Looks ok, just wish it wasn't shoved into the pack pool, it's already cluttered as it is, or just don't be epic or legendary items.


That’s the only reason they’re doing this. They need to keep the loot pool diluted.


Just how much more diluted can it get? I've opened like 500 packs and can count the amount of stuff I was happy to get on one hand. They are already diluting it by adding a new legend each season.


The endgoal is to make it so diluted that it's basically a box of nothingness only used to hit that 500 box checkmark for a shiny heirloom. Which for many of us has already been that since 4 seasons ago, but you know, money and EA.


i THINK the addition of all these items may be an indicator of raising the tier cap - so you get new stuff for "free" but it's mostly garbage and gives you FOMO of the stuff you ACTUALLY want.


It’s definitely going to be in packs and it’s probably going to dilute the battlepass as well making that even more unappealing.


I mean, the battlepass is as diluted as can be. There is something interesting like every 10 levels or so, maybe less.


The only thing interesting in the battlepass tends to be lvl 1 rewards, lvl 25, 50 and 100/110. That's it. Maybe one or two items in the 80-100 range. I just see the BP as buying the legendary 110 skin for 1000 AC


I was counting the apex packs as well lol


Ah, yes. Apex packs. White white blue. That one odd gold gives a legendary gun charm making me want to throw my mouse into the wall


Well since they’re diluting the pool even further, not even packs are interesting.


I almost literally would prefer a railroad spike shoot through my God damn ass then have to have the looT pool poisoned by God damn stickers. We would have preferred that they give us something like gun bullet cosmetics like ramparts paint being able to be cut on and off from the menu, or like pink bullets and other stuff, but NOT GOD DAMN STICKERS!!


Next up: bullet stickers. Stickers that you put on your bullets. If you look close enough, the discarded shells will be festive! All bullet stickers will be legendary loot.


> legendary super mythic - will cost 6 heirloom shards to craft.


Great now apex packs are more worthless


look like shit


Yeah I don't personally like them either but a leak is a leak.


i dont blame “leakers”, i blame ea


On top of that you have to be walking in order to inspect weapon. Sliding/running will cancel the inspect.


How to slowly kill Apex step 42


How is it any different than weapon skins?


You can cover your cool weapon skin with a shitty sticker. That’s how.


So don't use them


I’ll use them because they’re given to me, but that doesn’t change the pool.


I'm sure stickers won't kill apex, stop overreacting lmao


They will not, but they are part of a whole. That’s why I said step 42. Because that’s actualy the last thing we need right now.


Everyone will forget about input lag and the bugs in a month and will be distracted by the new season hype, we have all seen and said this far too many times. Nothing is gonna happen


Well I hope you’re right rather than having heirloom emojis for 3 new buggy legends


They will be fixed in a month and there will be 3 other legends with bugs, same thing has been happening for 3 years lol




Can'r wait for them to fix a bug no one heard about only for then to make Loba even more unplayable


I’m not gonna forget about this. I haven’t been able to play for weeks. I’ll go back and play it here and there when it works again, but I’m not spending money on it again.


I highly doubt any Xbox players that have left will come back to check out a new season if they haven’t fixed the input lag or given us 120 fps after 2.5 years


I'm one of those Xbox players that's plagued by the atrocious party chat glitch and the input lag. I haven't played a match since these glitches started and won't come back until it's fixed.


Game chat is fixed but the input delay is so game breaking to me that I won’t be back either until it’s fixed which will probably end up being tomorrow when the collection event goes away


My group and I tried playing last night and the game still caused the awful crackling in party chat that doesn't fix itself unless you restart your console.


Game chat is NOT fixed for Xbox next gen. Source: me and the three next gen people I play with


Fixed it for me today


Good news it’s fixed now just played and no issues at all finally


I'll give it a shot later when my partner is back from work. Hopefully no issues. It's our favorite game to play together.


Just played this morning. Chat is still messed up for the first three or four seconds before your voice becomes clear.


You my friend clearly don't understand how loot boxes work so you might need to check yourself before you say someone's overreacting, that's like going to the casino and every pay out you get it starts to give you less money and more fucking syrup, now let's start taking away a dollar every win and adding a mashmellow peep. Getting the picture now?


You can say all that but In 2 months nobody will care and you will keep consuming LMAO


Welcome to capitalism!


