“Live like today is your last” Trust me, tried this for a few years in my early twenties.


Carpe diem taken in a different context can be bad lol Seizing the day is much more useful than live life like it's literally your last day


Carpe diem is actually shorter for another phrase which roughly translates vinto. "Seize the day for you know not what tommorow will bring" Which means do what you can now do you don't know if you can tommorow. Study today because you don't know if you can tommorow essentially


Conquer the world today for tomorrow you may not be able to because of back pain.


I have a family history of cerebral aneurysms. They discovered my first one and fixed it when I was 49. My second one will kill me and it could arrive any day. So, I truly live every day as it if it's my last. And let me tell you, it is not as fun as it's made out to be, in fact, it's horrible! Trying to motivate myself to do anything long term is very difficult, but I have a wife that deserves a partner that will set goals and work toward them. Exhausting!


The username checks out for that situation


The second one can’t be clipped?


"Now I've got diabetes..."


And a severe substance use disorder


A few STDs


And more debts than one could shake a stick at.


And an embarrasing tattoo


Only seven fingers


Knees that are going to give me hell when I get older.


And a few children that I don’t have anything to do with.


Same I took this motto a little to much to heart.


I think the sentiment holds some value. I can get stuck in a rut or be lazy and be a couch potato even though going out and about would make me happier. But taking the advice literally would be moronic.


Yes, it means to understand that your time here is limited, not get shitfaced everyday like there is no tomorrow. If it's taken that way then that person should probably reconsider their life goals.


Anything about "the one". This is utter garbage. Chances are really good you're going to meet more than one person who it is or could be *the one*. You may have a relationship with that person you think is the one, and it will end, and you'll find someone else is now the one. The whole notion that there's exactly and only one person out there right for you is garbage.


My ex-wife believed wholeheartedly in "the one." She's currently on her third marriage.


"the third"


The One v3.0


"Third time's the charm" update!


I mean Neo was "The One" .... just the sixth one


The One Part 3: This Time I Got It Right.


The one-third.


I thought I met the one, then I caught her cheating on me with a co-worker. The phrase should be “the current one”


Lol. And after that.."another one" :D


I read that in DJ Khaled’s voice , “ another one “


I used to search endlessly for "miss right", now I content myself glancing around for "miss right now"


Ever seen Up? This is by far the most accurate representation of real love. “Love bears all things.” When the chips are down; I will be okay the second I know my wife is with me. When I lost my job that I had spent so many years working toward, my wife left her work to come and be with me for the termination process. Love is the result of being repeatedly present and willing to give of oneself. If you have someone like that, do not look for better. Get on your knees and thank the universe you got to know what life was always meant to be about.


I wish I had something to give you. Usually Reddit comments only make me emotional if I’m sleepy and a beer or so in. Your word wizardry got me, completely sober and before dinner.


Lovely example and explanation.


You only know the one you’re meant to be with upon reflection of the sum of the relationship.


I’ll always remember premarital counseling, taking a survey / assessment separately before counseling together. one of the questions was whether I believed in “the one”. I said no, fiancé said yes. At first she was not happy about my response. I simply said “I love you, want to marry you, and will do everything to make it work. But I choose you, you choose me. every day” I guess it worked.


Beautifully real.


And somehow, intentionally choosing to love and be with someone is much more meaningful to me than some "the one" that you're destined to be with.


This !! I tell my gf of 16 years who I have 3 kids with…. You were the one when I first saw you, but over time I realized it was a commitment we made back then that’s got us to where we are now… non of this love at first sight bullcrap… it’s a daily commitment for a future together.


I generally agree with this, but I do think one person can ruin you for anyone else. Like if someone was married and happy for 40 years and their partner died I wouldn’t really expect them to find someone new. Their spouse could have become their one over time.


Well, this goes further, and begs the question of whether one needs or wants a *one*. At different times of life, different needs.


When I met my wife, we hated each other. Life happened, things changed, she moved in in an emergency, we started dating. I asked her to marry me 4 months into our relationship. Been married 8 years now. She became my one.


