Men of Reddit What is something that you have been called out on that you are 100% sure you would have gotten away with if you were a woman?

Men of Reddit What is something that you have been called out on that you are 100% sure you would have gotten away with if you were a woman?


Violating the parental rights of my child’s mother by denying access after finding out my child had a piece of metal shoved up her nose for about ten days. In my state, anybody who files a protection order automatically gets it approved for 14 days before the listed defendant on the order can appear in court to contest it. You can also put the names of minors on this order. Every time a judge gave me custody, I was promptly served with a protection order with mother and child’s name on it. Had to forfeit child to mother for 14 days until I can get false claims thrown out and get my child back, followed by, you guessed it, another order on false pretenses. She eventually logged into my MySpace and sent herself a threatening message and then called the cops saying I violated one of these. I had a good cop who went back after locking me in a cell and pestered her until she admitted to it, then she got community service hours as punishment.


Just one of MANY ways family court is badly broken in western society. I wish you the best, brother. Fight the good fight.


This was over a decade ago. I am too disabled to even jump through the hoops to get on disability much less the court system. She however ran with the child to another state to avoid homelessness but on the plus side, She is “allowing” me to see my child for the first time in a decade this upcoming week. :) Here’s to hoping she doesn’t purposely trigger my autistic meltdowns to make me look bad.


Yep, checks out; men being mean is abuse anf women being mean id community service.


I’m a male waiter at a restaurant and was the only one for about 6 years. I’m friends with all the other female employees and regularly talk/hang with everyone while at work. We recently got another male server who was actually a pretty chill dude and it’s been nice to have another guy to talk to. But now, every time me and him are just having a conversation about anything most of the female staff will make comments like “oh are you and your new boyfriend having fun over there?” And “when you and your new butt buddy are done we have actual work to do”. The girls can talk to each other with no problems but me and another male staff member can’t even have a conversation without being harassed.


Next time two waitresses are chatting, stroll right on up to them and say "what up dikes?" That should even the playing field. Lol


Fuck sake lmao


(reported for harrasment incoming)


As nice as it would feel to say it, don't do this. Double standards are real and you could get canned for it.


Smiling, waving, if just in general saying hi to small kids. Who doesn't want to say hi to a toddler? They're adorable! But when I reached 16ish my parents told me I should probably stop. :(


I've never experienced anybody giving me the stink eye from interacting with kids. Maybe my face is extra friendly but I always wave at them as I walk by or make a silly face when they look over at me. One time at a restaurant this really little kid was crying his heart out and I started making goofy faces at him until he started laughing.


A buddy of mine played rock paper scissors with a middle schooler at our town's 4th of july event. Parents were giving him and the rest of us the stink eye.


I was at a pizza place with friends and some kid won a toy from a crane machine. My buddy looked over and the kids crackhead dad storms to our table yelling "watch your eyes! She's 13!". This grown man told us to step outside to fight, we were 16 years old lmao


They didn’t mind the game, It was the bag of Werthers Originals and the panel van that really set their spider senses tingling though.


I drive a miata 😂


lmao as a woman when I see dudes acting goofy and cute in public, I really do melt. I’m a sucker for guys who are more focused on making people around them smile and laugh than their image. Keep doing what you do ☺️🙏🏼


I still do that. If a kid is smiling or waving at me I smile and wave back. Most parents think it's very nice or at worst think nothing of it at all. Even if they don't like it, what are they gonna do, call the cops and say I waved hello to their kid?


Being the lower-income earner. I make enough to support myself and my girlfriend if I needed to, but she still makes significantly more than me. To that extent I've had people bust my balls, make snarky comments and act like I'm nothing but dead weight. Almost no one bats an eye if a woman makes less than her boyfriend/husband, and very few people would say anything even if a woman didn't work *at all* and lived off her partner's income entirely. Yet tons of guys are judged on the basis on their earning potential above all else.


I relate to this pretty hard man. My wife make the money. Like I'm a stay at home dad, and some people give me crap for it. Honestly though, I usually just assume they're jealous and just move on. My wife and I are a team, and if I wasn't willing to stay home then she wouldn't have been able to climb as high as she did while we had kids.


I'm a stay at home dad for the last 14 years. Just now putting together a fun business because my wife is secure in her job. Good for you and I know it's hard. I still suck at laundry though.


