Current Gen update was SUPER underwhelming lol. The game hardly looks better and performance is now a slightly less stable 60 FPS in comparison to the backwards compatible previous gen version. But, yeah, that shit took forever, so I'm not surprised cross-progression is taking this long.


Series s actually gets a consistent 60 FPS with the new update


i cant even use gamechat on xbox. clearly they don't give a shit


Yep. Haven't even been able to play since the Series X/S enhancement update.


Why haven’t you went back to the old gen version? I’m on PS5 and had too much lag so went back to the PS4 version cause it’s a locked 60FPS, being next gen I think it should be a locked 60 so maybe they’re just bugs they have to fix


You can't. I intenionally left the XB1 version on my external storage and downloaded the next gen version on my internal when I heard the SX/S version was having problems, but when I tried to play it it just told me there was a next gen update available and wouldn't let me play.


Whats gamechat exactly like in game voip?


many xbox players have issues with their chat not working. the mic symbol is there but it doesn't light up when you talk. it will pick up some audio as well but it sounds like a robot and is extremely choppy. here's a thread with hundreds of people saying they have the same problem and community managers saying it's not a priority. https://answers.ea.com/t5/Bug-Reports/Xbox-game-chat-bug-post-update-3-29-2022/m-p/11390954/highlight/true#M80168


How is that not a priority lol this is a team based game and not only have they said that they made that clear with the rework to ranked. Being able to communicate with other players is a requirement. What a bunch clowns. Also explains why when I solo que sometimes I can see the mic light up but no sound. I always thought it was something on my end.


My damn issue is people on PS not hearing me well... my mic is loud and no one on xbox has the issue just in game chat they can barely hear me unless I shout, I've played around with settings and definitely it's a cross play issue on Apex end... even a new headset didn't help!


Used to be an issue for me long ago, I fixed it by lowering my mic volume. That fixed it for my friend too.


This is a “new” issue on series S/X since next gen update.


I'm on PC


The issue is on Xbox.


I understand the issue is on Xbox, I'm saying the same exact issue was on PC too once and I'm suggesting a fix that seemed to work.


it has nothing to do with the volume settings


That's not even an option on console


This is why I switched to discord. Sounds really silly but I use earbuds for the game and the max volume headphones over those connected to my phone for the discord app. At least I can play w my pc friends and ps friends. No solo queue though.


Xbox party is on all microsoft pc's now because of the xbox bar, so we just use party system and if it's a night with the PS guys they pull up the xbox app on their phones so everyone doesn't have to use discord. Wouldn't be hard for the PC guy of course but saves the other two from doing the phone system.


I love when people say "X developer doesn't give a shit" whenever there's any issue. As if there's literally just a button someone at Respawn HQ that can fix Xbox game chat, like enabling dark mode on your phone, but Jerry from I.T. is to fucking lazy to do it.


Becuase they dont give a shit lmao. Like whats going on with that literal game breaking bug on xbox where you spam the home button and crash the servers, even if there was none of that, you cant even talk to your team because xbox chat is broken But i mean, "theyre still making a shit ton of money so why would they care to fix it?"


They have not even acknowledged it. There are a few community managers that are aware but they have been completely silent about the issue.


The thing is with cross prog, they _have_ to get it right. If any paid items get lost in transit, that could lead EA into lawsuit territory. Not to mention all the bugfixing and content development they also have to give attention to, yeah, their plate is pretty full.


It's also not just about US, it's international. Belgium doesn't allow loot boxes so they have to change the entire system of the battle pass just for that, Japan doesn't allow Apex coins to stay in your account and are temporary even if you bought them. And yeah, it can also lead to lawsuits if paid items get lost in transit like you said. It's a lot to worry about, and it's not easy.


They don't have to change the entire system of battle pass for Belgium. They already have a system in place, it just gives you crafting mats instead of loot boxes. Theoretically merging a Belgium account with an international account wouldn't have any issues other than determining where that account is located after the merge. But yeah, you are right, getting accreditation servers to work together 100% is extremely difficult task to complete. It took Warframe years before they were ever able to offer cross progression.


I think you mean Belgium? There is no restriction in buying lootboxes here as far as I know


Oooo you are correct it is Belgium, China, and Japan that have strict laws regarding loot boxes. I got Canada mixed up in there somehow because of the lawsuits against EA for loot boxes being a form of virtual gambling.


