Hey All, I have just joined this sub. I’m complete newbie in the topic so I trust you can give me good advise. I’m looking for a watch for my 10yr old son for the single purpose of tracking his whereabouts, it’s this age when he likes to stay longer outside with his mates. I’m looking at used series 3 with cellular from ebay, nothing flashy as he may loose it. Wikipedia says cellular starts with series 3 and that’s why it is my starting point. Will I be able to achieve my aim? Do I need cellular? Will earlier series do the job also? He already has his iPhone linked to his own iCloud account.


I’m looking into my first smartwatch (SE or 8) and the most important feature for me is sleep tracking. Do the new health features of the 8 improve sleep tracking in any way over the SE, or are they basically the same?


Is this deal good? Everywhere else the 7 cellular watch is over 400. This is the Nike version. Is there a reason to stay away from this? https://www.walmart.com/ip/Apple-Watch-Nike-Series-7-GPS-Cellular-41mm-Midnight-Aluminum-Case-with-Anthracite-Black-Nike-Sport-Band-Regular/451672032?athbdg=L1100


I want to buy second hand series 7, and the photo of the watch shows a blue hue around the display corners. Is this something abnormal? https://imgur.com/a/nj2tXTZ


I am fully blind and having a hard time with finding an armband to go around my bicep. I have an SE-2 44mm and need a bicep band for work. I am a bigger guy and need one that expands when my muscles contract. Thanks in advance!


Is the ultra worth it? I currently have a Series 2 and don’t really have much complaints. It does what I want. But I like the scuba diving and outdoor features the ultra has. Is it worth it though?


I’m planning to get a series 8. Which size do you guys think is the best fit on my wrist? [41mm](https://i.postimg.cc/rp20T6sc/4440-CA00-0861-4-F70-B4-AE-9-C9-E05287-A3-A.jpg) [45mm](https://i.postimg.cc/zfwLXdHh/A76-EDE64-F0-D1-4-A9-B-887-C-BF82-AEA376-FF.jpg) My wrist is big, but the 41mm looks kinda nice tho. What you guys think?


I will travel next month to Los Angeles and Las Vegas and since the Apple Watches are cheaper in the US than in my country I want to buy the Ultra while I am on vacation. Do you have any recomendation for me where I can get the best Deal?


If I hook my airpods up to the watch and run spotify only off the watch, is the sound quality different than if i had the airpods connected to the phone? I kind of assume they would sound the same, but I was curious.


Yeah the sound quality directly from the watch is at a lower bitrate so it's lower quality. Could be for storage reasons idk. Best to keep streaming from the phone.


Apple Watch SE 2 is underrated, battery last 3 days for me ( with training every day 1-2 h and walking a lot and such ) great buy, I had the Apple Watch Series 6 SS but it would never last 1 day


Is stainless steel worth the upgrade?


There's nothing wrong with it, but I found scratches are more noticeable. Something about micro abrasions or something.


Hey could I get some advice for my current Apple Watch? I’m wearing the series 6 but I ended up cracking it. I didn’t get apple coverage for it since I got it from work. My question would be should I invest in upgrading to a newer watch or just have it fixed?


get a quote on how much it is to get it fixed. sometimes the price to fix it is pretty much almost the price to buy a new one. if that’s the case then just buy a new one. whether you should upgrade or not is totally up to your use case. I have had the S4 for years now and I honestly don’t feel like I don’t need to upgrade. I’m keeping this till it breaks.


I got small wrists around 13cm, does anybody with similarly sized wrists have a picture of them wearing a 40 or 41mm? I’m not so much concerned about finding bands that fit but more the watch face looking too oversized on me


The 41mm pretty much covers my entire wrist.. I thought that the lighter colors would make it feel less bulky so it doesn’t feel as bad.


Do you happen to have a picture of what it looks like? I was thinking of the midnight edition bc I mostly wear black, but you’re right a lighter color will probably optically look better


Anyone have any suggestions… Trying to setup an Apple Watch Ultra, moving from a S4. Went to setup via backup and my S4 needed an update. Updated it and then rebacked it up. Went to restore from backup and it’s still flagging the S4 needs an update. If you then go into the watch app, it says it’s up to date. Just seems stuck even if i unpair and start the process over. Have restarted both the iPhone and watch.


Will Apples watch magnetic dock work with the Ultra? Or will it only slow charge it?


Can I have my phone and watch be on different providers? Currently have both my iPhone and watch through Optus. Phone is fully paid off so want to swap to a cheaper mobile deal but I still owe $500 on the watch and don’t have enough handy to pay it off outright. Will everything still function if I change mobile providers but leave watch with Optus?


Is buying a used series 7 for the same price as brand new SE2 worth it? Although the battery health of the series 7 is about 90% and have some minor scratches.


