Wendy's is going to open in the UK - what is it like?

Wendy's is going to open in the UK - what is it like?


I can't believe no one has mentioned their salads. Definitely the best salad options from fast food restaurants. They usually have at least three or four different salads and they are good quality. I don't eat hamburgers so salad is where it's at for me and they are the best.


Remember when they used to have a salad bar?


And the Florida room. You can always tell when a restaurant used to be a Wendy's built in the 80s or 90s.




My hometown Wendy’s still has the solarium. Def remember how the salad bar kind took up the adjacent wall.


I used to love that salad bar, especially the pasta and meat sauce (although the thought kinda makes me feel sick now that I contemplate it).


Yeah I eat the taco salad a lot because it comes with a cup of their chili, it’s prett good


Salad from a fast food place is a funny concept that I'll never understand.


I know, right? I have kids and travel a lot. A lot of times there is only fast food options and I don't eat fried foods. I will sometimes get a chicken sandwich but a lot of fast food only has fried chicken sandwiches, or if they do have grilled, they're just gross.


Yep, I don’t think I’d go to a fast food place specifically to order a salad. But there are times, especially when traveling or when you just NEED to eat and your options are limited because its late/ a holiday/that’s the only place you pass on the way to where you are going, etc. I could see choosing a salad in those circumstances if I thought it would be decent.


I actually like Wendy’s grilled chicken sandwich. It’s got spring mix and honey mustard on it, and it’s typically under 400 calories


It’s pretty good! Their chili is pretty healthy too, sodium aside.


The chili is evidently one of the better choices you can make at a fast food restaurant. I love to get a plain baked potato, and put a small chili over it.


I like the Wendy's double cheeseburger better than McDonalds or Burger King. Try a chocolate frosty


> Try a chocolate frosty This is very important. Chocolate Frosty is the original and best. Vanilla Frosty just should not exist.


They are testing strawberry frosty now


Ex-Wendys worker here. We've always had strawberry frosties - ask for a drizzle of the strawberry syrup (this is what they use to make the fresh strawberry lemonade) mixed into your vanilla frosty. Every restaurant I've helped work at or manage, which was quite a few of them, will be more than willing to do it for you. It's fucking *bomb* I loved mixing the strawberry syrup with chocolate frosty.


Sorry, but fresh, salty fries dipped in vanilla frosty is the best thing ever


It's a better McDonald's imo. Ingredients are better, burgers are better, fries are better. But in the end, it's still just a fast food burger joint. It's nothing to write home about. ETA: The one thing I will say is the Frosty is the best treat you can get at a fast food place. There is very little I like better than a chocolate Frosty on a hot summer day (or hot winter day; this is Phoenix afterall).


Cannot believe no one has mentioned the spicy chicken sandwich. Very tasty and the only thing I ever get from fast food chains.


The spicy chicken sandwich is the best thing on the menu, except for that frosty


Dipping your fries in your chocolate frosty is the best.


This chain of comments is /thread .


Wendy’s won the chicken sandwich wars before they even began.


*laughs in Chick-fil-A*


*benevolently smiles in Popeyes*


>Wendy’s won the chicken sandwich wars before they even began. No way. Wendy's makes a good spicy chicken sandwich but is nowhere close to Popeye's


I don't think that's a fair comparison - Popeye's is a fried chicken place. Wendy's has unquestionably the best chicken sandwiches of any of the general fast-food places (McDonald's, Burger King, Jack in the Box, Dairy Queen, Sonic, Hardee's/Carl's Jr.) I'd honestly put it over KFC and that *is* a fried chicken place.


Chick-fil-a would like a word with you regarding whom you consider to have the best chicken sandwiches.


Only if your not allergic to peanuts! Chick-fil-a cooks some of there food in peanut oil so a lot of people can’t eat it and well the other issues.


Every time I pass by Chick-Fil-A doesn't matter what time of the day it is they always have both drive thrus packed and the line of cars going onto the main street. Truly amazing how many customers a single store goes through each day.


I still prefer the ChicFilA spicy chicken sandwich, but Wendy’s spicy nuggets are the best spicy nugs.


It’s the only thing I get from there anymore. I’ve been trying all the fast food spicy chicken sandwiches and the only one I might like more is Popeyes.


Junior Bacon Cheeseburger is perfectly proportioned for a lunch burger. Not overly large, good bread/meat ratio, and leaves you content but not stuffed.




Also they have baked potatoes.


And Chili.


