I have a question about brain aneurysms?

I have a question about brain aneurysms?


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Most likely the kind of aneurysm their sibling had was a arteriovenous malformation that they were born with, which absolutely would have been seen in your previous imaging. I don't know about increased risks from cancer/surgery, I'll defer to someone else on that.


I'm not aware of radiation therapy increasing the risk of a brain aneurysm, although it would be concievable theoretically. But these aneurysms - especially when effecting young people - are usually the result of arterio-venous-malformations (AVM), effectively birth defects. Over our lifetimes, each and every one of us can develop an aneurysm. As they do not hurt and usually cause no other symptoms, there's no way of knowing about them apart from brain imaging with CT or MRI. However, while each individual case of a brain haemorrhage caused by an aneurysm is dramatic and leaves even many of us professionals somewhat distraught, one must realise that the overall risk is very small. So there is no reason to regularly recieve brain imaging to catch one of these aneurysms developing. Most people will die from much more mundane, and mostly self-inflicted, diseases like Diabetes, Smoking, Hyperlipidaemia, Arterial Hypertension and of course Cancer. We should worry about these, as we can directly influence them through our behavior, instead of the freak chance of getting killed or brain damaged by a ruptured aneurysm which we have zero control over.


Okay. Just to clarify, my head hurting from straining is just from straining and nothing else?