What makes you keep a relationship with a woman?

What makes you keep a relationship with a woman?


As long as she’s cool. And continues to have sex with me.


You've got that cliche backwards, could be your problem lol. Seriously though the short term just about whether we have fun together and mesh well. If you plan good dates you can have fun with anyone, but if it feels easy even on a lazy day with nothing but each other to add interest that's something worth pursuing deeper. Going into long term, it's basically that plus compatible goals and values.




This is the only answer I needed.


Did you think it was gonna be anything else?


An aspect of compatibility is having your needs fulfilled. Every person has different needs. Different reasons for why their in a relationship. Some people want someone they can confide in, others just want someone who will keep their stomach full and their balls empty lol. But the simplicity of your answer is what I needed. All I can do is try my best to figure out what my current partner’s / future partner’s needs are.


I mean, it kinda is true. You can check all those boxes and something just doesn’t click between you two, making you incompatible. It happens. It’s hard to really explain it more specifically.


this one.


Aside from compatibility, she's got to love & respect me. I can cook my own food. I can empty my own balls, been doing that since I was 12. My time spent with her should be just as sacred as my time apart from her. I should be able to express my thoughts & feelings to her without her negative judgements or thinking I'm somehow weak & definitely without storing what I share with her as ammo to use against me later. I'm human and just as emotional as she is. If she can do this & such the like, I'd stay with her.




When I look in her eyes and her pupils dilate


Poor thinking in my case.


I am only interested in a relationship if my life is objectively better with her in my life than without. I enjoy having her in my presence. I do not have to "tolerate" her existence, rather given the chance I want her with me. What is necessary to achieve this varies depending on the person and their lifestyle. What I accepted for a relationship 10 years ago is not what I will accept now. I am not aiming to tailor myself to fit any woman's wants. I have found the things I enjoy and the lifestyle I want to live. If a woman wants to maintain a relationship with me, she will have to be onboard with the life I want to live. Otherwise, there is no relationship to be had.


Communication, respect, trust, chemistry and stability are the foundation stones of any strong relationship imo


Doing shitty accents


> stomach empty and balls full That sounds terrible, 0/10


Maybe that’s why they won’t stay 😔


I mean, if that wasn’t a mistake and you’re really starving your guys and depriving them of sex then, yeah, that’s probably why.