How do you deal with the dust here?

How do you deal with the dust here?


Pollen or crop dust maybe? Check outside if there are some plants causing this? That's not something German specific.


Definitely a lot of plants and tree. I posted pictures on one of the comments. I guess it’s the trees then. And the only solution some suggested were mosquito nets.


Those might help a bit but are still too passable for pollen. Some sheets from the material wimen pantyhoses are made from that are still see-through might help but would of course be ugly when the entire window is covered. But there really isn't other options. For the keyboard use a soft long haired brush and use it every 2 to 3 days. As for the PC there cut out parts of said pantyhoses might help as they are also letting air circulate.


yeah I can leave my stuff around for a long time before it need intense cleaning. I am cleaning my computer only once a year. Keyboard every half year maybe.


Wow, lucky you! Meanwhile my 2weeks old pc filter is about to choke 🥲


I'm not sure I know what you are talking about. What kind of dust is it? Like dust from the street or from some tree maybe?


This is not common, and not a "German thing". To figure out where the dust comes from, can you describe it, or perhaps take a photo? Is it pollen? Is there industry nearby that might be producing dust? Is there a construction site upwind?


[In this pics you see the stuff that look like tiny gray fabric or hair on the keyboard. And it looks white on the black laptop](https://imgur.com/a/zDOAYpS) There is no industry near me. I have to clean it at least once a week. I live on the top floor and there are tree out there maybe that’s why, but a whole bunch of these things seem to settle all of my desk every time I open the window. I can wipe the tables but even my mousepad looked f’ed :( I know it’s not a German thing. I asked to know what products people use to prevent it or clean it.


Putting a fly screen in front of the window (those with glued on stripes) may be enough as they look quite big.


Yeah thanks. I’ll give that the try. My Desk setup is white but it’s looks dusty white 😭


I imagine that someqhere near somebody has their laundry dryer exhaust nearby. Does it often smell like freshly washed clothes maybe? We had our dryers in the basement when I was younger and the exhaust lead outside with no filter, except the one inside the dryer itself, so I could always see lint hanging off of it. I loved the smell tho :D


Do you have a "Platane" (plane tree) nearby? We had a bunch of them at my office, they really made a mess with hundreds of tiny fibers on all surfaces.


Dude, where are you living? Never heard of anything like that.


Ruhrpott stuff for example. When i open the window, after i perfecly cleaned my window-sill and then ill swipe it with my finger just an our later it looks like id never clean it ...


Time for green energy


Agree. I lived in my teens in Berlin in the last part of the Grunewald. Parts of the house we didn't used much were dusty, but an occasional clean was more than enough. Moved near Düsseldorf and suddenly, the battle against dust became a daily grind, not to mention the dirt on the windows!


Had that problem when I lives next to a main road. Having a bus stop right in front of the windows didn't help either.


Its Autobahn, two main roads, big bus junction, no protecting trees or kippfenster bc of being in the DG and an extremy dirty industrial city.


Ever heard of Feinstaub?


That’s not what he’s describing though




I've experienced this in Berlin, but it was black dust when I was living near Tegel airport.


And don't you dare telling us where you live ... /smh




Maybe you too the wrong flight and went to Dune instead of Germany?


Arrakis. You mean Arrakis.


When the sun is low, you can see Spice on OP's keyboard.


Hm. Sounds like you live in an area where something other than regular dust is in the air. You could try to add some mosquito netting to your windows in the hopes that some of whatever is in the air gets caught in there. But other than that... a change of apartment maybe? But then, you live in munich, so not much chance there...


Thanks I’ll try the mosquito net. Yeah I probably have to move in 4 months. But how would I know this won’t happen in the new place😭


Well dust is not only a german thing..just clean it up..gosh you complain like a german..hahaha You got germanized


Oh damn XD


I'm sure you live by the street, there has to be heavy traffic, and lots of trees, the dust shouldn't be that hard otherwise.


Those lints look like those coming from a new carpet.


From DM I buy these swiffer dusters that are really good at picking up dust and pollen. I do see noticable differences in the brand, so try and get the "official" one that has this so-called magnetic effect. Then I swipe it around over desk every few days. What you're describing does sound kind of unusual though! Maybe get in touch with your landlord if something is happening / can be done.


Just saw in another comment that you live in Munich - and I do too but never had SUCH a huge issue here. It gets dusty pretty quickly but nothing too vacuum cleaner destroying