Doing this when I get home. I’m glad it’s not just me.


I love apex on Xbox but this is getting frustrating. For two months I could not communicate with my teammates on Series x, plus had bad audio. Now they somewhat fix that and now the chat/game audio mixer doesn’t work, plus now this input lag. I want Xbox to put these developers on their place, maybe even warn them about blocking any micro transactions from taking place until they start fixing shit. Rant over.


The input delay is affecting apps outside of Apex, at this point, Xbox will interfere if nothing is done. this will undoubtedly increase the efficiency in which Respawn get on top of their shit.


I don't understand your messaging here. You said it's impacting apps outside of Apex; if so, Respawn can't fix the core issue. Did you mean otherwise?


It's solved by turning the controller off and on, but it literally only happens when I launch Apex Legends. It's not an Xbox problem, it's a Respawn problem. Basically, by making Xbox aware of this, Xbox can potentially put pressure on Respawn to fix their shit because it's breaking their shit.




Are you telling me my wife is buying a new controller RIGHT NOW and my controller actually isant busted? Since this update rocket league has been affected, my menu buttons, and overall controller is not registering inputs well!!!


deadass man. feels like apex has hacked my entire xbox. mb ea hates microsoft ? 🤪


Holy cow! How long has the patch been out? Because I wonder if it coincides with my controller in Elden Ring not responding to certain things




I exclusively play apex and rocket league. I thought it felt clunky playing RL too god damn it


There was an update for my controller and that fixed the problem in Rocket League. It improved Apex a little? But it's still not great.


Shhhh she doesn’t have to know


Close Apex then Restart your Xbox and as long as you don’t start apex back up it won’t affect other games or apps.


Hey also a short-term workaround on Xbox series x - I picked up a PowerA wired controller from Walmart and it works way better


Way better yes but for me the ads aim assist feels weird.


Turning off ALC helped me a lot with the ADS. I haven’t changed my settings in forever, so getting used to the “standard” controls was a little weird and it’s not perfect by any stretch but it works a lot better until they get a fix in


Man that’s rough, It feels so sluggish and slow without ALC


I’m lucky in the sense that I have an elite and was able to mess with my internal curves to sorta compensate, but it’s still not even close to what it was. I’m hoping they get it done soon or I’m gonna have to put it down until they do.


I played with ALC For a long time too. I now switched to 4/3 and after a day of getting used to it, it's much better than before.


ohhh, this is why. my elite controller stopped working recently and i bought a powera pro 2 off amazon right before this bug started happening. thought i was just lucky lol


> My Xbox is experiencing input delay due to Apex Legends’ new patch. The controller isn’t receiving all of my inputs on games and apps outside of Apex Legends. For anyone who wants to copy/paste


Just cross posted this to every apex subreddit I could search for. Hopefully it gets enough reports that Microsoft contacts Respawn


every bit helps. t y for ur service.


This! Whining & complaining on Reddit will get you laughed at, but this….this raises enough eyebrows.


I noticed it was happening on Overwatch too. So I unplugged my Ethernet and resynced my controller and it seemed to fix it. It did NOT fix it on Apex.


I'm glad I'm not experiencing any of it.


I play on Series s with none of these issues but when I talk to half the people having this issue they’re playing on wifi, multiple people on their internet streaming etc, and their controller isn’t wired in and is connected via Bluetooth. There’s also the issue of playing on a tv regardless of if they’re using game mode and not a monitor.


Not my proudest fap.




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Dude the pfp of the player


This this this this this this this. Exactly this. Way ahead of you though submitted about 5 reports on micro soft and Xbox !!!! Way to go this needs more 👀


Thank you!


I made a post that didn't get nearly enough traction that fixes this unplayable experience. Trying to spread the word more for everyone craving their fragment fix. https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/vk1oep/psa_for_all_series_x_players_suffering_especially/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share


if this works you are the 2nd coming of jesus christ, i’ll read and try when i get home. i was expecting it to say “JuSt PlUg In YoUr ConTroLLer”


Happy to help! So far it seems to be working for everyone I hope it helps you 2. You'll see one or two comments saying it didn't work before I got the chance to see and fix a typo but everyone else has been having great results with it. I actually noticed delay that wasn't unbearable but just annoying since the "next gen" update months ago and now that delay is gone for me too! No wonder playstation calls xbox players shitters we've been handicapped by the devs. Upped my scout challenge high score from 90 to 101 and my highest kill control game was like 25 kills then dropped 38 with 7k last night after fixing it. Night and day difference




i don’t own a pc, only mac :((




Step 1. Get a PlayStation /s


Sorry I'm dumb, what is it you're suggesting to do?


Report it to xbox help, swipe across the picture


Ohhhh lol thank you for clearing that up, my bad.


Thank god, I thought it was just me


After the update all my settings were set to default I have my ideal settings memorized and after settings them back to normal they just didn’t feel the same. I play on linear and it felt like classic.


Have you tried updating your controller


yep, and it didn’t work


Same here. Didn't work. Worth a try though


On PS4 it once helped to clean the friends list. The automatic refresh of each friend's game and such was affecting Apex massively.


Using a previous gen controller fixed it for me


Is this working for apex?