No. I'm American. It's cheaper to die.


Can confirm. Went to doctor 1st time in years told I have cancer. That was 10 years ago. Cancer sucks so expensive.


Capitalism in a nutshell...


I usually just try to walk it off.


It's true for 99% men.


Rub some dirt on it.


If I'm at a doctors I've BROKEN something badly.


As a woman, I walk off my aches and pains too. I'm either not taken seriously, or I don't want to be seen as a wimp or one of "those girls" who get all dramatic and want attention


If it doesn't get better, yes, but good luck finding one that actually listens to you.


I told my doctor I felt lumps on my testicles during my physical and she didn’t care. She said I should make a separate appointment for that. I basically had to beg her to feel my balls and give me a referral for an ultrasound and urologist. Lucky they are just cysts on my testis and epididymis. Painful as hell and nothing they can do but at least it isn’t cancer I guess haha.


Hello fellow sufferer of cysts. I've been dealing with that for 14 or 15 years so I feel your pain. The urologist I went to wouldn't do anything because of location of mine, 2 on each epididymis, because it would leave me sterile. If they weren't there it would've been no issue to remove them. But I don't have kids so they told me no.


I’m sorry, my brother.


Is that a big general problem? I thankfully haven't encountered such a situation yet


Yep. I went through 8 (not a typo) doctors trying to get someone to believe me I couldn't stand up straight due to my back when I was in my early 30s.


I hope you found the cause and are recovering. Stay healthy, back pains are not funny :(


I went to one for my heart. Doctor didn't believe me. Ended up in the hospital a few months later with afib.


What were your symptoms if you don’t mind me asking?


Well the symptoms in the hospital was a very irregular rhythm. Like constant fluttering. Others where frequent palpitations, laying in bed at night and feeling my hear beating. Stuff like that.


Some doctors are really awful whether due to training or their personality It's even worse for women https://www.salon.com/2022/02/12/the-pain-gap-women-still-arent-taken-seriously-by-doctors--and-its-us/


Yea it's really hard and you think thrice about if it is related to hormones and your menstruation cycle before even considering going to the doctor! I'm just glad to have picked some good doctors for me


I literally had hernia surgery last year. The surgeon fixed one but refused to fix the other because it is reduceable and therefore in his opinion "not a hernia". Hernias can be reduceable or not. The fact that it is reduceable doesn't make it any less of a hernia.


I get a lot of idiopathic symptoms. I wait a few days to see if it’s still happening, and it almost never is.


Oh man It must suck to just feel off so often... I'm happy nothing serious happend tho!


No. I deserve to suffer.


We are men after all.




This is quite smart. But I hope you dont miss the timing to go to the doc!




Yes! I had very mild pain for an inflammed appendix... I (female) just thought It was my ovaries acting up cause it felt almost the same... I did go to the doctor on the 3rd day tho. And straight to the ER afterwards with an operation the same evening.




Yea they said my appendix was mildly inflammed when I had it removed but the smallest crunch of my core muscles and I was in literal agony. Couldn't sit up, clenched my teeth and drove my ass to the hospital. I think I stopped about 3-4 times before I made the walk from parking to the entrance. Felt like an old man with a cane.


Ever since my late husband died of an appendicitis, I'm on the hypochondriac side of going to the doctor. Knowing everything I know today, I'm pretty sure he was experiencing symptoms for a couple days, waiting for it to get better on its own before it got bad enough that I forced him to go see a doctor.


This is so sad :( I had my appendix removed this year and had very mild pain for appendicitis... I dont wanna know what would have happend If I waited longer before visiting the doctor... I also know my granny and my dad tried to sit it out alone for a few days before going to the hospital to have their gallbladder removed the same day Pains in the lower abdomen should be taken seriously


Depends. I have a medical background, so I am comfortable with a wide variety of ailments. As long as it is in my skill set / capability; I will handle it at home. I have gone to the doctor / ER on genuine emergencies.


