It's not like everyone like vodka. It's just cheap and present in every shop.


Cheap? Cheap is something like Baltika-9 - very strong 9% beer for \~0.4$


2.5 euro in Slovenia. Probably coz it is limited sale though. https://ruskatrgovina.si/index.php?id_product=2009&id_product_attribute=0&rewrite=pivo-baltika-9-alk8-900ml&controller=product&id_lang=2


Wow, and how du u like such beverages? :P Cuz many ppl treat it as shiet, but i personally like it when i'm low on money, but want to relax with girl. For example sitting in park, on some bench in middle of summer, and drinking some cold baltika while talking some themes is brilliat :D


Ya def cheap especially the fake sugar made at home vodka , all Russian love that .


Personally don’t


People like the effect that it has, it's not like anyone drinks it for it's fine taste, lol. I don't think that any strong alcohol tastes good, but it gets the job of making you drunk done, so it's as good as any as far as i'm concerned. That said, whenever i see people in american movies drink vodka, they always show them just drinking it raw, without anything, sometimes straight out of the bottle, that's not the way we drink it. Even hardcore alcoholics would usually drink it with food\snacks, or follow it up with some non-alcoholic drink at least. Anyway, as far as i know, beer has always been the most popular alcohol beverage, vodka is more for a special occasion, like celebrations and such.


>any strong alcohol tastes good 25 + year whiskey


I really like the taste of some strong beverages, like good (not cheap) whiskey, grappa etc. I'd buy a bottle of something like Ardbeg Uigeadail and slowly sip it to enjoy the taste.


there is not a single person in my social circle who would prefer vodka over other quality alcohol. But among alcoholics, of which there are quite a few in Russia, vodka is the most common alcohol because of its price and availability in almost any store.


Vodka can be very high quality as well. My favorite club dink is a shot of vodka, half a lemon juice on a full glass of ice. No hangovers! Unless it’s smirnoff than yes hangover and you cant even drink it plain


I'm not saying that vodka is only bad, quality is also there, but, in my opinion, it is too individual. If I bring good vodka and good whiskey to the party, the whiskey will be completely drunk almost immediately, and the vodka will remain until the very end of the party. If you try to find out which brand of vodka is better, then everyone who loves vodka will have their own opinion about it, because it’s easier to drink good whiskey that everyone likes than trying to find 1-2 vodka producers that only you will like


I heard all medics drink vodka only. At any party. High quality vodka.


Russian doctors drink medical alcohol diluted with water, after this any alcohol will taste better and lower in alcohol content \*partially a joke\*. I have doctors friends and if I ask them they would prefer whiskey or cognac instead of vodka.


I don't drink alcohol.


Why not?


I've been drinking before. Just tired. Little benefit , a lot of harm. I would not drink now, even if I were paid for it.


How do you have fun though?


I play board games, attend kendo classes, go in for tourism, road trips. My emotions are mostly positive


You won't find your average vodka enjoyer here on reddit. But I constantly see alcoholics fired from my job at supermarket. Almost noone drinks vodka for it's taste. it is used as ingredient in cocktails or tinctures (is it a real word?), or as cheap and reliable way to switch off one's brain.


Good point about redditors, mate!


Yes tinctures is a real word. This is when something is mixed with it, usually the alcohol is the thinning agent and usually of some beneficial medicine.


I mean if you mix vodka, sugar and cherries in a glass jar and wait for few weeks, how you're going to call it?


I call those drunken cherries. I have three jars in my fridge, but I use grain alcohol (190 proof). One or two a day takes the aches and pains away


It's the most cheap alcohol, and many just used to it since there wasn't any alternatives with acceptable prices.


Some time, but only few shot with some food like pickled mushrooms or cucumbers, black bread whith herring and onion.


No. I don't like alcohol in general. Mead is probably the only exception.


I would prefer bad vodka over bad whiskey probably. I like vodka but I drink it maybe 2-3 times in a year with the appropriate food.


I don't think so, Russian people like wines and beer more than vodka)


I prefer wine. But as one comedian said: if a Russian person does not drink vodka, then he is either a traitor or a bastard. Joke.


I think there's quite significant societal divide. Vodka is cheap so poor drunkards buy it. People that can buy other sorts of alcohol without any damage to their budgets, prefer flavored drinks like whiskey or cognac, or wine and beer. I personally prefer alcohol-free beer :-))) I do like vodka though -- to wipe things (screens, surfaces etc).