I would keep your eye out! I returned the SE2 to get a like new refurb 7, eligible for extended warranty ($50/3yrs) from Amazon. I have a year from purchase to return too 100% refund if I have any issues! It ended up being about $40 more than the SE with 2yr Apple care. My main reason was to get the keyboard in messages on the 7!


battery health at 90%? Probably not. The battery is the #1 problem with Apple Watches. If you're willing to spend a little more, definitely go for the series 7. It's a lot better than the SE 2.


Is Apple care worth buying for the battery issue? Or would the credit card’s extended manufacturer warranty suffice to get the battery replaced when it won’t hold a good charge?


That's an extra $200 for 2 years or $10 a month. At that point you'd might as well upgrade to a better watch or find a different one with better battery.


i have an se1 what should i get used


What's your budget? I would look around on eBay for anything Open Box. Series 7 is awesome if you can strike a good deal, otherwise go for the se2




Send a little high tbh




Paying $140 for a series 4 seems like a lot


Ah I see yea I guess so too and probably it won’t get another update anytime soon


Is the Apple Watch SE 2nd generation able to calculate the respiratory rate and sleeping respiratory rate? Or does calculating the respiratory rate require the Spo2 feature which the SE 2nd generation does not have?


I would like to test the HR readings from my AW6 against a chest strap (I was thinking Polar H10). Can I do this somehow from one device (my iPhone)? Or will I need two? I'm wondering if there is a way to have both the AW6 and the H10 record HR readings during the same workout. Anyone know?


I would personally just connect the strap to the Strava phone app and start another activity through the watch. That way you end up with 2 activity files and you can compare them.


Awesome, this is perfect. Thank you.


I have the Ultra and I love it, but it has been feeling quite large. I usually hide my watches under whatever I'm wearing but having to pull my sleeve over the Ultra to glance at it is uncomfortable. I recently took a picture of my wrist and it's giant. I like wearing inconspicuous accessories. But I do love Ultra's 2000 nits screen. Battery life is not as important because I charge it every night. I use the Watch for time, timers, notifications, and exercise tracking. I'm debating on downgrading to Series 8 steel. Has anyone done the same? Did you regret it at all?


Looking at purchasing my first Apple Watch and really unsure what direction to go. Will be used for some working out (cycling and lifting) but mostly lifestyle (office work and running around with kids). Looking at two options right now: 1) New SE 44mm with a braided solo band - $329 2) Series 7 45mm with sport band or Nike sport band - $329 I love the braided band and know the new SE is great value, but I keep going back and forth on if I need AOD with the 7. The extra health monitors are nice but certainly not necessary. Really appreciate all thoughts and suggestions!


There’s more than just always on display (which you can turn off). Agreed on the health monitors, it’s whatever, but do I like having the full keyboard in messages, so I returned the SE2 for a 7 at a very similar price point. It’s not advertised as a difference, which I found out after the fact. All good, but as I was buying my fist AW I decided I should get the features I want, and enjoy it hopefully for several years. The solo loops were tempting to me, too, but I read a number of comments that they stretch out fairly quickly, so I decided they weren’t worth the $50. I do have a sport loop, otherwise I got a 6 pack of colored nylon adjustable loop bands that are comfortable and look good for $16.


I would go for the Series 7 if they are priced the same.


Would go with the S7 all day!


Looking at a used series 7 gps and Wi-Fi for $225. Is that a fair price?


I sold a series 7 end of December for $200


Have had an Apple Watch since October 2020, first one crashed under Apple Care 15 months after purchase and the brand new replacement watch has died under similar circumstances after 9 months of use. Both died after swimming. If the tech is not water resistant than don't market it as such. Apple is quoting me a repair fee of $285 as the 9 month old replacement watch apparently is no longer under guarantee. I'm not the type of person that wants to spend $279 a year on a sports watch. Also expected better from Apple in terms of customer care rather than just telling me to suck it up and pound sand. Surely their hardware is built to last longer than a year on average?!


I used Apple's measurement tool for the braided solo loop, and I am exactly on the line between 5 and 6. Should I go with the 5 as suggested, or should I size all the way down to a 4 to prevent it from stretching out?


I am using the braided Solo Loop for over 2 years now. It stretches maybe a little bit but not too much and laying it in hot water also tightens it again. I would go with the 5, maybe 4 would be too tight AND you don‘t prevent stretching with a 4, it probably stretches even More.


I really want to start a data plan on my cellular apple watch, the only thing I am worried about is playing music from the watch to the car. It looks like it is not possible from what Ive seen online. Can anyone provide some insight?


What’s the best place to find discontinued bands in the US? I’m looking for a pride edition Nike sport band and Ebay doesn’t seem like a great place to find them.


I have SE 2 (2022) 40mm. celullar + gps. Its whortly to change for series 8 or ultra?


I am planning on buying an Apple Watch to help motivate me to keep fit. My primary purpose is to be able to set and accomplish daily goals for steps, as well as perhaps gentle reminders to take a short walk every hour or so. Tracking calories burnt while exercising etc is only a plus. Here is my concern: I have some health anxiety and so for those reasons I am afraid to get the watch, because if it ever said something like irregular heart beat or high heart rate, I would probably freak out and read way too much into it. So my question is: is there a way to disable receiving alerts for irregular heartbeat and high resting heart rate, as well as blocking me from retrospectively accessing data that contains any past irregular heartbeats?


