You can look at my account flair in the main sub to see I'm an Apex Dev. Would like to get your case number to escalate this.


Thank you dev for being active in the community


as a reward


Holy smokes! Thats awesome I’ll get you the case number asap. Thanks.




Brb reporting you to reddit real quick


You can look at my account flair in the main sub to see I'm a Reddit User. Would like to get your mom's number to escalate this.




I can hear the music start...loved that guitar riff at the beginning of that song


Well damn. Now I’m having Vietnam flashbacks as it clicks.


Brb reporting you to steam real quick


See, with the comma it's wholesome.


Crazy how one well-placed comma changes the meaning of the entire sentence.


I helped my Uncle Jack off his horse I helped my Uncle, Jack, off his horse.


Let's eat, grandma. Let's eat grandma.




That's a ban.




I think he got autoflagged for the term “Proud Boys”


Didn't think of that, but makes sense to me.


Yeah does make sense. Question is would “Antifa” be ban worthy as well?


I'd love to give you my insight on it but would rather not get too close to political




Why would a word that literally means "anti-fascist" be bannable?


Because "The Real, Actual Good Guys and Everyone Else is Bad" was already taken.


The same reason that a phrase that literally means "boys who are proud" is bannable, because words can have different meanings.


oh, I dunno... because they are an extremist group and are fascistic to the core? you know, the full name of North Korea is "Democratic People's Republic of Korea", the meaning of a name and reality are not always the same.


I'm sorry the education system failed you. If I show up to protest a proud boys gathering, guess what right wing news would call me? Antifa. Now why is that?


if you aren't associated with the actual group then that would be factually wrong. there's being anti fascist, which every normal thinking person should be, and then there's the group that is using the banner of anti fascism to hide how fascistic they are. again, just because you call yourself something doesn't mean you are that thing. all countries that have the word Democratic in their name are not democratic. why? because an actually democratic country doesn't need to tell everyone how democratic they are... but those who aren't often use it as a way to bolster their image "look we are democratic! it's in our name", same with Antifa "look we are anti fascist, it's in our name!" and it's sad honestly, they give anyone left leaning a bad name, which is why I detest them all in all tho, anyone who listens to blatantly Right or Left wing news in general is braindead in the first place, so they also cater to a braindead audience that will eat all that shit up they spew


There is no such thing as an actual Antifa group. It's a slogan that is popular in a lot of left organisations.


You know, a lot of people call antifa fascists, which is odd because antifa isn't even an organization, it's just a banner that (stay with me here) anti fascists fly under when protesting (still with me?) Facists. I mean unless you can point me towards an instance, statement, general belief or mission statement that would make your case, im inclined to believe you just don't do your research and believe shit you have no interaction or experience with.


first of all, Antifa has specific regional groups that hold gatherings and everything. so that "isn't even an organisation" is not really true once you actually organize under a banner with regional groups that have people organizing them. secondly, silencing political opponents with violence is fascistic behavior. especially if it entails stopping a panel/Q&A evening with someone who actively tries to get people out of the KKK and has done so successfully for multiple years... not a banner I would comfortably rally under... people who actively are clearly against free speech... not great either is it? even if it is a banner used by individuals, that doesn't change that many really shitty things have been done using it. like how Trump tarnished the Make America Great again slogan used by other politicians in the past without such a negative connotation to it... would you wear a MAGA hat? I don't think so, even tho making a country great... that sounds totally fine doesn't it? and it did for decades until one orange scam artist came to power used it. the same is happening with "Antifa", sounds great, but too many shitty people use it so I wouldn't want to associate with it for a second. ​ also if you constantly have to wave your "anti fascist" and "anti racist" banner around... that is kinda creepy imo, because these things should be a default, that's like selling Non-Toxic Potatoes, you'd question why the seller would have to label them that way, it's suspicious. same concept like all those anti-gay politicians being found running out of gay orgies... weird isn't it... it's always the loudest ones that suddenly get caught being what they preach to hate. and that often makes me question people's true motivations


No, one is a group of domestic terrorists as denounced my the majority of people while the other is a scapegoat for others to act like "We arnt worst then them, SEE!!!"