My wife makes double what I make and I wish I was a stay at home dad. Amazing that you and your wife have that team work relationship. My wife and I do as well and seeing the way some of our friends interact is insane. Money all flows into the household to take care of everyone’s needs and wants. It doesn’t matter who makes more of it. Stay strong king!


I would love to be a stay at home dad but I don’t think I could do it because I would feel so emasculated, which is stupid. I fully admit that’s my own insecurity, but it comes from years of being a waiter and viewed as an underachiever, and that led to me having a complex about it. I would constantly feel like my wife had the power in the relationships and that guys would snicker at me behind my back. It’s a shame because that’s so unfair, but I’d obsess over it.


I saw this whole news segment clip where the female new anchors talked about how women date down when women are dating men who make less or even equal to them. Luckily they were called out on how stupid that is... they were called out by men though and had a surprised pickachu moment when called out.


Funny thing is even when they were called out on it, one of them tried to flip the blame on men being insecure, even though the studies showed that men weren't the ones who had a problem. Zero accountability whatsoever.


There is an old saying here in Sweden that describes this very well: "A huge cock is a small comfort in a poor home." Men are valued by their income first and foremost. Nothing else matters unless a man has money. The man doesn't matter unless he has money.


I wanna go to Sweden now just so that I can learn more such sayings.


One of my favorites (due to relating to it quite a bit) is this one: "Everybody knows the monkey, but the monkey knows no one." Picture a class clown or anyone that acts out to be popular or to belong. Everyone knows that person for his antics, not for his person, and no one is his friend. Other good ones are: Better flee than poorly fight. ...of which the scholars fight. If there's room in the heart there's room for the butt. If you've taken the devil in your boat you better row him to shore. No cow on the ice as long as the ass is on land. Now the boiled pork is fried. Close doesn't shoot the rabbit. Sour, said the fox about the rowan berries. If you speak of the trolls, they're outside your door.


>Picture a class clown or anyone that acts out to be popular or to belong. Everyone knows that person for his antics, not for his person, and no one is his friend. Dam, that hit harder than it should. I'm often very loud for the trying to belong.


I was like that from like age 12 until... Well, 30 which I am now. It sucks but it's better than being bullied. It's a saying that always strikes a chord with me.


I started using it to combat getting bullied. Made fun of myself and basically everyone around me. Which naturally fucked me up probably worse in the long run.


Dear me, you cannot share this kind of gold and not explain them! What’s wrong with you?!


Haha, my apologies, I'll try my best: Better flee than poorly fight. = If you can't fight, run. ...of which the scholars fight. = A response to a dumb argument. Like if you and your bud are trying to figure out if you want hamburgers or pizza, and your bud says "It's a really though choice", you can respond with "yes, of which the scholars fight". If there's room in the heart there's room for the butt. = If you care about someone, you make room for them. You make sure they are included, and welcomed. If you have place for them in your heart, you have a place for them to sit their butt down next to you. If you've taken the devil in your boat you better row him to shore. = If dumb decisions have put you in a pickle, you better fix it. It also means that you should honor what you've promised, even if the promise was dumb. No cow on the ice as long as the ass is on land. = Everything is cool, do not be alarmed. It may look bad but it's under control (for now). You don't want your cow out on a frozen lake, but as long as it still has its ass on land you have nothing to worry about. Now the boiled pork is fried. = You've taken things too far, buddy boy. Close doesn't shoot the rabbit. = Close but not good enough (the rabbit doesn't die if you shoot next to it). Sour, said the fox about the rowan berries. = aww fuck. If you speak of the trolls, they're outside your door. = When talking about someone and they call you or you see them right as you're talking about them.


I'm saving your comment


That was awesome. Do you have more sayings you can share?


A bunch! I'll get back to you later! :)


I’m following this thread like a cat with yarn.


Welcome to the 25+ club


In that regard, men are expected to pick majors/careers that earn money, not what they are interested in.


