When walking in a pathway do you guys get uncomfortable when a man is behind you?

When walking in a pathway do you guys get uncomfortable when a man is behind you?


Yes. Especially if they have been following me for a while. I’ll never forget when a guy seen me staring at him because I was trying to assess if he was a threat or not. He ended up crossing the street for me and staying as far as possible. He deserves the world.


Well…yeah. Sadly, there’s no way to know if the stranger walking behind us is a threat or not and we can’t really afford to give him the benefit of the doubt. I usually try to stop in a shop or something so he can walk past. Honestly, what usually makes me feel safer is when they cross the street, or stop somewhere so they aren’t that close to me. I usually cross the street myself though. Maybe if the road is big enough, go around her but not too close? So you can walk past her?


I just feel bad that things have come to a point that we men feel like a threat and women constantly need to beware of potential ones. It's like me roaming in a jungle full of lions and constantly being in threat of being noticed by one. What a pity.


It depends on the situation. If it's a busy street in the day time and he happens to be walking a common route behind me then I probably wouldn't notice. If it's dark, I'm alone and he seems to be making the same turns as me then I would be. Also if he's been walking at a speed that gradually gains on me and then matches my speed and stays behind me once he's caught up that would freak me out.


Guy here, happens all the time. I was walking down a quiet high street just yesterday, this girl exited a shop just in front of me resulting in me walking fairly close to her, there were not other many people around. She kept looking behind at me for several minutes. When it became obvious we were headed in the same direction I just crossed to the other side of the street and carried on. She was staring at me the whole time.


I apologize for her but also want to say thank you. Your understanding here is so important.


I would think the crossing the street part would feel more suspicious.


Always. Even if it’s daytime. Nice that you’re aware of it tho! Also if you’re walking behind a girl maybe take off your hood if you have one and walk slower or just like standing up straight so you don’t look creepy. Thanks for being aware of this :))


To be honest it's sad but being followed is an experience that a lot of girls have had. So yes I feel very uncomfortable in that kind of situation.


I think it is terribly sad that this is a real question. The world is not made up of bad people. Yes, terrible things can happen to people and that's horrible, but not every man walking behind a woman has bad intentions and I'm truly sorry that men have to worry about this. Personally, it doesn't bother me unless that person is acting in a way that would concern me. I'm not going to worry about a man behind me just because he's a man. We need to stop treating men like potential rapists and attackers.


Yeah, I either walk faster or I try to walk in the side with them then slow down so they’re in front of me.


Hey, something related to this situation happened to me yesterday, I am a guy btw. My country is under another lockdown again so the streets at night to my local grocery store is very empty. I was on my way to the store when I come across a women going in the same direction too. After a while, I noticed she slowed down her pace while keep getting a quick glance to the back (at me). I noticed the situation and quickly upped my pace to get past her while blurting out a quick sorry as I do so. Funnily enough, we met again at the grocery store and she gave me a quick smile hahaha.


I understand all of this, except the sorry part. Why are you sorry? It's not your fault that other men are creepos. You did nothing wrong, and the speeding up was the right thing to do(that's what I do)


Yeah, I don't know why but I will say sorry to a lot of stupid things. Once, I was walking while talking with my girlfriend and I accidentally hit a pole and I said sorry to the pole 2 times even after realising its a pole. I know I did nothing wrong but the word will come out of my mouth automatically 😅.




Yes! And just like I do when I get in an Uber at night, I usually think about possible ways to save my life if I have to.


This!!! I remember yesterday I was having a light hearted conversation with my uber driver and out of the blue, the uber driver started mentioning how someone can just be picked up by an uber and never be seen again. After I nervously laughed, as I was looking around the area I panicked for a TINY second because the driver was using a road that I don't travel on often to reach my destination and I didn't recognize the area for a second. Thankfully the driver wasn't really a threat but after he just mentioned that topic I immediately began thinking of how I'm going to get out of the situation or contact my mom.


Any guy just walking behind me no. Someone who has been for a while, at night, or in a secluded area yes I get nervous. But I also carry a gun so not as much of a fear as it use to be, I just take mental note of it and stay very aware of my surroundings and changes.


>Any guy just walking behind me no wow this speaks volume as to how society has instilled fear in the opposite gender. looks like humanity still got a long way to go


Evil will always walk this earth all we can do as a society is be prepared to act quickly when it rears its ugly head. Stop it before it can do harm.


yes. very much. exactly why i dont walk alone when dark


Man here: Whenever someone is following behind me when I'm driving, my instinct is to pass my house and keep driving until I lose them to make sure no one is following me to find out where I live for some reason. I don't know how I would ever feel safe if I felt that someone was a threat if they ever walked in the same direction as me behind me.


Dude I'm a man and when someone is behind me male or female I get nervous lol


Lmao same


I have trauma from an ex boyfriend so I inevitably and automatically assume the worst of any guy I don't know. I get extremely uncomfortable and wonder if he might remember my appearance and the location/area he ran into me at, and save it in his pocket to attack me later on or something. And of course, I wonder if he's going to follow or catcall or attack me right there too. I make sure I have my phone in hand and my pepper spray ready to go. Maybe even my keys too. It's pretty fuckin exhausting and I can't help but fear for my life even though it's most likely just some dude trying to get on with his day. Better safe than sorry right?


Not really. Just slow down or pass them and should be fine.