You can adjust the high and low thresholds for fast / slow heartbeat warnings and turn off the heart irregularity warning. Note that I have had my watch for years and never had a warning pop up. It only warns you of a high heartbeat if it’s sudden and didn’t get high as a result of exercise.


So if I have the heart irregularity warning turned off, then does that mean it is still storing the irregular heart beats but simply not telling me? Or is it not storing them in the first place? I would prefer it not store them because I don’t want to be able to retrospectively check on my own that I had an irregular heart beat on so and so day.


Is buying the SE1 fine to buy if i’m on a budget? Cheaper by like $60-$70 i’m finding


Should I buy an Apple Watch (ultra or series 8) just because im concerned about my heart? Nothing is going on atm but as an overall “heart tracker”


Absolutely. I don’t have heart issues but I have anxiety and a family history of heart issues, and it can straight up stop an anxiety attack by just checking your heart rate.


Yes I would. It can alert you of high/low heartbeat and AFib. There are many articles showing how these features have helped people. I wouldn't get the ultra unless you just like the look or workout a lot.


thanks! I definitely workout a lot and use a garmin now. Hate to say it but I love the look/functionality of the ultra 😆


I am trying to decide between the garmin Fenix 5 plus sapphire (2018) and the apple watch se (2nd gen). My price range is anywhere below $300, and I was able to find a renewed Fenix 5 plus for $275 on amazon as well as an Apple watch SE 44m GPS + Cell for ~150 used. Is it worth it to go with the garmin for fitness reasons or should I just go with the cheaper apple watch that's more up to date? Does anybody have experience with both of these watches and have advice on this? I ran cross country in high school but I am almost out of college and training for my first marathon in April. I am trying to make running a more regular part of my daily life, so I know I would make use of many of the garmin's features, but is it worth going with an out of date garmin versus a more up to date apple watch that might not excel in every fitness aspect but would provide lots of other features?


I have Fenix 5x and latest apple watch. I like both but wear the apple watch more. I am runner and started off with Garmin and it does an excellent job for that. But for my use cases the apple watch has been sufficient- I don't do extreme sports and ultra long distances where I need very long battery life. I run 25-30 miles per week. I would try and save for version 7 or newer though- or an SE. I also like the fashion aspects of the apple watch. I have been collecting bands and it has been lots of fun. I say apple watch! My Fenix is collecting dust.


Bought AW for heart reports, SOS...not interested in sleep, exercise/fitness.beyond step count and GPS. I like some of the phone and internet connection apps. Disappointments: won't track/alert my diagnosed AFIB events (workaround is lie about birthdate, don't admit diagnosed AFIB (due to heart valve problem), I was not interested in most exercise related info (lie about calorie goals, my goal is 150 calories so I have many AW achievement awards lol), Obviously I haven't had the watch very long so still learning but right now I give it a grade of C. I'll set more exercise goals over time but have no time now cuz I'm sitting for hours daily reading how to set up my AW.


Ive had a S7for about 6 months and want to sell it to buy a non-smart watch, where do people sell watches and phones now?


I've seen Facebook marketplace, Swappa, eBay (assuming US based)


Commenting to see responses. Looking to sell a GPS Series 8. UK Brand New.


Was looking to buy my first Apple Watch and was debating between the S8 stainless steel GPS + Cellular and the Apple Watch Ultra. In Canada, before taxes the S8 is 869.99 for the 41 mm and 969.99 for the 44 mm and the Ultra comes in at 1099.99. I’m debating if the ultra is worth the extra money also if it goes well if I wanted to dress it up or if it would just look out of place? Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated.


Had both. Returned the SS and kept ultra. Have titanium band to dress it up. My favorite apple watch ever. No brainer


I am using an apple watch ultra as a 'phoneless' device day to day. It works reasonably well. I am wondering if the Apple Watch SE 2 cellular function this way reliably. I know there are some differences but I am not sure I need the features of the apple watch ultra besides the better battery life. Can anyone comment on how well the SE 2 holds up as a solo device and leaving the iphone at home all day?


Looking to get my partner an Apple Watch. Simple guy, he runs and will sync up some music. Might take calls or read msgs on the watch, but that’d be secondary to the running and music. Do I keep it simple and get the SE?


Wearing an S4 worth it to uprgrade to a new SE? I‘m mostly wearing a mechanical watch so I would solely use it for sports and at home.




Series 7 or Series 8? I am planning on upgrading my series 5 that I've had for four years now and I really want to upgrade but I can't decide between series 7 or series 8, I personally like the blue color on the series 7, while on the series 8 the colors don't interest me that much. But which one should I get? Or should I wait for the series 9?




Midnight vs Silver Aluminium Not sure which one to choose. Innitially I picked midnight as its my fav color and I thought the silver aluminium version looked cheap (like airbrushed). Now I think the midnight is nice but it looks a lot like a fitness watch and hard to dress it up with different bands. Is the silver one more elegant and easier to match with other bands, clothes etc?