Oh, definitely. But human audit should have determined that all we have here is a case of comma-deficiency


Nah he definitely meant he wanted to make their mother into the proud Boys as a whole


I agree, but after the "thorough investigation" they should have realized that's not what he meant.


This is why punctuation is important


Very much appreciate all your hard work, kudos


Can’t upvote this enough.


I can. I'm only able to upvote once for some reason.


Your Reddit must be broken


Guys I clicked the button how do I click it better


use a Hammer


Be laughing if ended up banning him again.


Yeah his use of the word escalate made me think he was gonna push for a permanent ban at first lol


Jmod smackdown incoming


u/WhiteStone30 are you aware of this comment


Thank you for lurking in this sub.


Not All Heroes Wear Capes




/r/conservative has already started the transformation


I do suppose it is more like 'Let's make Proud Boys, Reddit'. But, that unfortunately would be a political post and not a humorous use of punctuation so I won't post it.




Thanks for lurking and trying to help him out! Hope you guys aren’t getting too much flak


I am curious why this needs to be escalated. It says it was thoroughly investigated. Surely it was thoroughly investigated.


They ran it through the auto detect bot. Twice. It was thoroughly exhaustive.


Some needs to make OP aware of this.


Atta boy thank ya




Going to take a guess it has to do with "proud boys" as a bannable term. Definitely try to appeal.


This was my attempt to appeal. :(


Lame AF.


You're still banned because your chat message is insinuating in broken English that your mom needs to be made into a member of the proud boys (let's make mom proud boys). Shame on you. I hope your ban never gets lifted for your heinous actions. /s


Let’s eat Grandma!


Help your uncle Jack off a horse.


A comma could have saved OP a ban


Oh my god he’s trying to indoctrinate mothers into white supremacy!


EA literally doesn't give a fuck about the player base


Sorta like reddit and its user base.


Broooo that's deeeeep. I gotta sit down


This is some bullshit lol. Like it's clear that "Proud Boys" is very likely the bannable term, but in this context, the comma is very much implied. You obviously didn't insinuate that you want to turn a mother into a Proud Boy. It's extremely obvious that you were addressing a group of "boys" and telling them to join you in making their mothers proud lol. They definitely just have bots checking the first appeal attempts. No way a human read that and decided it was still bannable.


Grammar matters. "Let's eat, Grandpa" is different from "Let's eat Grandpa".


Capitalization matters too, it can be the difference between “Helping your Uncle Jack off a horse” and “helping your uncle jack off a horse”.


both are caring and helpful though.






hey. uhmm.. Genuinely ignorant over here. I have been thinking about this for 20 mins and i just dont understand why "Proud boys" could be bannable. could you please, explain..? editOne: is there some context im missing?.. or is it something political? editTwo: found the answer. conclusion: for some.. context doesnt matter...


Now what have we learned? Never forget to use a comma.


And to dangle your participle whenever possible.


Comma, comma, comma-chameleon We feel the same, Grammar to shame... (In the vein of Karma Chameleon)


“Proud, boys” Grammar matters




In this context we had examples of both! 😅


"Let's make mom proud, boys." "Let's make mom Proud Boys." *commas save lives.*


Commas matter, homey.


EA gives no fucks about appeals. ​ I know at least 3 people whose accounts were hacked. ie. showing online, in Chinese, playing games when they obviously weren't. EA just banned the accounts. In all their appeals, EA was just "Sorry. We can't unban the accounts. Go make a new one". It's so fucked up. They really do not give a fuck.


They are pretty pissed about that missing comma.


Rolled my eyes at another ban post but reading "mom **proud boys***" made me wince at how clearly it was laid out what the "mistake" was, and how bs it is. genuinely just unfortunate.


Punctuation is key. Let's make mamma proud, boys.


Save a life, use a comma.


Whats so wrong about proud boys?


