When she came over to hang out knowing i had a weekend marathon planned with friends. When she asked what movies we were watching first, i answered "The LOTR trilogy". Without hesitation she replied "The extended editions right?" Thats when i knew.


We broke up cause I didnt want kids. That came from a place in my head that I thought, which at the time I thought I knew, I would not make a good father. Couldn't stop thinking about her for two weeks and we talked alot. I knew I didn't go thourugh life with out her. We have a lovely daughter now, even when she screams in my ear and bites my fingers. Its a good life


I looked in her eyes while on a pier with her and just kinda felt like everything would be alright in my life. I dunno how to describe it. Just felt almost weightless like nothing else mattered.


When I was without her for a few weeks (she was travelling) and it felt like my heart was doing that thing where you try to fold a piece of paper in half more than 8 times.


this is not good


It was never anything unhealthy - I just missed her sense of humour and her sweet little voice, and the thought I had to live without her for a while hurt my heart.


Aww. That’s sweet.


It's her fault - she brings it out of me! Love is such a sweet feeling most of the time, but sometimes it hurts. You sometimes need the hurt to know it's there at all.




Falling for her happened quickly (looking back, it actually happened after only a few dates), but the full realization of the weight of it all happened slowly, which seems strange. I'll spare the details, but basically there was a point where there would have been a natural, easy, and understandable break point about 3 months into the relationship, and there was no pressure on me to stay in. I had the conscious thought that "if you want out, here's the exit." And the only thing I could think of was how empty things would be without her, and I couldn't picture life without her. That's when the full force of it hit me. We had exchanged the "L" word before that, and it was genuine, but the depth of it hit me then.


When she feels more like a family member than a friend. When I feel super comfortable instead of nervous when I was around her. When I can‘t stop smiling when I saw her.


We had been dating just over a month and had a huge fight over something stupid. I didn't talk to her for two days and they were the longest two days of my life. I was dying to call and apologize on the third day. Thank goodness she accepted my apology.


When the tongue hit my balls


The first BlowJob and that was 8 years ago


When it ended.


Damn, this is the truth. You only realize how hard you have loved someone when they are taken away


When everyone around convinced me.


When I started making bad decisions


I went to visit her and her family we couldn’t see each other for my birthday cause work and she got a me present of my favorite cologne. I never told her it was my favorite or anything she just saw it in my bathroom. It was the fact someone actually showed interest in me enough to know the small things I enjoy and like really meant a lot.


Never been in love and am not looking to be anytime soon.


2 years ago with my first girlfriend. That didn’t work out. It will be 3 in November.


after shooting all over her face