I made less than my wife for a significant portion of our so far 26 year time together. It's only been the last 4 years or so that after changing professions did I equal then make more than her. Neither of us cared, and it's not something that we normally discussed with people. Ever. Just our of curiosity, where is this that yourself, and so many others, seem to have your income as a common source of discussion? (because your post isn't the first I've read that this)


Men are only valued in society as earners and care supporters. I was a military spouse over seas (had just finish my contract and met my ex in the service) and let me tell u there’s not much u can do to make a decent amount of money. They way people react to a man not having a good job. Hell even my wife at the time constantly berated me for not being able to help out with bills (they give her a housing allowance tho!) much or take her out or buy ur nice things. She would say I wasn’t a real man cause I couldn’t provide. I loved her. I followed her half way across the world. Left a really good paying job. I got really depressed. Long story short. I left that marriage, which was really hard to do with little money and being in a foreign country. The weird part was that I too was in the military but had already finished my contract. So I don’t know why people instantly saw me as some sorta burden or mooching off the girl. I hate that I’m actually nothing more than my pay check. But I came back to the states. Made a small fortune from investments. Found a job where I make 3 time more than my ex wife and lord be hold she starts trying to talk to me again. Had to block her less I do something stupid. Sorry I’m just venting at this point….


No apologies needed bro. Sometimes you gotta let it out one way or another and it's always good to have people who are understanding. I hope you have continued success and that you find happiness, in whatever form that might take for you.


My buddy went through the same when he got laid off and couldn’t find a job for six months. His wife helped him buy the top of the line AR-15 he’d always wanted and they all shut up after that. His response that worked was: “Well, I may make less than her, but I’m proud of her. Also, she bought me that sweet AR y’all are salivating over.”


I'm 100% sure that cops, if called to a domestic dispute, wouldn't have treated me like the abuser and my partner as the victim, if I was a woman covered in my own blood. Especially if the cops had already been there twice before, for the same thing. Pretty sure they wouldn't pin down a bloody woman and ask her boyfriend what she did to him. Pretty damn sure.


This is something I will never understand, why people in general act like women can't do that or can't just be as evil in general.


Or think an adult human somehow doesn't have the capacity to use all manner of weapons to attack people. Humans aren't strong because of muscle, they are strong because big stick go swing.


As a kid, I watched my uncle's 5 foot tall, 100 pound girlfriend climb him like a tree, biting, hitting and spitting at him the whole time. My uncle is 6'4 and at the time worked as a tow truck driver. He weighed around 300 lbs. All he did was cover his face with his hands. He didn't fight back, didn't push her off, just covered his face with his hands and waited for her to tire herself out. The police were called and my uncle was arrested. The girlfriend claimed he hit her. She didn't have any marks on her while he was covered in scratches from her nails. He spent the night in jail, probably would've stayed longer but my parents bailed him out and the girlfriend didn't press charges. People just don't believe men can be abused, especially big tough men.


If I was ever involved in a DV situation, a LEO would be the absolute last person I'd ever want to see in such an event. Sadly, that's the only option we got. Seems like half the time they get it wrong. Typical, but sad


I actually met a couple where they both were drugged at a local club and awoke in their car w/ police beating in the windows. However, they took her to the hospital and him to jail cause they automatically assumed he drugged her. By the time he got out, it was too late to do any blood testing. The local prosecutor is looking to make a name for themselves and is making this kid's life a living hell. I said I understood her getting drugged but how did he get drugged. Apparently neither of them are big drinkers so they shared a drink together. She confirmed everything he said.


Jeez. Did she stick with him and back him the whole time? That’s pretty messed up. I’d hope my partner at the time would 100% not want to make my life miserable and tell the stupid prosecutor to chill.


It's up to the prosecutor whether they want to prosecute or not, no one can tell them to chill.


What you are describing is the consequence of the Duluth model: https://www.google.com/search?q=duluth+model&oq=Duluth+model&aqs=chrome.0.69i59j0i22i30l4.3751j0j7&client=ms-android-xiaomi-rvo3&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8 Yeah i know it's sickening.


The duluth model isn't used in Sweden AFAIK. It's still utter bullshit to restrain the obvious victim and coddle the perp (THRICE!). No matter what model is being used. But you're right. The kind of mindset used in the duluth model is the one that makes this happen. And it's fucking horrible. It's like you're victimized twice.


When my brother was 10 a 19yo girl pantsed him because she thought it was funny. If that had been a guy doing that to a little girl he'd be in prison. I'm not saying she was a pervert she was just an immature kid who genuinely thought it would be funny. But if she had been a guy there would definitely have been consequences.


What the hell, a 19 year old did that? She's not a kid, she's old enough to know that that's really weird and not funny. Was your brother alright?


That's what my mum said. But the police decided she was just a kid. My brother was fine. He was upset for a few hours but a few days later he had forgotten all about it.