I'm not commenting on right vs wrong here. But if you are truly asking about what are "Proud Boys", feel free to Google them


The joke was that there's nothing wrong about being either A) a boy, or B) proud. At least, I would imagine. lower case is not bad. Upper case is. Proud Boys versus proud boys.


“Thoroughly investigating” aka “we ran it through the profanity bot and it was flagged again”


Sounds about right. No person would consider this “hateful conduct” unless it was an orphan or something.


Proud boys is a far right group in America so it might've been flagged for that


Ah, an American moment in the wild.


Watch OP be from the EU haha


And designated a terrorist group in canada https://www.publicsafety.gc.ca/cnt/ntnl-scrt/cntr-trrrsm/lstd-ntts/crrnt-lstd-ntts-en.aspx




Yes but flag bots dont know that or read context, also the group has started an insurrection and is pretty much a terrorist group so...




Your giving respawn to much credit to put people to work on reviewing appeals rather than making skins and shifting meta to make money


It’s usually outsourced and outsourced people are uh… vary a lot in quality. I remember a post of someone being perma banned for something ridiculous and the support was no help and a dev actually contacted them and was basically like, “Yeah that’s weird af. Ima check this out.” I believe they got unbanned but this was a couple months ago. The interaction itself cemented in my mind that EA support is trash though and l highlights that Respawn doesn’t do any of the actual unban requests or at least they handle at a limited capacity.


On one hand, yes, they are On the other, I wouldn't really think typing ISIS is like, bannable, y'know?


>Lol downvoted for saying to keep politics out of apex, Jesus Christ reddit. The dumbest hivemind of all time. My man's out here calling others dumb just straight up ignoring that there are already badges in the game, put there by the devs, on political topics. Talk about dumb.


“keep politics out of apex” do you know the slightest thing about the titanfall universe lmaooo


Whats political about the titanfall universe? Besides the big frontier war.


“Political bias” they are literally a self classified hate group they said they want to gun down gay people in the streets, get that shit out of here


Being a hate group isn't political


Proud Boys aren't a political group. They are a racist terrorist organization.


Please explain how political bias is the issue here? Do you mean to say that known terrorist groups should be fair game for discussion during your matches?


Of I say "the crazy thing isis that the gun has a ton of recoil" it's a similar typo to not typing a comma in "proud, boys" and would get flagged by the anti-terrorism bot. So, no. They shouldn't have auto ban flags for simple words that have no relationship without context.


Proper comma usage could have saved this player from a ban. Don't let it happen to you. Make your moms proud, boys.


I got a Facebook ban for telling a guy "you're slow and ugly" because he said Fords are slow and ugly.


Should've just stuck with the classic "No you".




Should have put a comma after proud. RIP Turns out grammar IS pretty important lol


I doubt that would’ve made a difference the bot is pretty terrible.


u/WhiteStone30 admits he doesn't see the issue with "let's eat grandma" vs. "let's eat, grandma" /s


No issue what’s so ever I clearly wanted my mom to be in the proud boys. /s


After you get unbanned, write the same sentence with a comma and report back to us


Testing this is the one time that smurfing is acceptable lol


i dont get it. is "proud boys" without a comma a slur or some shit? please explain edit: its a group of immature racist fascist men. oh. what a weirdly specific thing to have a filter against


They were heavily involved in the coup attempt on Jan 6th.


I know a girl in my discord who uses the username "Fangs extended" in all of her accounts that she can. In some she has to go by just Fangs because fangs extended. It Has the middle bit that says "s ex" and bots can't differentiate context.


I guess commas really do save lives


Let's make mom, proud boys




"how's ya mom?"


How’s ya ma?


Now a member of the proud boys, obviously


Delicious, I had her put on a BBQ and she cooked for a while, yours?


Always use headsets, never type in game chats. Easiest way for one to get banned for some small banter


I try to cheer up randoms sometimes with a little motivation. Guess this time it bit me in the butt.


I also try to be like this with in game chat, but I've heard several of these stories so I keep it to a minimum now. A bit of a shame tbh.