I feel like people get overwhelmed with the infatuation stage of a relationship and their happy chemicals make them believe that person is the "one". I once dated a guy who told me he lived me after 3 days and I broke up with him. I'd just gotten out of a long-term and semi-abusive relationship and I wasn't ready for another serious relationship so quickly. I told him he isn't in love, but infatuated with me. And I feel like that's true for a lot of people who believe in soulmates. I mean, I tell people that my soulmate died. He did. He was my son's father and I would've done anything for him, and I did. But we realized after about 4 years of dating that we were better as friends. But then, we kept seeing each other until he moved away to Colorado and started dating another girl. When he came back he was on and off again with her and we ended up going up twice, the second time getting me pregnant. He died a month and 5 days before our son was born. Some days I hate him for dying, for not taking better care of himself knowing we were expecting, and other days I'm just so incredibly sad that I never got to say goodbye, and that he never saw son, and our son will never know how incredibly wonderful his father was. But I thank God everyday for the gift he gave me in the form of a little boy who looks so much like his father, and that his grandmother is still around to be there for us.... Anyway I'm going off on a tangent. But I do tell myself that I lost my soulmate and that no one will ever compare to him. I know it's a little messed up, like I'm not willing to give anyone else a chance. But that's not true, I just haven't met anyone else who measured up to him yet.


That couldn't have been an easy thing to write here. Thank you for sharing it.


The real" one "is " you". Love yourself, love others as you love yourself and be gentle to both. If you can achieve this love is around every corner. Still have to be smart and judge red flags etc, but communication will be easier.


It’s so Disney, the movie ends with them getting married and that’s it. Scale a mountain, fight a dragon, live your whole life alone till you find ‘the one’. It’s so so stupid.


Also the love at first sight notion of "when you know, you know." For some people it works like this but I've found myself falling for plutonic friends over years that I wasn't initially attracted to.


>plutonic Radioactive friends?


Yikes!! Plutonium is 94! Not 1!


I am a drastically different person than I was 10, 15, 20 years ago. If I was ever "the one" for someone else, there is no way in hell I would be now for that same person. I figure it must go the other way too.


Most people change over time. Some of us still are married as we change together.


I don’t think a lot of people truly believe there’s only one person on the earth that’s perfect for them. When most people say “he/she could be the one” they generally just mean “I could see myself spending the rest of my life with the person.” Doesn’t mean that’s the only person in existence that could do that job.


And if you spend your whole life with them, it really was *the one*, not because there's nobody else that could've been the one, but because with only one such person did you actually spend that time.


One love to bring them all, and in the darkness, *bind them.*


I'd also say "there's a lid for every pot" is idiotic. Some of us will not find anyone and that's OK.


Whoever says that clearly has never tried to cook in my kitchen. I think I have several lidless pots and maybe one potless lid.


“Just trust that things will work out” Like I understand what people are trying to say, but the implication that I can continue to do exactly what I’m already doing and everything around me will change for the better is ridiculous to me. You have to make changes and try if you want things to change and improve. It won’t just work itself out, if it was going to, there would not be poverty or homelessness or anything in that realm


I think this phrase is interpreted in two very different ways. There is obviously the way you described it , just continue living and everything will be fine and dandy. But the way I, and some other people I’ve talked to, think of it is this. You may be struggling now, things may suck or may not be the way you want it to be, but as long as you keep moving forward and truly believe that things will get better and “work out” (whatever that may be) then some day it will. It’s all about the mindset


That totally makes sense! I think a lot of the time the way I hear it (and what bothers me) is when people say it in the context I was talking about above. But it’s usually paired with “follow gods plan” and regardless of religion, I think phrases like that give a false sense of security at times unless also mentioned alongside encouragement to continue working hard on improving. I completely agree with your take though, maybe rather than a false sense of security what it’s actually doing is giving a very needed sense of hope! I like that


Yeah so when I hear the, follow *insert your religion’s divine being(s)* plan I’ve started to take that as, I have no idea what God’s plan is, but as long as I keep trying and doing what I think is best along with trying to follow my own personal religion’s “guidelines”, the outcome will have to be better. I feel like as a human being there is no way you can be working on yourself, improving our mental health/strength, and be a good person, and things not be better. Maybe not how you may have originally imagined, but still better. Also, I wanted to thank you for keeping a nice and civil discussion with me. I know conversations like this can easily go sour really fast.


I think it's rooted in the same concept. If sth bad happens and you lose a job that you love, or you lose a SO, miss out on an opportunity etc etc, "it'll work out" in the sense that your life will continue and you'll likely find some other thing to care about. The point is that it didn't work out though. For example, if you flunk out of school, "it'll work out" as in you'll likely find a job somewhere, but you'll likely never be able to achieve the same career advancement as someone who didn't fail. You'll probably have a job that you don't like, although given time your mind will settle into the life you're living to the point where you're able to find some enjoyment in sth that you didn't think possible before. I suppose that's "it working out" in some way, but I feel like it's more just a lowering of standards. There's an argument to be made that it doesn't matter if your standards are lowered as long as you find happiness/enjoyment but idk. There's also tons of cases where that wasn't the case, and someone never found happiness after a failure or loss in their life. It didn't really work out for them.