I'm 18 and stopped thinking that pantsing was funny when I was like 14, and i'm normally pretty late and childish for things like that, so she definitely was more than old enough. Especiallly when not even taking into account doing it to someone close to half your age. I'm glad about your brother though, that's good to hear


Being hit by a woman. Some people laugh at it or consider that its empowerment to the girl. But if i were to defend myself 3 guys would come and beat me for it, everyone would shame me and probably would be called abusser or something like it


I got hit right under my eyeball with a lady, using her heel in a drunken assault. Punched her right in the face for it. I had no regrets doing it. She literally almost took out my eyeball for such a petty reason.


I was at a punk show one time and this drunk little bitch was clumsily forcing her way through the crowd towards the back when suddenly she body checks this dude minding his own business then turns and slaps him in the face three times. The guy was just drinking a beer and chatting with his friends between sets then gets smacked like that. Before I could even react, my wife yells *what the fuck bitch* then grabs her by the collar and slings her behind us. I watched a few other people shove her towards the door before security grabbed her. What was most striking is how quickly her facial expressions changed once she realized that someone who will hit her back got involved. I know it's kind of the norm for physical abuse from women to be tolerated but I think attitudes are changing about it.


Had an ex gf screaming and slapping me because she was drunk. She called the cops. Guess who got a Partner/Family Member Assault charge? She told the pigs that I yelled at her, so into the police car I went. No pictures taken of the bruises on me. No nothing. Automatically guilty.


I immediately pull my phone out in situations like these


Young and dumb, thought I was still in love. Wasn't planning on life-altering events happening over stuff that didn't happen. Shitty part is, I spoke with her recently. She showed me a copy of the letter that she sent to the judge/court that was involved, letting them know how much she was drinking and what a lie it all was. They laughed about it, said they couldnt/wouldnt do shit about it. It would show they were wrong and I was right. Judges hate that shit.


Is your life ruined? This is the kinda shit I fear


No guns, stigma for being a "woman beater". Permanent record for it. Automatically guilty for ANYTHING that goes down around you. 3 charges on being a "woman beater" and you go directly to prison.


I actually once got suspended for sexual harassment (girl liked me I didn't like her, classic 8th grade drama) I had three or four people confirm my story that u never talked to said girl or did anything to her. Vice principal told me that and then suspended me for 5 days because a girl complained, and they need to take that seriously even if there was 0 proof.


Let me guess, you live in America?


"Why can she slap!?




Why can how slap?


And you can’t even safely run to a shelter because one does not exist with the type of security that female exclusive shelters have.


I read there's only one in the entire US. Though that information might be outdated now.


I don’t think there are any exclusive male shelters anymore. The duluth model LITERALLY states there are not enough resources to go around for both men and women so women need them more.


Well the guy who started male only DA/DV shelter killed himself because feminists kept bullying him.


Here in Qld, many of the shelters won’t take women with sons only in extreme or certain circumstances. Some of the shelters have an age cut off like 4 or 5 yrs old. I work in the industry and find it hard as a male to even converse or engage professionally with the staff from these places. Thankfully I’m moving a cross to another area that totally out of DV. The Duluth model is a piece of work innit?


The leg sweep is an effective alternative to smacking them back.


Crying as a small child. Like literally from the age of 4 people mocked me for crying while girls would just get sympathy.


The way I was raised, cry a little and get it out of your system then pickup your ball and keep playing. This is the best way I think. Teaches it’s okay to be hurt but don’t give up


Right. Don't berate children for crying, but don't reward them for it either. Crying isn't wrong, but it's not a way to get what you want.


And to express your feeling without getting stuck in them. Having emotions and expressing them isn't wrong, but the method you use to do so has varying effects.


I pretty much lost the ability to cry because I wasn't allowed to socially


Wearing a thong at the beach.


Still gonna do it though. These hams are too glorious to shame hide


My hams are decidedly NOT glorious, but this is bigger than me. We must take back the beaches. NO person shall be denied the freedom any longer.


You wiggle what you got bro! Don't let society tell you otherwise.


or, indeed, anywhere else


As a man who makes minimum wage I'm basically undateable, I've been told this straight to my face by multiple women, some of whom were unemployed btw.