And a [role-playing game](https://www.feastoflegends.com/images/Feast_Of_Legends.pdf) (pdf)


And a hip social media presence [https://blog.unmetric.com/wendys-social-media](https://blog.unmetric.com/wendys-social-media)


Wow, that's really a thing?!


That and their refusal to not buy from farms using child labor.


Though they might not have that, idk how the UK is with potato


Can confirm as a nation we eat an absolute fuckload of potatoes


Thanks yea, I knew the Irish did, but as we all know the Irish and the British are not the same. Something my Irish friend is wont to remind me.


Well, in this case you would be correct as the reason potatoes were so heavily grown in Ireland was **for** the British landholders and gentry in England. They didn’t choose to “love” potatoes, it was kinda foisted upon them.


I thought they grew potatoes mostly because the English stole their ability to raise a lot of livestock and fish.


The Irish were made into tenant farmers when the British took their land. As such, they were told what they would need to grow and how much was necessary to fulfill their tenant agreements. They then subsisted on the remaining production.


Reminds me of a joke "How many potatoes does it take to kill an Irishman?" "None" I'll see myself out...


Yeah we’re not the same, but that doesn’t stop there being a ton of similarities between us!


Wendy’s chicken nuggets are the best burger joint chicken nuggets by far


Spicy chicken nuggets FTW.


4 for $4




I would also argue Wendy's deals on their ap make it more budget friendly if you're feeding multiple people. McDonald's used to have good deals on theirs, but for the past 2 years they've been weak.


Around me, McDonalds' specials have been a joke to the point of me not even considering going there.


4 for $4.44 in some areas.


I liked their fries better when I was growing up and they had those thick fries. But they would also get soggy quickly. Either way I also preferred their fries before they switched to the new ones


I hate the new fries. The other ones were way better.


Their prices are "worse" because they use better ingredients (relative for fast food but still better).


spicy nugs 10/10


Sir are you saying that Wendy’s nuggets are better? Because I can’t abide by that lol. McDonald’s nuggets are the best of any fast food place because of how crispy they are. McDonald’s fries are also better, but Wendy’s has cheaper prices. McDonald’s prices just seem to climb and climb.


> their fries are worse Agree completely. Wendy's fries are the worst out of them, McD's, and BK.


McD has the best fries. Wendy's fries are good fresh if decently salted. BK's are garbage - but it doesn't matter because every self respecting adult orders onion rings.


Confirm. McDonalds fries are 110% better and anyone who says otherwise is lying.


I think it is location dependent. Most of the Wendy’s around me are more consistent so their fries end up being better simply because they are significantly fresher.


Hard disagree. Wendy's fries have the perfect about of salt and oil. McDonald's fries always come out soaking in oil and too salty. At least in my area.


Frostys are the best but I only go to Wendy's for their chicken nuggets.


Frosties are pretty dope, but I generally prefer a regular shake. Also, McDonald's sundaes will always have a place in my heart.


Mine too, my arteries specifically.


And I feel the McFlurry is a pretty solid option that cancels out the frosty.


Difference is you can actually *get* a frosty.


If the ice cream machine ever worked…


> fries are better. What!? Wendy's fries are hands down the *worst* in fast food. Luckily their chili is good and they'll let you sub out the fries for chili.


Always gotta sub for the chili!


The burger patties are square. I like them best of the fast good chains.


Because they don’t cut corners!


God i love puns, i need to learn more languages to read even more


Get out.


I’m not making it up! The owner, Dave Thomas, said it. https://www.wendys.com/fresh-beef


No seriously, get out.






That reminds me. Their twitter is savage. I think they were one of the first big companies to go that route on twitter. It's funny to see other brands try and fail at it.




Wendy's is my fav when it comes to fast food burgers


One of their main draws are the fact that they never use frozen beef, it’s always fresh. Most other fast food places use frozen patties. Their chili is really good too.


But important to note they may not necessarily use fresh beef internationally. They already don’t in Alaska and Hawaii I believe.


I mean, makes sense, not a whole lot of cartle hearding in those places.


> cartle hearding


After a long day of cartle hearding I go down to cracker bargle for dinner.


they grow cattle on maui.


I imagine local beef is prohibitively expensive in hawaii


I don't think they do in Canada, either.


When I worked for Wendy's in North Pole, AK back in 2014, they were using fresh beef.


Their chili is my favorite (along with the baked potato) and I don't care how many times people tell me it's made with old patties or whatever. it's delicious, and has yet to make me sick. lol


>I don't care how many times people tell me it's made with old patties As a long time cook in family style chain restaurants (think TGI-Apple-outback and the like) I can say with some confidence say that the chilli comes in pre made. It's cheaper than paying someone to prepare it fresh and you have zero deviations from store to store. Have you ever had Wendy's chilli that tasted different? It might be off-putting if you did. Besides if it was made with patty's that never made it to a bun how is that bad? Beef patties or bulk beef it's still beef. Only difference is one was once shaped.