I like to think a blanket statement like this is preceded by a blanket response. How are ya? Good, life’s got me down though Just trust that things will work out If we can find a way to stop giving these types of responses and actually socialize, these phrases can go the way of the dodo.


only applicable if you've done the preparation for things to work out


"If you always do what you always done, you'll always get what you've always gotten" - Tony Robbins


You should stick by your beliefs. I’ve heard this my whole life. That people who change their stance are wishy washy and unreliable because they change their beliefs. I change all the time based on new information and looking at things from different perspectives. Mental elasticity is an essential part of human growth.


So true, I always grew up hearing people say that you are fake for not having the same beliefs as before, or because you said something 5 years ago and no longer feel the same that you are a hypocrite. It's stupid and shallow.


Let me introduce you to Twitter, where things said 10 years ago still matter and the rules mean nothing.


I hate this so much. Can we collectively stop bringing up 10+ year-old comments/photos/etc on Twitter? Like can we recognize that people can grow and change?


Yeah always coming from people who themselves are incapable of growth and self-reflection. Their word ain’t worth shit!


Need to differentiate between principles, beliefs, and preferences. All three can change over a lifetime, but they should change at different rates and for different reasons.


My mom liked to say, “treat your woman like a queen” Horrible advice. Putting your SO on a pedestal sets up an unhealthy, toxic relationship for both. But I do think it could be better put; look for ways to make her feel, special, wanted and loved. This doesn’t mean that you neglect yourself but it takes balance. Hopefully and ideally she reciprocates. This is the way.


Maybe she meant to behead her if she doesn't give you male heirs




LOL!!! I’m pretty sure my old world ancestors were peasants, soooo…


“If you treat her like a celebrity, she’ll treat you like a fan.” In a proper relationship both parties are equals


"Treat your woman like a queen, but only if she treats you like a king."


Ain’t no shit gonna get done though lol


What is being treated like a king and queen mean to you?? Becuase i work extra hard to spoil my partner and in turn he spoils me. Whether thats picking up extra hours to buy nice gifts, cooking for him or giving a nice massage after a hard day. In turn, if im having a bad day he drops everything (if possible) to comfort me or buys me food or gifts. Thats to me makes me feel spoiled. We take turns spoiling each other


Also, people need to be challenged at times.


Good things come to those who wait.


Still waiting


Exactly. "Good things come to those who wait" is about the same as "sit down and shut up". When will the good things come? Later. How much later? Later.




Good things come to those who work for them


This is obviously just a reassurance to make one feel better. The reality is some people are just dealt a bad hand in life, you could wait your whole life and nothing comes along. 😕


"waiting" doesn't mean sitting around and doing nothing


Exactly. I take the "waiting" part as "be patient". Like it'll take time for the work you've done, the seeds you've sowed etc, to give results.


"Just be yourself" "Everything happens for a reason"


>"Everything happens for a reason" Sometimes, its because you make bad choices.




Tell a widow or widower that everything happens for a reason. You will have one fewer friend "for a reason."


Exactly. Or losing a child/pet/any loved one really in a tragic and violent way and you have to go about your merry way in life being like yes yes, god wanted this for me, I am grateful...


Oh, like how I've heard heavily religious people say "oh. It was just their time, god called them back to heaven, god needed them more than we did." I absolutely loathe that saying/excuse. No, the truth is, they were taken from us and there's nothing we can do or could have done. Life sucks, life is hard and there's nothing we can do about it, especially on a large scale. You can't change the past, only learn from it.... Thanks Rafiki.


My mom said this after My ex wife and I found out our first baby never developed after 4 months, though all the signs prior showed no issues. This, despite her clearly knowing I'm an agnostic. So annoying.


"it's all part of gods plan". . . What kind of fucked plan is that, god?


The reason? Clogged arteries.


The widow or widower hears that crap so often that it begins to burn like acid and the best way to handle it is to stop socializing with you.


As a widow (now remarried) I agree with you.