As soon as I talk to any women they immediately assume that I am hitting on them. I am not. When I worked with children, picking up a crying toddler because he was crying, and taking him on my lap. I got called a pedophile by my colleagues. Not being strong. Being a light weight drinker Not wanting sex, just cuddle Fencing (like the sport, got called femboy over that) Do I need to go on?


You got called a pedophile by your *colleagues* for *assisting a child* for which it was your *job* to assist. I hate the anti-man-with-a-child shit going on. Everyone complains that there isn’t any “good fathers” and that young people “need their fathers” and boom here they are but “no he’s being a pedo for interacting with a kid (even if it’s his own)” wtf


Worst part is, it was a child with autism. He did not speak the local language, but did speak German which I am fluent in, and I was not allowed to speak to him in German. So a hug was all I *could* do to comfort him.


Why couldn’t you speak to him in German!?! That would have made calming him down so much easier!


They probably assumed he would say creepy stuff and they wouldnt be able to understand it based of what he has said about them


I’m guessing they’re assuming OP took the job only because he’s a pedo


How the FUCK is fencing considered a femboy sport that shit is class B terrifying


Skinny boys in tight clothes


It's literally sword fighting. You can't get more badass than that. Sounds like whoever was giving you shit for that was just jealous, and probably dealing with some repressed urges.


Manly man man rugby players be like that some times


Yet they are cuddling eachother on the pitch all the time. It's easy to get another dude's junk on your face when playing Rugby! These were probably repressed.


I played rugby for about a year. Everybody on that pitch was well aware of the gayness of it all


To bad their helmet can't block a fencing sword (i don't know what they are called, but i know it's a sword and it's badass)


He should just call it sword fighting and boom, solved.


How the fuck does skillfully stabbing another person with a sword make you less of a man? If anything it's the exact opposite. Being light weight means you can spend less on drinks. They are just jealous. It's ridiculous that men get judged so harshly for all the things you mentioned.


Being sad.


Defending myself against assault.


If a woman punches you in the face, then its "your fault for pissing her off or looking like a creep". But if a dude punches her in the face or tries to defend himself, then he goes to jail for 20 years. "Equality"


Saying no to sex. Definitely not enough guys get the awful experience of having to tell a girl "no" for the first time in their life, then them asking you if you're gay or have dick issues.




lmao any opinion after that is null as far as I’m concerned


Once turned down a girl that was hitting on me in a bar. When asked if I had dick trouble, I told her that her face gave me dick trouble. She didn't bother me for again.


To reply to any gay comments, I usually say “after Talking to you, I might be”.


Being “too sensitive” An ex girlfriend taught me how to communicate my feelings to people and it has soured a lot of my platonic male friendships because they can’t handle my saying “What you said made me feel X,” “This thing at work today made me feel Y.” There’s probably a more natural way to get these things across but I didn’t grow up in a home where boys were allowed “feelings” so I didn’t learn how to properly express them until it was too late to come naturally.


>I didn’t grow up in a home where boys were allowed “feelings” so I didn’t learn how to properly express them until it was too late to come naturally. wow thats a slap in the face. true though.


I used to be a very sensitive boy. I literally used to cry at the slightest things ( a friend and I fought and he said "I won't be your friend anymore" and I just broke down in the school bus ). Over the years I have become so insensitive to my own emotions. It feels so suffocating when the society expects you to be stoic even when you're breaking down. P.S I'm from India which I think is much more conservative than the west.


Same here bro, I used to cry if I have an argument with someone because I don't even like yelling. But now I just avoid arguments altogether. I am from India too.


Yeah this is weird, A family member died and when someone at school reminded me of it I started to cry. Then they went to yell everyone that I’m super sensitive 😐


So, one time on a drunken night out me and some friends decided to go to a strip club. It was during summer and we were dressed pretty casually, and I was wearing thongs/flip flops. The bouncer denied us entry because I was wearing open toed shoes which was against the dress code for guys. One of the girls in our group offered to swap shoes with me. She wore my thongs and I wore her shoes, and despite them being several sizes too small for me with my heels hanging out the back, they let us in because I was no longer wearing open toed shoes, even though she was. I don't think I'll lose any sleep over that particular double standard though.


I had a boss confront me about wearing open toe shoes saying it was against the dress code. I looked at her feet and you guessed it, open toed sandals. She still made me go buy a pair of closed toes shoes. I didn't own any.


