Aside from your own, what’s your favorite European country? Why?

Aside from your own, what’s your favorite European country? Why?


It's difficult to pick, I've enjoyed everywhere I've been in Europe and I love that culturally we have so much in common but there are so many differences too, even between regions in one country, but if I had to pick one it would be France, specifically Savoy.


Spain, it has so much of what Norway doesn't. And it manages to "feel like home" despite being quite different.


Glad you feel that way:) we like people feeling welcome


All the Nordic countries ranks highly. Out of all non-Nordic countries the Netherlands ranks highly as well! But if I must pick a favourite it's probably Finland. Out of all the countries I've visited, Finland felt the most like a home away from home.


🤝 I feel the same avout Sweden, but then again, I dont want to visit a 2nd home on a holiday 😉 Just occasionally :D


Croatia. Beautiful cities, great food and drink, very cheap, nice locals.


Spain or The Netherlands based on current experience.


The UK. Great Pubs, Great Music and a beautiful Landscape (especially in Scotland).


Germany! As a dutchmen its somewhat easy to 'blent in'. Not 100% ofcourse since my accent betrays me easily but cultural wise where not too diffrent and germany is sometimes stunning! Note: this mostly counts for western germany. (Nordrhein-westfalen & Rheinlandpfaltz in particular)


Poland is not one of my favorite countries. :) I'd say it's Italy. Although I've been there only once so far, I've completely fallen in love with it. Aside from Italy, I like Austria and Germany (I've been to both countries a few times).


Spain, been there a few times and always had a great time. Also Germany, love the language and the cities especially. I have a lot yet to see though


Spain. I spent many holidays there so it became a second home


Romania : multicultural country with stunning landscapes, rich history, beautiful cities, tasty food and nice people. I visited the country 4 times and I can't wait to visit again


Portugal! Nice people, good food, great music, lovely cities. (I'm Spanish)


Scotland probably, beautiful nature, lots of historical stuff (love me some castles), and really nice people (when I was able to understand them).


I grew up in Germany, but live in Scotland, I'll count Scotland as "my" country. Finland. Spent a year there as exchange student so it has a very special place in my heart. It's also beautiful and the people are fun (might need a bit of time to warm up, but worth the wait).


I love Poland. Wonderful culture, tasty food, lovely views, tough language and different than what I'm used to, yet still so similar. I've not had the opportunity to explore any of the major cities, but I definitely had fun exploring some lesser known cities while I was there.


Out of all Europe you had to choose this depressing country... Why?


Because Poland without Poles and theirs backwarded views is great country.


It is, but it is what it is. I can't even imagine how much time has to pass for those backward views to disappear from most of the society.


I can't help but love it. It has a lot in common with Malta unexpectedly and it makes me feel like I'm at home. I love how different it is from most other European nations. Also one again, I also love the language even though it's a pain in the ass to learn


>It has a lot in common with Malta unexpectedly and it makes me feel like I'm at home. What for example?


A history of foreign invaders, and neighbouring bigger countries that have a history of bullying it, the religion (I'm not religious, but I'm used to being surrounded by it), the Polish babcias, things like that.


Depends. As a holliday destination, i'd choose Spain, but not the high tourist spots. As another country i'd like to live, i'd choose Norway, Sweden or perhaps Switserland. I love the nature & calmth these countries have while at the same time they have the highest developement. Switserland has less calmth comparred to SE and NO but still enough of it, but has an advantage of having a closer drive to other destinations. Belgium is just one big dirty ratrace.


I’ll count Italy and Norway as my own since I have both nationalities and grew up in both. I worked for a year in Northern Ireland and loved it. It’d be my top pick but I’m a catholic and all the troubles, marching bands and unionists got to me. Great place otherwise. Top one is probably Belgium. Great beer, great chocolate, centrally located… but it’s a hard choice. I love France, Czechia, Spain, Poland and Greece as well. Europe is beautiful.


I’m Irish and Italy is my favourite country hands down! It’s just breathtakingly beautiful. Every nook and cranny of the towns you’ll find a little history. The food is arguably the best in the world. The language is beautiful. The music, literature, art. The style. Damn I wanna live in Italy!


Hard to answer, I honestly had a great time everywhere I've been. If I had to choose from those it would boil down to Spain and Serbia I guess.


I like Czechia followed by Greece. Both heve mostly great, friendly people, great cuisine and a lot of interesting History.


Norway. It's Denmark but with nature, but I don't get along with the pricing up there. Czechia however, I do get along with the prices.


I like Denmark. It’s like Norway but more urban.


Hungary is not among my favourites. 🙃 I love mountains, so pretty... so every country with mountains. I like countries that are not so big, that you can't just go around and see the majority of stuff. And I also love countries that are...well free, so I guess Switzerland would be it...


Italy. I go there for the beaches and everytime it has way more to offer then just beach. Its just beautiful!


Italian, speaking for myself... Probably Switzerland. The only foreign country, that isn't a microstate, where Italian is spoken by a good part of its people. Spectacular nature, very high quality of life and efficiency, the dialect in Ticino is similar to the other part of the border. If you want to go elsewhere max 3 hours by car, no matter where you are, and you go in another country.


I'd say Iceland. I just loved it there it was amazing. The people were really friendly the nature there was just something else as well.


Either Estonia of Austria. Estonia is more of the same as us and Austria has so many cool cities and landscapes to visit.


Austria. It's us but better (sans the opposition to nuclear energy). Finland is a close second for the lifestyle. Something about a cabin with a sauna deep in the middle of a forest next to a lake sounds appealing.


Iceland probably. In a nutshell it seems very cosy and as someone who loves the outdoors, I would love to go hiking there and see the landscape. I have yet to visit the place though, so I'm basing this purely off of vibes. The other nordic countries are up there as well, and I'm not counting the UK since I've lived there.


Discounting the U.K. and Germany, for vacation I’d say…Spain. Food is amazing, great beaches, cool art, beautiful architecture. To live, probably Switzerland as my family could earn a lot in our industry there and pay next to no tax, making up for the increased cost of living. It’s also stunning.


Probably Ireland, I have only fond memories of that place (except for a few rabid taxi drivers) and the landscape is amazing. But I'd never fit in because I don't drink 😂


I mean, I didn’t move to Finland for nothing. The weather isn’t as hot, there are less people, it’s not a NATO member… there are so many things to like.


I've not visited as many countries as I'd like, and everywhere I've been has been great in its own way, but I'd go for Norway. It's a bit like home but more...epic? Like everything's a bit bigger, more impressive, more natural (although much more expensive!). They've shown how a country of 5 million with a lot of oil should have used it! Catalonia is class too.


I would say France, a country with a rich history, and whose cultural proximity I feel.


Probably France, love the culture, landscape and the French. Spain is a close second, I love Madrid my favourite European city, I think they have the best cuisine.