I would’ve thought having them hostage would’ve been motivation enough but I guess some families just need a little bit extra.


Strange, proud boys will get you banned but writing Ching chong won’t. And it’s not as if they don’t know what that is. The word Ching Chong gets censored in the chat.


If you type 'Taiwan is a free and sovereign nation.' in ranked, 1/4 of the lobby disappears.


Right? Some more vulgar things won’t get banned but this?? Come on EA


Motherless Behavior


Lmaoo it looks like it’s misidentifying you as one of those white supremacist “proud boys” members which is probably the furthest thing from making ur mom proud as possible.


When warzone released, their chat filter was so overtuned that you couldn't type out one of their perks. Scavenger. It appeared in chat as Scave\*\*\*\*. That's the story of why all my buddies use it as an insult now, not that we were ever calling each other racial epithets to begin with, but because of the absurdity of it.


Probably wrote some strings of characters as "no no words" (the technical term), as a quick fix to profanity. Which makes sense since it would be very difficult to program context for multiple languages, though that would be the optimal solution. You would be surprised how little effort is allotted to systems like this vs money making projects. The people in charge of this probably were given only a few days or a week to get something out that would prevent the usage of all "no no words".


Oh I know exactly what caused it. Doesn't make it any less absurd.


Worst chat filter I ever saw was an old online baseball game that turned very common baseball phrases into censoring. “Can I pitch?” became “Ca***itch?” as an example. I remember there being a few others that were hilarious, like a bunch of slang for home runs and even correct names for certain pitches couldn’t be typed without triggering it. I’m fine with chat filters in general, but there has to be common sense used at some point. Especially if some of them are triggering on words that are actually really innocent.


_N I P_


EA = Electronic Assholes


Oh, that's super hateful. The word "mom" is pretty offensive to Loba users.


Not me becoming a loba main and reading this😭👏🏾👏🏾


Ayyyy fellow loba main!!


Use commas. Commas can prevent you from getting banned XD


Commas, are important. Let's make mom proud, boys.


Never type in game chat it’s asking for a ban


It probably flagged "proud boys" but that sucks either way


I'd appeal again and make them tell you why it's hateful conduct outside they ran it past a bot again and "proud boys" was flagged again.


Got banned from overwatch for saying "haha loser". Taken out of context the other team was talking so much shit but ya that's literally all I said which isnt wven bad. I asked for the chat logs which got me banned so that's why I know.


It's genuinely pathetic to see online games ban people over fucking words. This is a product people paid money for, they are literally stealing money. Like if you want to control shit just use mutes. Literally fixes the issue instead of stealing money by taking away a customers paid product. Shouldn't be legal.


\>Literally fixes the issue instead of stealing money by taking away a customers paid product. Shouldn't be legal. When buying the product (the game) you agree to rules (Terms and Conditions). If you break them, theyre allowed to deny you access to that game in the same way in which you can get kicked out of a cinema for being loud and problematic. If you dont plan on respecting the rules then dont use the product


Yes they have something to legally cover their asses, but the law and what's right are not the same. The cinema example is terrible and not the same situation. Game companies should not have this much power of your access to a product you bought. They can ban you for whatever they want. But let's take your cinema example even if it's not the same. Someone is being loud what are their options? In a game you can banned for whatever nothing affecting the gameplay or movie watching or whatever experience. On top of that you can mute people as a player etc, make a filter list to censor some words, the company can mute a player aswell if they feel a need to. A non optional one. Like this is easily solvable without stealing money. But going back to to the cinema if you want to cheat yes you should get banned because *they have no other option* I don't know why people are completely fine with giving ea, Activision, hirez, and whatever other shitty company you can think of more power. Consumer rights have always been important. Maybe less in the us which a lot of people are using reddit in but still.


I got banned last year for "using hacks" although I have absolutely never used anything like them. It took me damn near 4 months before I got my account back. EA support is the worst.


Wait how did you get your account back? I was hacked and someone used hacks on my account. I suddenly had a 2.5k badge on rampart, who i never played, and then an hour later I was banned. Security support told me the log in was from another country so it would be weird if they left it like this if I appealed to them. They still didn't remove my ban to this day...