Business casual for women is so damn lax. I've never worked in an office where it was clearly defined beyond the items women were not permitted to wear (jeans, athletic clothes, and graphic tees).


Business casual is yoga pants and a shirt. Heck even flip flops. Men will catch shit if the shirt comes untucked.


Such a stupid double standard. It's the same with sleeveless shirts. A woman can wear tank tops or sleeveless shirts but a guy can't.


To be hit by a girl. Its ok for a girl to hit a men, But never for him to defend himself. What ever happens, people will always say he used excessive force.


Been sexually assaulted. People generally don't care when men get sexually assaulted whether it's by a man or a woman. I've literally been groped in a formal work setting in full view of everyone and no one fucking cared or said anything. Imagine if I had been a woman.


I'm a gay guy, and when I was 12 a 15 year old boy forced himself on me while we were on a "date". To this day I have to refer to it as sexual assault instead of rape because I've been told so many times that it isnt rape and its "not the same". And I still get shit for saying I was sexually assaulted. I find it hilarious when people tell me I should have just fought back, because then I get to tell them that he was 3 years older than me, over a foot taller and he played rugby at a regional level.


Crying bc my feelings got hurt 😭😭😭


Making less than her. She gave me hell throughout our marriage.


My wife worked in a shop where the owners were a married couple. The wife started a side business online and used the shop back rooms for storage and manufacturing/ boxing etc. Well the side business takes off pretty well and she hires her own staff and starts making very nice money. It also turned her into a gigantic asshole, always raining down insults on the husband and calling him useless. She started trying to generate drama by having 'shop nights out' but not inviting the standard staff, only her new hires. She withheld money that the shop needed to buy basic supplies (I remain convinced she tried to choke that side of the business so she would have more control.) She kept a separate bank account for her earnings and bought herself lavish gifts while the main shop couldn't pay it's bills on time. For some people, having any amount of power will completely ruin them.


Same. No longer married.


Chatting with new employees. My job hires a lot of women and I'm the only guy in my department, so it's always assumed that I'm hitting on the new girl. I'm just trying to be friendly! I have a girlfriend and I have pictures of us up in my cubicle, but that means shit over good gossip I guess.


Being in a public park with my son.


My ex wife has a daughter that I helped raise for 6 years. I would get the worst looks from mom's standing in the park watching my daughter play. Like, men leave the house with their kids too...


I've heard a lot of dads say this, but I've never experienced this. I've got a 7yo that I look after solo a lot of the time and I often get the "Isn't that sweet, a man taking some time to spend with his little boy?" vibe, but never the "ew, pedo alert" vibe.


That's the most common. That and the "aww cute, dad's babysitting today" like, no bitch, dad's parenting today, and every other day.


Called out people when they try to feel me up. Seriously, fuck off with that shit.


First two from men I know. - Staring at other women. (staring is wrong but women tend to get away with it.) - Looking at boobs or crotch. (wrong but women tend to get away with it.) - mansplaining (women are condescending too) - manspreading (women place their bags on seats thus taking space too) - I get stares walking with my dslr with my kid while women snap pictures with other kids in backgrounds.


I ran into a former classmate from college with whom I worked for a couple of assignments in a course. I asked how she was and if she remembered me, she said “no sorry I’m very bad with memory”. I told her we took a class together and her other friend called me a creep, lol


Was kicked out of a bar for slapping a guy who grabbed my dick. I'm openly bisexual but he was far from my type and I wasn't there to meet anybody was just going to have some drinks with friends. No warning or how you doing, just marched up and grabbed me by the junk. If I were a woman they'd have made a documentary about my bravery.


After over 2 years of physical domestic violence and a murder attempt by my ex gf I went to a support group at my local YWCA. The group was not gendered. It was a domestic violence support group. I went inside and there one other person who was male passing but it was mostly women. When I walked in I got the weirdest looks. People were very off put and unwelcoming. The organizer looked up and then back down at their clipboard instead of acknowledging me. I sat down and was quiet. When they started they went around the circle telling stories and such. The only other man there talked about how he was in a gay relationship and his partner was abusive. Similar stories came from the women. During these stories words of reassurance and kindness were offered. Eventually my turn came and I struggled telling what happened to me. It was still so raw and I just sat there shaking and stuttering through my story. You wanna know what happened? Half the people rolled their eyes, some snorted or sighed in indignation and many just looked uncomfortable. They could not put aside their hatred of straight men to acknowledge someone who had been so brutally assaulted they almost died. I remember walking out of that meeting and driving home so stunned, absolutely in tears. If my dog hadn’t came in my room that night I wouldn’t be here


Fuckin' dogs, dude - the saviors of men. Good to hear that you're still around, though.