I remember when Destiny introduced the app that allowed people to transfer stuff from their fault to their inventory but it was a bit bugged so sometimes loot got deleted. People were pissed and you couldn’t even spend money


This never happened. Last year it DID happen to someone ONCE, but the bug was reported to Bungie straight away by the app developers and was fixed instantly. This is not a recurring thing in Destiny and has never been an issue.


How did it never happen but then happen once?


I was referring to the people were pissed part, that never happened. The bug happened but wasn’t made public until it was fixed, as soon as it happened to the one guy, the app was temporarily disabled but fixed within a day. There was no uproar or issues, that’s what I’m addressing.


I’m talking about OG Destiny years ago when the companion app was updated to allow vault access through it, not Destiny 2 or sometime last year There were forum posts about people who lost stuff and I had friends who claimed to lose stuff. Were they lying in the hopes of free stuff? It’s possible, we have no way to verify You can’t say something never happened, you can’t absolutely most things


I have been playing since the launch of D1 and used the companion app. If that was an actual issue, it would’ve been publicised more. But It wasn’t cause it was never an issue. And to think it would be as well, considering loot is the #1 thing in this game.


I don’t know what to tell you man. There were forum posts about the issue and I ran into some people who said they encountered it. I’m not really interested in arguing with you about it if you’re just going to say the same thing over and over without anything to back it up


Does the app not offer that feature anymore? I stopped playing a few years ago but never knew it was that buggy


No clue, I stopped playing years ago as well. I just remember seeing the issue pop up occasionally


I would buy stuff on PC if they just came put and said they wont be implementing CP. But since they keep us in the dark i cant bring myself to buy anything, since we dont even know what type of cross progression they will implement either merge or just use ur ps account on pc Smh. Hate how much they leave us to just guess


This is my exact situation.


Doesn't make them money


Destiny wanted to do cross progression for forever and I think it took 4-5 years to release? So don't expect it soon, lol


lol, wtf? Sony allowed Fortnite to do cross progression around Sep 2018 which was the first game ever to get cross progression, Destiny launched their cross progression in Aug 2019 which is just 11 months after Sony starting to allow the cross progression. It is totally different context, Destiny couldn’t do cross progression because of business issue between multiple parties, while Apex is more of technical issue within their own company. If you wanna compare with Destiny, Apex already 2 years too late.


Let's not forget how Fortnite first did it on accident iirc


That was cross-play


Fortnite was able to do cross progression because it was already built into UE4. It was just a simple matter of activating it. For apex it’s basically modifying the engine and creating it from scratch. How long does the at take idk


Source? Progression is in no way tied to what engine the game runs on.


Yea it does. Like have you heard yourself? The game engine has to load all the assets skins everything save your trackers all of that from the database it literally runs through the engine


Nope! Databases aren't based on game engines. You really don't know what you're talking about. All your skins, stats, etc. are all just entries in a massive database that has no relation to what engine the game is running on.


Dude What loads the damn database? You think everytime you kill someone it just magically reaches the database? The game engine is what allows that to happen. The game engine is what allows you to play rhe game save your data all of that is done via the engine. Jesus Christ man


This is completely wrong lmao.


Look, you really don't know how any of this works, so I'd recommend learning about it first instead of spitting out blind assumptions. Also, have you ever heard of an API?


Bungie released cross save after a couple years of work and cross play after three. Cross Save became generally allowed in 2018, They split from Activision in 2019. And cross-save released in 2021 followed a year later by cross-play. Apex is a lot less complicated though. If they've waited more than 2 years then they simply aren't trying. EA has a reputation for outright lying to the community.


I dont think ill ever play apex again since my apex coin issue isnt getting resolved. I only bought them for the battle pass and i dont even play that much anymore. I used to alot, i mean to the point to where i have like maybe 6 heirlooms and only 2 i believe were from apex packs. So im cool with spending the $$ but the way ea support has not really helped at all and then asked for a review on how their customer support was and j gave them a shit review and still nothing? Yeah just kinda makes it obvious they either dont care, or really dont even have the capable tools to help. Fun game for sure but there are other fun games out there too.


It's on their agenda. People are expecting next season but no official release


> people are expecting next season This has been said for 2 years


Yeah I vividly remember all the new channels on YouTube saying it would come last season alongside control. Huge disappointment every time


>trusting gaming news channels on YouTube Well there’s your problem right there.


I keep seeing people say it's "on their agenda" ... but do you have proof of this? When did Respawn explicitly say it's on their roadmap??