This. When my husband passed away I was contacting people and one of his friends said “you need to let them go as soon as possible because you’re keeping him here with your grief and everything happens for a reason so you need to just let it be and let it go”. It had been 2 weeks since he died and this guy was telling me 2 shitty things: my grief was causing my husband pain and everything happened for a reason. That was the last time I spoke with him.


That second one is the absolute worst. I must say through self-reflection I’ve concluded that *some* things happen for a reason, not everything. Sometimes shit just happens because shit happens and there’s nothing you could’ve done to prevent it, it’s just life. Also you ever realise people only say that about negative things? 🧐


Yeah, "everything happens for a reason" annoys me. Aye, no worries, I'll just leave everything to the Sisters of Fate then, eh?!


Just be yourself means to be authentic. You're not pretending. However, you can always improve yourself for yourself.


“You’re perfect the way you are” I personally think that’s the most damaging advice we give to young people. You’re not perfect. In fact, you probably suck; everyone does. You should be constantly trying to make yourself better, and you should never be complacent.


I agree but my reason is different than yours. It’s because, like you say, we’re objectively not, and young people or kids aren’t stupid. If they’re getting teased for the giant nose or +100lbs or stutter or whatever else that is objectively not “perfection”, ignoring that will just make them feel lied to, they have a mirror, they have society telling them what is currently “in”. Better would be “you’re not perfect but that’s cool!” And they can decide what’s worth trying to improve on and what’s just societal pressure BS that they can ignore.


I'm not religious but the whole "give me the serenity to change the things I can, and to accept the things I can't change" is pretty damn useful. Balding? Short? Got weird ears? "You're perfect the way you are" is good advice - love yourself for the things that you can't possibly do anything about, since obsessing over them does more bad than good. Obese? Smell bad? Broke? Get on that shit. You're not perfect, so put down the pizza, go to the gym, take a shower, learn some useful skills. It is terrible advice for people with fixable problems because you shouldn't accept these things, you should fix them.


When people say this, they’re generally talking about appearance and how attractive someone is. Things someone doesn’t really have the ability to change.


What do you think would be a better way of uplifting someone while also being realistic?


My therapist from years ago had me say this mantra: 'I'm doing the best I can AND I can do better.' I still use it today. I find it very helpful to keep motivated to make changes, while not beating myself up and feeling miserable about the past.


"You suck, I suck, we ALL suck, but the great thing about being alive is that if we try really hard, we can suck less"


Lol, suck less is one of our family cheers!


“You’re best self is amazing, and you should always try to be your best self. No one is all the time, but you owe it to yourself to always try and be better” Something along those lines, but I’m sure we could make it more concise and sound nicer.


This is what I ask my dog whenever he starts barking at the neighbor dog. "Are you being your best self right now?! Let's put away the "roo roo" face and calm down."


There's nothing quite so special as using logical reasoning on a dog. I hope you get a full head tilt after you say it


Forgive and forget This is always said by someone that *wasn't* in the situation that you're currently pissed about


Forgive, never forget. That's how you move on _and_ you learn.


I was told that years ago by a dude much older than me and it took many hard lessons to understand what that really meant. Easily the best advice I got in my early 20s


But you don’t have to forgive. There are unforgivable things in life.


Cheaters never prosper. Lie. They prosper so very much all the time.


I will say though, I hate the whole "once a cheater, always a cheater" adage. People can grow, change, gain perspective. People fuck up. A lot of things lead to cheating. Way more than the standard *I was horny and she was hot and I lost control cause I wanted to smash* idea that people seem to have. Make no mistake, im not defending cheating or excusing it. Just bothers me that people don't believe life experiences can change us.


i don’t think its this, but i believe a majority of the time people do not forgive cheaters because a majority do not change. Its more of a “i dont care for our relationship, and i want other people” rather then “i was horny”


Just be yourself. No if you're an asshole then change.


Cooked spaghetti sticks to the wall.


Cabinet. Most fridges are too porous/brushed steel. Cabinets are usually glossy.


When I bought a fixer-upper many years ago... There was spaghetti _painted over_ in the kitchen near the stove. Ugh.


Happy wife, happy life. Such a load of shit.


Yup. Can't be happy yourself if you spend every waking moment making her happy.


Also no one is responsible for your own happiness. You have to figure that shit out on your own.


lol,my dad would always say this shit to give me comfort about my mom everytime she would lose her shit. fuck that saying. edit: grammar


My ex's mom said that shit a lot.


Amazing how many mothers raise their daughters to be EX wives.