Being quiet/shy.


Sharing a story about being sexually harassed. Most of the reactions range from “Pretty sure you enjoyed it” to “couldn’t have been that bad”.


it's only ok to say to dudes, no one would say the same if a woman was telling a story of sexual harassment.


Ordering shrimp alfredo from olive garden. Was told it was a “bitch” meal. I happen to like shrimp alfredo very much Edit: thanks for the upvotes, I just want to let you all know that Justyn and olive garden shrimp alfredo LIVES ON because at the end of the day im the one that has to deal with that *shit* not anybody else


Lol, what the fuck is a "bitch" meal? Why the fuck would anyone care about what someone else is eating? lol people are so weird.


Why is it a chicks meal?


I can't even imagine what my face would look like if someone said something that amazingly stupid to me. Seriously, shrimp alfredo is a great dinner, I make it at home all the time.




I changed the temperature in a room and was reported to HR for sexism.


Are you fucking kidding? There has to be a back story here.






If anything, it's the clothes that are sexist. Men's officewear is two shirts and pants. Women's officewear is less substantial, and generally thinner fabric as well. [And the lack of pockets. How is that still a thing? It's baffling.]


It was based more on the fact that most enforced office attires for men are composed of multiple, often thick layers of clothing while it's the opposite for women. The article (it wasn't part of any research) stupidly misinterpreted the data and blamed AC for the discrepancy in preferred office temperature rather than pointless attire guidelines.


hmm..maybe social anxiety? showing weakness (I mean we're imperfect humans anyways), defending myself if a girl attacks me, not being to get over a relationship (i will never understand how women get over so fast)...


Any sign of cowardice or weakness, any vulnerability. Women are sympathized with when they show vulnerability. Men are avoided, at best, and attacked for this, often. Not achieving or earning. Women are still valued and accepted when they don't produce. Dependence. Women can live off the labor of someone else and not become a parihaa. Men don't get the opportunity to be dependent on others. We either stand on our own or we fall. It funny. Everyone has decided that all the traditional responsibilities of women no long apply but men are still bound by the old contract.


The frustrating thing is that men can't show *emotional* vulnerability, but we're expected to not care about physical vulnerability. It's weirder for me to tear up talking about my late friend than it is for me whip my dick out at the urinal and chat about my weekend plans with my coworker who's pissing next to me. Hell, I got ragged on pretty good in a thread on here a few weeks back because I like showering in private and would feel uncomfortable sharing a platonic shower with my SO. Like, really? Gotta share my butthole cleaning moments, but can't share how my grandmother's death made me feel?


"It funny. Everyone has decided that all the traditional responsibilities of women no long apply but men are still bound by the old contract." Bars!!


No wanting to date a fat person


Yeah it’s like no one notices that all the body positive models are ***women***.


I saw some article title the other day "plus sized woman doesn't want to date obese men" or something to that effect(affect? Idk. This one always gets me).


Not really sure if this us being "called out", but I got a lot of shit when I kissed a male friend of mine at a party for a drinking game. If I was a girl kissing another girl I don't think anyone would've said anything 😅


I always kiss the homies


How do they know you're being sincere when you say goodnight if there's no smooch


Everybody knows the better the kiss, the better the sleep. Give good kisses


Definitely a double standard.


Checking folk out 😂 ever heard a dude say "my eyes are up here"


That's funny... I'm gonna start saying that lol


I once had 2 girls accuse me of forcing myself on them, being emotionally manipulative and abusive. These girls were friends/knew each other. Now, it's important to understand I was not being abusive and you couldn't possibly construe anything I did to be abusive. I was not forcing myself on anyone or trying to control anyone in any way (and I had documented proof that the girls were the ones stepping wrong). However, I know for a fucking fact that if I were the girl, I could have gotten away with falsely accusing people of shit..


Wearing sandals to work, I was going in for a hour or so at my old workplace and figured why would I wear shoes since I was technically off and doing someone a favor. Got called out by a woman manager for wearing sandals, she was wearing some sort of open toe sandal/shoe/strap thingy whatever the heck style SANDAL it was. If you want to require closed toe shoes or no sandals in the dress code it should apply to everyone..