In my honest opinion, Wendy's the top tier "Generic, Non-Regional Fast Food Chain". While there may be superior fast food in some areas (In-N-Out, Whataburger, etc) Wendy's is available pretty much everywhere and is much better than McDonalds and Burger King.


Is it rated higher than Five Guys and is it cheaper than them? (I’m from the Uk and we do have Five Guys here too)


Five Guys IMO falls more into the fast-casual side of things. At least everywhere here in Indiana I've seen, it is dine in or take out only, no drive thru, and the orders take a bit longer than fast food and are priced higher vs fast food. Wendys is fast food. Don't think Five Guys. Think McDonalds and Burger King.


> Think McDonalds and Burger King. But just a half step better.


Four corners better


Wendy's is a damn sight more than a half step better imo


or in burger kings' case, 16 steps better


Five Guys isn't really fast food. More fast casual.


5 guys is in the premier league, Wendy's is getting 1st every season against McDonald's and burger king type fast food in league 2.


Most people who have had both would say Five Guys is better. It's also very likely to be more expensive. Maybe 30% more for the burger than Wendy's? Fries and other stuff are probably closer to equal.


> Fries and other stuff are probably closer to equal. 5 guys Cajun fires blow Wendy's (and everything else) out of the water.


theyre really good but every time ive had 5 guys about 80% of the fries are a sogfest and a small minority of them are actually edible (but the edible ones are fantastic)


Five Guys fries are 100 times better than Wendy’s


Five guys is ridiculously expensive. I only went there once and I got a burger fries and a drink and it was like $12. For those of us here in the Midwest that’s astronomical


Five Guys is upper-tier fast food, so it's more expensive and not quite as fast because fewer things are pre-prepared (like they cook the burgers as you're ordering them). Wendy's is lower tier. It's definitely not as good as Five Guys, but it's better than BK or McDonalds.


Imo, to be considered fast food it needs a drive thru.


I wouldn't necessarily rate it higher but they definitely have more options. Get a frosty and french fries and eat them together. Like dip your french fries in the frosty like it's a dip. It's weird I know but the salty mixed with the chocolatey sweet is actually really good. Lots of southerners from the USA do that. At least that I know of.


Five guys is fast casual which is different but similar to fast food. Fast casual is always made to order. Fast food is often pre cooked to make it faster and just assembled to order. In the US fast food usually has a drive thru but I've seen a few that don't. Fast casual usually doesn't, but I've seen a few that do.


I'd personally say that Five Guys is better, but they're a lot less common. Wendys is far more ubiquitous.


Five guys is better and more expensive than Wendys.


Five guys is definitely higher quality than Wendy’s.


They just opened an In-N-Out in our area. They are not anywhere close to Wendy’s. Their fries suck and they are nothing but some regional hype food. I know I am going to get super downvoted but they are pretty gross.


The In-N-Out in Las Vegas and the one I went to in San Francisco were really good. The one in Texas, not so much.


As someone from California... the burgers and shakes are where it's at. The fries are not great unless you order them animal-style. In-and-out makes their fries from fresh potatoes, which sounds good on paper, but if you want properly made fries that are crispy yet soft on the inside, they should be frozen first.


In-N-Out gets hyped for being good, and it's not bad, but it earns the hype for being great for the price. You'll be hard pressed to find a better burger than a double-double for four bucks. The fries are garbage.


Hey man, I’ve never been able to see In-N-Out but massively overhyped mediocre food. Like, their burgers are fine. They are fine. Fine burgers. The fries belong in the trash. C- I’d rather have Wendy’s (Good burgers, fine fries) Signed: A guy who grew up in California.


Yeah, I went there once when I was in California to see what the hype was all about. Super underwhelming and disappointing. Wasn't bad, but it was far from an orgasm-in-my-mouth experience as the internet led me to believe. My burger tasted bland and the animal-style fries weren't that great.


Definitely dip your fries in your Frosty.


This is the way


Why is this not higher?? The main reason to go to Wendy's


I've always found their burgers to be pretty "meh," but fries dipped in a frosty is one of the best fast food treats out there.


Not an American but have visited as a Brit a few times and imo Wendy's was way better than Maccies or BK. Don't know whether they'll use the same recipes as in the states, but I'm for sure gonna give it a go.