I want to buy an Apple Watch to monitor my runs. Specifically, I want it so I can record my treadmill runs on Strava as this can not be done on the phone app. Ideally, I would like to initially purchase a used watch for cheap on Amazon before I go all in on a new watch. What is the oldest model I can purchase that has all of the following features: gps, heart rate, ekg?


I’m looking at getting an Apple Watch very soon but idk what one I should get. I’d say I’m fairly active I love swimming and hiking, I like the fact that there’s more choices for the 8 but the ultra seems to be the better of the 2. If you know any pros or cons of the watches can you please let me know any info or suggestions is very much appreciated thank you.


I’m looking at getting an Apple Watch very soon but idk what one I should get. I’d say I’m fairly active I love swimming and hiking, I like the fact that there’s more choices for the 8 but the ultra seems to be the better of the 2. If you know any pros or cons of the watches can you please let me know any info or suggestions is very much appreciated thank you.


I’m looking at getting an Apple Watch very soon but idk what one I should get. I’d say I’m fairly active I love swimming and hiking, I like the fact that there’s more choices for the 8 but the ultra seems to be the better of the 2. If you know any pros or cons of the watches can you please let me know any info or suggestions is very much appreciated thank you.


Is apple watch se 2 good for first watch or to save money and buy series 7. Is there a big difference? Because series 7 is at least 150€ more.


Is always on display important to you? It is for me. Once I've used it there is no young back


I’m thinking of ordering the SE from apple, shipped to my house. Do you have to sign for this when it delivers?


Thoughts? What color looks better in person, stainless gold or silver?


I am updating from a Series 3 and thinking about either getting a sparkling brand new Series 8 or a used, in pristine condition Series 7. Price difference is around £130. Any thoughts?


I would go 7. Virtually the same watch


Thinking of getting an Apple Watch SE, is it worth it?


I want to buy a new sololoop (silicone) but I’m torn about the sizing. According to apple I need a size 7. However, I’ve been using my braided solo loop in size 7 for a year and am now at a point where it’s honestly too loose. I inherited a size 6 braided loop and while it’s slightly too tight i feel it fits better than the 7. So… should I go with a 6 or a 7. I’m scared the 6 will be too small, but that 7 will end up too big, so I’m really not sure what to do here


New to Apple. I am planning to get Apple Watch SE (Gen 2). Is it good enough for tracking my walking activity and heartbeat? What is the average lifetime of an Apple Watch before needing any replacements given ideal usage? I currently have iPhone 8, will it work with it?


I use both Garmin and Apple and the Apple Watch heart rate is by far the best in the industry as far as wrist tracking goes. You could easily have the watch last 4-5 years


Thanks for your response.


My first job is starting soon so was thinking of getting a new watch. Given the formal dress code, should I get an Apple Watch or an analogue watch?


Use the Apple Watch and put an analogue clock face on it it’ll look good and classy


Is a steel case really almost **double** the price of an aluminum case AW?


Best most affordable apple watch to get?




What about used? Is there a line drawn in the sand on which ones not to buy? Which model is more of a deal? series 3 ~$85-110 or series 4 < 5 < SE ~ $130-$160 Much appreciated!


I would definitely avoid series 3. It stopped getting software updates. If I went older, I would do series 5. Always on display, ECG The 2022 SE will be a little more for a lot more years iof support


thanks for the reply!


No problem. Feel free to message with more questions!


I’d like to buy an Apple Watch series 6. Reason being is that my iPhone is still at ios13.5. Does the version on the watch get updated frequently and what version would I need it to stay at 13.5


Planning to get a AW7. My needs are: * Workouts, mostly running. Trying to get into shape, the standalone Fitness app on iPhone with only move goal seems to be motivating to me, would having an watch be better? * Listening to music, Spotify. Will mostly be used so I can download songs to Spotify, go on runs with just my headphones and watch * And general watch purposes (timer, notifications, reminders etc), I own a few regular mechanical watches but I have been eyeing Apple Watches for a while and can get one now. Wanted to get SE2, but the prices are inflated here and the difference between SE2 and Series 7 is negligible. Thanks!


Will Ultra trail M/L loop fit on my 220mm wrist? I am a big guy and they only had alpine M in store and I couldn't even put it through my hand. Wife got series 8 with sport band and I can't even connect the last hole :P Otherwise, the only option for me is series 8 with black XL sport loop band


I want to upgrade from the 3 to the Ultra but Verizon is trying to make me add a line. I don’t want to pay $10 a month when I never use my watch without my phone. Should I get it and then just cancel the line? Or can the ultra only be used with the $10 a month bullshit? Thanks


You need the additional line to use the cellular on its own, without your phone nearby. most carriers seem to charge an extra $10 for that. However, you don’t *have* to add a line if you don’t mind not using the cell capability in the watch. Then it just works like the regular Apple Watch does when you don’t have your phone with you.


