It's always been a shit community




Couldn’t agree more


It’s almost as if they want to kill the game


Without console player base, Apex would die overnight. That means no game for the pros to play. They need us and we need them because they bring more players and that’s never a bad thing.


We literally pay for their tournament winnings




Nah, just the suckers who've spent money on any free to play game lol


You sound poor, i get it if your on a budget no reason to waste money, but if your young motivated and successful sending $20 on a skin for a game you like to play isn’t being a “sucker” lol good day


I'm poor in the sense that I just purchased a house in Colorado and don't need to spend $20 on a game that is free just for something cosmetic. But I'm a week 1 player and and never did before buying the house either. So...successful? Yes. Young, no. I'm 30. Motivated? Not to spend money on a free game lol But yeah I shouldn't have said people who do that are suckers, people can spend their money on what they want.


Played since season 1 and never ever bought any skin or anything and could not agree more. Not spending money on a free game for skins and shit is not being poor more like having braincells and no need for quick fix validation..


I own a house but I'm not successful. :(


The worst comeback to any reply is stating that they’re poor. You shouldn’t have to stoop that low and tel someone that just cause they don’t use money on a f2p game you automatically assume they’re poor. Smh


Bro why you digging jnto a 21 day old argument you fucking creep keep it moving


You must be down bad to talk to others like that. Get a life lol


They need to separate console from PC players imo


I'll not be paying for no tournament winnings. I just got my last purchase of coins refunded by Microsoft in 10 minutes. I'd advise anyone who has made a recent purchase to do the same.


Yeah it's crazy toxic, even had to dip out of all my apex discord servers cause people are just shitty


Which is really sad. I used to play this pretty religiously, but after seeing people's reactions when I tell them I played, to seeing how the community acts which likely caused those reactions, I pick it up maybe once a month now. It lost it's magic for me.


It’s true, but it’s MY shit community. It’s always been a bitchfest here, it’s been particularly bad this past season. Honestly 95% of posts on this sub are complaints. Apex gamers are some of the most petty, low self esteem having, scumbags. Myself included. For all we bitch, we still play and spend money on apex on a regular basis, netting this company billions.


This is some insufferable r/gaming shit


it’s not even just the Apex community. The entire gaming community as a whole is filled with assholes who have never even heard of the word ‘compassion’, much less practiced it.


I mean have you played League of Legends? Much worse, Diablo 2? Jeeeez they are the saddest. I think this is all just a product of the internet. You can find positivity if you look for it, vice versa.


Most of them read the word “ass” in the middle of “compassion” and figured that was the root word ig


If you’re a self proclaimed petty low self esteem having scumbag you need to start working on yourself buddy, idk if you’re trying to be edgy or something but that shit is goofy as hell


It's a joke, grow a pair


Since day one


The more clips and shit I see of Hal he seems like such a little dickhead 😭


That's what I thought at first but he's growing on me. Especially since he refused to kill a disconnected player during ALGS. Believe me I still think he's a tool sometimes but he's not a bad person.


Sure it’s a game I don’t think he’s evil or anything but most of the time he’s just annoying in my opinion


ImperialHal is a bitch and everyone knows it. Let the cry babies keep on crying lol




just watch nickmerks stream if u wanna see him get buttfucked lmao


Hal’s the CEO of his nuts


Lmfao there’s nothing out there showing hal getting rocked by mercs. I’m not even a hal fan boy and will say hal would destroy mercs any day all day. Mercs got carried by pros to pred and everyone knows it


https://youtu.be/hEebMChINgE https://youtu.be/aU1BFFlBxzc https://youtu.be/krExkJGZwd4 hals been getting shit on by nick my guy


True lol. Still the last two parts of my comment are true, I will not surrender.


i refuse to give up because i think hal is an asshole plus you know nick is clocked in with u got a full 5head facecam


Hal is an asshole but it’s all banter. On stream sure, but I feel like that’s just his character when it comes to streaming. Snipedown did an interview saying it’s all jokes, and he enjoyed it. Hals ego is huge but i think it’s justifiable when he’s #1 when it comes to most categories involving comp in apex. If you take what he says on stream as a joke, I can see how it really is all jokes. Reps wouldn’t have stuck with him if it wasn’t the case. No comment on nickmercs. He’s made his way but having pros on your team when ever you boot up the game def helps. I enjoy him as a streamer but don’t recognize him as comp in apex.