If McDonald's is the rebellious sibling, and Burger King is the weird sibling, then Wendy's is the sibling that actually does what they're supposed to and doesn't cause too much of a fuss.


Taco Bell is adopted


Yes. And Taco Bell is also the one that went to Mexico for a vacation one summer and decided to base their entire personality around that one week excursion, during which they spent a majority of their time there on their phone.


One day their hair is blue. The next it's pink. Then green. Each time they act like it's always been this way.


Ok but obviously they got the golden child treatment because they’re great but full of themselves. The $5 boxes are a great deal when there are actually decent items in them.


Think Wendy’s started a $5 box now as well. Drink, burger, nuggets and fries.


Yeah, the $5 biggie bag. Pretty good deal.


Taco Bell is Druncle.


Gonna have to ask: in what way is McDonald's the rebellious sibling?


Can't spare the time to fix the damn ice cream machine. Too busy taking away the dollar menu in some places and playing games with the McRib.


“Playing games with the McRib” This is why I have trust issue


What's hilarious, is that Wendy's frosty machine is made by the same company as the McDonald's McFlurry machine. The difference is that McDonald's machine purposefully spits out codes to call the service company and McDonalds corporate doesn't care (the franchisees have to pay for the service calls), whereas Wendy's has corporate owned stores and didn't like losing money because the frosty machine was broken, so they demanded the machines give user friendly codes. https://youtu.be/SrDEtSlqJC4




Funny how dairy queen never has that issue. Because they clean and service the machines. McDonald's has cleaning the machines on the to do list but it often gets skipped if they are short on time.


The machine mcdonald's uses is a specific model built just for them. A story came out recently that makes somewhat credible allegations that mcd's corporate and the taylor ice cream machine co. are scratching each other's backs with machines that the franchisees are always stuck paying to get services. The machine's self-clean cycle (basically it automatically re-sterilizes the ice cream and shake mix, which other machines don't do) apparently fuck up over the most minor of things and you have no way of finding out why unless you call a taylor rep in.


Dairy Queen's primary business, particularly outside of Texas, is ice cream. They usually have 3 machines at a **MINIMUM**. I've seen 8 in a single store before. If one breaks down, they simply use what comes from the others until they can get it stood back up.


Yeah if anything McDonald’s is the golden successful kid since they’re the biggest and most corporatized of the bunch. Wendy’s is the artsy sibling and Burger King is the failure.


[Relevant ERB](https://youtu.be/_AjRR6c--Ak)


Get the #6 Spicy chicken combo. Dip your fries (chips?) in the frosty.


Wendy’s chili is something that sets them apart from the other two. Have them top it with fresh onion and be sure to add a packet of their hot sauce.


Yeah, the chili is good. Hopefully they offer that in the UK


When a cooked burger sits for too long it goes in the next pot of chili(into the refrigerator until then)


So you're saying it is eco-friendly as well!


Waste not, want not. Old Dave wanted to always serve fresh burgers, but he didn't want to throw old(under 5 minutes) ones away. So Wendy's chili was born


I would do that at my house. I think it's great and order the chili.


It's a good bargain and packed with protein




I like their chili. And my kids love their frostys. Their fries are pretty good too. Especially together. That’s all I’ll ever order if we ever go. Sometimes a baked potato to go with the chili.


Wendy's chili on a cold day is pretty special.


It's likely to be adjusted to your country's palate. Wendy's is a step above McDonald's in my opinion.


Adjusted= 1/2 size portions.


Poor, hungry little foreigners. My heart breaks for them.


I’ll just get 2 meals mate. No worries.


You joke but Wendy's "Medium" soda is larger than most other joints "Large."


Fast food restaurants aren't always the same country to country, even if they are part of the same company. KFC in many countries is good, for example, but it is bottom of the pile for fried chicken places in the US. I have no idea what the Wendy's is going to be like for you. But if it is like the Wendy's found in the US, dip your fries in a chocolate Frosty.


Heck fast food joints can vary locally as well. If I travel an away to my river house our McDonald’s there has crab cake sandwiches. So random lol


Chick-fil-a is the best Popeyes is aight, but im in the south, so in a world where Chick-fil-a exists, there's no reason for Popeyes KFC literally makes me vomit


The thing with Chik-fil-a is that you can't get on the bone chicken, which is disappointing.


Popeyes chicken sandwich blows Chik Fil A away.


Popeyes chicken sandwich is my favorite fast food sandwich (including burgers) of any kind by a mile. You can tell chic fil a has good ingredients, but is a little bland, and I’ve had many dry or disappointing sandwiches there (the cheese is NEVER melted at all on their deluxe).