I’ve been told it is not required on the stainless and up versions to add a line. This may be carrier specific as I am on AT&T. YMMV


Will any Ultra band fit on my big 220-225mm wrist ? I realize there is an extension for ocean one but I cannot find it in Poland. not even on apple website here. Only trail is up to 220mm it seems. others are 200 and 210. I went to ispot today but they only had alpine medium and it didnt even fit enough to put through my hand lol. I am also still considering normal alu 8 + xl sport loop. It's up to 245mm and better price. maybe I dont need an ultra. someone help me out here to decide.


Is it still worth it to buy a 7?


This is my question as well, on apple’s refurbished website a 7 stainless steel can be had for the same price as an aluminum 8.


i’d grab the stainless 7 then. the sapphire crystal will do a lot for durability


Hey guys, what are the best subreddits to purchase pre-owned Apple Watches from? Thanks!




Which Model would you suggest? * sleep monitoring * workout monitoring - not swimming * I am ok with using it only when needed and not all day long I saw the SE also has sleep monitoring but it seems like it lacks some sensors and I don't know if that makes the monitoring less precise.


I would like an Apple Watch ONLY for my sleep monitoring - how good is it at the job and which model should I get?


My wife is dealing with some pretty serious heart problems from a problem pregnancy, and her cardiologist said that getting an Apple Watch would be a good idea, so I’m looking for a watch that can monitor the heart the best. Should I just go with the 8? Or if I can’t find one, will an earlier model have the same heart features?


My 7 does a pretty good job but I’d probably recommend getting the newest model given the circumstances.


I’m planning on upgrading my Apple Watch. Should I get the series 7 or series 8? I’m buying refurbished btw


I want to buy an SE 2022. I’m scared that it’ll break if I ever hit the watch face. What do people think?


I currently don’t have any Apple Watch and have never had one, would I be better off buying the Series 8 or the SE?


Depending on whether you need features like AOD, ECG, blood O2 etc. You may get a better deal on an S7 if you can find it around the price of the SE.


If I get an Apple Watch and plan to connect it to my phone and not use it without my phone, will I get charged on my cellular plan? Can I use my current internet plan to connect it to the internet and make calls w/o charges?


you will need to register an esim to your cellular supported Apple Watch. Charges varies with different carriers, you may have to check with yours.


I’m with T-Mobile. I don’t want to make calls I just want to be able to use the internet and stuff on it. If I get series 8 GPS would that do what I want without an eSim?


Never had an Apple Watch before and I am thinking to get the Ultra but I am torn between it and iPhone 14 pro max I own iPhone 11 and going strong so far Do you guys think it worth it to get the watch and wait 1 year to change my iPhone? I am only interested in ultra as the battery life of others are big turn off for me


Do you think the Ultra/45mm watches (photos attached) are too large for my wrist? I currently have a S6 40mm, but was looking into a larger watch and not sure if I can pull it off. https://imgur.com/a/VX9Fqh7/


I’m looking at getting an Apple Watch very soon but idk what one I should get. I’d say I’m fairly active I love swimming and hiking, I like the fact that there’s more choices for the 8 but the ultra seems to be the better of the 2. If you know any pros or cons of the watches can you please let me know any info or suggestions is very much appreciated thank you.


I don’t have one


Just got a series 8,never had one before and I’m trying to figure it out. I’m sort of worried that I have to charge it daily but I also want to use the sleep function. Trying to figure out what my routine will be for charging the damn thing


I have a series 3 (probably going to upgrade soon) and I charge mine in the morning and before I go to bed.


Need help deciding on a couple of things, my wrist size is 175mm/17.5cm/6.9 inches 1. Size: 40 vs 44mm? 2. Colour: Silver or Midnight? Planning to get a brown leather strap + midnight sport band, need help deciding which combi would suit me the best. Trust me, I already went to the Apple Store to try it for myself, but I am still in a dilemma. Size-wise, I think both could fit me but I could see myself liking the larger one since I do work out, but I care more about proportionality. I reckon the Silver would look like a traditional watch, but i think the aluminium model could look cheap, while Midnight could look bluish which ain't neutral to me.


Need help deciding on a couple of things, my wrist size is 175mm/17.5cm/6.9 inches 1. Size: 40 vs 44mm? 2. Colour: Silver or Midnight? Planning to get a brown leather strap + midnight sport band, need help deciding which combi would suit me the best. Trust me, I already went to the Apple Store to try it for myself, but I am still in a dilemma. Size-wise, I think both could fit me but I could see myself liking the larger one since I do work out, but I care more about proportionality. I reckon the Silver would look like a traditional watch, but i think the aluminium model could look cheap, while Midnight could look bluish which ain't neutral to me.


2nd Gen SE vs Series 8 Do the differences between the 2 negligible when I’ll be buying an apple watch for the 1st time and don’t have a heart problems? I’m planning to get the 44mm 2nd gen SE as my 1st apple watch, all advice are welcome.