Yeah, I’ve been waiting for them to bring cross-progress for about 3 years already so I can finally move over to PC. They seem to ONLY care about the esports crowd and popular twitch streamers. They purposely look over what the casual gamer wants even though they make up the majority of the player base. The game hasn’t been much fun for me in the past year and their new ranked system is just frustrating and tiring.


I feel this on another level


Ever notice how when any game says they want to do Cross Progression and they always say "we're working on it.", but it ends up taking years anyway? I know nothing about Game Development, but I'm going to assume, because it's so common every game dev isn't just sitting on their hands on a huge selling point that will make them a fuckload of money.


It's also a legal issue on top of being a technical developer issue. You're looking at PS, Xbox, Steam, and EA origin storefronts, on top of every country Apex is currently available in. Every country has its own laws about digital purchases, has its own taxes, etc. I know one of the last updates Respawn gave us, they let us know about that difficulty.


The game has the player base of a triple A game with the dev team the size of a good budget indie game. The game has so many issues that aren’t being resolved quick enough. I haven’t been able to make purchases in the game for months, every time I buy coins it takes my money and gives me nothing. I was able to refund them at least but wasn’t able to with the recent starter pack. I know game chat doesn’t work on Xbox and my friends headset doesn’t work with the new console update. The fact I haven’t seen much talk of fixes for all the issues let alone talk at all is worrisome.




Since apex is one of the biggest games now it looks like they are done making quality improvements to the game and instead are milking it as much as they can. Hell, they releases more updates during covid then they are doing now.... inexcusable for a company making over a billion dollars every year. 120 fps and cross progression should have been added a year ago.


More updates being arenas? Other than that it's been the same schedule. New season, town take over, collector event, heir loom, repeat. every third season a map.


~~We haven't had a TT since Caustic...~~ Edit: Big Maude


Big Maude, it's been two seasons I suppose. Myb


Ah, well then I stand corrected. I rarely land at Maude and it's not really a huge rework so it didn't cross my mind as a TT. Either way yeah, it's been a while. Seems like their effort there dropped significantly.


me too... me too...


“lost” more like EA forced Respawn hand on not communicating with the community anymore and devs that were known “chatters” were formally invited to stop talking.


Or this community fucking blows to talk to and no one wants to do it anymore


People piss and moan about no communication but forget that they act like mindless apes when they are communicated to I wouldn't talk to half of the reddit community either


Stopped spending $ ages ago, until they figure it out. Their loss. Given how pathetic their next-gen update was, I don't expect cross-progression at this point.


So what I know about cross progression ( and the issues studios run into ) most games that have it or released it had been planning/working on it from the start, Apex/respawn seems to have not intended on having any sort of cross progression until the playerbase began asking for it (which they were right in doing so) and were way behind the curve on figuring out how to code that and make it work with their engine. From the leaks I've read on here in the past, it doesn't sound like cross progression will be a full copy paste of your account, just info, stats, and possibly legends. I don't think we will ever get our skins and heirlooms from console back but I pray that i'm wrong.


The would be the dumbest thing they could ever do. They would be shooting themselves in the foot. 100% they never release cross progression if this was what they come out with lol


Yeah, my friend really wants to switch to pc, but the problem is that he has spent alot of money on his ps4 account (3 heirlooms). So hes stuck on ps4 with a 720p monitor, running like 30fps on a good day.


My game has worked since the update either Also my game recordings have a terrible lag and the audio doesn’t sync with the video. Hard rebooting doesn’t seem to fix it. So unless I’m in a game with someone I don’t hear anyone anymore


One of my previous clients work for Activision and they said that the reason they don't think the Apex got cross-platform is because negotiating International contracts with various companies and countries can't be difficult. as well as three different platforms, where probably different deals were struck for different countries, it's complicated. The same reason why when you set your account to Belgium you only get Crafting Materials, they had to work with in various International laws.


Yeah I have over 5k hours on this game and I’ve just started to slowly detach myself from the game emotionally because to be frank im insanely passionate about the game but I know I have no control over it so to make it hurt my feelings less I started to play destiny 2 the most casual game for the most casual gamers shits wack but it’s calming and I’m hoping it’ll tie be over until some other gaming company realizes respawn shit the bed with their BR lead and now we need a new good game w decent gunplay that’s all we need and nobody will play this fuckin game anymore they’ve literally done nothing but make it worse imo


Because they haven't found a way to monetize it


It’s actually pathetic that they haven’t come out with either cross progression and the 120fps. They’ve made billions from a loyal player base but don’t give a shit about giving us what we’ve asked for years now


Uh oh you made the dev’s burner accounts mad be careful for they release another skin lmfaoo what a joke of a company


I know right.. it’s obvious they’re devs which is even more pathetic that they started making personal insults about me being a poor father and saying I never worked lolz etc Soon as another decent BR comes out I’m leaving apex in a flash, horrible customer service.


