a few dozen. I was kinda hoping that they were cyclical, like cicadas, and would be out in force this year, but no such luck. I'd really like to see them lighting up my property again by the time I retire there in 6 years.


I use to see them every summer at home (Sevilla, Spain) but it has been 10 years or more without spotting any.


Saw them every summer when I was a kid in NYC in the 60s--even caught them in a jar. Last time I was east of the Rockies in summer was '81, and I don't remember if I saw them then or not. So probably not since '72 or so, when I moved to Cali. I consider myself a loyal Californian, but fireflies and NYC pizza would be much appreciated upgrades. (I can also report that they don't have 'em in Europe or Japan, but they do in Illinois.)


We have some in our neighborhood - usually they are active from July through August or so. Not swarms of them, but enough to be entertaining on a summer evening for sure.


They are out in Northern Virginia a bit already. Not a ton like I remember from my childhood in Illinois, but still here.


Outside my house all the time in summer.


North Texas, can confirm fireflies every night.


See them every year, you don’t?


You can see them every night during the summer in central Nebraska. Thousands of them!


I was just in Nashville and the trees in the backyard were sparkling with them. It was very cool, and the first time I've seen anything like that.


I’m still pretty young, but I’ve been seeing way less here in North Carolina. There used to be several dozen you could see in our backyard, and now I only count 4 or 5 at a time in the summer :(


I see them every day in my back yard in central Va. HOWEVER, they are far fewer in number than when I was a kid. I see one or two on a given evening. Not hundreds of glowing bugs in every direction like when I was a kid.