What is considered masculine by many that you feel really shouldn’t be?

What is considered masculine by many that you feel really shouldn’t be?


Aggression/violence, shouting, belittling, sports, suits, strong ass cheap cologne.


Not showing emotions.


Drinking a whole lot of beer


Those who can drink don’t count and those who count can’t drink.


Honestly, I have trouble finishing more than two, gasses me up like a hot air balloon and feels gross.


Checkin whatsup in the house in the midnite when she heard weird sounds..


Ikr, dont want to get murderd by whatever source of sound from the living room.


That’s why we make the extra $1 an hour




Postponing to go to the doctor, My father did that with recurrent paint in his stomach, turns out it was bladder cancer, and having it caught earlier could have meant it didn't spread to his liver.


People like to say it's the cost. Really, it's just so fucking annoying. Go here, wait around, doc wants test, go to next place, wait around, 3 days later get results, doc wants you to see a specialist. Call specialist, wait around, go see specialist, schedule MRI, wait around. Go to MRI, wait around. Get MRI done, wait 3 days for results. Doctor calls, no big deal after all. Then you get random bills for the next 6 months from the 8 different agencies/specialists that took a look at your chart. I had something last year I finally went to the doctor for. It was nothing apparently and went away on it's own. Still getting random bills and one of the specialists wanted me to come in again. When I asked why the doctor couldn't even remember why since he gave me a clean bill of health. They just randomly scheduled me to come in again so they could bill me again.


Being loud and socially "dominant"


Being the one at the grill that cooks the steaks. Motherfucker, you never cook in your life but for some reason men have to be at the grill. Guess what, it's burned now because you don't actually know how to cook lol


Jokes on you i can cook but barely ever grill. Consider myself pretty masculine, for what it's worth.


This one I've never understood either. As a female, I cook everything, but my husband who never cooks (with the exception of a mean egg sandwich) is "supposed" to make the main course when it's time to grill? I typically do the grilling in this house, since I do the rest of the cooking.


Using the term "alpha" to describe yourself and/or "beta" to describe others.


Hate the term alpha but I do like beta.


What do you like about it?


Eating meat It's considered manly for no reason


Not sure if it's true but I read that women should actually eat more meat than men due to physiological differences. Menstruation and other female specific body functions reduce the amount of materials in your body that are easily replenished by red meat, chicken and eggs.






Just even mentioning to not eat meat/eat less meat is considered unmanly.


Being able (and willing) to fix shit.


Guns Kill a bear with your bare hands and i'll be impressed.


Ive been saying this for awhile. If youre only a big badass when you have a gun, youre not a badass.


I’ll argue with this position just fir the fuck of it. Since humans evolved as hunter/gathers, spent the vast majority of human history doing these tasks and since men performed the majority (but not all) of those hunting duties, there is an evolutionary attachment to weapons. The development of weaponry is directly correlated with the evolution of the human brain and is what spurred all human technology. Since we have an evolutionary connection to weaponry and since men were traditionally hunters, it makes some degree of evolutionary sense that men are fascinated with weapons and therefore firearms. Therefore, is it reasonable to conclude that guns are somewhat of a masculine pursuit by an evolutionary birthright. As for the 2nd part, the success rate of modern big game hunting (using modern weapons) is about 20%, roughly about the same as it has always been and roughly the same as most other large predators with a handful of exceptions. Humans did not evolve to kill bears with our hands, we developed an oversized brain largely from the amount of animal protein that we consumed and with that oversized brain developed more efficient technology and organized language with which to kill prey. Our killing looks different from other predators because evolution gave us exceptionally large brains to develop tools and complex language vs. jaws, fangs, talons and claws. We do, however, have sweat glands, which was a significant advantage on the African savannah where animals were ran into a panting state of exhaustion by human hunters who had the ability to sweat and cool themselves. Primitive hunting resulted in a much more cruel death than modern weaponry, however the success rate remains relatively static, especially considering modern hunting practices, regulations and ethics. Overall, I think your line of thinking would benefit greatly from a deep dive on human evolution and, in particular , the subject of hunting as your positions are entirely illogical, misinformed and overwhelmingly emotional.


I have a belief formulated in my head quite close to this, and I appreciate you for taking time to word it out. I'm always frustrated with the "go hunt without weapons if you're a real man" argument mainly because the evolutionary counter argument always feels too bulky and in depth to rattle off quickly and coherently in causal conversation.


Interesting. As I female, I've never seen them as manly, which makes more sense to me given that many consider them "the great equalizer."


Watching sports. I get playing certain sports require tremendous physical ability and coordination. Hard to argue with a man who can outrun you, is stronger than you, and is just a better physical specimen. But guys are also expected to waste their lives watching sports every weekend? Really? I barely even watch all my favorite soccer teams matches and they’re on every Sunday. But some people really watch basketball, baseball, football year round.


I'll watch one season of nba/nhl then next yr its like a break, then continue the yr after. I just can't be bothered to stay up to date constantly.




True, even more fun when game of zones was doing stuff about it lol


It's a lot easier to do if you're betting on games.


Did originally, bet 10$ as an joke but came out with 63$ I'm sure draftkings has been bugging me since to get that money back.


Lots of free bets are out there if you're not signed up on these betting apps.


Ah the 'credit' I'd rather not, screams drug dealer. Give ya a little taste to get ya hooked.


I read a theory that it's replaced the intense pride that men would feel fighting for their country and defeating the other side.


I used to love watching football back in the day. Then I went without a TV for a few years and when I tried to watch sports again I couldn't do it. Just spending 3+ hours on one game with a shitload of commercials and whatnot kills me. I can check scores and see highlights now in about 10 min. Eventually I stopped doing that.


Being into cars and driving. There's no reason that more women shouldn't be into it, other than sexists trying to push that cars are boys' toys.


Or maybe women aren't interested in cars. No one pushes against women taking an interest in cars. They just don't like them. And that's okay.


Sexists? Give me a break. People say girls aren’t into car because they aren’t. In my 50 years of going to meets and shows I don’t think I’ve ever had a conversation with a woman that could hold up her end of a conversation. Most of the people at car shows are men. And most of the women that go are just tagging along. It’s like the super bowl. The women are there as something to do. I’ve never met a woman at a football game that can even explain the rules, or the positions. I’m not saying women aren’t welcome to both. But we both know women are there because the men are there I stand behind this claim 95% Lol. Downvotes are funny. Just because you don’t like to hear it doesn’t mean I’m wrong.


My ex would call out penalties before the ref’s. We were together about 5 years before she finally came out as a lesbian. That actually explained a lot about her.


Your wife knowing the rules is absolutely the exception and not the rule.


She’s still the only girl I’ve seen put a hole through a door from a playoff loss.


So not only a sports fan but a fanatic with anger issues. Might be good she’s an ex


Yup. I’m much better off now.


Working with power tools.


Revving your engines in the middle of the goddamn night. Like you're trying to make a statement to the people who prolly could if they wanted to but choose not to.




That's biology tho




Seems odd to say that something which is intrinsically linked to masculinity by biology ought to be not part of masculinity.


Bruh, just stop lol


Go do some deadlifts bro


Bricklayers or any manual labour job


Who gives a shit what others do. As long as they're not hurting anyone, why do I care? Masculine or feminine? Why do I care?


Drinking beer or even alcohol - I hate beer and would prefer something like a G&T on the rare occasions I actually want alcohol Sex - why does everything revolve around sex? I'd rather cuddle with my wife sometimes