Depending on whether you need features like AOD, ECG, blood O2 etc. You may get a better deal on an S7 if you can find it around the price of the SE.


So I've never had a smart watch, want one mainly just so I can pair my headphones to something besides my phone while I run, and keep a device on my while I'm at work in case there's an emergency at home. As I've never had one, I don't really no what my best bet is going to be with the ones that are out now, and if at all possible I'd like to avoid being needlessly expensive, however I know it's also Apple products, and i'll be paying those sweet orchard prices to some extent regardless. Which watch would you guys recommend?


Coming from a 42mm series 2 I’m really conflicted about what size to pick. I don’t do a whole lot on my watch, mostly exercise/health tracking, messages, and various notifications, so I probably don’t NEED the biggest size for functionality. Here are some pics of the two sizes with just my old band on so I didn’t have to open the band boxes. https://imgur.com/a/IqkcaO3


Happy cake day


I’m looking at upgrading my Gen 1 SE GPS Apple Watch to something with cellular. I’m wondering if it’s worth it to upgrade to a series 8 or ultra. My current main use is workout tracking and controlling media (Spotify, now playing app), using Siri, using Apple Pay. Every year I do go camping and swim in the holidays so would be nice to take something along that can withstand those conditions too. Is the Ultra worth 2x the base price of a series 8? I really want to be able to leave my phone when going for workouts and other activities where I don’t want to risk my phone getting damaged or stolen. I really just need battery to get my through 8-12hrs a day, don’t care for sleep tracking.


If you want 12 hours of battery on cellular service without worrying about your watch dying (as in your phone is not with you those full 12 hours), then go with the ultra. Cellular service is a huge drain on battery. If you only need a few hours at a time on cellular then the series 8 would be fine. Ultra is overkill in your scenario otherwise.


As batteries degrade overtime do you think it's worth getting the ultra or just the series 8 with apple care + so that they can replace the battery. I want the freedom to be able to go for a gym workout for 90 mins without using my phone while connected to AirPods.


Want to get an Apple Watch now that I have made the switch over to iPhone. I don't really want to spend the money on a new series 8 or the ultra in case I'm not a fan of it. What do you think the best older/used model would be. Mostly would be using for text, calls and fitness features. TYIA!


SE gen 2 (2022 version) is a good value and should be perfect for your needs.


Hi folks, first time Apple Watch buyer. Should I go with GPS model or Cellular? Which one is better? Does the cellular one really help? Thanks in advance.


Do you plan to spend a decent amount of time without your phone nearby? If not, then cellular is not worth it for you, especially since it’s an extra monthly cost to activate it. I personally have cellular on mine since I regularly go to the gym and on runs and don’t like to bring my phone with me (but want cellular service for peace of mind).


Thanks @nermal543 for taking the time to reply. Coming to think of it, I’ll mostly be using the watch for tracking the steps, calories etc. And I carry my phone always. So I guess I’ll stick with GPS. Thanks again.


Does the SE dent and scratch easily because the materials aren’t as expensive as the SW 7 and 8 models? Can’t get my hands on a 7 and the 8 is more than I currently want to spend.


Fuck why can’t apple fix the music downloading to the watch issue….


Upgrading from series 4 aluminium. For the (almost) same price, I can get either SS S7 or aluminum S8, which would you go for?


SS S7 for me, i did the exact same upgrade.


Is $200 (U.S.) a good deal for a series 6? I’m assuming the 6 is still fairly relevant.


So my 44mm Series 4 is acting funny and there's a good chance I might have to upgrade. But I'll try and get it fixed first before I think about that. But I found a second hand 44mm SE 2022 at my local Cash Converters for £200 yesterday. What do you guys think? Should I pull the trigger?


Hello everyone. Looking for some advice. Currently have an Apple Watch Series 5 and looking to upgrade. I don't do anything super special, use it with a couple of apps, but the primary use is for workout tracking, Ford App to power on my bronco remotely, and the occasional text message/call but not often, and to get some 2FA codes from DUO. Should I go for the Seres 6, 7, or 8? Looked at the Ultra but seems it may not in my wheelhouse and just over spending. Also, anyone know of some good deals? Thanks in advance.


If you’re a guy, series 7 will most likely be the most bang for your buck. Pretty much the only difference between that and the series 8 is wrist temperature measure (mainly used for tracking menstrual cycle and nothing else) and the satellite SOS and crash detection features. I’d search “Apple watch” on Slickdeals.net for the best deals right now.


I recently purchased an Apple Watch SE 1 (2020) as a daily watch on Black Friday discount at a big box retailer and had contemplated my decision and thought about upgrading/exchanging for an SE 2, as I had purchased it in November without knowing that the SE2 had come out already. I'm aware of the Crash Detection which is the main reason for my wish to return and upgrade, but regarding the rest of the watch (including the S8 chip) is the SE2 worth it for the money? For context, I paid $150 USD plus taxes for SE 1, and it'd be a bit tricky to return it as l've had it for a while. Any ideas or suggestions?


