New Appalachian book (not mine this time)

Hey all, you might remember me. A couple months ago, I posted on here about my Appalachian horror short story collection “Scream if You’re Having Fun.” A few people even bought it and if you did and see this, thank you so much!

Anyway, I’m here today to promote another Appalachian author. Name is Shane Clark and his new book is called “The Devil Won’t Keep Us Apart.”

The novel is about a murder in a prison and the fallout from it. Various storylines and characters interweave. As you’ll see from the pic I’ll enclose, it’s been endorsed by one of the forerunners of Appalachian lit himself, Donald Ray Pollock. In fact, I see DWKUA as a more contemporary Devil All the Time. It also takes place in a fictional version of Chillicothe, Ohio where both Pollock and Clark hail.

Also, if you’re from Ohio, the book is loaded with Buckeye State references for you to point at. Clark was also a defensive lineman for Ohio State in the ‘90s. I highly recommend this book. It’s a quick white knuckle thriller of a read.