I got mine back by using the live chat feature with EA support, and sending my downloaded EA Data which showed a guy in India logging into my account hours before the ban. They reset my password and the ban was lifted.


You're just *that* cracked. Wear it with pride.


EA don't want gamers to make their mums proud?


They didn't investigate shit, fuck EA...


Use of a comma would have gone a long way for you here.


Lol fuck EA.


That is so deflating.. I'd really turn me off the game getting something like this. Glad you post this, hope it is resolved.


For some reason I was banned for saying I am a Jew


It's an AI flagging the words "proud boys". Bet no human ever bothered to look at it.


This game man, my guy just wanted to make Wattson proud


Got flagged by a bot for “proud boys”, so it seems a human never actually saw this. Probably ran it through the same bot again


You put “proud” and “boys” next to eachother. The chat system must’ve thought you were talking about the Proud Boys.


Well, if anything this exposes their “thorough investigating” as being complete bullshit.


Maybe Proud Boys is flagged?


“we have investigated thoroughly” = we ran it through an algorithm


It probably got auto-detected because "proud boys" is the name of a neo-nazi organization. But the fact that a human didn't fix the mistake really sucks.


That's what you get for not using commas. I guess they don't have humans making these calls.


It's because you accidentally name dropped a terrorist group probably


That they would ban someone for something as silly as this is unbelievable NVM, it is believable


Apex game chat is a joke dude. Someone made death threats to me, reading out my real adress in apex voice chat and saying he would kill my mom and rape me. I quoted him in text chat and asked "rape me?" because I was not sure if he really said all of that. He reported me for that and I got banned. I recorded everything he said, reported this trash to EA, texted with 6 support members and they removed my ban but could not ban this idiot because there was "no evidence" my screenshots, the video footage and the audio recording was not enough. I reported his steam profile, his twitch account, reported it to police since yeah he sounded like a fucking psychopath and a few days later I got an E-mail from EA that my report had helped to ban a person and since I only played a few matches that time it must have been the piece of trash! Also he got a steam ban on his profile since I reported him so I think steam also punished him for that or maybe he was just trash talking other people in other games. TLDR: Dont use text chat. Also in case you wondering why he knew my adress... imprint...


When will you learn? Don’t ever send text 🤦🏽‍♂️ Voice chat is better you can’t get banned…. People get banned for typing *”GG”* holy shit 😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


and what about the stuff you’ve said in the past?


I’ve always said “let’s make our moms proud boy” before a match. But after this update “our mom” was censored and it came up like this “let’s make ******* proud boys”. So I used this version instead and it got me banned. A lot of people are saying “proud boys” got me banned. But you can’t say “our moms” in chat without it being censored. Classy EA.


This makes me giggle. Playing Diablo II Resurrected and the Blizzard chat filter has "Bastard" censored, yet there's an item class in game called, " Bastard Sword". The irony is the you ping items for a chat window (to show off to people in game so they can see the stats) and it censors it there, in a M game. Chat filters are well intended, but boy do they miss the mark 99% of the time.


"Let's make mom, Proud Boys" (this ban makes no sense)


yeahh that's why I stopped playing apex


That's why you need to use voice chat. No matter what you say you don't get banned.


It's missing punctuation. I'd suspend you.


"Proud Boys" probably triggered it since they are essentially an American terrorist/hate group.


"proud boys" is a white supremacy terrorist organization


Merely saying the words proud boys shouldn't get you banned though. It's not he's running a recruitment program for the proud boys in Apex.




Run by a Cuban American with brown skin. Seems legit. What amazingly diverse white supremacists At least try and get the right adjectives that describe how fucked up they are


Their leader is literally black.


random but thanks I guess


Your welcome I guess, but how is it random, having a black leader and being a white supremacy group don’t really go together, right? I see every other comment on here saying the same misinformed thing, so i know it’s worthless to get into a Reddit scrap but I couldn’t stop from posting at least once.


lol ok