Trying to decide between a Series 7 vs. SE 2nd Gen. Both watches are cellular + GPS. Both are are $329. Which would be the best bang for the buck and would last longer 'future-wise'? Do they have almost the same internals?


Which one did you buy? Is the series 7 the one from Walmart? If so. Is it a new model or a refurb for 329$?


Series 7 is way better. It has like 97% of the features of the Series 8, and quite a bit more features than the SE2. [The SE2 and S7 technically have the same processor](https://www.macrumors.com/2022/09/12/apple-watch-s8-chip-features-same-cpu-as-s6-and-s7/), therefore they should both be supported for the same amount of time. However, Apple calls the SE2 chip the S8 and the Series 7 chip the S7, even though they’re the same processor, so it’s possible Apple will be greedy and artificially restrict the S7 from upgrades that the S7 gets since its chip name is older, but it’s unlikely imo.


I’ve never owned a smart watch, but I decided on the AW since I have an iPhone. I mostly want it for general health (oxygen saturation for sleeping) and walking and being connected without my phone. I found a series 7 with cellular at Costco for $339, with the option of added AppleCare. I thought this would be a good deal, but see that the aluminum series 8 is $499 for cellular. Is it more worth it to get the 8 instead? I don’t care about the ovulation or crash detection, but I’m afraid a series 7 is older and thus the battery is not as good? Maybe that doesn’t matter as much?


I’m looking to buy my first Apple Watch. Was gifted $500 to buy one. What the best value right now for a NEW one(not refurbished).I’m definitely into health related aspects of it.


I Would go with the Series 8. its the newest and health related the best.


I’m in a similar boat to the person you’re replying too. I haven’t had an Apple Watch since I lost my series 2, I’m getting an 8. Is the jump significant?


>Is the jump significant? By significant, you probably mean whether that's a big jump from the S2 to the S8 right? If that's what you mean, the jump is huge. The battery performance and the AoD alone make the jump huge.


It seems like such an obvious answer, but I’ve noticed over the years of watching Apple Watch reviews (especially on YouTube) that almost every year has been “don’t upgrade if you’re coming from last year‘s model” because of the lack of significant changes. Yet, after enough time I feel like those small changes really do add up and I feel like this would be a pretty good point for me to finally make the jump. Thanks for the answer.


My wrist is ~ 130-135mm around, what size watch should i get? Would the 45mm look ridiculous on my wrist? I’m buying a 7 (upgrading from a 3) and I kind of want the 45 but i started thinking about how tiny my wrists are. I’m upgrading mainly for the better health features as i have a heart condition and tend to faint a lot, so fall detection would be nice, so i’d like the monitors to work the best they can (don’t know if size could affect that). Thanks!


Hello to all knowledgeable people, i would like to hear about your experiences. I am in a slight predicament as i am uncertain to whether i should purchase an apple watch s7/8 45 mm cellular or if i should go for the ultra. I currently own a garmin fenix 6 pro but I have realised that i'm just an everyday dad who likes to be physically active. My usage would consist of running, currently for max an hour, a couple of times a week, workouts for around an hour a few times a week and some bike rides. other than that i have daily walks which last for around an hour. All of this data is something i want the watch to track, and i also want it to track my sleep. As a result of these demands I am uncertain as to whether the S7/S8 would be able to handle it without having to charge multiple times a day. I have no interest in turning of AOD, or really any of the features.


So I currently have the AW series 7 Nike edition 45mm and I’m wanting to upgrade to s8 Nike edition (haven’t seen that version yet) but was just curious if it’s worth it or wait🤷🏼‍♂️?


I have a 41 mm series 8 in midnight with the storm blue solo loop. I love the way this looks but I am very clumsy so I want to buy a case that will protect the screen and sides from getting scratched. What are the best Apple Watch cases aesthetically speaking? I want a clear case that is not very noticeable. Also, I’ve noticed many of the cases I’ve seen cover up the edges of the watch. The fact that the display stretches around the curves of the watch is my favorite part of the display, so are there any cases that meet the previous criteria while still showing the curves of the watch?


Space gray or silver aluminium with a black silicone band?


I'm getting good offers for the watch se and airpods pro 2nd gen. which I should I go with?


Hi! I’m getting ready to buy my first Apple Watch, and while I’ve settled on the case (Starlight, 41mm), I’m having trouble selecting a strap to start with. The Umber Leather Link looks very snazzy but judging by some of the comments, the leather appears to wear out easily. Ideally, I would have a sport band for exercise and a nicer band for work/going out. Would people still recommend the Umber Leather Link, or should I invest in a different style? Also wondering if there’s any good third party watch bands that are worth recommending, ideally leather or metal. I got a silver band with a copper accent from Coach but I’m concerned it won’t go with the Starlight case. Any help would be appreciated!


Best Aftermarket Ultra Watch Band Recommendations?