Absolutely, had an appendectomy in 2018 and recently found a small mass on my face. Go to the doctor people!!


Normally yes, but lately i stopped being an hypochondriac. Since most info you can google. But i have some period blood tests to be done (liver enzymes, blood glucose levels etc..) But there were times a paid a visit to the doctor maybe every 2 weeks for something.


Stay healthy! Thats the most important




My wife gets angry and then I go. It's dumb but I always think 'ah it'll be fine'. Idk why I see it like that. Rationally I'm pretty health-conscious.


I think this is a big reason why married men live longer than single ones


Not really. I've had chronic joint pains for at least five years now, but none of the doctors I talked to initially took me seriously so I don't bother anymore. Doesn't feel like my health matters to them


It's so wrong your health and range of activities are compromised by people, DOCTORS! just not listening...


If it’s there’re for more than two weeks, yes. Usually it goes away after a week at maximum though.


If something feels off for more than a few days, yes. I have amazing health insurance and it costs me almost nothing to go see my doctor. Also, since the pandemic, I can now just message my doctor with the symptoms I'm having and he'll let me know if I should come in to be seen or not.


It depends. I live with a chronic illness and disability. The shit I'm willing to view as "meh" is well above most people.


I don’t go to the doctor for every little issue, but I don’t hesitate to go if I think something isn’t right and needs a doctor’s exam. Im fortunate to have good insurance, so that’s not an issue for me and I don’t understand why other people who have insurance don’t go to a doctor when something seems off


Rarely. I wait, and I wait. It either turns in to something permanent (like my tinnitus, or it goes away. I've gotten used to living with various aches and pains. I have no real good reason why either.


I just hope It doesn't catch up to you.. My dad (54yo) recently got problems with his back from years of bad posture and a prolonged time doing desk work. He knew this issue before and got the occasional light cramp but nothing like now.. He even gets pains when lying down.. It just hurts to see him with a hot water bottle and a blanket now. I never saw him use one before :(


Something always gets you in the end. I have a tendency to feel perfectly fine before a doctor's appointment and then feel like a fraud but I can feel plenty catching up. My wife complains because I keep "dying" (her word) in my sleep (I stop breathing most nights) so she's made me go to the doctor's so now I'm getting blood tests and all sorts while I wait for a referral.


Well, yeah. That's what they're paid for. I'd hate to think of those fuckers getting those massive paycheques without actually doing any work.


I pretty much grew up with the "if I can't see bone I'm not going to the doctor" mentality and am still that way.


If you ever feel something like a "bruise inside the abdomen" that hurts when you press it... Go to the doctor. Might be the appendix, liver, gallbladder or just your intestines in general


This is my life right now, been few months, doesnt really hurt when I press it, but more like this pinching/burning pain in one spot. Hoping to not die before I get insurance(yay USA).


I do a yearly “MOT” of standard blood tests. If I felt something wasn’t right whether it was concern over something potentially debilitating or life threatening, I’d make an appointment. Bravado doesn’t really pay.


Yes of course. do I have super abilities how can I understand what I have without going a doctor ha?


It's important to be a conscientious consumer of healthcare. I've been trying to help my family members get healthcare when they need it while also keeping them safe from harm by the medical industry at the same time. Sometimes being a doctor and pointing out errors is not enough. I had to pull my father out of a cardiac ICU in Texas and flown to where I trained because their care was so poor. A neurosurgeon tried to do emergent surgery on my brother for an intracranial hemorrhage from a ruptured aneurism, neither of which were present. On the other hand I worked with a guy that hated going to doctors and stayed home when he had a pneumonia, died at 36 from an easily treatable disease.


As a normal person the only thing I can do is trust the professionals with my life and health The reality that there are bad people mixed in there is scary


Trust, but Verify is the motto. You could read about the symptoms you are having and illnesses they say you have. For important decisions you could seek out a second opinion from another Doctor.