I mean i agree he complains like crazy but him and nickmercs aren’t even in the same conversation


Imagine constantly bitching about someone using a fucking controller. Not to mention the Dude has had so many opportunities thanks to the game yet alls he does is bitch. Says a lot about him tbh.


The guy has Tommy Shelby as his instagram profile picture. What a fucking bad ass!


You’re literally on Reddit crying about another man who has no impact on how you play a game …. and he’s the cry baby l o l


Seems to me like you’re just in here to talk shit so imma just let you be buddy.


Your parent comment is literally you talking shit so aren’t you here for just the same?


My comment wasn’t directed at anybody in this thread, and the thread itself is roasting Imperial. You’re here to argue with other comments. There’s a difference there, though I get that you probably have a hard time understanding it.


But he’s the arguably the best apex player there is. Idk about everyone knowing he’s a bitch. Everyone in the pro comp complains you just don’t see it because they are nowhere near popular.


I hate his scatted face


Pro players need to realize they aren’t gods among men


All it would take is a top streamer to get canceled then they would realize to keep their opinions to themselves


I kinda like knowing which streamers are douche canoes personally. Atleast it won’t be a surprise when they get mad


I play Xbox because I don’t want a hyper competitive environment where people with better PCs have an advantage over others. I just want to sit back and enjoy some casual games with my friends. I can understand the appeal of PC gaming as I own one, but I find it to be a much more toxic and competitive environment where if you aren’t good you simply can’t have fun.


I hope they get destroyed by "xbox kids"


Are they pros? Want to see if I have a chance to shit on them


a total of 2 console pros got as far as ALMOST making it to ALGS playoffs … and I doubt you’re even close to the level they are


No way in hell you hang we anyone iN ALGS let alone Hal


You don’t have even the slightest chance


Shocking when guys who play video games 22 hours a day have dumb opinions




Has a dev or respawn ever acknowledged the next-gen Xbox audio/chat issue? It’s mind -blowing that not only this hasn’t been fixed by now, but they won’t even pretend it exists.


They probably know, but they don’t do shit for the general community. I’ve noticed Respawn only really works on the things the pros point out…


I just bought the Astro A20s and my TM can’t hear sht from me. The mic icon doesn’t even highlight. Thought it was just the mic on my Series X


I mean, ImperialHal is the biggest douchebag in the Apex community, so it doesn't surprise me he made that comment. And whoever the other guy is seems like one too. Why do these people act like console players are just kids or worthless players? If I wanted to, I could play Apex on PC.... but I prefer console. It's literally preference. Plus, console players outnumber PC players by a WIDEEEEE margin. If we all switched to PC, they would complain even more.


Dudes rocking a $10k computer setup and bitches about my $700 Series X where I use my thumb to aim


Lmao that’s so true. Fuck ImperialHal


I feel you buddy. I just want to play the game and not get talked down on all the time.


bUt aIM aSSiST /s


Which still doesn't compare to how easy it is with Mouse n Keyboard. That's the reason I don't turn off crossplay. The satisfaction of running a lobby and winning against them PC players to still hear them talk trash is awesome


Just watching a KBM player loot should be proof enough. The fluidity, movement, and ability to quickly swipe to wherever you’d like is unparalleled.


And thats not even mentioning that we have like 5 actions that are all connected to one interact button


Hadn't even thought of that


This is why i’d love a fully customizable layout, playstation square does everything has gotten me killed so many times. I could easily have reviving as two buttons, say triangle and square for example, trying to reload a weapon when next to your teammate behind the only cover available has screwed me over too many times.


Holding a door while trying to reload or having teammates down by you is a complete nightmare. It also sucks that there isnt an option for us to move while looting, its easily possible to have us be able to move with the left stick and loot with the right if we wanted to. Its just frustrating that were this deep into Apex and dont have these features available to us


Lol just try to reload your gun standing next to a downed enemy infront of a closed door. go ahead. Try.