MORE TRASH FOR THE LOOT POOL TO KEEP YOU FROM GETTING ANYTHING NICE LMAO Respawn made 2 billion dollars off this game and they still greedy as fuck








Let's hope it's just a bundle, because we really don't need this crap clogging up the loot pool.


Bro fix the game first


Bro wdym everyone knows stickers increase hitreg consistency by 20%






1. Not a fan. Stickers on guns in games look bad in most cases. Didn't see anything good looking here. Example: Only stickers I like are the Major stickers in CSGO. 2. Like others said, don't like continuing to dilute Apex packs. Already have holosprays, emotes and quips.


the sticker model was actually hypermyst not shrugtal


Ah, mistake on my part. Both of them are credited either way.




Lol. So this is what they've been working on. Fixing Xbox? Nah. Fixing issues? Nah. Adding more *crap* to loot boxes! Gotta make loot boxes even more shitty. Can't wait to pull my.legendary sticker!!!


Nice more useless legendary


#Yay! ^^^/s


You think they were just gonna raise the level cap and give free packs and it further dilute the pool? Lol


So Moy is responsible for this mess lol Amazing


This probably isn’t the case. He works as an animator, and I’m guessing that an animator doesn’t make large scale financial decisions. They are probably just commissioning his artwork for it.


It's not that deep my dude lol they would off found any other lazy way to implement whatever "art" to dilute the pool. Fact is that they recycled his art which it's his fault that they didn't bother to put an ounce of effort


You are correct in stating that it will increase the objects in the inventory pool, I 100% agree with that. As far as I am aware though, his art isn’t anywhere else in the game (correct me if I am wrong there). The effort that they put in with stickers on weapons is obviously debatable as to whether or not one may like it. I just don’t think that amount effort was decided by him at all, seeing that this doesn’t fit what his role is at Respawn.


I never stated otherwise that he made any decisions lol all I said is that he made said art and respawn copy paste it to the game. We've seen his videos for years, this ain't new content no matter when they downscale it or whatever. Lazy and essentially a cash grab while hurting the loot pool tho again they would off found any way to f the pool with minimum effort.


Gotcha. You’re right that it is a copy paste and I agree that we could have gotten much better things in the loop pool than this that would definitely take more effort.


I already have almost every item in the game, and all the items that I actually want, so I don’t really mind these being added. They could loo cool, especially if we can place them wherever we want on a gun or healable. For people that don’t have everything they want, this fucking sucks


It will reduce crafting materials for crap none of us want.


When these are added it’ll be time to change my region to Belgium


I had to change it back since I'm like 59 packs away from my guaranteed heirloom. I'm hoping the end of the year sale has that 1,000 apex coins for 20 packs again so I can get my heirloom shards this year lol


That’s kinda disappointing to see. I do like that they could be put on heals, since we can’t customize those at all. I never understood why they didn’t make skins for cells and meds. Or even character icons. No matter what skin you have on you’ll always have the default character head in the bottom left of your screen. If they’re going to dilute the loot pool with stickers I rather have one of those two ideas. Or have unique compass icons instead of the standard triangle. Like if you’re a pred you can have the predator logo or you can have your character logo. If you’re going down that path you can also have preferred colors for your character icon/compass icon instead of the default blue orange green


more cosmetics? .... great. I've slowly realized EA doesn't want to support Apex the way it needs, we all know its all about money yet the majority continue to give them money, we need more game modes, fixes with audio etc, this is the best BR and they could make soo much more money + higher player base if they took care of it better


as long as it stays common, max uncommon.


Oop sorry, legendary stickers.


I really hope you can apply the same sticker to multiple weapons. It looks character specific and that's cool. Hopefully like holosprays there can be some that work for all legends/guns. With the leaked level-cap increase, it would be cool to unlock legend specific cosmetics that are guaranteed at x level.


If you can put them on cells and stuff, that would be pretty dope honestly.


hope u can put them on heirlooms


Still better than fucking holosprays. The only time I ever use 'em is in Arenas and maaaaaybe Control.


what is next? legendary trackers with some neon lights?


who asks for this bullshit? dilute the loot pools more so i can get “cute” stuff instead of things want 💵


Would be kinda cool on a shield cell or battery


Nice love these, I need 10 nessy wattsons on everything


am i the only one who thinks putting stickers on healing items would be cool? 😭


Nobody thinks it’s not cool. Nobody thinks diluting the loot pool with nonsense like stickers is cool.