I haven’t been to the doctor in 14 years


Not usually, cause I've got too much shit to do to care much about the check engine light


Can't face being in a phone queue for an hour before being told to try again tomorrow as all the appointments are gone. Welcome to the 'envy of the world ', the NHS.


If my doc cant give me an appointment I just call around for 30min till I find another doctor to look at my problem the same day. Every doctor has time planned for emergency patients. And if you think you are an emergency, be firm! Your health comes first!


Unfortunately I live in the UK, I can only go to my allocated doctor's practice, we can't shop around.


No! I am the last of the real men.


I hope your wife can beat you to the doctor Thats how men prefer it I heard👀


The United States has a serious healthcare crisis. I try not to but I’ve been getting sick more often than not for some reason. I never been so sick so often before . Used to be once a year . Now I’ve been sick 4 times this year


Doctors don't usually take things seriously, so it's often irrelevant whether I go or not. I have a list of about 10 points of problems with my body, most of which have been met with a shrug and a "times up" from the doctors.


I never personally had such a "time's up" situation. But then again, I'm not from the US I hope you can see a specialist about these things because health should never be taken lightly. Especially by a doctor :(


I'm not from the US either, I'm a European from a country with socialized healthcare, which doesn't really mean anything when you're refused examination and treatment. Probably due to cost. Thank you, I'm hunting for a competent doctor that actually do their job. I'm sure there are some out there somewhere.


Yes there are! I found one I'm happy with here in Germany. They took me seriously when I asked for an appointment the same day while not being a patient there yet. Those are the keepers!


Sounds like a good one you've found. Hopefully I'll find one like that.


Generally no, but a few weeks ago I was ignoring a combo of migraines , ear popping, and a blocked ear (I thought it was just wax). According to the doctor I arrived just in time to avoid the risk of my (bad) ear infection permanently affecting my hearing. Glad I went, and will probably start getting any issues checked out sooner from now on.




Not at all. I’m almost certain I’d be diagnosed as depressed, probably have IBS or something along those lines along with a list of other things I’m sure I have. I just don’t care though.


Oh no :( This year I severly irritated my stomach lining and couldn't keep anything down for almost 2 weeks... It was hell for me and I cant imagine having to constantly live with such a sensitive stomach I hope there is a diet or medication to sooth your stomach. I had to take Pantoprazol, which reduces stomach acid production. Dont know if that is any use for you tho. If you were female I'd also reccomend checking your pill dosage as too low of a dosage can have a sensitive stomach as a side effect..


Yeah, bowel movements are anything but normal for me. Like I said though, I just don’t care enough to do anything about it 🤷🏻‍♂️


Maybe some allergy to dairy or gluten? Sorry if I look nosy, but I really wish you the best dear stranger


Oh no you’re all good, not nosy at all. I haven’t really figured out any sort of trigger, it’s just some days I’ll have to go to the bathroom 8-10+ times and some days it’s 2 or less so I have no idea


This is a situation worthy of concern and I hope you drink enough cause this shitting must dehydrate so much... Maybe talk to a close friend or your parents to let them drag you to the doctors when you cant find the motivation yourself?


Meh. (Probably my undiagnosed depression talking)


Generally not, unless it seems really bad and/or like I can't resolve it myself


Be cautious about pain in your abdomen. Like if you ever feel like "a bruise inside that hurts when I press it" Might be the appendix, liver, gallbaldder or whatever else is in there. Stay healthy


Yeah, that seems like something that would fall under "really bad and/or can't resolve myself."


It depends whether my wife notices or not


No. It's cheaper to die. Even if I got better, after seeing the bill, all I would want is death.


Usually not unless someone tells me to. Rarely seems to do much good. and even if I actively try to avoid it the brainwashing as a kid that men don't worry about such things has kinda stuck. And got some trauma from doctors as a kid as well and later in life when they fucked up. Without those reasons I'd probably go a lot more. Logically I know I should but those reasons often have me Post ponin it without really noticing I'm doing it.