>Do Russians really like Vodka or is it just mumbo jumbo? Yes ​ Well, vodka hods much greater share in the memes than on an Average Ivan's table. As a drink it's just nothing in particular - no particular taste, no particular smell. Which is good if you want to make some cocktail or just get shitfaced without second thought and too bad hangover... or just degrease something. There're softer drinks for your average friday night or barbecue party or fancier drinks for fancier occasions. Also it's a complement to certain hearty and heavy traditional dishes, but there can be infusions of sorts in this place. Generally strong liquors are for heavy festive dinners and among them vodka is the least festive choise. Definitely the best option for funerals. So it's rater rare, situational drink for a person who is not going to drink his brains away. For the, ahem, less responible consumers... well, better than surrogates cheaper than brandy.


I don't, honestly.


"Excuse me, your majesty, do you think I would give vodka to a lady? That is pure spirit!"


Well, I'd say that among my friends noone likes it. I think it became a beverage of drunkards or students who need big effect for little money. Those who like strong drinks prefer whiskey or cognac. But mainly wines or beers. Me personally I always have vodka at home, but for my favorite cocktails (black/white Russian).


Каждую неделю про водку спрашивают тут. Больше тем к русским нет, конечно


No. I drink only beer and wine, and sometimes vermouth, cider and mead.


When we gather with friends, we either drink good beer or wine.


Сейчас больше любят, раньше - нуждались. За последние 30 лет потребление алкоголя в стране существенно сократилось, количество перешло в качество и разнообразие. Лично я пару раз в год очень люблю опрокинуть запотевшую стопку ледяной водки со свежеприготовленным борщем и чесночными помпушками 🤤




Vodka is very untasty. Like a treatment after walking under cold weather would be acceptable.


I prefer alcohol with lower percentage than vodka. Absolutely love kvass, for example, or sparkling wine, or cherry/grape juice with some amount of red wine or dry martini. People who likes vodka likes the effect it has, not the taste.


In western dumb movies every Russian love vodka. I love gin and takin a bottle for year


Idk, but personally i didin't drink vodka for ages.


If my friends and I want to get drunk, we buy whiskey/cognac first, and then we switch to vodka.


A blight of our country.


Only as a Bloody Mary ingredient.


I don't.


no, i dont like vodka


Обожаю стереотипы о России


Of course, comrade! I drink it with my bear during our chess games In birch Grove.


I tried vodka once in my life. It tastes awful. I have no idea why do people even drink it, when whiskey, gin and other stuff exists. I'm guessing it's just cheap.


You’re right, on its own it’s indeed not that tasty, however, many people, myself included, don’t drink it for the taste, we drink it to have fun, it’s taste less so it goes well with any kind of soda and it fucks you up very well


I am teetotaler




нет, я здоров.




Nah, only true alcoholics drink it everyday


Take into account that in Russia there are not only Russian people. You got for example Buryats that typically drink less and there are many regions that got different culture and drink less from typical Russians. That is why in average Belarus is higher from Russia as it is more homogeneous. [https://www.vividmaps.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/alcohol-1024x456.png](https://www.vividmaps.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/alcohol-1024x456.png)


Depends on personal taste. I don't like such strong drinks as vodka, tekila or whiskey. For me it's like alcogol with awful bitter taste and smell. We have problem with drinkness in our country, especially in small towns and villages. People try to heal their mental illnes by fogging of consciousness with drinks. And that most awful there is lots of cheap drinks in our shops with awful quality, that makes it easier for those people to live such life. I saw it in my family, and I would never wish it to anybody.


Yeah i personally like it. When i drink alcohol, 99,9%of the times is vodka . I also like the fact that for a few coins you can take a couple hours off, without thoughts, worries or sadness. Its also omnipresent in every shop of the country, from the biggest to the smallest. So you can never run out ;)


It's true. Vodka is very dear to russians. They call it by its short name, like they'd call their kids.


In western dumb movies every Russian love vodka. I love gin and takin a bottle for year




At the our regular parties we mostly drink wine, beer, cognak, brendy, rum, and only one friend prefers vodka :) But I personally prefer non alcohol beer and rum, on occasion.


Mote and more people around me stop drinking alcohol at all.


As Russian don't like any kind of alcohol. Alcohol smells very bad and causes vomiting.


I don't. I prefer tequila and wine


Yes, YES, yup.


Good vodka better than cheap whiskey (cleaner). I prefer beer or cognac. I rarely drink vodka, only with a certain snack - pickled mushrooms, cucumbers, boiled potatoes with herbs and herring


Good vodka better than cheap whiskey (cleaner). I prefer beer or cognac. I rarely drink vodka, only with a certain snack - pickled mushrooms, cucumbers, boiled potatoes with herbs and herring


I don't like vodka. I prefer samogon, with 80 or more degrees of alcohol.


