MD fish tanks on YouTube


I just found MD fish tanks afew days ago. Both him and serpa design make awesome scapes and I’ve learned so much from them.


Just trying to give aquascaping a shot for the first time and I find myself questioning what plants I should be using and do I need more hard scape on the sides of my tank? Running low tech with Fluval planted v2 and fluval stratum


Glue th wood to some rocks and for plants I have for my 32.5 Java fern Swords 5 different kinds of cryptocoryne Anubias nana Petite A few other I can't remember but all the plants I use are easy plants


i would only use same rock type with similar shape, round rocks are river rocks, and the rocks on the sides have obvious shape so it’s a mix up. i would also use bigger wood for more height but this wood piece is actually pretty even though not my fav wood type. but it also depends on how u see it after planting everything. u should try zoning sand and substrate with some small rock or something because later it could easily mix together and be super annoying to fix


I agree on the two rock types I think I was more attracted to the fact that they were the only other smaller option that had similar color/shade so I figured why not see what they look like. Breaking up a larger stone but of the same type seemed to be the better option I agree. I like the idea of sectioning it off but I just couldn’t picture how I could do it without making too much of a wall of stones being too vertical. Now I’m thinking of tearing this down and maybe try a terrace structure instead of a hill/slope thank you for your insight


I’ve seen people use plastic sheets to do that, the ones which look like cardboard but made of plastic and they somehow mask/hide it. i think they wait intil they get lush carpet on the soil and then it can get removed since carpeting plants zone off substrate pretty good i think u can make many great scapes. i usually find a lot of great ideas on pinterest;)


Oh I’ve never even thought to look on Pinterest for inspiration thank you! And yeah the plastic liner could definitely work it’s almost like a garden liner thanks for the tip


I'd advise against a path, I tried it with mine but after weekly vacuums for a month, the sand path has been peppered with substrate. Il never try it again lol. Also, I cant unsee Groot doing a backbend lol


100% groot doing a back bend thank you for pointing that out I’ve been staring at this piece of driftwood for literal years and had never once seen that until now thank you lol also yeah the substrate mixing seems to be inevitable but oh well, just make it work while it lasts and when it ends up mixing I’ll just end up planting something there


Some vallisnerias spirallis will look really good on the back


I like that idea I haven’t heard of the Val. Spirallis