Balding young

Balding young


Bald is beautiful. Own it, live it, love it.


I Started balding when I was 13. I have had scanty hair since then and tried multiple things to give the illusion of fuller hair for 17 years. ...in the end, I realize I was lying to myself. I asked myself if I was happy with doing this and came to the conclusion that fooling myself is not a healthy attitude and I decided to just shave it off. I'd rather remain bald than live with scanty hair. Best decision of my life. My confidence level went up. I feel a weight lifted off of my shoulders and my head feels much lighter. I wear my baldness proud and shiny. There are women out there who like bald men. My female friends have told me I look so much more better bald. This really helped my self esteem as well. Now im considering getting a tattoo to go with the look. 😀


You can slow down or even stop the process with finasteride. Go to ‘more plates more dates’ YouTube channel and check out his stuff on hair loss


Or just get a buzz cut and skip the chemical castration part


Own it. Get a good buzzer and keep it nice and short, the shorter the better. I’m bald and love it so much more now then before when I was holding onto what I had.


Lift weights. Grow a beard. If it's mild consider what styles are more flattering. If it's bad just buzz/shave


the more bald, the more hair on the body, the more testosterone


If you have a nice head shape- Shave it off! Bald is in!