I just got the Mortal Kombat Midway Legacy cabinet. It has difficulty setting for all the games. Pretty cool. Perfect for me 'cause I SUCK at Mortal Kombat. Lol.


Yep my love for it surpasses my skills by far. When I got my cab I got a swift reminder on ALL 3 mks that I'm terrible. Cpu doing fatalities and everything on me lmao.


I tried playing Street Fighter Alpha 3 last night on my modded machine and didn't even pass the first stage! I know I'm not a pro, but I'm not that bad. I feel like maybe it's the Japanese version of the game so it's set on extra hard lol.


I own both only because I’m a huge Commando fanatic but overall I like the Mk cabinet better, 3 Mk games as opposed to 6 SF games so more game options in MK, classics like Rampage and Gauntlet, plus goofy ones like Paperboy, Rootbeer Tapper and Toobin is a must have. Street Fighter has 1942 which is fun and perhaps Final Fight and Ghosts n Goblins but in the end I feel like all 6 SF games play close to the same so Mk cabinet has more variety. That’s the one I got first but SF is number 2 if you have space or extra money to spend as these legacy tables are the way to go to start your Arcade1up collection.


Gauntlet needs its own cab.


for sure, 4 player with original art, include gauntlet 2, dark legacy, something else, profit! I'd buy it


Yeah. It doesn't get talked enough. To me it's one of the most iconic games / cabs in any arcade. Even the phrases from the game are iconic. *"Wizard Needs Food, Badly"*


Capcom has a better game selection overall. Midway has the best emulated MK 1-3 you'll find.


Get both. 🤷🏼‍♂️


Buy one, mod it, play all of them.


For modding the street fighter is the better Option because of the Button Layout


Came to say this.


I just bought the capcom legacy cab and I play it at least twice a week. 1944 is my favorite game on it but I also play street fighter, ghouls n ghost and final fight also. Lots of great games. The midway cabinet is next on my list.


No one talking about the legendary Strider or Darkstakers? Agree that MK cab has a more diverse list of games but I needed them both in my collection. If both aren’t an option, guess it boils down to which fighting franchise you prefer since they’re the stars of the show.


I have both. Personally the MK 2 is my pick cause of the variety of games on it vs SF which has six SF games. I say get the MK first and if you can find an OG SF for cheap get that and mod it.


MK difficultly can be adjust by accessing the settings menu through a hold down button combination (not EJB menu that can brick the A1U). SF2 doesn’t have an option to change the difficulty and is hard AF.


The Street Fighter games (all of the games on the cab actually) come with adjustable difficulty settings.


I have a SF2 cab, walk me through it.


TBF the OG SF2 cab doesn’t have difficulty options, but given what’s available on shelves and the way a lot this thread has gone, it was a fair presumption that OP was trying to decide between the Midway and Capcom Legacy cabs. I could be wrong and maybe OP is looking to grab the OG cabs used?


I have the original SF2 A1U cab.


I have both. I like the Mk cab a bit more because of the diversity of the games but both are great


They both cheat.. 1p fighters suck donkey d I prefer MK over SF.. however if you plan to mod the SF gets you a better starting point due to layout.


I think either way you won't be disappointed. . . . . . Buy both, you'll be really happy!


I have both and I much prefer the Street Fighter cabinet, but that's just me. They're both a lot of fun.


Buy the street fighter cab, and get the upcoming MK countercade.


Own both but I’d go Capcom over Midway if I had to chose