I’m also having the same issues on Xbox series x sad to see right when an update rolls out something is always wrong with the game


yeah lots of posts on the main apex reddit complaining of input lag, hope it gets fixed since they just seem to ignore console issues


Same here on xss


same. i havent played for ~2 days and i come back and everything feels off.


ps5 version feels kinda like ass too. shouldve stuck with the ps4 version a bit longer 😞


You can still go back to the ps4 version. I have it downloaded still.


I signed on yesterday for the first time in a couple of days and all my settings were set to default. FOV, sensitivity, controller mappings. Didn’t remember the exact settings for some so that’s fun.


Yeah this has happened to me a couple of times so I just stopped using ALC and use 5 sens on both and half way menu cursor sens lol FOV 107


oh thank god it's not just me. i thought not playing for a few days made me forget how to do anything


Xsx. Came to say this as well. It’s atrocious


All the best devs quit, it’s only downhill from here.


We can only hope that means they've found refuge elsewhere. We will see parts of their doings somewhere in cyberspace. And it will be good again.


They all went to a profit sharing startup company. I guess they got no reward for making a multi billion dollar game on behalf of shitty corporate scumbags.


Sounds right. Whats the start up?


Yeah unfortunately this is true and its really starting to show. Feels like the game is on it's downward spiral.


This is literally it, glory days are done, micro transactions, skins is the main focus BY A LONG SHOT! Just look at Xbox Series game chat, it's been broken for 3 months now, we've had 3 cosmetic events in that time, they couldn't give a fuck!


100% I’m moving like in mud. Had to check if my settings reset but they’re the same


Yeah input delay has been terrible since next gen update and even worse after today's update


My fps is all over the place on storm point when turning and sliding. I can’t compete


Mines been like this all of this season on series x . it happens towards cascade and that corner of the map. Just stutters like crazy.


Glad(not really) I’m not the only one. It shows my fps go to about 80 for a split second then back down. Stutter on storm is terrible, I’ve been noticing in pubs (WE/olympus) it plays smooth asf. I think there are too much going on inside environment wise on storm point.


Yeah it does the same to me just spikes and stutters like crazy. it also did it on control last time it was in the game so i wasn't able to play that game mode last season. Must only be happening to some ppl tho cause respawn hasn't said anything about but im sure they know its happening.


They actually said something about the frame rate in the latest patch notes but for Xbox one x. Idk if it’s arise to their attention or not but it’s almost impossible to rank up with the stutters. I hit plat 2 and just can’t go any farther with it


Yeah i hit plat and just stopped


And it does it in pubs and ranked but only on the corner in storm point. I guess this is what happens when all the good devs leave and they bring in new ppl.


finally i’m not feeling so crazy


XBX with Elite Series 2 controller and my movement is off and series input delay on my buttons and aiming. WTF


A bit off-topic regarding the update but I wanted to add that ever since cross play was added their seems to be a noticeable lag when going up against PS players versus Xbox players. And it’s not network connection related but almost as if the shots for PS players register quicker than when going up against Xbox players.


ALCs are broken AF and Aim assist feels stronger IMO


I’m on an series s and it felt weird with my series s controller, but switched to my older controller and it felt better.


Good I thought I was going crazy, XsX and I went to check my triggers to make sure it wasn’t them on my controller


It’s broken. They’ll have to patch asap


Same issue with face buttons and shoulder buttons


It screwed up using my padddles on my Scuf prestige controller. I have to restart my controller like every 10 seconds because that’s about how long my paddles work. I’m having a problem with the input lag as well but it’s always like this after an update.


That on top of losing 120 crafting metals when I hit lvl 44, then hard freezing>crashing for the first time ever and rubber banding, also for the first time ever. I just want my crafting metals before I completely stop playing this game tbh


I got a great improvement on PS5. It was clunky before, since next the next-gen version came out, and now it’s finally smooth. No more frame spikes every 10 seconds.


Same thing happened to me but I found out the update reset all of my controller settings. Once they were put back how I prefer them everything was a-ok 👌


XSX here as well and the input lag makes it unplayable. Been getting my Apex fix instead on the mobile version with my S22 Ultra phone w/ HDMI out to a 32" monitor. 😜 No controller lag there via Bluetooth controller.