Not really. I go every couple of years for checkups. But honestly I haven’t been sick since the 90’s. True story.


Yes. Me being alive and well is one of the most valuable assets my children currently have, and I'm obliged to maintain it. So when I had kids, I quit smoking (other than the very occasional cheat), quit any serious drinking, and started exercising more. And when something seems to be going wrong with the hardware, I take it into the shop to get it looked at.


I do not. I haven't been to a doctor for 8 years and that was because I broke my arm. I might get hate for this but I just don't trust others concerning my body and I feel as though they prescribe things just to get additional money.


I usually go once a year, when I feel the best. Only to get a few payed days off work. My doctor is a bro.


Only if it’s something I believe the doctors will be able to accurately identify. Otherwise I’ll just have to figure it out myself


If I think there's something genuinely wrong then yes, but I swear I get so many strange aches/pains/random feelings that end up being nothing or there's really nothing they can fix and just tell me to be healthier essentially.


Yes, I don't want to die because I was too stubborn or cheap to go to the doctor. I have a G.P. so I have no excuses.


No. Can't afford it


Generally yes. Obviously if I know what it is or expect it to get better on its own I won’t, but weird stuff definitely gets a doctor visit, same with things that aren’t going away, or just things I wanted checked out.


When I had insurance I would go provided it wasn't something I could handle since I have a decent working medical knowledge because of my profession. Since I can no longer afford health insurance I don't go unless it's something that's incredibly concerning and then I go to the er


Not usually. Give it a day or two and it goes away. If it persists longer than a week I do call though.


Nope! I'm stubborn as a mule


At the drop of a hat I'm at the doctor checking any blemish, ache, pain or anything - currently waiting for an ultrasound because I felt a really weird lump around my stomach. I lost an uncle to a late prostate cancer diagnosis, lost my father to a late heart issue and missed cancer diagnosis, my SO lost their father and aunty to a late cancer diagnosis. My grandma suffered a stroke after an undiagnosed heart attack and my mother suffered sepsis due to not going to the doctor after suffering diverticulosis. I'd rather be a pain in their arse and alive than dying because I didn't want to bother them


If it hurts or if it can hurt inevitably, yes. If it’s a “why do you have these red spots on your neck and back, honey, you should get it checked for some sort of skin disease or deficiency” then nope.


Usually it just goes away if not then yes. Had a sore throat for 2 months with 3 doctors no problem found but medication helped.


I will only go to the doctor if it's life or death. Back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, gut pain, honestly any regular pain doesn't matter. Either it'll get better or I'll learn to deal with it. Maybe on those regular check ups I'll mention it but usually that just kinda gets ignored.


I went to the doctor when I felt a pain in my body. It happened once every 2-3 weeks for 3-4 seconds but almost knocked me over. I said to everyone could this be cancer? No they said. I go to my doctor can this be cancer? No! "I'll send you to a specialist though." The specialist said, " You have cancer all over." Cancer free after three surgeries.


I'm American. You can guess the answer.


Depends on just how wrong it feels, I guess. I usually don't go in unless I'm fairly certain I'll die if I don't 😅. Couldn't tell you why, that's just the way I've always been.


I don't if I am feeling unwell I fast till I feel better or just wait it out. Otherwise it has to be a level of consistent pain that I can not explain. If I go to the ER for something that doesn't turn out to be a big deal its a 3,000 dollar minimum visit if its not they'll find something else to charge me to make it plus knowing that I can't afford because i am not insured they will only perform the most basic evaluations/tests necessary. So why bother?


I usually give it a few days. If it worsens or doesn’t get better, then I got to the doctor, but if I’m getting better (even if at a slow pace), then no


Depends on the time of year, about 5 months out of the year I don’t do anything but work and can’t take time off, I’d have to be having a heart attack and passing out before I go, if I got the time, 2-4 days depending on if it’s something familiar or I get blood work done and get a phone call saying “we need to talk”


Hell no. That’s where SICK people go.


