Reheating a Big Pot of soup

Reheating a Big Pot of soup


Take how much you want to eat, put it in a pan and heat it up. By all means, do NOT bring it to room temp first!


You should only reheat as much as need. If you need all of it, reheat it all in a big pot straight from the fridge. If you end up with leftovers again, let it cool for an hour, then put it in the fridge. Do not save any further reheatings.


Put it in a pot and heat it up.


> Should I allow the soup to come to room temperature and then heat it up? Serious question: Why would you think that would be a good idea? Just put as much as you want into a pot and heat it up.


I would just microwave myself a portion (without overheating of course, whilst stirring properly every minute). But don't let the soup stand in the kitchen to come to room temperature, bacteria like this kind of situation too much!


Heat it straight from the fridge. leaving it till room temperature allows bacteria start to form.