Having long hair. I mean people of bitch to me about it a bit before. I like my hair long that's just the way I am and since I'm an adult my mom can't make me cut it anymore.


Interesting! I have long hair and every comment, besides some ribbing from my dad who himself has long hair, has been people liking it.


Women can get away with most forms of sexual abuse, normal abuse, pedophilia (as in having sex with minors. No one’s getting away with CP), being rapists. Maybe once in a while someone will make a stink about it, but for the most part, no one ever cares.


Trying on bras in Victorias secret .


Man, you ever actually bought a bra? It's weird. The staff treated me like I was either lost or a perv. I knew my wife's size, I knew she really enjoyed her single bralette. I was going to get her two more in different colors that would look good on her skin tone.


Honestly no, I have sat and waited on the man seat stores like that provide, chatting with other men, we lamented our activities for the day and took solace in that it would soon be time to eat .


Kissing the homies


As well as kissing the homeless


Depends on how much tongue you use


3 tongues minimum


I was in a toxic/abusive relationship with an older woman when I was in my early twenties. I went to the police station after she keyed my car and made some pretty serious threats. The first officer I spoke with literally laughed at me until he read the messages and listened to the voicemails. A female would have been taken very seriously if she went to a police station in a similar situation.


Something something spending time with ur kids in public. Drinking tasty cocktail.


I don't have kids, but as one fruity drink drinker to another, I say consume without shame my friend. A nice tall glass of something red and orange with an umbrella and a curly straw might not be something that impresses other guys, but they're not the ones drinking it.


Dumping someone for not having a job. If you're a man, "How *could* you?! She's at her lowest point and you kick her while she's down?" If you're a woman, "Girl, you need to dump that lazy piece of shit. He's dragging you *down*."


Wearing whatever I wanted. Women can get away with wearing men's clothing but men are looked down upon if they wear female clothing.


And there's so much more fancy women's clothing o.O


Having social anxiety as a healthcare worker.


Once watched my friend get punched 5 times in the face by a girl because she stole his glasses and refused to give them back. It was at a nightclub, he got kicked out despite a bouncer seeing everything, he didn't even touch her.


Being skinny. Everyone comments on me being skinny and how I should put on some weight / go to the gym. If I was a girl, 100% people would be either fine with it, or wouldn't say it out loud


If only they understood that it would take several months to not be skinny, plus we would have to maintain the exercise and diet to maintain the weight. Then they would say we are compensating for something or using roids once we do gain weight and put on muscle.


Helping people. If I help a women either just by the fact they seem to struggle or even actively ask for help, I often get flack for indirectly hitting on that woman. If I help a man, there is like zero flack for thinking it is some kind of convoluted romantic or sexual intention. I think if I were a woman helping either man or woman, I doubt people would say I would have a romantic or sexual angle. I am not straight either so it is double weird.


Having physical requirements for women. Women can say "no short, no skinny, no this no that..." but if you require a thin woman you're a "body shamer"


There's a meme made out of a news article, where it says that plus sized women state that they aren't attracted to overweight men. The question was why do women get to be plus sized, but a man is overweight?




Congrats on losing the dead weight my guy.


I think a lot of men have these types of requirements, we just don’t say them out loud.


Imho I agree with you, this is different. It’s one thing to know what you like privately but it’s another to tell a woman “You’re not thin enough for me, you’re too tall, you’re the wrong color” or whatever else. Everyone has personal preferences but they shouldn’t be used to put down others, regardless of gender.


Having a happy hour titled “gentlemen’s quarterly”. It wasn’t meant to be exclusive, it just happened to start with 4 other male friends at work. A female co-worker caught wind and told me it would make headlines if she were to expose the discrimination. I 100% believe if it was “Women’s quarterly” and was exclusive to only females, no one would bat an eye… we ended up changing the name.


Having a men-only event in general. My wife hosts a ladies cocktail night, and asks me to not be home? Perfectly fine. But god forbid I host something exclusively for men. If a woman is interested in the activity we’re doing she must be included.


Not immediately "getting over" something, expected to do the heavy/smelly/unsafe jobs, being called out and shamed for trying to "chat up" someone's friend..."she has a boyfriend!!!", car maintenance etc


Wearing sandals at work. Boss’s boss told me not to, but most women wear sandals all summer.