So clever. So funny.

So clever. So funny.


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i don´t get it...


it means penises. guys will refer to their penises as "their boys." their testicles too




No, how do you figure? Edit: Oops, I replied to the wrong thing.


The boys will stand up, and the boys' ah-hems will also stand up. It's honestly difficult to make such a bad joke whilst also being so damn offensive.


I suppose that's the rub. For so many people, there's a stage where offensive = funny. A lot of people just sort of stay in that stage forever.


Yeah like if you’re going to make a joke that’s offensive, at least make it funny, god.


But doesn't that imply that they have two dicks? Because balls don't stand up, last I checked.


No it implies that the boys will get out of their chairs and stand (20 stands) and their erections will also stand (20 more). That's how I took it anyway.


Oh, gods, I'm dumb. I did the math wrong. You're very right.


It happens!


Glad I'm not the only one.


I was confused as well


Damn thats the 5th post i saw today where i have to ask whats the problem. Its not funny at all, but i dont see the problem with the mesage "this woman is very attractive" As someone who has been a horny teenager before i can tell you that you get a boner from everything during this time... It is not unrealistic for an attractive woman to enter a room with 10 teenagers and having 9 out of them get a boner. I am not trying to be an asshole. I just wanna understand whats problematic about this.


Objectification. It’s not offensive that teen boys get turned on, it’s offensive that the only joke is just objectification.


I see where you are coming from, but i just see this as "he looks really good" and not as a "she only exists to look good". I have heard that men tend to give each other less compliments and therefore being more honored by a statement like this. If i saw a post like this about me, i would feel so damn honored and its very hard to understand how others feel different about it...


I agree 100%, but you shouldnt post your opinion on this Reddit, unless it agrees with the "Straight men bad"


I can tell from my expieriences and stuff other people told me that men tend to feel more honored by compliments than woman because we get a lot less of them and only see them as what they are. Compliments.


It doesn't make sense that they'd stand up, though. If you get an erection while seated it's not adjusted right to comfortably stand up. Anyone that went through puberty in a be-pennised body knows this.


Hoo boi. This reminds me, Back when I was in HS, our math prof was this really sexy, voluptuous lady and she wore button ups and tight pants. Her buttons around her chest area was quite literally popping off her white shirt. (We didn't have air conditioning in the room at that time so you can imagine we can see her the outline and color of her bras when it gets really hot in the room) one day, they caught the boys discussing about how turned on her attire makes them (they were talking about it in the boy's bathroom during break) and they got caught for disrespecting her. (The girls in the class mention how distracting our teacher's clothes are to each other since we worry she's going to bend over or sit down and the button will just pop off, coincidentally but it wasn't addressed or acknowledged) Needless to say, the boys got sent to the disciplinary office and it was a huge mess. When things settled down, our teacher still wore button-ups, but they were less tighter than before. To this day, it boggles me how my teacher thought it was alright to wear something like that in front of a bunch of horny teenagers. Wear what you want, but dress appropriately for the occasion.


Thank you for telling us?


I mean... I dont 100% agree with his comment and it has nothing to do with the post, but why does it have 10 downvotes?


Because we didn’t need to know that