Redditors will be so surprised when they learn that all the money in the world can’t make time move faster


No they think money will make things go faster. The average person on Reddit has never opened an IDE or coded anything. They have no idea what it takes


Thanks genius but they can hire more employees for the work needed especially with the massive amounts of profits the game has generated.


More employees ≠ faster progress and certainly doesn't mean quality. It's almost like you've never had a job in your life. Cross-progressing is hell to do in any game and every game that doesn't release with initial infrastructure to have it implimented has to do a shit load of work to make it work, and then test, retest, alpha test, beta test, and still hope to god it works correctly. They can't just flip a switch and have something work especially when it comes to accounts that some people have spent thousands of dollars on.


They won’t just hire bodies to make up numbers, they’ll hire people qualified for the job. What a joke of a response. It’s almost like you’ve never had a job in your life. What a tool.


And Apex Community wonders why the devs aren't frequently chatty with them.


If they were chatty and communicated maybe there wouldn’t be the resentment you see, instead Of going silent for about a year in regards to cross progression and next gen.


You really haven't ever worked a job have you? Definitely not a job with coding if you have, maybe a drive thru warrior. "qualified" has nothing to do with being able to work the correct code, know all it's previous bugs, know what has been attempted and didn't work, why it didn't work, etc, etc.


You sound like a fat potato trying to come across as someone important but you sound dumb af.


Rather be a fat potato than some useless pos who cries at devs working their ass off b/c you have literally no idea how coding works.


Hardly, you seem like a very emotional potato and it’s clouding your judgement. Go back to the chips big guy and find comfort, this is obviously too much for you to cope with. There is a massive amount of players still waiting for cross progression and next gen fps and if you don’t like it you can go back to your comfort food and stay in your comfort zone and let the adults ask the tough questions.


Can’t make time move faster, thanks genius. However it can hire more employees to form bigger teams to work on the work needed quicker instead of dumping the workload on a small team.


They have no incentive to implement it. Why rush cross progression when you can double dip on the same player? By forcing you to spend money twice if you want to play elsewhere, they wring just a little bit more out of their playerbase. Also, everyone seems to be forgetting just how many job openings are at Respawn right now. They were bleeding devs at one point and it doesn't look like any of those vacancies have been filled yet.


cause they’re making money hand over fist doing other stuff , until we as a community demand certain things and use our time and our wallets as leverage they will continue down the same path


Yeah and their "next-gen" console update was barely next gen TBH. I just wanna play 1440p at 120fps on my XSX. I'm also planning on building a PC, but I doubt cross-progression will come out by August so I'm definitely not giving them additional money just to get the skins I already have on my console (and GPU gives you a 10% discount on AC, so I'm definitely taking advantage of that)


There too busy releasing Sticker Packs to make sure the loot pool stays filled with useless garbage so you never see another legendary pull again


I think EA hates people who actively communicate with a game's community "too much." How much is "too much?" Who knows, but it seems the threshold for it was crossed awhile ago.


I’ve lost hope honestly. Nothing but skins.


Good question. It’s almost like EA effectively turns respawn into greedspawn. This was “in the works” for 3 years now, the least you would think they would do is be more vocal about it even if it was delayed. It was supposed to come out last season then moved to this season. Yea it’s not looking so good.


It's not as easy as flipping a switch as people on Reddit say they do.


Yeah they are never going to, there’s too much money to be made from not having cross progression, and clearly, the new devs working on the game are focused on making as much money as possible by putting as little effort into making the game better as possible


Why would not having cross progression make them more money?


because since you have to make a new account, you lose all of your stuff on your old account, which some people are probably going to try to buy back


I mean, personally i wouldnt bother spending money on a new account, like i played on xbox originally, but bc i knew i was getting a pc soon, i didnt spend money on xbox, and my friend refuses to switch to pc bc of how much money he has spent on ps4. I guess some people would tho


Same here. I *want* to spend money on this game, but I'm holding out for cross progression.


I mean.... Money.


You’re never getting cross progression in apex and they’ve never definitively said you are Anyone who thinks EA would let you use all of your skins across multiple platforms instead of making you buy them separately doesn’t know EA


Because it doesn't benefit them


Simple answer- cross progression reduces their overall profit margin.