As a woman, I agree with this. My fiance and I try to make each other equally happy and we both end up making it a competition. He makes me happy, I try to out happy him and do something even better for him lmao.


Yes! My husband and I have adopted “happy spouse happy house” because everyone’s happiness is important in a marriage


It creates a lot of adults that learn to have a tantrum to get their way.


Thats right! Its happy spouse, happy house.


Stop looking for love and you’ll find it. No, seek, intelligently seek and ye shall find.


“Follow your heart” Lmao, no.


I’ve found a practical qualifier for this one is to “let your head inform your heart” There is something to trusting your gut instincts, but to do so blindly is naive. I’m not opposed to the notion of “following one’s heart” but only *if it makes sense*


If I could upvote this a million times I would


Just create multiple accounts


Suggested alternative: consult your heart, follow your brain.


"Follow your dreams, you can be anything you want" Well intentioned but usually comes from people that have already achieved something others may not be able to for a variety of reasons.


Don’t give up. Sometimes giving up is the best thing to do. Pack up and move to something else. Walking away is totally underrated as a coping strategy.


Yes! I especially hate this advice when it comes to pursuing a woman. If she said no, you have your answer. Move on. “Romantic” movie behaviors can be pretty scary in real life.


I wrote a poem about the double edgedness of hope.... how it can be your saving grace, or what sends you to your grave. Sometimes refusing to give up is what is killing you.


"If you ain't first, you're last"


Okay Ricky Bobby


"Second Place is First Loser." Makes my damned blood boil every time.


"oh Ricky, i was high when i said that"


"be yourself" I mean, pls stfu, no one likes me as myself


"Be yourself" - bitch that's literally what I've been doing, obviously it didn't work so I need to BETTER myself "You'll find someone better" - good I better but don't complain when I compare the next girl to my exes if they are better -.-


"Always negotiate" or "stand up for yourself at work" This advice comes from a good place, but it's often misplaced and preached to people who NEED a paycheck. Better to be underemployed than unemployed, contrary to the popular opinion people from privilege espouse. Now you should always negotiate if you have leverage or are in a position of some sort of power, but you'd be surprised at how many job offers get rescinded when you try to negotiate.


Adding onto this, it’s not illegal to discuss your salaries with your coworkers. It helps, but there is a difference between boasting and just generally talking. I discussed my salary with my coworker and I found out I was making less than the new hires even if I worked there longer.


I've been fired for standing up for myself. My boss screamed at me in front of everyone, telling me that having an unwanted abortion wasn't a good enough excuse to be depressed. He aired my personal life, that I told him in private, then berated me for being depressed, then fired me when I told him that what he did was unprofessional. He got demoted later that year and fired, but it still didn't change what he did to me. That was the second and last time I stood up for myself at work and in general. It really fucked me up.


It’s part of god’s plan.


i fucking hate this phrase. children get raped, yea gods plan dude children get cancer, yea gods plan dude people getting murdered, oh yea gods plan g someone close to you died, oh yea gods plan dude well if gods plan is to fkin torture people for their sins then fk god


Don’t go to bed angry. Some times you just do that, it happens, move on!


I do exactly the opposite. If I'm mad I just go to bed. Wake up feeling calmer and more ready for a constructive conversation.


Yes. This. Sometimes going to bed and “sleeping on it” let’s you wake up with a new perspective. Sometimes the time is just a reset button.


"Everything happens for a reason." if so, what's the reason i got leukemia at age 14?


"Go into a fox news interview unprepared"


You mean like not even dressed professionally…??


No need! Just have a shower 1hr before the interview and pick up the first piece of clothing you find


Should I at least clean up my room? Or leave it looking like a tornado went through it?


“He’s only picking on you because he likes you.” I teach my daughters that boys that pick on you don’t like you and you need to shut them down. The boys that treat you with respect are the ones that like you and are worth your attention.


"Anything worth doing is worth doing well." Reality should be, "Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly." Cause doing it poorly is better than not doing at all.


This! I say this to my students all the time. Should go for a run but can't be bothered? Well a ten minute walk is better than nothing. Horribly depressed and the kitchen sink is full of dishes? Can't face tidying it all? Well emptying the dishwasher is a start and better than nothing. It's a great saying.


Ehh I think it’s somewhere in between. Something like doing the best you can at that moment. Just because it’s not perfect, or even down right bad, doesn’t mean someone didn’t put in a ton of effort. Everyone has to start somewhere. But I see your point!