The crossplay option is to play with other console platforms, not to play with pc. The only way to get into a pc lobby is to get imvited by a pc player. I hope you havent been thinking youve been playing against pc players this whole time.


I know I was informed earlier that I'm a dumbass lol.. I mean at least in Halo when I run it and kick ass in a lobby it feels good.. its like I told the other guy I'm literally new to Apex, started in the final days of season 12 completely blind.. but in learning


Does it really matter to you? Like cmon man who cares if people troll and talk shit about console


They’re just mad their *superior skills* and *superior gaming rig* regularly lose to a tiny bit of aim assist.


I used to be PC master race, then I went to my buddies and sat down on his couch and played PlayStation. Changed my life. I will never hunch over A computer chair after a hard dayswork ever again. But now I have also been transitioning to enjoying real life because there’s more to life than having a 1.5KD on Apex 🗿


I mean we can't even get matched with PC, unless we're partied with a PC player. Like them matching against an actual console player is probably rare.


Are people finally starting to see this? I used to catch downvotes upon downvotes for calling this dude an asshole.


Yer bad.


Yep oh nooo the console players are coming to pc they shouldnt be allowed aim assist is cheating


This dude makes all this money just to bitch about console players lmao, not even controller players on PC, just console players🤣🤣 gtfoh and get better


Pretty sure he’s referring to Xbox players queueing up with pc players to ddos lobbies… which as a console player (PlayStation ) was really annoying so just calm down Big Display


That issue has been fixed for a little over a month now though… lol


Yeah it’s pretty toxic . I’ve been playing for a couple years and it’s only gotten worse . I have a few people I regularly play with other then that I just try to treat others how I wanna be treated .


When one of the biggest names in Apex says something like this, all it does it cause harm. It doesn’t matter if it’s a joke. It’s not a joke that the game is unplayable for a huge group of players. We all love Apex and should be up in arms united. This is just disgusting. I’m already close to not playing and this bug and this attitude towards consoles is going to push it over the edge.


but you guys can’t advocate African Servers? we’ve been struggling for years. Why isn’t there an uproar about servers for everyone? There’s no Apex without console players and there’s no Apex without the player base around the world.


It also sends Respawn false assurance.. I mean, granted they probably know Hal is being a baby back bitch, but still.. imagine if a large enough group of people were just telling respawn it was fixed, it'd probably cause them to look for fixes in the wrong places. It's just not constructive.


Literally doesn’t affect his platform in the slightest, but good for him to gain a few hate points on the console crowd. I bet the majority of his audience plays on a console.


Guarantee his audience (and this goes for all steamers) is mostly console. There is a lot of us on console who care about the eSports side of it.


it def does affect his platform but reacting like this is just sad lol


It was because of the recent wave of ddosing from Xbox players queuing into PC lobbies.


Bro imagine having a leg up on people while playing and still wanting them to be handicap with a glitch


I hate the community. And this subreddit. It’s just toxic people who always tell you you’re wrong or don’t know what you’re talking about or trash. It’s the worst.


Man has nothing better to do than play games for 10+ hours a day and he still complains about his job.


I don’t like Nickmercs but he owns Hal anytime they meet in ranked matches. I love seeing Hal get heated and rage about aim assist. Controller players gotta stick together.


I’d say I’m more of a Nickmercs fan than Hal’s but, that’s just not true at all lol. Love Mercs but, he’s not really competing with many pros as far as 1v1 fights go. That being said rolla gang tho lol.


Nick regularly fucks hal actually lol it is true


You’re quite delusional then mate


Ok bud


Both Nick and HAL have one of the most shit attitude in Apex community but you are wrong here, 10% compared to 90% getting beaten by HAL doesn't count. Also, Nick is in pred only because he ratted and got carried all the way to pred.


Thank god somebody finally spoke out about how toxic this community is. Feels worse than peak COD at this point


I was about to jump in and cry "shit community" but then I realised I've played with some really nice randoms and some annoying randoms. ###It's these toxic fucking streamers that the community worships that think they're gods gift to gaming because their chat treats them as such.


He’s trolling, he loves to do this. Posts and comment sections like this just end up giving him the chuckle he wants. Guy is a douche don’t get me wrong, im js don’t give him what he wants.