Only if I can't sleep


I'm an American, I can't afford fancy luxuries like healthcare or a place to live.


No… because I live in the US and it would just cost me a lot of money.


Yes, although I've been less inclined during the last year or so because my insurance has sucked.


It usually has to get pretty bad or last for a long time before I'll think to go to a doctor.


No, unless it gets so bad i can't go through my daily tasks but by that point i have to call the ambulance. Why not? I hate going there and usually i get some kinda bad news so i'd rather not.


Having a free healthcare system, that question sounds just weird. Is that supposed to be an american thing or something? Personally I always go to the doctor when I feel something isn't right, obviously. And most of the people I know do that, too.


Yes but under two doctors care right now, I'm disabled and in a lot of pain.


100%. I do not fuck around and wait to find out


No, I just wait it out and hope it goes away. I have insurance but if I actually needed to use it I couldn’t afford all those bills.


Yes. After ignoring signs something was wrong about 15 years ago I finally went, at my aunt’s behest, and several trips, a long weekend stay in the hospital, and a visit to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester I was told I had a rare blood cancer. Thankfully I also found out not long after that I could sign up for benefits through the Veterans Administration and they have covered 100% of my medical (I’m 0% service connected, BTW) since then, including a bone marrow transplant and subsequent specialist healthcare through Stanford Hospital. All that said, if I hadn’t gotten signed up with the VA and had to rely on what medical insurance I had at the time, I’d be dead now. I know they catch a lotta flak, and deservedly so, but goddamn if they haven’t saved my life on numerous occasions, for free.


For anything new, a lot of the chronic things like migraines and tinnitus they just shrug their shoulders and refer me to each other.


Yes because I am actually curious about wtf is going on with my body. I'll go if it's something that isn't getting better You only get 1 in your life. You need to take care of it. When I find out what's wrong, I read up on it because I'm curious about it too. My dad and brother are the complete opposite. They never go and just want to remain in the dark about medical issues. If one day they get some kind of stage 3 cancer because they waited to late, that's on them. I know they are family, but damn,nut the fuck up and go if needed .




It depends. Usually, I figure it’s temporary and it’ll pass. If it doesn’t go away, then I’ll google the symptoms and try to figure out what it might be. Most of the time, WebMD will be like “ your symptoms probably mean it’s this, which is caused by that. Stop doing that and just rest or whatever”. If that doesn’t solve it then I’ll go to the doctor, but so far I’ve successfully avoided going to the doctor using this genius method.


I live in the US and have decent health care so I make use of it. Yearly physicals, eye exams, dental work. And if I feel like there's something wrong, I go get it checked out. Healthy habits while I'm young will pay huge dividends in the future.


I’ll usually give it a few weeks to a month depending on what it is, and if it hasn’t improved or resolved itself then I’ll go to the doctor. But it all depends. I live in a country where skin cancer is rampant (Australia), so any dodgy looking new moles or spots I’m at the doctor straight away.


I didn't, was a big mistake.


I'll go if it is something that can be fixed. The rest of the time its Bourbon and Advil.


Yes, I try to take care of my health somewhat.


Depends. For example, I just got better from having 2 whole days of fevers/chills, throwing up, intense migraine (like someone squishing your brain together) and vertigo (I think. I couldn’t walk straight without holding onto the wall). But I didn’t think to go to the doctors. I just popped a Tylenol pill based on the instructions and here I am, fit as a fiddle. My reasoning is because a doctor would probably recommend the same stuff so why bother. The only time I think I would go to the doctors is if something was going on around the penis area and if I have like a super bad rash or something. Besides that, pop a Tylenol and just ride it out.