I with my 10 Year expirience of tasting alchohol can definitely say that vodka is da Best. Greatfully, now i can buy it legally


I have a few friends of mine who do love vodka. But I don't get them. And most of the people don't. I also have some relatives, mostly elderly, who would also prefer vodka. But most people from my circle don't drink strong alcohol, just beer and wine or don't drink at all. Those who do choose whiskey rum and stuff or go further and make their own precious and glorious samogon, the drink of gods :D


I don't like this ._.


Personally, I can only imagine being so miserable to binge-drink on cheap, or even premium, vodka. This oft correlates with the absence of higher education, good employment, hobby and, well, PC with a bunch of videogames installed. At the very least pirated Warcraft 3 and Heroes of Might and Magic III, which, at this point, can be run on potato. I myself either don't drink alone, or, on occasion, grab a few bottles of decent beer to chill out while playing video/tabletop games or watching something on the internet. Cocktails and mixes such as gin with juice or soft drink 1 to 4-6 is the most hardcore I can tolerate. There's also hookah I keep at home, even not being your average cigaret smoker or vaper.


All of my russian friends are into different alcohols most of them like german lager some like wine and the others whisky but none of them are into vodka. I personally think the reason vodka is popular among some people is because its pretty cheap, doesn't go bad, easily available pretty anywhere and you can get drunk quick.


If you mean water, then yes.


Depends. Which brand are we talking about? 😁


I don’t like it at all. Tasteless shit that drove my father crazy


imo "like" isnt right word more likely "use" vodka like extremely cheap drug to flee reality and "fill" emptiness of their primitive lives


Vodka is the fastest way to get drunk. I'm not in a hurry, I like to stretch the pleasure. I don't like vodka.


Vodka was popular in Soviet Union as it was the cheapest way to get shitfaced. Now its popularity is overtaken by beer. I personally don't like vodka.


Я вообще не употребляю никакого спиртного 20 лет.


Absolutely hate vodka. Had a lot of it during the university time though, but only due to it's "get drunk fast and cheap" property. I don't remember drinking it on my own volition since then though.


Do all Americans like whiskey?


I sure don't. I don't even drink at all.


I'd say vodka is the most popular strong drink here. For those who still drinks strong stuff.


I think I drank it two times in my life. First time as a teen to see what all the fuss was about and then at some point in my adult life when I needed to get shitfaced fast (I was laid off quite dramatically that day, sent my CV to recruiters; then went to a party because there was nothing else I could realistically do that day and some girl there was like - here, you need this).




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I fucking hate vodka


Before available supermarket vodka, made in factories, plenty of people made *samogon* — moonshine, I guess. My grandparents do. It's just what people had. You can't really make whine in a country that's covered in snow for half a year. Also a good way to stat warm. Beer is fine, but harder to make on ones' own and not as strong. During the Great War, soldiers were given almost alcohol to withstand the battles and live in trenches. Meanwhile, women who worked at factories for days un-end, making armament, were also drinking to withstand long shifts, curb hunger, ease pain from heavy labour. I say this because I'm aware I had great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers who were alcoholics, and this was linked to what i just described. Also, in the financial crisis of the 90s', due to inflation, hunger, unemployment and just overall fear, alcoholism probably spiked again. Vodka was the strongest drink to get for the lowest price (instead of, say, whine or whiskey). I hear from relatives that some people came to the point of drinking perfume when the vodka would run out, or dropping vodka in the eyes to have a stronger effect. Meanwhile, people would get poisoned from counterfeit vodka made by mobsters and whatnot. So yeah, I think there's a darker side to the jolly stereotype of Russians drinking vodka. Although it's often the target of jokes, in both Soviet and modern Russian comedy.


Бро, я нес хуйню уже в три лет не ври что ты фристайлишь это писаный триллер. Yup


I haven't drank vodka for 16 years. I prefer lighter alcohol, beer or wine.


For us, it's the same alcohol as everyone else, there's nothing special about it, and Russians don't drink it all day long. In every country there are drunks and people who often drink, ordinary people treat vodka like beer. I know English very bad, there may be mistakes.


Got it


It's just old bad stereotype the relationship between Russians and vodka isn't exactly a healthy one since during the days of the Russian empire vodka was utilized as a tool of oppression because the tsars would give vodka factories to supporting nobles as gifts for their loyalty and utilized to keep the masses down and drunk as to prevent them from thinking because at various points in Russian history vodka was cheaper than water even during the soviet Era personally If could make a reality warping wish I'd wish that every bottle of vodka in Russia would be replaced with an equal amount of high quality kvass. Vodka in Russia is a tool for exploitation of the people by their government.


I hope they do, i am not Russian and i love it. Vodka and alcohol in general are great things, i can’t imagine life without them