Crazy how a top player/influencer of the game doesn’t want it to grow


hal is so fucking annoying. all he does is bitch and complain that aim assist is op 💀


God, this community sucks. Streamers are toxic, platforms are at their throats,and devs are balancing around "pro" and tournament players, which just hurts the rest of us.


Literally just bought a new controller today because I thought it was my controller.


God did he actually said what a piece of shit.


The bigger the community the shitty it gets


Tbh, the Apex Community is a really toxic community. Granted, when and if you get that good group of friends to play with you and show you the ropes, the game is absolutely amazing and fun. However, Apex for anyone starting out with any random player can and more than likely will be toxic as hell. 😀


Then you have the homie NiceWigg appreciating that they’re trying.


”We don’t need xbox kids” Yes you do. They’re the ones that watch your streams and a reason why you have any fucking entertainment value.




In addition to the input loss, anyone ever have some drift, or am I really unlucky


I fucking hate Hal


I Agree


I haven’t had input delay at all


Or ya jus dont know it


I feel like I would know and feel input delay. It’s not hard to spot


Wired controllers aren’t affected


Cringey tbh


imperialhal is such a crybaby lol


The current shit state of the game is because of bitches like him who whine like 10 year olds not getting the cereal they want. Him and his ‘pro’ buddies are a bunch of pussies. 20+ year old adults with no real social skills or a life, trying to ruin the fun of a video game that was made for teens lol


These are the people the game caters towards…….how classy. No wonder our community never grows smh.


I'm an Xbox player and i don't think it's that deep guys lol


Why are these American Pro Players such asses? Specifically that whole TSM squad


Yeah Reps and Verhulst are notorious assholes


Verhulst was an Xbox player initially. His name was Double AV, always top 10 pred and still has many friends on Xbox


What’s your point?


No point, most people just don’t know where Vurhulst came from. I just mention he comes from Xbox as often as I can so people know more about him 🤷‍♂️


He’s probably off bitching somewhere still about Nick Mercs, even though nick switching to apex took the game to another level of viewership and standing in the gaming community


Call down pls


Lmao the game has been trash for ages, haven't had it installed in months.


As someone who enjoys the comp scene more than most… it really is annoying to see the constant MnK vs Controller bitch fits on stream every other week. Both have clear pros and cons over one another. Since, the bitching will seem to remain it is interesting that Doop and Skittles from Optic both switched to MnK after years and years on controller and they managed to switch and still be a top 5 team in the world. While, Numerous pros have switched to controller and always switch back before a tourney. It’s still a 70/30 split on MnK vs controllers. Bitching has to end because, it just doesn’t add up to the results especially, using the most recent LAN as an example.


Pro players are some assholes


Lmfao that’s funny


You're taking it too serious.


It really isn’t that deep guys lmao


I mean the comments are probably sarcastic, or literally meant for one thing... To get reactions like this out of crybabies who take things too seriously like OP. I only play on Xbox btw.


Ok, edgy comment


Jesus y’all are soft as butter


Idiot reply


Honestly, compatibility play with console and PC is why I quit playing Apex. There is a huge difference between the input of M&KB and controller and trying to constantly smash them together to save money on tournaments and advertising is so stupid. Tell me that’s why they don’t separate it (and server space) and I’ll challenge you until I die. There’s a reason there’s 1-2 controller people per 100’s of pro M&KB, it’s different and trying to make the two equal is stupid. I’m controller till I die and I don’t want to play with PC ever. Period.


Do you only play with PC friends or something? It's impossible for console to matchmake with PC, *unless* you're partied up with a PC player.


bro who tf cant tell this is a joke


But have you seen what he does with a mic tho


It was way better in season 5 😕


Average “professional streamer”


Surely Hal knows he almost never matches against people playing on Xbox


I never understood why everyone is so shitty to each other in most gaming communities. I do aggressive inline and its a big community like how apex is but we all treat each other good even ones I've skated against in comps. Communities are supposed to be tight nit but gaming is nothing like that for the most part. Just a bunch of ppl being toxic to each other for no reason. Although i have made two good friends through gaming andrew and valerie one visited me not long ago and the other i went to Colorado and visited them. For every cool person you meet on the game there's 20 douchebags right after.