Wanted to get some opinions. I currently have a S6 Apple Watch. I have a few options I can take. I could trade my s6 in and use a combination of Christmas money and gift cards and upgrade to a S8 SS and only pay about 299 out of pocket and put it on my apple CC for the 3% cash back. Option 2 would be to just get an Aluminum S8 and not pay anything out of pocket, or option 3 would be to just keep my s6 for another year. Just wanted to get opinions on what route I should take. Thanks!


I have small wrists but a 44mm SE 2, are there Milanese loops that are shorter and won't have excess strap?


Bought an apple watch on my cellular plan for my SO whose iPhone is on a separate plan from mine. How can I activate the watch on my plan?


I haven’t bought an Apple Watch before and I am just wondering from the people who have the cellular version, is it worth it or should I just stick with a GPS version, I am quite active as well so I’m not sure. People who have Cellular version, how often do y’all use it? What do you think? ⁉️


Hi, I’m trying to decide if I should get the Se 2 or the Apple Watch Series 7. I do have a Apple Watch Series 4 but the glass is shattered in the corner. it still works though and I can still take the ecg if I would need to, which is why I’m leaning towards the SE 2. Is the always on display and oxygen sensor and 1mm larger display worth it? It would be about a 75.00 difference to get the series 7. Thank you


I’m planning on buying a Series 7 45 mm in the future but just want to make sure I’m making a good purchase. It’ll be my first Apple Watch and I don’t exercise much (occasional walks). I’m mainly interested for the notifications, and also being able to not have to take my phone out all the time for simple tasks. I text a lot and it gets annoying, plus I spend a lot of time at home and have music playing on my HomePods which I would like to control with the watch. Is the mindfulness app good? Are there any other features I may be able to take advantage of? Is it not worth it to get one for my use case? Thanks!


I am looking to upgrade from my Fitbit to an Apple Watch, after recommendations from colleagues. I spoke to my carrier who said that “all apple watches are considered cellular devices” and I would be charged monthly because the Watch needs its own service/number. I never had to pay monthly for my fitbit and it is my understanding that my colleges don’t pay for a separate plan for their Apple Watch either. Am I misunderstanding something here? I take my phone everywhere and would depend on Wifi. Just would like to have calls and e-mails come through on my phone and use for health features. Thanks for your help.


The cell phone carriers only have the Apple Watch with cellular to sell. That's why you were told ''all apple watches are considered cellular''. This is false. Same thing happened to me when I went to Bell for an Apple watch. Don't buy from your carrier if you don't want the cell plan option! Buy your apple watch direct from the apple store or Costco or Best Buy or whatever retailer you have in your country . They usually carry both models of Apple Watches. Without cell = no monthly charges. You can still use it as a cellular device but your phone needs to be close by.


Thank you for response. Verizon told me this, and even said if I bought GPS version I would still need a plan. Not impressed with them lately. I’ll stop by an apple store this week. Regards.


SE 2 or series 6?? I'm about to go buy in a few hours. Having a hard time deciding. It's not for me. My main concern is how much longer will s6 lasts? They're the same price rn with discounts and all. Not an apple person, it's for a gift for my friend.


The s6 has a few more health features, but imo they’re gimmicks and not needed. SE 2 has the same chip as the s8 so it’ll last longer most likely. s6 has always on display, but many people turn it off because it uses too much battery.


I have a question about my Apple Watch. I just bought it today so I’m a noooob. I want to add my UFC gym bar code into my wallet with my credit cards. My phone is set up that way, but the watch is not. Is it possible?


Has anyone found any matching metal bands for the silver aluminum?


Can I buy a watch from Apple as a gift for someone else on a different cellular plan? I want to get my younger sibling a watch for Christmas but I don’t know how compatibility works for the watch. She’s under my parents line and they use this company called metro pcs. I’ve been holding off on purchasing her one for a while now and Christmas is around the corner, any help or information would be appreciated.


Just get her a GPS version. From a quick google I don’t think metro PCS supports Apple Watch cellular service anyway, and even if they did it would be an extra fee (not sure if you were aware of that).




I use a series 4 and that serves me well. You can also store music and podcasts on the watch


[WTS] Apple Watch series 8 it works great no issues at all asking 400 usd for it. https://imgur.com/a/T33VGSn


[WTS] Apple Watch ultra for 550 usd it works great no issues at all only had it for a few weeks decided not to wear it anymore. Comes with the box and charger. https://imgur.com/a/uVjJeO6


Hello all, I've been wanting a new apple watch for awhile now as I have one of the older models and have been comparing the new Series 8 and the Series 7. For the most part they are pretty similar except for a few things. They are regular the same price but right now the Series 7 is on sale (where I am) for a little cheaper (approx. $80) then the Series 8. My partner and I are TTC and are wondering if the ovulation feature on the new Series 8 is worth the extra money or not? Or if I should save that extra $80 and go with the Series 7? If anyone has any expirience with either or both and could give me any extra input on what they think it would help! Anything would help! Thank you in advance


What Apple Watch band goes well with the series 8 red edition?


This is probably a common complain but I wish they would include a charger with the watch. Like… it’s already expensive enough and they don’t even send a charger 🥲