I prefer this: "Good enough is **literally** good enough. By definition."


“Put your money into a savings account and save it.” No, invest it, else inflation will eat it and you’ll effectively end up with less (buying-power wise).


Opposites attract


“Go to college/university; it’s the only way you’ll get a good job.”


"Learn to be happy alone". BS. Without human connection, we wilt. I'm a 27yo man and every Saturday night that I spend cooking for just me melts my soul a little bit. There's a huge difference between *"I need someone"* and *"this would be so much more fulfilling with someone to share it with"*.


“Be yourself” literally no one wants that. Be someone cool


Good things come to those that wait. Bullshit. Take everything, take it now, take it from that idiot sitting there waiting. Thanks grandma.


1. That you need to be in this perfect place regarding being content in your life to attract a relationship. People from all walks of life end up in relationships it’s a mix of randomness and putting yourself out there. 2. That everything in life has a meaning. It’s beyond ridiculous and incredibly self absorbed. You going through difficulty, or the rain outside due to your breakup is not some divine Olán. De-center yourself take accountability and make better choices 3. Karma will get them. Karma is just basically a reaction to one specific action. Someone mistreating you in 7th grade is not the sole reason they are unhappy in their life now. I mean if we were to go with that logic wouldn’t the mistreatment you faced also be some divine retribution for your treatment of others? No one can speak for what is meant to happen for others as people’s lives, reactions, and trajectories are much more complicated in ways we will take a lifetime to understand. Hell sometimes people don’t face negative or minimal backlash for their moments because well that’s life. What’s most important is taking control of your story and choosing what’s best moving forward. People aren’t defined by their worst mistakes




Be your best self is what this should be


Go to a four year college. Nope, go to a trade school or community college. Take time to travel. Figure yourself out, figure out what you want to contribute to the world. There are a lot of different jobs. Explore.


“Be yourself.” No, myself is an impatient, irascible, condescending jerk. I do not want to be that guy. I want to be better and kinder to people.


Follow your passion. Please don't. Passion fades. It burns out. It can disappear for no reason at all and without any notice. And even if it doesn't, the chance that your passion will be your profession is probably close to zero. All of the people who followed their passion and made it are the success stories. It's pure survivorship bias. For every one of them there are untold numbers who never made it and wish they'd never done it.


Facts. I'd LOVE to travel the world playing concerts with a band, making music we love. It won't ever happen. I'm older, not in a band, and have a solid career. I'm glad I didn't follow that passion.


You could be in a band, and you could play gigs. That's still doable and worth it imo. Fuck being a famous rockstar, it's all about the music baby.


I was in a band for awhile, bad dynamic. I'm having plenty of fun playing/writing alone. I'm a "multi instrumentalist" so I can get most things done on my own. It's all good.


Just be yourself


“Don’t care what people think about you” You should care what people think about you in most situations. We are social creatures who need human interaction. They’ll be douchebags who you should t care about, but you should try to please people to have friends haha


Teaching boys that it is wrong to cry or show emotion. This caused for a lot of unnecessary pain, and long term hurt in adulthood for me. I especially realized it when I began losing friends I served alongside who were killed while we were both in the military; not properly knowing or understanding how to grieve or “feel” made me a very angry/closed off person and very cold on the exterior with a lot of confusion on the inside. Teach your sons that emotions are normal. Teach them to talk about their feelings, and how to express them. And never be afraid to tell them one more time how proud you are of them or how much you love them.


yes yes yes. happy wife happy life. if I recall there's a husband too. why is all the focus on the wife?? so the husband doesn't deserve to be happy in the marriage. 🤔🤨🤐


This quote alone is why majority of married men become walking husks of themselves


I feel u. gotta b sum communication with wifey. even my wife said, "I dnt like that phrase either, should b happy couple happy home" 🤷🏾‍♂️


"Violence is never the answer"


It’s the solution


What you don't know won't hurt you, it's always what hurts you


Telling someone not to feel a certain feeling. I work in mental health/home health and can confirm that a lot of my clients have issues with emotions due to people saying these things. It’s ok not to be ok. You can feel negative emotions despite what society tells you.


“Every relationship has problems” Yeah, I stayed in an abusive relationship for YEARS because I minimized my own abuse with this saying.


“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”


But what about second breakfast?


Everyone knows elevensies is the more important one!


I don't think he knows about second breakfast


“The right person will come at the right time” “Be vulnerable” I regret taking those seriously.