I've never understood the hatred toward console players by PC players, they aren't forced to play with us, and when we are in their lobbies there's only so much aim assist can do to keep up with someone ZOOMING AROUND all over the goddamn place


it’s always the twitch streamers or pro-league apex players on PC who complain about controller or aim assist when all they have to do is move their mouse in their 5000$ custom built, highly modified PC that has better parts then any console built


They say that until their randoms are Xbox players and they’re at a disadvantage, lol.


Hal is the biggest fucking crybaby, Sheldon Cooper lookin ass mf. Screams at teammates and blames everyone but himself when he gets killed


imperial hal is such a little bitch lmao


Hal is a big ol bitch that cries every time he doesn’t get his way. They should make a Hal baby skin for him. Literally the most annoying person in the community and it isn’t close


That little fuck


This is also Hal we are talking about.


Oh no theyre pros the devs are gonna listen to them!


Hal reminds me of Shesmynerd back in the Destiny days… Whines about every teammate, whines about aim assist, whines about hit reg….. it’s never his fault. The attitude that runs through these people of “there’s no way I got out played” is rampant and toxic. I hope gaming has a new Renaissance


Oh yeh whatever Hal says goes fuck you Hal no one asked you..guaranteed I’ve been playing apex longer than him since day 2 he hopped on the band wagon


Xbox is the minority, well it was until the switch.


What a fucking idiot.


Man fuck them. I watch hal all the time. What a shit fucking thing to say. I can't even play the game rn so I've been watching them.


Ceo of deez nuts


This is why Hal is the most hated pro that I could think of off the top of my head. Such a aim assist crybaby


Pros = pussies


No the fuck we're not, It's abysmally laggy atm


As if there aren't kids on literally every other platform


as a player of both games, it makes me sad to say that even the fortnite community is better than the apex community


I don't think these people realise that they destroy 99% of controller players - they just don't know it. You only know when you've been killed by roller, not when you've killed them. So the numbers look inflated and one sided.


PC players complaining about aim assist is like pro-athletes complaining about the crippled getting wheelchairs


It’s almost like it’s turning into CoD and it’s actually really sad and annoying at the same time


Bruh. Yall didn't play COD MW/Black ops then. Lol I have so many toxic memories of that community. And numerous wholesome ones of apex.


What snide cunts.


the apex community is toxic af including this sub and every other apex sub. i try and stay away from all of it


Unless this means "nah all good" because he's enjoying the easy Xbox kills, then I am lost as to what the issue is?


I called him a bellend for saying that. Cos he is.. a big fake blonde bellend.


You need to see cod gaming community , they are literally so desperate for content.Even if they get the content it is not that good like godzilla event and haunting of verdansk 2.We all just need to be thankful that respawn is communicating and trying theri best when under EA


This community is toxic, but I don’t think it’ll ever reach the level that Halo has.


Please keep fighting, it’s nice to watch the fall out


I mean imperial Hal is one of the biggest douchebags to ever play this game so how are we even surprised? Lol


All Hal does is complain about controller players so I'm not surprised.


Doesn’t matter if you play on pc, Xbox, PlayStation or your phone we’re all nerds


I play Xbox because I have one and I only have a laptop that can’t really run Xbox, these past few days I’ve experienced some of the worst lag ever and I’m never normally too anti respawn and I’m pretty lenient when it comes to this sort of thing. I’m really glad the problem is getting solved but it’s insane that these PC players can’t see the irony in denying our server issues when they themselves complain all year round about how respawn never listens and their stuff never gets fixed


I hope wattson mops the floor with him


I got a refund for the coins I bought through Microsoft in about 10 minutes. I would do the same if you have invested recently.


ImperialHal is one of the most toxic players yeah his good at times but treat other like trash. Smh. Why he couldn't be a bit more like timmy and aceu a bit laid back


What can you expect from the Pete Davidson of gaming Guys going to be washed in a year and he knows it


Hal needs to actually get a life and a pretty face cuz that ugly mf gon make me go crazy fr. Like I hate his guts. He's such a whiny btch