I do, in spite of the fact that I'm often tempted to just leave it. Then I just get a slap on the back and "You're young, you'll be alright" like bro I have 2 dozen lipomas all over my body which is not normal for a young man. Didn't even do a biopsy. Now I figure if it turns out they're liposarcomas or some shit I'm already a dead man walking anyway 😅


nope. Walk it off/ignore it. If I don't go to doctor it's not real and can't hurt me.


Nope, I say to myself "I should go to the doktor and check this out" but it rarely happens that I actually do it :)


Well I've had this numbness in my pinky and one side of ring finger for about 5 months now. I'm pretty sure it's something to do with the ulnar nerve/cubital tunnel syndrome. I googled the symptoms when it first came up and through a couple of online resources the consensus seemed to be that if it doesn't go away on it's own in 6 weeks, see a doctor about it. I have not seen a doctor about it.


oh hell yes... it's part of the maintenance process to keep you alive,


Almost my whole family are doctors except me, I just ask them


Most of the time, I will blame my own bad habits/lifestyle choices, resolve to improve, somewhat/sometimes succeed, then hope it goes away. As a kid/teen I had a birth mark removed, and when I told my GP it was still there, he just shrugged it off. Since then I have been kind of confused about when I'm wimpy and when I should be concerned.


Usually I think about the potential cost, how theyre not likely to actually figure out the problem anyways, and just webmd that shit.


If it's in the early half of the year and think i can hit my deductible


It’s been over 10 years since I’ve seen a physician


No, I figure if it's really serious I'll be dead anyway so won't have to worry about it.


It depends. If it's a sport-related injury I usually have a good feeling for what it is and if it needs treatment or not. Quite often it just needs rest. Everything else I get checked. If something doesn't feel or doesn't look right and seems to persist then I'll have a professional look at it.


My mental health. If I didn't do that back in 2019, I wouldn't be here right now...


No. I either know it needs a doctor or i don’t go. And I haven’t been to the doctor in years.


Not that I’m opposed. Just the cost issue.


0.o wth.... man I live in Canada and I'm stubborn but yea if it doesn't get better go. Your health is all you have at the end of the day. Your kids are gonna wanna have their dad around.


No because I live in Sweden and the only way to see a doctor is to be actually dying


Only if it was very serious. Almost every time I've been to a Dr, they have blown me off and then charged me a fortune for doing nothing. I've learned to not bother.


Absolutely. A few years ago, I went to the doctor about some shoulder trouble and he asked if I've ever had a skin check for skin cancer. I said no, but there is this little patch of dry skin that wont sort itself out and I did notice a couple of spots on the inside of my knee. One skin check later and two malignant skin cancers removed, the one on my leg was the length of my little finger! At that point, I decided I'm not going to be on my deathbed because of something that could have been fixed with a 30min visit to the doctor


Yes. Because that's what doctors are for. And I live in Europe. I pay 4€ for a visit.




No. My doctor sucks and took 2 years to figure out I had **severe** lack of vitamin B12 and D. He is extremely refusing towards something being wrong and always blames it on common sickness or growing pains etc. etc. I've mostly given up on him, and I'm currently on the waitinglist to switch doctors but it takes a while. I've been on it for a few years.


"Something isn't right" is a ridiculous phrase. If I need medical attention, yeah. If I got a papercut, no. If I feel I could lose 5 pounds after the holidays, no. If I need a haircut, no.


I have as I’ve gotten older. My dad died 2 weeks after he turned 66. He had his first heart attack at 48. I turn 40 next year and would like to be around as long as I can to watch my kids grow up. With that being said, I don’t go at every onset of discomfort. I’ve grow rather accustomed to know what’s normal and what needs to be looked at. I see my Dr every few months for blood work anyway.


No. I'm not pissing my annual leave up the wall for that.


I don't, because i wanna die, if i feel something weird, i either achieve my main goal, or i'll be in pain for the next hour/week


I’m Canadian, so of course I do, it just takes 3 weeks to get in.


Yes because healthcare is free and investing in prevention is better than bailing my body out to cure.