Yea CFA is good but their lack of tenders and bone in chicken keeps them from being top tier all around


Popeyes is launching in the UK too.


They have a pretty diverse menu. Potato’s and salads and chili. It’s not super great but it’s decent.


I worked at a Wendy’s in high school. I don’t have any other fast food experience but I can tell you that everything was pretty fresh. The burgers aren’t frozen. The veggies actually look like they came from a farm. Frostys are like something magic. For the scale of operations, they’ve somehow retained the quality of their product. It’s like an actual American burger joint from the 50s. Kind of.


Their chili and baked potatoes are pretty good IMO. My favorite thing on their menu.


It's just another burger joint. I consider it better than McD's or BK but European chains aren't the same as the ones here so who knows?


As a Brit who lived in America, can confirm it's a much better McDonalds/Burger King.


Don't set your expectations super high, but they're generally seen as a step up from McDonald's. They tend to put that extra smidgeon of quality into their work. It's still fast food, but it'll probably taste better.


I think it is more quality than McDonalds but it is a pretty standard fast food burger place. One pro tip though, get the frosty (soft serve ice cream shake thing) and then dip your fries in it.


Depends on how badly they can fuck it up. Five Guys in the UK is an abomination, so don't get your hopes up.


UK Five Guys is bad? That sucks. US Five Guys right now in 2021 is what McDonald’s was when it first started, before automation and the race to the lowest common denominator.


> UK Five Guys is bad? I gave them three chances. I am not giving them a fourth.


That is not true. I've had Five Guys many times in the UK and it tastes exactly as I had it in the US. Not sure where you've had yours but it was an error.


Yeah, I was in the UK with a tour group and was missing American style sodas. Instead of paying a TON of money for mediocre looking museum food I walked a few blocks to Five Guys. It was amazing and the red blooded American in me was on top ilof the world when I tasted the Sprite and it tasted just like the ones back in the States.




The quality of both chains vary by location.


Like McDonald's or Burger King but with higher quality ingredients Also their ice cream machines work


Chicken nuggets are better than McD


I am curious. What do you like better about their nuggets? I haven't had Wendy's nuggets in a few years. Have they changed them since ~2017?


They're good, for fast food. Given my choice of the major chains, I'd go there. But still, it's chain fast food. I wonder if the whole "Wendy's Twitter" thing would play well as a marketing ploy, in Britain?


Wendy’s is basically a better McDonalds.


Not as good as some regional chains like in n out and whataburger, and certainly not as good as five guys. But it’s leagues better than McDonald’s and Burger King


It's the highest quality of the large, major burger chains. It's still fast food, but the quality is clearly above that of McDonalds or Burger King. If I'm out travelling, it's the most likely fast food chain I'll stop at (unless a better one that's more regional/local/niche like Five Guys, In-N-Out or Culvers) is around.


Wendy’s is like a slightly higher end McDonald’s. It’s great, you’ll love it! Fun (?) fact: Wendy’s originated in Columbus, OH!


They make nice stuffed baked potatoes and great iced tea. Also, chili. If you like bacon, they make "Baconators." I know "Iced tea" is a no-go in the UK, the climate's not hot enough in the summer. That's a shame.


Of the "big 3" fast food burger chains (McDonald's, Burger King, and Wendy's), Wendy's is far and away my favorite. Their ingredients always seem fresh, their meat is fantastic, and they have a good variety on their menu. Plus they offer an awesome chili! Wendy's is *slightly* more expensive and BK or McDonalds, but it is well worth it. Plus ever since they changed their fries like 10 years ago, even those are pretty good. For the price point they're excellent.


It’s my opinion that the Wendy’s Junior Bacon Cheesburger is the best all around burger available at US fast food chains.


Unlike the other two, Wendy’s refuses to pay fair trade with their resources. They prefer to rape and pillage powerless farmers for everything they have. This is common knowledge and people still line up for their product. If you think the UK can stomach that information, I think you’ll enjoy the burgers.


Hot take apparently: Wendy's does *not* have better nuggets than McDonald's. Wendy's nuggets are like if someone put decent breading on the same stuff Hardee's uses to make Chicken Stars (I. E. Grade F- chicken mince). McDonald's seem to be a bit better quality on the inner "chicken", and the outside is crispier. Wendy's *might* be better overall if you're eating them plain, because they have a bit more taste on their own. And you can get them in spicy version. But McDonald's are better if you have sauce.


Wendy’s is by far the best national fast food chain. Hopefully you guys are getting the 4 for 4


It’s like McD’s but tastes a bit different. That’s it.